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2017年12月17日 08:16:15

Once again the question of sex discrimination when it comes to politics and fashion has reared its pundit-baiting head.“政治与时尚界的性别歧视”这个话题又一次投下了诱饵,等着员们去咬钩。The announcement that Alyssa Mastromonaco, a former deputy chief of staff for President Obama, would join Marie Claire as a contributing editor has talking heads from Politico to New York magazine up in arms about whether it is demeaning or about time for serious women to have a serious relationship with glossy magazines, why fashion is belittling to female power players (Politico calls this “the princess effect, why this is never an issue when it comes to their male counterparts and how, if we were really being fair, we would pay beady-eyed attention to men and their garb, so on and so forth. You know the story.据有关消息,奥巴马总统的前任副幕僚长阿丽莎·马斯特洛莫纳Alyssa Mastromonaco)即将加入《Marie Claire》杂志,担任撰稿编辑。从《政客》到《纽约》杂志,众多者纷纷发表意见,探讨她是不是自贬身份;何时才是严肃的职业女性和时尚杂志发展严肃关系的好时候;为什么卷入时尚会使那些女性权力玩家们显得渺小(《政客》称之为“公主效应”);为什么男性政客就不会遇到这种事;还有,如果我们真正公平的话,应该对男人和他们的着装密切关注到什么地步,等等等等,诸如此类。你们懂的。But here’s the thing: While everyone has been shouting about the above (Ms. Mastromonaco has written an editorial in her defense), the very same issue, which is to say, a major public figure’s relationship to fashion, has actually become something of a cause célèbre in France. But in this case, the public figure is a man.但是问题就在这儿:正当所有人都在叫嚷着上述这些问题的时候(马斯特洛莫纳克也写了一篇社论为自己辩护),重要公众人物与时尚的关系这个同样的问题在法国也引发了一场公开论战,只不过主人公是男性。I offer as proof positive that these days sartorial politics is an equal opportunity arena (and taken equally seriously for both sexes) the recent hoo-ha over President Fran#231;ois Hollande’s new ... eyeglasses. Truth is, when it comes to image, male leaders are under scrutiny just as much as women are. Perhaps even more, as they have fewer options for self-expression, resulting in greater attention to every detail.我可以拿出的铁是——弗朗索瓦·奥朗德总统(President Fran#231;ois Hollande)的……新眼镜问题掀起的轩然表明,现在装政治完全是个机会均等的舞台(对于男女来说都是严肃的事情)。事实是:当涉及形象问题时,男性领导人也和女性领导人一样,会受到人们细心审视。或许人们对男性领导人的关注更多,因为他们没有多少选择可供自我表达,其结果就是人们对所有细节更加关注。A few weeks ago, Mr. Hollande swapped his clear rimless glasses for a geekier, horn-rimmed style. They are not as extreme as stereotypical black-framed architect’s numbers, but they come close. And this started a vociferous debate among the French.几个星期前,奥朗德把原来清澈明朗的无边眼镜换成了有点书呆子气的角质框架眼镜。它不像典型的黑边建筑师眼镜那么极端,但也差不多了。这在法国人当中引发了一场热闹的讨论。The glasses, made by Lindberg, a Danish company whose glasses are also worn by Queen Elizabeth II, Bill Gates, Miuccia Prada and Brad Pitt, have been condemned by French businesses for being both unpatriotic and hypocritical. The glasses prove, Mr. Hollande’s critics said, that he does not practice what he preaches: that is, supporting local industry. (The president made the somewhat ill-considered decision to do the glasses swap as his government embarked on a heightened Made in France push.)这副眼镜是由丹麦公司林德伯格制造,伊丽莎白女王二世(Queen Elizabeth II)、比尔·盖茨、缪西娅·普拉Miuccia Prada)和布拉德·皮特(Brad Pitt)也戴这个牌子的眼镜。法国商界批评总统戴这个牌子的眼镜显得不爱囀?