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Did the pandas in China’s Wolong Reserve know that Monday’s earthquake was coming before it hit? A British tourist watching the pandas as the quake struck offered a keen observation. "They had been really lazy and just eaten a little bit of bamboo and, and all of a sudden they were sort of parading around their pen. And, looking back[1], they must have sensed something was wrong." Some scientists say animals can sense impending danger by detecting subtle or abrupt shifts in the environment. When the tsunami hit in 2004, there were reports that elephants in Sri Lanka fled to higher ground well before the waves crashed into the coastline. National Geographic grantee and Panda researcher Marc Brody says some animal species, such as elephants who are known to hear low frequency sound waves, hear things sonically and may get an early warning. Some animal species have a greater awareness than humans of vibrations in the ground. And they may sense smaller tremors prior to a big earthquake. A group of tourists was airlifted to safety from Wolong and taken to the provincial capital of Chengdu on Thursday morning. "We were looking forward then to moving onto the larger panda, where we were not sure whether that panda was going to come out of the enclosure or whether that someone was goinginto an enclosure just to be with thatpanda. So we were waiting for that to happen and then suddenly we had this horrendous noise which is just what you can't describe out what it’s like, it’s just a huge huge noise and the land shaking underneath, you[2]… " Twelve Americans, part of a World Wildlife Fund-sponsored tour of China, were visiting the Panda Reserve in Wolong when the earthquake struck. "Certainly it was a surreal experience to be standing there going through a, whatever was 7.9 Richter earthquake surrounded by 25 pandas all sort of[3] reacting to that as well. " Wolong’s 86 pandas were reported safe on Tuesday. The 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit on Monday with the epicenter near Wolong Reserve. Rescuers are still making their way to the more remote areas affected. So far the death toll stands at almost 20,000 and is expected to climb higher as rescue efforts progress. Notes: [1] looking back 是惯用构型,属独立主格结构。可译为:现在回过头去看。[2] 省略内容为: ...and the first thing that we all thought to do was to run.”[3] sort ofsomewhat. Vocabulary Mix:pen: small piece of land surrounded by a fence for keeping pandas in surreal: unlike reality, esp in having combinations or strange distortions of things, as in a dream; fantastic; bizarre 200811/55625Experts and diplomats are predicting Japan’s recent deadly earthquake and tsunami, along with its ongoing nuclear reactor crisis, will not have too much of an effect on Japan itself in the long-term, but rather on energy policies in other countries. During a discussion Friday in Washington, they said a scaling down of nuclear energy projects could have a damaging effect on efforts to curb pollution from other energy sources.能源专家和外交官预计,日本伤亡惨重的地震、海啸以及随后发生的核反应堆危机等,从长远来说并不会对日本本身造成太大的重创,但却会影响到其他国家的能源政策。专家们星期五在华盛顿的一次研讨会上指出,削减核能项目可能会殃及减少其他形式能源污染的努力。Japan’s ambassador to the ed States, Ichiro Fujisaki, said he was confident his country would eventually overcome the earthquake-borne disasters.日本驻美国大使藤崎一郎在研讨会上说,他对日本最终战胜这次地震所造成的灾难充满信心。“I do not want to prejudge the situation now, but what I can say is we are trying our best. We should overcome the situation and we will overcome the situation”他说:“虽然我不想对局势过早下结论,但是我可以说我们正在竭尽全力。我们能够,而且也一定会战胜这场灾难。”Possible chilling effect on nuclear powerEconomists predicted the situation will have little overall effect on Japan’s economy, and may actually spur stimulus spending for reconstruction projects.经济学家预计,这场灾难对日本整体的经济实力来说影响有限,而且重建项目很可能还会起到刺激经济的作用。But an energy expert, Charles Ebinger, warned countries investing more and more in nuclear energy, may now stop those initiatives, and turn back to other energy sources.