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pitched battle 激烈的争斗英文释义 A very intense conflict between two or more competitors.例句 Spending a fortune on advertising and pushing their sales representatives to the limits, the rival companies engaged in a pitched battle for dominance of their industry.这家竞争对手为了取得行业主导地位发起了激烈的争斗,在广告上大把投钱,把销售代表逼到了极致。 /201312/264369Miss Yang: When can I know whether I am accepted or not?Frank: I think we'll send you a letter next week, if you are wanted, or we may give you a call. By the way, have you got a telephone?Miss Yang: Yes, my office phone number is 373......36.Frank: What's the best time to call you, then?Miss Yang: Between four and five in the afternoon.Frank: Thank you for coming, Miss Yang.Miss Yang: The pleasure is mine. It's been nice talking with you. Goodbye.求职锦句:1. Do you have my number? 你知道我的电话号码吗?2. Yes, I see it here on the resume. 是的,我看到你的简历上有。3. It would be difficult for you to reach me by phone since I live in a student dormitory. 由于我住在学生宿舍,你打电话很难找到我。4. My address and telephone numbers are written on my resume. 我的个人简历上写有我的通讯地址和电话号码。汉语译文:杨:我什么时候才能知道是否被录用了呢?弗兰克:我想,如果你被聘用,我们将在下周给你去信,或者给你打电话。顺便问你一下,你有电话吗?杨:有,我办公室电话是373……36。弗兰克:那什么时候给你打电话最合适?杨:在下午四点到五点之间吧。弗兰克:谢谢你来面试,杨。杨:这是我的荣幸。与您交谈非常愉快。再见。 /201108/149208Ending a sales talkA: Well, I’m glad I had a chance to see these samples, but I’m really not in a position to make a decision right now.B: Would you like me to leave the samples with you?A: Yeah, why don’t you do that, and then you can give me a call sometime next week.B: Fine, Mr. Grant. Thanks for your time. I’ll talk to you next week.终止推销会谈A:很高兴能有机会看到这些样品,可现在我的确无权作决定。B:您愿意我把样品留给您吗?A:好的,那你下星期什么时候再给我打个电话。B:好,格兰特先生。耽误您的时间了,下星期再联系。 /200704/12109

