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Britain proved to be a growing attraction for business investors from China last year, with the number of entrepreneur visas issued to Chinese nationals more than doubling to 116.英国明对中国企业投资者的吸引力越来越大,去年该国向中国公民发放的创业移民签增长一倍多,至116份。The visas allow holders to start a UK business and earn fast-track citizenship.创业移民签持有人可以在英国创办企业,并通过快速通道获得英国公民身份。This compares with an annual rise of 13 per cent to 127 for US nationals, according to figures obtained by law firm Pinsent Masons for the Financial Times.品诚梅森律师事务所(Pinsent Masons)向英国《金融时报》提供的数据显示,英国去年向美国公民发放的创业移民签同比增长13%,至127份。The news comes as David Cameron prepares to visit Beijing in early December, when he is expected to say Britain is open to Chinese investment. It also supports growing evidence that the Chinese are becoming a stronger business influence in the UK, with stakes in Heathrow, Manchester’s “Airport City” and in Thames Water.上述消息传出之际,英国首相戴维?卡梅伦(David Cameron)计划于12月初访问北京,预计届时他会表示,英国将打开大门欢迎中国投资。该消息也佐了一个日益明显的迹象,即中国人在英国的商业影响力正变得越来越大——中国人在希思罗机场(Heathrow)、曼彻斯特机场“空港城”以及泰晤士水务(Thames Water)都拥有权益。Entrepreneur visas allow foreign nationals to gain UK citizenship if their business fulfils criteria on access to funding, job creation or other measures of success. If, after three years, visa holders can demonstrate they have created 10 permanent jobs in the UK or generated income of at least £5m, they will be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain.持有英国创业移民签的外国公民获得英国公民身份的条件是,他们的企业在资金、创造就业或其他成功衡量标准上达标。签持有人如果在3年后可以明他们在英国创造了10个永久性工作岗位,或者产生了至少500万英镑的收入,就能够申请永久居留。The total number of entrepreneur visas rose 87 per cent to 973 in 2012-13, up from 520 in 2011-12 and 293 the year before.英国在2012-13年度发放的创业签总数增长87%,至973份,高于2011-12年度的520份和2010-11年度的293份。“Twenty years ago, the dream for young professionals from China and other emerging markets was to get a ‘Green Card’ to work on Wall Street or Silicon Valley,” said Jill Turner, head of corporate immigration at Pinsent Masons.品诚梅森律所的创业移民主管吉尔?特纳(Jill Turner)表示:“20年前,来自中国和其他新兴市场的年轻专业人士的梦想是获得在华尔街或硅谷工作的‘绿卡’。”“But London is now seen as just as exciting. Ambitious and talented Chinese entrepreneurs are flooding to the UK to take advantage of the opportunities being created by the economic recovery here, especially in .?.?. sectors such as technology, pharmaceuticals and financial services.”“但如今他们认为伦敦同样令人振奋。雄心勃勃且具有天赋的中国企业家正大量涌入英国,以利用英国经济复苏带来的机遇,尤其是在……科技、制药和金融务等领域。”Ms Turner said the visas were popular because Britain was one of the fastest-growing economies, with an annualised growth rate of more than 3 per cent, making it an attractive place to start a business.特纳表示,创业移民签之所以受到欢迎,是因为英国是增长最为快速的经济体之一,年化增长率超过3%,这使得英国成为一个极具吸引力的创业地点。Julie Wilson, who is head of the China desk at UHY Hacker Young, an accountancy firm, said Chinese investors were coming to London because they saw it as the centre of Europe.UHY Hacker Young会计师事务所的中国部门主管朱莉?威尔逊(Julie Wilson)表示,中国投资者来到伦敦是因为他们认为这里是欧洲的中心。“If they want to work outside China, the first stop is Europe. Often those applying for these visas are young graduates who want to import the family businesses into the UK,” she said.她说道:“如果他们希望在中国以外的地区工作,首选地就是欧洲。申请此类签的人往往是那些希望将家族企业引进英国的年轻毕业生。”Other observers said one reason for the increase was last year’s closure of a visa scheme that allowed international students to stay on and work in the UK after their course had finished.其他观察人士表示,创业移民签数量增加的一个原因是,去年英国终止了允许国际学生在完成学业后留在英国工作的签项目。 /201311/265177

A Chinese investor who had just bought a French vineyard is feared dead in a helicopter crash that killed his son and is thought also to have claimed the lives of an aide and the vineyard#39;s previous owner.刚购买下法国葡萄庄园的中国投资者可能已经在直升机坠毁事故中丧生,同时还有他的儿子以及一位陪同和前葡萄园的拥有者。Lam Kok had completed the purchase of Chateau de La Riviere in the Aquitaine region of southwest France on Thursday, the vineyard#39;s marketing manager, Thierry Disclyn, told CNN.葡萄园的营销经理Thierry Disclyn告诉CNN说,Lam Kok周四完成了对法国西南部Chateau de La Riviere葡萄园的收购On Friday, Kok introduced himself to all the employees, and at about 5 p.m. local time decided to tour the estate by helicopter, Disclyn said.在周五,Lam Kok与所有员工进行了会面,在当地时间下午五点,决定乘坐直升机参观自己的产业,Thierry Disclyn说道。The helicopter, which was also carrying the vineyard#39;s previous owner, James Gregoire, Kok#39;s 11-year-old son Charles, and a representative of Lam Kok, Peng Wang, crashed into the Dordogne River.这架直升机上还有葡萄园的前庄主James Gregoire,Lam Kok的11岁儿子Charles,以及Lam Kok的一位代表Peng Wang,这架直升机坠入了多尔多涅河Police have recovered the body of Charles Kok but are still searching for the other bodies, Disclyn said.Thierry Disclyn说,警方已经找到了Charles Kok的尸体,但还在寻找别的尸体According to the local Sud Ouest newspaper, about 30 police officers and a team of divers are engaged in the search, which resumed at 8 a.m. local time.根据当地Sud Ouest报纸的报道,大约有30名警察和一个潜水队参与了这次搜救行动,并将于当地时间早上八点重新开始Lam Kok is the head of the Brilliant group, which specializes in the luxury hotel market, Sud Ouest said.Lam Kok 是Brilliant公司的董事长,专门经营奢华酒店,Sud Ouest说道。Kok wanted to turn the spectacular chateau building into a high-end resort and spa catering to wine enthusiasts, the newspaper said.Sud Ouest报纸报道称,Lam Kok想要把这个法国城堡建筑改造成高端度假区和温泉浴室,迎合葡萄酒喜好者的口味The 60-hectare Chateau de La Riviere estate, in Fronsac, east of Bordeaux, had belonged to James Gregoire since 2003. It was the largest of three vineyards owned by the Gregoire family in the region.占地60公顷的de La Riviere城堡位于波尔多东部,自2003年起就由James Gregoire所有,这是Gregoire家族在该区域所拥有的三大葡萄葡萄园中最大的一个 /201312/270153



