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And A Ghost Will Follow You Home 01鬼魂随你回家 01  In 2004 three friends and I headed from Tucson to Tombstone for the day, as two of my friends were from RAF in England and had never been there. It was also my first trip also.  After hitting a show, taking a picture where you dressed up in clothes from that era, we headed for a bite to eat. I think we ate the Long Horn’s Restaurant. The four of us grubbed and after drinking lots and lots of ice tea, the only other female and I hit the bathrooms. The bathrooms were like regular bathrooms; two of them, each with their own separate room, including door, sink and toilet in one room. I took the one to my left. There was a weird sign on the wall in the bathroom, it struck me as odd, it something along the lines of: If you don’t wash your hands you can die! And then proceeded to explain how a girl died of some disease. Of course I washed my hands, but when I did I had this overwhelming feeling like someone was watching me. I felt very claustrophobic, which is abnormal for me since I only get that feeling in large crowds. I shook off the feeling since the bathroom was small and cramped, and met back with my friends and we drove back to Tucson.  The next day, after returning home from work alone, I found my kitchen cabinets open, as well as my dishwasher. It was strange since my roommate at the time was staying somewhere else and nobody was there besides my dogs. All night long my dogs kept barking, their stares always in direction of the kitchen but they wouldn’t step foot in there. Which was very weird, as this had never happened before, and the kitchen is where I kept their food and water.  2004年,我和三个朋友从图森市到墓碑市去玩儿,其中的两个朋友是驻扎在图森市的英国皇家空军,从没去过墓碑市。这也是我的第一次到那儿。  看了一场表演,穿着那个年代的衣照了张相后,我们就去吃东西。我们吃了很多,我想我们是把整个长角餐馆给吃了。饭后,我们四个人大吃一顿,又喝了很多冰水,我和另外一个女性朋友一起去洗手间。那儿的洗手间和平常的洗手间没什么区别,有独立的两间,每间都有门、洗手池和座便器。我进了左手边的一间。洗手间的墙上有个奇怪的标志,旁边还有几行字:如果你不洗手,你会死!接着就是讲某个女孩子死于某种病的故事。我当然洗了手,但当我洗手时我强烈的感觉到有人正在看着我。我觉得非常压抑害怕,这太不寻常了,因为我只有在面对很多人的时候才会有这种感觉。而这个洗手间却是又小又窄,所以我摇摇头,将这种感觉挥散。然后我又回去和朋友们会合一起回图森市。  第二天下班后我独自回家,发现厨房的储物柜和洗碗机开着,这有点奇怪,因为我的室友当时正在别的地方,家里没有人,只有我养的。们盯着厨房的方向叫了一整晚,但却不愿踏进厨房一步。这也很不寻常,因为之前这种事从没发生过,而且粮和水也是放在那儿的。 Article/200811/55010爱丽丝靠着坐在河岸边很久了,由于没有什么事情可做,她开始感到厌倦,她一次又—次地瞧瞧正在读的那本书,可是书里没有图画,也没有对话,爱丽丝想:“要是一本书里没有图画和对话,那还有什么意思呢?” Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was ing, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, `and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice `without pictures or conversation?' So she was considering in her own mind (as well as she could, for the hot day made her feel very sleepy and stupid), whether the pleasure of making a daisy-chain would be worth the trouble of getting up and picking the daisies, when suddenly a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her. There was nothing so VERY remarkable in that; nor did Alice think it so VERY much out of the way to hear the Rabbit say to itself, `Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!' (when she thought it over afterwards, it occurred to her that she ought to have wondered at this, but at the time it all seemed quite natural); Article/201010/116834有声名著之螺丝在拧紧 Chapter3英文原著:《螺丝在拧紧The.Turn.of.the.Screw》文本下载 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200810/52970Professor McGonagall stopped outside a classroom.麦康娜教授在一间教室外停下来了She opened the door and poked her head inside.她推开门,伸了个头进去Excuse me, Professor Flitwick, could I borrow Wood for a moment?不好意思,费立维克教授,打扰你一下,能不能让伍德出来一会儿?Wood? thought Harry, bewildered; was Wood a cane she was going to use on him?木头?哈利有点摸不着头脑。难道麦康娜教授打算用木棒来打他一顿吗?But Wood turned out to be a person, a burly fifth-year boy who came out of Flitwick#39;s class looking confused.伍德其实是一个人的名字,那是个十五岁左右的少年,身体长得相当结实。