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蚌埠去除口周纹哪家医院好蚌山区祛疤手术多少钱Gay marriage同性婚姻合法化Ties that divide备受争议A row over plans to let gay couples marry in church同性伴侣可在教堂举行婚礼这一法案争议不断Pity the prime minister. With most news bleakly austere these days, changing the law to let gay couples marry must have seemed a sure way to sp crowd-pleasing sweetness and light. Countries around the world are giving homosexuals full marriage rights. More than half of British respondents usually tell pollsters they favour gay marriage. Besides, David Cameron truly believes in it, as he told the Conservative Party conference in October 2011.英国最近都没有什么好消息。可怜了首相卡梅隆,但修改法律允许同性伴侣结婚似乎让民众心里一暖。很多国家都在逐步给予同性恋完全婚姻权。民意调查显示,英国超过一半的受访者都持同性婚姻合法化。此外,在2011年10月的保守党大会上戴维·卡梅隆(David Cameron)也表示他本人是完全赞同同性婚姻合法化。But government plans to let same-sex couples not only marry but marry in church, detailed on December 11th, have startled the ecclesiastical horses and divided the aly fissiparous Conservatives. The Anglican and Catholic churches, along with the Muslim Council of Britain and Lord Sacks, the Chief Rabbi, oppose the move, which contravenes their belief that marriage is between a woman and a man. High-profile Tories including Michael Gove, the education secretary, and Boris Johnson, London’s mayor, are for the change, but over 100 Conservative MPs are believed to oppose it. That will not put the outcome in doubt, as Labour and the Liberal Democrats support the shift, but it guarantees a continuing row.12月11日,英政府公布了详细条例——不仅允许同性伴侣结婚,也可在教堂举行婚礼。这让教会的那些老匹夫大吃一惊,使已出现分歧的保守党更是争论不断。圣公会和天主教,以及英国穆斯林协会和首席拉比萨克斯勋爵(Lord Sacks)都反对这项提议,因为这和他们一男一女才能结婚的信仰相否。几名高调的保守党人,包括教育大臣迈克尔·戈夫(Michael Gove)和伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson),赞成此提议,估计过百的国会议员将会反对。由于工党和自由民主党都持这项提议,所以这些反对者对结果没有什么影响,但不可避免的会引起不断的争论。At issue is how to balance competing rights—to freedom of religious expression and freedom from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. This clash last hit the headlines in 2007, when a Catholic adoption agency was required to consider gay couples as adoptive parents, and the religiously minded owners of a small hotel were told they could not refuse to rent a double bedroom to a gay couple. This time, the dispute is over core religious activities, not charitable or commercial services. But once same-sex marriages are permitted, and on religious premises at that, some fear that churches, mosques and temples could be forced into solemnising relationships of which they disapprove profoundly. Are they right to worry?目前的问题是如何去平衡这两种相对抗的权利——宗教表达自由权和性取向不受歧视的权利。此矛盾最近一次上头条是在2007年,那一年,一条新闻报道了一对同性恋夫妇要求一个天主教收养机构允许他们收养孩子,还有一条新闻报道了一家小旅店虔诚的业主们被告知他们不得拒绝向同性恋伴侣出租双人间。这次的争议核心是宗教活动,而非慈善或商业务。一些人担心,一旦同性婚姻合法化允许在宗教处所举办婚礼的话,教堂、清真寺和寺庙都将被迫为其举办隆重的典礼,而这种同性婚姻他们根本不能接受。这样的担心难道毫无道理吗?The government assures them they need not. All same-sex couples will be entitled to civil marriage, not just the civil partnership they have been allowed since 2005. Those who wish to marry religiously may do so, if a church is willing. A “quadruple lock” has been designed to protect churches that are not against suits for discrimination or breaching human rights.政府承诺这样的担心没必要。2005年,英国允许同性伴侣有民事伴侣关系权,现所有同性伴侣将享有民事婚姻权。如果某个教堂愿意,同性伴侣可去教堂举行婚礼。政府还制定了一个“四重法律锁”来保护那些不愿意为其主持婚礼的教堂免于歧视和侵犯人权的诉讼。