  Global emissions of greenhouse gases jumped 2.3 percent in 2013 to record levels, scientists reported Sunday, in the latest indication that the world remains far off track in its efforts to control global warming.科学家周日表示,2013年,全球温室气体排放量增加了2.3%,达到历史新高。这个最新迹象表明,在控制全球变暖方面,国际社会的努力仍远远不够。The emissions growth last year was a bit slower than the average growth rate of 2.5 percent over the past decade, and much of the dip was caused by an economic slowdown in China, which is the world’s single largest source of emissions. It may take an additional year or two to know if China has turned a corner toward slower emissions growth, or if the runaway pace of recent years will resume.排放量去年的增幅比过去十年中2.5%的平均增长率略低,而且排放量增幅之所以下降,很大程度上是由中国经济增长放缓所引起的。中国是世界上最大的温室气体排放国。可能还需要再花一到两年时间,才能弄清楚中国排放量的增长究竟有没有放缓,还是最近数年那种极高的增速仍会持续。In the ed States, emissions rose 2.9 percent, after declining in recent years.美国的排放量在经过了最近几年的持续下降后,提高了2.9%。The new numbers, reported by a tracking initiative called the Global Carbon Project and published in the journal Nature Geoscience, came on the eve of a ed Nations summit meeting meant to harness fresh political ambition in tackling climate change. Scientists said the figures showed that vastly greater efforts would be needed to get long-term global warming within tolerable limits.这些新数据是由一个叫做全球碳计划(Global Carbon Project)的追踪项目提交的,发表在了期刊《自然·地球科学》(Nature Geoscience)上。数据公布之际,正是联合国(ed Nations)一次峰会召开前夕。此次峰会意在激发新的政治愿望来解决气候变化问题。科学家说,这些数据表明,如果要把长期的全球变暖问题控制在可以承受的范围内,还需要做出极大的努力。“You can no longer have some countries go first and others come in later, because there is no more time,” said Glen P. Peters, a scientist at the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research in Oslo, who helped compile the new numbers. “It needs to be all hands on deck now.”“不能再采取某些国家先行动,其他国家随后行动的策略,因为时间不多了,”奥斯陆国际气候与环境研究中心(Center for International Climate and Environmental Research)的科学家格伦·P·彼得斯(Glen P. Peters)说。他也参与了这些新数据的编制。“现在需要大家齐心协力。”Yet expectations for the summit meeting on Tuesday are low, with no sign of any political breakthrough that would lead to more ambitious efforts. Scientists say emissions must peak within the next few years, and then begin to decline, if the world is to have any hope of keeping global warming to an upper limit that countries agreed on five years ago. So far, no plans are in place that would come close to achieving that.不过,人们并没有对周二的峰会寄予过高期望,因为没有任何迹象表明,各国能在政治上实现突破,进而采取更有力的举措。科学家表示,要想如愿把全球变暖控制在各国五年前一致同意的上限,那么未来几年里,就必须扭转排放量上升的势头。现有的所有方案,与实现这一目标都相距甚远。Emissions have been falling gradually in recent years in most of the developed countries, in part because of economic weakness but also because of strengthening climate policies. Emissions in the 28-nation European Union fell 1.8 percent in 2013, despite increases in coal consumption in a few countries, including Germany and Poland. Emissions decreased sharply in Britain, Italy and Spain.近年来,大多数发达国家的排放量一直在逐步下降,这部分是因为不景气的经济形势,同时也是因为日益加强的气候政策。2013年,由28个国家组成的欧洲联盟(European Union)的排放量下降了1.8%,虽然德国和波兰等几个国家的耗煤量出现增加。英国、意大利和西班牙的排放量显著下降。ed States emissions had been declining because of increased burning of natural gas in power generation, which emits less carbon dioxide for each unit of energy than does coal. But the nation reported an increase in 2013 as coal regained some market share. If that trend continues, it could prove to be a challenge for the Obama administration as it seeks to institute tighter policies on greenhouse gases.美国的排放量一直在降低,这是因为发电过程中燃烧天然气的比例增加了;与煤炭相比,燃气发电每单位能量所产生的二氧化碳更少。但美国通报称,2013年的排放量有所增加,因为煤炭重新获得了一些市场份额。如果这种趋势持续下去,它可能会成为奥巴马政府的一个挑战,因为奥巴马政府正试图制定更严格的温室气体政策。For years, slow emissions declines in the West have been swamped by rising emissions in the East, and the trend continued in 2013. China’s emissions grew 4.2 percent and India’s 5.1 percent. Both countries have been constructing coal-burning power plants at a breakneck pace.多年来,西方排放量的缓慢减少,被东方排放量的日益增加所抵消。2013年,这种趋势仍在继续。中国的排放量增加了4.2%,印度增加了5.1%。中印两国一直在以极快的速度修建火力发电厂。China is spending heavily on renewable and nuclear energy as it tries to slow the growth of coal, but despite those efforts it has become by far the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Its emissions of 10 billion tons a year of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels and cement manufacturing are almost twice those of the ed States, though emissions per person are still far higher in the ed States.为了尝试遏制煤炭消耗量的增长,中国正在可再生能源和核能领域投入巨资,但尽管付出了这些努力,中国迄今为止依然是最大的温室气体排放国。中国每年因化石燃料燃烧和水泥生产排放100亿吨二氧化碳,几乎是美国的两倍,但美国的人均排放量依然远远高于中国。“China is really in a tough position,” Dr. Peters said. “Emissions have grown so much in the last 10 years or so that no matter how you look at China, it has an immense task.”“中国的处境真的很艰难,”彼得斯士说。“在过去大概十年时间里,排放量增加如此之快,不管怎么看待中国,它的任务都很艰巨。”In a separate report in early September, the World Meteorological Organization said the level of carbon dioxide in the air in 2013 was 42 percent above the level that prevailed before the Industrial Revolution. Other important greenhouse gases have gone up as well, with methane increasing 153 percent from the preindustrial level and nitrous oxide by 21 percent.在9月初发布的另一份报告中,世界气象组织(World Meteorological Organization)称,2013年大气中的二氧化碳水平,比工业革命之前的普遍水平高出42%。其他重要的温室气体含量也有所增加,与前工业化时代水平相比,甲烷增加了153%,一氧化二氮增加了21%。The increase of these and other gases from human activity has caused the planet to warm by about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit since the preindustrial era, which is causing land ice to melt all over the world. The oceans are rising at what appears to be an accelerating pace, and heat waves and torrential rains are intensifying.人类活动造成的这些气体及其他气体的增加,导致地球温度与前工业化时代相比,上升了大约1.5华氏度(约合0.8摄氏度),造成全球陆冰融化。海平面上升的速度似乎正在加快,热浪和暴雨天气越来越多。The nations of the world have agreed to try to limit the warming to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which would require that emissions slow down and then largely stop in the next 30 years or so. If they continue on their present course through the century, scientists say, the earth could warm by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit above the preindustrial level, which would likely be incompatible with human civilization in its current form.世界各国同意将地球升温控制在3.6华氏度以内,这需要在未来大约30年里,抑制温室气体排放,之后基本停止排放。科学家表示,如果在本世纪,排放量继续按照当前趋势发展,地球温度将比前工业化时代水平提高10华氏度,那将与人类文明当前的形式不再兼容。 /201409/331770

