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The Value of a Positive AttitudeA positive attitude is a key part to determine your success---it is. Believing you can succeed and treating the people around you with a positive attitude as well are both important to helping you find the success you want. However, you'll be hard pressed to find success even if you have the most sunny optimism if you don't focus in with some hard work, build your knowledge, plan for what you want, and build other foundational pieces of success.Here are seven ways to build up your positive attitude. Practice them, young man!Make lists of your own positive attributes. Better yet, see if you can get a friend to help you by making a list for you – I made a list like this for a friend once upon a time. Then, keep this list somewhere and look at it regularly. Remind yourself that you have a lot of positive attributes, and think about how you can do things so these attributes are accentuated.Don't dwell on your failures. We're all going to fail sometimes. While it's useful to reflect on them a bit, it's not healthy to dwell on them. Identify mistakes made, figure out how to correct them, and then move on. You're not defined by your failures.Make lists of the successes and positive attributes of those around you – and remind them of those successes when you can. Make a list of all of your regular coworkers and contacts and list a few positive attributes about each one – their knowledge, their insight, their communication skills, their logical skills, and so on. Then, be sure to focus on those skills – the good things they bring to the table – with every interaction.Avoid thinking negatively about others – if you find yourself going negative, look for their positive attributes. No one's perfect. Sometimes people are going to rub you the wrong way. Other times, they'll do something not up to snuff, or they'll engage in behavior you don't agree with. Don't focus on that. Instead, think about their positive attributes – and let them know you see them in a positive way. Knowing that others see you as positive and look up to you is often a big push to get people to act in a positive fashion.Never speak negatively of others. It's often tempting in the lunchroom to engage in snarky talk and office politics. Avoid it at all costs if you can. You're a lot better off interjecting with a "Hey, they're not all that bad..." and a positive comment than to pile on the negativity. If you can't say anything positive, don't say anything at all.Surround yourself with positive people. If the people around you are constantly negative in their comments and actions towards others, it's time to look for a different circle. Focus on building friendships with people that engage you (and others) in positive ways. Reduce your time spent in activities that make you feel bad about yourself. Then, fill that time with activities that are positive. For example, if you spend hours each night watching television programs that make you feel bad about yourself at night when you climb into bed, look for other forms of entertainment – uplifting and educational programming. Or, turn off the television entirely and engage in exercise or other activities that increase a positive feeling about yourself. Article/200910/86561I am sorry, James.Forgive me.Sometimes I get very angry.It is difficult not to be angry, when you are in prison for twenty years.我很抱歉,詹姆斯。原谅我。有时候我很愤怒。当你在监狱呆了20年之久,不生气是很难的。Elizabeth didn#39;t know what to do.Sometimes she believed Moray, sometimes she didn#39;t.She was afraid to kill me, because I was a Queen. She was afraid to let me go free, bcause I have friends in England. The English Catholics want me to be Queen of England, not her. And she is a woman with no husband and no son, so she hates me, too.伊丽莎白不知道该怎样做。她有时相信马里,有时候不。她不敢杀我,因为我是个女王。她不敢让我获得自由是因为我在英格兰有朋友。英格兰天主教教徒想让我成为英格兰女王,而不是她。再说她是个没有丈夫没有儿子的女人,因此她也恨我。Sometimes the English Catholics write to me and ask me for help, and sometimes I write to them.Sometimes Elizabeth#39;s men find these letters. The English Protestants want to kill me because of these letters.;You are a wicked woman!;they say:;You killed your husband, Darnley, and now you want to kill our Queen Elizabeth.You#39;re going to die!;有时英格兰的天主教教徒们给我写信询问我是否需要帮助,有时我也写信给他们。有时伊丽莎白的人发现了这些书信。英格兰的新教教徒们想杀我就是因为这些书信。“你是个不道德的女人!”他们说:“你杀死了自己的丈夫,达恩利,而现在你又想杀我们的女王伊丽莎白。你死期将至了。”;I did not kill my husband,;I said.;And when l came to England, I did not want to kill your Queen. I asked her for help—I wanted to go back to Scotand!But,my lords,she put me in prison for twenty years! Twenty years, my lords!I want to be free—don#39;t you understand that? when men write to me and try to help me, then yes, sometimes I write back!Why not? Is that wicked, do you think?;“我没有杀害我丈夫,”我说,“而且当我来到英格兰时,我并没有想杀害你们的女王。我来请求她的帮助——我想回到苏格兰!但是,我的勋爵们,她把我关进了监狱整整20年! 20年啊!我的勋爵们!我要自由——难道你们不理解吗?人们给我写信试图想帮助我,的确是的,有时我也回信!为什么不呢?你们认为那很不道德吗?”They didn#39;t listen. Of course not. They want to kill me.And so they wrote to Queen Elizabeth. And now I sit here, in Fotheringhay Castle,and wait for her to answer. I do not want to die, James my son, but I do not want to live all my life in an English prison. I am old, and tired of life. Think well of me, James, my son, and…他们不听。当然不听了。他们想杀我。因此他们给伊丽莎白女王写信。现在我坐在这里,在福瑟临黑城堡里,等待她的答复。我不想死,詹姆斯我的儿子,但是我也不想一辈子呆在英格兰监狱里。我老了,对生活也厌倦了。多想一想我吧,詹姆斯,我的儿子,并且…… Article/201204/178374

