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义乌妇保医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱义乌市人民医院激光去痘手术多少钱Lessons That Fit The TimesAs MBA students return to campus on the eve of the financial meltdown's anniversary in the U.S., business schools are incorporating lessons from the crisis into their programs.Schools are adding and revamping classes on the meltdown, its roots and consequences. Professors say they want students to avoid repeating mistakes blamed for the blow-up.Among the class lessons: Question assumptions behind financial models. Probe for better information about complex products. Don't let greed motivate decisions. Better understand the role of regulatory agencies and governments.Schools began introducing these themes last school year, but now are incorporating them more systematically. 'It would be a mistake to go into the classroom in today's world and not offer very serious reflection of these issues,' says Stuart Gabriel, a finance professor at UCLA's Anderson School of Management. Students need 'an understanding of the profound earthquake that has rumbled through these areas.'A leading topic at many campuses: financial modeling. As a result of the crisis, professional investors and analysts were criticized for not adequately considering potential flaws in the assumptions behind their models.'What's missing is the thought process of, 'What if I'm wrong,'' says Greg Hallman, a senior lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin's McCombs School of Business. In his valuation course, a finance-track requirement, he says he'll spend more time urging students to question models' assumptions.At Cornell University's Johnson School, finance professor Andrew Karolyi strikes a similar note. He'll remind students that real-world events don't always play out the way a model indicates. 'Our models and our perceptions of financial systems are more fragile than we realize,' he says.In a managerial finance class that Prof. Karolyi is teaching this fall to executive MBA students, he'll put more emphasis on hot-button crisis issues, such as liquidity in pricing securities, which came under scrutiny this past fall when it became almost impossible to determine values for certain complex financial instruments. He'll also have students look more closely at conflicts of interest among a firm's stakeholders, like between executives and shareholders -- a hot topic in regulating executive pay.At UCLA, Prof. Gabriel is using real-world examples to help students test and understand theories. He plans to use a new case study on the subprime meltdown. For the midterm and final, students will have to show they've learned to question accepted models, which he says will help them notice signs that might point to future market collapses.Other professors will push students to better understand complicated financial products. Reena Aggarwal will encourage students in her class on alternative investments at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business to discuss ways to make those markets more transparent. Ahead of the crisis, she notes, markets for complex instruments such as credit-default swaps had ballooned. When the market plunged, investors realized the difficulty in putting a value on those products.'It becomes extremely important to discuss these issues -- more than in the past -- because of events like the failure of AIG,' whose problems stemmed in large part from its sale of credit-default swaps, she says.For Mark Zupan, dean of University of Rochester's Simon Graduate School of Business, the crisis provides a vivid lesson on 'agency theory,' the notion that people make weaker choices when they have little or no 'skin in the game,' he says.Home 'flippers' who counted on rising real-estate prices and easy credit to make their investments pay off, for instance, often chose to take out risky mortgages with little or no down payment that they later found they couldn't afford. Mr. Zupan expects faculty to mine the crisis for examples that illustrate those dangers in order to teach students.Some programs are boosting ethics and leadership courses.Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Ariz., will double the length to six weeks of a required course on corporate governance, ethics and entrepreneurship. Provost Robert Widing says the crisis exposed leaders' shortcomings. 'The roots were in greed and incompetence,' he says.University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School is recasting its core ethics course in fall 2010 so that students can examine how, as managers, they would handle ethical dilemmas.Schools also want to give students a better grasp of the role of governments and regulatory bodies, and the close ties between world economies. New at Yale University's School of Management is 'Washington and Wall Street: Markets, Policy and Politics.' New York University's Stern School of Business has added 'Financial Crisis and the Policy Response.'