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Brent crude slid below a barrel to close at its lowest level since November as confidence in Opec’s ability to overpower a resurgent US shale industry and ease a global oil surplus faded.由于市场对欧佩克(Opec)有能力压制美国页岩产业复苏及缓解全球石油过剩的信心减弱,布伦特原Brent crude)已跌至每桶不0美元,创下去1月以来的最低水平。The international oil benchmark dropped by 4.8 per cent on Thursday to settle at .38 a barrel in London. West Texas Intermediate, the US marker, also fell by 4.8 per cent to settle at .52 a barrel.周四,伦敦布伦特原油下跌.8%,收于每8.38美元。美国基准原油价格——西德克萨斯中质原油(West Texas Intermediate)也下跌了4.8%,收于每5.52美元。Both benchmarks have erased all of the gains made since some of the world’s biggest producers agreed to curb supplies in an effort to end the worst oil crash in a generation.此前,自部分全球最大产油国同意通过限制供应来结束这场一代人时间里最严重的油价崩盘以来,原油价格出现了回升,但下跌后的两大基准价格显示,所有涨幅已化为乌有。“Sentiment at the moment is very negative,said Giovanni Staunovo, commodity analyst at UBS Wealth Management.瑞银财富管理(UBS Wealth Management)的大宗商品分析师乔瓦斯陶诺沃(Giovanni Staunovo)称:“目前的情绪非常消极。”Oil market participants have been rapidly losing faith in the ability of Opec and rival producers outside the cartel, such as Russia, to shrink the excess crude inventories that have kept a ceiling on prices following the three-year downturn.对于欧佩克及俄罗斯等非欧佩克产油国减少过剩原油库存的能力,石油市场参与者正快速失去信心。正是这些过剩原油库存使油价在经年低迷之后无法取得突破。Not only did higher prices at the start of the year reinvigorate the US shale industry, Opec producers have been exporting at levels that were higher than expected despite the supply cut deal.不仅是今年年初的油价上涨重振了美国页岩行业,而且欧佩克产油国还一直以高于预期的水平出口——尽管有削减供应的协议。This has led hedge funds that bet on a higher oil price to liquidate their positions given the weakness.这已经导致押注油价上涨的对冲基金鉴于油价疲软而平仓。Oil’s drop on Thursday came amid a wide retreat in commodities. Gold fell more than 1 per cent to ,225.20 a troy ounce, the lowest since mid-March, while silver touched its lowest level since the start of the year, down more than 1 per cent to .17.周四的油价下跌正值大宗商品价格普遍出现回萀?金价下跌%,至每金衡盎225.20美元,为3月中旬以来最低,而银价也触及今年初以来最低水平,下跌%,至16.17美元。Meanwhile, copper fell 1.6 per cent to ,504 a tonne. Corn was down by 2.1 per cent to .58? a bushel.与此同时,铜价下.6%,至每吨5504美元。玉米价格下跌了2.1%,至每蒲式.5850美元。Oil investors and analysts have said that while Opec countries have hit their target of cutting more than 1.2m barrels a day, data suggest the group’s exports have not declined by a similar margin.石油投资者和分析师曾表示,虽然欧佩克国家达到了日产量减少20万桶的目标,但数据显示,欧佩克原油出口并未出现类似幅度的下降。Opec and non-Opec ministers are set to meet again at the end of this month in Vienna. Reports suggesting a lack of agreement helped send prices lower on Thursday, but participants are ultimately expected to extend the supply cut beyond an initial six-month period that runs until the end of June.欧佩克和非欧佩克产油国部长级官员将于本月底在维也纳再次会晤。报道显示,缺乏共识助长了周四的油价下跌,但预计与会国最终会把减产期限延长。原本商定的减产期为6个月,到今年6月底止。Even though global energy agencies still believe supply and demand will come into balance in the second half of this year, those crude inventories whose size can be easily tracked remain stubbornly high. The market is focused on the US stockpiles even if there are strong declines elsewhere, analysts say.