有声名著之歌剧魅影 Chapter5 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑 Article/200809/48202

Ben leaned over the edge of the tub. He turned on the hot and cold water faucets. The water came out of the spout near the top of the tub. He pushed down on the lever beneath the spout so that the water would drain. He was going to take a shower, not a bath.He tested the temperature. It wasn’t hot enough. He adjusted the hot water faucet. There was another handle between the hot and cold faucets. This one controlled whether water came out of the spout or out of the shower head. Ben turned it all the way to the right. Now hot water was coming out of the shower head. The temperature was just right.Ben took off his robe and stepped over the top of the tub. He pulled the shower door closed. He grabbed the bar of soap out of the soap dish and started scrubbing his face.While his eyes were closed to keep out the soap, he put the soap back into the dish. Then he reached for the big plastic container of shampoo on his window ledge. The bottle slipped out of his hands and landed on his left foot."Shoot!" Ben said angrily. That hurt. Article/201103/129781


  Who is That Woman? 那女人是谁? The newlyweds entered the elevator of their Miami Beach hotel. The operator, a magnificent blonde, looked at them in surprise and said, "Why, hello, Teddy, how are you?" When the couple reached their room, the piqued bride demanded: "Who was that woman?!" "Take it easy, honey," said the groom, "I'm going to have trouble enough explaining you to her."一对新婚夫妇走进位于迈阿密海滩旅馆的电梯。电梯操作员是一个漂亮的金发碧眼的美女,看到他们十分惊奇,她说:“嗨,Teddy,你好吗?”夫妇俩到了他们自己的房间,愤怒的新娘要求丈夫做出解释:“那女人是谁?!”“冷静点,宝贝,”新郎说:“我得对她解释你是谁,这已经足够烦死我了。” Article/200804/35886。

  I really don’t know why fishing is so popular. It’s one of the best-loved hobbies all over the world. Anywhere there’s a pond, a river a lake or sea, you see people fishing. I’ve only been fishing twice and I thought it was boring. I didn’t catch any fish. Even if I had caught a fish, I don’t think I would have been excited. To me, sitting next to a river waiting for something to happen is strange. I know lots of people who love fishing. They even get up at four o’clock in the morning in the winter to sit in the freezing cold. They say the best time to fish is before the sun comes up. I say they’re crazy. Big game fishing looks good. I like the idea of cruising on a boat near Hawaii looking for giant fish. Article/201104/132965