The new law (which should be on the statute books in 2015) will state that no religious organisation or minister can be compelled to marry same-sex couples. There will be a formal “opt-in” system for those that are interested. The Equality Act of 2010 will be amended. The Church of England, whose canon law is intertwined with the law of the land and normally has a duty to marry people, will not, at its own request, splice same-sex couples, unless canon law and legislation are changed.新法(预计2015年实施)规定,不强迫任何宗教组织和牧师给同性伴侣举行婚礼。届时会为那些有兴趣的宗教组织和牧师提供正式的“自由选择”流程。2010年的《平等法》将会修订。英国国教会的教会法与当地法律关系紧密,通常还肩负为公民举办婚礼的义务。但在它的要求下,英国国教会不会为同性伴侣举办婚礼,除非教会法和法律改变。That still leaves Strasbourg, which has cheerfully overlooked Parliament’s declared wish and told Britain to let at least some convicted prisoners vote. “There’s no way you can stop a couple going to the European Court of Human Rights and arguing that the fact British law does not oblige religious organisations to marry them is a violation of their rights,” says Robert Wintamute, a barrister who teaches at Kings College London. But they won’t get far, he reckons. Others agree. The European Convention is a touch ambiguous. The court does not require governments to let gay couples marry, still less churches.斯特拉斯堡(欧洲人权法庭的所在地),跟英国政府在囚犯是否享有选举权问题上有分歧。在伦敦国王学院教书的大律师罗伯特(Robert Wintamute)说:“你没法阻止一对伴侣跑到欧洲人权法庭去控告英国法律——宗教组织可不为同性伴侣举办婚礼——是对他们的侵权。”但他们也不会成功。其他人也同意这样的说法。欧洲人权公约对此有点模糊不清。法庭不会要求国家政府允许同性婚姻,更不用说教堂了。But debate over the limits of religious freedom is lively. The hotel owners lost in the Court of Appeals in February, but Lady Justice Rafferty had this to say: “It would be unfortunate to replace legal oppression of one community (homosexual couples) with legal oppression of another (those sharing the Appellants’ beliefs)” The Supreme Court has accepted their case.但关于宗教自由限度的讨论热烈了起来。之前提到的旅馆业主2月份在上诉法庭又败诉了,但是女大法官Rafferty补充说道,“如果把一部分人(同性伴侣)的自由建立在另一部分人(那些和上诉人有着同样信仰的人)身上,这也是不幸的。”最高法庭已经受理了此案件。Strasbourg too has seen action. Four British people who say their employers denied them religious expression—including Nadia Eweida, initially refused permission by British Airways to wear a visible cross—were heard by the court there in September. A judgment may emerge in January. All of which suggests that politicians may enact as many “locks” as they please, but in the end courts hold the keys.斯特拉斯堡也有过类似情况。四名英国人称其雇主不顾自己的宗教信仰,其中纳迪亚·艾薇达(Nadia Eweida) 首当其冲,她所在的英国航空公司不允许她带的十字架露在外面。他们四位9月已经接受欧洲人权法庭聆讯。判决结果也许在1月份公布。这一切都告诉我们,政客们可以随意颁布各种“保护锁”,但法庭有最终解释权。翻译:薛瑞译文属译生译世201609/464797蚌山区去眼袋多少钱 Listen, I shouldnt judge cause i think it would be hard to learn a new language entirely听着 我没有资格评判 因为我觉得学习一门新的语言是很难的So I couldnt do it I couldnt move to another country and learn another language所以我做不到 我做不到移民到另一个国家 学习另一门语言But can you get rid of the accent?No i cant, I tried and im too old aly但是你摆脱不掉这个口音吗 不 不能 我努力过但是我年纪太大了If I come when I was like.my son, for example goes from English to Spanish like its nothing我说我在我儿子的这个年纪 来到这里 例如 从英语转换成西班牙语小菜一碟but I cant - how old he?Hes 19 And hes perfect speaking English?Perfect但是我做不到 他多大了 十九岁了 他英语说得很好 非常好He talks to me in Spanish, in English amazingly.Hes so annoyed by my English.He doesnt understand他和我说西班牙语 英语都很流利 他很受不了我的英语 他听不懂He was like, you are the only person in the world that after many years in this country gets worse and worse他说 你是这个世界上唯一一个 在这个国家呆了这么多年 结果英语说得越来越差Thats not normal Is it getting worse? It is getting worse这太不正常了 是越来越差吗 是越来越差I mean like sometimes I talk and I dont really understand what I said有时候我说话 我自己都搞不懂我在说什么I just wait.I do like a little puzzle to see the persons face to see if they understood我就一直等 我就像猜谜一样的看着那个人的脸 看他们是否听懂了Because I didnt understand what I said.And now I know how to the faces因为我都不知道自己在说什么 现在我知道了怎样读懂一个人的表情Right, if they understand, then you just move on.What if they dont understand?