但是能源专家埃宾格指出,有些曾经不断增加核能领域投资的国家现在可能会止步不前,甚至转而投资其他形式的能源了。He said this could derail international efforts in terms of trying to limit potential climate change.他认为,这将令国际社会减少大气变化的努力严重受挫。201103/128576Fighters for Libya's provisional authorities say they have surrounded key areas still held by forces loyal to ousted leader Moammar Gadhafi. At a checkpoint north of Bani Walid, there appears to be a lull before any storm.利比亚过渡当局的部队表示,他们包围了仍然效忠被罢黜的领导人卡扎菲的部队所控制的关键地区。Forces loyal to the National Transitional Council are poised at this Gadhafi-held town south of the capital. There is confusion about what lies ahead: local commanders speak of deadlines both short and long, some passing without notice.忠于全国过渡委员会的部队正在班尼瓦里边缘地区集结,班尼瓦里是首都的黎波里以南由卡扎菲控制的城镇。但是人们对即将发生什么仍然感到困惑。当地指挥官说的最后期限长短不一,一些人则根本不在意。NTC fighter Renai Moqtar Renai, manning a checkpoint north of the town, says he's following the orders of his political leaders. He said the council has given the town more time - until next Saturday.被部署在班尼瓦里以北一个检查站的全国过渡委员会士兵利奈·莫克塔尔·利奈表示,他听从他的政治领导人的命令。他说,过渡委员会已经给了这个城镇更多的时间,一直到下个星期六。In the meantime, there have been on and off negotiations with tribal leaders in Bani Walid. Hopes are high there will be a peaceful resolution.与此同时,在班尼瓦里和部落领导人之间的谈判时断时续。班尼瓦里能够获得和平解决的希望很高。Mohamed Abdel Khadr lives outside Tarhouna, north of the flashpoint. He said there's been enough bloodshed, with a huge number of Libya's youth killed, both civilian and military.穆哈迈德·卡德尔生活在检查站以北的塔霍那城外。他说,流血已经太多了,大批利比亚年轻人丧生,其中既有平民也有士兵。The fighters at the checkpoints north of the town appear happy for this lull. After months of fighting, they're finally finding time to rest and pray. Some gather wood for a fire; they've bought a sheep, which will become a hearty meal. 在班尼瓦里以北检查站的士兵看来对这种平静感到高兴。在几个月的战斗之后,他们终于有时间可以休息和祈祷了。一些人收集木头生火,他们买了一只羊,准备享用一顿丰盛的大餐。But their appetite for battle is waning.但是他们的战斗欲望正在减退。An adviser to the forces, who didn't want to give his name, explained the fighters have a personal stake in a peaceful outcome. He said most of the fighters are from Bani Walid, returning here to make sure they enter peacefully. He added they will only point guns at those who want to kill, and prays that as many lives as possible will be saved.这部队一名不愿透露姓名的顾问解释说,一个和平的结果,攸关这些战士们的个人利害关系。他说,绝大多数的战士都来自班尼瓦里,回到这里希望确保他们能够和平进入这座城镇。他补充说,他们只会对那些想杀人的家伙动,同时祈祷有尽可能多的人将会平安无事。For fighters like Renai, as much as he'd like to see a surrender, he's y if there's not one. He said they are waiting until Saturday. If nothing happens, they are y to go in and fight.像利奈这样的战士,他很希望看到投降的人,但是如果没有投降者,他也做好了准备。他说,他们正在等待星期六的到来。到时候如果什么都没有发生,他们就准备投入战斗。201109/152727

HOW people collaborate, in the face of numerous temptations to cheat, is an important field of psychological and economic research. A lot of this research focuses on the ;tit-for-tat; theory of co-operation: that humans are disposed, when dealing with another person, to behave in a generous manner until that other person shows himself not to be generous. At this point co-operation is withdrawn. Fool me once, in other words, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.人们在难以数计的谎言诱惑下会怎样进行合作,是心理学和经济学研究中的重要课题。有关这个课题的研究通常集中于对;投桃报李;理论的研究,这个理论认为:人们总是倾向于向别人表现慷慨,除非对方表现出不慷慨的态度。在这个时候合作往往会终止。换句话说,人如果受到一次愚弄,或许是因为错在对方。如果再次受到对方愚弄,就只能怪自己不吸取教训了。When he encounters such a withdrawal of collaboration, the theory goes, the malefactor will learn the error of his ways and become a more co-operative individual. And there is experimental evidence, based on specially designed games, that tit-for-tat does work for pairs of people. Human societies, though, are more complex than mere dyads. And until recently, it has been difficult to model that complexity in the laboratory. But a paper published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Nicholas Christakis and his colleagues at Harvard has changed that. Dr Christakis arranged for a collaboration-testing game to be played over the web, with many participants. As a result, he and his team have gained a more sophisticated insight into the way co-operation develops.