虚伪。奥朗德的批评者们说,奥朗德鼓吹持本土工业,这副眼镜却和他的话自相矛盾(总统做出这个某种程度上欠考虑的换眼镜决定正值他的政府大力鼓励“法国制造”之际)。Ludovic Brochard and Maxime Rolandeau, directors of the French glasses manufacturer Roussilhe, posted a letter on the company’s website that they also sent to the #201;lysée Palace, in which they wrote (and I have translated): “You are, Mr. President, an important figure around the world, and your choice of glasses could suggest that no French company can satisfy your needs.”法国眼镜公司卢西勒(Roussilhe)的经理卢多维·布罗夏尔(Ludovic Brochard)和马克西姆·罗兰多(Maxime Rolandeau)在公司网站上发表了一封公开信,同时这封信寄到了爱丽舍宫,信中写道(由我翻译成英文):“总统先生,你是世界要人,你对眼镜的选择暗示着没有任何法国眼镜公司能够满足你的需求。”Instead, they continued, “You could have been an ambassador for French glasses and witness to the dynamism of our sector in France and beyond.They invited him to meet them at the Salon Mondiale de l’Optique at the end of September to check out their wares.他们还写道,“你本应成为法国眼镜的大使,以及我们的公司在法国乃至国外的活跃势头的见人。”他们邀请奥朗德月底的世界光学镜片沙龙上与他们见面,看看他们的产品。Another optician, Sabine Bégault-Vagner, stepped in and gave Mr. Hollande a model from her brand, Sabine Be, in the colors of the republic (red and blue) with a slightly more diplomatic note saying, “I modestly propose you try a pair ‘hand made in Francewith much love.”另一个眼镜制造商萨宾娜·贝格尔-瓦格Sabine Bégault-Vagner)也参与进来,她送给奥德朗一副本公司品牌萨宾娜·比(Sabine Be)的样品,它有国旗的颜色(红与蓝),还附上了一则略带外交口吻的便条:“谨此,满怀爱意地建议你试戴这副‘法国手工制造’的眼镜。”For their part, the #201;lysée Palace-ologists have been speculating on the potential symbolism of the glasses swap. Is it about “rose-tinted nostalgia asked the news channel France24, apropos of the retro style. Bruno Roger-Petit, a columnist in the weekly newsmagazine Le Nouvel Observateur, posited that the specs were a clear nod to the style of the politician Jacques Chirac in the golden years of French prosperity during the 1960s-70s, and thus “an object that embodies a clear relationship to a past perceived as positive, the nostalgia for an era of fun both prohibited and conquered.(This despite the fact that the last French leader to actually wear Lindberg glasses, albeit a different style, was Mr. Hollande’s fellow socialist, Lionel Jospin, who was prime minister from 1997 to 2002; Mr. Chirac was the founder of the Gaullist party, Rally for the Republic.)爱丽舍宫的研究专家们也在思考换眼镜背后的象征意味。这副眼镜是复古的样式,所以,这是“玫瑰色调的怀旧”吗?新闻频道France 24问道。新闻周刊《新观察者Le Nouvel Observateur)的专栏作家布鲁诺·罗格-波蒂(Bruno Roger-Petit)认为,这副眼镜显然是0世纪六七十年代便开始担任政客的雅克·希拉Jacques Chirac)的风格致敬,那段时期正值法国的黄金时代。它“承载了与被认为是积极进取的过去时光的联系,是对一个乐趣被禁止也被征的时代的怀旧”。(其实上一位戴林德伯格牌眼镜的法国领导人是奥朗德的同僚、社会主义者里昂内·乔斯班[Lionel Jospin],他997年至2002年担任首相;希拉克是戴高乐党,即共和联盟的创始人)。What has not come up in all the discussions is the price of the glasses: ,300, according to Peter Warrer, Lindberg’s director of sales and marketing. That seems like a fair amount to spend on frames for a president who ran on the idea of a 75 percent “millionaires tax.”争议中没有涉及眼镜的价格——根据林德伯格的市场销售部门主管彼得·沃Peter Warrer),这副眼镜售300美元。对于一位提出征5%税率的“百万富翁税”的总统来说,这可是一笔不小的数字。