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佛山结扎复通术去那最好广西哪个医院看不孕东莞结扎复通术那家比较好 Silicon Valley's most underrated CEOI spent most of the summer reporting and writing a feature story about Safra Catz, the enigmatic co-president of Oracle (ORCL). I talked to oodles of people about Catz's ambitions, her value to the company, the likelihood of her becoming CEO, and her relationship with Charles Phillips, Oracle's other co-president. All this is in the article, published in the current issue of Fortune. The conclusion is that Catz is a complicated, competent, intelligent pile-driver of an executive who makes Oracle hum. Left explicitly unsaid in the quest to find out as much as possible about Safra Catz is just how successful her boss, Larry Ellison, has been as CEO of Oracle. This was my single greatest takeaway from my reporting. There was a period, years ago, when Ellison became disengaged from actively running the company. Because his extracurricular activities get so much attention — the America's Cup battles, the yachts, the homes, the marriages, and so on — the world that watches Oracle from afar doesn't quite get that Ellison's era of disengagement ended a long time ago. The Steve Jobs of enterprise software? Like his buddy, Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs, there certainly are things Ellison doesn't want to do. He's just not that into finance. (He's into money, of course, and is as tight-fisted with Oracle's cash as he free-spending with his own.) He's a known enemy of operational details. The comparisons with Jobs and Apple (AAPL) go further, in fact. In Catz, Ellison had the confidence, maturity and discipline to hire a get-it-done No. 2, just as Jobs has done with Tim Cook, whom I've also spent some time on. Both founders are technically proficient industry visionaries who've been through disastrous downs and stratospheric ups. (Oracle hit the skids in the early 90s, when Jobs was exiled from Apple.) The point about Ellison is that he has done just what a CEO should do. He knows so much about his product that the technical people respect him and don't try to B.S. him. A clear vision, plus trusted lieutenants He trusts his operational lieutenants enough to do their jobs. He sets overall direction for the company. Critically, he changed his mind at a moment when doing so made all the difference. For years Oracle, like Apple to this day, didn't do much in the way of acquisitions. Ellison's epiphany that organic (that is, in-house) growth wasn't going to be good enough is the reason that Oracle has trounced SAP (SAP), Microsoft (MSFT) and anyone else in its way over the past half decade. (Late Wednesday Oracle announced fiscal first quarter earnings of .12 billion, or 22 cents a share, 4.4% from .08 billion a year earlier. Margins climbed to almost 35%, from 28.5% – all during a quarter in which revenues fell slightly.) It's worth noting that hiring ex-banker Catz and ex-analyst Phillips, both strategically minded and acquisition-friendly executives, coincided with Ellison's change of heart. The point is the same, though. If the people he hired helped him see the light, bully for him. Ellison gets to take credit. Much is also made of Ellison's long absences from the office and his distractedness. The business world and investors should greet such talk with two words: Who cares? Ellison's cell phone keeps him as close to Oracle as he needs to be. When important things are happening Ellison is a constant presence at Oracle. At a youthful 65 he quite likely will be running his show for years to come. Eventually people may even stop wondering how much credit for it all he deserves because the answer will be apparent: A whole lot. /200909/84477Buses have never been the most glamorous form of transportation. But that is set to change with the Superbus, a 15ft-long, six-wheeled behemoth that on first glance looks like a cross between the Batmobile and a stretched limousine. It can carry 23 passengers and reach speeds of up 255kph, although finding a parking space might prove difficult. A design team from TU Delft University has unveiled the Superbus at the World Exhibition of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) in Dubai.