  What should western politicians be most worried about: growth, inequality, the environment, education? To judge from today’s discourse, the answer seems to be none of the above. Instead, in the past month, both Barack Obama, US president, and David Cameron, UK prime minister, have made big speeches on immigration. At the weekend Swiss voters rejected a proposal virtually to end the flow of incomers to their country. But anti-immigration parties have made strong gains in a variety of other European nations, including Sweden and Italy, in the past year.西方政界人士最应该担忧的是什么?增长、不平等、环境还是教育?从当前流行话题来判断,似乎不在其中。相反,一个多月来,美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)和英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅伦(David Cameron)都就移民问题发表了重要讲话。日前,瑞士选民否决了一项几乎不再接纳新移民的提案。但在过去一年中,反移民政党在其他多个欧洲国家——包括瑞典和意大利——取得了重大进展。Immigration is now clearly at the very centre of political debate in the west. But, in the past couple of weeks, the European and US debates have branched off in different directions.眼下,移民问题显然是西方政治辩论的核心。但在过去几周内,欧洲和美国在这一问题上的辩论走向出现了分化。Two weeks ago Mr Obama announced plans to shield millions of illegal immigrants from potential deportation. For all the bitter divisions his proposals stirred up, the likelihood is that they will ultimately help to push the American debate in a more liberal direction.不久前,奥巴马宣布了将使数百万非法移民免于被驱逐的计划。尽管他提议采取的措施激起了很大争议,最终却可能有助于推动美国移民辩论朝着自由主义的方向演变。In Europe, by contrast, the rise of populist anti-immigration parties, such as Britain’s UK Independence party and France’s National Front, is still driving the debate to the right.相比之下,英国独立党(UKIP)和法国国民阵线(National Front)等欧洲民粹主义反移民政党的崛起正将移民辩论推向更右倾的方向。Mr Cameron announced plans to restrict welfare benefits for legal migrants from the rest of the EU and to force those who fail to find a job to leave the country. Across the Channel, meanwhile, Nicolas Sarkozy, the former (and possibly future) president of France, has called for the repeal of the Schengen rules that have dismantled frontier controls within the EU.卡梅伦最近宣布的计划将限制来自欧盟其他国家的合法移民的福利,并强制那些没有找到工作的移民离境。与此同时,在英吉利海峡的另一边,法国前总统(或许以后还会再度担任总统)尼古拉#8226;萨科齐(Nicolas Sarkozy)呼吁废止在欧盟境内取消边境管控的申根协定。Despite the differences in rhetoric, the immigration numbers across the rich world are strikingly similar. Estimates by the OECD of the foreign-born population in its member states in 2011 was 11-13 per cent for the US, the UK, Germany and France. Switzerland, with a foreign-born population of 27.3 per cent, is a real outlier – which might account for the special vehemence of the debate there.尽管论调不同,发达国家的移民数据却惊人地相似。据经合组织(OECD)估测,2011年在其成员国中,美国、英国、德国和法国的外国出生人口比例均在11%到13%之间。而瑞士的这一比例达27.3%,是发达国家中真正的异数,或许这也解释了为何瑞士的移民辩论格外激烈。Rich countries are clearly a magnet for migrants from poorer nations and the pull is growing stronger. According to the OECD, the flow of global migration doubled between 2000 and 2010, compared to the preceding decade.对来自较贫穷国家的移民来说,富裕国家显然就像一块磁石,而且吸引力还在不断增强。根据经合组织的数据,2000年到2010年间,全球移民的流动规模比上个十年翻了一番。Globalisation has made both travel and communication much easier. The comparative wealth of western Europe or North America is broadcast across the world. Established immigrant communities in developed nations can help newcomers and provide legal routes into the country. And, where there is no legal route, there are always people- smugglers and the black economy.全球化使旅行和通讯更加便利。西欧和北美的相对富裕在世界各地可谓家喻户晓。发达国家成熟的移民社区能帮助新来的移民,并提供进入该国的合法途径。而且,就算没有合法途径,也总会有蛇头和黑市经济。Immigrants often do jobs that locals are unwilling or unable to perform. But they are also routinely blamed for holding down wages and for putting pressure on public services and housing. With levels of inequality rising in the west, it is not hard for populist politicians to argue that limousine liberals are benefiting from cheap, immigrant labour– while evading the social consequences.移民常常从事本地人不愿或不能从事的工作。但人们也时常指责移民拉低了薪资水平,增大了公共务和住房的压力。随着西方的不平等程度持续上升,民粹主义政治人士也就可以很方便地宣称,坐豪车的自由派人士从廉价的移民劳动力中获益——同时还能不引起社会后果。So far, so similar. But the US and European approaches are diverging. Mr Obama has taken on the anti-immigration lobby, casting them as un-American and inhumane. In Britain and the rest of Europe, however, many governments are still promising to “crack down” on immigration, in some form or another – even if political leaders such as Mr Cameron refrain from challenging the EU’s commitment to free movement of labour.到这里,美国和欧洲的情况还很相似。但美欧的策略正在出现差异。奥巴马与反移民游说团体展开了较量,称他们是反美国精神和不人道的。而在英国和欧洲其他地方,许多政府还许诺以某种形式“打击”移民,尽管卡梅伦等政治领袖仍避免挑战欧盟关于劳动力自由流动的承诺。The difference partly reflects the fact that Mr Obama is a centre-left politician and Mr Cameron is a conservative. The US Democrats also see an electoral advantage in luring the Republicans into taking a hard line on immigration, which will alienate Hispanic voters.这种差异部分源于奥巴马是中左翼的政治人士,而卡梅伦是保守主义者。美国民主党人也发现,诱使共和党人在移民问题上采取强硬态度,会让他们疏远西班牙裔选民,在选举上对民主党有利。In Europe the political calculations point in the opposite direction. Mr Cameron fears losing support to Ukip, which has made opposition to mass immigration its central theme. Other centre-right politicians in the EU, such as Mr Sarkozy, also seem most concerned about the threat from the far right.在欧洲,政治考量则指向了相反的方向。卡梅伦担心选民会转而持以反对大量移民为中心议题的英国独立党。欧盟其他中右翼的政治人士,如萨科齐,似乎也极担忧来自极右翼政治势力的威胁。