好吧 如果他们听懂了 那你就继续说 要是她们听不懂呢I move on anyway.Alright.Well, this is what I thought would be really fun especially with your accent我还是会继续说 好吧 这件事我觉得会非常好玩 尤其配上你这口音but what I wanna do weve done it with Dennis Quay and weve done it with a few people and David Beckham last week我想做的这件事我以前和Dennis Quay合作过 我们还和其他许多人合作过 上星期小贝也一起玩了I wanna put an IFB in your ear,I am gonna send you somewhere on the lot我想要在你的耳朵里放一个耳机 我要派你到空地的某个地方and Im gonna try to have you to mess with some people on the lot and I have to do everything you say?我要让你尝试着和那里的人们交谈 然后我必须照你说的话去做Everything I say.Only what I say.Ok.Hope you understand me Alright?Well be back And she will be sent over there.照我说的话去做 只能听我的指令 好的 希望你能听得懂 好吗 我们马上回来 她马上会被送到指定的地方 /201603/433485蚌埠自体脂肪填充多少钱

蚌埠那家医院永久脱毛比较好Germanys parliament德国议会Order, order!命令不止Many Germans crave a less boring Bundestag, including its own president即便是总统也渴望议院不再那么无聊Gripped by question time被提问时间紧抓不放GERMANYS parliament, the Bundestag, has produced some memorable moments over the years. Whether they qualify as oratory is less clear. In 1984 a young Joschka Fischer (nobody dreamt of a Green foreign minister just 14 years later) yelled: “With your permission, Mr President, you are an arsehole!” Herbert Wehner, a leading member in the 1960s and 70s, told one opponent to “go wash yourself first” and another that “you are a pig, do you know that?”德国议会,即联邦议会在过去几年有过一些难忘的时刻。对于他们是否符合演讲这一点尚不明确。在1984年一位名叫约什卡·费舍尔的年轻人(没人会想到他会在那14年之后当上外交部长)呼喊:“总统先生,你就是个混蛋!”上世纪60年代至70年代领军人物赫伯特·维纳警告一个对手“先洗干净了再来”,又称另一个对手“你特么就是一头猪你造吗?”Those members attempting wit—and there are some—face a more humdrum reality. Often they address a chamber that is mostly empty. Chancellor Angela Merkel and her ministers, if present at all, sit diagonally behind the orators, so that they can ignore them and catch up on some ing. This may explain why many of Berlins political wonks go online for their thrills, watching prime ministers questions in Britains House of Commons. How else to have fun?那些领军人物们用仅剩的一些智慧来面另一个更加单调的现实。他们经常在一个几乎空无一人的屋子里演讲。总理安吉拉·默克尔和她的部长们如果出席了的话一般会坐在演说者的斜后面,这样他们就可以忽略那些演说家并且可以自己阅读自己的。这或许可以解释为什么很多柏林的政治家们喜欢在网上看着总理在英国下议院提问时自娱自乐。除了这样他们还有别的方式来寻开心吗?Certainly not during the two Bundestag slots allotted to “question time”. One, on the first Wednesday of a parliamentary session, is billed as an interrogation of the government. But the government chooses the topic, the opposition must submit questions in writing the preceding Friday and ministers usually dispatch minions to out replies. The second, also on Wednesdays, is meant to be more spontaneous but in practice turns out much the same.当然这不是在议会设置的两个“提问时间”期间。一个“提问时间”是一个议会期的第一个周三,这被称为政府的审讯。但是是由政府选择主题,反对党必须在之后的星期五写出要提交的问题,然后部长一般分派手下宣读答复。第二个“提问时间”也是在星期三,这原本是更加自发自由的,但实践明意义与前者没什么区别。