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The price of fish鱼类的价格Different scales不同种类有不同情况Fish are getting more expensive, but they do not all move at the same speed鱼类的价格一路走高,然而上升的幅度却各不相同。Upwardly mobile上浮的鱼IT IS a good time to be a fisherman. The global fish-price index of the UNs Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) hit a record high in May. Changing consumer diets, particularly in China, explain much of the sustained upward movement. High oil prices, which increase the cost of fishing and transportation, also add to the price of putting fish on the table.这是个当渔夫的好时代。联合国粮农组织的全球鱼类价格指数在五月份创造了一个新的纪录。消费者们—尤其是中国的消费者们—饮食习惯的改变,是鱼价持续上涨的主要原因。此外,高昂的油价抬高了捕捞和运输成本,这些成本最后又被转嫁到了餐桌上。Not all fish are created equal, however. There are two types of fish production: “capture” (or wild) and “aquaculture” (or farmed). And they seem to be on different trajectories. Fish such as tuna, the majority of which is caught wild, saw much bigger price increases than salmon, which are easier to farm. Overall, the FAOs price index for wild fish nearly doubled between 1990 and 2012, whereas the one for farmed fish rose by only a fifth. What explains this big difference?然而,鱼的种类有许多,价格也参差不齐。鱼的生产方式有两种:捕捞野生鱼和养殖家鱼。两者的价格趋势不尽相同。相比如三文鱼那样容易养殖的鱼种,金鱼这些主要依靠捕捞的鱼种的价格增长就要大得多。 从1990年到2012年,联合国粮农组织的野生鱼类价格指数翻了一番,但家鱼的价格指数只增长了五分之一。这种差别来自哪里呢?The amount of wild fish captured globally has barely changed in the past two decades. The ceiling, of about 90m tonnes a year, seems to have been reached at the end of the 1980s. Overfishing is one reason, as is the limited room for productivity growth, particularly if consumers want high quality.全球野生鱼类的捕捞数量在过去二十年中几乎没有变化。在20世纪80年代末期,就已经达到了9千万吨的极限值。过渡捕捞是一个原因,另一个原因是产率增长的空间有限,尤其是在消费者对质量有很高要求的情况下。Patrice Guillotreau of the University of Nantes tells the story of a fleet in France that decided to trawl, rather than line-catch, its tuna. It brought more back to shore, but the fish were damaged. It could not be sold as high-value fillets and was only good for canning. The old ways of catching fish are still best if you want the highest profits, says Mr Guillotreau.南斯大学的Patrice Guillotreau讲了这么一件事。法国的一个捕捞队用拖网而不是钓绳垂钓的方式来捕捞金鱼。这确实使产量增加了,但鱼也受到了破坏,从而无法做成能卖出高价的条状鱼片而只能用来制作罐头。Guillotreau说,想要保鱼能卖出最好的价钱,用传统的方式来抓鱼仍然是最好的选择。In contrast, the farmed-fish industry continues to make productivity improvements. Fish farms have found crafty ways to use lower quantities of fishmeal as feed. In the early days of aquaculture, it could take up to ten pounds of wild fish to produce one pound of salmon. Now the number is down to five. That may still be an inefficient use of protein, but the ratio is set to improve further. Fish farms have also become more energy-efficient, meaning that they are less affected by higher energy prices. And they have learned how to handle diseases better, reducing the quantity of fish that ends up being unsellable.与之相反,家鱼的产量却不断提高。鱼养殖场已经找到了节省鱼饲料的窍门。在水产养殖业开展的初期,生产一磅大马哈鱼需要多达10磅的野鱼当饲料。现在这个数字已经减少到了5磅。这样养鱼似乎仍然不是高效地利用蛋白质,但这个比率还有进步的空间。现代的养殖场还十分节约能源,这减轻了能源价格上涨带来的影响。而且他们学会了怎么控制鱼类的疾病,从而减少了最后无法卖出的鱼的数量。As a result of all these improvements, the global production of farmed fish, measured in tonnes, now exceeds the production of beef. Output is likely to continue growing: the FAO estimates that by 2020 it will reach six times its 1990 level.所有这些进步使得全球家鱼的产量如果以吨计算的话,已经超过了牛肉的产量,而且还将继续增长:据联合国粮农组织估计,这一数字将在2020年时达到1990年的六倍。This growth will further shake up the markets for fish. The farmed kind is expected to dominate the market for medium-value produce. Suppliers of wild fish, for their part, must slither into niche markets. At the low-value end wild sardine is a crucial input for farmed fish and is in abundant supply. More than a third of the total marine catch in 2010 was used for the production of fishmeal and fish oil.