Behind the politics, however, there is also an emerging difference in philosophy. Mr Cameron, Mr Sarkozy and politicians to their right still stress the language of “control”. Their argument is that voters are unhappy about high levels of immigration and that it is their duty to respond.然而,在政治的背后,美欧之间的理念差异也开始浮现。卡梅伦、萨科齐和比他们更偏右的政治人士依然强调“控制”这种措辞。他们的论点是,既然选民对大量移民不满,他们就有责任做出回应。Mr Obama, though, is taking an approach that sounds more fatalistic. He says he will strengthen border controls but adds that “tracking down, rounding up and deporting millions of people isn’t realistic”.奥巴马采取的策略听起来更顺其自然一些。他表示将加强边境管控,但他也说“追查、围堵和驱逐数百万人是不现实的。”Implicit in the Obama argument is the idea that, in the era of globalisation, rich nations are just going to have to get used to the notion that they will continue to be a magnet for migrants from poorer parts of the world. The alternative is to start turning your country into a fortress or a police state.奥巴马的论点中隐含的意思是,在全球化时代,对来自世界更贫穷地方的移民来说,富国将继续保持磁石一般的吸引力,而富国只能去适应这一点。否则就会把国家变成一个堡垒或者极权国家。There are several reasons why the Obama argument might work in the US. As the president pointed out, America was built by immigrants. It is also a continent-sized country that has plenty of space. And it has an established two-party system that makes it harder for single-issue, anti-immigration parties to gain ground.奥巴马的论点可能在美国行得通有几点原因。正如他指出的,美国是移民建立起来的国家,幅员辽阔,地方很大。而且,两党制在美国建立已久,这使单一议题的反移民政党更难在美国取得进展。But none of those conditions prevail on the other side of the Atlantic. As a result, the populist right is likely to make the running in Europe’s immigration debate for some years to come.而大西洋彼岸的国家都不具备这些条件。因此,在接下来的许多年里,民粹主义右翼势力可能还将主导欧洲的移民辩论。 /201412/347318

  The hunt for missing flight MH370 has expanded to involve 25 countries searching across swathes of ocean and much of Asia, in what has become the biggest ever search for a missing aircraft.参与搜寻马来西亚航空公司失联航班MH370的国家已增至25个,搜寻将覆盖大片海域和亚洲大片区域,从而成为规模最大的一次失踪飞机搜寻行动。Concerns over the role of the pilot intensified after it emerged that a message was radioed to air traffic control even after the first set of aircraft communications had been switched off. Giving no sign of any trouble, the pilot’s last words to Malaysian air traffic control were “all right, good night”.自从马来西亚公布,MH370在通信寻址与报告系统(ACARS)被关闭后,还向空中交通管制中心发送了一条信息,各界对飞行员所起作用的关注就开始不断加强。这位飞行员对马来西亚空管说的最后一句话是“好的,晚安”,从中看不出遇到麻烦的迹象。The sheer size of the search for the missing aircraft is likely to pose challenges for the sharing of sensitive military data, diplomats said. Hishamuddin Hussein, Malaysia’s defence and acting transport minister, said the move could bring “new challenges of co-ordination and diplomacy to the search effort”.外交人士表示,对失联航班的大规模搜索,很可能对军事敏感数据共享提出挑战。马来西亚国防部长兼代理交通部长希沙姆丁#8226;侯赛因(Hishamuddin Hussein)说,此次行动将“为搜寻工作的协调和外交带来新挑战”。“From focusing mainly on shallow seas, we are now looking at large tracts of land, crossing 11 countries, as well as deep and remote oceans.”“我们的视线从主要集中在浅海,到现在扩大到大片陆地,跨越11个国家,以及深海、远海地带。”The authorities also said the two pilots of the aircraft, which went missing eight days ago, had not requested to fly together. Police have been examining contents from the homes of both men, including a flight simulator from the home of Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the flight’s captain.马来西亚官方还表示,8天前失联的MH370的两名飞行员并未要求一起执飞。马来西亚警方已在检查两名飞行员家中物品,其中包括MH370机长扎哈里#8226;艾哈迈德#8226;沙阿(Zaharie Ahmad Shah)家中的一套飞行模拟设备。Malaysian military and civilian officials yesterday briefed diplomats from 22 countries, including those along a northern and southern “corridor” of flight paths along which the aircraft may have flown. Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak, on Saturday said the aircraft’s likely location, based on its last communication with a satellite, was in one of two possible corridors, one stretching from Kazakhstan to northern Thailand and another stretching from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.马来西亚军方和政府昨日向22个国家的外交官介绍情况,其中包括MH370有可能飞往的两条南北走廊地带上的国家。马来西亚总理纳吉布#8226;拉扎克(Najib Razak)上周六表示,根据MH370最后一次与卫星的联系,其方位很可能在两大走廊中的一个,一条是从哈萨克斯坦到泰国北部,另一条是从印度尼西亚到印度洋南部。Mr Najib said that, based on satellite information, the jet’s Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting system was disabled just before it reached the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.纳吉布表示,根据卫星数据,MH370的通信寻址与报告系统在飞机到达马来西亚半岛东海岸之前就已经被关闭。Mr Hishamuddin said: “We are currently discussing with all partners how best to deploy assets along the two search希沙姆丁说:“我们现在正与所有参与方讨论如何最好地在两条走廊上部署搜寻工作。在现阶段,南北两条走廊同等重要。” /201403/280278Charles Abior and his family have been doing business in China for more than 40 years, but this debonair Nigerian says he was denied entry to the recent Canton trade fair owing to fears that he was an Ebola carrier.查尔斯#8226;艾比奥(Charles Abior)和他的家人在中国做了40多年生意。然而,这名乐观自信的尼日利亚人表示,由于担心他是埃拉病毒携带者,最近举办的广交会不让他入内。Now police call his hotel regularly and government doctors show up to take his temperature every few days. “I keep telling them, Nigeria is Ebola free,” says the businessman, who buys cosmetics in China and sells them in Nigeria.中国警方会定期给他所在的酒店打电话,政府派出的医生每过几天就会来给他量体温。这位商人表示:“我一直在告诉他们,尼日利亚没有出现埃拉疫情。”艾比奥在中国采购化妆品,然后在尼日利亚销售。Africans around the world – even those from countries far removed from the west African nations most affected by the virus – are feeling the brunt of public panic from locals who fear they may catch the ded virus from them.全球各地的非洲人都感受到了民众的恐慌,当地人担心会被他们传染上可怕的埃拉病毒。即使他们来自的国家与埃拉疫情最严重的西非国家远隔千山万水,也能感受到这种冲击。