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Lily is sick in bedMom:Lily! Why arent you up and y school?Lily:I dont feel so good, Mom.Mom:Lily, if youre acting sick just because you want to play hooky...Lily:[Coughing] No, Mom. Im really sick.Mom:Oh, that a nasty cough. Let me feel your head. [feels her ehead] Youre on fire!参考译文:莉莉生病躺在床上妈妈:莉莉!怎么还不起床准备上学?莉莉:妈,我不舒妈妈:莉莉,如果你为了想逃课而装病……莉莉:(咳嗽)不是,妈我真的病了妈妈:喔,咳得蛮严重的我摸摸你的头(摸她的额头)你好烫!重点词汇:act sick装病I need to act sick so my mom lets me stay home from school.我得装病,我妈才让我待在家里不上学play hooky逃课I would play hooky every day if I could.要是可以,我会天天逃课cough (v.,n.)咳嗽A: What wrong with you now?你怎么了?B: I have a cough.我咳嗽了on fire着火,这是发烧的夸张说法,表示额头烫得像着火似的「发烧」是get a fever,「发冷」则是have the chillsOur house is on fire!我们家着火了! 359561Nate:Guess what, Gilly? I won both bids.Gilly:Good you. Did you use PayPal?Nate:Yeah. It was so easy and super-fast, once I figured it out.Gilly:That the beauty of it, and the danger.Nate:I should get the items within a week. But in the meantime Im bidding on a digital camera.Gilly:How much?Nate:Thirty U.S. dollars...and it only been used six months.Gilly:Hmmm, sounds like risky business. Good luck.参考译文:奈特:你猜怎样着,吉莉?我两个拍卖都得标了吉莉:真有你的你是用PayPal付款吗?奈特:有啊我一搞清楚后,就发现它真是简单又迅速吉莉:这就是它的美好之处,也是危险的地方奈特:我应该会在一个星期内收到东西但在此同时,我正在标一台数字摄影机吉莉:多少钱?奈特:三十块美金……而且只用过六个月吉莉:嗯,听来是个有风险的交易祝好运啦重点词汇:lounge(饭店、旅馆、公司等的)休息室,会客厅A: Let meet at five in the office lounge.我们五点在公司大厅见B: OK, see you there.好,到时见figure out理解,想明白I can never figure out how to play this game.我永远都搞不懂怎么玩这款电动游戏in the meantime在此之际,在这段时间里A: When will you be back from work?你下班回来是几点?B: At six. In the meantime, you can do the laundry.六点在此同时你可以洗衣digital camera数字摄影机I just bought a digital camera.我刚买了一台数字摄影机

《飞黄腾达东家美国;地产之王;唐纳德-特朗普虽然商界看他残酷无情,但熟悉者却认为他心地善良;因为他的招摇,一度有人认为他是美国最讨人嫌的富翁现在唐纳德-特朗普参加总统竞选?本期嘉宾比尔马赫带您走近唐纳德-特朗普?I see, Donald Trump and his pretended campaign.我明白了,唐纳德;特朗普和他的假装运动First of all, I disagree with your premise, but I will say this: I dont know why we are taking him so seriously? Why are we listening to this curiosity (right) from the 80s? It like opening up the...Right?首先是我不同意你的前提,但我要说:我不知道我们为什么太在意他?为什么我们从80年代开始听?这就像开放的;是吧?I agree.我同意It like opening up paper and finding out John Wayne Bobbitt severed pens the ambassador to France.就像开放,找出了约翰;韦恩与法国大使一样Yeah.是的That how I look at it.这是我对它的看法I remember when that happened. Ha, ha. But..我还记得那时候发生的事情哈,哈但;What the aftermath take on that crippled reactor in Japan, you know, but he is really running, Dave.就像在日本的废反应堆一样,你知道,但他真在做,戴夫Yes. No, he isnt really running. No, he is absolutely not running.是的不,他不是真的不,他绝对在竞选No, that a surprise. Listen, dont make me amorously on this. Hum, I, that what many commentators say what you said, this is just a publicity thing. I think, because of his giant ego and also because of his age, this is to be the last time that he really can do it. And also, you know, what the telling hint, he is now sucking up to evangelicals (Right) because he has to run in Iowa. And the Republicans in Iowa, as I call them the children of the corn, they are the most conservative and you have to win Iowa. And so I saw him on the show the other day and he was saying: there are somebodyrsquo;s, you know, religious habits, said, I am a Sunday church goer. You know, like that proves he knows a lot about religions, you know, hell go on Sunday.不,那是个惊喜,听着,别让我吃惊哼,我,许多者都说你说的话,这只是一个宣传的事情我想,因为他的巨大的自我,也因为他的年龄,这是最后一次,他真的能做到而且你知道,提示是什么,他现在榨干信教者,因为他必须在爱荷华州竞选而共和党在爱荷华州,当我打电话给他们孩子们,他们是最保守的,你必须赢得爱荷华州所以我看见他前几天上节目,他的意思是:有别人的,你知道,宗教习惯,我是一个星期天参拜教堂的人你知道,那明他知道很多关于宗教的事情,你知道,他将会参加星期天的竞选Yes, he wont go on two days.是的,他不会持续两天的My worship of the Jesus is the best. The way I worship of our sage is world-class.崇拜耶稣,我是最好的我崇拜我们的鼠尾草是世界级的I mean I would like to wager somebody where I can make some real go on this. How much are you talking about?我的意思是我愿意打赌有人在那里可以有一些真正的开始你想谈什么?Let wager. Let wager our week pay, mine against yours.我们赌咱们赌我们每周的薪水,我来反对你Will you throw in some stakes?你会下些赌注吗?I will wear a tie.我会打领带注:听力文本来源于普特 83