工作经验招聘方往往希望知道应聘者的工作性质是否和招聘的职位有关,或者应聘者从以往的工作中吸取到了哪些有用的经验。即便过去的工作和现在应聘的职位无关,也不能说是什么都没学到,因为每份工作都有它可取之处。有时也许由于种种原因,雇员跳槽比较多,但这不一定是坏事,所以如果自己是属于这种情况,可以向雇主说明干过多种工作使自己经验丰富,能为雇主更好的务。 BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达1) Do you have any work experience in this field?你有这个行业的工作经验吗?2) What kind of jobs have you had?你做过哪些工作?3) What抯 your responsibility at your present work unit?现在这个单位你负责什么工作?4) I am responsible for product distribution.我负责产品销售。5) I have 4 years抏xperience in staff management.我有四年管理员工的经验。6) I have experience as a receptionist.我做过接待员。7) What have you learned from the jobs you have had?你从过去的工作中学到了什么?8) Would you like to tell me something about your outstanding achievements?谈谈你的工作业绩好吗?9) How would you evaluate the company you are with?你将如何评价你现在的公司?CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1I: Do you have any work experience in this field?A: Yes. After my graduation from university, I worked as a Customer Service Coordinator in a foreign representative office, and then I transferred to a joint venture as a Market Deve1opment Manager. So I am familiar with the market in China.I: What have you learned from the jobs you have had?A: I learned to be patient when dealing with customers complaints and try my best to solve them. In addition, I learned at my previous jobs how to cooperate with my colleagues.I: Does your current employer know you are looking for another job?A: No, I haven抰 discussed my leaving plans with my current employer, but I am sure he will release me.I: What is your impression of your present company?A: Very good.I: What would your current colleague say about you? A: They would say I抦 a dependable and hard worker. I: 你有这个行业的工作经验吗?A: 有,在我大学毕业后,我就到一家外企代理处做了一名顾务协调员,之后我转到一家合资企业做市场发展部经理,所以我对中国市场非常熟悉。I: 那你从以前的工作中学到了些什么?A: 我学会了在处理客户的抱怨时要有耐心而且要尽力为他们解决困难。而且,我还学会了如何与同事共同合作。I: 你现在的老板知道你在找另一份工作吗?A: 不知道,我还没有和他讨论我要离职的计划,但我坚信他会让我走的。I: 你对你现在这个公司印象如何?A: 非常好。I: 你现在的同事会如何评价你呢?A: 他们会说我是一个值得信赖并且工作刻苦的人。Dialogue 2I: What kind of jobs have you had?A: I have been a Production Manager.I: How many years have you worked as a Production Manager?A: 3 years.I: Would you like to tell me something about your outstanding achievements?A: I had introduced an advanced product line, which increased the output and lessened the cost.I: Wonderful. Then how many employers have you worked for?A: Frankly speaking, three. If your company employs me, it will be my fourth. I: Then have you received any award at your present company?A: Yes. I was awarded the title of 揂dvanced Worker last year. I: How would you evaluate the company you are with?A: Although I could not say that everything is perfect there,I still very much appreciate what the company has given me,especial many chances.I: How would your colleagues evaluate you?A: They would say I am a responsible friend and a capable colleague.I: Can you get recommendations from your present employers?A: Yes, I have brought them with me. Here they are.I: Do you have any questions?A: I think that you have covered all the important points aly. But if I have any questions later I will contact you. I: 你都做过什么工作?A: 我做过生产经理。I: 你做了几年的生产经理?A: 三年。I: 能给我谈谈你的突出业绩吗?A: 我曾经引进了一条先进的生产线,产量得到了提高,而且成本也降了下来。I: 非常不错,那你为几个雇主工作过?A: 坦白地说,三个。如果我被贵公司录取,这将是我第四份工作。I: 那你在目前这个公司获得过什么奖励吗?A: 有,去年我获得了“先进工作者”的称号。I: 你将如何评价你现在的公司?A: 虽然我不能说它尽善尽美,但我仍然非常感谢它给了我很多,尤其是许多机会。I: 你的同事会如何评价你呢?A: 他们会说我是一个值得信赖的朋友和很有能力的同事。I: 你目前这个雇主能给你写推荐信吗?A: 可以,我已经把它带来了,给你。I: 你有什么问题要问吗?A: 我想你已经把所有重点都提到了,不过如果以后我有什么问题,我会与你联系的。 /200602/4198

1.At least two people present 至少两人在场 A:I need to work overtime today.B:Make sure that at least two people are present for safety reasons. A:我今天要加班了。B:为了安全起见,至少要有两个人在场。 2. Call if there are any issues 有问题打电话A: Julian, I'm going to work next Saturday.B: Good, call me if there are any issues.A:朱利安,我下周要来加班。B:好的,有问题给我打电话。注:"Issues" are problems and troubles, not simply something. 3.Check all the electricity, fire, gases after done 离开之前检查电、火和煤气。A: You can go home, we'll finish the job.B: Thank you. Make sure to check all the electricity,fire, gases after done.A:你先回家吧,我们把事情做完。B:谢谢你,(干完)走之前一定要检查电、火和煤气。4.Exempt 薪水工A: Do I get overtime pay?B: No, you are an exempt (salaried) employee, and do not get paid for overtime.A:我有加班费吗?B:没有,你是薪水工,加班是没有加班费的。5.Have to work overtime 不得不加班 A: Can you finish it today?B: No way, I have to work overtime today to get it done.A:你今天能干完吗?B:根本不可能,我今天不得不加班才能干完。 /200807/45024

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