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In early 1979, a cartoon series about giant robots, ;Mobile Suit Gundam, ; made its debut on Japanese television. It was not a hit. Scheduled to run for 12 months, the plug was about to be pulled after just 10 months.1979年初,一个关于巨型机器人的卡通片“机器战士高达”在日本电视上首次亮相。当时并未产生强烈冲击。这一卡通片预计放映12个月,然而仅十个月就完成了放映。

A research published in the US journal Science said that the first only children generation in China have relatively low mutual trusts, more pessimistic emotions, are more likely to avoid risk, and prefer stable jobs。刊登在美国《科学》杂志上的一项研究称,澳大利亚4所大学对421名北京成人做了一些测试,受试者出生于1975年—1983年间,结果发现,独生子女一代的“互信程度较低、情绪上更悲观、更倾向于规避风险、更喜欢稳定的工作”。Children are the core of the one child families, which makes some of them impolite, irresponsible, and selfish。不可否认,独生子女作为家庭的核心,一切家庭活动围着孩子转的特殊地位,使一些孩子变得没有礼貌、缺乏责任心、自我意识强烈。However, there#39;s bias in the report. The research with small sample size negates a generation of the only children is an overgeneralization. Scholars from Oxford University said that people#39;s spirit of bearing hardship will decline when society gets rich, which is not specific to the only children in China, and we can#39;t criticize them as selfish for this reason. Moreover, the only children will correct their shortcomings constantly and improve themselves。但是,报告也有偏颇之处,小样本量的研究并不能以偏概全,从而否定一代独生子女。英国牛津大学学者就认为,在社会变富裕时,人的吃苦精神会下降,这并不是中国独生子女特有的,我们不能因此就批评中国的独生子女自私自利。而且,独生子女会在成长中不断修正自己的缺点,更好地认识和完善自己。A research jointly conducted by Peking University and the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences also shows that the only children are more open in their personalities, more satisfactory in their lives, more outgoing, and more stable in their emotions. They enjoy being free and alone, but their communication abilities are not poor; they have small circles of friends, but their friendships are more solid and longstanding. Moreover, on many occasions, the first only children generation in China has become the main force of social development。北京大学[微]与中科院心理所发表在美国《人格与个体差异》杂志上的一项研究也表明,独生子女在人格开放性、生活满意度、外向性和情绪稳定性方面更好。他们虽然更享受独来独往,但不代表沟通能力差;他们的朋友圈小,但关系更牢固持久,而且,在很多场合和工作中,中国第一代独生子女已成为社会发展的主力军。不过,仍然需要提醒的是,已渐为人父人母的第一代独生子女们,应该好好利用自身资源、避免不利因素,教育好“独二代”。What need to remind is that the first only children generation who have become parents should make good use of their resources, try to avoid adverse factors and well educate the second only children generation. Society and schools should provide children chances to adapt and develop interpersonal communications and EQ education, so as to remedy the shortcomings of family education。让孩子进入角色。家庭成员的爱和责任是循环的,而非单向的。家长要告诉孩子每个时期他的责任与义务,让他明白自己的角色,教他体贴与理解的意义,懂得分享的快乐。社会和学校也要给孩子学习适应、培养人际交往和情商教育的机会,以补足家庭教育的短板。 /201301/222554


  Chicago native Ellie Lavi could not have been happier when she gave birth to beautiful twin girls overseas.当美国芝加哥人艾丽#8226;拉维在国外生下漂亮的双胞胎女儿时,她心里别提多高兴了。She found that the US State Department did not share in her joy when she went to the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to apply for citizenship for her children.然而当她前往以色列特拉维夫的美国大使馆为孩子申请国籍时,却发现美国国务院并没有分享她的喜悦。An embassy staffer wanted to know whether Lavi got pregnant at a fertility clinic. She said yes and was told that her children were not eligible for citizenship unless she could prove that the egg or sperm used to create the embryo was from an American citizen.一位大使馆工作人员想知道拉维是否在生育诊所里怀的。她回答说是,结果被告知她的孩子不够资格加入美国国籍,除非她能明造出胚胎的卵子或精子来自美国公民。;I was humiliated and horrified,; Lavi said. ;We#39;re talking about the children I gave birth to. Of course they#39;re my children.;拉维说:“我感到羞辱又恐惧,我们谈论的是我生的孩子。她们当然是我的孩子。”The incident points out what critics say is a glaring inequity in US citizenship regulations. A child adopted overseas by a US citizen is eligible to become an American, and a baby born in the USA is American even if the parents are not.这一事件指出的问题就是家所说的美国国籍法中存在的裸的不公平。