巴士从来不是最时髦的交通工具,但随着一种“超级巴士”的出现,这一局面可能即将改变。这种巴士长度为15英尺(4.6米),有6个轮子,乍一看就像是某种介于蝙蝠侠座驾和拉长性豪华轿车之间的变形。它可以搭载23名乘客,行驶速度可达每小时255公里。当然,想在城里找到一处合适的停车场可能比较困难。这种设计新颖的汽车出现在了正在迪拜举行的国际公共交通联合会(UITP)第59届世界论坛暨城市交通展的展台上。其设计团队来自荷兰代尔夫特科技大学。 /201104/131955东莞做复通多少钱一次

广州市做试管选性别那家比较好The number of possible routes that a UPS driver could take on any given day is enormous.在任何一天中,UPS的司机都有许多条快递路线可以选择。Strike that—the number of possible routes that a UPS driver could take on any given day defies comprehension. That’s not an exaggeration.或者换个说法——UPS的司机在任何一天中,可以选择的快递路线的数目都是令人难以想象的。这绝不是夸张。A driver for the delivery company typically makes between 120 and 175 “drops” per day. Between any two of those, there are a number of available paths to take. It is, of course, in the best interest of the driver and UPS to find the most efficient route. And that is where things get complicated.这家快递公司的司机一般每天要送120至175次货。在任何两个目的地之间,都可以选择多条路线。显然,司机和UPS想要找到其中最有效率的那条。不过如此一来,事情就变得复杂了。According to UPS, the number to describe the complete set of possibilities in the scenario outlined above, as calculated using combinatorial mathematics, would have 199 digits. The number of possible options would exceed the number of nanoseconds that the Earth has existed.UPS利用组合数学的算法得出,以上所述的情景中所有可能的线路的总数,是一个199位的数字。这一数字甚至大过了换算成纳秒单位的地球年龄。“It’s huge—unimaginably large,” said Jack Levis, the company’s senior director of process management. “This is as high as you can get in analytics.”UPS的流程管理高级总监杰克o里维斯表示:“这数字太大了,令人难以想象。你只能从分析学上得出一个概念。”For UPS, it was nothing if not a daunting optimization challenge. But the motivation was powerful: a reduction of just one mile a day per driver would save the company as much as million.对UPS而言,这是一项庞大的挑战。不过他们有强烈的动力去实现路线最优化:如果每位司机每天少开一英里,公司便能省下5,000万美元。The Atlanta-based company’s answer? A system called Orion, short for On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation, named after the hunter in Greek mythology, and a big data analytics effort if there ever was one. Orion—whose algorithm was developed in the early 2000s and piloted through 2009—uses 1,000 pages of code to analyze 200,000 possibilities for each route in real time to deliver the optimal route in about three seconds’ time.这家位于亚特兰大的公司是如何做的?他们研发了一个名为Orion的系统,这是道路优化与导航集成系统(On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation)的缩写,也是希腊神话中猎户座的名字。如果说现在有什么大数据分析学上的成就的话,那就是它了。Orion的算法诞生于21世纪初,并于2009年开始试运行。该系统的代码长达1,000页,可以分析每种实时路线的20万种可能性,并能在大约3秒内找出最佳路线。“At first, the mathematicians thought it was going to take about 15 minutes to run,” Levis said. “They were pleased.”里维斯表示:“起初,数学家们认为可能需要15分钟才能算出结果。所以他们很高兴。”UPS is working to deploy the system to all of its 55,000 North American delivery routes. By the end of 2013—after being applied to just 10,000 routes so far—Orion had aly saved 1.5 million gallons of fuel and 14,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions. The company expects to complete the rollout by 2017.UPS正在公司全部的5.5万条北美快递线路上装配这一系统。到2013年底,Orion已经在大约1万条线路上得到使用,这让公司节省了150万吨燃料,少排放了1.4万立方公吨的二氧化碳。公司计划在2017年彻底实现该计划。There are two “rather inconspicuous” industries that are being disrupted by big data, according to Svetlana Sicular: transportation—which includes a logistics company like UPS—and agriculture.