Since the brouhaha began, the #201;lysée Palace has been engaged in some damage control, hinting to the disgruntled local manufacturers that the president would try out their brands as well, which leads to the somewhat unsettling picture of Mr. Hollande changing glasses daily, simply to prove his evenhandedness. This might work to satisfy his various constituencies, but if I were his adviser, I would argue against it, as it seems to open the door to all sort of potential flip-flopping charges. Better, really, to demonstrate a consistent point of view through dress.这场喧闹开始以来,爱丽舍宫就忙于将此事的损害降至最低,向不满的本国眼镜制造商们暗示,总统也会尝试他们的品牌,这在某种程度上给人一种混乱的感觉,好像奥德朗得每天换眼镜,只为明自己是公平的。这或许能令他的选民们感到满意,但如果我是他的顾问,我会表示反对,这有可能令人们指责他喜欢变卦。其实更好的办法还是通过着装展现出持续性The sheer existence of l’affair lunettes suggests that perhaps Mr. Hollande’s advisers are not as canny when it comes to image as they might be, and maybe the French should take a cue from the British, and start luring American spin doctors like David Axelrod and Jim Messina across the channel, because they are aly across the Atlantic.)(奥朗德眼镜事件表明奥朗德的顾问们或许也不是表面看上去那么能干,或许法国人应该听听英国人的指点,雇用海峡对岸的大卫·阿里克尔洛德[David Axelrod]和吉姆·梅西纳[Jim Messina]等来自美国的政府媒体顾问,他们已经从大西洋彼岸来到欧洲了。)Possibly the fact that Mr. Hollande has actually been wearing Lindberg glasses for the last four years according to the company (those rimless numbers were theirs) might have led everyone involved to conclude the change of glasses would make no difference. My guess, however, is that they were a pre-existing condition on his election, and therefore not up for debate ... until he decided to change. At which point the manufacturers felt free to point out that he should have seized the day, and decision, to support French business.林德伯格公司说,其实奥朗德过去四年里戴的都是该公司的产品,包括之前那副无框眼镜。或许这个事实能让所有参与者得出结论:这次换眼镜其实没什么大不了的。不过我猜想,在他选举上任之前就已经戴这个牌子的眼镜了,那时候根本没有引起什么争议……直到这次他换眼镜。如今他换了眼镜,眼镜公司们才纷纷指摘他应该把握机会,做出决定,持国货。Indeed, I’m surprised he hadn’t considered it. I mean, it’s not as if Mr. Hollande is a stranger to issues of sartorial spin, or the importance of the right pair of eyeglasses.事实上,我很惊讶他居然没考虑到这一点。我的意思是,奥朗德似乎对装公关并不陌生,也了解一副好眼镜的重要性。He ran on an election platform of “Mr. Normal,after all: his blandness and slightly rumpled suits the visual counterpoint to the Nicolas Sarkozy “President Bling-Blingschtick. And to get there Mr. Hollande nevertheless underwent his own pre-campaign makeover under the tutelage of his former partner, Valérie Trierweiler, who helped him lose weight and settle on those rimless, rectangular Lindbergs. (Previously he had worn rounder, more goggly- eyed styles.)毕竟,在选举期间,他把自己塑造为“普通人”形象:他平易近人,穿着稍微有点皱的西装,在视觉上正好和尼古拉·萨科齐(Nicolas Sarkozy)那种“Bling-Bling总统”的噱头形象截然相反。为此,奥朗德在前伴侣瓦莱丽·特里埃维Valérie Trierweiler)帮助下设计了选举期间的形象,她还帮他减肥,选了那些无边的长方形林德伯格眼镜(更早以前,他戴的是更圆、更突出眼珠的样式)。This suggests that the most recent glasses flipper-roo may actually have had to do with shedding some emotional baggage when Mr. Hollande’s relationship with Ms. Trierweiler went south, a motivating factor that thus far has not been raised in the discussion. We have all been there, after all: dumping T-shirts or even shoes that remind us unhappily of a former lover. Indeed, Mr. Warrer seems to think this may be the case, seeing Mr. Hollande’s switch as a sign “he wanted to renew himself.”