美国公民在海外收养的孩子有资格成为美国公民,而在美国生下的小孩,就算父母不是美国人,也是美国公民。But a child born to a US citizen overseas through the increasingly commonpracticeof in vitro fertilization with embryos from donor eggs and sperm is not American, unless an American is one of the donors. And that can be hard to prove since clinics may notrevealsuch things about their donors due to confidentiality agreements, immigration law experts say.但是,美国公民在海外通过捐赠卵子和精子体外受精造出的胚胎所生的孩子却不是美国人,除非其中一位捐赠者是美国人。体外受精如今越来越普遍。移民法专家说,诊所也许因保密协议无法透露捐赠者的信息,所以捐赠者国籍便难以实。;The problem is that the law hasn#39;t kept up with the advances in reproductive technology,; said Melissa Brisman, a lawyer in New Jersey who specializes in fertilityissues.新泽西的一位专打生育纠纷官司的律师梅丽莎#8226;布里斯曼说:“问题在于法律未能跟上生殖技术的发展步伐。”The US State Department says a child born outside the USA to an American cannot receive citizenship until a biological link with at least one parent is established. That link does not exist if an infertile woman uses donor eggs at a clinic to conceive.美国国务院称,美国人在美国境外生下的小孩不能获得美国国籍,除非父母亲至少其中一位和孩子确定存在血缘关系。如果是不妇女在诊所用捐赠的卵子怀上的孩子,那么这一关系便不存在。No such biological link exists for parents who adopt children overseas either, but US law exempts adopted children from the regulation.那些在国外收养孩子的父母和孩子也不存在血缘关系,但是美国法律却让收养的孩子可以免于受这一规定的约束。;Although the regulations are designed to prevent the abuse of American citizenship laws; through fraudulentclaims of parentage, Brisman said, ;they#39;re also hurting infertile Americans who simply want to pass on their citizenship to their kids.;布里斯曼说,尽管这一规定旨在防止人们假称有亲子关系而滥用美国国籍法,但“这一规定也伤害了那些只是想让孩子继承自己国籍的不不育的美国人”。 /201206/185618。

  The Hundred Days' Reform (simplified Chinese: 戊戌变法; traditional Chinese: 戊戌變法; pinyin: wùxū biànfǎ, or simplified Chinese: 百日维新; traditional Chinese: 百日維新; pinyin: bǎirì wéixīn) was a failed 104-day national cultural, political and educational reform movement from 11 June to 21 September 1898, undertaken by the young Guangxu Emperor and his reform-minded supporters led by Kang Youwei. The movement proved to be short-lived, ending in a coup d'état (戊戌政變 "The Coup of 1898") by powerful conservative opponents led by Empress Dowager Cixi. 在戊戌变法(简体中文:戊戌变法,繁体中文:戊戌變法;拼音:wùxū biànfǎ,或简体中文:百日维新,传统中文:百日維新;拼音:bǎirì wéixīn)是一次针对国家文化,政治和教育的改革运动,6月11日至1898年9月21日,历经104天最终失败,由年轻的光绪皇帝和具有改革意识的光绪持者康有为领导。这场运动是短暂的,最终在以慈禧太后为首的保守派强大压力下结束。 /200909/84644

  When the euro was launched at the start of the century, it was meant to be a rival to the dollar. Turning it into the world#39;s trading and reserve currency was, unofficially at least, part of the reason for creating it.本世纪初推出欧元时,设计者们是有心让其与美元一争高下的。使欧元成为全球贸易和储备货币虽然不是官方提法,但至少是创立欧元的部分原因。Officials from Frankfurt and Brussels missed no opportunity to crow over every sign that the euro was gaining ground on the U.S. dollar as a global standard. Every time a central bank increased its holdings of euros, it was presented as a triumph for Europe, and a defeat for the U.S.只要一出现欧元取代美元成为全球基准的迹象,法兰克福和布鲁塞尔的官员们就会吹嘘一番。只要有央行增持欧元,就会被标榜为欧洲击败美国而取得的胜利。There were some successes along the way. Over the first decade of the euro#39;s existence, it steadily increased its share of global reserves, and there was talk of key commodity prices being switched out of dollars. It wasn#39;t hard to understand why. The euro-zone has a bigger economy than the U.S. economy, and even this far into the crisis it still runs smaller deficits if you measure it as a single economy. Until the Greek crisis erupted, it was starting to look like a stronger currency.欧元问世以来曾创造过一些辉煌。在欧元出现后的头十年里,其在全球外汇储备中的份额稳步增加,还有传闻称欧元会取代美元,成为主要大宗商品的计价货币。个中原因并不难理解。欧元区的经济规模比美国大,即使是在欧元区深陷危机泥潭的当下,如果将其作为单个经济体来衡量,欧元区的赤字规模仍小于美国。在希腊危机爆发之前,欧元已开始呈现走强趋势。Now, however, that has been thrown into reverse.然而,如今这一切发生了逆转。