根据高德纳研究公司(Gartner)的分析师斯维特拉娜o西库勒的说法,有两个“很不起眼的”行业正在受到大数据的冲击,一个是运输业,其中包括UPS这类物流公司,另一个是农业。Sicular, a Gartner analyst, believes that disruption is happening on a broad scale. Consider the commercial shipping industry: the Australian Maritime Safety Authority provides information about port activity in real time so that ships can vary their speed to save fuel and minimize port fees, Sicular said. The authority also uses geofencing—dynamic, location-based digital zones—to trigger and automate those fees, “and this is all transparent through open data,” she said.西库勒相信这一冲击会波及很大范围。西库勒表示,可以看看通商航运业的例子:澳大利亚海事安全局(Australian Maritime Safety Authority)提供了实时的港口活动信息,船只可以据此改变航速,节省燃料,让港口务费降到最低。海事局还使用了地理围栏(一种动态的数字定位区域)来触发和自动计算这些费用。她说:“通过公开数据,这一切都是透明的。”It’s not just big data technologies that are causing this transformation, Sicular said. The convergence of mobile devices and cloud computing also play a major role.西库勒表示,导致这种转变的不仅仅是大数据技术,移动设备和云计算在其中也扮演了重要角色。“Mobility is important in collecting information and providing live connection to the drivers,” she explained. “Mobility is not just about mobile devices but also about sensors in trucks, planes and ships.”她解释说:“在收集信息、给司机实时提供数据上,移动性起到了重要作用。这不仅是指移动设备,还包括卡车、飞机和轮船上的感应器。”Feeling pressure to make its operations more efficient, UPS introduced handheld devices for its drivers in the 1990s. “We had to create smartphones and communications online before they existed,” Levis said. In 2008, the company installed GPS tracking equipment on its delivery trucks. Orion is layered on top of this foundation.在提高运营效率的压力下,UPS在20世纪90年代为司机引入了手持设备。里维斯表示:“我们必须在智能手机和网络通信出现前就发明它们。”2008年,公司在运货卡车上安装了GPS追踪系统,而Orion则建立在这一基础上。Though there’s no easy replacement for a continent-spanning fleet of vehicles—until Amazon’s delivery drones materialize, anyway—the rise of cloud computing has made it easier for startup companies to access the sophisticated technology that only the largest enterprises previously enjoyed. It behooves UPS to stay ahead.尽管想要取代在大陆上川流不息的汽车快递不是件容易的事——总之,在亚马逊(Amazon)的无人机快递正式得到使用前是这样——但云计算的兴起让初创公司更容易接触到之前只有大型企业才能拥有的尖端技术。UPS理应走在前面。“To me, that’s the future of analytics and big data—not just telling you what has happened, but telling you what should happen and how to correct it in real time,” Levis said. “If a system is so smart that it predicts you’ll have a problem and solves it before it happens, it’s like Sherlock Holmes. It looks clairvoyant, but it’s not.里维斯表示:“对我来说,这就是分析技术和大数据的未来——不仅仅是告诉你发生了什么,还能告诉你将要发生什么,如何实时纠正它们。如果有个系统可以智能到预测你的问题,并在它发生前予以解决,那它就像福尔斯一样了。看起来像千里眼,但实际上不是。”“It will take a while. But that’s the vision.”“把它变成现实还需要一段时间。不过这就是未来的景象。” /201407/316166广州长安医院好吗正规吗? The Ache: In presbyopia, the eye#39;s lens loses elasticity with age. The ability to focus on near objects deteriorates, resulting in the need for ing glasses.病痛:老花眼的成因是,眼睛的晶状体随年龄增长而失去弹性,聚焦近处物体的能力减弱,因此需要佩戴老花镜。The Claim: A 12-week, scientifically tested training program, newly available as an iPhone app, uses a technique called perceptual learning to reduce -- or even eliminate -- the need for ing glasses.主张:一项为期12周、经过科学检验的训练项目最近以iPhone应用的形式面市,该项目使用一种名为“知觉学习”(perceptual learning)的技术来减少(甚至消除)佩戴老花镜的必要性。The Verdict: A 30-person study published in February 2012 in the journal Scientific Reports found that after trying the program -- now on sale as an iPhone app called Glasses-Off -- participants on average could letters 1.6 times smaller than they could previously. The program is much more likely to show improvement in adults 40 to 60 years old, scientists say.定论:2012年2月份刊登在《科学报告》(Scientific Reports)上的一项覆盖30人的研究的论文指出,在试用该项目(目前作为一个名为“摘掉眼镜”(Glasses-Off)的iPhone应用销售)之后,参与者平均能够阅读比之前小1.6倍的字母。科学家们表示,该项目为40至60岁的成年人带来改善的可能性要比其他人群大得多。