虽然全球能源机构依然认为,石油供需将在今年下半年达到平衡,但那些规模很容易被追踪到的原油库存仍居高不下。分析师表示,即便其它地区的库存出现大幅下降,但市场还是专注于美国的库存。“Hopes of US stock rebalancing are being thrown into doubt,said Tamas Varga at London-based oil broker PVM.伦敦石油经纪商PVM的塔马斯?瓦尔Tamas Varga)说:“对美国库存将重新实现平衡的期待,正受到质疑。”While US energy department data showed that crude inventories declined last week, it was by less than anticipated. US gasoline stocks also climbed as refineries processed more crude oil just as demand for the fuel weakened.尽管美国能源部门的数据显示上周原油库存有所下降,但降幅低于预期。美国汽油库存还出现攀升——就在汽油需求减弱之际,美国炼油厂加工了更多原油。Meanwhile, US crude oil production increased for the 11th straight week to almost 9.3m b/d, its highest level since August 2015, according to estimates by the US government.与此同时,根据美国政府的估计,美国原油日产量连续1周增加,达到30万桶,是015月以来的最高水平。“An Opec extension is baked into market expectations, but roaring shale growth makes the sizeable but too small a cut completely lose its potency,said Jamie Webster, a fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University. “Compliance may be high but the metric of success substantial stock draws shows the inadequacy.”“欧佩克减产期延长已被纳入市场预期,但页岩油气产量势头凶猛的增长,让规模可观但仍嫌不足的减产完全起不到什么作用,”哥伦比亚大Columbia University)全球能源政策中心(Center on Global Energy Policy)研究员杰韦伯斯特(Jamie Webster)说。“即便减产可能得到严格执行,但最终目的是要实现大幅减少库存,就这一点而言,减产还不够。”来 /201705/507689A large amount of Chinese, mostly teenagers and less-educated people, believe that China’s diplomacy is too weak, and they ask the government to be tougher on China’s adversaries. How is China’s foreign policy perceived abroad?大部分中国人,特别是青少年和文化教育程度较低的人,都认为中国外交政策太软弱,要求政府需态度强硬怼对手。那么海外的你们认为中国外交政策如何呢?It’s good, but it is too one-dimensional.Chinese diplomacy is very clear about China’s goals and interests, especially when China was a developing economy. It was much easier when China was poor, but now that it is growing, the challenge is more complex.还不错,但实在是呆板得很。中国外交目的很清晰,都是基于中国的目标和利益,尤其中国是一个发展中的经济体。当中国还很穷时候,任何国际问题都可以轻易用贫困甩锅,但现在确实是越做越大,面临的挑战更加复杂。Unfortunately, Chinese diplomacy is still stuck in a historical trap inherited from imperial times. When China was strong and the dominant cultural force in east Asia, the Chinese emperors were used to having their neighbors visit their capitol, and praising Chinese culture and its dominance in the region. This resulted in the still current belief that Chinese neighbors should recognize and support Chinese dominance in the region, and that China would never have to explain the rationale behind its worldview.“When China is so superior, why should it have to explain anything?”不幸的是,中国的外交政策还沉浸在帝制时代的辉煌里。以往的中国强大并且在是主导东亚的文化力量,中国皇帝们已经习惯了他们的邻国前往繁华京城面圣,习惯了藩国赞美中国文化,习惯了周边小国奉承他们强大的统治地位。这些导致中国人普遍潜意识认为,这地盘是我的,邻国们就该承认和持中国的主导地位。中国永远不会思考这种认知对其他国家来说是否合理。中国太理所当然:“我们就是如此优越,有必要明说吗?”Of course, Beijing does not like such a strategy because it would amount to surrendering a certain amount of control, which may in turn lead to unpleasant surprises.But, it would certainly lead to China’s neighbors feeling less uneasy about China’s rise, which would lead to less likelihood of their thinking that a US military presence in the region is important for guaranteeing their security.当然,北京不喜欢寻求这样的外交策略,因为它无异于放弃一些控制权,而且可能导致某些不愉快的意外。