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In the latest sign of Chinese developers’ desperation to unload inventory into a weak property market, China Vanke Co is offering discounts of up to 5,000 to homebuyers who shop on Alibaba’s Taobao, an e-commerce platform.中国万科集团(Vanke)将向在淘宝(Taobao)网站上购物的客户提供最高达32.5万美元的折扣。这是面对楼市疲软,中国开发商急于清理库存的又一个案例。淘宝是阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下的电子商务平台。The country’s biggest developer will give discounts that match shoppers’ spending of up to Rmb2m (5,000) on the eBay-like service. Homes in real estate developments in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing, among other cities, will qualify, according to an advertisement on Taobao’s website.万科是中国最大的房地产开发商。该公司将向购房者提供与后者在淘宝上过去一年的开相等的折扣,折扣金额最高为200万人民币(合32.5万美元)。根据淘宝网站上的广告,在北京、上海、广州、重庆以及其他部分城市的一些万科楼盘都能享受上述折扣。Developers began cutting prices this year but have so far failed to revive flagging volumes. More than 30 cities have also removed purchase restrictions introduced in 2010 to restrain price growth amid public anger over high prices.今年,中国开发商纷纷降价,然而迄今仍难以提振萎靡的销售量。逾30个城市还取消了住房限购措施。Residential property sales fell 9.4 per cent in floorspace terms in the first seven months of the year compared with the same period in 2013, according to government statistics.根据中国官方统计数字,今年头7个月,住宅地产销售面积比2013年同期下跌了9.4%。Developers are increasingly resorting to creative sales tactics to drum up interest.为此,越来越多的开发商正在采取富有创意的销售策略。While few would-be homebuyers could afford to spend millions of renminbi on Taobao in a single year, Vanke is offering a more modest discount of Rmb50,000 to those who have spent less than that on Taobao over the past year.由于很少有人一年内能在淘宝网站花费上百万人民币,万科还将向那些过去一年内在淘宝上花费不到5万元人民币的顾客,提供5万元的折扣。 /201408/324660。

  • China and the World Bank signed an agreement on Thursday to set up a million fund to help reduce poverty。周四,中国和世界签署协议,设立一项5000万美元的基金来帮助减少贫困。The initiative comes on top of their joint efforts to combat the downward pressure on the world economy and advance China’s health reforms。除此之外,双方还共同努力,应对世界经济下滑压力,并推进中国医疗改革进程。Premier Li Keqiang, who met with Kim after the signing ceremony, said China is willing to strengthen its partnership with the World Bank。李克强总理在签字仪式后会见了世界行长金墉,称中国愿意加强同世界的合作伙伴关系。The government is paying great attention to suggestions on China’s health reforms arising from joint research by the bank and the World Health Organization, he said。他表示,中国政府高度重视世界和世界卫生组织在对中国医疗改革做出联合研究后提出的建议。Li told Kim that the Chinese economy has great resilience, potential and room for maneuver. He was speaking a day after the country posted a better-than-expected GDP growth figure of 7 percent for the second quarter。李克强向金墉介绍,中国经济有着强劲的韧性、潜力、和回旋的空间。此前一天,中国刚发布了好于预期的GDP增长,增幅达7%。Li said the government is capable of handling various risks in the field of economic development and maintaining a healthy level of growth。李克强称,中国政府有能力应对经济发展中的风险,并保持经济健康发展。;Over the years, China and the World Bank have cooperated closely,’ he added。他说:“多年来,中国和世界紧密合作。”Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said the establishment of the trust fund signals that ;our partnership with existing multilateral development banks is growing, even as we support new ones;。中国财政部长楼继伟表示,这一信托基金的建立表明,“我们在持新成立的多边开发的同时,与现有多边开发的合作也在不断发展。”;We will continue to partner with the World Bank in fighting poverty and promoting development,; Lou added。他补充道:“我们将继续与世界合作,消除贫困并促进发展。”Kim began a three-day visit to China on Wednesday. He and Li discussed the global economy, development finance and health reforms。金墉周三开始对中国为期3天的访问,他同李克强总理讨论了世界经济金融的发展,以及中国医疗改革等问题。Kim said China is a strong partner of the World Bank Group. ;I look forward to a continued strong, cooperative and productive relationship,; he added。金墉称,中国是世界强有力的合作伙伴,还强调:“我期待能够继续同中国发展强劲、协同、富有成效的合作关系。” /201507/386989。