根据这个理论,一旦作恶的一方得不到对方的合作,他将会从自己的错误中吸取教训,并变成一个更具有合作精神的人。根据从特别设计的游戏中取得的实验据,投桃报李的原则确实适用于成对的研究对象。不过人类社会要比成对的研究对象复杂得多。直到最近为止,研究人员都很难在实验室中模拟出社会生活中的复杂情景。不过哈佛大学的尼古拉斯?克里斯塔(Nicholas Christakis)和他的同事们本周在《美国国家科学院院刊》上发表的论文改变了这个现实。克里斯塔士设计了一个能够在互联网上供多人参与的合作测试游戏。根据这个游戏,克里斯塔士和他的团队获得更多的资料,得以了解合作关系的演变规律。Dr Christakis used what is known as a public-goods game for his experiment. At the beginning of such a game, points are doled out to each participant. During every round, players are given the opportunity to donate points to their neighbours. Points so donated are augmented by an equal number from the masters of the game. If everyone co-operates, then, everyone ends up richer. A ;defector; who refuses to donate to his co-operating neighbours will, however, benefit at the expense of those neighbours. At the gamersquo;s end, the points are converted into real money, to ensure that proper incentives are in place.克里斯塔士在实验中使用了一种称为公开物品的游戏。在比赛开始时,每个参与者都获得一定的分数。在每轮游戏中,游戏者都有机会给周围的人一些分数。游戏的主持人会将参与者给予别人的分数翻倍。如果每个人都采取合作的态度,那么每个人都会得到更多的分数。游戏中的;叛逃者;,即拒绝将分数赠送给邻人的参与者,能够从别人的损失中获益。在游戏结束时,所有的分数都会转换成实际的金钱,以保障游戏具有适当的激励机制。To play his large-scale public-goods game, Dr Christakis recruited 785 volunteers via Mechanical Turk;a service provided by Amazon, an online retailer, that works by farming out small tasks to an army of individual workers. Each volunteer was randomly assigned links to, on average, eight other players. Together, they played repeated rounds of one of three variations of the game.为了将这个公开物品游戏推而广之,克里斯塔士通过土耳其机器人(Mechanical Turk)召集了785个志愿者(土耳其机器人是亚马逊推出的一种务,它的作用相当于网络零售商,能够将小型的任务分配给数量庞大的人群完成)。每个参与者都能够随机分配到几个邻人,平均来说,每个人一般能分到八个邻人。他们一起参与三种不同游戏形式,在每种形式中都会反复玩上几轮。In the first, participants always interacted with the same group of people. In the second, the connections were randomly reshuffled after each round. In the final version, one-third of the possible pairings between participants were chosen at random after each round (such pairs may or may not, therefore, have been dealing with each other in the previous round). One player from each pair was first told or reminded of how the other had behaved in the previous round, and was then asked whether he wanted to break his connection with that player, if he aly had one, or form a new connection, if he had not.起初,参与者总是与同组人玩。接下来,每结束一轮,参与者之间的联系都会随机打乱,并重新分组。在最后的阶段,每一轮结束时都会随机挑选出三分之一的参与者让他们有机会重新配对(这些将要配对的参与者之前是否曾经合作过并不重要)。每对组合中都会有一个人能够首先得知合作对方或将要合作的参与者在过去的游戏中表现如何,然后会问他是否还愿意和对方合作(如果他已经和对方结伴),或者是否愿意和对方结伴(如果他尚未和对方结伴)。In all versions of the game, roughly 60% of players started out co-operating. However, in the first two, this decreased over time as the pernicious influence of the freeloaders sp. The larger the fraction of a subjectrsquo;s partners who defected in a given round, the less likely that person was to co-operate in the next;classical tit-for-tat. However, this tit-for-tat retaliation was not enough to save co-operation, and after a dozen rounds only 10-20% of the players were still willing to co-operate.在游戏的三种模式中,大约有60%的参与者起初都愿意表现合作精神。不过在前两种形式中,合作者的数目随着不劳而获者不断散播的消极影响,而逐渐减少。在特定的游戏中,调查对象的合作者中如果存在越多的人扮演叛逃者,该对象在下一轮游戏中就越不愿意表现合作精神;;这正是典型的投桃报李精神。不过这种投桃报李的回馈态度无法维持合作关系,在大约12轮游戏后,只有大约10-20%的参与者仍然愿意表现合作精神。In the variant where participants had some choice over whom they interacted with, though, the amount of co-operation stayed stable as the rounds progressed. When Dr Christakis and his team looked at how the relationships between players were evolving in this third version, they found that connections between two co-operators were much more likely to be maintained than links that involved a defector. Over time, the co-operators accumulated more social connections than the defectors did.不过在游戏的第三种形式中,即参与者有权选择合作对象时,愿意表现合作精神的人数并没有随着游戏次数的增加而减少。比较过三种游戏形式中参与者相互关系的演变规律后,克里斯塔士和他的团队发现二个同是合作者之间的关系要比其中一个是叛逃者之间的关系更容易维持。随着时间的推移,合作者比叛逃者积累了更多的社会关系。