这样的增长还将造成鱼市的重组。家鱼将作为普通商品占据主要的市场份额。而野鱼供应商则逐渐占据高价市场。在市场的低价这一头,则是野生沙丁鱼。沙丁鱼产量巨大,而且是家鱼的一种主要饲料。2010年海洋捕捞总数的1/3以上都被用来制作鱼饲料和鱼油。But more money may be made serving the captains of industry rather than industry itself. Sapmer, a French fishing company, recently discontinued its canned-tuna production, instead concentrating on catching tuna for sushi and sashimi for the top end of the market.然而,务其他行业的巨头们似乎能比从事该行业本身得到更多的利益。法国渔业公司Sapmer最近就关闭了它的金鱼罐头生产线,转而专心于捕捞金鱼来为终端市场的寿司和生鱼片提供原材料。Frank Asche of the University of Stavanger, who helped to devise the FAO fish-price index, sees parallels with the divergence between farmed meat and wild game. As the supply of wild fish declines relative to farmed fish, it will become a luxury commodity, he explains. “In 20 years time people will think of wild fish like we now think of venison.”斯塔万格大学的Frank Asche曾参与了联合国粮农组织鱼价指数的设计。他认为家鱼和野鱼的区别同饲养得到的肉类和狩猎捕获的野味的区别类似。随着野鱼的数量和家鱼相比逐年减少,它将成为一种昂贵的商品,他解释说,“20年内”人们就会像如今怀念山珍野味那样怀念野鱼的味道。翻译 by 胡靓 译文属译生译世 /201509/397858。

A new study finds there are many challenges to Detroit residents accessing job opportunities.The report, Detroits Untapped Talent: Jobs and On-Ramps Needed, was commissioned by JP Morgan Chase and Company and was compiled by Corporation for a Skilled Workforce.Jeannine La Prad helped prepare the report.La Prad says the Detroit unemployment rate is chronically twice that of the statewide unemployment rate. She found that factor has been compounded by an insufficient number of jobs in Detroit, a mismatch between the skills and educational requirements for what jobs are available, and a lack of support structures like childcare and reliable transportation.;The bottom line is there is no silver bullet here, and this is a complex set of factors that are underpinning the level of unemployment that were seeing and the labor force participation rates.;It really is going to be critical that every organization, every program, every provider in the city, whether it be from the educational perspective, the workforce development perspective, the human service, social service perspective, we all really take a closer look at what it is were doing and how is it that collectively we might be able to better align our resources, our programs, our strategies so that this more holistic, more comprehensive approach could be taken,; La Prad says.201601/423563。

Mark Carney马克·卡尼I mean what I say“言出必行”The new governor is struggling to convince sceptical markets英国新晋领导人正试图极力说持怀疑态度的国内市场CREDIBILITY is treasured by central bankers. It is after all why politicians, who patently lack that precious quality, have entrusted the monetary guardians with the job of taming inflation. But what happens when investors do not believe a supposedly binding central-bank commitment to keep interest rates low?信誉对于央行行长们来说是极其珍贵的,而这也正是为何那些早已将个人信誉消耗殆尽的政客们委任这些“货币守护者”来遏止通货膨胀的原因。但当投资方不再信任央行曾信誓旦旦“维持国内低利率”的承诺的后果将会是什么?The answer this week from Mark Carney, the Canadian governor of the Bank of England, was to set out again the case for the forward guidance which had failed to convince the markets when he first delivered it earlier this month. Speaking in Nottingham on August 28th he also announced a relaxation in banks liquidity requirements to encourage lending. But Mr Carneys speech seemed unlikely to sway the sceptics. They doubt that the banks base rate, which has been at a three-century low of 0.5% for over four years, will stay there for another three.而这位加拿大籍英国行长马克·卡尼于本周作出相关回应,即再次利用他于本月前几日提出的相关明细着手处理该事——尽管卡尼先生首次提出该提议时在说相关市场方面收效甚微。他于8月28日在诺丁汉的演说中宣称,将放宽的货币流通需求以此来刺激借贷,但该演说似乎并未打消投资方的疑虑,他们不断质疑的基本利率在四年之内一直保持三百年来的最低态势——0.5%仍将持续至下一个三年。