  • Exports, or a nascent middle class? One is the age-old path to prosperity in Asia; the other has produced stunning returns in the past five years. But a look at the diverging performances of Taiwan and Thailand – exponents of the former and latter approaches respectively – suggests a return to the former is under way.发展出口,还是培养新兴的中产阶级?前者是亚洲奉行已久的繁荣之路,后者则在过去五年中产生了惊人的回报。但考察分别作为两种发展模式典型的台湾和泰国,两者不同的经济表现说明,前一种发展模式即将收获回报。It is not always easy to say which came first: the money, or the investing theme. Cheap US funds in search of higher returns certainly found an easy home in southeast Asia, notably Thailand, where the credit the dollars provided lifted growth and helped fuel a consumer boom (and worrying levels of household debt). Backing Thailand’s benchmark SET index five years ago has produced a total return of about 270 per cent. Over that same time, Taiwan’s TWSE has offered just a quarter of that. Yet emerging Asia gets about two-fifths of its economic growth from exports – a higher proportion than emerging Europe (a third) or Latin America (a fifth). And since the Federal Reserve introduced the concept of tapering in May, Taiwan and its export rival South Korea are up almost a tenth respectively while Bangkok and Jakarta, another easy money success story, are off as much as 7 per cent.资金和投资主题哪个率先到来并不总是那么容易能说清楚。寻求更高回报率的廉价美国资金无疑在东南亚(尤其是泰国)找到了安乐窝;美元提供的信贷资金促进了泰国的经济增长,并激起了一轮消费热潮,当然同时也使泰国家庭负债达到了令人担忧的水平。如果五年前买入泰国基准股指SET指数,那么目前的总收益率将达到约270%。同期台湾股市收益率仅为泰国的四分之一。但亚洲新兴经济体约有五分之二的经济增长来自出口——该比例高于欧洲新兴经济体(三分之一)和拉美国家(五分之一)。自美联储(Fed)今年5月暗示缩减量化宽松规模以来,台湾及其出口竞争对手韩国的股市分别上涨了近10%,而泰国和印度尼西亚股市则下跌了7%。印度尼西亚也是一个依靠廉价资金实现经济发展的国家。Betting on north Asia’s exporters over consumers in the southeast suggests strong investor faith in the Fed’s ability to smoothly withdraw its cheap money without stunting a pick-up in the global economy. Generally, economic growth of about 7 per cent in Asia implies earnings will rise about a tenth in the next year, according to Nomura, which expects the region to grow 7.2 per cent. Thailand and Indonesia would of course also benefit from this. But there is only room for so many successful strategies. The shift in the past few months suggests markets have moved on to the next chapter in the Asian story.投资者更愿意押注于北亚的出口商而不是东南亚的消费者,这表明,投资者强烈相信美联储将会在不影响全球经济复苏的情况下平稳回收廉价资金。野村(Nomura)指出,总的来说,亚洲约7%的经济增长率意味着明年亚洲企业的盈利将增长约十分之一。野村预计明年亚洲地区的经济增长率将达到7.2%。泰国和印度尼西亚当然也将从中受益。但面对如此之多的成功策略,市场空间却是有限的。过去几个月的形势变化表明,市场已经进入了亚洲故事的下一个章节。 /201312/270847。
  • Malaysia#39;s reputation has taken a big hit in China since a Malaysia Airlines flight disappeared earlier this month with over 150 Chinese passengers on board. A string of missteps by the airline and the Malaysian government in the aftermath of the tragedy has only made matters worse.载有150多名中国人的马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines, 简称:马航) 370客机的失踪,使马来西亚在中国的声誉急转直下,而马航、马政府在事件过程中屡屡处置不当更是给事情雪上加霜。Now the hard feelings are starting to spill over to other areas, including that favorite sector for Chinese investors: property.如今这份不满情绪已开始波及其他领域,包括中国投资者最热衷的行业――房地产。