他从费立维克教授的课室里走了出来,一脸迷惑。Follow me, you two,said Professor McGonagall, and they marched on up the corridor, Wood looking curiously at Harry.你们两个跟我来。麦康娜教授说,他们一路走过走廊,伍德好奇地看了哈利好久。In here.在这儿。Professor McGonagall pointed them into a classroom that was empty except for Peeves, who was busy writing rude words on the blackboard.麦康娜教授领着两人走进一间教室。教室里空荡荡的,只有喧哗鬼皮维斯正忙着在黑板上乱涂乱划。Out, Peeves!She barked.皮维斯,你给我出去!Peeves threw the chalk into a bin, which clanged loudly, and he swooped out cursing.麦康娜教授喝道。皮维斯用力把粉笔往粉笔盒里一扔,骂骂咧咧地一溜烟跑了。Professor McGonagall slammed the door behind him and turned to face the two boys.麦康娜教授关上门,转身看着眼前两个男孩子。Potter, this is Oliver Wood.波特,这位是奥立弗·伍德。Wood — I#39;ve found you a Seeker.伍德——我帮你找了一位搜索员。Wood#39;s expression changed from puzzlement to delight.;伍德脸上的表情马上由迷惑转成兴奋。Are you serious, Professor?你说得是真的吗,教授?Absolutely, said Professor McGonagall crisply.当然。麦康娜教授清清楚楚地说。The boy#39;s a natural. I#39;ve never seen anything like it.这个男孩天赋异禀,我从来没见过这样子的孩子。Was that your first time on a broomstick, Potter?刚才是你第一次骑上扫帚的,对吗?波特?

We decided that Alan would stay hidden in the fields,while I walked to Queensferry to find Mr Rankeillor.Alan promised not to come out until he heard me return. In order to be sure that it was me, he taught me to whistle a little Gaelic song.I have never forgotten it.I think that it will run in my head when I lie dying. Every time it comes to me, I think of that last day of my travels, with Alan whistling oppo site me in the grass, while the first light of the sun touched his face.我们决定,艾伦藏在田野里而我则步行到昆斯费里去找兰基勒先生。艾伦答应他直到听到我回来才出来。为了确认是我,他教我吹一首盖尔语小曲。我从来没有忘记它。我想这首歌会在我弥留之际时索绕在我脑中。每当我想起这首歌,我就想到我们一起旅行的最后一天:在草丛中,艾伦躺在我对面吹着口哨,早晨的第一缕阳光抚摸着他的脸。Soon I arrived in Queensferry.When I saw people looking strangely at me, and realized how dirty my clothes were, I be gan to feel afraid. Would Mr Rankeillor want to talk to me?How could I prove who I was? I had no papers with me. I was too ashamed to ask any of the townspeople for help,so I walked up and down,not knowing what to do.我很快就到了昆斯费里。当我看到人们奇怪地看着我时,我意识到我的衣有多么脏,我开始害怕了。兰基勒先生想和我说话吗?我怎样明我自己?我随身没带任何明文件。我太羞愧了,以至于不敢向任何市民求助,于是我走来走去,不知道该做什么。By midday I was tired and hungry.I stopped in front of a large house, with clean windows, flowers in the garden, and a dog sitting on the doorstep.到了正午我又累又饿。我在一座大房子前停住了,那房子窗户洁净,园子里有花,门阶上一条卧立着。Suddenly the door opened,and a large, well-dressed, kind-looking man came out.门突然间开了,一个身材高大、穿着考究、和蔼可亲的人走了出来。lsquo;What are you doing here, my lad?rsquo; he asked.;小伙子,你在这儿干嘛?;他问道。lsquo;I#39;m looking for Mr Rankeillor#39;s house,sir,rsquo;I answered.;我在找兰基勒先生的家,先生。;我答道。lsquo; Well, I#39;m Rankeillor,and this is my house.Who are you?rsquo;;唔,我就是兰基勒,而且这就是我的家。你是谁?;lsquo;My name is David Balfour,rsquo; I replled.;我叫戴维;鲍尔弗。;lsquo;David Balfour?rsquo; he repeated, and looked closely at me.lsquo;Come inside,Mr Balfour,and we#39;ll talk.rsquo;;戴维;鲍尔弗?;他重复着,细盯着我。;进来,鲍尔弗先生,我们谈一谈。;In Mr Rankeillor#39;s comfortable sitting-room, I told him the story of my early life, and explained that my uncle had paid Captain Hoseason to kidnap me and take me to sea.在兰基勒先生舒适的客厅里,我给他讲述了我早年的故事,告诉他我的叔叔买通霍齐亚森船长诱拐了我并把我带到了海上。The lawyer listened carefully.lsquo;I heard that Hoseason#39;s ship went down near the island of Mull two months ago,rsquo; he said.lsquo;What have you been doing since then?rsquo;律师认真地听着。;我听说霍齐亚森的船两个月前在马尔岛附近沉了。;他说道,;你从那以后一直在干什么?;lsquo;I can easily tell you, sir, I replied,lsquo;but if I tell you, a friend#39;s life may be in danger. Promise me that you will not get him into trouble, or tell the soldiers about him!rsquo;;告诉你很容易,先生,;我答道,;但如果告诉你,一位朋友的生命将受到威胁。答应我你不要使他陷入麻烦或向士兵告发他!;Although he looked a little worried at first, he promised,and I told him the rest of my adventures While I talked, his eyes were closed and he seemed to be asleep, but I discovered soon afterwards that he had understood and remennbered everything.