.Villanova University's School of Business is offering 'Understanding the Global Marketplace in a Post-Bailout Economy,' a team-taught class where professors bring in corporate and government leaders to offer perspectives on the crisis.Yale School of Management is making 'The Global Macroeconomy' a required course. Dean Sharon Oster says the crisis exposed the interconnectedness of global economies; she wants to ensure students understand international ripple effects.'One positive byproduct of the crisis may be that we start paying attention more to the importance of considering different models and different alternatives, not thinking about the American way or any one way of doing things as absolutely the best way,' says Mauro Guillen, professor of international management at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School in Philadelphia, who organized a class taught by multiple professors on the crisis last year and is repeating it this year.It's not the first time business schools have reworked their playbook after a crisis. After Enron's collapse, for instance, schools added a slew of ethics classes. Many of those standalone courses have since fallen by the wayside, as schools now often say it's better to integrate ethics lessons into other coursework.After each crisis, students 'always ask, 'how do we avoid this the next time around?' But crises are always different,' says Georgetown's Prof. Aggarwal. 'A couple years ago we spent a lot of time talking about Sarbanes-Oxley issues, we barely got away from it and now we have this whole new world.'For now, students say the crisis lessons help. Burleise Bailey, a second-year MBA student at Stern who worked as an engineer before returning to school, has added a specialization in finance to understand the meltdown better. 'I'm just trying to soak it all in,' says Ms. Bailey. /200909/83153义乌双眼皮整形 海明威被爆是失败的克格勃间谍来源:Guardian(卫报) 编辑:Vicki时至今日,海明威在人们的眼中一直是个传奇人物,一直吸引着人民的关注。几乎每个月都有一片新的关于海明威的传记片出来,一部新的回忆录。上周,一部侦探小说的出版再一次把人们的眼球吸引到了这位传奇人物身上。 John Earl Haynes, Harvey Klehr和Alexander Vassiliev在自己最新的间谍小说《克格勃在美国的兴衰》书中称海明威事实上是一名失败的克格勃间谍。Hemingway revealed as failed KGB spyUp till now, this has been a notably (显而易见的)cheerful year for admirers of Ernest Hemingway – a surprisingly diverse set of people who range from Michael Palin to Elmore Leonard. Almost every month has brought good news: a planned Hemingway biopic(传记片); a new, improved version of his memoir, A Moveable Feast; the opening of a digital archive(档案文件) of papers found in his Cuban home; progress on a movie of Islands in the Stream.Last week, however, saw the publication of Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America(克格勃在美国的兴与衰) (Yale University Press), which reveals the Nobel prize-winning novelist was for a while on the KGB's list of its agents in America. Co-written by John Earl Haynes, Harvey Klehr and Alexander Vassiliev, the book is based on notes that Vassiliev, a former KGB officer, made when he was given access in the 90s to Stalin-era intelligence archives in Moscow.Its section on the author's secret life as a "dilettante(半吊子) spy" draws on his KGB file in saying he was recruited in 1941 before making a trip to China, given the cover name "Argo", and "repeatedly expressed his desire and willingness to help us" when he met Soviet agents in Havana and London in the 40s. However, he failed to "give us any political information" and was never "verified in practical work", so contacts with Argo had ceased by the end of the decade. Was he only ever a pseudo-spook, possibly seeing his clandestine(黑市交易) dealings as potential literary material, or a genuine but hopelessly ineffective one?The latter ing would chime with(与……一致) his attempts to assist the US during the second world war in his fishing boat El Pilar, patrolling waters north of Cuba in search of U-Boats, making coded notes but only one sighting.Revelations(泄露) made in recent years have not been kind to some of the writers and artists who made their reputations in the Spanish civil war. George Orwell's list of public figures who were crypto-communists(共产党秘密党员), prepared for a Foreign Office propaganda arm in 1949, sullied his saintly image when it was published six years ago. Research in Soviet archives led Antony Beevor to call Andre Malraux a "mythomaniac(说谎狂)". Robert Capa has been accused of faking the best-known photo of that conflict. The virulent(剧毒的) hatred of Arabs of Martha Gellhorn - Hemingway's third wife, who covered the civil war with him - has been exposed. And now it's the turn of Hemingway himself, the biggest name of all, to lose some of his lustre.Keke View:海明威,E.)