Furthermore, as they were shunned, the defectors began to change their behaviour. A defectorrsquo;s likelihood of switching to co-operation increased with the number of players who had broken links with him in the previous round. Unlike straightforward tit-for-tat, social retaliation was having a marked effect.不仅如此,由于受到大家的回避,叛逃者也开改变自己的行为。如果在上一次游戏中有越多的参与者拒绝与某个叛逃者合作,那么这个人在下一次的游戏中就越可能变成合作者。与单纯的投桃报李相比,社会回馈更有助于维系人与人之间的关系。The next question, then, is whether such a mechanism holds outside the laboratory. To find out, Dr Christakis has forged links with some anthropologists. They hope to report the answer soon.接下来的问题是这一机制是否能推广到实验室之外呢?为了找到这个问题的,克里斯塔士已经与一些人类学家取得合作。他们希望能够尽快回答这个问题。numerous adj.很多的withdrawal n.退回convert v.(使)转变(化)retailer n. 零售商; 零售店pernicious adj. 有害的, 致命的201111/162579

It's been protected from human impact since 1909. With three million acres, nearly a half million under water, Superior National Forest is largely unspoiled. But now the survival of this national treasure rest with those who would see some of it burned. When a massive windstorm flattened nearly a half million acres of trees in July of 1999, the Forest Service knew a major wildfire was inevitable. They refer to this area simply as ‘the blowdown’, over 700 square miles of kindling just waiting for a spark. "Yeah, we are kind of wondering why that hasn't happened, um, when it's twice as dry, twice as warm and windy and there is lightning out there. But, er, so far we just haven't had lightning in a good patch of timber to burn." On this day," just to let you know the Magnetic Rock burn is a goal." The Forest Service will strike the match. "The weather forecast for today is favorable". But not before checking that conditions are just right. "Pretty consistent, mainly southwest to leave at 14:50." Gusts of wind more than 15 miles per hour in the wrong direction could be disastrous. And if things go wrong, if the fire gets out of control, it would be burn boss Tim Norman who's responsible. "Yeah, Tim, we're y to launch the torch of fuel". It will come from above. The helicopter disappearing over this ridge will drop a flaming gel on the forest floor. The natural fuel there does the rest. For hours, wave after wave of air assaults rein fire from above. This is the time when all that planning to keep homeowners safe is put to the test. "Before the burn, during the burn and after the burn, we're trying to look at it as many angles as we can, we're trying (to) outguess what could possibly happen and conduct it safely." In the end, a plan with promise gave way to some disappointment. No safety problems, but the Forest Service had hoped to burn 1300 acres, shifting winds and problems with the flaming gel limited the burn to just 200. But that is still a significant amount of forest to burn. "How long will this area take to green up?" "Oh, it'll be green by next spring". This area now creates a much needed buffer between the blowdown and hundreds of homes and businesses on the edge of the wilderness .Burning the forest to keep a future wildfire in check. It's a huge job that's only just begun.1. Superior National Forest: n.Superior National Forest is a national forest of the ed States located in the Arrowhead Region of the state of Minnesota between the U.S.-Canadian border and the north shore of Lake Superior. The area is part of the greater Boundary Waters region along the border of Minnesota and the Canadian province of Ontario, a historic and important thoroughfare in the fur trading and exploring days of British North America. 2. kindling: n.Kindling is small pieces of dry wood and other materials that you use to start a fire. 3. gel: n.A colloid in which the disperse phase has combined with the dispersion medium to produce a semisolid material, such as a jelly. 4. in check: idiom.Restrained from moving or acting; under control.200811/54793President Obama says that one week into the mission, U.S. and allied forces are successfully protecting civilians from attacks by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s forces.