In April Norbert Lammert, the Bundestags president, called these question periods the “weakest part of German parliamentary democracy” and “politically meaningless”. Last month he went from cranky to irate when, on one occasion, not a single cabinet member turned up. Another no-show, he let it be known, and he would call the charade off.在四月议会主席诺贝特·拉默特将这些“提问时间”为“德国议会民主最大的弱点”并且“毫无政治意义”。当上个月无人出席议会时,他开始暴走了。第二次时,他便将此公之于众且不找任何借口伪装了。The opposition, which has just one-fifth of the seats against the grand coalitions four-fifths, wants to change the format to make it more like Westminster, with direct questioning of the chancellor and her ministers. Unthinkable, for that would make politics a “show”, counters Mrs Merkels Christian Democratic Union, the largest party. (Mr Lammert is also a Christian Democrat, but the Bundestag is his focus of loyalty.) So here is a modest proposal: if witty repartee is out of the question, why not take a leaf out of the Ukrainian or Italian parliaments book and go straight to the fisticuffs?仅占五分之一席位的反对党来反对五分之四的大联盟,这五分之一希望能改变议会形式使之更像威斯敏斯特,可以更直接的向总理和部长提问。这个情形难以想象,因为这将使政治变成了一场“作秀”来抵制默克尔领导的最大党派基民盟。(拉默特也是基民盟党员,但是议会才是他效忠的重心。)因此得出了一个小小的建议:若已不能理智对话,为何不效仿乌克兰和意大利,亮出拳头一决雌雄?译者:邵夏沁 校对:顾佳慧 译文属译生译世 /201410/337819蚌埠祛眼袋 蚌埠东方美莱坞男科医院激光祛斑多少钱

蚌埠第三人民医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱In the late 1980s, Marc Ramirez played football for the University of Michigan.While he was playing he was able to eat pretty much whatever he wanted and stay healthy.Then he graduated, and without all that physical activity, he started gaining weight and developing health problems.Twelve years out of college, Ramirez was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Over the next decade, he developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, psoriasis and more.In 2011, Ramirez and his wife, after seeing a documentary about the harmful effects of animal foods, decided to go vegan. He told us that move radically changed their lives.;Once we adopted this lifestyle in December of 2011—after, again, being sick for a decade—I was off all five of my medications in two months, and in three months I had lost 45 pounds,; Ramirez said.GUESTMarc Ramirez is a former football player for the Michigan Wolverines. He and his wife now run a nonprofit organization called Chick and Bean, promoting the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.201606/450153 Top Gear疯狂汽车秀High-octane antics高辛烷值的滑稽Motormouth Jeremy Clarkson is suspended from the Bs hit show快嘴快舌的杰里米·克拉克森被B热门节目停职WHEN Jeremy Clarkson suggests switching off the VSC on a Toyota GT86 sports car to do better doughnuts around the “Top Gear” test track at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey, his audience is more than likely to know what he is talking about. That audience is huge: “Top Gear” is the worlds most widely watched factual television programme, with more than 350m viewers in 214 countries. That presents B Worldwide, the commercial arm of the B, with a problem, because on March 10th the broadcaster suspended Mr Clarkson for being involved in what it called a “fracas” with one of the shows producers. The next episode will not be broadcast and another two may be dropped.当杰里米·克拉克森在萨里的敦斯福德机场建议将丰田86跑车的车辆稳定性控制系统(VSC)关闭,好让跑车在“疯狂汽车秀”的测试跑道上更好地回旋时,他的观众很可能不知道他到底在说些什么。这个节目观众数量庞大:“疯狂汽车秀”是全球受关注最广的真人电视节目,在214个国家拥有约3亿5千万名观众。