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Donald Trump has taken his strongest swipe yet at the EU, labelling it “a vehicle for Germanyand predicting that other countries will follow Britain in leaving the bloc.唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)对欧EU)进行了迄今最严厉的抨击,称欧盟是“德国的工具”,并预测其他国家会效仿英国退出欧盟。The president-elect also warned that his trust for Angela Merkel “may not last long at all ranking the German chancellor alongside Vladimir Putin as a potentially problematic ally.这位美国当选总统还警告称,他对安格拉?默克Angela Merkel)的信任“可能持续不了多久”,将这位德国总理与弗拉基米尔?普京(Vladimir Putin)并称为可能带来麻烦的盟友。The comments, made days before his inauguration in an interview with the British Conservative MP Michael Gove and the German newspaper Bild, are likely to exacerbate fears in European capitals for the future of the transatlantic alliance.特朗普是在还有几天就将正式就职之际,在与英国保守党议员迈克尔?戈夫(Michael Gove)和德囀?图片报Bild)的一次访谈中发表上述言论的。这些言论可能让欧洲各国政府更加担忧大西洋两岸同盟关系的前景。Mr Trump’s stance contrasts sharply with that of Barack Obama, who said on a farewell tour of Europe in November that he “could not ask for a steadier or a more reliable partnerthan Ms Merkel.特朗普的立场与巴拉克?奥巴Barack Obama)的立场形成鲜明对比,后者在去年11月的欧洲告别访问中表示,他“无法要求一个(比默克尔)更沉稳、更可靠的伙伴了”。Washington’s ambassador to the EU, Anthony Gardner, said last week that it would be “the height of follyfor the US to become a “Brexit cheerleader He also revealed that Mr Trump’s team had called EU leaders to ask “what country is to leave next美国驻欧盟大使安东尼?加德Anthony Gardner)上周表示,美国“为英国退欧摇旗呐喊”将是“愚蠢至极”的行为。(他还透露,特朗普团队曾致电欧盟各国领导人,询问“下一个退欧的是哪个国家”。)But Mr Trump appears y to do exactly that, predicting that other countries would leave the EU largely as a result of its immigration policy.但特朗普似乎已准备好就这样干,他预言其他国家也将退出欧盟,主要原因是欧盟的移民政策。“I believe others will leave. I do think keeping it together is not going to be as easy as a lot of people think. And I think this, if refugees keep pouring into different parts of Europe?.?.?.?it’s going to be very hard to keep it together because people are angry about it.”“我相信其他国家将会退出。我真的认为,保持欧盟一体不会像很多人想的那么容易。而且我认为,如果难民持续涌入欧洲各个地区……保持欧盟一体将会非常困难,因为人们对此感到愤怒。”Mr Trump told Mr Gove: “You look at the European Union and it’s Germany. Basically a vehicle for Germany. That’s why I thought the UK was so smart in getting out.”特朗普告诉戈夫:“看看欧盟,它就是德囀?基本是德国的工具。这就是为什么我认为英国退出欧盟很聪明。”The president-elect said he was “a big fan of the UKand would “work very hardto secure a bilateral trade agreement in what would be another rebuke to the EU, with which the US has been engaging in trade negotiations for the past four years.这位当选总统表示,他是“英国的大粉丝”,并且将“非常努力地”争取达成双边贸易协议。如果达成,这项协议将成为对欧盟的又一否定。过年,美国一直在与欧盟进行贸易谈判。Under EU rules the UK cannot negotiate a trade agreement with another country until it leaves the union.根据欧盟规则,英国只有退出欧盟后才能与另一个国家谈判贸易协议。Having made criticism of globalisation a central plank of his election campaign, Mr Trump also warned Germany’s carmakers to expect to be hit with a border tax if they sought to produce cars in Mexico for export to the US market.批评全球化一直是特朗普竞选活动的一个核心,他警告德国的汽车制造商如果想在墨西哥生产汽车出口到美国市场,就等着承受边境税的打击。“I would say to BMW, if they built a factory in Mexico and want to sell cars in the US without paying a 35 per cent tax, then they can forget it. If they want to build cars for [export to] the rest of the world, I wish them all the best. They can build cars for the US. But they will pay a 35 per cent tax for every car they export to the US. What I am saying is that they should build their factory in the US.”“我想对宝马(BMW)说,如果他们在墨西哥建厂、还希望在美国卖车不必缴5%的税,那想都别想。如果他们想生产汽车出口到其他国家,我祝他们一切顺利。他们可以为美国生产汽车。但他们要为出口到美国的每辆车5%的税。我要说的是,他们应该把工厂建到美国。”Mr Trump was openly supportive of Brexit on the campaign trail, and criticised Ms Merkel’s handling of the refugee crisis.