Mr Carneys task is tricky because the banks forward guidance is about as clear as an insurance policy once the small print has been . The crucial pledge is that the banks monetary-policy committee (MPC) will not think about raising interest rates until the unemployment rate, currently 7.8%, falls to 7%. Since the banks own forecast shows this will take until well into 2016, the MPC is in effect promising to sit on its hands for another three years. But that seemingly straightforward commitment comes with “knockout” clauses. If inflation becomes a threat or financial stability is being endangered, forward guidance will no longer apply.鉴于英国之前的明细规定,与用极难阅读的小字印刷的保险理赔条款一般“清晰明确”,卡尼先生的该项策略实属明智之举,最为关键的是,英国下属的货币政策委员会(monetary-policy committee—MPC)在国家失业率由目前的7.8%下降至7%之前,将不会再提高利率,而由于预测显示该形式预计在2016年才会有所好转,若货币政策委员会(MPC)履行承诺,那么他们将会在接下来的三年内不再插手该事,然而委员会却道貌岸然地提出了所谓“淘汰”条款,即当通货膨胀构成威胁或国家经济稳定形势岌岌可危时,之前的规定将不再作数。译者:尤熠 校对:曾擎禹 译文属译生译世 /201512/415655。

Yeah,Its very different now.And also people are much more like,I have noticed their parents are supposed to be involved so much more.现在大不一样了 而且人们变得 我发现现在的父母必须付出更多Parents supposed to be at the school,supposed to be involved in everything.要参加课后辅导 什么事都得干涉Its too much.Yeah.Its too much.We had a carnival at the school the other day,太过了 是啊 太过了 前几天我们学校办了个嘉年华and it was like,it was like rides you know I mean,it was like they wanted the kids to get on the rides and they wanted the parents to go on with them.有各种游乐设施 他们想让孩子们去玩游乐设施 还想让父母陪他们玩游乐设施Im like,you know,Im too big.Used to be a size thing but now all,the line is just too low for me.我想说 我太大了 以前是有身高限制的 现在那些线对我来说太低了Im not getting on any of these rides with them,Conan.Right.我不想和他们玩什么游乐设施 柯南 是的I know my kids want to have fun.But hey,go with your friends.Get on the ride yourself.我知道我的孩子们想开心玩 但是 跟你们的朋友们去玩吧 自己去玩游乐设施Im here to buy tickets and drink the beer in the beer garden.They had that there.我只是来这里付票钱和在啤酒花园里喝啤酒的 那里有这个Wait,theres a beer garden?They had a beer garden.Its one of those kind of private schools where everybody is,you know,drinking.等等 那里有啤酒花园吗 那里有啤酒花园 那是那种私立学校 大家都在喝酒 你懂的Where is that private school?You mean Catholic?那个私立学校在哪里 你说的是天主教学校吗The nuns,yeah,the nuns.The nuns are in the back.Yeah,its good time though.It was good time for the parents.But kids,I dont know.修女 对 修女 修女在吧台后面倒酒 过得很开心 父母们过得很开心 孩子们我就不知道了Kids had a miserable time.None of the rides worked.孩子们过得很糟糕 游乐设施都坏了You were raised by a single mom,is that right?yeah,yeah.你是你妈妈独自抚养长大的 是吗 是的So my dad wasnt really around,you know.So I had to learn this roll weed from other people and stuff like that.At least you can teach your kids now.我爸爸不在身边 所以我得和别人学卷大麻什么的 至少你可以亲手教你的孩子们Yeah,now I carried that on.Your dad was there.Your dad taught you how to roll weed,right?yeah,my dad,yeah.No,No.对我传承了下去 你爸爸在吧 你爸爸教过你怎么卷大麻 对吗 对 我爸爸 对 没有吗 没有201609/464626。

Leaders Abortion in America Back in court社论精粹 美国堕胎问题 重返公堂It may poison the 2016 election, but the Supreme Court should strike down Texass restrictive abortion law堕胎问题的争论或许会阻碍2016年大选,但最高法院应该驳回德州的限制堕胎法案AS if next years presidential election were not shaping up to be contentious enough, the Supreme Court has picked 2016 to issue its most consequential ruling on abortion in 20 years.美国明年总统大选的争议似乎还不够,最高法院也来凑凑热闹,竟决定在2016年对堕胎问题做出20年来最重要的裁决。This will add fresh impetus to a cultural battle that has raged, unresolved, on Americas national stage for almost half a century.此举将为堕胎与反堕胎的论战注入新动力,这场文化道德斗争在美国国家政治舞台上活跃了将近半个世纪,愈演愈烈,至今仍悬而未决。That is regrettable.斗争虽令人遗憾,It is also necessary.但也是必要的。At issue is whether a law passed by the Texas legislature called HB2 is constitutional.现在问题的争议点在于德克萨斯州议会通过的一项名为HB2的法案是否符合宪法。The state has piled regulations on abortion clinics with the aim (so far rather successful) of closing them down.德州政府针对堕胎诊所颁布了大量政策条规,目的就在于整垮它们(目前战绩相当不错)。The number of such clinics in the state has dropped from 41 in 2012 to 18 at the last count.最新数据显示,德州的堕胎诊所数量由2012年的41间逐渐减至18间。If the court rules next year that HB2 is constitutional, that number will shrink further.