The self-guided app, launched this week by GlassesOff Inc., starts with a vision test, followed by a personalized training program users employ three times a week for 12 to 15 minutes per session. In one test, users must decide whether an E is facing up, down, right or left. The test gets harder when the E becomes smaller or lower-contrast. At the end of the session, users receive a personalized assessment of how much the app is likely to help them in various tasks, such as ing an article.该自助式应用由GlassesOff Inc.于近期推出,该公司在以色列和纽约设有办公室。该应用一开始是一项视力测试,之后是个性化训练项目,用户一周接受三次训练,每次12到15分钟。在一项测试中,用户要判断字母E是朝上、朝下、朝右还是朝左。随着字母E尺寸缩小或对比度降低,测试难度会加大。在训练的最后,用户会接受一项个性化评估,看看该应用能在多大程度上帮助他们改进在各项任务中的表现,比如阅读文章。The training consists of identifying fuzzy, striped images called Gabor patches, which can be hard to see against a similarly colored backdrop.该训练内容包括辨认名为“加尔视标”(Gabor patch)的条纹状模糊图案,在颜色相近的背景下,这些图案辨认起来会有难度。The app is free for two or three weeks after a user signs up. To continue using it after that costs for four months. The company, which has offices in Israel and New York, is offering a temporary promotional price. After the initial program, the company offers a personalized maintenance program of one or two sessions per week at extra cost.该应用在用户注册两周或三周之内可免费使用。之后若想继续使用,费用为59美元,可使用四个月,目前促销价为10美元。最初的训练项目完成之后,该公司会提供一项个性化保持项目,每周安排一次或两次训练,须额外交费。The app isn#39;t a cure for presbyopia, but makes the brain #39;better able to interpret#39; the poor information it gets from aging eyes, says Dennis M. Levi, dean of University of California Berkeley#39;s School of Optometry and co-author of the study. Dr. Levi is a scientific adviser to GlassesOff and has been promised stock options as compensation.加州大学伯克利分校(University of California Berkeley)眼科视光学学院(School of Optometry)主任、此项研究作者之一丹尼斯#12539;M.利瓦伊(Dennis M. Levi)表示,该应用并不能治愈老花,但能使大脑“更好地诠释”通过老化的眼睛所获得的贫乏信息。利瓦伊士是GlassesOff的科学顾问,该公司承诺授予他股票期权作为报酬。Anyone can use the product, says GlassesOff Chief Executive Nimrod Madar. But people over 70 likely still will need ing glasses for extended ing and low-light tasks.GlassesOff首席执行长尼姆罗德#12539;马达尔(Nimrod Madar)表示,任何人都可以使用该产品。但70岁以上的人如果长时间阅读或在光线较暗的环境中做事情,可能还是需要佩戴老花镜。Using the new app #39;might help people to better recognize slightly blurry images, but it isn#39;t going to change the elasticity of the lens,#39; says James Salz, a clinical professor of ophthalmology at the University of Southern California.南加州大学(University of Southern California)眼科学临床教授詹姆斯#12539;萨尔斯(James Salz)表示,使用这款新应用“或许能帮助人们更好地辨认略显模糊的图像,但不会改变晶状体的弹性”。The idea of using perceptual learning for vision difficulties has scientific merit, says Peter J. Bex, a neuroscientist at Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston, part of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. Using perceptual learning to improve vision has proved viable in several scientific studies, including in people with lazy eye. Still, more research is needed on the GlassesOff program -- particularly comparing the test group to a group that got an ersatz training exercise, scientists say.波士顿舍彭斯眼科研究所(Schepens Eye Research Institute,属于马萨诸塞州眼科和耳科医院(Massachusetts Eye and Ear Institute))神经学家彼得#12539;J.贝克斯(Peter J. Bex)称,通过知觉学习来缓解视觉困难这一做法是有科学道理的。通过知觉学习来改善视力的可行性已得到几项科学研究的明,其中包括针对弱视者的研究。但科学家称,还需要对GlassesOff的项目展开更多研究――尤其是将受试组与接受替代训练的组别进行对照的研究。Another issue, Dr. Bex says, is that the results of perceptual learning sometimes apply only very narrowly to the tasks practiced in training. The ability to small print may improve, but it#39;s unclear how much difference that makes for people in a wider range of daily tasks.贝克斯士表示,另一个问题是知觉学习的效果有时仅仅局限于在训练中练习过的任务。阅读小字的能力可能会有所提高,但目前还不清楚这项训练能在多大程度上提高人们完成更广泛日常任务的能力。A study, presented in July at the Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision in China, found that the GlassesOff program improved performance on measures including contrast sensitivity -- suggesting the improvement will apply to a wide range of daily tasks, Mr. Madar says.马达尔说,7月份在中国举行的亚太视觉会议(Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision)上宣读的一项研究成果显示,GlassesOff的项目改善了对比敏感度等指标――暗示该应用能改善人们完成广泛日常任务的能力。 /201312/269901广州结扎复通手术公立医院