特朗普在竞选期间公开持英国脱欧,还曾批评默克尔处理难民危机的方式。Many European politicians held out hope that Mr Trump’s attitudes would change, as he moved out of campaign mode and received intelligence briefings on the threat of Russia.许多欧洲政客曾冀盼随着特朗普脱离竞选模式并得到有关俄罗斯威胁的情报汇报,他的态度会有所改变。In his interview published on Sunday, Mr Trump gave mixed messages on Nato, saying the alliance was “very important to mebut adding that it “was obsoleteand that only “five countries?.?.?.?are paying what they’re supposed to在上周日发表的访谈中,特朗普谈到北约(Nato)时发出了含混的信息,表示这个联盟“对我很重要”,但同时表示它“已经过时了”,只有“五个国家……在缴纳它们该缴的款。”He suggested that he would be support lifting sanctions on Russia if Mr Putin agreed to reduce stockpiles of nuclear weapons. With reference to Mr Putin and Ms Merkel, he said: “I start off trusting both but let’s see how long that lasts. It may not last long at all.”他表示如果普京答应裁减核武库,他就会持解除对俄制裁。提及普京和默克尔时,特朗普表示:“我开始时会信任这两人——但让我们看看这份信任能持续多久,可能持续不了多久吧。”来 /201701/488888Donald Trump’s presidential campaign said it and the Republican National Committee had generated a bumper m in donations in July despite deepening controversy over the billionaire candidate’s conduct.唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)的竞选团队表示,7月他们和共和党全国委员会(Republican National Committee)筹集400万美元的巨额捐赠,尽管围绕这位亿万富翁候选人行为的争议日益加深。Hillary Clinton also reported a strong haul, pulling in m through her campaign alone as the established Clinton fundraising machine competed against Mr Trump’s bare bones campaign.希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)也报告获得大笔捐赠,仅通过其竞选团队就筹集300万美元,目前成熟的克林顿筹款机器与特朗普相对寒酸的竞选团队展开竞争。The numbers came amid turmoil in the Republican party over Mr Trump’s feud with the Muslim parents of an army captain killed in Iraq, after the soldier’s father attacked him at the Democratic convention.这些数字出炉之际,围绕特朗普与一位在伊拉克阵亡的美国陆军上尉的穆斯林父母结仇,共和党内部陷入混乱,起因是这名军人的父亲在民主党大会上抨击特朗普。Both campaigns made their fundraising announcements before the election watchdog had published official figures. The Trump camp, which previously had trailed the Clinton campaign in fundraising, left some unanswered questions by melding different sources of money and not specifying how much the candidate himself had contributed.两个竞选团队都是在选举监督机构发布官方数据之前披露筹资金额的。此前特朗普团队曾在筹款方面远远落后于希拉里团队。该团队留下一些问题没有回答,因为它没有区分不同来源的资金,而且没有说明特朗普本人拿出了多少资金。The Clinton campaign said it started August with m cash on hand, m more than she had at the beginning of last month. The Trump campaign reported m cash on hand, up from about m four weeks ago.希拉里竞选团队表示,截至8月初其拥800万美元资金,比上月初多出1400万美元。特朗普团队报告拥有3700万美元资金,高于4周前的大000万美元。Steven Mnuchin, Mr Trump’s finance chairman, said: “We are extremely proud of our 69 per cent growth in small dollar donations, which shows the broad-based support of over 1m donors across America.”特朗普的财政委员会主席史蒂#8226;姆钦(Steven Mnuchin)表示:“我们的小额美元捐赠出现9%的增长,对此我们极为自豪,这表明我们有美国各地超00万捐赠者的广泛持。”Mr Trump has compounded angst among top Republicans by refusing to endorse Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, in his re-election bid, as well as John McCain, the Arizona senator and 2008 presidential candidate. Mr Trump suggested Americans pull out of the stock market and ordered the mother of a crying baby to remove the child from a rally in Virginia.特朗普拒绝持众议院议长保罗#8226;瑞安(Paul Ryan)竞选连任,也拒绝持亚利桑那州参议员008年总统候选人约翰#8226;麦凯John McCain),这让共和党高层更加忧心忡忡。特朗普提议让美国人退出股市,并在弗吉尼亚州的一个集会上命令一位母亲将其哭闹的婴儿带出会场。Newt Gingrich, a Trump ally and former House speaker, said: “He has not made the transition to being the potential president of the ed States, which is a much tougher league.”特朗普盟友、众议院前议长纽#8226;金里Newt Gingrich)表示:“他还没有完成向潜在的美国总统转变的过程,那是一个难度高得多的级别。”But Paul Manafort, who chairs Mr Trump’s campaign, said the idea it was in turmoil was a false narrative driven by the Clinton campaign and media.但特朗普的竞选经理保#8226;马纳福特(Paul Manafort)表示,共和党竞选团队陷入混乱的观点是希拉里团队和媒体炮制的虚假叙述。“The campaign is in very good shape,he told Fox News. “You know, we are organised, we are moving forward and the Clinton machine may not like it but we’re prepared for the fight.”他向福克斯新闻(Fox News)表示:“特朗普竞选团队的情况非常奀?你知道,我们组织有序,我们正在前进,希拉里团队可能不喜欢这一点,但我们准备好了战斗。”来 /201608/458769