  I just bought 20 acres of nice land and we got it for very cheap. The Old man wouldn't tell us why it was so cheap; he just shook his head and said, "Please don't ask". So we took it on upon ourselves to find out.   We went to the local library and looked through the old newspapers. And then we came across a story that made our skin crawl. It Read:  "Local Teenagers found dead in woods of a 20 acre plot".  The paper was dated 1942. My girlfriend and I went on to that apparently two girls were swimming in one of the large ponds there is on the land and one of the girls (we will call her Lauren) got caught up in the net that Jamie's father was using to drag the pond of any catfish. Well Jamie tried to get Lauren untangled from the net but it was too late. Lauren had drowned. Heartbroken that her drunken father had not heard her screaming Jamie walked into the woods leaned against a tree and shot her in the head.  No one could understand why Jamie did this, but as investigations later proved, the two girls were lovers.   我以非常低的价钱买了一块20英亩大的很好的土地。卖地的那个老人不愿告诉我们如此低价卖掉这块地的原因,他只是摇摇头,说:“请不要问我。”因此,我们打算自己来一探究竟。  我们到当地的图书馆去查阅旧报纸,有一则故事让我们毛骨悚然,故事的标题是:“一块20 英亩大的土地的树林中发现两位本地少年死尸。”  报纸是1942年的。我和女朋友接着往下读,事情大概是这样的:两个女孩在本地的一个池塘里游泳,其中的一个女孩(我们且叫她劳兰)被洁米(另一个女孩)父亲放在池塘里用来捕鲶鱼的网缠住,洁米想替劳兰把网解开,但已经来不及了,劳兰已经被溺死。而洁米的爸爸喝醉了,没有听到女儿的尖叫声,心碎的洁米便上岸来到树林里,她靠在一棵树上,举自尽了。  没人知道洁米为什么这么做,但随着调查的深入,明这两个女孩子是一对恋人。 Article/200810/52258American men don't cry because it is considered not characteristic of men to do so. Only women cry. Cry is a "weakness" characteristic of the femele, and no American male wants to be identified with anything in the least weak or feminine. Crying, in our culture, is identified with childishness, with weakness and dependence. No one likes a cryboby, and we disapprove of crying even in children, discouraging it in them as early as possible. In a land so devoted to the pursuit of happiness as ours, crying really is rather un-American. Adults must learn not to cry in situations in which it is permissible for child to cry. Women being the "weaker" and "dependent" sex, it is only natural that they should cry in certain emotional situations. In women, crying is excusable. But in men, crying is a mark of weakness. So goes the American belief with regard to crying."A little man," we impress on our male children, "never cries. Only girls and crybobies do." And so we condition males in America not to cry whenever they feel like doing so. It is not that American males are unable to cry because of some biological time clock within them which causes them to run down in that capacity as they grow older, but that they are trained not to cry. And so the "little man" controls his desire to cry and goes on doing so until he is unable to cry even when he wants to. Thus do we produce a trained incapacity in the American male to cry. And this is bad. Why is it bad? Because crying is a natural function of the human organism which is designed to restore the emotionally disequilibrated person to a state of equilibrium. The return of the disequilibrated organ systems of the body to steady states or-dynamic stability is known as homeostasis. Crying serves a homeostatic function for the organism as a whole. Any interference with homeostasis is likely to be damaging to the organism. And there is good reason to believe that the American male's trained incapacity to cry is seriously damaging to him.It is unnecessary to cry whenever one wants to cry, but one should be able to cry when one ought to cry - when one needs to cry. For to cry under certain emotionally disequilibrating conditions is necessary for the maintenance of health.To be human is to weep. The human species is the only one in the whole of animated nature that sheds tears. The trained inability of any human being to weep is lessening of his capacity to be human - a defect which usually goes deeper than the mere inability to cry. And this, among other things, is what American parents - with the best intentions in the world - have achieved for the American male. It is very sad. If we feel like it, let us all have a good cry - and clear our minds of those cobwebs of confusion which have for so long prevented us from understanding the natural necessity of crying.美国的男子汉一般都不会哭。因为男子汉要哭了,那就被认为这个人不具备男子汉的特征。只有妇女才哭。哭是女性软弱的表现。不论做什么事,没有任何一个美国男人想要让人家认为有丝毫懦弱或者像个老娘们似的。在我们的思想文化观念当中,哭哭涕涕总是跟孩子气、懦弱、不能自立联系在一起的。没有任何人会喜欢一个哭闹的孩子,所以即使对儿童们来说,我们也不赞成他们哭,尽可能从很小的时候起,越早越好,鼓励孩子们不要哭。在像我们这样一个热衷于追求幸福快乐的国家里,哭哭涕涕实在不太合乎美国人的风度了。成年人都必须知道,凡在允许小孩子哭的情况下,成年人都不应该哭。因为女性是一种"软弱的"、"依赖男人的"性别,女性在特定的环境下引起感情波动,若是哭一通也是很自然的。对妇女们来说,哭是可以原谅的。可是对男人来说,哭就会给人留下软弱无能的印象。于是美国人对于哭泣的看法就这样产生了。我们让我们的男性儿童铭记在心:"一个小男子汉永也不会哭的,只有女孩子和刚刚生下来的小娃娃才会哭。"所以每当美国的男性想要哭的时候,我们就训练他们憋住别哭。这并不是因为他们随着年龄的增长,体内某个生物钟上的哭的能力已经消耗殆尽,而是因为他们被训练的不许哭。于是这"小男子汉"想哭的时候,也老是憋着不哭,憋着憋着一直憋到甚至当他想哭的时候也不会哭了。这样,我们就致使美国男性被训练成不会哭的人了。这很不好。为什么不好呢?因为哭是人的有机体中的一种很自然的功能,有一这一功能就是为了让那些感情上失去了平衡人,能恢复到感情上平衡的状态。把人体失去了平衡的器官体系恢复到稳定状态或恢复到正常运作状态下的稳定状态,被称为原状稳定或体内平衡。对体内平衡的任何干扰都有可能损害人体的有机体。所以,我们有充分的理由相信,把美国男性训练得不会哭,这会对美国男性造成严重的损害。一个人不论任何时候想哭就哭--这实在是没有必要;但是当一个人应该哭的时候--也就是一个人需要哭的时候,应该能够哭出来。因为哭上一通在某咱内心感情失衡的情况下,对保持身体健康是必要的。只要是人就会落泪,把整个动物世界里,人类这个物种是唯一的会流泪的物种。把一个人训练成不会落泪的人,这就在降低了他作为一个人所应有的能力。不具备作为一个人所应有的能力,这一缺陷比仅仅是不会哭泣在意义上要深远得多。而这一点,尤其是这一点,正是那些心怀着人间最美好的用心的美国父母们一心给美国男性养成的。简直是太可悲了。如果我们想哭的话,那就让我们好好地哭上一通吧,把那些很长时候以来使我们不能理解哭这种天性的需要、像蜘蛛网一样束缚人思想的种种糊涂想法,从我们的脑海中清除的干干净净吧。 Article/200802/28000Mike looked at the label on the big plastic container. It said Garlic Powder. There was a U with a circle around it after the word Powder. What does this U mean, Mike wondered. Under the word Powder was another word, Seasoning. Under that word was a drawing of a garlic bulb.Mike knew that food labels can be tricky. Powder is powder, but Seasoning could mean salt. He looked all around the plastic container for an ingredients label. There wasn’t one. In small print under the drawing of the garlic bulb was a phone number: 1-800-632-6900. Call that number if you have comments or questions, the label said.Mike called the number. A woman answered. He asked her what the U inside a circle meant. She said it meant kosher. Kosher food is food that is prepared according to Jewish law.Mike asked where the ingredients label was. She said if there is only one ingredient, there is no ingredients label."So, there is no salt in this product?" Mike asked."No, sir," she said. “It’s 100 percent garlic powder.""Why does it say, Product of USA and China?"She said that sometimes they get the garlic from China, sometimes they get it from the US. Article/201103/129780