如若不多加沟通,邻国们肯定会对中国的强大崛起感到心神不宁啦。上诉方法可让中国的邻居们弱化一些想法,例如美军很重要,能够东亚能保卫他们不受中国侵略等等。Sounds familiar to Mr. Trump’s “America First right? Because the US, as the sole superpower, has not changed since the collapse of USSR. It’s been dominant for so long that equality feels like defeat, and the prospect of equality is intolerable. It’s not that the US politicians are necessarily worse than others. If anybody happens to land in that superpower position, that guy may not behave any better either. Say, if the Superpower is the UK, or France, would it necessarily behave any better? If you look at their exploits in Africa, Southeast Asia, and all over the world, no, not necessarily. Everybody can be just as easily corrupted by the absolute power over other nations. So if China positions herself as the new regional strongman, she will immediately become the next target. The main boogeyman. That’s a given. It’s not just the US political establishment saying so. Popular sentiment in the US demands this as well.听起来很像特朗普先生说的“美国优先”,对吧因为美自苏联解体以来,就是唯一的超级大国,没有改变过长此以往,当美国一想到和其他国家可能平起平坐,就会感觉是被击败了。平等的前景是不能被容忍的并不是说美国政客一定比其他国家政客更糟糕如果有人碰巧在这个超级大国的位置,那个家伙也可能没有什么更好的表现假设现在的超级大国是英国或者法国,它会有更好的表现你看看英法在非洲,东南亚和世界各地的开拓新大陆的成绩,不,真的不一定一个国家只要有绝对性超越其他国家的权力,就极容易腐败掉所以如果中国把自己定位为新的区域性强国,那么它直接就是下个目标对于黑暗眼冒绿光的狼来说,这无疑是送上门的羔羊。并不是单纯美国政治制度如此在他们民众中,这个理论备受推崇。China has always recognized this feature of the US foreign policy since its foundation, thus its foreign policy, since Deng’s time, has always been to encourage the development of regional consolidation and cooperation. The goal is to keep a pack of regional powers moving together. So that you don’t see a clear No. 2. You see a mushrooming of No. 2, 3, 4, 5, all at the same time. So you are not sure which one is No. 2, but you know if you target one of them, both of you will lose, and you’ll only make the rest of the pack greater. For example, if the US and China fight, it’ll only make Russia or EU great again. This would not be a rational choice. As long as everybody can be persuaded by reason, there won’t be a war, because whoever is involved in a shooting war loses. This is how you can transition from one superpower to a constellation of regional powers peacefully.中国自成立以来,一直很清楚美国外交政策的这一特点,因此自邓小平之后的外交政策一直是鼓励区域合作与发展目的是促成分散的区域性力量的一体化现今世界,除了美国第一,再也看不到明确被划为第二大的力量。你只能看到在同一时间内迅速发展的的第二,第三,第四,第五美国分不清楚哪一个是第二,但他们知道一旦只瞄准其中的一个,会得不偿失,剩下的那些力量会因此迅速壮大。举个栗子,如果美中战斗,只会使俄罗斯或欧盟坐大这不是一个理性的选择只要每个人都还拥有理性,就不会有战争,因为参与进狩猎战的国家意味着失败这就是安全地在一个超级大国虎视眈眈下,过渡成为一个区域性力量中璀璨的明星的方法。Thus in China, you basically have a leftwing government telling its citizens to respect all the people, the culture, the local laws, when they go abroad, even passing out handbooks on it before they board the plane, and you have a bit of a right wing rebellious youth thingy spilling this kind of imperialistic nonsense. Xi must be fuming inside, “Of all the good stuff from other countries, you don’t learn those, and you have to learn this kind of stupid garbage! You need some more homework!”因此,在中国,基本上有一个左翼政府,告诉公民尊重世界所有的人民,文化,当地的法律,甚至在出国的时候,登机前发行的手册提醒。你也许年轻,有一点点叛逆右翼倾向,洋溢着帝国主义的气息胡说八道你们习大大听了估计要七窍生烟:“其他国家那么多优秀的东西,你不学,竟学这种愚蠢的垃圾! 滚回家再受教育吧你!“来 /201705/508456