如果明年最高法院判定HB2符合宪法条陈,那么诊所的数量将进一步锐减。Other states keen to restrict legal access to abortion would follow suit.其他热衷对堕胎实施法律约束的州将效仿此举。Aly there are four that have only one clinic for the whole state, making the legal termination of a pregnancy a right that exists in theory but not in practice.现在美国已经有四个州全州只有一个堕胎诊所,使得合法终止妊娠这一权利只空于理论,却无实践。A clear majority of Americans have, for decades, told pollsters that abortion should be legal in most cases.数十年来,绝大多数美国人告诉民意调查者们,在大多数情况下堕胎应该是合法的。More recently, a narrower majority has emerged for outlawing abortion after 20 weeks, with some exceptions.近来,微弱多数人认为20周以后堕胎违法,特殊情况除外。That position—access to abortion that is legal and unrestricted until late in the second trimester, with some restrictions thereafter—is not unlike the compromise reached in other countries.妊娠中期前堕胎是合法的,不受任何限制的,之后堕胎则有法律约束,这与其他国家在堕胎问题上的折中点是类似的。In more secular Britain abortion is banned after 24 weeks, with exceptions in cases where to continue the pregnancy would threaten the life of the mother, or where the child is likely to be severely disabled.英国更开化,规定怀24周以后禁止堕胎,除非继续妊娠会危及母亲生命或胎儿很可能会重度残疾。 译文属译生译世 /201603/431932。

We are back with Justin Bieber我们回来了 今天的嘉宾是Justin BieberAnd should I ask now or should I ask later about wheres my gift我应该现在问还是等会再问 我的礼物呢You told me youre gonna bring me something,like you birthday你说你要送我礼物 你的生日礼物I missed it so Im working on world peace,Ok, good,Working on it.我错过了你的生日 我在致力于维护世界和平 好吧 我正在努力If anyone can do,you can do it,all right如果别人可以做这件事 你也能做 好的Its a lock of my hair,A lock of,Thats so sweet,All right我的一绺头发,一绺头发 太贴心了 好的Heres the thing you dont know,When you see this movie you gonna go what does he do cause you有件事你不知道 当你看这部电影的时候 你会想 他怎么这么神通广大How do you speak French fluently too by the way,All right,Ok你法语怎么说的这么流畅 行了 别嘚瑟了So he solves Rubiks Cube under 30 seconds,他在30秒之内就完成了魔术方块 He plays basketball like you cant even believe,such a great athlete他玩篮球玩的很转 很有运动天赋So I thought I gotta challenge him some stuff所以我给他准备了一个小小的挑战So what we are gonna do is we are gonna take this, this is Justins hair所以我们准备做的事 拿着它 这是Justin的头发All right, so here lets go over here,We are gonna have to get 3 balls好了 来 我们到这边来 我们必须让3个球弹进去You have to bounce three balls in there then we move on我们必须让3个球弹进去 然后才能去下一个地方bounce this side or that side,However you want, three balls into there弹这边台子还是那边 不管用什么方法 把3个球弹进去Once youre done three balls there you move over there完成之后 你要到这个地方Three you go into yours,Ill go into mine三个球进你的门 我的球进我的门You have to get into the bottom or,Yeah the bottom要从下面进去还是 是的 下面And then we move over and as many basketballs in 30 seconds然后我们到这里 在30秒内尽可能多的投球And the clock starts now计时开始 /201607/452329。

Do not try that at home.Dont do it.别在家里玩这个 千万不要But if you do some like that,Please upload it to Ellen Tube so I can see it.但如果你干了这些蠢事 请上传到艾伦主页 让我也看看So there were some other movies that opened over the weekend.最近周末出了一些电影The movie Paddington.It was the NO. 1 movie about talking bears.;帕丁顿熊; 这是第一部讲述了一只会说话的熊的电影So congratulations to them.It was based on the famous childrens book.恭喜那些熊 根据著名儿童读物改编And its been getting great reviews.好评不断I saw it, you know,its a childrens movie,but it was darker than I thought would be.我看过 是一部儿童电影 但是比我想象的要阴暗Maybe it was just me.Take a look.I didnt actually know your name.也许就是对我而言 一起来看一看 我还不知道你的名字I dont know who you are.I dont know what you want.我不知道你是谁 我不知道你想要什么If you are looking for ransom,I can tell you I dont have money.如果你想打劫我 我告诉你我没钱But what I do have are a very particular sort of skills.但是我确实有一项特殊技能Skills Ive acquired over a very long career.这个技能让我有很长的职业生涯Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.让我成为你们这种人的噩梦I will not look for you.I will not pursue you.我不会寻找你 我不会追赶你But if you dont,I will find you.And I will kill you.但是你不跑 我就会找到你 然后杀了你 /201511/411186。