(Ernest Hemingway l899~1961) 美国小说家。1954年度的诺贝尔文学奖获得者。生于乡村医生家庭,从小喜欢钓鱼、打猎、音乐和绘画,曾作为红十字会车队司机参加第一次世界大战,以后长期担任驻欧记者,并曾以记者身份参加第二次世界大战和西班牙内战。晚年患多种疾病,精神十分抑郁,经多次医疗无效,终用猎自杀。他的早期长篇小说《太阳照样升起》(1927)、《永别了,武器》(1927)成为表现美国“迷惘的一代”的主要代表作。30、40年代他转而塑造摆脱迷惘、悲观,为人民利益而英勇战斗和无畏牺牲的反法西斯战士形象(剧本《第五纵队》1938),长篇小说《丧钟为谁而鸣》(1940)。50年代后,他继续发展20年代短篇小说《打不败的人》和《五万大洋》的宁折不弯主题,塑造了以桑提亚哥为代表的“可以把他消灭,但就是打不败他”的“硬汉性格”(代表作中篇小说《老人与海》1950)。在艺术上,他那简约有力的文体和多种现代派手法的出色运用,在美国文学中曾引起过一场“文学革命”,许多欧美作家都明显受到了他的影响。 /200907/77312Qian Xuesen (simplified Chinese: 钱学森; traditional Chinese: 錢學森; pinyin: Qián Xuésēn; Wade-Giles: Ch'ien Hsüeh-sên) (11 December 1911 – 31 October 2009) was a scientist who made important contributions to the missile and space programs of both the ed States and People's Republic of China. NASA documents commonly refer to him as H.S. Tsien.钱学森(简体中文:钱学森,传统中文:錢學森,拼音:Qián Xuésēn,威妥玛拼音:Ch'ien Hsüeh-sên)(1911年12月11日 - 2009年10月31日)是一位对中国和美国的导弹航空领域做出杰出贡献的科学家。美国航天局的文件通常称他为H.S. Tsien。 /200912/91682义乌哪家整形医院做双眼皮做好

浙大义乌附属医院激光去痣多少钱Since 1980 China has had a one-child policy. The result is that traditionally large families have turned into 1)inverted pyramids with multiple grandparents for every treasured little one, a child on whom much attention is 2)lavished and of whom great things are expected.自1980年起,中国实行独生子女政策。其结果是传统的大家庭变成了倒置的金字塔,在这个金字塔里,每一个宝贝小孩子都有几个祖辈老人,过多的注意力都集中在一个小孩身上,同时,很多期望也寄托在一个小孩身上。This is the Long Yun Guzheng Training Academy. It#39;s a private music school where girls learn to play the Guzheng. The school is run by Ms. Long, herself a fine 3)soloist, who has even toured in the U.S. I asked her how many of the students are only children.这里是成都的龙韵古筝艺术培训中心。这是一家教女孩子学习弹奏古筝的私立音乐培训机构。这个培训中心是由龙德君女士开办的,龙女士本身就是一名优秀的古筝演奏家,她还曾经在美国作巡回演出。我问她,学琴的学生当中有多少是独生子女。Long Dejun: (via translator) All of the students in this school are only children. We have 300 students, a little over 300.龙德君:(通过翻译)这里全部的学生都是独生子女。我们有三百名学生,三百略多一点。Ms. Long says the pressure that only children can feel might be too much for some students, but it might actually make others work harder.龙女士说独生子女受到的压力对于一些学生来说可能难以承受,但也可能使另外一些学生更加刻苦用功。In this practice room, three girls age six, six and a half, and ten play in 4)unison with a 5)metronome keeping time. Each is perched on her three-legged stool in front of her instrument. The six-and-a-half-year-old in the front chair is so little her feet don#39;t reach the ground. As the children take their lessons, the parents or grandparents who brought them wait. A few told us their kids practice at least an hour a day. I asked Ye Ping about the phenomenon of so many only children. She#39;s an accountant who is waiting for her 10-year-old daughter. She said, yes, these kids live under a great deal of pressure.在这个琴房里,三个女孩子的年龄分别是六岁、六岁半和十岁,她们在节拍器的帮助下练习合奏。每个女孩子都坐在琴前的三脚凳上。那个六岁半的小女孩儿身体太矮小了,她的脚都够不着地。而在孩子们练琴的时候,把她们送来的父母或者家里的老人则在一旁等候。有几个人告诉我们,他们的孩子一天至少要练一个小时的琴。我向叶萍(音译)问起她对独生子女现象的看法。她是一名会计师,正在等她十岁的女儿。她说,是的,这些孩子都在巨大的压力下生活。Ye Ping: (via translator) Children here don#39;t have a very happy childhood.叶萍:(通过翻译)这里的孩子没有一个开心的童年。Reporter: What would be a better word to describe their childhood?记者:你觉得什么词描述他们的童年会更合适?Ye Ping: (via translator) Hard work.叶萍:(通过翻译)辛苦。Song Daode is a 66-year-old retiree who happily admits to 6)doting full time on his 12-year-old granddaughter. She#39;s his only grandchild. He says many more people now can provide their kids with a good education and they feel that they have to so that their children can compete.宋道德(音译)是一名六十六岁的退休人员,他很乐意承认自己把全部时间都花在他十二岁的孙女身上,她也是他惟一的孙辈。他说,现在有更多的人有条件让自己的孩子接受良好的教育,他们觉得如果想让自己的孩子将来能与他人竞争,就必须这么做。Song Daode: (via translator) The big difference between China and other countries is that there are so many of us, so the pressures on the children are so much greater. I#39;ve been to Singapore and they don#39;t have as many people. Pressure on their students is not as great as here. In China, the pressure to study is great. So we parents and grandparents are all running around in circles for our kids.宋道德:(通过翻译)中国与其他国家的一个很大的不同点就是中国人太多了,因此孩子要承受的压力就更大了。我去过新加坡,他们没有那么多人,因此他们学生的压力就不像这里的学生压力大。在中国,小孩的学习压力很大,所以我们这些父母和老人全部都为孩子忙得团团转。 /201211/209755东阳市中医院做去疤手术多少钱 东阳市妇幼保健儿童医院祛疤多少钱

义乌芙洛拉整形美容医院额头纹怎么样 Franklin was born1706- Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston.富兰克林出生1706年的今天,本杰明#8226;富兰克林在波斯顿出生。Rutherford B. Hayes was died1893-the 19th president of the ed States, Rutherford B. Hayes, died in Fremont, Ohio, at age 70.拉瑟福德#8226;伯查德#8226;海斯逝世1893年的今天,美国第19任总统拉瑟福德#8226;伯查德#8226;海斯在俄亥俄州菲蒙市逝世,享年70岁。forces liberated Warsaw1945-Soviet and Polish forces liberated Warsaw during World War Two.武力解放华沙1945年的今天,在二战中,苏联和波兰武力解放华沙。1946-the ed Nations Security Council held its first meeting.安理会首次会议1946年的今天,联合国安理会举行首次会议。 /201101/123558东阳市妇幼保健医院做丰胸手术多少钱诸暨去除眼袋多少钱



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