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广西去哪复通手术佛山那家医院做试管选性别最好土豆(potatoes) -- :59:56 来源: 土豆(potatoes)  most of us like potatoes because they are delicious. scientists tell us that they are good our health.  potatoes are the best-known vegetables in the world. the potato is one of the main food in europe. about a half of the world's potatoes are grown in europe. europeans think potato flowers are beautiful. by the beginning of last century, the potato had been eaten in almost all the countries of the world.  eat more potatoes, and you will become stronger.    我们大部分人喜欢吃土豆,因为土豆味道很美科学家告诉我们土豆对我们的身体有好处  土豆是世界上最有名的蔬菜,它是欧洲的主食之一大约世界上的一半土豆种植在欧洲欧洲人认为土豆花很美到上个实际初,世界上几乎所有的国家都食用土豆  多吃点土豆,你会更强壮!番禺市桥哪里可以打胎 我喜欢的运动 My Favorite Sport -- ::39 来源: There are many kinds of interesting sports,such as basketball, football, swimming and running, but the most I like isswimming. When I was a little child, my father took me to the river which nearmy house to learn swimming. Then, I found it's really fun and cool when I swimin the water, especially in summer, It's the most exciting thing to do whensummer comes. I like swimming. It's so wonderful.有很多种有趣的运动,比如说篮球,足球,游泳和跑步,但是我最喜欢的是游泳当我还是个小孩的时候,我父亲就带我到附近的河里学游泳后来,我发觉游泳真的很有趣,在水里游的时候很凉快,特别是在夏天当夏天到来的时候,最令人兴奋的事就是游泳我喜欢游泳,感觉好极了My Interesting Mother -- ::58 来源: My Interesting MotherMy mother is very beautiful. She is thirty years old. She has big eyes .She is short and weak.She gets up very early every morning. She likes to eat bananas and oranges, but she doesn't like to eat apples. She is afraid of red.Sometimes, she takes my cousin and me to the library to study. And she takes our dog and me to play in the small park.I like my interesting and hard-working mother.广州长安医院简介

广州什么医院做女性复通手术好我最喜爱的老师My Favorite Teacher -- :5:50 来源: Miss Hou is my English teacher, she is , we all like her. My English is really bad at first, I am afraid of having Miss Hou’s class, when she finds this, she doesn’t blame me, she tells me that the only way I can learn English well is to fall in love with English, she asks me to watch English movie, it works. Miss Hou is my favorite teacher.候老师是我的英语老师,她岁,我们都很喜欢她我的英语一开始真的很不好,我怕上候老师的课,当她发现了,她并没有责备我,她告诉我唯一能学好英语的方法就是喜欢上英语,她叫我去看英语电影,这起作用了候老师是我最喜欢的老师If ask me who my favorite teacher is, I will no doubt answer you that Miss Hou is my favorite teacher. She is an English teacher, she is kind to everyone, she is not like other teachers who are so strict to students. As Miss Hou is so popular among students, students learn English with high enthusiasm, that is what they return to her. Miss Hou is a good teacher.如果你问我我最喜欢的老师是谁,我会毫无疑问回答你候老师是我最喜欢的老师她是一位英语老师,对每个人都很好,她不想其他的老师那样对学生很严格候老师很受学生的欢迎,学生怀着很高的热情学习英语,这是他们所能回报她的候老师是一位好老师I remember the first time I see Miss Hou, she walks in class, and then talks with students about small things. She doesn’t talk about English in the first class, everyone feels Miss Hou is so amiable, we like her so much. Miss Hou is good at teaching us, she explain the question very patiently, when we understand, she will be move to the next topic, Miss Hou is a good teacher.我记得我第一次见到候老师,她走进教室,然后和学生讨论一些小事情她在第一次课上并不讲英语,大家都觉得候老师很和蔼,我们很喜欢她候老师很擅长教我们,她很耐心地解释问题,当我们明白了,她才会讲下一个题目,候老师是一名好老师东莞去哪家医院输卵管修复最好 准备期末考试 Prepare the Final Exam -- :3: 来源: It’s almost theend of this term, so I have to prepare the final exam. Chinese, math and Englishare the three subjects. I am not so good at math, so I must work hard. Everynight, I spend little time on watching TV. Luckily, I don’t have much homeworkand I have enough time to review. I hope I can do a good job in the exam.广州人流治疗的医院