The latest figures from the International Monetary Fund tell us that developing countries got rid of billion of euro reserves in 2012, and have sold off billion since 2011. The developing nations ─ which matter, because as big exporters they generally run trade surpluses and so rack up big reserves ─ kept 31% of their holdings in euros back in 2009. Now it is down to just 25%.来自国际货币基金组织(International Monetary Fund)的最新数据告诉我们,发展中国家2012年减持了合450亿美元的欧元储备,2011年以来已抛售了合900亿美元的欧元储备。发展中国家──这些国家很重要,因为作为出口大国,它们一般拥有贸易顺差,从而积攒了巨额外汇储备──2009年欧元持有规模占外汇储备的31%。如今,这一比例降到了25%。There are increasing signs people are hoarding dollars as well. According to recent figures from the Federal Reserve, the amount of dollar cash in circulation has jumped 42% since 2008, mainly because Europeans are stashing an ever-increasing number of high-value bills under their mattresses.此外,有越来越多的迹象显示,普通人也在囤积美元。美国联邦储备委员会(Federal Reserve)的数据显示,2008年以来流通中的美元现金量攀升了42%,主要因为欧洲人在不断囤积高面值美钞。#39;As Europe#39;s crisis worsened in the spring of 2010, U.S. currency holdings rose sharply, #39; said John Williams, president of the San Francisco Fed, in his bank#39;s annual report. #39;And they continued to rise as economic and political turmoil and uncertainty about the future sent Europeans scrambling to convert some of their euros to dollars.#39;旧金山联邦储备(San Francisco Fed)行长威廉姆斯(John Williams)在该行年度报告中称:“随着2010年春季欧洲危机的恶化,美元持有量大幅增加。之后又持续增加,因为经济、政治形势的动荡以及围绕未来走向的不确定性促使欧洲人纷纷将部分欧元换成美元。”It is a fair bet that flight into dollars has accelerated since the Cyprus crisis. A lot more 0 bills will have been stashed away across Southern Europe. There will have been a lot more interest as well in the emerging digital currencies. The Russians, according to Internet search data, have been showing the most interest in Bitcoin, but we can be certain many Europeans have started investigating it as well.塞浦路斯危机发生以来,避险资金流向美元的步伐可能有所加快。在南欧,人们会囤积更多面值100美元的钞票。此外,对新兴数字货币的兴趣也会大大增强。互联网搜索数据显示,对比特币(Bitcoin)最感兴趣的是俄罗斯人,但我们可以肯定,欧洲其他国家也有很多人已经开始考察比特币了。After all, it now seems clear that no deposit in any euro-zone bank is really safe. After the crisis in Cyprus, governments have shown they are willing to raid accounts for cash when they need to. If they#39;ve done that in Cyprus, they can do it in Spain and Italy as well. Indeed, it is not really clear whether a deposit held in euros at any bank ─ whether European or not ─ is really secure. Once governments start seizing assets arbitrarily, there are not many limits on what they might do.毕竟,目前看来欧元区显然没有任何一家的存款是真正安全的。塞浦路斯危机后政府的所作所为显示出,他们会在必要时劫掠存款账户以获取现金。既然他们能在塞浦路斯这样做,他们在西班牙和意大利也一样能这样做。的确,任何(不管是不是欧洲)的欧元存款都不能保绝对安全。政府一旦开始肆意攫取资产,他们的所作所为就没什么底线可言了。It is hard to think of a clearer incentive to move your money out of the euro.这无疑是将资金撤出欧元资产的最明确的诱因了。Where is it all going to go? Despite all the hype, not many people are going to put a lot of money into new digital currencies like Bitcoin, at least not until they have a much better track record. Other big currencies such as the yen or the pound have central banks intent on trashing them. There is a limit to how much gold people want to own, and small safe haven currencies like the Swiss franc or the Norwegian krone can#39;t handle the vast amounts of capital moving out of the euro.那么资金会流向哪里呢?虽然新兴数字货币受到热炒,但不会有很多人把大笔资金投向比特币这样的新兴数字货币,至少在这类货币的过往表现大有起色之前不会。日圆和英镑等其他主要货币则有央行想要抛售。人们想要持有的黄金规模是有限的,而瑞士法郎和挪威克朗等小型避险货币则无法吸纳流出欧元的海量资金。The result? The dollar is now back on top, for now at least.结果是什么呢?美元现在重登王者宝座,至少暂时如此。For investors, that matters. The dominant global currency is always going to be an essential part of every portfolio. The former French President Valéry Giscard d#39;Estaing once described controlling the world#39;s reserve currency as an #39;exorbitant privilege#39; ─ and since he went on to become one of the key architects of the euro, it is clear he intended to grab those privileges for Europe.对投资者来说这一点很重要。占据配地位的全球性货币始终是所有投资组合的关键组成部分。法国前总统德斯坦(Val口ry Giscard d’Estaing)曾把对全球储备货币的控制称为“嚣张的特权”──德斯坦后来成为欧元的主要设计师之一,所以他显然是想为欧洲夺取这些特权。