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2018年03月25日 05:36:15 | 作者:度排名黑龙江新闻 | 来源:新华社
Steve A. Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO and recipient of an honorary doctor of science degree from the University of Washington, delivered a rousing speech to UW’s 2014 graduating class.201504/367951Now, I told you, my mother,she was ruthlessly realistic. 我之前讲过,我的母亲,是不折不扣的现实主义者。She was an unbelievable role model.她是一个不可思议的榜样。She was the kind of person who got to be the way she was because she was a single mom with six kids in Chicago.为现实所迫,她不得不以身作则,树立榜样,因为她是芝加哥的六个孩子的单亲母亲,She was in the real estate business,where she worked extraordinarily hard but oftentimes had a hard time making ends meet. 在房地产行业工作,任劳任怨,不辞辛劳,却依然食不果腹,捉襟见肘。And that meant sometimes we got our phone disconnected,or our lights turned off,or we got evicted. 这意味着有时电话信号会中断,灯不得不长闭,或者被驱逐出门。When we got evicted, sometimes we lived in these small apartments that she owned,sometimes in only one or two rooms,because they werent completed,and we would heat our bathwater on hot plates. 我们被驱逐出门后,有时会住在母亲名下的几个小公寓,有时只有一个或两个房间,因为公寓简陋,我们都能听见洗澡水滴落在电热板上的声音。But she never gave up hope, ever,and she never allowed us to give up hope either. 但她从没有放弃过希望,从没有,而且她也从来都不允许我们放弃希望。This brutal pragmatism that she had,I mean, I was four and she told me,Mommy is Santa.她秉持根深蒂固的务实精神,我的意思是,当我四岁时她对我说,妈咪是圣诞老人She was this brutal pragmatism.她就是这么务实。She taught me so many lessons,but the most important lesson was that every single day she told me,Mellody, you can be anything. 她言传身教,循循善诱,但让我记忆最深的,还是那句她每天都会对我说的,麦勒迪,你的未来有无限可能。And because of those words,I would wake up at the crack of dawn,and because of those words,I would love school more than anything,and because of those words, when I was on a bus going to school, I dreamed the biggest dreams. 正因为母亲的话语,我才会在黎明前就告别梦乡;正因为母亲的话语,我才会把学校当作最爱;正因为母亲的话语,我才会在乘车去学校的路上,怀揣最远大的梦想;And its because of those words that I stand here right now full of passion,asking you to be brave for the kids who are dreaming those dreams today.正因为母亲的话语,我才会满怀地站在这里,呼吁你们勇敢面对肤色,为了那些拥有梦想的孩子You see, I want them to look at a CEO on television and say, I can be like her,or, He looks like me.我希望这些孩子们在看到电视里的CEO时会说,有朝一日我会成为像她那样的人。或说,他看起来跟我很像。And I want them to know that anything is possible,that they can achieve the highest level that they ever imagined,that they will be welcome in any corporate boardroom,or they can lead any company. 我想让他们知道,一切都是有可能的,可以实现想象到的最宏伟的目标,走入任何一家企业的办公室,都会受到欢迎,他们也可以领导任何公司。You see this idea of being the land of the free and the home of the brave,its woven into the fabric of America.你们知道,自由之地和勇者之家的理念是美利坚合众国民族的脊梁,America, when we have a challenge,we take it head on, we dont shrink away from it.在美国,当我们面临挑战,我们要迎难而上,而不是畏首畏脚。We take a stand. We show courage.我们要表明立场,展现出勇气。So right now, what Im asking you to do,Im asking you to show courage. 现在,我希望大家去做的是请你们展现出勇气,Im asking you to be bold.请你们勇敢。As business leaders, Im asking you not to leave anything on the table.作为商界领袖,我会请你们不要在桌子上落下东西。As citizens, Im asking you not to leave any child behind.作为公民,我请你们不要让任何孩子落下,Im asking you not to be color blind,but to be color brave,so that every child knows that their future matters and their dreams are possible. 我请你们不要无视肤色,而是要勇敢地面对差异,这样,每一个孩子都会知道他们的未来事关重大,他们的梦想可以实现。Thank you.谢谢。Thank you. Thanks. Thanks.谢谢。谢谢。谢谢。201507/383747