广州南方医院做包皮手术多少钱 After missteps in mobile, Intel is betting big on the next big shift in computing: The Internet of Things.英特尔当初错过了抢占移动市场的先手,被AMD和高通钻了空子。但眼下,英特尔决心豪赌计算领域的下一次大变革:物联网,让英特尔的芯片进入一切有形的物体。In June, Intel pulled back the veil on a number of significant advancements in processing technology. It introduced its next-generation Xeon Phi processor, a piece of technology that the company predicts will drive 20 percent annual revenue growth in its high-performance computing business in the next few years. It announced new architecture for its versatile Atom chip, found in everything from tablet computers to cars. And it offered an update to the myriad processor projects—Bay Trail! Merrifield! Avaton! Rangely!—in development.今年六月,英特尔(Intel)披露了一些处理器技术的重大进展。首先是推出了英特尔的下一代至强融核(Xeon Phi)处理器。据英特尔公司自行估计,未来五年,这款处理器将给它的高性能计算业务带来每年20%的收入增长点。同时,英特尔还公布了Atom芯片的新架构。Atom可以说是芯片界的万金油,从平板电脑到汽车,几乎随处都是它大显身手之地。另外,英特尔还对正在研发中的很多处理器项目(如Bay Trail、Merrifield、Avaton和Rangely等等)进行了升级。Much of this plays into Intel’s vision of the future, one that signals the company’s commitment to developing the so-called Internet of Things—and, perhaps more important, its intense desire not to miss out on another major shift in computing.英特尔的这番大手笔充分彰显了它对未来的雄心壮志,以及它致力于开发所谓“物联网”的决心。更重要的是,它彰显了英特尔绝不放弃计算行业另一次重大变革的决心。The world’s largest maker of semiconductors was, without question, a late entrant to the mobile computing space. Though Intel has historically dominated the supercomputing and personal computer markets, its lack of foresight (or timing) for the sudden and rapid growth of the mobile market allowed competitors like AMD and Qualcomm to steal market share in the fastest-growing computing arena. With PC sales declining—Intel derives some 70 percent of its revenues from the PC market—the chipmaker is certainly aware of its own mortality. It doesn’t plan to miss the boat a second time.虽然英特尔是全球最大的半导体产品制造商,但它在移动计算行业无疑起步较晚。虽然英特尔一直主宰着超级计算机和个人电脑市场,但近年来由于对移动市场的突然崛起缺乏远见(又或许是时机把握得不好),使得AMD和高通(Qualcomm)等竞争对手得以在这个快速崛起的市场上从容地窃取不少市场份额。随着PC销量逐渐下滑(英特尔有70%左右的收入来自PC市场),英特尔显然已经意识到继续墨守成规的命运。它不打算第二次错过这条船。“We’ve seen the screenification of the world, and now we’re moving to computational power in the environment,” says Brian David Johnson, Intel’s resident futurist and principal engineer, of the transition from smartphone- and tablet-centric computing toward wearable technology and other new types of computing that comprise the Internet of Things. “Before, we had to ask ourselves, ‘Can we take a desktop and make it fit onto somebody’s lap? Can we take a laptop and make it small enough to fit in somebody’s pocket?’ The question was always, ‘Can we do it?’ But now, as the size of meaningful computing power approaches zero, you can turn anything into a computer. So the question now becomes, ‘What do we want to turn into a computer, and why?’”英特尔公司的未来学家、首席工程师布莱恩o大卫o约翰逊指出:“我们已经见了世界的屏幕化,我们也在让我们的计算能力顺应这种环境进行转变。”也就是把以智能手机和平板电脑为中心的计算能力,向以可穿戴技术和物联网技术为中心的计算能力转变。“从前我们曾经问过自己:‘我们可以把台式电脑缩小到可以放在人们的膝盖上吗?我们能把笔记本电脑缩小到能放到人们的口袋里吗?’当时问题总是‘我们能做到吗?’但是现在,随着承载重要计算能力的芯片尺寸缩小到几乎可以忽略不计,大家几乎可以把任何东西变成一台电脑。因此现在的问题也就变成了:‘我们想把什么东西变成一台电脑?为什么?’”Intel clearly expects the answers to that question to be vast and diverse. During the June announcement, Johnson and other company representatives drove home the idea that the possibilities for computing applications grow exponentially as the size of meaningful computing power approaches zero, creating opportunities for mobile computing that go far beyond the tablet or smartphone. Intel thinks 500 million pieces of wearable tech will be sold globally each year by 2020. Each will pack some degree of processing power to consume and create data. (According to Gartner research cited by Intel, all of that data will generate some trillion in value.)