China, with its 1.4bn population and overcrowded cities, has had no confirmed cases of Ebola, and controls on the media appear to have kept the level of public concern relatively low. Beijing will do whatever it takes to keep Ebola out of China, including effectively banning some Africans from the recent Canton fair and enlisting hotels to help monitor others. After being turned away from the fair, Mr Abior travelled to Yiwu, the vast international market town in eastern China where African traders come in their thousands to buy everything from rubber gloves to hairbands, from bedsheets to women’s underwear, from 200,000 vendors. Yiwu is on the frontline of Beijing’s efforts to keep Ebola out of China, along with Guangzhou, host of the Canton fair.中国有14亿人口,而且城市人口极为密集。目前,中国并未确诊埃拉病例,政府似乎也已通过对媒体的监控,将公众的担忧保持在相对较低的水平上。为了把埃拉病毒封堵在中国之外,中国政府会采取一切可能措施,包括从实质上禁止部分非洲人参加近期的广交会,以及要求酒店帮助监控其他非洲人。在被广交会拒之门外后,艾比奥来到了义乌。义乌是华东一个规模巨大的国际化集镇,数以千计的非洲商人来到这里,从20万摊贩手中购买从橡胶手套到束发带、从床单到女式内衣在内的各种东西。和主办广交会的广州市一样,义乌也是中国政府将埃拉病毒封堵在中国境外的前沿阵地。Lin Songtian, head of the Africa bureau at the foreign ministry, said: “China has instituted strict controls at airports and customs entry ports, in line with worldwide practice.”中国外交部非洲司司长林松添表示:“我们按照国际社会通行做法,在机场、海关等边境口岸采取诸如检测体温、填写登记表、预留联系电话等措施,但没有禁止非洲公民来华旅游、经商和开展合作。”But it is a balancing act: Beijing needs to protect the local population without offending Africa, at a time when its trade and investment ties with the continent are increasingly crucial to its foreign policy. Beijing insists it has not formally restricted entry to China by the three countries most affected by Ebola: Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.不过,中国政府这么做需要权衡两方面的因素。一方面,他们需要保护本国民众。另一方面,与非洲的贸易和投资联系在中国外交政策中日趋重要,中国必须确保相关措施不会冒犯非洲。中国政府坚称,对于几内亚、塞拉利昂和利比里亚这三个埃拉疫情最严重的国家,中国并未正式限制人们从这三国进入中国。Canton fair officials say the local government told them to reject visitors from those three countries as well as Congo – even though China’s foreign and health ministries do not consider Congo to have an Ebola epidemic. Gao Fu, vice-director of the China Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, says if the epidemic in Africa continues, it is “just a matter of time” before China sees its first Ebola case. “But I don’t think there will be an extensive outbreak in China, since China has set up a very good infectious disease control and prevention system on the basis of lessons we learnt during the Sars [outbreak]” about a decade ago, he says.广交会的有关官员表示,当地政府已要求他们拒绝来自以上三国及刚果的访客——尽管中国外交部和卫生部并不认为刚果出现了埃拉疫情。中国疾病预防控制中心(China Centre for Disease Control and Prevention)副主任高福表示,只要非洲疫情继续扩散,中国出现首例埃拉感染者就“只是个时间问题”。不过他还表示:“自从(大约十年前)SARS爆发以后,我们国家建立起了公共卫生防控体系、全国的联防联控机制,再加上各个地区的疾病预防控制的基础设施,大规模爆发的可能性是没有的。”In Yiwu, Jason Ding, manager of the Longteng Hotel, is part of that system. “Currently, we mainly target countries that have a serious Ebola epidemic #8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;We take the temperature of the guests from [those] countries when they check in and also in the morning and afternoon,” he says. “We disinfect everything in the lift that can be touched by human hands,” along with television remote controls, chair arms, telephones and tables, he says.在义乌,龙腾宾馆的丁经理是这一联防联控机制的一部分。他说:“目前,我们主要关注的是埃拉疫情严重的国家……我们会在(相关)各国旅客入住时为他们测量体温,并在每天早晚各量一次体温。”他还表示,电视机遥控器、沙发扶手、电话和桌面以及“电梯中所有人手可能接触的部位都会采取消毒措施。”“When the guest checks out, we infrared sterilise the tea cups,” he adds. But most of Mr Ding’s current guests are Nigerians who arrived after the country was declared Ebola free, “So our job is almost finished. Most Africans in Yiwu are Nigerians or Ugandans” with few from Ebola zone countries, he says.他还补充说:“客人离店后,我们还会对茶杯采取红外杀菌措施。”不过,在丁经理目前的客人中,多数都是尼日利亚人,他们都是在尼日利亚被宣告不存在埃拉疫情之后来到义乌的。他说,“所以我们的工作已基本结束。义乌多数非洲人都是尼日利亚人或乌干达人”,很少来自埃拉疫区国家的人。Zhang Zhengbing, an Yiwu taxi driver, says “so long as I don’t shake hands with them it should be OK”, echoing government advice to restrict hugging and handshaking. But Mr Abior says that does not bother him, adding that he does not feel any fear or ostracisation from the local population. “Most Chinese don’t do much handshaking anyway,” he says. “How often do they hug you normally?” he asks with a grin.义乌出租车司机张正兵表示,“只要我不跟他们握手就应该没事”,这话与中国政府关于尽量不要拥抱和握手的建议完全一致。不过,艾比奥表示这并未对他造成困扰,并称他没有感到当地人的恐慌和排斥。他说:“反正多数中国人都很少握手。”他还咧嘴笑着问道:“你说他们一般会多久拥抱你一次?” /201411/340807



  Even those who know little about China have heard of its policy limiting most couples to one child. The 1980 law in the world#39;s most populous country was originally intended to tame fears that a surging population would suck up resources and hurt growth. Birthrates plunged to 1.64 children per woman in 2011 from 4.77 in the 1970s, but the policy has led to countless troublesome consequences over the years, including forced sterilizations and abortions and a shortage of women in a country that overwhelmingly prefers boys over girls.即便是对中国所知不多的人,也听说过计划生育政策,这项政策限制大部分中国夫妇只能生一个孩子。1980年,这个全球人口最多的国家颁布了这一法律,其原意是出于对人口增长过快所带来的资源消耗和伤害经济增长的担忧。中国的人口出生率从70年代的每名妇女生育4.77个儿童锐减至2011年的1.64个,但是这些年来,这一政策显示出了无数后遗症,包括强制绝育和流产,以及重男轻女导致的女性人口短缺失衡。Last week, leaders pledged to relax the one-child policy, allowing couples to have two children if one parent is an only child. Currently, couples are restricted to one child unless both parents are only children and rural families are allowed to do so if their first child is a girl. The policy change comes as China seeks to address a looming shortage of workers in the face of a rapidly aging population. Such demographic changes could also ripple across an unexpected part of China#39;s economy -- its booming housing market.上周,中国领导人表示将放宽计划生育政策,允许有一方为独生子女的夫妇生二胎。目前,除非夫妻双方都是独生子女,否则仍只能要一个孩子;如果农村家庭的第一个孩子是女孩的话,可以生第二胎。政策变化的原因在于中国正寻求解决人口迅速老龄化背后所隐现的劳工短缺问题。这一人口结构的变化也将出人意料地影响到中国经济的某一块——蓬勃发展的房地产市场。Property prices have spiked dramatically, making it unaffordable for many Chinese to buy. And studies have found that the rapid rise of China#39;s home prices is linked to its widening gender imbalance. Because there are many more men than women (a ratio of 1.15 men of marriage age of 15 to 30 years old for every woman), China#39;s dating scene has become ultra-competitive.