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Subject: I will throw the professor some curves. 迷你对话A: I will state many special opinions. I will throw the professor some curves.我将陈述许多新观点。我会让教授大吃一惊。B: That is very exciting! How would you do?真是令人兴奋!你怎么做呢? 地道表达throw sb some curves 1. 解词释义Throw sb some curves这个短语来自棒球场上,打球者以为投手会投出直球,但是眼前飞来的却是curve,意思是“让某人大吃一惊,让某人吓一跳”。其英文解释为:to confuse someone by doing something tricky or unexpected. 2. 拓展例句e.g. When you said ;house; you threw me a curve. The password was supposed to be ;home.;当你说到house这个词的时候,吓了我一大跳,密码应该是home。e.g. John threw me a curve when we were making our presentation, and I forgot my speech.我们在做自我陈述的时候,约翰让我大吃一惊,我忘记了自己的演说。 Ps:state an opinion:陈述观点 /201312/269871特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: How is Jim recently?Jim最近如何?B: He has lost his job, and his wife died from cancer not long before.他丢了工作,他的妻子不就前又死于癌症。A: Poor guy! It will take him a long time to get back on his feet.可怜的人!他需要很长的时间才能重新站起来。第二、对话精讲1.地道表达【地道短语】get back on one’s feet【解词释义】get back意思是“恢复,取回”。该习语的字面意思是“重新站立起来”,指人“失败后重新站立起来”“经历打击后重新振作起来”。【持范例】After his wife s death it took him two years to get back on his feet. 他妻子死后两年, 他才振作起来。He generously donated money to help his neighbors get back on their feet.他慷慨解囊,帮助邻居重立门户。 My divorce cost me a fortune and it took three years to get back on my feet. 我离婚破了财,结果花了3年时间才重新恢复起元气来。 We all should get back on our feet after failure.这次失败后,我们大家都应该重新站立起来。2. 词海拾贝die from死于(某种原因)【用法】这个死于什么“原因”是不包括“疾病”或者“过度悲伤”的原因。这个原因通常是“外伤”“事故”或者是“过度劳累”等。【范例】He s so busy, I am worried he s go to die from working too much . 他那么忙,我怕他会因工作过劳而死。 In a severe winter, wild animals can die from lack of food.在寒冷的冬天,野兽可能因为缺乏食物而饿死。Every winter some old people die from hypothermia.每年冬天都有些老人死于体温过低。In the developing countries, more than 10 million people die from hunger or malnutrition every year.在发展中国家, 每年有1000万人以上的人口死于饥饿或营养不良。 /201305/239216Subject:We need to find a way out of this mess. 迷你对话 A: We have been waiting for the bus for nearly half an hour!我们等公车已经等了半个小时了。B: The traffic is terrible today! We need to find a way out of this mess.今天的交通一塌糊涂。我们要想一个摆脱混乱局面的办法。 地道表达 out of this mess 1. 解词释义 Out of this mess的意思是“摆脱困境,摆脱混乱局势”。Mess做名词,它的意思是“乱七八糟”。例如:What a mess!(真乱呀!)in a mess(处于混乱局面)。作动词的意思是将......弄糟,使......紊乱。例如:Stop messing about my work!(别再妨碍我的工作!)I was asked to organize the trip, but I messed it up. (大家要我组织这次旅游,可是我把事情弄糟了。) 2. 拓展例句 e.g. I could see only one way out of this mess.要摆脱这个困境,依我看只有一条出路。e.g. Dont worry, Im going to get you out of this fucking mess.别担心,我要把你从这个鬼圈套里弄出来。e.g. I hoped Joey would say something to get me out of this mess.我真希望乔伊能说些什么把我从这困境中解救出来。e.g. Dont follow my steps and work quickly to get yourselves out of this mess, because nobody will get you out.不要重蹈我的覆辙,赶快工作,把自己拉出这个烂泥潭,因为没有人会帮你出来。 /201408/317692Subject : Three strikes, and you are out. 第一, 迷你对话A: Baby, I really like the sandals very much.宝贝,我真的很喜欢那双凉鞋。B: Oh, honey. Three strikes, and you are out.好吧,亲爱的,事不过三。 第二, 地道表达Three strikes and you are out. 解词释义Three strikes and you are out. 这是一句名言。Strike在棒球比赛中,击球手若三次都未击中投球手所投的球,必须出局。跟中文中的“事不过三”意思相同。引申至法律,three strikes law规定,因暴力或严重罪行“进宫”两次者,以后每被判一次,无论新罪严重与否,至少得刑25年甚至是终身监禁。这下明白了,对有三次犯案的累犯而言,即使不老死狱中,重见天日时也已白发苍苍了。你说他能不完蛋吗?请看下面的例句: A government paper to be published will recommend to the judicial sector a “three strikes and you’re out” policy for illegal file sharers on the Internet. 政府即将发布的文书建议司法机构严叛在网上非法传播文件的累犯。 /201504/371626Whats the best compliment youve ever received?你收到最好的称赞是什么?That Im generous.说我很慷慨。What is the best gift youve ever received?你收到最好的礼物是什么?My boyfriend planted an olive tree in my yard for Christmas.我男友在圣诞节为我在后院里种的一棵橄榄树。Whats one habit you wish you could break?