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2018年03月25日 05:23:20

宝鸡市治疗阳痿早泄男科医院宝鸡治疗手淫早泄要多少钱The council of clerics in charge of selecting and supervising Irans supreme leader chose Tuesday to make a hardline conservative its new chairman.伊朗负责选择和监督最高领袖的神职人员委员会星期二选举保守的强硬派人物穆罕默德#8226;亚兹迪为该会议新的主席。The Assembly of Experts elected 83-year-old Mohammad Yazdi to a term that will last until early next year, when the entire assembly will be up for election along with another vote for chairman. He succeeds Ayatollah Mohammadreza Mahdavi Kani, who died in October.专家会议推选现3岁的亚兹迪担任主席,任期一年。在明年年初会议主席及所有会议成员都要重新选举。亚兹迪接替去年10月去世的前主席卡尼。Yazdi won 47 votes in the 86-member assembly, beating out former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjanis 24 votes.86人的专家会议中亚兹迪获得47票,击败获得24票的前总统拉夫桑贾尼。The cleric is also a member of Irans influential Guardian Council that approves candidates to run in elections and can veto laws passed by the parliament.亚兹迪也是伊朗有影响力的宪法监护委员会的成员。该委员会负责审查候选人资格,也有权否决议会通过的法案。来 /201503/363719宝鸡哪家男科医院

宝鸡人民医院泌料外科宝鸡中心看男科怎么样Hong Kong authorities on Tuesday started to clear part of a key area of the city that has been occupied by pro-democracy demonstrators for nearly two months.香港政府周二开始拆除香港一重要地区的部分路障,持民主的示威者已占据该地区近两个月之久。Bailiffs began removing metal barricades outside the 33-storey Citic Tower at about 10am, their first step in dispersing the pro-democracy encampment that has paralysed the Admiralty district for weeks.今日上午10点左右,香港执达主任(职责类似于中国大陆的法警)开始拆除位3层高的香港中信大厦外面的金属路障,这是驱散持民主人群的第一步,这些抗议者已令香港金钟地区瘫痪数周。The removal comes after a Hong Kong court granted a restraining order against the protesters last week requiring them to clear the area in front of Citic Tower as well a separate order against a second protest site in Mong Kok brought by taxi and minibus operators.上周,香港一法庭向抗议者颁布禁止令,要求他们撤出中信大厦前面的区域,并向位于旺角的第二处抗议地点的抗议者颁布另一项禁止令,这一禁止令是由出租车和小型公交车运营商申请的。The Citic Tower injunction only covers obstructions on a small section of road. The basis for the removals were health and safety concerns. The barricades were ruled to be a possible hazard should employees in the tower, the Hong Kong headquarters of Citic Pacific, be required to leave the building in an emergency.中信大厦禁止令仅包括一小段路面的路障。禁令将拆除这些路障的原因归为对健康和安全的担忧。法庭裁决称,如果这座大厦的员工需要在紧急情况下离开大楼,这些路障可能会带来危险。这座大厦是中信泰富(Citic Pacific)驻香港总部。It is unclear whether people can be physically removed as part of the injunction.目前还不清楚,作为禁止令的一部分,抗议人员能否也会被同时移走。The bailiffs cut plastic ties holding the barricades together to clear the entrance of the building. It had been surrounded by metal barricades for weeks, blocking parts of the street and disrupting commuters heading through the heart of Hong Kong.执达吏剪断了将这些路障绑在一起的塑胶带,清除了堵在大厦入口的路障。这个入口周围已连续数周被金属路障包围,路障阻断了部分街道,并影响到了要穿过这个香港中心地区的通勤者。The removal was preceded by a short statement via megaphone by a bailiff spokesperson.在拆除路障之前,执达主任发言人通过扬声器宣读了一份简短的声明。Pro-democracy protesters appeared mostly to ignore the actions, leaving an enthusiastic media pack to witness the removals.持民主的抗议者似乎基本没有理会这些措施,反而是热情十足的媒体涌入这里围观清障活动。Some protesters had earlier packed up pillows, blankets and other belongings from inside their tents to move to another part of the demonstration zone.一些抗议者此前已从帐篷里收拾好枕头、毛毯和其他物品搬到另一个示威区域。The former British colony of Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in 1997 under a “one country, two systemsformula that gives the city more autonomy and freedom than the mainland and a goal of universal suffrage.香港1997年回归中国,实行“一国两制”,这一政策赋予了香港比中国内地更大的自治权和自由,中国内地已承诺将在香港推行普选。The protesters are demanding open nominations in the city’s next election for chief executive in 2017. Beijing has said it will allow a vote in 2017, but only between pre-screened candidates.