The benefits are clear. Because everyone has to own the global currency, borrowing costs are lower than they would otherwise be. It is impossible to have a balance of payments crisis no matter how vast the deficit, because you can just issue a lot more currency to pay for it. Indeed, a lot of your debt is free. According to the Fed, two-thirds of the .175 trillion of dollar cash is held abroad, amounting to a vast interest-free loan to the U.S. It would cost billion a year to service that debt.这其中的好处是显而易见的。由于各国都必须拥有全球储备货币,这样借款成本就会降低。此外,无论赤字有多高,也不会出现国际收危机,因为只要增发一大堆货币来填补赤字就可以了。你的很多债务其实都是无息的。美联储称,总计1.175万亿的美元现金有三分之二是海外持有的,这等于让美国获得了巨额无息贷款,否则,美国一年要花费190亿美元用于偿债。True, the economic fundamentals don#39;t really justify the dollar#39;s position any more. Its public finances are in worse shape than almost any major economy apart from the U.K. It is no longer the dominant player in world trade it was 60 years ago. Not because the U.S. is doing badly, but because the world economy has got so much bigger. By 2016, according to IMF estimates, China will have overtaken it as the world#39;s largest economy没错,美国的经济基本面与美元的地位已经不那么匹配了。美国的公共财政状况比除英国以外的绝大多数主要经济体都要糟。美国已不像60年前那样在世界贸易领域占据配地位了。这不是因为美国表现差,而是因为世界经济规模已比当时大得多。国际货币基金组织估计,到2016年,中国会超越美国,成为全球最大的经济体。A challenger to the dollar will emerge eventually. After Britain was eclipsed by Germany and then the U.S., sterling staggered along for a while as a reserve currency, but its pivotal role in the global financial system could not be maintained for long.美元的挑战者终有一天会出现。当年在英国被德国和美国相继超越之后,英镑在一段时间内仍然勉强保持着储备货币的地位,但其在全球金融体系中的核心地位无法长期保持下去。Something will replace the dollar. But it isn#39;t going to be the euro. The endless crisis within the single currency area, and the reckless decision to seize bank deposits in Cyprus has put paid to that.美元终将被某种货币取代,但这种货币不会是欧元。欧元区无休止的危机和塞浦路斯攫取存款的鲁莽决定都使欧元无法代替美元成为储备货币。And in the absence of any serious competitor the dollar is going to remain the cornerstone of the global financial system for at least another decade, and will be a key part of every investment portfolio.由于缺少势均力敌的竞争对手,美元至少在未来十年里仍将是全球金融体系的基石,而且是所有投资组合的关键组成部分。 /201305/238124DEMANDING mothers-in-law and high work pressure have lifted the average age of ;leftover men; in Shanghai to 31, the oldest in the country, a survey found.调查发现,苛求的岳母和较高的工作压力使得上海“剩男”的平均年龄上升到了31岁,是这个国家内最大的。Leftover men refer to single men aged 28 to 39 who are eager to marry and start a family. The term is similar to ;leftover women,; who are usually well-educated, single women over 27, according to a survey by Jiayuan.com, a major wedding website.根据大型婚恋网站佳缘网公布的调查,剩男指年龄在28岁到39岁渴望结婚成家的单身男人。这一术语类似于“剩女”,她们通常是受过良好教育,超过27岁的单身女性。The survey interviewed more than 56,000 men across the country, mainly single men born in the 1970s and 1980s with university degrees. Among them, 31 percent said they are leftover men.该调查在全国采访了超过56000名男性,主要是出生在70年代和80年代并拥有大学学历的单身男性。其中31%的人说他们是剩男。In Shanghai, about 33.2 percent of the interviewed single men said they were leftover men, ranking fifth highest in the country, the survey found. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region ranked first with 35 percent of respondents saying they were leftover men.调查发现,在上海约33.2%受采访的单身男性表示自己是剩男,排名全国第五位。广西壮族自治区排名第一,有35%的受访者说他们是剩男。Different from other single men, most of the leftover men are very eager and even confident to find their other halves, but they struggle to say goodbye to their single life, the survey found.调查发现,不同于其他单身男性,大多数剩男非常渴望且有信心找到他们的另一半,但他们在挣扎着告别单身生活。More than half of the respondents said they wouldn#39;t want to be labeled a leftover man.超过一半的受访者表示他们不想被贴上剩男的标签。Shanghai#39;s fast living pace, strong work pressure and demanding mothers-in-law, who have extremely high income expectations for potential husbands for their daughters, have forced these single men to marry at older ages, experts with the website said.上海生活节奏快,较强的工作压力和苛求的岳母,对女儿未来的丈夫有非常高的收入预期,迫使这些单身男人结婚年龄增大,该网站的专家说。