这给B的一个部门B Worldwide(英国广播公司商业公司)带来了麻烦,因为在3月10号,该广播公司辞退了克拉克森,原因是他与该节目的一名制片人发生了所谓的“争吵”。下一集将不会播出,余下两集也可能被砍掉。Mr Clarksons satnav seems to steer him towards controversy. In May last year he said he had been given a final warning by the B after it was claimed that he had said “nigger” while reciting a rhyme during the filming of an earlier series. In October 2014 the Top Gear crew had to flee from Argentina after being attacked by angry crowds during a road trip because the registration of a Porsche they were using appeared to refer to the date of the Falklands war. The B says it is investigating the latest incident, which, according to some reports, involved Mr Clarkson throwing a punch in a row over a lack of food on an assignment.克拉克森的导播可能将他推上了争论的风口浪尖。去年五月,他说B声称他在之前的录制过程中背诵诗时提到了“黑鬼”这个词,给了他终极警告。2014年10月,疯狂汽车秀中使用的一辆保时捷牌号与马岛战争日期一样,因此在自驾路上受到了愤怒民众的攻击,工作人员被迫逃离阿根廷。B表示正在调查最近的事故,据某些报道,与克拉克森在某次任务中因缺乏食物而出拳斗殴有关。“Top Gear” earns a good deal of money for B Worldwide and for its star. The commercial rights to the series used to be controlled by a company called Bedder 6, a joint venture with B Worldwide, and 30% owned by Mr Clarkson and 20% by Andy Wilman, an executive producer. The dividends from that company alone made Mr Clarkson a multimillionaire. In 2012 the pair sold their shares to B Worldwide. Mr Clarkson is said to have received £8.4m (.6m) for his stake.“疯狂汽车秀”帮B Worldwide和明星大赚了一笔。该节目的商事权利曾由一家名为Bedder 6的企业管理,该公司是B Worldwide的合资企业,克拉克森拥有30%的股权,一名执行制片人安迪·威尔曼拥有20%的股权。仅该公司的分红就让克拉克森成为了千万富翁。2012年,这对合伙人将股份卖给了B Worldwide。据说克拉克森将自己的所有权卖到了840万英镑(1260万美元)。Mr Clarkson and the shows co-presenters, James May and Richard Hammond, are believed to have been negotiating new contracts with the B. The politically correct and those who have found themselves the butt of Mr Clarksons jokes—greens, truck drivers and Mexicans are among those on a long list—would be happy to see him go. Some think Danny Cohen, the Bs director of television, shares their feelings: he hinted last year that he did not see the presenter as “untouchable”.据说克拉克森和该节目的合作主持人詹姆斯·梅、理查德·哈蒙德一直在与B就新合同事宜进行协商。政治倾向正确的人和克拉克森取笑的对象——绿党、货车司机和墨西哥人在这份长名单之列,他们将乐见克拉克森的离开。有一些人认为B的电视导演丹尼·科恩和他们有同感:去年克拉克森曾暗示他认为导演并非是“无法企及的”。The B has a strong incentive to overlook Mr Clarksons transgressions. But it is a bureaucratic machine that must try to please everybody, because everybody pays for it. So it could be that commercial rivals such as ITV and Sky will be taking out their chequebooks to sign Mr Clarkson to present a rival series. They would not be able to use the “Top Gear” brand, but whatever the contracts say it is Mr Clarkson who is the real franchise of this show. An online petition in support of the presenter collected nearly 500,000 signatures in barely 24 hours. Mr Clarkson might be seen as an overbearing joker, but that is precisely what his fans like. And, petrolheads all, they know he is not afraid to call a new car rubbish if he thinks it is.B绝对有忽略克拉克森越矩行为的强烈动机。但它是一架官僚机器,必须取悦每一个人,因为每个人都向它付费用。所以像ITV和Sky这样的商业对手有可能将拿出票本签下克拉克森,开创一档竞争栏目。他们无法使用“疯狂汽车秀”的名字,但无论合同怎么说,克拉克森才是节目的真正卖点。持这位主持人的在线请愿在24小时内收集到了近500,000个签名。也许克拉克森给人的印象是一个自大的爱开玩笑的人,但他的粉丝所喜爱的正是他这一点。而且车迷们都知道如果克拉克森认为一辆新车是垃圾的话,口无遮拦的他毫不讳言。译者:王颖 校对:唐宇译文属译生译世 /201505/374750蚌埠三院激光去斑多少钱蚌埠东方美莱坞整形美容医院开双眼皮手术多少钱



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