  A Voice, A Pair Of Legs And A Girl 01怪声 怪腿 怪女孩 01  This all started happening about 2 years ago, when my family and I moved into our new house.   Everything was normal at first. We were building the house at the time. Some workers and some of my dad's family members came and helped out but there is a small room under the house and for some odd reason I got sick every time I went down there.  It was the smell that was really horrible. I can't really describe it but it was just disgusting. When everyone left, my mom said that there were still some rooms that needed to be painted so I asked her if we could camp out in the house instead of going back to our small apartment. My mom told me that it was a great idea, either though the house had no electricity.  I got sick once again when I went back to that room. Note that I was the only one who got sick in that room and I was the only one who could smell the horrible odor.  There was also a small crack in the bricks on the other side of that room. It got so bad that on that night my brother put 20 dollars in that small crack in the wall. He said if I went to the other side of the room I could have the money. Of course like any other teenager at my age I agreed.  这一切大约是在两年前开始发生的,那时我们全家刚刚搬进新家。  刚开始时,一切正常,当时,我们家正在建房子,一些工人,还有我爸爸家里的一些人都过来帮忙,没有什么特别的。就是在这所房子的下面还有一个小房间,不知道什么原因,每次我进去我总会病一场。  那里面的气味实在是太难闻了,我实在无法描述它有多难闻,只能说是令人作呕。当帮忙的人都走后,我妈妈说还有几间房间需要粉刷,于是我就问她我们可不可以在暂时安顿在新房子里,就不用回到我们那小公寓里去了。对于我的建议,妈妈大加赞赏,尽管当时的房子还没有通电。  当我再次回到那间房子时,我又病了。请注意,我是在那间房子住过的人中唯一一个生病的,同时也是唯一一个能够闻到那股令人作呕气味的人。  在这间房子的墙壁上还有一个小砖缝,不巧的是,那天夜里我哥哥把20美元塞到了那个砖缝里,他说,如果我到房间的那一侧就能够拿到这些钱。对于当时我这个年龄的十几岁小孩来说,当然是相信了。 Article/200810/54479

  PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER EIGHTEENMr. Rochester's Story"Don't cry, Jane. I can't stand it. Please be calm," he cried."How can I be calm, when you're so angry?""I'm not angry, but I love you so much, and your pale little face looked so stern and decided." [-----1-----]."Jane!" he said sadly, "you don't love me, then?""Edward, I do love you," I answered, "more than ever. But this is the last time I can say it. I know now what I have to do, but you'll be so angry if I tell you.""Oh, tell me! If I'm angry, you can always start to cry," he said, smiling a little."Mr. Rochester, I must leave you. [-----2-----].""Of course, I told you we would leave here. I'll ignore that silly talk about you leaving me. You'll be Mrs. Rochester, and I'll be your husband until I die. We'll live together happily in the south of France. Now, Jane, don't shake your head, or I'll get angry.""Sir, your wife is alive," I said firmly. "[-----3-----], and I can't do that!""Edward, you're a fool!" he said suddenly to himself. "Jane, I haven't told you the whole story. You must know everything. Listen to me, Jane. Do you know what happened to my family's money, after my father died?""Mrs. Fairfax told me a little about it, sir." 填空 :1、He tried to put his arm around me, but I would not let him他想搂着我,但我不允许。2、I must live a new life, with strangers我必须和陌生人开始一种全新的生活。3、If I lived with you, I'd be your mistress如果我跟你一起生活,我就是你的情妇。 隐藏Vocabulary Focusdecided:坚定的,后面如接名词,用介词about。 Article/200906/72234

  有声名著之吸血鬼 Chapter5吸血鬼Dracula英语原版下载 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200809/49650。

  We had been there about 10 minutes, looking through the windows of the church, exploring the side graveyard and generally just goofing off when I decided to go around to the back of the church. Shawn and Walt were around the front of the church looking at the bell tower while I was exploring the back area. I heard a sound and started to turn towards it, swinging around in a way that I was facing the forest as I did so. As I swung around, I froze. There, in the forest, was... I can only describe it as 'something'. Here's the weird part: I couldn't actually see it. I had what could only be explained as a 'mental' picture of it. I knew something was there, looking at me, where I SHOULD be able to see it, but there wasn't anything physically there! I wanted to leave, I wanted to run, but I was completely frozen. I couldn't even really breathe. It was just like it held me in place.  Finally, when Shawn and Walt called my name, I was able to shake it off. I was so freaked out at that point, that I just continued turning and marched right on past them. They asked what was wrong and I just said, without looking at them, "We are LEAVING. Let's go!" Again, they asked me what was wrong, as I rounded the side of the building and I said again "Let's GO! I'm LEAVING!" Article/200903/65298