你最想改掉哪个习惯?Well when Im sitting there, usually I just do this with my leg like...我在坐着的时候,我总喜欢这样抖腿......and people think that Im nervous and then they get nervous then everybody is nervous.于是人们觉得我很紧张,接着他们会很紧张,接着所有人都紧张了。Do you have any nicknames?你有任何昵称吗?Yeah. My brother calls me Teffy.有的,我老弟叫我Teffy。What surprises you the most about people?你最吃惊于人们的哪种表现?Im pleasantly surprised by the fact that I tell my friends absolutely everything and it never ends up getting out.我总会惊喜地发现就算我把我所有的事情都告诉了我的后宫团,没有一个人会把这些传到他人耳里。What makes you laugh no matter what?总是让你发笑的是什么?Kevin Hart.凯文·哈特。What does creativity mean to you?创造力对你来说是怎样的?Creativity is getting inspiration and having that lightning bolt idea moment and then having the hard work ethic to sit down at the desk and write it down.创造力就是先得到那些灵感,之后是如同闪电一样飞快的反应时刻,最后是在桌前努力并写下来时所需的耐心。So I found out that Nicole Kidman swim with sharks. Whats the most adventurous thing youve done?我发现妮可·基德曼和鲨鱼一起游过泳。你做过最冒险的一件事情是什么?Watching Shark week.看《鲨鱼周》。Whats your favorite lyrics of all time?一直以来你最喜欢哪句歌词?I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee from Youre So Vain by Carly Simon.I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee,出自卡里·西蒙的《Youre So Vain》。Whats one song you wish you had written?你希望你写过哪首歌?The Friends theme song because those were royalties.《老友记》的主题曲,因为那可事关忠诚的友谊。Whats a great fan moment that comes to mind?你想过与霉粉儿们最完美的偶遇是怎么样的?Ill be driving down the street and Ill see a kid walking down the street with my shirt on from my tour and Ill just stop my car and be like;Hey, Nice Shirt!;我可能会在路上开着车,接着看到一个小孩儿在路边走着,穿着我的巡演T恤,于是我会停下车然后说,“嘿,衬衫不错!”Most memorable career moment so far?最记忆犹新的工作时刻?I think filming the Bad Blood was my favorite memory.我觉得可能是在摄制《Bad Blood》录影带的时候。Whats one accomplishment youre most proud of? My grammys.你最骄傲的成就是什么?我的那些格莱美奖。Whats something youve always wanted to try but youve been too scared to do?说出一件你一直想要试试但是又一直不敢做的事情。Oh, Coachella.哦,科切拉音乐节。201705/508256

Business: Travel visas A strange sort of welcome商业:旅行签,奇怪的欢迎方式Governments are deterring business travellers and tourists with cumbersome visa requirements that do little to make their countries more secure.多国政府正以繁琐的签要求阻挡商务旅行者和观光客,而这对维护国家安全作用甚微。THE rise of big emerging economies like China and India, and the steady march of globalisation, have led to a surge in the numbers of people wanting to travel abroad for business or tourism.中国和印度等大型新兴经济体的崛起,加上全球化的稳步迈进,使得想出国商务旅行或观光旅游的人数激增。As a result, demand for visas is at unprecedented levels.因此,对签的需求达到了前所未有的水平。In the fiscal year to the end of September 2014 the ed States granted just under 10m visas—up from around 6m in 1997, despite blips in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001 and the global financial crisis of 2007-08.截至2014年9月底的财政年度里,美国颁发了接近1000万份签。签数量从1997年的约600万份起逐渐增加,仅在2001年911恐怖袭击和2007至2008年全球金融危机之后有所波动。Citizens of America, Britain and some other rich countries can travel to most places without a visa.美国、英国和其他一些富裕国家的公民无需签即可到世界上大部分地区旅行。Chinese and Indian travellers are far more likely to have to apply for them.中国和印度的旅行者需要申请签的几率要大得多。And citizens of a few benighted places, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, have to submit to the cost and bureaucracy—and often the humiliation—of the visa-application process to get to most places.而少数几个落后国家如伊拉克和阿富汗等国的公民想去大部分地方都不得不忍受签申请的高成本和繁缛流程,还时常被羞辱。The most sensible response to this surge in demand for short-term visas would be for governments to streamline the application process and scrap the most onerous requirements.短期签的需求激增,最明智的应对应当是政府简化申请程序,废除最繁重的要求。But governments are often not sensible about such things.但是各国政府在这方面往往不那么明智。The 26 European countries with a common visa policy—the “Schengen group” —require tourists from India and other developing countries to provide several months worth of bank statements and pay slips.