Among the leftover men nationwide, 55 percent are office workers while 36 percent are middle or senior management officials. About 30 percent said they earn less then 2,000 yuan per month while 16 percent said they don#39;t have any income, the survey found.在全国剩男中,55%是办公室人员,36%是中高级管理官员。约30%的人说他们每月工资少于2000元,有16%的人表示他们没有任何收入,调查发现。About 49 percent of respondents said they don#39;t have a car or apartment. Sixty-five percent said they are ;indoor guys,; according to the survey.约49%的受访者说他们没有车没有房。65%的人说他们是“宅男”,根据调查结果。Actresses Crystal Liu, Lin Chiling and Fan Bingbing ranked as the top three ;dream women; for Chinese leftover men, the survey found.女演员刘亦菲、林志玲和范冰冰是中国剩男的“梦中情人”前三甲,调查发现。Large numbers of leftover men can lead to serious social problems, experts said.大量的剩男会导致严重的社会问题,专家说。The survey ed census data showing a gender ratio imbalance among those at usual marrying ages. There were 136 males per 100 females among people born after the 1980s.引用的普查数据显示在那些在适婚年龄的人中性别比率失衡。在1980年以后出生的人中男女比例是136比100。Nearly 12 million men aged 30 to 39 are currently unmarried compared to 5.82 million women in the same age range, the survey said.调查显示,与582万同年龄的女性相比,有近1200万年龄在30到39岁的未婚男性。 /201303/229878Tips on Learning Office EtiquetteQ: I worked in the health-care industry for 15 years as a geriatric nursing assistant, but I recently decided that my career wasn't paying the bills and went back to school for a B.A. in organizational management and communication. The problem is, I have never worked in an office setting and I'm not sure how to go about learning etiquette, how to speak appropriately, etc. I thought that once I got a degree, everything would be self-explanatory, but it really isn't. Can you help?A: First of all, good for you for having the forethought to be concerned about issues of conduct and etiquette. In fact, in the business world, more emphasis is placed on an individual's ability to make a strong first impression than her ability to get the job done. The good news is, once you understand what to do, it's not complicated. I'd check out some books on the topic (mine is called 'They Don't Teach Corporate in College') and also talk to some people aly working in your new industry to get a sense of organizational culture and how you should prepare for interviews.Q: One situation that you didn't mention in your recent piece on negotiation was: How do you negotiate your salary when you're being promoted from within, especially in a poor economy? I feel that employees who have potential to move up from their current roles are at a disadvantage with so many people vying for those plum positions.A: Since you are being promoted, the assumption is that the position you're moving into aly exists. This means that your human-resources department likely has a set salary range for it, and I would ask a representative about it. Even in a poor economy, a newly promoted employee is entitled to receive compensation at the bottom of this range. If there is no established range that you can present to your boss, then you should still ask for increased compensation to reflect your new responsibilities. The increase might not be what you'd get in better times, though, so set a time to re-evaluate it in six months.Q: I like your columns, but the people you feature have done such great things. I spent a huge part of my adulthood raising my children. I'm happy with my life and now I have a part-time job with a local association that I enjoy, but sometimes I regret not doing more career-wise. Any suggestions?A: While the people featured in Reinvent have indeed done inspiring things, remember that a 500-word column is not enough room to chronicle their life stories. Most of them have experienced career lulls and hardships in addition to their successes. If there is a particular profession you'd like to explore now, then I encourage you to give it a shot. But please remember that raising healthy children and giving back to your community do constitute meaningful work, and if you have been happy doing these things, then in my opinion, you should have no regrets.