Malaysia was once seen as a promising market for Chinese real estate developers. Following the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, that has changed -- at least temporarily.马来西亚曾被视为中国房地产开发商的淘金地。然而客机失踪事件已(至少暂时)使这一看法发生改变。#39;For now, marketing homes in Malaysia is going to be a bit awkward. It#39;s just like how we don#39;t market homes in Japan to Chinese customers,#39; said one Beijing-based real estate consultant, who declined to be named. She was referring to another political sore spot -- China#39;s spat with Japan over islands in the East China Sea -- which has dented interest in the Japanese market among Chinese investors.北京一位不愿透露姓名的地产咨询师说,当前要销售马来西亚的房产会有些尴尬,就好比他们不会向中国客户销售日本房产一样。中国与日本在东中国海(East China Sea, 中国称东海)的岛屿主权争端冲淡了中国投资者对日本市场的热情。#39;My family and I were considering a trip to Malaysia for a holiday, but now, I think we will look elsewhere, maybe Thailand,#39; Tang Xue, a banker who works in Shanghai, recently told China Real Time. Ms. Tang, who owns apartments in London, said buying a home in Malaysia was not something she would consider now.在上海从事业工作的唐雪(音)说,她和家人本打算去马来西亚度假,但现在要考虑去泰国等其他地方了。在伦敦拥有房产的唐雪表示她现在不打算在马来西亚买房。#39;The Malaysian authorities were dishonest from day one, why should I contribute to the Malaysian economy?#39; she asked.她反问道,马政府自事件第一天起就不说实话,她又为何要给马来西亚经济做贡献?The shift in mood has started to worry some big Chinese property developers who have aly made a substantial bet on selling homes in Malaysia to mainland Chinese investors.这种情绪的转变,使得一些此前大笔押注中国投资者在马购房的中国房企巨头感到担忧。Guangzhou-based Country Garden Holdings first invested in Johor Bahru in West Malaysia in late 2012 and said it had #39;received an overwhelming response#39; from buyers from Malaysia, Singapore and China initially .2012年末,碧桂园控股有限公司(Country Garden Holdings Co. Ltd)在马来西亚西部的新山市投资建房。据公司称,该项目最初获得了马来西亚、新加坡和中国买家的热烈反响。#39;The (flight) incident has brought some negative impressions of Malaysia (and the) Malaysian government, and we do not preclude the possibility that this would also affect our projects in the Malaysian market,#39; said Country Garden in a statement. Sales in its Country Garden Danga Bay project in Johor Bahru last year reached roughly 7 billion yuan, which was the firm#39;s biggest sales contributor.碧桂园在一份声明中称,马航客机失踪事件冲击了马来西亚及该国政府的形象,公司不排除此事会影响其马来西亚项目的可能。去年碧桂园的新山金海湾项目销售额达约人民币70亿元,占公司销售收入的最大头。The company said, however, that it was still confident in its investment in the country.但碧桂园同时表示,仍对在马来西亚的投资抱有信心。#39;We believe that Chinese buyers in the choice of overseas investment are rational,#39; it said.该公司称:我们认为中国买家在选择进行海外投资时是较为理性的。Over time, analysts say, the investment climate could change, just as it did with Japanese cars following a flare up in territorial tensions between China and Japan in 2012.分析师认为,随着时间的推移,投资环境会发生变化,就好比2012年时,中日两国领土争端导致的紧张局势给日系汽车的销售造成不利影响,但后来有所改观。#39;In the long term, homebuyers will consider more fundamental issues, like education and investment prospects of buying a home in Malaysia,#39; Mr. Hu added.联昌国际券(CIMB Securities)分析师胡继中(Johnson Hu)表示,长期来看,购房者将考虑更多基本面因素,比如教育以及在马来西亚置业的投资前景等。But it#39;s difficult to tell how quickly Chinese appetite for Malaysian homes could recover. Much depends on how long the search for the missing plane drags on, according to analysts.但目前还很难说中国买家对马来西亚房产的兴趣何时会恢复。分析师认为,这在很大程度上取决于失踪客机的搜寻工作会持续多久。#39;The protests taking place in Kuala Lumpur show Malaysia still has some damage control to do,#39; said a Shanghai-based property consultant.一名驻上海的房地产顾问称,失踪客机中国乘客的家属在吉隆坡进行的抗议表明,马来西亚仍需做一些损害控制方面的工作。