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A: Help me! I need a doctor!B: What is the problem, sir?A: My wife is on the floor!B: Sir, please calm down. Take a deep breath.A: I need some help, right now!B: Sir, I'm going to put you through to 9.A: Hurry, please!B: I'm transferring you right now, sir.。

Conversation A: Good morning, sir. What can I do you.B: Im looking a pair of table tennis bats.A: Do you want rubber bats or sponge bats?B: I want sponge ones.A: How do you like your pimpled rubber turned, outside or inside?B: Inside.A: How about this one? It is the latest popular model.B: It loods fine. Well, I think Ill take it.A:早上好,先生您要买什么?B:我想买一副乒乓球拍A:您要橡胶拍还是海绵拍?B:我想要海绵拍A:您喜欢颗粒胶是正贴还是反贴的?B:反贴的A:这个怎么样?这个是最新流行式样B:看上去还不错,那我买下了 186569。

本文选自Gossip Girl 《绯闻女孩,欢迎大家共同欣赏Dan: So, tell me. What… what exactly happened with you and man-bangs?Vanessa: He is prettier than me, but that wasn’t the problem. Dan: And so what was it then? The, uh, the whole perpetually stoned, brooding guy thing? Vanessa: I actually enjoyed the quiet. It was a nice change of pace from you. Dan: Was it his past with Serena?Vanessa: No. That’s just your issue.Dan: It must’ve been, uh, the … the different worlds thing, right? One of you is always feeling like a fish out of water?Vanessa: I know exactly what you’re doing. Ask me enough questions about Nate, and I won’t ask you about Serena. Dan: Best offense is always a strong defense. I, um … I’m not y to talk about it, her.Vanessa: Good. Then maybe it’ll be quiet 30 seconds.Dan: No,no, no, no, no. You’d better get used to it, Abrams. Welcome to the summer of Dan Humphrey, babblin’ at your ass 7, from dusk till dawn. Come Labor Day, you’re gonna be so sick of me.Vanessa: It’s been years, and I’m still not sick of you.Dan: Oh, not lack of trying. 5。

Bargaining讨价还价S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Practical Key SentencesS35: We regret we have to maintain the price.很抱歉,我们必须维持这个价S36: Since the material price has gone up, we cant do at your price now.原材料上涨了许多,您这个价现在确实做不了S37: My boss will fire me, if I sell it that price.如果我卖那个价钱,老板会解雇我的S38: Our prices are not dearer than those in other places.我们的价格不比别的地方贵S39: The price is is reasonable, because the quality is supper.这个价格很合理,因为质量上乘S0: The price is reasonable, because it famous brand.这个价格很合理,因为是名牌S1: You wont get a better buy than this one around here.在这周围您再也买不到比这个更便宜的了S: This is a bit more expensive, because it made by hand.这个要稍贵些,因为是手工做的S3: Our boss has agreed to give you 5% discount, and no more.我们老板同意给你打九五折,不能再多了S: Ill bring the price down to 60 Yuan per piece, if youre going to make a big purchase.如果量大,我就可以把价钱降到60元一件S5: The prices have aly been reduced greatly. The original price this is 0 Yuan.这些价格已经降了很多这个原价是0元S6: Owing to the advance in the cost, we shall have to raise our prices in the immediate future.由于成本上涨,我们很快便会提高我们的价格S7: We cant reduce the price any more. We have aly cut to the bone.我们不能在减价了,我们已经不顾血本了S8: While we appreciate your cooperation, we regret to say that we cant reduce our price any future.虽然我们感谢你们的合作,但很抱歉,我们不能再降价了S9: We almost have no profit at this price. I only want to make a deal with you, and hope youll come back next time.这个价我们没有利润了这次我只是想和您做成这个单,希望您下次能再来C1: Can you sell it 9 Yuan?0元卖吗?C: Too high, lower, OK?太高了,低点好吗?C3: Can you cut down the price?价钱能少点吗?。

A: I need your help with something.我需要你帮我点忙B: Whatrsquo;s wrong?怎么了?A: I somehow locked myself out of my apartment.我将自己锁在公寓外面了B: How did you lock yourself out?你是怎么锁的?A: Irsquo;m really not sure.我不确定B: Wherersquo;s your key?你的钥匙在哪儿?A: I locked it inside the house.我锁在屋子里了B: I do have a spare key to your door.我确实有你房间的备用钥匙A: May I use it, please?我能借用下吗?B: Okay, but once you get in, bring my key right back.是的,一旦你进到屋里,就马上将我的钥匙还回来A: I will, and thank you so much.我会的,十分感谢B: Make sure to keep your key with you next time.下次要确保随身携带钥匙。