学习办公室礼仪从何做起?问:作为一个老年病护理助理,我曾在医疗保健业工作了15年。但不久前,我发现这份工作不够应付生活开销,于是决定回到学校攻读机构管理和传播学的学士学位。问题是我从来没有在办公室环境工作过,我不知道如何开始学习相关礼节,如何适当措辞等等。我本以为我拿到学位后一切都能迎刃而解,但事实并非如此。你能帮助我吗? 答:首先,你能有这个远见关心行为举止和礼节问题,这是好事。事实上在商场,人们更注重一个人是否能给人以深刻的第一印象,而不是能不能把工作做好。好消息是,只要你明白该怎么做,其实并不复杂。我会找一些这方面的书来看(我的书题为《上大学为了什么:职业规划从校园开始(They Don't Teach Corporate in College)》),同时跟已经从事你这个新行业的人谈谈,了解组织文化和你应当如何准备面试。问:你最近有关谈判的文章遗漏了一种情形:当你获得内部升职的时候怎么谈薪水,尤其是在经济很糟糕的时候?我觉得有潜力晋升的员工处于不利地位,因为竞争那些高薪厚职的人太多了。答:既然你获得提升,那你要担任的这个职位应该是已有的。这就意味着公司的人力资源部对这个职位可能有设定的薪资范围,我会向人力资源部的人员询问。即使经济形势不好,新晋升的职员也有权接受这一范围下限的薪酬。如果没有已设定的薪酬范围供你向老板提要求,那你还是应当要求加薪,以体现你的新职责。不过加薪幅度可能没有经济形势好的时候那么多,因此要设立时限,过六个月重新评估。问:我喜欢你的专栏,但你提到的人都很有成就。我成年后绝大部分时间都用来抚养孩子了。我对自己的生活很满意,现在我在一家地方机构兼职,也很喜欢这份工作,但有时我很后悔没有更好地规划自己的事业。你对此有何建议?答:虽然我在专栏里写到的人确实做出了令人鼓舞的成就,但别忘了,篇幅才500字的专栏文章并不足以一一道来他们的毕生经历。他们大多数人在成功之外都经历过事业停滞的时候,也遭遇过艰难困苦。如果现在有哪种职业是你想尝试的,那我鼓励你去尝试。不过请记住,养育身心健康的孩子和回报社会也是很有意义的工作,如果你你喜欢做这些事情,那在我看来你应该没有遗憾。 /200910/87104

  More than three decades after Congress passed a law trying to protect pregnant women in the workplace, discrimination is still widesp and needs to be combated with publicity and clearer guidelines, according to testimony Wednesday at a federal hearing.据周三美国联邦法院听会的词显示,在美国国会通过保护职场女性期权利的法律三十多年之后,职场女性怀依然广泛遭受歧视,需要通过加大宣传和制定更明确的指导方针来和歧视作斗争。The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission#39;s legal counsel, Peggy Mastroianni, said the agency had resolved 52,000 pregnancy cases since 2001, with 0.5 million paid out in damages.平等就业机会委员会的法律顾问佩奇bull;马斯楚安尼说,自2001年以来,委员会已经处理了5.2万起怀案件,涉及的伤害赔偿金达1.505亿美元。Discrimination against pregnant women includes firing, forced leave without pay, being denied a place to pump breast milk and being barred from some work, witnesses told the five-member EEOC panel at a hearing on the issue.在听会上,人告诉平等就业机会委员会的五人评判小组说,对怀女性的歧视包括解雇、强迫停薪留职、拒绝提供哺乳场所和禁止从事部分工作。Decades after the passage of the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act, discrimination ranges from the shop floor to the executive suite, with sexual stereotyping a major factor. It is found in every state, but is more likely to hit women in low-income jobs, they said.在通过1978年《怀歧视法案》几十年之后,不管是普通员工,还是管理层,很大程度上依然存在性别成见。他们说,对怀女性的歧视在美国各州都广泛存在,而低收入职业女性更容易遭受歧视。;This many years after the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, we still have employers who still don#39;t understand the basics. Are we getting the word out on fundamental issues?; said Commissioner Constance Barker.委员会委员康斯坦斯bull;巴克说:;通过《怀歧视法案》后这么多年来,还是有雇主不理解该法案的基本要义。我们是否有效传播了有关基本问题的法规?;The issue of workplace discrimination was highlighted two weeks ago when a federal judge in Texas ruled against a Houston mother who said she was fired after asking for a place to pump breast milk.职场女性歧视问题在两周前成为了众人关注的焦点。一位来自休斯敦的母亲称自己要求单位提供哺乳场所,结果被解雇,得克萨斯州的一名联邦法官判决这位母亲败诉。The EEOC helped litigate the case. General Counsel David Lopez said the agency was weighing whether to appeal the ruling.平等就业机会委员会帮助就这一案件进行争讼。总法律顾问戴维bull;洛佩茨说,委员会在考虑是否要对该判决提出上诉。The Pregnancy Discrimination Act forbids discrimination by employers based on pregnancy, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments and promotions. Under the law, pregnancy is considered a temporarily disabling condition.《怀歧视法案》禁止雇主的怀歧视行为,包括雇佣、解雇、发薪、工作分配和提升等各个方面。依据该法律,怀被视为暂时丧失劳动能力的状态。Witnesses said overlapping laws and rules, such as the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act, had created gray areas that left employers uncertain about how to deal with pregnancy.人说,法律法规的重叠,例如《怀歧视法案》、1990年《美国残疾人法案》和《家庭与医疗休假法案》,制造了灰色地带,让雇主不确定如何处理怀问题。One issue was how to compare treatment of a pregnant woman with that of other employees, they said.他们说,其中一个问题是如何比较怀女性的待遇和其他员工的待遇。;In our view, the current laws are a little confusing and in some cases contradictory,; said Deane Ilukowicz, a human relations executive with Hypertherm Inc, a Hanover, New Hampshire, maker of metal cutting gear.美国海宝公司的人力总监迪恩bull;伊路科维奇说:;在我们看来,现行的法律有点混乱,某些情况下甚至自相矛盾。;海宝公司是新罕布什尔州汉诺威一家生产金属切割仪器的企业。 /201202/171538