奥巴马总统说,美国及其盟友已经在利比亚执行了一周的任务,成功地保护了平民免受利比亚领导人卡扎菲军队的袭击。"We are succeeding in our mission," he said. "We have taken out Libya’s air defenses. Gadhafi’s forces are no longer advancing across Libya. In places like Benghazi, a city of some 700,000 that Gadhafi threatened to show ‘no mercy,’ his forces have been pushed back."他说:“我们的任务正在取得成功。我们已经消除了利比亚的防空力量。卡扎菲的军队已经不再能在利比亚境内推进。卡扎菲曾威胁说要在像班加西之类约有70万人的城市,采取‘毫不留情’的行动,但他的部队现在也已经在那里被击退。”In his weekly address to the nation, Obama said the joint effort is showing results, and Libyan civilians have expressed gratitude. 奥巴马在他的全国每周例行讲话中说,联合行动正在奏效,利比亚平民对此表达了感激之情。"Because we acted quickly, a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided and the lives of countless civilians - innocent men, women and children - have been saved," he said.他说:“由于我们行动迅速,避免了一场人道灾难。无数平民的生命、那些无辜的男女老幼,都得到拯救。”The president’s message was intended to reassure Americans about the purpose and effectiveness of the mission in Libya.奥巴马总统发出的信息是为了让美国人对利比亚行动的目的和效果感到安心。A Gallup opinion poll taken Monday shows 47 percent of Americans approve of the operation, while 37 percent disapprove. Separately, a CBS survey indicates that 50 percent of Americans agree with Obama’s handling of the situation, while 29 percent do not. Gallup says its approval figure was lower than for other U.S. military campaigns in the past four decades. 星期一进行的一项盖洛普民意调查显示,47%的美国人赞成这次行动,但37%的人表示并不认同。哥伦比亚广播公司所作的另一项调查显示,50%的美国人认同奥巴马应对这一局势的举措,而有29%的人持有相反看法。盖洛普表示,美国利比亚行动的持率低于美军在过去四十年采取的任何其它军事行动。White House officials deny criticism by some lawmakers - both Republicans and members of Obama's own Democratic Party - that the president did not seek congressional authorization or adequately consult with lawmakers before embarking on the military action.白宫官员否定来自某些民主党和共和党议员的批评,那些人说,总统在开始军事行动之前没有寻求议会批准, 也没有与议员进行适当的磋商。Some critics contend that Obama did not exhaust all diplomatic options before calling out the military. They also say the U.S. cannot afford the cost of the conflict, and that the nation should not be taking on a mission Libya, when it is aly involved in Iraq and Afghanistan.一些批评人士争辩说,奥巴马在采取军事行动之前没有尝试一切其它外交途径。他们还说,美国无法再承受为冲突付出的代价,这个国家不应该在同时卷入伊拉克和阿富汗战争的情况下,再承担利比亚使命。201103/129445Air France to Replace Speed Sensors on Airbus Jets法航换空客仪器搜索队又找到尸体 As search crews continued to look for more bodies and wreckage from last week's Air France plane crash, the French carrier has decided to immediately replace suspect speed sensors with new ones on all its long-haul Airbus carriers.法国航空公司决定立即用新仪器来更换空中客车飞机上怀疑有问题的速度传感器。在此同时,搜救人员继续在寻找上星期法航坠毁班机的乘客尸体以及残骸。The speed sensors are suspected in playing a part in last week's air crash over the Atlantic Ocean. An investigation into the incident has found the devices appeared to have provided inconsistent data to the pilots. One French pilots union, ALER, has urged its pilots not to fly the Airbus planes in question until these sensors are replaced.速度传感器被怀疑是造成上星期大西洋海域上飞机坠毁事件的一部分原因。对这一空难进行的调查发现,这一设备似乎给飞行员提供了前后不一致的数据。法国飞行员联盟欧特,敦促它的飞行员们在更换传感器前不要驾驶有问题的空中客车飞机。But on Tuesday, the main French pilots union SPNL announced Air France had agreed to immediately equip all of its Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft with new speed sensors. SPNL spokesman Eric Derivry told French media that Air France was replacing the sensors as of Tuesday, and that all the long-haul craft would have at least two of the new devices. Air France had earlier announced it would put in the new sensors but had offered no calendar. Airbus had also advised its customers to replace the sensors.然而,星期二,法国主要的飞行员联盟全国航班飞行员工会的发言人德里夫里说,法航同意立即在所有空中客车A330型以及A340型飞机上装设新的速度传感器。德里夫里告诉法国媒体,法航星期二更换了传感器,并且每架长途飞机都会有至少两个新仪器。法航稍早前宣布,他们将装上新传感器,但是没有提出日程表。空中客车也建议它的客户更换传感器。Derivry said properly functioning speed sensors were critical for pilots to navigate planes. He said there appeared a strong possibility that faulty sensors could have caused the crash even if there was no direct link.德里夫里表示,正常运作的速度传感器对飞行员操纵飞机起着关键作用。他表示,有问题的传感器看来有很大的可能导致了这次坠机事件,尽管没有直接的联系。Meanwhile, search crews working off Brazil returned the first of more than two dozen recovered bodies to land. According to news reports, they have also recovered a large tail section of the plane. Nearly 228 passengers and crew were aboard the Air France airliner when it disappeared over the Atlantic last week. The crash was the airline industry's deadliest in years, and the worst in Air France's history.与此同时,在巴西海岸工作的搜索队伍已经找到20多具尸体,并将其中的第一具尸体送回陆地。根据最新报导,他们同时也找到了飞机的一大块尾翼。上星期,当法航447班机在大西洋上空消失时,有228名乘客以及机组人员在飞机上。这次坠机是航空业多年来最致命的一次,也是法航史上最严重的一次。06/73717