抗议者要求在2017年选举香港特首时进行公开提名。北京方面表示,将允许香港在2017年实行普选,但候选人需事先遴选。The protests, which drew well over 100,000 at their peak, have dwindled to hundreds camped out in colourful tents at key intersections on both sides of the harbour.在抗议活动的最高潮时期,抗议者人数曾超过10万人,如今抗议人数已减少到数百人,他们在香港的一些重要路口撑起了五颜六色的帐篷。来 /201411/343553Yesterday Thailands military leadership went on state TV and announced they were seizing power. Vowing to ;restore peace in a short time and reform government policy,; the generals formed the ;National Peace and Order Maintaining Command,; dissolved the cabinet, threw out the constitution (itself the product of the countrys 2006 coup) and declared a curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. TVs across the country broadcast a static image of a Thai military logo and patriotic songs as news of Thailands 19th military coup in 82 years—a handful of those werent successful—sunk in.52日,泰国军方领导人在国家电视台宣布夺取政权。为了“在短时间内恢复和平和改革政府政策”,军方成立了“国家和平与秩序维持司令部”(National Peace and Order Maintaining Command),并解散内阁,废除宪法(现行宪法也006年政变的产物),同时宣布,从晚上10点到凌晨5点实行宵禁。泰2年以来第19次军事政变(历次政变中,有些并没有成功)的消息传出后,全国电视频道均播放带有军方标志的静态画面和爱国歌曲。Not a first, certainly. Military coups in Thailand happen almost as often as American presidential elections. And though Thailands military had hinted they were done with all that, No. 19 was not totally unexpected. Gripped by political conflict for years (since its last coup, really), the country had recently arrived again at political impasse: For months there have been rumors of impending military intervention and on Tuesday, the military imposed martial law.这当然不是第一次。泰国的军事政变就像美国的总统大选一样频繁。虽然泰国军方曾经暗示,他们不会再发起政变,但第19次军事政变一点都不意外。经过持续多年的政治冲突(自上一次政变以来),泰国最近再次陷入了政治僵局:数月以来,一直有传闻称军方将进行干预,周二,泰国军方终于实行了戒严令。Still, the coups timing was peculiar—a sharp turn in an afternoon that had brought the nations political leaders to the Thai Army Club, ostensibly to talk their way to a resolution of the crisis. (This was the second day of army-brokered negotiations and a military spokesperson had characterized the first as positive.)这次政变的时机也颇为耐人寻味——当天下午,泰国军方召集各方政治领导人前往泰国陆军俱乐部,表面上看是要讨论如何解决危机,但后来的形势却急转直下。(这是泰国军方召集谈判的第二天,一位军方发言人曾称第一天的谈判是“积极的”。)Obviously, that didnt happen. The junta detained the political leaders, and then announced on TV they were taking over. They rounded up 150 more today, including Yingluck Shinawatra, the Thai Prime Minister who was ousted two weeks ago by the nations Constitutional Court.很显然,会谈没有成功。军方扣押了政治领导人,并在电视上宣布接管政权。第二天,泰国军方又逮捕50人,包括两周前被泰国宪法法院赶下台的总理英拉o西那瓦。So what does this mess mean for Thailand and its aly weakened那么,对于泰国及其已经非常脆弱的经济,这种混乱的局势到底意味着什么?As Ive written before, Thailand has traditionally weathered coups and political instability quite well. Its last coup, which ousted media tycoon-turned-PM Thaksin Shinawatra (the brother of the recently ousted prime minister) in 2006, was even called the ;silk coup; it went down so smoothly. The morning after tanks rolled in, Thais were on the streets presenting soldiers with roses.正如笔者之前所写,泰国曾成功渡过多次政变和政治动荡006年,从媒体大亨当选总理的他信o西那瓦(英拉的哥哥)在上一次政变中被赶下台。那次政变甚至被称作“丝绸政变”,最终也顺利结束。坦克滚滚而来的第二天上午,泰国人便走上街头,向士兵们送上玫瑰花。In a note earlier this week, Barnabas Gan, an analyst with OC Bank, wrote, ;Historically, a military intervention has been effective in ending political strife and establishing a legitimate government presence.; He added that martial law was likely just the Ya Kom, or ;bitter medicine,; the politically and economically ailing nation needed.上周早些时候,华侨(OC Bank)分析师巴纳巴斯o贾恩曾写道:“历史上,军事干预一直都是结束政治冲突和建立合法政府的有效方法。”他补充道,戒严令就像是“苦口良药”,正是在政治和经济上患病的国家所需要的。