  Treaties in Paris1778-the ed States won official recognition from France with the signing of treaties in Paris.历史上的今天-巴黎条约1778年的今天,法国签署巴黎条约正式官方承认美国。The sixth state of US1788-Massachusetts became the sixth state to ratify the US Constitution.历史上的今天-美国第六州1788年的今天,马萨诸塞州被美国宪法批准问美国第六州。Baseball legend1895-baseball legend Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore.历史上的今天-棒球传奇1895年的今天,棒球传奇贝比鲁斯在巴尔的出生。Elizabeth the Second1952- Britain's King George the Sixth died; he was succeeded by his daughter, Elizabeth the Second.历史上的今天-伊丽莎白二世1952年的今天,英国国王乔治六世去世,他的女儿伊丽莎白二世继位。 /201102/124966




  As would be expected in a city of more than 20m, traffic in Beijing moves at the pace of a blood clot and feels equally lethal. The best strategy for shoppers is to focus all of their energy on a single district. I went to Opposite House, a new, posh, modern art gallery-cum-hotel flanked by the Sanlitun shopping villages.可想而知,在人口超2000万的北京,行车速度就好比得了血栓,感觉真是急死人。购物者的上上策乃是毕其功于某一区域。于是我去了瑜舍酒店(Opposite House),这是一家附带现代艺术画廊的豪华新式酒店,旁边就是三里屯购物城(Sanlitun shopping villages)。Sanlitun Village North is modelled after traditional siheyuan (housing quadrangles) and features high-end international luxury designer showrooms. The Alexander McQueen unit was in the final stages of construction but most others were open. At Balenciaga, I saw a black crepe asymmetric skirt with khaki accents around the low-slung waistline (Rmb4,350, £440). Balmain hooked me with a heavenly silk blouse with artfully deconstructed edging (Rmb11,200) that was beige enough to minimise see-through action but not so beige that it felt like it was trying to minimise see-through action. 三里屯Village北区(Sanlitun Village North)是仿照传统四合院(siheyuan)而建,以经营国际高端奢侈品而著称。我看到亚历山大?麦奎(Alexander McQueen)的专柜装修已近尾声,但其它多数国际品牌门店都已开张纳客。在巴黎世家(Balenciaga),我看到了一件卡其布装饰低腰的非对称黑色绉布裙(4350RMB,约合440英镑)。巴尔曼(Balmain)一件精致女式拆解式磨边丝质上衣深深打动了我(11200RMB),这件米色衣的颜色恰到好处,穿上它既让人偷窥不得,但又让人贼心不死、想入非非。Most of the other items in the store induced some degree of sticker shock, such as the various red and black safety-pin laden evening gowns priced in the same range as a mid-sized sedan. I was told cash was preferred to credit, which explains why my next stop was a cash machine. 店里卖的多数品牌引发了相当程度的“标价震惊”(sticker shock,指看到标签上的价格而震惊),如缀满平安针的各款红黑晚礼标价都能抵上一辆中型轿车的价格。店员告诉我,在此购物,现金而非信用卡更获欢迎,这就是缘何我下一个停靠点是自动柜员机。In the same courtyard as the cash machine sits the IT Beijing Market, a multi-storey style-fest proudly modelled on Comme des Gar?ons’ Dover Street Market concept store in central London. Even though at least half the merchandise is for women, it felt overwhelmingly male, thanks to the industrial feel of the building: wide-open spaces and exposed staircases. 与自动柜员机位于同一院子的是IT Beijing Market时尚店,这是一家多层潮店,风格完全比照伦敦市中心Comme des Garcons的多佛街市场(Dover Street Market)概念店。虽说一多半的商品都为女品,但整体感觉阳刚味十足,这主要归因于整幢大楼的商业气息:宽敞的内部空间以及隐约显现的各层楼梯。The clothing, shoes and accessories are more curated than displayed. I was told by the staff that there were 15 different lines from Comme des Gar?ons in the store, as well as designers such as Maison Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy. 装、鞋以及配饰更多的是策展,而非单纯展出。店员对我说店里除了展出马丁?马吉拉(Maison Martin Margiela)、安?穆拉米斯特(Ann Demeulemeester)、朗万(Lanvin)、伊夫?圣洛朗(Yves Saint Laurent)以及纪梵希(Givenchy)等名品外,还展出了Comme des Gar?ons15大系列的品牌饰。Four sales staff tracked my every move, and while I know some people appreciate that level of attention, it made me feel like I was an exhibit rather than a customer. 四个员工亦步亦趋,虽说有些顾客喜欢这种贴心务,但本人却感觉自己成了展品而不是消费者。