HONG KONG The ed States Justice Department has filed criminal charges against a Chinese executive, accusing her, the company she owns and several of her colleagues of violating American sanctions meant to choke off funding to North Korean companies that help Pyongyang developnuclear weapons.香港——美国司法部对一名中国公司高管提出刑事起诉,指控她本人、她拥有的公司,以及她的几名同事违反了美国针对朝鲜的制裁。这些制裁旨在阻止资金流入为平壤的核武器发展提供帮助的朝鲜公司。Ma Xiaohong, 44, is the owner of Dandong Hongxiang Industrial Development Company, a trading company that in one year, according to ed States officials, handled more than one-fifth of the commerce between North Korea and China. 44岁的马晓红是贸易企业丹东鸿祥实业发展有限公司的老板,美国官员表示,该公司一年经手的中朝贸易额占两国贸易总值的五分之一以上。She and her colleagues worked with Kwangson Banking, a North Korean bank that has been the subject of American sanctions for years, to set up shell companies in Hong Kong and offshore tax havens to disguise the activity, the Justice Department said in a statement released Monday.美国司法部在周一发布的声明中说:马晓红及其同事与美国长期的制裁对象光鲜银Kwangson Banking)一起,在香港和离岸避税港设立壳公司,掩盖交易活动。On Aug. 3, a federal judge in New Jersey signed a sealed indictment against Ms Ma, her company and three of her colleagues, charges that were made public on Monday. 8日,新泽西州的一位联邦法官签署了针对马晓红、她的公司及其三名同事的密封起诉书。起诉书在本周一公之于众。Justice Department officials traveled to Beijing to alert Chinese officials to the activity, and this month the Chinese police opened their own criminal investigation into the company, which is based in Dandong, a Chinese city across the Yalu River from North Korea.美国司法部官员曾前往北京,将该公司的活动通报给了中国官员,中国警方已在本月启动了自己的刑事调查。鸿翔公司的总部设在鸭绿江边的中国城市丹东,朝鲜就在江的对岸。Last week, researchers in South Korea and the ed States published a report that said Dandong Hongxiang exported materials to North Korea that included aluminum oxide, which can be used in the production of nuclear weapons. 上周,韩国和美国的研究人员发布了一份报告,称丹东鸿翔出口到朝鲜的材料中包括氧化铝,氧化铝可用于核武器的制造。China is North Korea’s largest trading partner.中国是朝鲜最大的贸易伙伴。In addition to the criminal charges against Ms Ma and her colleagues, the Justice Department, in a separate civil suit, is seeking to seize funds in 25 Chinese bank accounts that it says were used by Dandong Hongxiang and its front companies.除了对马晓红及其同事提出刑事起诉之外,美国司法部还在一起另行提出的民事诉讼中,寻求冻结25个中国的账户中的资金,司法部称丹东鸿翔以及为其打掩护的公司使用这些账户。The shell companies set up by Dandong Hongxiang, stretching from Hong Kong to the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, were used to register bank accounts in China, hiding the North Korean origin of the funds and hence engaging in money laundering, the ed States charged. 丹东鸿翔设立的壳公司遍布在从香港到印度洋岛国塞舌尔、再到加勒比海的英属维尔京群岛等许多地方,这些公司被用来在中国注册账户,隐瞒资金来自朝鲜的事实,美国指控那是在从事洗钱活动。In some instances, those banks dealt with American lenders, so-called correspondent banks, to help facilitate dollar-denominated transactions, the Justice Department said.美国司法部说,在某些情况下,那些与美国贷款机构、即所谓的代理打交道,为以美元结算的交易提供方便。The ed States and Chinese banks involved are not being accused of wrongdoing, the department said in the statement.司法部在声明中说,此案中牵涉到的美国和中国未受不法行为的指控。The charges unsealed today reflect our nation’s commitment to using all tools to deter and disrupt weapons of mass destruction proliferators, John P. Carlin, the assistant attorney general for national security, said in the statement. 