拥有统一签政策的26个欧洲国家,即“申根国”,要求来自印度和其他发展中国家的旅行者提供数月的对账单和工资单。Visitors to Britain often have to fill in a ten-page application form, including details of every trip abroad for the past ten years.去英国旅行的人通常得填写十页的申请表,包括过去十年每次出国旅行的详细情况。Business travellers to India must provide two references.去印度的商务旅行者必须提供两份推荐信。Mexico has scrapped a rule requiring visa applicants (including women) to submit a description of their mustaches.墨西哥已经废除了一条规定,要求签申请人(包括女性)提交关于其胡须的描述。But in 2016 America will start requiring visas for some travellers who currently do not need them—if, for example, they have visited Iran, Iraq, Syria or Sudan in the previous five years.但2016年美国将开始要求一些目前无需签的旅行者申请签,例如,那些在过去五年内到访过伊朗、伊拉克、叙利亚或苏丹的人。In many cases, instead of simplifying the visa process, governments have offloaded it to private contractors.很多时候,政府并未简化签流程,而是把它转交给私营承包机构。Travellers may now have to pay a service fee to the company handling their application on top of the standard visa fee.现在,除了标准的签费,旅行者可能还需要向处理申请的公司付一笔务费。The biggest firm in this growing business is VFS Global, which is part of Kuoni, a Swiss tourism company.在这个不断增长的行业中,最大的公司是VFS Global,它是瑞士旅游公司瑞士旅业集团的子公司。Starting from a single premises in Mumbai in 2001, handling applications for American visas, VFS now has more than 1,900 visa centres in 124 countries, processing paperwork for 48 governments.2001年VFS从位于孟买的一个单一办理机构起家,处理美国签申请,现在它在124个国家设有1900多个签中心,为48个政府处理签材料。Of the 113m visa applications made worldwide in 2013, one in three went through a contractor, reckons VFS, which has about half the market.据VFS估算,2013年全球1.13亿份签申请中,有三分之一通过承包商处理,其中VFS占有一半市场。Its main rivals are CSC, with around 10% of the market, and TLScontact, with around 7%.它主要的对手是约占10%市场份额的CSC和约占7%市场的TLScontact。Dozens of smaller firms make up the remainder of the market.几十家较小的公司瓜分了剩下的市场。The private contractors collect and verify the applicants paperwork, ensure that forms are filled in properly, take fingerprints and other biometric information and collect the fees.私营承包机构收集并验申请者的文件,确保表格正确填写,采集指纹和其他生物识别信息,并且收取费用。The consular staff of the destination country simply decide whether to grant the visa, and slap a sticker in the passport of successful applicants.目的地国领事馆的工作人员只决定是否颁发签,并在申请成功者的护照上贴上贴纸。For the contractors, it is a nice little earner.对于承包机构来说,这门生意很好赚。VFS probably enjoys operating margins of 20%, reckons Kathleen Gailliot, an analyst at Natixis, a French bank.法国外贸的分析师凯特琳·加耶里奥估算,VFS很可能享有20%的毛利率。The companies are given a free hand to pad their earnings with pricey “premium” services.这些公司已被赋予自主权,通过昂贵的“高级”务来增加收入。In Mumbai, for example, VFS offers Indians applying for British visas a text on their mobile phones to notify them that their passports are y for collection, at 128 rupees () a shot.例如在孟买,VFS向申请英国签的印度人提供发送短信到手机的务,通知他们护照已经可取,收费为128卢比(2美元)一单。For an extra 2,548 rupees, applicants can use a special “lounge” area while submitting their documents, and have their passports posted back to them.另加2548卢比,申请人在提交文件时可以使用特别的“休息区”,办好的护照也可以寄回给他们。VFS accounts for just 5% of Kuonis revenues but more than 60% of its operating profits.VFS仅占瑞士旅业集团收入的5%,但占其营业利润的60%还多。So bright are the divisions prospects that its parent company is getting out of the tour-operator business, which it has been in since 1906, to concentrate on visa-processing and a few other specialist travel services.这一部门的前景非常光明,因此母公司正逐步脱离自1906年起就开始运营的旅行社业务,专注于签办理和其他几项专业旅行务。Until VFS opened its Mumbai office, applicants had to queue for an average of five hours in the sweltering heat outside the American consulate.VFS在孟买开设分公司之前,申请人要顶着酷暑在美国领事馆外排平均五个小时的队。After the job was handed to the contractor, the typical waiting time fell to one hour.这项工作转交承包机构之后,一般的等候时间减至一小时。