About a block away sits 3.3 Fashion Plaza where stores are all numbered (not named) and the layout is designed more like a logic puzzle than a mall. None of the boutiques takes credit cards, so come prepared or the “conveniently located ATMs” will add about 5 per cent to your tab. 3.3时尚广场(3.3 Fashion Plaza)就隔了一个街区,此处的各个门店都是按数字而非名字排列,整个布局与其说卖场,倒不如说更似逻辑拼图。所有的精品店都不接受信用卡付款,所以来时就带上现金,否则在“精心设置的自动取款机”上取款,就会多收约5%的手续费。At the first store I saw, 1100, I walked out with a fluttery long-sleeved black silk shirt that had multiple tangles of attached pearl necklaces around the neckline, two chunky plastic necklaces with black and white muslin skulls, and a softly looped chain-link belt made of black and silver grosgrain ribbon. After some negotiation, I managed to bring the total price down to Rmb1,560. 在3.3时尚广场一楼,我看到了1100号店面,在此买了一件领口缀了好几串珍珠项链的黑色长袖丝质衬衣、两条挂着女性骷颅头坠子的粗塑料项链、以及一条由黑色及银色罗缎丝带(grosgrain ribbon)所做的、休闲圈状的链节皮带,经过一番讨价还价后,我最终成功把这些东西的总价压至1560元人民币。I then discovered store 1099 was nowhere near 1100; 1098 was nowhere I could find at all; the display case at 1091 was filled with crystal-encrusted cell phone cases priced upwards of Rmb3,000 that didn’t fit my phone or that of any of the other half dozen customers. 随后,我发现编号1100号的店面旁边根本没有1099号店,1098号店也是子虚乌有;1091号店卖的则全是水晶镶嵌的手机套,有的价格竞高达3000元人民币,但那些套与我的手机不配,也与旁边好几位顾客的手机不匹配。Somewhere in the 1080 range I was surprised to find a store with no number but an actual name, Made in Korea, which only offered items made in China. 在1080号店面旁边,我惊讶地发现一家没门牌号、却有实名的店面——韩国精品屋(Made in Korea),却只卖中国生产的东西。At that addled point, I fully intended to find my way to the exit when I noticed stretchy black velvet dresses in the window of 1017. (Who doesn’t stop immediately for stretchy black velvet?) 此时我感觉有点晕菜,满脑子想的是找大楼的出口处,这时却突然看到1017号店里挂着的那件弹性款黑色天鹅绒衣。(看到弹性款的黑色天鹅绒裙子,谁还能不马上停下匆忙的脚步?)I tried on a Rmb2,800 cheongsam (or qipao) mini with fuchsia piping along the edges that fit like an anti-gravity body glove. But, as I was walking back into the dressing room, I noticed three male stylists at the 1027 hair salon giggling and pointing at me. 我试穿了那件标价2800元人民币、紫红色滚边的超短旗袍,衣再合适不过了,就像无重量的身体手套一般。但就在我走回更衣室的时候,我看到1027号美发店里的三位美发师正对我咯咯地笑,并朝我指指点点。Out of curiosity I approached and asked what they thought. “You look like a super-hot hooker,” said the immaculately coiffed, bespectacled, and overly belt-buckled hipster. 出于好奇,我走到他们跟前,征询他们的看法。“你的模样就像红得发紫的三陪,”那位戴着眼镜、头发梳得蹦棒、皮带系得过紧的潮人这样对我说。Slightly taken aback, the only thing I could think to reply was, “Oh, thank you”. I moved on to Sanlitun Village South. 听到这,我心头略微感到有点吃惊,唯一能答复对方的是,“哦,谢谢”。我随后又逛到了三里屯Village南区。The space is vast but a little easier to navigate than IT Beijing Market, since it was designed like a traditional hutong. 这儿的空间很宽敞,但比IT Beijing Market更容易逛,因为它是按照传统胡同布局设计的。This collection of stores is probably the most diverse in all Beijing: it’s home to both Apple and the world’s largest Adidas. I browsed through neutral blazers at Reiss and cashmere knits and flannel plaid shirts at Uniqlo. 全北京城,这儿的店面或许门类最为齐全:此处设有苹果(Apple)的门店以及全球最大的阿迪达斯(Adidas)门店。我随便看了看Reiss店的中性色夹克上衣,以及优衣库(Uniqlo)门店里的羊绒针织衫与法兰绒格子衬衣。Nearing the end of the day and short on cash, I cruised into a pharmacy to pick up some essentials and noticed a quirky little store called Devil Nut next door. 大逛了快整整一天,口袋里的钱也花得所剩无几,我转而来到一家药店买些常备药,此时,却看到了紧隔壁一家名叫Devil Nut的古怪小店。Here, the fabrics were a little stiff, and the sizing and cut were more appropriate for a teenage boy than, say, a “super-hot hooker” – but I saw the humour in their zip hoodies, T-shirts and skater shorts featuring dragons, Lucha libre wrestlers and aliens. 店里的装使用稍硬的面料,尺码与剪裁风格更适合青少年,而不是本人这样的“超级三陪女”——但店里的拉链帽衫、T恤以及溜冰短裤(绘有龙、墨西哥摔跤手(lucha libre)以及外星人图案)则显得诙谐气十足。I learnt two serious, and probably universal, lessons: cash is always better than credit cards and no stretchy black velvet. 本人得到了或许是全世界通行的两大教训:现金永远比信用卡更获青睐,以及千万别买弹性款黑色天鹅绒衣,虽然让人欲罢不能。 /201205/182794

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