Britain Keeps Up Gaza Ceasefire Pressure英国敦促以巴在加沙停火 British Foreign Secretary David Miliband says it is in everyone's interest to see the U.N. Security Council resolution on Gaza implemented as soon as possible. 英国外交大臣米利班德说,尽快落实联合国安理会的加沙决议案,符合各方的利益。Using the words of Middle East envoy Tony Blair, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband told his parliamentary colleagues that the current situation in Gaza is "Hell, and the violence must end". 英国外交大臣米利班德在向他的议会同僚讲话时,引述了联合国中东特使布莱尔的话。他说,加沙地带目前的情况如同“地狱,暴行必须立即停止”。"Peace benefits Israelis and Palestinians," he said. "War kills both. They are destined to live next door to each other. They can either do so as combatants or as neighbors. We are committed to help them do the latter. That is what Israelis and Palestinians need. It is also what we need before it is too late." 米利班德说:“和平对以色列和巴勒斯坦都有好处。战争导致两败俱伤。他们注定要比邻而居。他们或可为敌,或可为邻。我们承诺将帮助他们化敌为友。以色列和巴勒斯坦需要的正是如此。如果为时不晚,这也是我们所需要的。”As to immediate relief efforts, Miliband said while some aid was getting in, the amount was simply inadequate. 关于目前的救援工作,米利班德说,虽然已运进部分援助,但数量还远远不够。"Relief is needed for the desperate humanitarian situation in Gaza," he said. "Emergency aid is essential and Britain has added million to its aid contribution since the conflict began." “加沙地带的人道主义形势非常恶劣,急需救助。紧急援助必不可少,英国已在冲突开始时在原有捐款基础上增加一千万美元的援助。”The foreign secretary reiterated that resolution 1860 calls for an immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire that would lead to a full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. It also denounces all acts of terrorism.  这位外交大臣重申,第1860号决议案呼吁立即、持久、全面遵守停火协议,这样才能让以色列从加沙完全撤出。决议案还谴责各种形式的恐怖活动。Miliband says delivering security is the key for the region. 米利班德说,提供安全是这个地区稳定的关键所在。"There need to be security improvements, above all a curb on the trafficking of illegal arms into Gaza," he said. "These armaments are the source of fear for thousands of Israelis some of whom I talked to in Sderot in November. They are also a threat to any prospect of Palestinian reconciliation designed as they are to entrench the power of Hamas in Gaza in defiance of President Abbas' call for e, one authority, one source of security." 他说:“有必要改善那里的安全,首当其冲的是要遏制非法武器被偷运进加沙。这些武装令数以千计的以色列人不寒而栗。去年11月,我在斯德洛特曾经与他们当中一部分人交谈过。这些武器也是对任何巴勒斯坦和解计划前景的威胁,因为这些武器将确立哈马斯在加沙地带的力量,无视巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯提出的一个当局、一个安全来源的呼吁。”David Miliband said beyond the short-term goal of establishing a ceasefire, the long-term goal of finding a two-state solution, acceptable to all, must be vigorously pursued. 米利班德说,除了停火协议这个短期目标之外,还必须要积极努力,寻求一个能为所有人接受、两国并存的长期解决目标。01/60974The grassroots cause known as the Tea Party movement has brought its demands for lower taxes and smaller government to Washington. The Tea Party rally in Washington was the final stop on a nearly three-week national tour.After stops in 48 cities in 23 states, the Tea Party Express rolled to a stop just blocks from the White House.“茶党快车”在全美二十三个州的四十八个城市作停留后,抵达离开白宫仅几个街区的终点站。The Washington rally coincided with tax deadline day in the ed States, the day Americans must file their income tax returns with the government.在华盛顿举行集会的这一天正好是美国人报税的最后期限,在这一天之前,美国人务必向政府申报自己的所得税。Tea Party Express organizer Amy Kremer addressed a crowd of several thousand people on Pennsylvania Avenue and predicted the movement would bring change to Washington in November's midterm congressional elections.