Yet, there are also reasons to think things will not be so, uh, rosy this go round. A lot has happened since 2006—much of it the fallout from that smooth-as-silk coup. Shinawatra, who lives in self-imposed exile in Dubai, nevertheless remains popular and at the heart of Thailands political problems. (Since being deposed, hes had a brother-in-law, a younger sister, and a close business crony in the seat of power). His political base, much of which comes from Thailands rural provinces, is increasingly wealthy, educated, and unwilling to tolerate the undemocratic developments dealt them by the countrys elites. That anti-coup demonstrations sprung up today in Bangkok is a show of that and a sure sign the coup will only add to that list of grievances and to the likelihood of more violence.但我们也有理由认为,军事政变这一次不会那么美奀?自2006年以来发生了许多事——其中大多数都是上一次如丝绸般平滑的军事政变的副作用。目前住在迪拜的他信处于自我放逐的状态,但他在泰国国内仍然有许多持者,也是泰国政治问题的核心。(自被罢免之后,他信的夫、和商业密友曾先后执掌政权)。他的政治基础大多来自泰国农村,这些地区越来越富有,受教育程度也越来越高,民众不再愿意接受泰国精英阶层非民主的统治。曼谷今天爆发的反军事政变游行就表明了这种现状,更说明军事政变只会加深积怨,增加爆发更多暴力冲突的可胀?Ultimately, that will not be a good thing for business. Nor in the very short term, will the post-coup curfew, which has aly disrupted tourist plans—even Bangkoks notoriously seedy red light districts reportedly shut down—and night shifts at the nations many automobile plants. (Honda, Toyota and Ford are among car manufacturers there.)最后,军事政变对商业也没有好处。而在短时间内,政变之后的宵禁同样不利于商业,而且已经影响了游客的计划。据报道,连曼谷臭名昭著的红灯区也已被关闭。而且泰国许多汽车工厂的夜班工人也受到了影响。【泰国的汽车制造商包括本田汽车公司(Honda)、丰田汽车公司(Toyota)和福特汽车公司(Ford)等。】Adithep Vanabriksha, CIO at Aberdeen Asset Management Thailand, says much of the countrys economic fate relies on how quickly the junta can live up to their name. ;Going forward, key questions remain unanswered: who will lead the interim government, how long the military will remain in control, when the next elections will be held. The effectiveness of the interim government and the speedy return to electoral democracy will be key to reviving the sagging economy.;泰国安本资产管理公司(Aberdeen Asset Management Thailand)CIO阿迪蒂普表示,泰国的经济命运很大程度上取决于军方需要多长时间来兑现承诺。“未来的关键问题仍未解决:将由谁来领导临时政府,军方将掌权多长时间,何时举行下一次选举。临时政府的有效性和迅速恢复民主选举将是低迷的泰国经济能否实现振兴的关键。”Thats no easy task. He adds, ;Longer term, the underlying reasons for the deep divisions are still haunting Thailand and will need to be addressed before a lasting solution can be found.;但这并不容易。他补充说:“从更长远来看,造成深度分歧的根本原因依旧笼罩着泰国,只有解决了这些分歧,才能为泰国找到持久的解决方案。 /201405/302095宝鸡泌尿男科医院男性专科Iraqi forces are carefully sweeping the streets of the city Monday, searching for explosives and any other booby traps possibly set by Islamic State militants before they lost control of the city.伊拉克军队星期一清查拉马迪的街道,寻找爆炸物以及伊斯兰国激进分子可能在败退之前布设的饵雷。Troops were working toward the center of the government compound after securing the area on Sunday. IS militants had captured the city - the capital of Anbar province - in May.伊拉克政府军星期日攻占该地区后,向政府办公区的中心地带推进。今月,伊斯兰国激进分子控制了安巴尔省首府拉马迪。Iraqi forces say pockets of jihadists may remain. Authorities say, however, the troops faced no resistance since jihadists fled on Sunday. There have been no reliable casualty reports.伊拉克部队说,可能仍有零星伊斯兰国激进分子隐藏在市内。但是有关当局说,自激进分子星期日逃走后,军队没有遇到任何抵挡。目前没有可靠的伤亡数字报道。It is also still not clear how many civilians remain in central Ramadi, 100 kilometers west of Baghdad. But an Iraqi spokesman has said most residents had taken shelter at a nearby hospital.目前也不清楚拉马迪市中心有多少平民。但伊拉克发言人说,大多数居民都在附近一家医院避难。拉马迪位于巴格达以00公里。After months of preparation, Iraqi forces backed by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes pushed into the center of the city last week in a concerted effort to recapture the city from Islamic state fighters.经过数月准备后,伊拉克军队上周在以美国为首的联军空袭援下向拉马迪市中心推进,协力从伊斯兰国激进分子手中夺回这座城市。来 /201512/418589宝鸡哪个医院治疗尖锐湿疣最好

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