上期节目中我们谈到了如何表达感谢。如果帮助别人的是你自己,在别人对你说谢谢的时候又应当怎样回应呢?   Don’t mention it. It’s my pleasure.   别客气,乐意效劳。   It was no trouble at all. / Nothing serious.   一点也不麻烦。   Glad to have been of help.   很高兴能帮上忙。   It’s a great honor for me to offer my help.   能够帮到你我很高兴。 /09/84856

the skys the limit! “不可限量!”英文释义(Traditional expression) Meaning there is no limit to how high or how successful something may go.例句The opportunities we have with the new project are enormous; clearly, the skys the limit!新项目带给我们的机遇很巨大,显然不可估量! /201301/220115

  搞定商务口说(上册) 11本书特色: #8231;跨文化专家执笔:  作者为美籍专业英语名师,在台教授商用英语经验丰富,深知台湾读者的特质和需求,除了 教授正统美式的口说用语外,亦能跨越文化的藩篱,提醒与西方人言商时应注意的地方。 #8231;双语学习设计:  商务口说用语中英完整呈现,附加商场应对要诀,读者双效吸收,迅速成就商务沟通高手。 #8231;信心教战:  从BIZ必通字汇、BIZ必通句型,到Show Time中的对话演练,由简而繁,引导读者循序渐进学习、不易放弃。熟读本书,反覆聆听CD,有效打造你的口说实力。 #8231;内容实用:  本书囊括所有商场上最常面临的状况:从与客户会面、接待客户,进而开会、谈判等,怎麼 说、怎麼答通通告诉你。 专题推荐: 商业英语会话 剑桥商务英语书30天突破初级 剑桥国际英语教程视频版 新编剑桥商务英语初级 新编剑桥商务英语中级 新编剑桥商务英语高级学生用书经科版 剑桥BEC集中级听力 新编剑桥商务英语中级学生用书经科版 新编剑桥商务英语高级 剑桥商务英语书30天突破中级 剑桥商务英语书30天突破高级 商务英语口语999句 剑桥国际商务英语课程 跟可可学求职英语 /200811/56477

  Jane向上司Vincent和财务专家Anna请教,如何才能摆脱信用卡债务。Anna建议说:A: You have to freeze everything and reevaluate your position. Figure out exactly - to the dollar - how much you owe and who you owe it to.J: How can I get the credit card companies to stop calling me a hundred times a day?V: (Chuckles) They can be quite persistent, cant they?A: They need to be convinced that youre serious about getting your finances in order. You will probably need to go down and speak with a bank representative.V: Your bank should be willing to reduce your debt if you can work out a repayment schedule.Anna建议Jane ;freeze everything and reevaluate your position;, 冻结一切财务活动,对现状重新评估,看自己到底欠谁钱、欠多少钱。要想让信用卡公司别没完没了地打电话催债,stop calling me a hundred times a day, 就要让他们相信,你真心想把债务付清,get the finances in order。 Anna还建议Jane去找,work out a repayment schedule,就如何分期分批还清债务达成协议。J: I think I made a bad decision with my car as well. I chose the five-year payment plan, but with the interest, its actually much more expensive than the three-year plan.A: Its very important that you do the math before you sign any papers. Can I be blunt with you?J: Yes. I can take it.A: You cant be financially healthy if youre lazy. Many people make really bad decisions just because theyre too lazy to really figure it out.V: Im sure guilty of that.J: Yes. I agree. Im going to start paying better attention.没错,在任何贷款协议上签字之前一定要do the math,把帐算清楚。Anna说,很多人在财务上犯错误都是因为懒得去算这笔帐。Vincent承认,他就是这样的人,I am sure guilty of that. 言归正传,Anna要还清债务,具体有哪些步骤呢?V: So lets see if I can summarize the plan. One: Stop spending. Two: Talk to the banks and work out a deal... and three: Pay closer attention to the fine print.A: Thats pretty much it. Becoming a financially healthy person is possible, but it takes exercise.J: So basically my brain needs to go to the gym.A amp; V: (mild chuckle)J: Thank you both very much. I appreciate your good counsel.第一:不能再随便花钱。第二:跟谈,work out a deal设法达成还钱的协议。第三:以后务必注意财务协议的细则。Anna打比方说,要做一个财务上的健康人是可能的,但需要练习。 Jane也开玩笑,说要让自己的大脑去健身房去锻炼。 /201212/213940。

  crash course -------- 速成课(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) A short but intensive period of training, usually providing only basic information.例句 Before traveling abroad as a tourist, I try to take a crash course in the language of the country I will be visiting.在去国外旅行之前,我想上个速成课,学习我要去的国家的语言。 /201503/362826