“茶党快车”的组织者克雷默在宾夕法尼亚大道上向几千民众发表讲话,她预计“茶党”运动将在十一月举行的国会中期选举中给华盛顿带来变化。"We have a message for them," said Ms. Kremer. "They may not listen to us now, but I guarantee you they will listen to us in November when we vote the bums out!"克雷默说:“ 我们有话要告诉他们。他们现在可能不会听,但是我向你保他们十一月份的时候会听,那时候我们会把那些不中用的家伙赶出国会。”Tea Party supporters want to cut taxes, government spending and the federal budget deficit. They also oppose President Obama and Democratic congressional leaders, and many want to repeal the recently-passed health care reform law.“茶党”持者们希望减税、减少政府开和联邦赤字。他们也反对奥巴马总统和国会的民主党领袖们,他们中很多人希望废除最近通过的健保改革法。Congressional Republicans who spoke at the rally eagerly welcomed Tea Party supporters.在这次集会上发表讲话的国会共和党人热切地欢迎“茶党”持者。"Thanks for coming to the Devil's city to help us do the Lord's work!" said Senator Saxby Chambliss, a Republican from Georgia. 他说:“感谢你们来到这个‘魔鬼’之城,来帮助我们做上帝的工作。”201004/101765Monday September 6 is Labor Day in the ed States, a day set aside to honor American workers and the dignity of labor. The organized labor movement of the late 19th century that spawned the national holiday has waxed and waned over the years.9月6号(星期一)是美国劳工节。这是美国劳工们的节日,体现劳动者的尊严。有组织的美国工人运动在19世纪末叶促使劳工节成为美国的法定假日。Many Americans view Labor Day as a welcome end-of-summer three-day weekend to spend at the beach or the barbecue pit.劳工节对很多美国人来说都是一个很受欢迎的节日,全家人可以在海滩或者室外烤肉炉旁渡过三天愉快的周末时光,庆祝夏日的结束。But the first Labor Day observance was in New York City in 1882. It was intended as a celebration of the strength and spirit of labor and trade. U.S. President Grover Cleveland proposed the first Monday in September be a national holiday, rather than May Day, which had more radical associations, and it became law in 1894. 最先庆祝劳工节的地方是纽约,时间是1882年9月5日,当时是为了庆祝各界劳工的力量与精神。1887年,美国总统克里夫兰(Grover Cleveland)提议每年9月的第一个星期一为劳工节,这项建议在1894年获得国会批准而成为法律。"It is the only national holiday that we have that commemorates the contributions of a particular segment of society - working people," explained Historian Joshua Freeman of the City University of New York.纽约市立大学历史学家乔舒亚·弗里曼(Joshua Freeman)指出,美国劳工节纪念的是劳动者为国家所做的贡献,而不是社会矛盾和冲突。弗里曼说:“劳工节是美国唯一的一个专门纪念社会某一特定群体所做贡献的国家纪念日,纪念对象是劳动人民。”Freeman says America's labor force changed dramatically over the years with the rise of steam power and the abolition of slavery. 弗里曼说,蒸汽机的发明和奴隶制的废除,让美国劳动大军发生了重大变化。201009/113213

One size does not fit all. That's the philosophy behind an innovative approach to primary education which started in Britain less than a decade ago.The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is now taught in more than 1,000 primary schools in 58 countries, including the ed States. The curriculum personalizes education and applies an internationally-minded approach to learning.国际小学课程(IPC)是一种比较新的教育方法。这个课程不到10年前在英国开始,目前包括美国在内的58个国家的1000多所学校正在教授这套课程。国际小学课程将教育个人化,并且将一种具有国际观念的方法用在学习上。Alison Kerr is a second grade teacher in the British American School of Los Angeles, one of a few American private schools that teaches the International Primary Curriculum. She says the main goal of the curriculum is to engage children in the learning process. This term, for example, her class is learning about historical figures.阿里森.科尔是洛杉矶英美学校二年级教师。这个学校是教授国际小学课程的几所美国私立学校之一。她说,这个课程的主要目标是使学生投入学习过程当中。比如,这个学期,她那班学生在学习历史人物。"I got the children to come in secret and dress up with several clues of a famous person. They had to research and bring us 10 written clues and the rest of the class had to guess who these significant people were," says Kerr. "So the children do not simply do the same thing, the same work, sheet type of format every single time." 科尔说:“我让孩子们悄悄地进来,按某个名人的样子穿戴起来,但要有几条线索提示。他们得去做研究,然后写出10条提示,其他同学要根据提示猜出这位重要人物是谁。所以,孩子们不是简单地做同样的事,同样的作业,但不千篇一律。”Educator Martin Skelton, who co-authored the IPC eight years ago, says kids need a program that allows them to learn individually.教师马丁.斯科尔顿说,如今,全体通用型的教学方法行不通了。他8年前参与编写了国际小学课程。他说,孩子们要学有所成,就必须有一个可让他们个别学习的课程。"