虽然起初他看起来有点担心,但他答应了,我告诉他我其余的冒险经历。我讲时,他闭着眼,看起来像睡着了,但之后不久我发现他明白了并记住了所有事情。Whem O spoke the name of Alan Breck, he opened his eyes and sat up.lsquo;Don#39;t use unnecessary names, Mr Balfour, rsquo; he said.lsquo;A lawyer has to be very careful, when discussing High landers.I don#39;t think I heard your friend#39;s name very well.Let#39;s call him; Mr Thomson.rsquo;当我提到艾伦;布雷克这个名字时,他睁开了眼并坐正了。;不要用不必要的名字,鲍尔弗先生。;他说道,;律师在讨论苏格兰高地人时得非常小心。我认为我没太听清你朋友的名字。就让我们称他;;汤姆森先生吧。;lsquo;Of course,rsquo; I thought,lsquo;all over Scotland people are talk ing about Alan, now that he#39;s accused of the murder of Colin Campbell.rsquo; I was sure that Rankeillor had recognized his name. But I just smiled, and continued my story, using the name of Mr Thomson instead of Alan Breck.;当然,;我想,;全苏格兰的人都在谈论艾伦,既然他被指控谋杀了科林;坎贝尔的话。;我确信兰基勒已认出了他的名字。但我只是微微一笑,继续讲我的故事,用汤姆森先生这个名字代替艾伦;布雷克。 Article/201204/176603

伊丽莎白嚷道:“我从来没有认为道路的远近,也成了这门婚姻的有利条件之一,我决不会说柯林斯太太住得离家很近。”;It must be very agreeable for her to be settled within so easy a distance of her own family and friends. ;;An easy distance, do you call it? It is nearly fifty miles. ;;And what is fifty miles of good road? Little more than half a day#39;s journey. Yes, I call it a VERY easy distance. ;;I should never have considered the distance as one of the ADVANTES of the match, ; cried Elizabeth. ;I should never have said Mrs. Collins was settled NEAR her family. ;;It is a proof of your own attachment to Hertfordshire. Anything beyond the very neighbourhood of Longbourn, I suppose, would appear far. ;As he spoke there was a sort of smile which Elizabeth fancied she understood; he must be supposing her to be thinking of Jane and Netherfield, and she blushed as she answered:;I do not mean to say that a woman may not be settled too near her family. The far and the near must be relative, and depend on many varying circumstances. Where there is fortune to make the expenses of travelling unimportant, distance becomes no evil. But that is not the case HERE. Mr. and Mrs. Collins have a comfortable income, but not such a one as will allow offrequent journeys--and I am persuaded my friend would not call herself NEAR her family under less than HALF the present distance. ;Mr. Darcy drew his chair a little towards her, and said, ;YOU cannot have a right to such very strong local attachment. YOU cannot have been always at Longbourn. ;Elizabeth looked surprised. The gentleman experienced some change of feeling; he drew back his chair, took a newspaper from the table, and glancing over it, said, in a colder voice:;Are you pleased with Kent?;A short dialogue on the subject of the country ensued, on either side calm and concise--and soon put an end to by the entrance of Charlotte and her sister, just returned from her walk. The tete-a-tete surprised them. Mr. Darcy related the mistake which had occasioned his intruding on Miss Bennet, and after sitting a few minutes longer without saying much to anybody, went away.;What can be the meaning of this?; said Charlotte, as soon as he was gone. ;My dear, Eliza, he must be in love with you, or he would never have called us in this familiar way. ; Article/201111/159669

27This is the list of the Israelites-heads of families, commanders of thousands and commanders of hundreds, and their officers, who served the king in all that concerned the army divisions that were on duty month by month throughout the year. Each division consisted of 24,000 men. 2In charge of the first division, for the first month, was Jashobeam son of Zabdiel. There were 24,000 men in his division. 3He was a descendant of Perez and chief of all the army officers for the first month. 4In charge of the division for the second month was Dodai the Ahohite; Mikloth was the leader of his division. There were 24,000 men in his division. 