今天启封的指控,反映了我国致力于使用所有手段来阻止和中断大规模杀伤性武器研发的决心,分管国家安全的司法部助理部长约#8226;P#8226;卡林(John P Carlin)在声明中说。One of the strengths of our sanctions programs is they prevent sanctioned wrongdoers from engaging in U.S. dollar transactions.我们的制裁方案的优势之一是,阻止受制裁的违法者进行以美元结算的交易。But the sanctions against the North Korean bank, announced in , did not stop Dandong Hongxiang from disguising their business for seven years, the ed States alleges. 但是,美国的指控表明009年宣布的针对那家朝鲜的制裁,并没有阻止丹东鸿翔隐瞒两家之间长达七年的业务。Some of the paperwork that Ms Ma and her colleagues filed to set up shell companies is contained in the Panama Papers, the massive trove of leaked records about offshore companies that was made public this year by the Washington-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.马晓红及其同事为设立壳公司提交的一些文件出现在巴拿马文Panama Papers)中。巴拿马文件指的是总部设在华盛顿的国际调查记者同International Consortium of Investigative Journalists)今年公开的曝光离岸公司记录的大量数据。Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian law firm whose files were leaked, helped set up some of Dandong Hongxiang’s shell companies, and the documents show that at least in one instance, it appeared to do little to comply with rules that even lax offshore jurisdictions set up to help prevent money laundering.这些泄露的文件来自巴拿马律师事务所莫萨冯塞Mossack Fonseca),这家律所帮助设立了丹东鸿翔的几家壳公司。文件显示,至少在其中一家公司的设立上,该律所似乎没有遵守有关规则,而这些离岸司法管辖区为防止洗钱所制定的规则已经是非常松的。Those documents show that in May 2011, two years after Ms Ma set up her joint-venture company with the North Korean bank, she registered a shell company in the Seychelles, the Indian Ocean island nation that in recent years has become a haven for money laundering because of its corporate secrecy rules.这些文件显示,在马晓红与那家朝鲜成立合资公司两年后的2011月,她在印度洋岛国塞舌尔注册了一家壳公司。由于塞舌尔的公司保密规定,近年来,该国已成为洗钱活动的保护地。The dozens of leaked internal emails about the shell company, Sky Bright Development, do not reveal its purpose, but such shells can be used to hold stakes in other companies or to set up bank accounts that are extremely difficult to trace. 这家壳公司叫Sky Bright Development,泄露出来的有关该公司的几十封内部电子邮件并未透露设立公司的目的,但可以用这类壳公司来持有其他公司的股权,或在其名下设立账户,使资金的来源极难追溯。The registration was facilitated by Mossack Fonseca, which specializes in setting up offshore companies for clients around the world, and whose biggest market is China.这家壳公司的注册是在莫萨冯塞卡律所的帮助下完成的,该律所专门为世界各地的客户设立离岸公司,他们最大的市场是中囀?Mossack Fonseca conducted a search to find out whether Ms Ma had any criminal background or was a politically exposed person, or P.E.P. usually an individual with a government post, or a relative of such a person. 莫萨冯塞卡律所做了点查询,以确定马晓红是否有犯罪背景,或是否属于政治敏感人物(politically exposed person,简称PEP),这通常指的是担任政府职位的个人或其亲戚。Seychelles requires extra scrutiny when such people set up offshore companies, including efforts to verify the source of the company’s funds, because of the possibility that they are doing so to conceal corruption.塞舌尔对PEP设立离岸公司有额外的审查要求,包括实公司的资金来源,因为有一种可能是这类人通过离岸公司来隐藏腐败行为。In this case, an online search conducted by Mossack Fonseca determined that Ms Ma was in fact a P.E.P., showing in its first result that she was a lawmaker in her home province of Liaoning in China, according to the leaked records. 泄露的资料显示,就马晓红的情况而言,莫萨克-冯塞卡律所进行的网上检索表明,她确实是PEP,检索结果的第一条就显示她是老家辽宁省的人大代表。Yet Mossack Fonseca’s own internal records subsequently indicated that Ms Ma had not been designated a politically exposed person.然而,该律所的内部记录后来显示,马晓红并未被认定为政治敏感人物。Representatives at Mossack Fonseca’s Hong Kong and Seychelles offices did not respond to an email seeking comment, and no one at Dandong Hongxiang answered a phone call made during working hours on Tuesday.莫萨冯塞卡律所香港和塞舌尔办事处的代表没有回复请求置评的电邮。丹东鸿翔也没有人在周二的工作时间内接听电话。来 /201609/468930

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