Strong sales registered earlier by Country Garden drew copycat projects by other developers. At least four Chinese developers announcied plans to invest a total of around .8 billion worth in projects in Malaysia in months prior to the disappearance of the flight on March 8. They have yet to launch their sales campaigns.碧桂园之前出色的销售业绩引来其他开发商的效仿。MH370航班在3月8日失踪前的几个月,至少有四家中资地产开发商宣布了在马来西亚开发项目的计划,价值总计48亿美元左右。这些公司还没有启动销售活动。Company executives say privately that any dip in appetite will be temporary and that demand will bounce back once more details about the flight emerge and Malaysia takes steps to repair its reputation.公司高管私下里都认为,投资人气降温只是暂时的,一旦更多有关失踪客机的详情被公布,而且马来西亚采取行动修复名誉后,需求就会回暖。#39;We feel sorry about the Malaysia Airlines tragedy. But the incident hasn#39;t had much impact on us so far,#39; said a spokesman from Guangzhou Ramp;F Properties, one of the developers.上述四家开发商之一的广州富力地产股份有限公司(Guangzhou Ramp;F Properties Co.简称:富力地产)发言人称:我们对马航悲剧感到遗憾,但这次事故目前还没有给公司造成太大影响。 /201404/283665。
  • In an announcement to the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Tuesday, Japan’s NSK Ltd said the National Development and Reform Commission had ordered it to pay a penalty of Rmb174.9m (.5m) for violations of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law. The company, which makes bearings and other car components, was the first to confirm it has been fined by the NDRC for alleged antitrust infractions.日本精工株式会社(NSK Ltd)周二向东京交所(Tokyo Stock Exchange)宣布称,中国国家发改委(NDRC)命令其缴纳罚款1.749亿元人民币(合2850万美元),原因是违反中国反垄断法。这家生产轴承等汽车配件的公司,是第一家实自己因涉嫌违反中国反垄断法而被国家发改委罚款的公司。Another Japanese components manufacturer, NTN Corp, also said on Tuesday that it had been told to pay Rmb119.2m as part of the NDRC investigation.另一家日本汽车配件生产商恩梯恩(NTN Corp)周二也表示,其也因为中国国家发改委的调查,被通知缴纳罚款1.192亿元人民币。“Following an internal investigation into the alleged conduct, NSK has been fully co-operating with the NDRC’s investigation into sales of bearings in China,” NSK said. “We express our sincere regret for the concern this matter has caused our shareholders [and] customers.”精工株式会社表示:“对涉嫌违法行为自查之后,我们一直在全力配合中国国家发改委对我们在中国市场销售轴承的调查。对于此事对我们的股东(和)客户造成的担忧,我们表示诚挚的歉意。”The company added that it had not yet determined if the fine would force a revision of its business forecasts for the current financial year.该公司补充称,其尚未确定此罚款是否将迫使其修订对本财年业绩的预测。Multinational car executives have been bracing for the full results of the NDRC’s investigation, which they expect to be announced as soon as this week.跨国汽车企业已经准备好承受中国发改委的调查,调查结果最早将在本周公布。NSK’s penalty is the third-highest ever assessed by the NDRC. NSK’s penalty is also the first substantial antitrust fine paid in China by a Japanese company.中国国家发改委对精工株式会社开出了有史以来数额第三高的罚单。这也是一家日本公司在中国付的第一笔大额反垄断罚款。Some analysts have argued that while the NDRC’s auto industry investigation will benefit consumers by lowering prices for both vehicles and spare parts, it will also pose challenges for Chinese car brands that have been losing market share to imports and foreign-invested joint ventures.有分析师认为,中国发改委对汽车行业的调查会让消费者受益,汽车以及零部件的价格会降低,但同时也会对中国本土的汽车品牌构成挑战。这些本土品牌本已在同进口品牌和外资合作品牌的竞争中失去了市场竞争力。“Imported and joint-venture cars do enjoy high margins, but the anti-monopoly investigation will further drag down prices and put even more pressure on Chinese car companies,” said Wang Liusheng, automotive analyst at China Merchants Securities.中国招商券汽车业分析师汪刘胜表示:“进口和合资的汽车的确在中国市场收益很高,但是反垄断调查将进一步拉低汽车价格,这会对中国本土的汽车公司造成更大压力。” /201408/322676。
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