  Ill send for an electrician from the maintenance department. We can have it repaired.我派人去维修部叫一名电工来,我们能把它修好。Ill call in the maintenance man for you.我给您叫维修工来。Some part needs to be replaced. I will be back soon.有个零件需要换,我马上回来。Dont worry Were sure to have it fixed soon.别担心,我们肯定很快就修好。Im here to get your bathroom tap repaired. Whats wrong with it?我来帮您修浴室的水龙头。出什么问题了?If something goes wrong, please dial this number.如果出了什么毛病,请打这个电话。I apologize for this inconvenience.我对给您造成的不便向您道歉。Handling the Broken TV修理电视Housekeeping.客房管理部。Id like to report a broken TV in my room.我想跟你们说一下,我房间里的电视机坏了。Youre in Room 1241. correct?你是在1241房间,对吗?Yes, and my television isnt working.对。我的电视机不能用了。Im very sorry, sir. An engineer will come and check it immediately.非常抱歉,先生。马上就会有一个技师来检查的。Oh, and another thing; the people next door are very noisy.对了,还有一件事情,隔壁房间的人特别吵。Im very sorry about the noise. and we will check into it.我对此感到非常抱歉,我们会调查这件事情的。Fine, dont forget! Please send someone as soon as you can. Id really just like to sit down and enjoy a movie tonight.很好,别忘了!请尽快派人来,我今天晚上真的很想坐下来好好看一部电影。As soon as possible, sir. We have several engineers here and we can send one up immediately.先生,我们会尽快的。我们这里有好几位技师,我们可以马上派一位上去。 /201405/294196在受奖发言时使用的套语 Episode 49: Language to use when accepting an awardPaul, Anna and Tom are at an important International Plastics Conference. Its been a busy day of networking but the big boss from America, Mr Socrates, has told Paul some bad news. Before he tells the team, there is an important award to be won - the Plastic Innovation of the Year award. Will Tip Top Trading win it?Glossary 词汇This weeks programme focuses on the language that you might use if you win an award and have to make an acceptance speech.Phrases from the programme:Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of everyone at Tip Top Trading, thank you for our Award.女士们先生们,我代表 Tip Top 贸易公司的全体员工感谢大家授予我们的这一奖项。Our company is at the forefront of plastic innovation.我们公司始终站在塑料产品的创新前沿。This award is a real boost for everyone working at the company.这项殊荣对公司的每一个人都是一个巨大的激励。This award really means a lot to us.这个奖项对我们来说非常重要。 听力挑战:Tip Top 贸易公司以什么产品赢得了年度塑料创新奖?上期:听力挑战Tip Top 贸易公司被提名哪个奖?the best plastic innovation /201302/227035galore-------充足的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) In great quantity. (NOTE: follows the noun it describes)例句 After the recent rainstorms the fields are now filled with flowers galore.不久前的暴风雨让田野里长满了花朵。 /201412/344313

  Damage货物损失A:I regret to tell you that quite a number of the records and tapes were damaged.A:很遗憾告诉你,许多唱片和磁带都损坏了。B:Im sorry to hear that. But the goods left here were in perfect condition. It was possibly caused by rough handling.B:听到这事深感遗憾,可是货运走时是完好的,可能是野蛮装卸造成的。A:Most of the records were either split or wrapped, and many of them were smashed. Besides, I can assure you that there was no rough handling when the goods were unloaded.A:大多数唱片或是裂了,或是折弯了,还有很多都碎了。我可以向你保卸货时绝对没有野蛮装卸行为。B:Well, as you made the arrangement for delivery. I am afraid I cant help you.B:既然是你安排的装运,恐怕这事我没法帮你。A:Yes, we did make the arrangement for delivery. But we instructed you to wrap each piece individually and pack no more than 10 pieces into a crate to allow for easy and safe handling. But this was obviously not done with the consignment.A:是的,使我们安排的装运,可是为了搬运方便安全,我们要求你们把货品单件包装,每一版条箱不能多于10件,很显然你们这批货没有这么做。B:Have you any idea about the damage?B:你知道这批货损失多少?A:We estimate that about 305 of the goods were damaged. And the shipping charges cost us a lot. We would like either replacements or a 20% reduction in price.A:我们估计有大约30%的货损坏了,我们还花了不少运输费用。我们要求换货,或者在价格上减少20%。B:I admit that we were partially responsible for the damage. So lets meet each other half-way and compromise on a 10% reduction in price on the consignment.B:我承认我们对损失负有部分责任,那么咱们各让一半,货价减少10% 吧。 /201512/417184

  He always gets in Dutch with the boss.他经常得罪老板。get in Dutch with sb. 这个俚语来源于十七至十八世纪的“英荷之战”,当时英国人对荷兰人非常憎恨,他们在重创荷兰人之余,还在语言上得理不饶人,在许多场合都用Dutch一词表示厌恶、轻蔑之意。这个俚语的意思就是:“得罪某人”。因此,当美国人说;He always gets in Dutch with the boss.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;He always causes offence to his boss.;、;He often displeases his boss.;。情景对白:Jane: He has a high opinion of himself. The boss seems to be fed up with him.简:他这个人很自负,老板似乎很烦他。Shirley: Yes. He always gets in Dutch with the boss. Who would like to have such an employee?雪莉:是啊,他经常得罪老板,哪个老板会喜欢这样的员工啊?搭配句积累:①I think he is in great danger.我觉得他处境很危险。②Look, he is arguing with the boss again.看,他又在和老板争论了。③I think the boss will fire him soon.我想老板很快就会炒掉他。④He is not pleased with his work and pay.他对现在的工作和薪酬不满意。单词:displease vt. 使生气,使不悦Not wishing to displease her, he avoided answering the question.为了不惹她生气,他对这个问题避而不答。Because have money situation, everybody dare displease him.因为有财有势,谁也不敢得罪他。His actions greatly displease me.他的举止令我不高兴。