也就是说,最近奥朗德换眼镜,其实可能和他与特里埃维勒每况愈下的感情纠葛有关,迄今这个动机在讨论中尚没有人提起。毕竟我们都经历过这种事——扔掉衣或鞋子,只因为它们让我们想起令人不快的老情人。其实,沃勒似乎也是这么想的,他觉得奥朗德换眼镜是“他想重新开始”的信号。But in the end, and whatever the motivation and the mistakes involved, the kerfuffle shows that it’s not just first ladies who are seen as potential billboards for local industry (remember the outcry in the ed States when Michelle Obama wore Alexander McQueen to the China state dinner?), but first executives, too.但是,不管动机如何,不管出了什么错,这次的风波表明,不仅是第一夫人们才会成为国产工业潜在的宣传公告牌(还记得米歇尔·奥巴马[Michelle Obama]穿亚历山大·麦昆[Alexander McQueen]时装出席中国国宴时,美国上下一片哗然的景象吗?),首席执政者也有同样的功能。At a time when the global economy dictates that every possible tool in a national arsenal be used to increase employment and promote industry, it’s a part of the job (admittedly unwritten) that should be taken seriously. Fact is, unlike Freud’s supposed remark that sometimes a cigar is only a cigar, in politics a new accessory is never just a new accessory. It’s always a symbol. No matter which gender it’s on.当今,全球经济形式令国家需要动用所有手段去增进就业,宣传本国工业,这也成为领导人工作中(不成文)的一部分,必须被严肃对待。事实是,虽然弗洛伊德说过,有时候一雪茄就是一雪茄(指研究中就事论事,不过度引申——译注),但在政治当中,一个新配饰的意义永远不仅仅是一个新配饰而已。它永远都具有象征意义,不管佩戴它的是男人还是女人。来 /201407/316244宝鸡治疗男性尿道炎需要多少钱Yemen’s virulent al-Qaeda militants stormed a prison in the southeast of the country on Thursday, freeing as many as 300 prisoners, including senior members of the extremist group in a further sign of the nation’s rapid disintegration.周四,也门凶狠的基地组织(al-Qaeda)武装分子袭击了该国东南部一所监狱,放出了多达300名囚犯,其中包括该极端组织的一些高级成员。这进一步表明也门正处于快速崩溃中。Militants attempted to consolidate control over the city of Mukalla on Thursday night, meeting little resistance from security forces.周四晚,这些武装分子努力加强对穆卡拉Mukalla)的控制,基本上没有遇到安全部队的抵抗。“Big explosions rocked the city from 1am to 4pm and the militants were seen looting the central bank and allowing people to loot the prison, the governor’s office and the radio station,a resident of the port city said.“从凌晨1点至下午4点,巨大的爆炸声震动了穆卡拉市,人们看到武装分子在打劫中央,还允许人们抢劫监狱、行长办公室和电台,”这座港口城市的一位居民说。“The army failed to send reinforcements as militants set up checkpoints at the city’s entrances, ambushing any army vehicle. They killed many soldiers.”“武装分子在城市各入口处设立了检查站,伏击任何军队车辆,导致军方无法派出增援力量。他们杀死了许多士兵。”Gunfire and explosions could be heard into the night, residents said, as the militants sp out across the city. “There is panic and people are frightened,he added. “There is no army.”据当地居民表示,当天夜里可以听到声和爆炸声,整座城市到处都是武装分子。他补充说:“城里一片恐慌,人们都吓坏了。军队没有出现。”It is believed that Khaled Batarfi, who until 2011 led a provincial branch of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Aqap), the Yemeni arm of the extremist movement, was among those freed during the raid, a government official said. Mukalla residents place the number of people freed at 200-300, many of them Aqap members.一位政府官员表示,据信哈里#8226;巴塔Khaled Batarfi)在此次袭击中逃狱。直011年巴塔菲都领导着阿拉伯半岛基地组AQAP)的一个地方分。AQAP是基地组织在也门的分。穆卡拉居民估计逃狱人数0000之间,逃狱者中许多人都是AQAP成员。“There was a complete absence of security and army,the official says of the assault on the city.