房价长期上涨,已超出了很多中国人的承受范围。一些研究发现,中国房价的飙升与日益扩大的男女比例失衡有关。因为男性比女性多很多(15-30岁适婚年龄段中的男女比例为1.15:1),中国的婚恋竞争已变得异常激烈。While nothing says ;Will you marry me?; quite like a shiny diamond in the U.S., an engagement in China typically comes with a home. To be considered marriage material, men are expected to either own property or have enough for a down payment; as a result, between 2003 and 2009, as much as 48% (or trillion worth) of the rise in property values across China#39;s 35 major cities is linked to the nation#39;s gender imbalance, according to a 2012 study by Columbia University professor Shang-Jin Wei.在美国,闪闪发光的钻石是“你愿意嫁给我吗?”的最佳代言,然而,在中国,求婚的典型必备品是房子。作为挑选如意郎君的标准,女性往往期待男性要么拥有自己的房产,要么有足够的首付;正因为如此,哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)教授魏尚进2012年所做的调查显示,2003-2009年间,在中国35个主要城市中,房价上涨的部分中高达48%(价值约合8万亿美元)都与国内男女比例失衡有关。With China easing its one-child policy, however, demand for housing could eventually fall.然而,随着中国放宽计划生育政策,房屋需求量最终有可能下降。Wei cites two reasons: It could take another 10 to 15 years before China sees any fundamental changes, but giving more couples a chance to have two children would help balance the male-to-female ratio. And if more men can find wives, it would help ease China#39;s super competitive marriage market.魏尚进列举了两个原因:虽然中国要在10-15年之后才能看到重大的变化,但是给更多的家庭生二胎的机会将有助于平衡男女比例。如果适婚女性数量增多,那么中国婚恋市场异常激烈的竞争将有望得到缓和。Also, raising the birthrate would compel citizens to save less. Because China#39;s government invests so little on medical coverage, education, and other social safety nets, most Chinese save overwhelmingly more than they spend. They often store their money by buying up real estate, but with more children, couples would need to spend more. More than that, such couples would enjoy a wider safety net in a country where children are expected to take care of their elderly parents (Yup, that#39;s right -- in China, visiting mom and dad is the law).此外,生育率的提升将迫使公民减少储蓄。因为中国政府在医疗覆盖、教育和其他社会保障网络领域的投资甚少,大多数中国人更愿意攒钱,不愿意花钱。他们往往会通过购买房地产的方式来存钱,但是孩子越多,需要花销的地方也就越多。除此之外,这样的夫妇也将享有更多的保障,因为孩子有望会给他们养老(没错,的确如此——在中国,看望父母已被写入法律)。It#39;s unclear how Chinese families would respond to a relaxed policy. After all, rising housing and education costs have made couples in urban areas prefer having only one child.我们仍不清楚政策放宽后中国家庭会有什么样的反应。毕竟,房价和教育开销的上涨让城镇家庭宁愿只要一个孩子。It has been estimated the policy change could add 1 to 2 million more births every year, in addition to the approximately 15 million births a year today. Wei says as incomes rise in the world#39;s second largest economy, it#39;s likely that more couples will have more children.目前,中国每年的新生婴儿数量约为1500万,据估计,计划生育政策的变化每年将为中国新添1-2百万的人口。魏尚进表示,随着世界第二大经济体国民收入的不断增加,想多生孩子的夫妇可能会越来越多。All this could make homes more affordable over the next several years; that is, of course, if the Chinese choose to have more babies.所有这些因素可能将在未来几年内让房价更平易近人;当然,前提是中国家庭愿意生更多的孩子。 /201311/266014

  China-Nestled among tiny farms in this rural outpost outside Shanghai is a huge, supersanitary chicken farm-a bold bet by Tyson Foods Inc. that it can thrive in China by overhauling a decades-old business model. 在上海周边的农村地区散落的小农场中间,坐落着泰森食品公司(Tyson Foods Inc.)的一家超大型、极其清洁的养鸡场。这是泰森食品的一次大胆押注,寻求通过彻底改变存在了几十年的商业模式在中国市场获得成功。 Instead of buying chickens from independent farmers, as Tyson long has done world-wide, the company is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to build its own farms in China. The effort is aimed at making inroads in a crucial growth market by addressing one of the country#39;s most vexing problems: food safety. 泰森食品斥资数亿美元在中国建设自己的养鸡场,而不是从农村散养农户手中收购鸡只,这也是该公司长期以来在全球各地的一贯做法。这样做的目的在于,通过因应“食品安全”这一让中国人最感苦恼的问题,进入中国这个至关重要的增长市场。 On a recent afternoon, 330,000 chickens graze in 16 ventilated buildings, each about the area of two Olympic swimming pools. Video cameras monitor the interiors, where the faint sound of chirps mix with the whir of big fans. Workers don sterilized uniforms and shoes. Every delivery truck entering the grounds is sprayed three times with disinfectant. 不久前的一天下午,记者看到33万只鸡在16个通风良好的鸡舍里进食,每个鸡舍的面积都有两个奥运泳池那么大。有摄像头对鸡舍的内部进行监控,鸡舍内,鸡只的叫声和大型风扇的嗡嗡声夹杂在一起。工人们穿着消过毒的制和鞋。每一辆驶入养鸡场的卡车都要喷三次消毒剂。 Tyson aims by 2015 to run 90 such farms in China and supply its processing plants here almost exclusively with company-raised broilers, as chickens raised for meat are called. Today the Springdale, Ark., company has 20 farms in China. Three years ago, none. The goal is to double production in China to three million birds a week for supermarkets and restaurants to help offset sluggish growth in the U.S. 泰森食品的目标是,到2015年之前在中国运营90个这样的养鸡场,该公司在中国的加工工厂所需的肉鸡几乎完全来自自己的养鸡场。如今,这家总部位于阿肯色州斯普林代尔(Springdale)的公司在中国的养鸡场数量已经从三年前的零增加到20个。泰森食品的目标是,在中国实现产量翻番,达到每周向超市和餐厅供应300万只,以对冲美国市场增长疲软的影响。 #39;We just can#39;t build the [chicken] houses fast enough, and we#39;re going absolutely as fast as we know how to go,#39; says Tyson Chief Executive Donnie Smith. 泰森食品首席执行长史密斯(Donnie Smith)说,我们建鸡舍的速度还不够快,但我们的速度绝对已经在我们力所能及的范围内尽可能地快了。 Tyson has competition. Chinese companies, such as KFC supplier Fujian Sunner Development Co. 002299.SZ +0.09% , dominate the market and are expanding. Many are working to modernize their food-production system, sometimes with their own company farms. Acquiring new technology and safety practices was a reason for this year#39;s .7 billion takeover of U.S.-based pork processor Smithfield Foods Inc. by China#39;s Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd. 泰森食品也面临着竞争。包括肯德基(KFC)的供应商福建 农发展股份有限公司(Fujian Sunner Development Co.)在内的中国公司主宰着这一市场,而且规模也越来越大。很多公司都在努力实现食品生产体系的现代化,一些公司还建立了自己的养鸡场。今年,中国的双汇国际控股有限公司(Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd.)以47亿美元收购美国的猪肉加工商Smithfield Foods Inc.,原因之一就是要获取新的技术和安全操作。 