Well to me betraying the age means exposing its conceits, its foibles; its phony moral certitudes. It means telling the secrets of the age and facing harsher truths. Every age has its massive moral blind spots. We might not see them, but our children will. Slavery was one of them and the people who best served that age were the ones who called it as it was--which was ungodly and inhuman. Ben Franklin called it when he became president of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society.对我来说,背叛时代意味着揭露它的自负、缺点和伪善的道德信条;它意味着揭露时代的秘密,直面更为残酷的事实。每个时代都有许多道德盲点。我们也许看不到,但我们的下一代却能看到。奴隶制就是一个盲点,只有为那个时代做出伟大贡献的人们才会如此称呼它,因为他们了解这种制度的荒唐和野蛮。本·富兰克林成为宾夕法尼亚废除奴隶制委员会主席时就称其为奴隶制。Segregation. There was another one. America sees this now but it took a civil rights movement to betray their age. And 50 years ago the U.S. Supreme Court betrayed the age. May 17, 1954, it says here, Brown vs. Board of Education came down and put the lie to the idea that separate can ever really be equal. Amen to that.种族隔离,这是另一个盲点。现在美国已经意识到了这一点,但却是从全国的民权运动开始背叛那个时代的。50年前,美国最高法院背叛了时代。1954年5月17日,布朗诉求教育委员会案胜诉,揭穿了“隔离但平等”这一谎言。阿门。Fast forward 50 years.--May 17, 2004. What are the ideas right now worth betraying? What are the lies we tell ourselves now? What are the blind spots of our age? Whats worth spending your post-Penn lives trying to do or undo? It might be something simple. It might be something as simple as our deep down refusal to believe that every human life has equal worth. Could that be it? Could that be it? Each of you will probably have your own answer, but for me that is it. And for me the proving ground has been Africa.50年很快就过去了。今天——2004年5月17日,我们要背叛哪些思想呢?我们对自己说了什么谎呢?我们这个时代的盲点是什么?离开宾夕法尼亚大学后,什么值得去做什么不值得去做?也许非常简单,就像我们在内心深处拒绝相信每一个生命都有相同的价值一样简单。是我说的那样吗?是那样吗?你们每个人也许都将会有自己的,但对我来说确实是这样的。非洲就是最好的明。 /201312/268045

This time it may be different, because there has been a shift in power from the regional to the central authorities, and the local officials of the banks are no longer under the control of the local provincial authorities — but success cannot be taken for granted. Moreover, China may be dragged by a global slowdown. But if Cbhina flounders, the global economy loses its motor. Therefore the relative success of China is more assured than its absolute success.这一次,也许有所不同,因为权力从地方转移到了中央,地方的官员不再受省级机关管辖。尽管如此,成功也不能被视作理所当 然。此外,中国的经济发展可能会受困于全球经济衰退。但如果中国出了问题,全球经济就会失去了动力。因此,中国会获得相对成功而不是绝对的成功。We are at a moment in history which, in some ways, is comparable to the end of the Second World War. Then the prevailing system had actually collapsed and a new one had to be built from scratch. At Bretton Woods, the victorious powers proved equal to the task. Inspired mainly by Lord Keynes, they built a system that could accommodate the entire world even if the ed States was more equal than others. Now, the prevailing multilateral system — call it international capitalism — did not fully collapse but it has been greatly weakened, its inherent flaws have been revealed, and it is challenged by a viable alternative. The rise of China offers a fundamentally different form of economic organization than the current international financial system. It may be given the label of ;state capitalism; as distinct from the international capitalism championed by the Washington Consensus.从某些方面来说,我们现在所处的历史时刻堪比二战末期。那时,主宰体系实际已经崩溃,一个新的体系亟待建立。战胜国在布雷顿森林会议上实了这一任务的公平性。在凯恩斯勋爵的启发下,他们建立了一个能容纳全世界的体系,尽管美国享有“更平等”的权利。当前,居于主导地位的被称作国际资本主义多边体系尽管还没有彻底瓦解,但已被大大削弱。它的内在缺陷已暴露,而且面临着被一个可行的体系替代的威胁。中国的崛起提供了一个与目前国际金融体系截然不同的经济组织形式。它可能会被贴上“国家资本主义”的标签,以区别于《华盛顿共识》所倡导的“国际资本主义”。201409/331586

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