Our view is the teachers should be thinking about their kid in their class and why they are not learning and trying to work out what they are going to be doing tomorrow to help individual kids learn much better," says Skelton, who adds that another important goal is preparing today’s children to become 21st century leaders. "Most of world problems are going to be solved internationally now. I mean no single country is going to solve the environment or terrorism. It’s a multi co-operational activity."斯科尔顿说:“我们的观点是教师应该为他们班里的学生着想,他们为什么学不会,并且应该努力设想明天他们要做什么,来帮助每个孩子更好地学习。”斯科尔顿谈到,另一个主要目标是让今天的孩子做好准备,使他们成为21世纪的领导者。他说:“现在,多数全球问题需要国际社会通力合作解决。我是说,没有一个国家能单独解决环境问题或者恐怖主义问题。这是一个多方合作的行动。”201103/127744BLISS sps across Lalo’s face as his glossy black locks are blown dry by cooing stylists. Dogs big and small are beautified for 100 pesos (.70) in the back of a perspex-walled van run by Fluffy Shower, a mobile pet-salon that visits Mexico City’s posh neighbourhoods to apply shampoo and ribbons to upper-class animals. The sharpest dogs sport green, white and red jerseys to mark Independence Day on September 16th. Next month pet boutiques will sell Halloween pumpkin outfits and dainty witches’ hats.当宠物美容师一边哄着Lalo,一边吹干它乌黑亮丽的卷毛的时候,Lalo的脸上洋溢着幸福。在塑胶墙面的货车厢里,无论大还是小,美容费都是每只100比索(合约7.7美元)。这辆车是一家名叫Fluffy Shower的流动宠物沙龙的,现在正在墨西哥城的富裕地区巡游,出售高级宠物的香波和链条。最引人注目的穿着绿色、白色和红色的运动衫,在9月16日庆祝独立日。下个月宠物精品店还会推出万圣节南瓜装和精致的女巫帽。 Pet care is booming in emerging markets, as the growing middle class stops buying dogs for security (or dinner) and starts doting on them. Nowhere has the fashion taken off as quickly as in Latin America. In the past five years spending on pet food and knick-knacks has risen by 44%, to billion, according to Euromonitor, a market-research firm, which estimates that Chile has more pet dogs per person than any other country. Latin pets may be the world’s most fashionable. As Mexico’s rainy season tails off, dogs are stepping out of designer shoes to show off painted claws.中产阶级买不再是为了保卫或者食用,而是为了当作宠物,因此宠物保养在新兴国家市场正蓬勃发展。而这种时尚在拉丁美洲的发展是最快的。根据一家市场研究公司欧睿的调查,过去五年中,宠物食品和玩具的开销增长了44%,达到了110亿美元。该公司估计,智利是人均拥有宠物数量最多的国家。拉美的宠物应该是世界上最时尚的,随着墨西哥的雨季渐渐结束,们脱掉时尚鞋子,开始显摆它们的染色的爪子。Rising incomes allow Latinos to treat mutts as members of the family. More young people are living alone and putting off marriage, choosing pets for company instead. These “pet parents” indulge their animals as if they were children, says Emily Woon, Euromonitor’s pet-care supremo, who reports that Latin America has been the “star market” of recent years. Latinos are especially fond of dogs, which are costlier than cats, but superior in every respect. Whereas in Europe the dog- and cat-food markets are equal, in Latin America dog food outsells cat food by nearly six to one.随着收入的增加,拉美人渐渐把们当成家庭成员了。越拉越多的独身年轻人推迟婚姻,选择宠物作为自己的伴侣。欧睿宠物保养权威人士艾米丽·伍恩说,这些“宠物爸妈”们对宠物们溺爱地像自己的孩子一样。据她所说,近年来,拉美已经成了“明星市场”了。拉美人特别喜欢,尽管养比养猫要贵,但是在各方面都比养猫好。在欧洲,猫食品市场份额相等,但在拉美,粮的销售差不多是猫粮的六倍。There is room for growth. Many Latinos still feed their pets table scraps: three-quarters of Mexican hounds make do with leftover bits of burrito. Billboards around Mexico City’s parks urge owners to switch to Pedigree and other brands of delicious packaged pet food.这个市场还有扩大的空间。许多拉美人还是在用剩饭剩菜来喂宠物:四分之三的墨西哥猎犬都在吃墨西哥玉米煎饼的残渣。墨西哥城的公园里到处都是广告牌,力劝宠物的主人改用宝路或者其他名牌包装的可口宠物食品。Glitzy pet superstores, which account for more than a fifth of pet-product sales in America and Canada, barely exist south of the Rio Grande. The most popular outlets are still small, independent pet shops, which retain customers by offering credit. But the superstores will come. And when Latin animal-lovers can buy a full range of food, toys and veterinary services in one place, life could become even more luxurious for Mexico’s privileged pets.在美国和加拿大,琳琅满目的宠物超市占了宠物产品销售量的五分之一以上,而在格兰德河以南却十分罕见。最流行的经销店还是规模小、单独的宠物商店,并通过赊购来保留客户。但是大型超市还是会出现的,如果拉美的动物爱好者在同一个地方购买所有宠物食品、玩具和医用护理设备,那么墨西哥高级宠物们的生活将会更加奢华。 201110/156055美国失业率继续上升,六月份的失业人数高于预期。先失业率已达9.5%,为26年来的最高水平。Unemployed worker (L) talks with Employment Guide staffer at job fair in San Jose, California 20 Jun 07/77601

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