Tyson doesn#39;t disclose its investment costs or revenue by country. But CLSA Americas LLC estimates that Tyson#39;s China revenue was about 5 million in the fiscal year that ended in September and will reach .1 billion by fiscal 2015. 泰森食品不按国别披露其投资成本或营收。不过,CLSA Americas LLC估计,在截至今年9月份的这个财年里,泰森食品在中国的营收大约为7.15亿美元,到2015财年将达到11亿美元。 In the U.S., where Tyson is the largest meat processor by sales, the company contracts with 4,000 farmers to raise the chickens that Tyson processes. The farmers raise about 100,000 birds at a time, shouldering the risk and navigating the logistical hassles. 按销售额计,泰森食品是美国最大的肉类加工厂商,该公司与4,000家农场签订了协议,该公司加工的鸡只由这些农场饲养。这些农场在同一时间内饲养的鸡大约有10万只,农场自己承担风险和物流成本。 But that doesn#39;t fly in China, which is dominated by small-scale farms. Small poultry farms, which may have only a few hundred birds each, are hard to monitor to prevent disease and deter excessive use of the feed additives that speed animal growth. 然而,在主要以小规模养饲养场为主的中国,这种做法行不通。小型家禽饲养场一次可能仅饲养数百只家禽,很难监控并预防疾病,而且也很难防止通过过度使用饲料添加剂来加快家禽生长。 Such food-safety problems are hindering companies#39; efforts to tap a growing demand for meat in China#39;s emerging middle class. China overtook the U.S. last year as the world#39;s largest consumer of chickens. But since then, a new bird-flu outbreak and other health scares have triggered sharp declines in sales. 中国新兴的中产阶级对肉类食品的需求在不断增长,但上述食品安全问题正在阻碍各个企业为满足这些需求所作的努力。去年,中国取代美国成为全球最大的鸡肉消费国。但之后,新型禽流感疫情爆发以及其他健康问题又导致销售额出现大幅下降。 Yum Brands Inc., which counts on China for about half the company#39;s billion in global revenue, blamed consumer concerns over chicken for weaker sales at Yum#39;s KFC outlets. The company cut ties this year with some small-scale suppliers after several vendors were investigated for using excessive levels of antibiotics. 百胜餐饮集团(Yum Brands Inc.)全球140亿美元的收入中有大约一半来自中国。该公司将旗下肯德基(KFC)餐厅销售额下降归咎于消费者对鸡肉的担忧。由于调查发现一些供应商使用过量抗生素,该公司今年与一些小规模供应商断绝了业务关系。 China#39;s chicken market is central to Tyson#39;s plan to increase its sales from international production by at least 12% annually over the next few years. Tyson, which generated billion in global revenue for fiscal 2013, has processed chicken in China since 2001. Lately, though, the company hasn#39;t turned a profit in the country because of its investments in new farms and processing plants. The company expects to be profitable in China by the fourth quarter of fiscal 2014. 泰森食品计划在未来数年让国际产品销售额每年实现至少12%的增幅,而中国鸡肉市场对该公司实现这一计划十分关键。泰森食品自2001年以来一直在中国加工鸡肉,该公司2013财年全球收入达到340亿美元。但近来,由于该公司对新饲养场和加工工厂进行投资,公司在中国的业务一直未能实现盈利。泰森食品预计2014财年第四季度前在中国实现盈利。 After a decade of purchasing birds from independent farmers, Tyson determined it needed to take over production. #39;It became apparent we have less control over product quality and safety when we buy chickens available on the open market,#39; says Malik Sadiq, the chief operating officer of Tyson#39;s China division. 过去10年,泰森食品一直从独立饲养场那里收购家禽,现在该公司确定需要自己来饲养。该公司中国业务首席运营长萨迪克(Malik Sadiq)说:很明显,当我们在公开市场上购买鸡时,我们对产品质量和安全的控制不够。 Tyson says that while operating farms raises costs, it also gives the company direct oversight of production, enabling it to use biosecurity measures. For example, its chicken houses are covered, unlike at many Chinese farms, protecting the animals from the droppings of migrating birds that can carry diseases such as bird flu. 泰森食品说,虽然经营饲养场会增加成本,但此举也让公司可以直接监控生产,令公司可以采用生物安全措施。比如说,和中国的养鸡场不一样,泰森食品的鸡舍是有屋顶的,这样可以保护鸡群免受迁徙过程中候鸟粪便的污染,候鸟粪便可能携带禽流感等病毒。 Tyson hopes that safe products will help build its retail brand in a country where it is little known. 泰森食品在中国还不为人所熟知,该公司希望安全的产品将有助于公司在中国打造其零售品牌。 The payoff could be significant. Poultry sales here have been growing faster than those of pork, China#39;s favorite meat, in part because chicken is less expensive. Retailers and fast-food companies are expanding and looking for safe suppliers. The bulk of Tyson#39;s chicken sales in China today are to wholesalers and other meatpackers that use the meat in sausage and other products. About 20% of its sales by volume is for the fast-food sector. 这样做可能带来巨大的回报。中国家禽销售的增速超过了中国人喜爱的猪肉,部分原因在与鸡肉相对便宜。零售商和快餐企业正在扩张,都在寻找安全的供应商。目前,泰森食品在中国销售的鸡肉主要面向批发商以及其他将鸡肉用于生产香肠和其他产品的肉类加工商。该公司销量的大约20%是面向快餐行业。 Minnesota-based Cargill Inc. started processing chicken in China this past spring, opening its own farms and plants as part of a 0 million investment. And Illinois-based OSI Group Inc., a supplier to McDonald#39;s Corp., said recently that it had expanded the poultry farms it operates in China through a joint venture. 总部设在明尼苏达州的嘉吉公司(Cargill Inc.)今年春季开始在中国加工鸡肉。作为一项2.5亿美元投资的一部分,该公司在中国开设了自己的饲养场和工厂。麦当劳(McDonald#39;s Corp.)供应商、总部设在伊利诺伊州的OSI Group Inc.不久前表示,该公司通过一家合资企业扩大了其在中国经营的家禽饲养场。 Building farms is complicated and capital-intensive. Gaining rights to China#39;s scarce agricultural land is difficult. Tyson must find plots without neighbors who raise poultry to mitigate the sp of disease. Government approval of leases can take months, if not years, according to industry executives. 建养鸡场不仅复杂,而且需要大量资本。获取中国稀缺的农业用地权十分困难。泰森食品须找到四周没有家禽饲养的地块,这样可减少疾病的传播。业界高管表示,政府对租赁权的审批可能需要数月、甚至数年时间。 Mr. Sadiq, the Tyson operating chief, says the tax revenue the company provides help its case with officials. But analysts say that provincial authorities generally give preference to local companies. When Tyson gets approval, it often pays compensation or rent to current farmers. 泰森食品首席运营长萨迪克说,公司缴纳的税款会有助于完成政府审批。但分析人士说,省级主管部门一般会优先考虑地方企业。泰森食品若拿到审批,往往要向当前用那些地的农民付赔偿金或租金。 China#39;s national government generally has supported the move to larger farms to modernize production and improve food safety. The government also has aided the commercial chicken industry by reducing the number of so-called wet markets, where live birds and other farm products are sold to consumers and where viruses can circulate easily. 