However, applicants still have no choice but to submit to whatever petty demands contractors make—such as, say, banning them from using mobile phones while they sit waiting for their appointments.但是申请人除了接受承包机构的各项要求之外仍然别无选择,无论这些要求多麽琐碎,例如,不准在等待面谈时使用手机。If the staff are rude, the queues are badly managed or the “extras” extravagantly priced, travellers can hardly take their business elsewhere.即便工作人员粗鲁无礼,队伍排得乱七八糟,或者“额外费用”高昂,旅行者也难有其他选择。The application-processing firms are profiting both from travellers lack of choice and from governments failure to consider the economic damage caused by their visa requirements.签申请处理公司从两个方面获利:一是旅行者缺乏选择,二是政府没能考虑到签要求造成的经济损失。There is scant evidence that making all travellers submit the same documents every time they want to travel, or provide extensive financial details, protects countries from terrorists or illegal immigrants.鲜有据能明,让所有旅行者每次想旅行时都提交同样的文件,或是提供大量的财务信息,就能保护国家免受恐怖分子或非法移民的侵害。In contrast, there is evidence of how liberal visa regimes bring in the bucks.相反,倒是有据显示自由的签制度能带来何等利益。A report in 2014 from the European Parliament, “A Smarter Visa Policy for Economic Growth”, estimated that over-strict visa rules probably cost the EU economy 250,000 jobs and 12.6 billion euro (.8 billion) a year in lost output.2014年欧洲议会一份名为“促进经济增长的更明智签政策”的报告估算,过于严格的签规定可能让欧盟经济每年损失25万个工作岗位,产出损失达126亿欧元(138亿美元)。It recommended requiring fewer documents from applicants, handing out longer visas and simplifying the whole process.报告建议减少要求申请者提交的文件,颁发更长期的签,并且简化整个流程。Since Britain is not part of the Schengen group, Chinese people taking a tour of Europe have to apply for a second visa to cross the Channel.因为英国并不是申根国,去欧洲旅游的中国人要穿越英吉利海峡就不得不再申请一个签。Only 6% of them do so, says Euromonitor, a research firm.研究公司欧睿称仅有6%的人这么做。The British Tourist Authority has complained that the countrys visa policies cost it £2.8 billion (.1 billion) a year in lost revenue.英国旅游局曾经抱怨英国的签政策让该国每年损失28亿英镑(41亿美元)的收入。However, amid worries about the wave of asylum-seekers from Syria and elsewhere, governments in Europe and beyond will face pressure to keep making life hard for tourists and business travellers—even as other departments of those same governments spend heavily on promoting tourism and foreign investment.不过,由于担心来自叙利亚和其他地区的难民蜂拥而至,欧洲和欧洲以外的各国政府将面临压力,商务旅行者和观光客的日子仍然不会好过,尽管这些政府的其他部门在花大钱促进旅游业和外国投资。译文属译生译世 /201610/474428

Dustin Hoffmans in this movie.yeah.thats got to be an insane dream.达斯汀·霍夫曼参演了电影 一定是非常疯狂的美梦I mean,youve worked with a lot of greats,I worked with the four biggies.你和那么多大牌一起合作 我和四大名人合作过I worked with Nicholson,Pacino,Hoffman,and Hasselhoff.和尼克尔森 帕西诺 霍夫曼 哈塞尔霍夫合作过But you know,Dustin was great.Dustin,you know,one of my favorite acotrs.All of us have that feeling.达斯汀很好 他是我最爱的男演员之一 我们都有这样的感觉I remember when I was younger,I saw ;Marathon Man;.Great movie.One of the greatest.我记得我年轻时 我看了《霹雳钻》 非常棒的电影 最棒的电影之一Great performance by him,and Lawrence olivier.他的演绎非常精 还有劳伦斯·奥利佛I was little and I remember seeing that and being like,whoa,this is incredible.那时我还小 我记得 看到那电影 觉得太不可思议了My mother was like,isnt it awful with Nazis and just what they did?我妈妈说 纳粹 他们所做的事情是不是很可怕I was just like,and I was smiling and she was like,what are you smile,how could you smile?我当时在笑 她就说 你在笑什么 你怎么能笑得出I was like,Roy Schneider,hes a Jew?Shes like yeah.我说罗伊·施耐德是犹太人吗 他说是啊I go,wow,I didnt know we could be that good looking.我就说 天哪 我不知道我们可以长那么好看You were inspired by Roy,he was a great-looking guy.I was really used to my uncle Saul.I thought thats what was coming.你受到了罗伊的激励 他是个长相帅气的人 我习惯了我索尔叔叔的长相 我想就是会这样吧Thats fantastic.lets see,we have a clip here from ;The Cobbler;.I dont know which scene this is.Which scene is this?真是太棒了 我们有一段《鞋匠人生》的片段 我不知道是哪一段 这是哪一场景201703/500156

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