在英特尔看来,这个问题的显然非常广泛。在六月份的一份公告中,约翰逊和英特尔的其他代表们详细阐述了随着承载重要计算能力的芯片尺寸缩小到几乎可以忽略不计,移动计算能力可以从平板电脑和智能手机发展到其它物品上的可能性。英特尔公司认为,到2020年,全球每年将能够售出5亿部可穿戴设备。其中任何一台可穿戴设备都具有一定的处理能力,消费、产生数据。【据英特尔公司引用高德纳研究公司(Gartner)的数据,这些可穿戴设备产生的数据所具有的价值将高达2万亿美元。)Key to Intel’s bid in the area are two new products, Galileo and Edison. The first is a development board that is compatible with Arduino, the open source electronics prototyping platform popular with “makers” and other do-it-yourself tinkerers. The second is a tiny system-on-a-chip, roughly the size of an SD card, that can be integrated into consumer products to provide processing, memory, storage, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with a range of pluggable sensors.英特尔对物联网领域的赌注主要集中在两款新产品上,一款产品叫做“伽利略”,另一款叫做“爱迪生”。“伽利略”是一块售价60美元的开发板,可以与深受DIY爱好者们喜爱的Arduino开源电子原型设计平台兼容。“爱迪生”是一个小巧的系统芯片,虽然只有一张SD卡大小,但却可以集成到消费产品中,提供数据处理、存储、Wi-Fi、蓝牙功能,还可以与一系列即插式传感器兼容。Galileo is notable because it allows someone to retrofit a disconnected electronic device to become connected and be controlled from a smartphone. It’s a capability that other controller boards aly allow, albeit with different architectures. Edison takes the general concept a step further, Johnson says, by allowing product developers to use it in items such as clothing, smart watches, smart glasses, personal robots, and other Internet-enabled appliances and devices.“伽利略”之所以非常有名,是因为人们可以用它把一台不能联网的设备改装成一台联网设备,然后用智能手机对它进行控制。这个功能并不新鲜,市面上的其它控制板也能做到,只不过基础架构全然不同。“爱迪生”则把这个理念推进得更深了一步,使开发者可以把它用在衣、智能手表、智能眼镜、私人机器人和其它能够联网的器具和设备上。If product developers take to Edison in a major way—”if” being the key word—it could put Intel out in front of its competition in the early days of the Internet of Things, a position the company has deeply coveted in the age of mobility. Better still, growth in Internet of Things technologies will also drive growth in Intel’s other major non-PC segments, a fact not lost on the company. More connected devices mean more data generated by those devices and the consumers that use them. More data means more data crunching, which means more processors needed to drive high-performance computing hardware as big data increasingly becomes a cornerstone technology for all kinds of enterprises.如果“爱迪生”成了产品开发者们采用的主流产品——当然只是“如果”——那么英特尔就将在物联网的早期发展阶段占尽先机,这也正是移动时代以来英特尔一直梦寐以求的局面。此外,物联网技术的发展还能促进英特尔其它非PC业务的增长。联网的设备越多,意味着这些设备产生的数据就越多,同时也意味着使用这些设备的人越多。更多的数据意味着需要更强大的数据处理能力。另外,随着大数据越来越成为各种类型的企业的柱技术,要带动大数据所需的高性能计算机硬件,自然也就需要更多的处理器。This summer’s launch of Edison should provide Intel with an honest measure of whether the product designers aly developing the wearable and embedded technologies that will populate the future will align their vision with Intel’s own. If they do, Intel could soon find itself powering any number of newly-connected devices that fall outside of the traditional computing markets. Which, Johnson notes, is exactly where Intel would like to be: inside.“爱迪生”在今夏的发布,让英特尔有机会老老实实地检验一下,看看那些已经在研发可穿戴设备和嵌入式技术的产品设计师们的愿景是否与英特尔自己的愿景一致。如果设计师们真的与英特尔一拍即合,那么英特尔的芯片不久就会安装在各种新型联网设备里,而这些新型设备必将超出计算市场的范畴。约翰逊指出,这正是英特尔想要达到的目标——进入物联网。“We’re not a PC company, we’re not a tablet company, we’re not a smartphone company. We’re an intelligence company,” Johnson says. “We can bring intelligence to anything. To me, Edison and Galileo are the first expression of that vision.”约翰逊说:“我们并不是一家PC公司,也不是一家平板电脑公司或智能手机公司,我们是一家智能公司。我们可以把智能带到任何东西上。在我看来,‘爱迪生’和‘伽利略’就是这种愿景的第一次表达。” /201407/311410广州人流医院网上挂号广州哪家医院精子检查好



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