中国中央政府一般来说对农场扩大规模以实现现代化生产和提高食品安全的做法持持态度。此外,政府还会通过减少传统市场来辅助商业鸡肉产业。传统市场是指将活禽和其它农产品直接卖给消费者的市场,病毒可轻易传播。 Tyson has had to build roads and bridges and install electrical lines. Cargill is making similar investments, including building 30 miles of roads near its operations in Anhui, a relatively poor eastern province, and splitting the cost with the local government for installing 300 miles of electrical lines. 泰森食品不得不修路搭桥和安装电线。嘉吉目前也在进行类似投资,包位于在中国相对贫困的东部省份安徽该公司农场附近修建30英里(约48公里)的公路,并与当地政府分摊安装300英里(约480公里)电线的费用。 #39;Embarking on these projects in rural China requires just immense complexity,#39; says Christopher Langholz, who heads Cargill#39;s animal-protein business in China. 嘉吉动物蛋白中国区总裁梁厚哲(Christopher Langholz)说,在中国农村开展这些项目极为复杂。 Still, executives believe it will pay off. Retailers are selling upscale labels and imported foods to consumers who believe that such products are safer than what is available at traditional markets. 尽管如此,高管们仍认为此举十分划算。零售商目前在销售高档和进口食品,消费者们认为这些产品比传统市场上的食品更安全。 Tyson says its strategy aly is winning more business from restaurant chains and retailers. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. #39;s chief executive for China, Greg Foran, says Tyson has helped minimize the retailer#39;s risk by providing a safe, controlled supply. 泰森食品说,这一策略已经让公司从连锁餐厅和零售商那里获得了更多业务。沃尔玛连锁公司(Wal-Mart Stores Inc.)中国业务首席执行长高福澜(Greg Foran)说,由于泰森提供了安全可控的产品供应,沃尔玛的风险降到了最低。 Tyson aims to expand retail sales to 20% of its volume in China from 10% today. But that will require building name recognition and persuading consumers to buy packaged breasts and wings instead of entire birds recently slaughtered at market-and to pay more for chicken billed as higher quality. 泰森食品的目标是将在华零售数量占公司销售总数的比例从目前的10%增至20%。但这不仅要建立品牌识别度,还要说消费者购买包装好的鸡胸和鸡翅,而不是在市场上买刚刚屠宰好的整鸡,并且让他们愿意为所谓高品质的鸡肉花更多钱。 #39;Chinese customers don#39;t pay,#39; says James Rice, a former vice president of Tyson#39;s operations in China who now works for a Chinese liquor company. #39;In China, 20% of customers have the purchasing power and the other 80% will buy the cheapest thing.#39; 泰森食品前中国区运营副总裁、现供职于中国某白酒企业的赖斯(James Rice)说,中国消费者不会花这个钱的;在中国,只有20%的消费者有购买力,其余80%则是捡便宜东西买。 Macy Lu, a 40-year-old homemaker in Shanghai, says she bought Tyson chicken recently because the deboned and skinned thighs were more convenient than what she would have bought elsewhere. It was a #39;bit more expensive,#39; she says, but she felt safer buying the Tyson chicken because of the production date on the label. #39;If there is any problem, at least it#39;s traceable.#39; 40岁的上海家庭主妇Macy Lu说,自己近来买的是泰森鸡肉,因为这些鸡大腿无骨无皮,相较其它地方的鸡腿更为方便。她说,泰森鸡肉是要稍微贵一点,但感觉更安全,因为商标上有生产日期。她说,如果有任何问题,至少是可以追溯的。 /201312/268155

  Travellers from China are powering a rise in Asian regional tourism spending that is outstripping economic growth but could leave infrastructure in some countries lagging in its wake.中国游客正成为推动亚洲地区旅游业出上升的动力,但也让一些国家的基础设施显得跟不上需求。Growing arrivals from the Middle Kingdom have fuelled double-digit annual rises in visitor receipts in popular cities, as expanding air routes make trips more cost-effective.随着空中航线增多让旅行变得更划算,中国游客不断增多,推动一些亚洲热门城市的年度游客接待量实现了两位数增长。Bangkok’s rebound after a big hit last year from its political crisis highlights the unquenched appetite of a generation of newly wealthy Chinese for venturing south, in volumes that have at times left some destinations feeling overwhelmed.曼谷旅游业去年因泰国政治危机受到严重冲击,但如今已有所恢复,凸显了中国新一代富裕人群去东南亚旅游的愿望是多么的无法遏制。中国游客的数量之多,经常让一些旅游地感到难以承受。Asian cities accounted for half the top 10 most popular overnight visitor destinations worldwide, according to a report published by MasterCard on Wednesday. Individuals’ spending in Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo has increased by compound annual rates of at least 9.7 per cent over the past six years, even if their fortunes varied last year.万事达(MasterCard)周三发布的一份报告显示,在全球十大最受欢迎的旅游目的地里,亚洲城市占了一半。过去6年里,游客在曼谷、新加坡、首尔、台北和东京的人均出复合年增长率起码为9.7%,尽管去年他们的财富状况发生了变化。China is providing the impetus throughout, with visitor numbers to its old enemy Japan climbing more than three-quarters last year. Spending across the region is also being lifted by shopping mall developments and the rise of niche sub-industries, such as health tourism in Singapore and halal tourism in Malaysia.这6年里,中国始终是这一趋势的推动力量,去年前往宿敌日本的中国游客增加了逾四分之三。中国游客在亚洲地区出的增多,部分也因大型购物中心的发展以及一些小众旅游市场的崛起——比如新加坡的健康游和马来西亚的清真美食游。Mainland Chinese tourist arrivals in Thailand in March more than doubled year on year to almost 680,000, according to government statistics, also taking them far past their pre-troubles 2013 level. China and other Asian countries accounted for almost two-thirds of total tourist visitors to Thailand in March, up from just over 50 per cent last year, while Europe’s share fell from 32 per cent to 21 per cent.泰国政府统计数据显示,今年3月前往该国的中国大陆游客同比增加了一倍多,达到近68万人次,也远远超过该国局势动荡之前的2013年的水平。3月,中国和其他亚洲游客几乎占到前往泰国的游客总量的三分之二,超过去年略高于二分之一的水平,而欧洲游客的比例从32%降到了21%。It has not all been plain sailing, however, as the visitor upturn has once again stoked worries over long-delayed projects to improve Thailand’s creaking transport and resort infrastructure.然而,形势并非一片大好。游客增多再次让人们对泰国一些长期延迟的项目感到担忧——这些项目旨在改善泰国本已不堪重负的交通和度假基础设施。There has also been a spate of negative coverage about the behaviour of some Chinese holidaymakers, including air rage, public defecation and drying underwear at a temple. But critics of the tales say they are unrepresentative, inevitable given the large number of visitors — and humdrum companion pieces to infamous stories about the conduct of some Britons and other westerners.近日也出现了一连串有关中国度假者的负面报道,包括他们在飞机上闹事、在公共场所大小便和在寺庙中晾晒内衣。但批评者表示,这些现象没有代表性,在大量游客到来的情况下难以避免,跟一些英国人和其他西方人的不雅举止没什么区别。 /201506/379332

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