  她对于夏绿蒂开头的几封信都盼望得很迫切,那完全是出于一种好奇心,想要知道夏绿蒂所说的话,处处都和她自己所预料的完全一样。她的信写得充满了愉快的情调,讲到一件事总要赞美一句,好象她真有说不尽的快慰。Her aunt assured her that she was, and Elizabeth having thanked her for the kindness of her hints, they parted; a wonderful instance of advice being given on such a point, without being resented.Mr. Collins returned into Hertfordshire soon after it had been quitted by the Gardiners and Jane; but as he took up his abode with the Lucases, his arrival was no great inconvenience to Mrs. Bennet. His marriage was now fast approaching, and she was at length so far resigned as to think it inevitable, and even repeatedly to say, in an ill-natured tone, that she ;WISHED they might be happy. ; Thursday was to be the wedding day, and on Wednesday Miss Lucas paid her farewell visit; and when she rose to take leave, Elizabeth, ashamed of her mother#39;s ungracious and reluctant good wishes, and sincerely affected herself, accompanied her out of the room. As they went downstairs together, Charlotte said:;I shall depend on hearing from you very often, Eliza. ;;THAT you certainly shall. ;;And I have another favour to ask you. Will you come and see me?;;We shall often meet, I hope, in Hertfordshire. ;;I am not likely to leave Kent for some time. Promise me, therefore, to come to Hunsford. ;Elizabeth could not refuse, though she foresaw little pleasure in the visit.;My father and Maria are coming to me in March, ; added Charlotte, ;and I hope you will consent to be of the party. Indeed, Eliza, you will be as welcome as either of them. ;The wedding took place; the bride and bridegroom set off for Kent from the church door, and everybody had as much to say, or to hear, on the subject as usual. Elizabeth soon heard from her friend; and their correspondence was as regular and frequent as it had ever been; that it should be equally unreserved was impossible. Elizabeth could never address her without feeling that all the comfort of intimacy was over, and though determined not to slacken as a correspondent, it was for the sake of what had been, rather than what was. Charlotte#39;s first letters were received with a good deal of eagerness; there could not but be curiosity to know how she would speak of her new home, how she would like Lady Catherine, and how happy she would dare pronounce herself to be; though, when the letters were , Elizabeth felt that Charlotte expressed herself on every point exactly as she might have foreseen. She wrote cheerfully, seemed surrounded with comforts, and mentioned nothing which she could not praise. The house, furniture, neighbourhood, and roads, were all to her taste, and Lady Catherine#39;s behaviour was most friendly and obliging. It was Mr. Collins#39;s picture of Hunsford and Rosings rationally softened; and Elizabeth perceived that she must wait for her own visit there to know the rest. Article/201109/155660

  Harry lay in his dark cupboard much later, wishing he had a watch. He didn#39;t know what time it was and he couldn#39;t be sure the Dursleys were asleep yet. Until they were, he couldn#39;t risk sneaking to the kitchen for some food. He#39;d lived with the Dursleys almost ten years, ten miserable years, as long as he could remember, ever since he#39;d been a baby and his parents had died in that car crash. He couldn#39;t remember being in the car when his parents had died. Sometimes, when he strained his memory during long hours in his cupboard, he came up with a strange vision: a blinding flash of green light and a burning pain on his forehead. This, he supposed, was the crash, though he couldn#39;t imagine where all the green light came from. He couldn#39;t remember his parents at all. His aunt and uncle never spoke about them, and of course he was forbidden to ask questions. There were no photographs of them in the house. When he had been younger, Harry had dreamed and dreamed of some unknown relation coming to take him away, but it had never happened; the Dursleys were his only family. Yet sometimes he thought (or maybe hoped) that strangers in the street seemed to know him. Very strange strangers they were, too. A tiny man in a violet top hat had bowed to him once while out shopping with Aunt Petunia and Dudley. After asking Harry furiously if he knew the man, Aunt Petunia had rushed them out of the shop without buying anything. A wild-looking old woman dressed all in green had waved merrily at him once on a bus. A bald man in a very long purple coat had actually shaken his hand in the street the other day and then walked away without a word. The weirdest thing about all these people was the way they seemed to vanish the second Harry tried to get a closer look. At school, Harry had no one. Everybody knew that Dudley#39;s gang hated that odd Harry Potter in his baggy old clothes and broken glasses, and nobody liked to disagree with Dudley#39;s gang.

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