这名官员描述穆卡拉受到的这次袭击称:“完全看不到安全部队和军队的身影。”来 /201504/368016宝鸡哪里治疗淋病比较好Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has criticized Britains entrance into the U.S.-led coalition attacking Islamic State militants in Syria, saying the airstrikes are illegal and will fail.叙利亚总统阿萨德抨击英国参加美国领导的联军空中打叙利亚伊斯兰国激进分子的行动。他说,空袭是违法行为,注定要失败。In an interview published in Britains Sunday Times, Assad said Islamic State cannot be defeated by airstrikes alone, and that the only strikes that have been effective are those Russia has done since launching its Syrian campaign in September.阿萨德接受英国星期天泰晤士报采访时说,仅靠空袭不能打败伊斯兰国组织,迄今唯一有效果的行动是俄罗斯9月开始实施的空中打击。He has long criticized Western governments and others in his region who support moderate rebel fighters, and complained that the coalition airstrikes are a violation of his countrys sovereignty. The U.S. and others in the West say Russias airstrikes have largely focused on rebels and not Islamic State fighters.阿萨德长期以来一直批评西方国家政府和一些持叙利亚反政府温和派武装的中东国家。他抱怨说,美国领导的空袭侵犯了叙利亚主权。美国和其它希望国家说,俄罗斯的空袭基本针对叙利亚反政府力量,而不是伊斯兰国组织的武装。Assad said in the interview there has been no moderate opposition during his countrys conflict that began in March 2011, but rather only ;extremists.; The Syrian government has routinely referred to rebels as ;terrorists; since the crisis expanded from peaceful protests to multi-party civil war.阿萨德说,在2011年开始的叙利亚内战中,没有什么温和派反政府力量,只有极端分子。叙利亚的和平抗议演变为多方参与的内战以来,叙利亚政府称所有反政府武装为恐怖分子。Assad said if Western and regional support for terrorists ends, then it will take ;a matter of months; to end the conflict.阿萨德还说,只要西方国家和中东一些国家停止持恐怖分子,几个月的时间就可以结束叙利亚武装冲突。Britain expanded its involvement in the U.S.-led coalition last week from conducting airstrikes solely against Islamic State targets in Iraq to bombing the militants in Syria as well after Prime Minister David Cameron lobbied his parliament for approval.英国上星期扩大了参加美国领导的联军的空袭行动,从仅仅空袭伊拉克的伊斯兰国组织的目标,扩大到也轰炸叙利亚境内的伊斯兰国激进分子。英国首相卡梅伦说了议会持扩大行动范围。来 /201512/415491蔡家坡经济区妇幼保健人民中心医院男科专家

宝鸡哪种包皮手术最好宝鸡麟游县男科医院在那儿Hong Kong’s chief executive has refused to respond to claims that he should have paid tax on millions of pounds he received in undisclosed payments related to the purchase of a property company.香港特首曾在一家房地产公司的收购中收取数百万英镑“秘密款项”,而他拒绝对应缴纳税款的要求作出回应。Media reports last week revealed that CY Leung was paid #163;4m by an Australian engineering firm called UGL in relation to its acquisition of DTZ, a property company, during his time as leader of the Chinese territory.上周有媒体报道,一家名为UGL的澳大利亚工程公司在对物业公司戴德梁DTZ)的收购中,付了时任香港特首的梁振英(CY Leung) 400万英镑。Mr Leung has rejected the claims that he should have revealed the payments and said he was under no obligation to pay “salaries tax since the money was part of a non-compete deal that was not taxable.梁振英对他应披露这笔款项的要求予以拒绝,并表示自己没有义务付“薪俸税”,因为这笔钱是一份竞业禁止协议的一部分,不必缴税。Critics have pointed out that the deal contained a provision for him to act as an adviser from “time to timemeaning that some of the #163;4m would qualify as income which would be taxable in Hong Kong.批评人士指出,该协议包含了他“时不时”担任顾问的条款,这意味着400万英镑中的一部分属于香港的应征税收入。