5The third army commander, for the third month, was Benaiah son of Jehoiada the priest. He was chief and there were 24,000 men in his division. 6This was the Benaiah who was a mighty man among the Thirty and was over the Thirty. His son Ammizabad was in charge of his division. 7The fourth, for the fourth month, was Asahel the brother of Joab; his son Zebadiah was his successor. There were 24,000 men in his division. 8The fifth, for the fifth month, was the commander Shamhuth the Izrahite. There were 24,000 men in his division. 9The sixth, for the sixth month, was Ira the son of Ikkesh the Tekoite. There were 24,000 men in his division. 10The seventh, for the seventh month, was Helez the Pelonite, an Ephraimite. There were 24,000 men in his division. 11The eighth, for the eighth month, was Sibbecai the Hushathite, a Zerahite. There were 24,000 men in his division. 12The ninth, for the ninth month, was Abiezer the Anathothite, a Benjamite. There were 24,000 men in his division. 13The tenth, for the tenth month, was Maharai the Netophathite, a Zerahite. There were 24,000 men in his division. 14The eleventh, for the eleventh month, was Benaiah the Pirathonite, an Ephraimite. There were 24,000 men in his division. 15The twelfth, for the twelfth month, was Heldai the Netophathite, from the family of Othniel. There were 24,000 men in his division. 16The officers over the tribes of Israel: over the Reubenites: Eliezer son of Zicri; over the Simeonites: Shephatiah son of Maacah; 17over Levi: Hashabiah son of Kemuel; over Aaron: Zadok; 18over Judah: Elihu, a brother of David; over Issachar: Omri son of Michael; 19over Zebulun: Ishmaiah son of Obadiah; over Naphtali: Jerimoth son of Azriel; 20over the Ephraimites: Hoshea son of Azaziah; over half the tribe of Manasseh: Joel son of Pedaiah; 21over the half-tribe of Manasseh in Gilead: Iddo son of Zechariah; over Benjamin: Jaasiel son of Abner; 22over Dan: Azarel son of Jeroham. These were the officers over the tribes of Israel. 23David did not take the number of the men twenty years old or less, because the Lord had promised to make Israel as numerous as the stars in the sky. 24Joab son of Zeruiah began to count the men but did not finish. Wrath came on Israel on account of this numbering, and the number was not entered in the book of the annals of King David. 25Azmaveth son of Adiel was in charge of the royal storehouses. Jonathan son of Uzziah was in charge of the storehouses in the outlying districts, in the towns, the villages and the watchtowers. 26Ezri son of Kelub was in charge of the field workers who farmed the land. 27Shimei the Ramathite was in charge of the vineyards. Zabdi the Shiphmite was in charge of the produce of the vineyards for the wine vats. 28Baal-Hanan the Gederite was in charge of the olive and sycamore-fig trees in the western foothills. Joash was in charge of the supplies of olive oil. 29Shitrai the Sharonite was in charge of the herds grazing in Sharon. Shaphat son of Adlai was in charge of the herds in the valleys. 30Obil the Ishmaelite was in charge of the camels. Jehdeiah the Meronothite was in charge of the donkeys. 31Jaziz the Hagrite was in charge of the flocks. All these were the officials in charge of King David's property. 32Jonathan, David's uncle, was a counselor, a man of insight and a scribe. Jehiel son of Hacmoni took care of the king's sons. 33Ahithophel was the king's counselor. Hushai the Arkite was the king's friend. 34Ahithophel was succeeded by Jehoiada son of Benaiah and by Abiathar. Joab was the commander of the royal army. Article/200812/59017

