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Todd: So, Eli, do you miss home?托德:艾丽,你想家吗?Eli: Im missing home a lot actually, at the moment. I wasnt when I first arrived, because of all the excitement about being here, and everything, but since actually about a month and a half ago, my boyfriend came here for three weeks, three and a half weeks, and we went traveling around the rest of Japan, which I think is very important, if youre here, you got to do it and he was the perfect person to do it and we had loads and loads of fun, and since hes left, yeah, Ive started to think about home a bit more, now living here is kind of just normal way of life and after the big excitement of having him here, you know traveling around everywhere, its, Im starting to think about him, my family, my friends and just you know when I ring him up theyre all doing stuff that we used to do together, and it sort of makes you think about what it would be like to get home. I think Im quite looking forward to going home now.艾丽:实际上我现在非常想家。我刚来这里的时候并不想家,因为到这儿以后对所有事都感到兴奋,但是一个月以前,我男朋友过来待了三个星期,三周半的时间大概,我们去日本其他的地方转了转,我认为这非常重要,这是你来到这里你要做的事情,而他是最适合做这些事的人,我们度过了非常多的快乐时光,而他走了以后,我开始有点儿想家了,现在我在这里过着普通的生活,在刚到这里的那种兴奋过后,你知道,去所有地方游览的那种兴奋感,之后我开始想他,想我的家人,想我的朋友,你知道,我给他打电话的时候,他们通常都在做一些以前我们经常一起做的事情,这会令人有点想回家。我想我现在非常想回家。Todd: OK, could you, this is very interesting. Could you describe your boyfriend? Like what kind of person is he? How did you meet?托德:好,你能……这真的非常有意思。你能形容一下你的男朋友吗?他是什么样的人?你们是怎么认识的?Eli: We actually met in a club which he runs. He has two jobs. He runs a club in Bristol and he edits magazines for recycling in Bristol and Wales and writes articles about environmental recycling issues. Actually when he came to Japan, he managed to interview a few people here about it, and Japanese recycling isnt as strict as you think it is, um, yeah, but we met in his club and he is a friend of my brothers and we knew a lot of the same people, but its cheesy to say but almost it was love at first sight. It took about half a year for us to get together, but we were sort of good friends before that and weve been together for two and a half years now. (Thats a long time.) Its not really though. Its just zoomed by so quickly. Yeah, we live together now in England and sort of very happy. We never, were one of these couples that never argue. We obviously have disagreements but theres never any sort of shouting involved. We like a lot of the same things. We like lots of different things as well. I think its very important. You cant only be into the same things. Im slowly turning his mind towards anime and computer games. Im twisting, twisting him, but I do have to make it clear when any Final Fantasy games are out, that I have two boyfriends and he is only one of them.艾丽:实际上我们是在他经营的俱乐部认识的。他有两份工作。他在布里斯托尔经营一家俱乐部,他编辑杂志,介绍布里斯托尔和威尔士的回收情况,他会写有关环保回收问题的文章。实际上他来日本的时候, 采访了一些与这方面有关的人物,日本的回收业并不像你认为的那么严谨,嗯,我们是在他的俱乐部认识的,他是我哥哥的朋友,所以我们有许多共同的朋友,这么说很俗,不过我们是一见钟情。我们走到一起用了半年的时间,但是之前我们一直都是好朋友,目前我们已经交往两年半了。(真是挺长时间了。)其实还好。时间过得非常快。嗯,我们在英国住在一起,过得非常快乐。我们从来,我们是那种从来没有吵过架的情侣。当然我们会有分歧,但是从来没有大声争吵过。我们有许多共同的爱好。当然我们也有许多不同的爱好。我认为这很重要。你不能只喜欢同样的事情。我用了很长时间才让他关注动漫和电脑游戏。我一直迫使他关注这些,但是我要说明的是,一旦《最终幻想》系列游戏推出,我就有两个男朋友了,而他是其中一个。Todd: Wow. He sounds like a really interesting guy.托德:哇!听上去他真是个有趣的家伙。 /201403/2794461.All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.整天工作不玩耍,聪明杰克也变傻。意思是说工作与休闲要并重。Dont always sit at the computer and think about work only. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Have fun sometimes!不要整天坐在计算机前只想工作。整天工作不玩耍,聪明杰克也变傻。有时候要做一些有趣的事。2.Many hands make light work.很多只手会让工作变得轻松。意思是说有很多人的协助可使一份工作轻松完成。Cleaning the room will not take long if we all help. You know, many hands make light work.如果我们帮忙的话,打扫房间不会花很久的时间。你知道的,有很多人的协助可使一份工作轻松完成。3.Work like a dog.工作得像一只一样 。意思是说忙碌工作中。Jack needs money to buy a house. He works like a dog every day.杰克需要钱买一套房子。他每天都像一样的忙碌工作。4.A little hard work never hurt/killed anyone.一些努力并不会影响任何人。意思是说达成目标之前都一定需要一些努力。Dont be afraid of difficulties. A little hard work never hurt/killed anyone. Just do your best!别害怕困难。一些努力并不会影响任何人。只要尽力就好!5.donkey work/hard work驴子的工作。/困难的工作。Why do I have to do all the donkey work and you can just sit there and enjoy your TV?为什么我必须做所有困难的事而你只需要坐在那看你的电视?6.show someone whos the boss让某人知道谁才是做决定的人。If you want to have the power in this group, you should show them whos the boss first. Therefore, they will listen to you.如果你想要在这个团队中有影响力,你必须让他们知道谁才是做决定的人。那样,他们才会听你的。 /201309/255557