Kenneth Leung, a tax expert and opposition politician, last week told the Financial Times that the chief executive would be obliged to pay tax on part of the money. He has since asked the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department to look into the matter and to determine whether the leader should have paid tax.税务专家、反对派政治人士梁继Kenneth Leung)上周对英囀?金融时报》表示,特首有义务为这笔款项的一部分交税。之后梁继昌要求香港税务局(Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department)调查此事,并确定梁振英是否应纳税。He has also asked the UK’s Serious Fraud Office and the Financial Conduct Authority to look into the deal because DTZ was a UK-listed company at the time of the takeover.他还要求英国严重欺诈办公Serious Fraud Office)和金融市场行为监管局(Financial Conduct Authority)调查这项协议,因为戴德梁行在被收购时是一家英国上市公司。Hong Kong’s anti-graft agency has also been asked to investigate the payments, which were arranged before Mr Leung became chief executive but paid after he assumed the role in 2012.香港反贪部门也被要求调查这笔款项,因为虽然相关协议达成于梁振英成为香港特首之前,但款项付是012年他出任该职务之后。Despite multiple requests to his office, the chief executive declined to respond to questions about whether he should have paid the tax.尽管梁振英办公室多次收到要求,但这位特首拒绝对是否应缴纳税款的问题作出回应。In a television interview at the weekend, Mr Leung reiterated that the money was not income and said it was “not necessaryto pay tax.上周末梁振英在一次电视采访中强调这笔钱不属于收入,并表示没必要交税。Mr Leung, who is widely considered to be pro-Beijing, rejected calls for his resignation. He said protesters would not be satisfied with his departure because their goal was to get China to reverse course on a plan for electoral reform in the former British colony something that he said had “zerochance of happening.梁振英拒绝了要求他辞职的呼吁,他被广泛认为是亲北京的。他表示抗议者不会满足于他下台,因为他们的目标是让中央推翻之前对这块前英国殖民地选举制度改革作出的计划,梁振英说此事的机会“等于零”。The questions come as the chief executive is under pressure over the democracy protests that have paralysed the Central district of Hong Kong. Harcourt Road, the main protest zone close to the government’s headquarters, is replete with street art depicting Mr Leung as everything from Dracula to the Devil.梁振英遭到质疑之际,正面临民主抗议带来的压力,民主抗议已使香港中环瘫痪。靠近港府总部的主要抗议区夏悫Harcourt Road)充斥着把梁振英描绘成吸血鬼德古拉(Dracula)和魔鬼等各种形象的街头艺术。“OccupyHong Kong entered its 16th day on Monday with no sign that the students leading the peaceful civil disobedience movement were prepared to end their campaign for more political rights in the Chinese territory.香港“占中”活动在周一已进入第16天,领导这一和平的不合作公民运动的学生仍未显露出准备结束这一运动的迹象。该运动的目的是在香港争取更多政治权利。Police started removing some of the barricades blocking entry to the main protest zone on Monday, but said the action was intended to ease traffic congestion and was not a move to clear demonstrators. Groups opposed to the Occupy movement clashed with demonstrators close to the government buildings.警方周一开始拆除一些挡住主要抗议区入口的路障,但表示此举旨在缓解交通堵塞,并不是为了赶走示威人士。反对“占中”活动的人群在政府大楼附近与示威人士发生了冲突。Criticism of the protests has grown in recent days as people hit by the road closures have called on the students to stop disrupting traffic and commerce.近日,对抗议的批评增多,受到道路封锁影响的人们呼吁学生停止扰乱交通和商业。来 /201410/335308宝鸡市妇幼保健院前列腺炎多少钱宝鸡市渭滨区中医医院男科咨询

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