  搞定商务口说(上册) 14本书特色: #8231;跨文化专家执笔:  作者为美籍专业英语名师,在台教授商用英语经验丰富,深知台湾读者的特质和需求,除了 教授正统美式的口说用语外,亦能跨越文化的藩篱,提醒与西方人言商时应注意的地方。 #8231;双语学习设计:  商务口说用语中英完整呈现,附加商场应对要诀,读者双效吸收,迅速成就商务沟通高手。 #8231;信心教战:  从BIZ必通字汇、BIZ必通句型,到Show Time中的对话演练,由简而繁,引导读者循序渐进学习、不易放弃。熟读本书,反覆聆听CD,有效打造你的口说实力。 #8231;内容实用:  本书囊括所有商场上最常面临的状况:从与客户会面、接待客户,进而开会、谈判等,怎麼 说、怎麼答通通告诉你。 专题推荐: 商业英语会话 剑桥商务英语书30天突破初级 剑桥国际英语教程视频版 新编剑桥商务英语初级 新编剑桥商务英语中级 新编剑桥商务英语高级学生用书经科版 剑桥BEC集中级听力 新编剑桥商务英语中级学生用书经科版 新编剑桥商务英语高级 剑桥商务英语书30天突破中级 剑桥商务英语书30天突破高级 商务英语口语999句 剑桥国际商务英语课程 跟可可学求职英语 /200811/56707。

  to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire 刚出了油锅,又进了火炕英文释义To leave something bad and go into something worse. (NOTE: also ;to go from the frying pan into the fire;)例句The people with whom I worked previously were poorly organized but intelligent, however my new co-workers are both disorganized and quite ignorant... Ive jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.以前和我共事的人条理混乱但是聪明,可现在我的新同事不但没条理还笨得可以……我是刚出了油锅,又进了火炕啊。 /201305/241272

  第一句:Oh, Mr. Carter, I did try my best.哦,卡特先生,我已经尽力了。A: Oh, Mr. Carter, I did try my best.哦,卡特先生,我已经尽力了。B: But not enough.但是还不够。A: Honestly speaking, I did.说真的,我尽力了。第二句:I am so sorry. I broke up with John.我很抱歉。我和约翰分手了。A: I am so sorry. I broke up with John.我很抱歉。我和约翰分手了。B: Oh, dear. Sorry to hear that.哦,亲爱的,很遗憾。A: I know I shouldnt get my mood involved into work.我知道我不应该把情绪带到工作中来。背诵句型:Please pardon my carelessness.请原谅我一时马虎。Oh, my fault.哦,是我的过错。 /201307/248863

  Special requirement特殊投标A:Are there any special requirements on the project? And shall we talk around it in details?A:在项目上有什么特殊要求么?我们是否应该详细地谈一谈?B:Yes,therere some samples in our office and you can take some to study it. Besides, you see, in recent years, weve visited a diversity of factory buildings all over the world and we hope that our building is the perfect match of advanced technology and attractiveness.B:在我们的办公室内有一些样品,您可以取一些做研究。另外,近几年,我们参观了世界各地的多种厂房建筑,我们希望我们的厂房是先进技术和美观的完美结合。A:Thats a good idea. We can improve our technology to meet your special need.A:好主意。我们能够改进我们的技术来满足贵公司的特殊要求。B:And please let white color dominate.B:请以白色为主。A:OK! Ive noted it down. And any others?A:好的。我已经记下来了。还有其他要求么?B:Oh! Ive almost forgot the location was transferred to the A county in the east of the city.B:对了,我差点忘了地点转移到了市东的A县。A:Ill tell them.A:我会告诉他们。B:Well, the most important thing is that our company demand the quality be exactly the same as the sample which youll take from the office on the third floor.B:最重要的就是我们公司要求品质要与三楼办公室的样品完全一样。B:Please feel assured that well abide by our promise. And well do everything we can to ensure delivery.A:请放心,我们会遵守我们的承诺,并且我们会尽力保按时交工。B:Thanks a lot. And I believe Ill have a good time working with you.B:多谢。我相信我们会有一个愉快的合作。A:I think so. Bye !A:我也这样认为。再见!B:Bye !B:再见! /201511/407173

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