Angela:Wait! I need to put sunscreen on Davy bee he goes to the game.安琪拉:等等! 戴维去玩耍前我要给他涂上防晒霜Juan:It not sunny today. He doesnt need sunscreen.胡安:今天阳光不是很足他不需要防晒霜Angela:And here are four water bottles to make sure he stays hydrated and doesnt get heat stroke.安琪拉:这里的个瓶子能让他保持水分,不会中暑Juan:One of the other parents is bringing drinks the kids.胡安:其他家长有给孩子们带饮料It fine. We dont need that.很好我们不需要这些Angela:Make sure Davy warms up and cools down bee and after the game.安琪拉:要让戴维玩耍前做热身运动,玩够后进行降温I dont want him to strain or sprain anything.我不希望他拉伤或扭伤Juan:The coach makes sure they do that. Are you done?胡安:教练让他们这样做的你做了吗?Angela:And here a first-aid kit in case he skins his knee or gets any other scrapes.安琪拉:这有个急救箱以防他膝盖或者皮肤擦伤We dont want to risk infection.我们不想冒伤口感染的风险Juan:The reason we signed up Davy organized sports is that all of this is taken care of.胡安:我们让戴维参加这些运动的原因是所有这些得到了妥善的安排There even a certified athletic trainer at each game, one of the parents.甚至每个游戏还对应一名专业运动教练,父母其中一位在场Angela:But the other kids can be so rough.安琪拉:但是其他孩子也会粗心大意He comes home with bruises all the time.他会满身瘀伤回家I cant stand seeing him hurt.我不忍心看到他受伤Juan:Do you want to come to the game?胡安:你想要来参加这个游戏吗?You can see yourself that everything is fine.你可以自己亲眼看到,一切都很好Angela:How can I watch Davy running into danger?安琪拉:我怎么能眼看着戴维遇到危险?Id want to run onto the field and save him.我会跑到场上去救他Juan:Youre right.胡安:你是对的It better that you stay here.你呆在这里更好If you did that, your son would never live it down!你要是那样做,你的儿子可能小命不保! 3738

