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2018年04月25日 00:16:30

Finding your way around this campus an economic crisis struck that would claim more than 5 million jobs. 这所校园的时候经济危机降临不等你们第一学年结束Before the end of your freshman year Since then some of you have probably seen parents put off retirement. 它已经导致500多万人失业从那个时候以来你们大概看到一些父母推迟了退休计划Friends struggle to find work And you may be looking toward the future with that same sense of concern that my generation did. 一些朋友在苦苦求职面对未来 你们也许像当年我这一代坐在你们的座位上的时候一样When we were sitting where you are now Of course, as young women youre also going to grapple with some unique challenges. 感到忧心忡忡当然 作为年轻女性你们还要应对某些特殊的挑战Like whether youll be able to earn equal pay for equal work whether youll be able to balance the demands of your job and your family. 比如是否能够享有同工同酬是否能够平衡工作和家庭的需要Whether youll be able to fully control decisions about your own health And while opportunities for women. 是否能够对自身健康有全部决定权虽然过去30年来Have grown exponentially over the last 30 years as young people in many ways you have it even tougher than we did. 女性的机会有了突飞猛进的增加但作为年轻人你们在很多方面面临着比我们当时更加严重This recession has been more brutal the job losses steeper Politics seems nastier. 更加严峻的挑战失业人数更多政治争议似乎更加难以调和Congress more gridlocked than ever Some folks in the financial world have not exactly been model corporate citizens. 国会比以往任何时候更加僵持金融界的一些人很难被称为模范企业公民No wonder that faith in our institutions has never been lower particularly when good news doesnt get the same kind of ratings. 所以 毫不奇怪对我们体制的信心达到空前之低特别是好消息201609/467373安庆尖锐疣手术好办法Over the course of three years, we recorded eight to 10 hours a day,历经3年的时间,我们每天记录8到10个小时amassing roughly a quarter-million hours of multi-track audio and .积累了大约25万小时的多轨音频和视频资料So youre looking at a piece of what is by far the largest home collection ever made.所以你现在看到的是有史以来最大的家庭录相集And what this data represents for our family at a personal level,从个人的角度而言,这些代表了我们家庭的资料the impact has aly been immense, and were still learning its value.已经产生了巨大的影响,我们还在继续学习其中的价值Countless moments of unsolicited natural moments, not posed moments, are captured there,无数的时刻,无预兆的,不造作的自然时刻都记录在这里and were starting to learn how to discover them and find them.我们正开始学习怎样发现和寻找它们But theres also a scientific reason that drove this project,而促使这个项目还有一个科学的原因which was to use this natural longitudinal data to understand the process of how a child learns language -- that child being my son.便是用这些纵向记录的数据去了解一个孩子是怎样学习语言的--这个孩子是我的儿子And so with many privacy provisions put in place to protect everyone who was recorded in the data,所以在设置了隐私保护的条件下,每个被记录到的人物都得到保护we made elements of the data available to my trusted research team at MIT我们对我们信任的麻省理工研究团队公开了部分数据so we could start teasing apart patterns in this massive data set,因此我们可以从这个巨大的数据资料中排除出一些多余的模式trying to understand the influence of social environments on language acquisition.以此来试图理解社会环境对语言形成的影响So were looking here at one of the first things we started to do.所以我们在这里看到我们所做的第一件事情This is my wife and I cooking breakfast in the kitchen,这是我的妻子和我在厨房做早餐and as we move through space and through time, a very everyday pattern of life in the kitchen.随着时间的流逝地点的变化,这是厨房里日常生活的轨迹。201705/507278安庆市郊区人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱Hi Well, its nice to be back at Princeton I find it difficult to believe that its been almost 11 years 嗨 很高兴能回到普林斯顿 很难相信我离校赴华盛顿任职Since I departed these halls for Washington I wrote recently to inquire about the status of my leave from the university and the letter I got back began 已经11年了 我最近写信打听学校在我离开后的状况 结果回信开头就说;Regrettably, Princeton receives many more qualified applicants for faculty positions than we can accommodate; ill extend my best wishes to the seniors later ;很遗憾 普林斯顿收到了很多出色求职者的求职信; ;但学校职位有限; 我稍后再献上对毕业生的美好祝愿But first I want to congratulate the parents and families sitting out on the lawn As a parent myself I know that putting your kid through college these days is no walk in the park 首先我要恭喜的是 坐在外面草地上的家长和家人们 身为人父 我深知供子女读完大学并非易事Some years ago I had a colleague who sent three kids through Princeton even though neither he nor his wife attended this university He and his spouse were very proud of that accomplishment as they should have been 几年前我有一位同事 他将其三个子女送往普林斯顿 尽管他们夫妇都没有就读过这所大学 他们夫妇俩对这一成就深感自豪 他们也理应自豪But my colleague also used to say that, from a financial perspective the experience was like buying a new Cadillac every year and then driving it off a cliff 但我同事曾讲过 从财政角度看 这就像每年买一辆凯迪拉克 然后开下悬崖201605/445852You overcame living in New-Apps and having an 8:10 A.M. economics class in Ascension. 你们克了新应用层出不穷的生活早上8:10就要到Ascension礼堂上经济学课程You survived comps You survived the closing of Middle Ground. 你们克了联合考试你们克了Middle Ground咖啡店的关闭You survived tornado alerts every Friday and power blackouts every winter. 你们克了每周五的龙卷风警报还有每个冬天的电力中断I dont suppose well have one today but, from what I understand, things get pretty wild when they do. 今天我想应该不会这样不过从我个人的理解来看 我觉得这些确实够人受的But you survived it all, and here you are However, this is also a very special weekend for the somebody else. 但你们幸存了下来 今天来到这里当然 这对另外一群人也是非常特殊的周末Before I impart some indispensable words of wisdom that you are sure to remember for the rest of your life. 我今天自然要传授一些智慧给你们让你们能够终生受益 但在这之前Let me say something about another important group here today They are sitting all around you, beaming proudly. 请先允许我提到今天到场的另一个重要群体他们坐在你们周围 脸上洋溢着自豪And not even thinking about what it cost to get you to this day or what happens if you cant get a job and have to move back home. 甚至想都没想 让你得到今天的成就他们付出过多少或者你们如果找不到工作并因此搬回家里 该怎么办Im talking about your parents and relatives So why dont you give them a big hand?. 我说的是你们的家长和亲人给他们以热烈掌声如何They certainly deserve it Now, knowing that thered be such a distinguished crowd here. 他们显然配得上掌声出于对你们这一出色群体的尊敬I felt compelled to do my research before I spoke today I really wanted to understand the Kenyon experience. 我感到为了今天的演讲 非做足功课不可我真心希望能感受肯尼恩学院的生活So this morning, I had hoped to visit the ;Kack; home of the nationally ranked mens and womens swimming teams. Here we are. 所以今天早上 我本想参观Kack这是国内排名靠前的游泳队的主场 就是这里And also the Jasper Tennis Center -- home of the soon-to-be National Champion Mens Tennis team. 还有Jasper网球中心这是即将成为全国冠军的男子网球队的主场I had planned to go inside the upside-down tree I wanted to walk into Pierce, not stepping on the college seal. 我还计划到猴面包树内部去我想走入Pierce礼堂 不踩到学校图章上I just didnt want to jinx this speech I wanted to head over to The Cove. 我可不想为这次演讲带来厄运我本想到Cove餐厅去201607/455117安庆哪里切包皮包茎过长好


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