广州那里可以检查精液日常聊天口语对话篇:(7)正宗影迷Movie Buffs-- :7:1 Steve:: What's your favorite movie of all time?Michelle: That's a good question? I don't know. Maybe "rrest Gump"(《阿甘正传).Steve: Why "rest Gump"?Michelle: Because I love Tom Hanks, and I thought it had a lot of clever tie-ins(联系,关联); it was like a photo album of the country during the last 30 years.. Steve: That was a good show. Okay. Here's a little bit of movie trivia(小问题) you: What movie is the top-grossing (票房收入最高的;毛利最高的)film of all time?Michelle: Oh, that's easy. "Jurassic Park(〈侏罗纪公园〉)". It's the only film that has grossed over a billion dollars in history.Steve: That's true. but when a film's gross is adjusted inflation, the highest-grossing film is "Gone With the Wind". Okay, what director has 7 of the top 0 highest-grossing films of all time?Michelle: A piece of cake. Steven Spielberg. Give me something that's challenging.Steve: Okay. Who said "Go ahead, make my day!"? Michelle: Clint Eastwood. Steve: All right. What was Dustin Hoffman's debut movie(第一部电影)?Michelle: "The Graduate".Steve: What year did it come out?Michelle: I don't know. 1970?Steve: Wrong. 1968. Michelle: Okay. Give me another question.Steve: Okay. What actress has the most nominations an Academy Award?Michelle: I have no idea.Steve: Katharine Hepburn. She was nominated times and won 3 times.Michelle: Okay, My turn. First of all. What's your favorite scary (恐怖的)movie? Steve: It's gotta be "Psycho"(《精神变态者). I love that shower scene.Michelle: I hate the choppy (不连贯的)music that they play during that scene.Steve: That's what makes it so memorable.Michelle: Okay. Who directed "Tootsie"(《宝贝儿?Steve: Easy. Sidney Pollack. Incidentally, he also acted in it as well.Michelle: all right. What was the most popular Robert Redd and Paul Newman film? Steve: "The Sting"〈刺〉.Michelle: You're pretty good. Try this one. What's the top-grossing animated cartoon of all time?Steve: I know it's a Disney. Is it "Bambi"〈小鹿班比〉?Michelle: Not quite. It was "Snow and the Seven Dwarfs". Here's your last question; What year was the first in-flight movie (空中电影;在飞机上放映的电影〉?Steve: 1955? Michelle: Wrong. 196. The movie "The Lost World" was shown on Imperial Airways from London to Paris on April , 196.Steve: The first in-flight movie was 70 years ago? That blows me away.(这真使我感到惊讶万分) I guess I'm not such a great movie buff after all.Michelle: That's okay. I still love you. 自我简介 Self-introduction -- :: 来源: c My mother tells me that school life is the most wonderful time in my whole life. I listen to my mother’s word and do well in it. But I have something pity. I have to wear glasses now, because of playing too much computer games. I think I have to control myself. This is me.我是一名小学生我的生活很普通我有一个幸福的家庭每个人都很爱我,我也很爱他们我的大部分时间都是花在学校上的我妈妈告诉我学校生活是我一生中最美好的时光我听我妈妈的话,在学校表现得很好但是我也有一些遗憾因为玩太多的电脑游戏,我现在就必须要戴眼镜了我觉得我要控制一下自己这就是我广州医院第三代试管费用要多少广州哪个医院输卵管恢复好



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