Episode 1: At the airportHelen: What does Michal look like?Tim: Well, he's tall and well built. He's got brown eyes and a shaved head.Helen: Is he handsome?Tim: Of course he is! He's my cousin.Helen: And what's he like? Is he like you too?Tim: No, he's quite shy really.Helen: Oh look! Is that him?Tim: Yeah! Michal! Michal! He's crying. I wonder what's wrong. 788B. Keywords. mothers, child, balance, early years, concrete support, peripheral vision, one-track mind.Vocabulary. oftentimes, proposition, inclined, meditation, peripheral, airheads, one-track mind.Beth Saavedra, author of Meditations New Mothers, is being interviewed by Irene Rawlings on her perspective on working mothers. Listen carefully and answer the following questions briefly.It a big challenge mothers today, because oftentimes mothers feel like it an either or proposition that they have to work or have a child.And the reality is more women are choosing to do both, and also not be superwomen.So it a tricky, it a tricky line to balance.But I do have a e that says ;to choose to have a child is to choose ever to have your heart walk outside your body;, which means, just as weve been talking about that you are constantly attached to your child, not matter how old they get.But youll learn to walk those lines. and youll learn to create balance and harmony in your life, and youll realize that not everything you do is going to send your child to a therapist. And that wonderful.Yes, yes. Ive just always felt that if you loved them hard enough, and that you had...your heart kind of in the right place, which obviously is outside your body, that there was very little that...that you could do wrong. I mean you...Yes, I think that true. I think if you build a solid foundation with your child, especially in the early years, and...How early are we talking ;early years?; I mean by what point is the child personality med aly?Well, you know there a lot of inmation on that that definitely is conflicting. 5053Early voters sweeping the U.S. A key strategy both campaigns this week is the prospect of swaying early voters. Even bee Election Day, records have been set in these years, presidential race officials are reporting record turned out an early voting with many locations extending hours to handle the numbers. N’s Kerry Sanders has been watching a long line team in Florida today; he joins us now from outside Orlando. Kerry good evening!Good evening, Lester. It is unprecedent of the line here three hours’ long. It will continue well into the night. Nationwide, it’s estimated 30%, that’s 0 million voters will have cast their votes early. By the time the sun was up lining at some Florida early voting site extended three hours, and the way only got longer. Still, five-hour-long lines turned few voters away. The line is this long on Saturday, that gonna be terrible on Tuesday. In this battleground, states estimated more than 3 million voters have aly cast ballots. 30% of all is register voters. Both parties here acknowledge more Democrats than Republicans have voted early. “The McCain supporters are little more quiet with how they support him. So you definitely can’t draw an conclusion from that, cause that’s just inaccurate, it doesn’t say anything about who’s voting who.”More than 30 states have early voting, experts say at this rate, one in three voters will have cast their choices bee Tuesday’ from Georgia, the South Carolina to across the nation. Election observers say this year’s early voters are decidedly younger and African American. “That’s worth the wait, if I had to wait all day long, if I had to wait two days, I still will wait.”With lining this long, a good question maybe why not just use an absentee ballot, stick it in an envelop and mail it in, here in Florida voters say, because humanism in the past have caused some absentee ballots to be missed. They wanna to stand in line no matter how long to make sure their votes are counted. Lester.Kerry Sanders in Florida, now Kerry ,thank you. 1973

Voice : As a teacher, Jorge believes that learning is very important. And he has decided to use his education to help people living in his area. A good education improves a person chances of finding a job. Jorge explains more:声音:作为老师,乔治相信学习非常重要他决定用他的知识帮助和他生活在一个地区的人们良好的教育会增加一个人找到工作的机会乔治详细解释道:Voice 5: I live in a poor area. And I have started teaching English classes in my home. I find that in today international world, there are not many chances people to find work. It is even harder people who do not speak a second language, like English. Most people speak English in the world of business, science and technology. I want to help people by teaching them this very nice language. many years, I did not feel like continuing my English studies. But, thanks to your Spotlight programmes, I have started again.声音5:“我生活在一个贫穷的地区我已经开始在家乡开设英语课我发现,在当今这个国际化的世界,人们找工作的机会却没有很多对不会说英语等第二外语的人来说,找工作更加困难在商界、科学界和技术界,大部分人都会说英语我希望通过教授英语这种美丽的语言来帮助别人很多年来,我并不想继续英语研究但是,多亏重点报道节目,我再次开始进行学习”Voice : Thank you so much sharing your experience with us, Jorge. We are happy that you find Spotlight programmes so useful. And we wish you every success as you serve the people of your area in this very helpful way.声音:非常谢谢你和我们分享你的经历,乔治我们很高兴你认为重点报道节目很有用你用这个非常有用的方法帮助你家乡的人们,我们希望你一切顺利 译文属 53

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