14. If I buy more than one, will you give me a discount?多买一点有折扣吗?还能这样说:Can I get a discount if I buy more than one?Can you reduce the price if I buy more than one?15. I cant afford it at that price.我付不起那样的价格。还能这样说:That price is beyond my ability.The price is beyond what I could pay.16. We regret that the price is only one here.很遗憾这里不讲价。还能这样说:We are sorry that the price is non-negotiable.We regret that we have only one price.应用:refuse with many regrets 婉言谢绝17. The price you offered is difficult to accept.你还的价格我们无法接受。还能这样说:It is difficult to accept the price you offered.We are unable to accept the price you offered.应用:accept everything 来者不拒;accept bribes 贪赃;收受贿赂18. We two can make some concession to conclude a deal.我们双方可以做些让步以达成交易。还能这样说:We two can meet each other halfway to make a deal.We two can compromise to conclude a deal.应用:strike compromise 达成协议;compromise with...on 在……方面同……妥协 /201402/274986

5去公园情境单词1.botanical garden 植物园fern 蕨类 n.morning glory 牵牛花clover 三叶草 n.cedar 杉木 n.dandelion 蒲公英 n.cypress 柏树 n.bamboo 竹子 n.2.playground 游乐场 n.ride 游乐器材 n.slide 滑梯 n.swing 秋千 n.seesaw 跷跷板 n.bar 单杠 n.jungle gym 铁方格street vendor 摊贩sports equipment 运动器材trash can 垃圾桶3.pavilion 公园中的亭子 n.shade 树荫处 n.observatory 瞭望台 n.pond 池塘 n.wood 树林 n.forest 森林 n.sunset 日落 n.bench 长椅 n.4.animal 动物 n.bee 蜜蜂 n.beetle 甲壳虫 n.ant 蚂蚁 n.squirrel 松鼠 n.ladybug 瓢虫 n.mosquito 蚊子 n.fly 苍蝇 n.insect 昆虫 n.pigeon 鸽子 n.5.tourist 游客 n.toddler 刚学步的小孩 n.cycling 自行车运动 n.roller-blades 直排轮溜冰鞋 n. /201309/258606

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