3.Unexplored Caves3.没有人迹的洞穴It common knowledge that most of the Earth oceans remain unexplored. That not because weve spent all our time getting to grips with the land, though.我们都知道地球上大部分海洋都没有探测过而原因并不是我们把所有精力都用在开发陆地上Beneath our feet are literally thousands upon thousands of caves that no human being has ever set foot in. These subterranean worlds arent even in the minority.我们脚下有成千上万个洞穴,至今还没有人去过这些地下世界数量很大One estimate by National Geographic put the number of undiscovered caves at 90 percent of the planet total.《国家地理的一项评估认为,还有90%的洞穴没有被人类发现That number is now slightly out of date, but it goes to show just how unknowable the ground beneath our feet is.这个数据已经有些旧了,但依然可以说明要了解我们脚下的世界多么困难It doesnt help that the vast majority of caves are hidden, with no visible entrances at ground level.大部分洞穴还深藏不露,地面上没有看得见的入口Even in a region of the world as mapped and meticulously explored as the US, it thought that only 50 percent of its caves have likely been found.即使像美国这样地图信息比较完善,已经被仔细探索过的地方,仍有50%的洞穴未被发现This means that all of those grand, crystal-filled caverns you occasionally see photos of online might be only the tip of the iceberg.这也就是说,你在网上看见的那些震撼人心、充满水晶的洞穴照片,可能只是冰山一角There a whole undiscovered world down there, a lightless place cut off from the surface centuries, perhaps millennia. Who knows? There might even be Morlocks.地下还有一整个没被发现的世界,一个远离地表几年百年甚至上千年的黑暗世界谁知道呢?说不定下面还有莫洛克人呢.The Fate Of Pollution In Our Oceans.海洋污染物的结局Here a sobering thought: There may be nowhere left on Earth that isnt polluted.有一种观点让人心情沉重:地球上可能没有哪一寸地方没有被污染了Thanks to swirling air and sea currents, along with millions of factories and billions of cars all spewing out gunk into the environment, there may not be a single patch of the world left that is completely pollution-free.受到大气环流和洋流的影响,几百万工厂和几百万车辆喷出的废气废物已经污染了世界的各个角落If that freaks you out, wait until you hear the next bit: Some scientists think that this planet will never again see an unpolluted sea.这一个观点更让你惊恐:有些科学家认为地球上的海洋也全部被污染,再也不会变干净了Thanks to our wastefulness in the th century, Earth oceans may be polluted ever.由于世纪我们挥霍无度,地球海洋已经被污染了This disturbing news comes courtesy of microplastics. Originally part of plastic bottles and bags, microplastics are the tiny fragments that split off and get broken down into ever smaller pieces.塑料微粒诞生了这些让人不安的消息塑料微粒是由塑料瓶和塑料口袋分解而成的细微的塑料碎片They can currently be found in just about every patch of ocean on Earth, and no one is sure if they can ever be properly cleaned up.它们出现在地球海洋的任一水体中,没人知道能否把它们清除干净The most pessimistic scientists genuinely think that they will remain as long as there are oceans left on Earth.最悲观的科学家认为,海洋存在多久,这些塑料微粒就会随之存在多久1.Undiscovered Civilizations1.未知文明It seems like youd have to be pretty clumsy to lose something as massive as an entire civilization. Nevertheless, our species has managed this extraordinary feat not once, not twice, but dozens (maybe hundreds) of times.能把整个文明弄丢的人不知道有多笨拙然而,人类这样的经历却不止一两次,可能是十几次,甚至几百次Many of those societies, like the Olmecs, have since been rediscovered. They may just be the tip of the iceberg, though.人们重新发现了很多社会文明,比如奥梅克文明,而这可能只是冰山一角Some scientists think that new technology has placed us on the verge of uncovering dozens of merly lost civilizations.有些科学家认为新技术可以让我们迅速找到十几种消失的文明The depths of the rain est have long been adept at hiding traces of human activity. Just ask any of the doomed explorers who set off to find El Dorado or the Lost City of Z.热带雨林环境复杂,掩盖了很多人类活动的痕迹问问那些四处找寻埃尔多拉多或者失落的Z城却空手而返的探险家,你就知道了That not to say that the rain ests are empty. Weve occasionally glimpsed signs of widesp agricultural work or excavations that took place long ago.这并不是说热带雨林里什么都没有我们偶尔会发现农业劳作或者挖掘土地留下的历史悠久的痕迹 such large-scale projects to have been undertaken, it stands to reason that there must have been a civilization in each area driving them.这样大规模的工程表明其背后必定有某种文明The potential is now there us to attempt to locate these long-gone peoples, possibly by flying specially equipped drones through remote areas of rain est.借助带有特殊装备的无人飞机搜寻热带雨林,我们有可能找到这些消失很久的族群If were lucky, we may yet find traces of a bygone people (or peoples) wed somehow gotten all about.如果我们走运,我们或许能发现早以被遗忘的古老人群(或说种群)生活过的痕迹 70。