I had just gotten back from a late movie with some friends and needed to take a bath to calm down enough to sleep. The bathroom is your basic bath and toilet, but there is one very important thing about it that shouldn't be ignored. You are in it, you should never, EVER close your eyes for very long. (I learned this the hard way through this experience.) I ran the water as hot as possible, letting the steam fog up the mirror before turning it off, and laid down in the steaming water. Getting comfortable and relaxed, I began to feel the familiar need to look over my shoulder. I obliged the need and found nothing there for the thousandth time. I had an urge to look over my other shoulder, and then the other, above me, at my feet... until I finally decided that I would just ignore it. After all, nothing ever happened before, why now? Almost immediately I felt a chill, even though my water was scalding me I was shivering. I wanted out, but simply scolded myself for being such a chicken every time I got a little scared. I closed my eyes. In my minds eye I saw a boy sit up out of the water at my feet, his eyes following me as he moved up, watching me lay there. I sprang up and sloshed the water over the rim of the basin staring wildly at my feet at the other end. I saw no boy, but I could feel him watching me, as though we were staring each other down. I decided bath time was over and rushed out of the bathroom without draining the tub until some sunlight came through the dark red stained glass window by the toilet the next morning. Article/200901/60538

Friday was an important day for Harry and Ron.对哈利和罗恩来讲,这个星期五是个值得纪念的日子。They finally managed to find their way down to the Great Hall for breakfast without getting lost once.他们终于可以成功地找到去大厅吃早餐的路,而且一次都没有错!What have we got today? Harry asked Ron as he poured sugar on his porridge.今天咱们拿到了什么?罗恩往他的麦片粥里加糖时,哈利问。Double Potions with the Slytherins, said Ron. Snape#39;s Head of Slytherin House.两份史林德林学生作的药剂,罗恩说。史纳皮是史林德林队的头儿They say he always favors them ; we#39;ll be able to see if it#39;s true.他们说,他会喜欢这个;;我们很快就可以知道这是不是真的。Wish McGonagall favored us, said Harry.真希望麦康娜会帮助我们。哈利说。Professor McGonagall was head of Gryffindor House, but it hadn#39;t stopped her from giving them a huge pile of homework the day before.麦康娜是格林芬顿队的头儿,可是她前日还是给了他们一大堆作业。Just then, the mail arrived.这时候,邮件送到了。Harry had gotten used to this by now, but it had given him a bit of a shock on the first morning,哈利现在已经可以习惯了,但是第一天早上他真的吃了一惊。when about a hundred owls had suddenly streamed into the Great Hall during breakfast,那天吃早餐时,几乎一百只猫头鹰尖叫着飞进大厅。circling the tables until they saw their owners, and dropping letters and packages onto their laps.它们在每张桌子上方盘旋,直到它们看到它们的主人并把信件和包裹扔到主人们的膝盖上为止。Hedwig hadn#39;t brought Harry anything so far.海维到目前为止都还没给哈利梢过信件。She sometimes flew in to nibble his ear and have a bit of toast before going off to sleep in the owlery with the other school owls.她有时会飞过来啄一下哈利的耳朵,吃一片烤面包后,就和其它的校园猫头鹰一起飞回去睡觉。This morning, however, she fluttered down between the marmalade and the sugar bowl and dropped a note onto Harry#39;s plate.但是,今早她飞到了果酱瓶和糖碗之间,把一封信扔进哈利的盘子里。Harry tore it open at once.哈利马上就把它拆开了。It said, in a very untidy scrawl:信里的字写得可真糟糕Dear Harry,亲爱的哈利:I know you get Friday afternoons off, so would you like to come and have a cup of tea with me around three?我知道你这个星期五下午有假,所以我想请你三点钟的时候来这儿和我喝杯茶,如何?I want to hear all about your first week. Send us an answer back with Hedwig.我想听听你这一周来的生活情况。请让海维把答复带回给我。Hagrid.哈格力Harry borrowed Ron#39;s quill, scribbled Yes, please, see you later on the back of the note, and sent Hedwig off again.哈利问罗恩借了羽毛笔,在纸条的背面飞快地写上;太好了,到时见!;就让海维把信悄走了。It was lucky that Harry had tea with Hagrid to look forward to,对哈利而言,能和哈格力谈谈实在太好了。because the Potions lesson turned out to be the worst thing that had happened to him so far.因为到目前为止,药剂学已经成了哈利觉得最糟糕的课程了。

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