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My favorite Laker player is Kobe. You cant get out the car!我最喜欢的湖人球员是科比。你不要下车!Are you not entertained? Do you not recognize what Ive done as a Laker?你们看够了吗?难道都看不到我为湖人的付出吗?Whats up everybody, this is Shaq, were in Atlanta.嗨,各位,我是沙克。我们现在在亚特兰大。This is Undercover Lyft and I am the big Glowstache.这里是Undercover Lyft,我是今天的司机。My name is Charles. Nice to meet you Charles. Im Saika.我叫查尔斯。很高兴见到你,查尔斯,我是萨伊卡。Know what I do? What do you do?你知道我是做什么的吗?你是做什么的?Make bracelets. You make bracelets?我做手镯。你是做手镯的?Yeah. Know what this called? Whats that called?是的,知道这叫什么吗?叫什么?Its called the steam room. Cause if you look inside you can see the steam, see?这叫做蒸汽室。因为如果你往里面看的话,就会看到蒸汽。看到了吗?My name is Pierre. Hey Pierre. I am from France. Angela.我叫皮耶。你好,皮耶。我来自法国。我来自安哥拉。Tu parles francais? Speak no French.你说法文吗?不要说法文。How are you? Good, Im Heather.你好吗?很好,我是海瑟。My names Goose. My real job is Im a cop.我叫古斯。我的真正工作是一名警察。Im off duty right now but I still keep my eye out for stuff.虽然现在没执勤,但是我仍耳听八方。Look at this. Illegal u-turn in the middle of the street. Lucky I aint got my badge, lady.看看这个。在路中间违法掉头。我没把警徽待在身上,算你走运,女士。Whattup cuz! Whats going on? Where you from? I am from Brazil.嘿,老兄。最近怎样?你从哪里来?我来自巴西。I went there one time for a singing competition. Singing?我去过一次巴西,参加唱歌比赛。唱歌?I dont know this song.我没听过这首歌。Like basketball? I recently got into basketball because of the Hawks.喜欢篮球吗?我最近迷上了篮球,因为老鹰队。I had a friend who was a Hawks fan.我有个朋友是老鹰球迷。You know what that is right? Thats a dead hawk. A dead hawk?你知道那是什么吗?是死掉的老鹰。死掉的老鹰?I dont know a thing about basketball. Nothing? Nothing.我对篮球一无所知。一点儿都不知道?一无所知。You know about free throws? Sp your fingers out. And then follow through.你知道罚球吗?把手指张开,顺势推出去。Watch your nails. Dont want you to throw your nails off.小心你的指甲,别连指甲一起扔出去。Do it 10 times. Three… again. Four…练习十次。三,再一次,四...You know what? You just learned from the greatest free throw coach of all time.你知道吗?刚刚是有史以来最棒的罚球教练在指导你。I wanna play ball but I run funny. My pants get stuck in my butt.我很想打球,但我的跑步姿势很蠢。我的裤子会卡在屁股里。You look like the basketball type. Like you can get down on the court a little bit.你看起来很会打篮球,像是能在场上大显身手。Nah, mon. I had hoop dreams but they didnt work out.不,我曾经有个篮球梦,但还没实现。Did you chase em? You know, I used to chase trains when I was little.你有努力追求过梦想吗?你知道吗,我小时候曾经追过火车。You… chased trains? Used to chase trains. You got a pretty… pretty rich backstory.你追过火车?以前喜欢追。你的过去还挺精的。Whos your favorite basketball player?你最喜欢的篮球运动员是谁?I gotta stick with Dikembe, I mean. No, no, no. No, no, no.当然是迪肯贝。不不不。不不不。He blocked everybodys shot? Mmhm.他封盖了所有人?恩。Nobody ever dunked it in his face? Not that I saw. Huh. Not that you saw.从来没有人在他面前扣篮。至少我没看过。哈,那是你没见过。My favorite movie. Kazaam. Kazaam? Its a movie… Its a good…我最喜欢的电影是《精灵也疯狂》。《精灵也疯狂》?这电影还不错。No, no. Its everybodys favorite movie.不不,这是所有人都爱的电影。Can you rap? Let me hear freestyle. Ima give you a beatbox. Ready?你会rap吗?让我听你即兴一下,我给你节拍。准备好了吗?Rollin my Lyft with my rasta. We dont eat pasta. We washin our cars.搭乘Lyft,我的司机绑辫子。我们不吃意大利面。我们一起洗车子。Stop. Thats terrible, man. I mean, lets see yours, though. Im good, Drake.停,太烂了吧兄弟。那来看看你的吧,我很厉害的,德瑞克。Je ne sais pas cause I dont know, cause Im from France and yo, yo, yo.我不知道因为我不懂,因为我来自法国,yo, yo, yoVigilante shes a renegade. Brave, but deep inside shes afraid shell never let it be known. Steam room. Donuts.她是个叛逆的正义使者。看似勇敢,但内心深处却害怕没有人。蒸汽室,甜甜圈。Man, Im wondering if you are Shaquille ONeal now, man. No, man. Stop it!伙计,我在想你是不是沙克·奥尼尔。才不是,别说了。My beard is itching. Ah. Do I look familiar to you? Oh my gosh.我胡子好痒啊。我很眼熟吗?我的天啊。You ever see my face before? Oh my god! Ah!你有看过我的脸吗?我的天啊!Its me! I had a feeling. No you didnt!就是我!我就知道。你才不知道!I didnt know it was you at all.我完全不知道是你。I kinda figured it out. Like early on, when I saw your wig, sir.我发现你戴假发的时候,就大概猜到了。I just lyfted with Shaquille ONeal guys.各位,我刚刚搭了沙克·奥尼尔的车。Did you not know it was me, for real? I really didnt.你真的没有认出我来吗?真的没有。Im about to brag to everybody today, watch.我要准备跟大家炫耀了,等着瞧。Ive come a long way since Kazaam.在演完《精灵也疯狂》后,我有了长足的进步。201703/499619TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457807栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464433You have to do three things.你必须明白三件事。You dont get the most information from any one.你不可能从任何人那里得到很多的信息。You have to photograph the collections.必须要不停地拍照收集素材。You have to photograph the women on the street...who have bought the things and how theyre wearing them.去拍大街上的那些女人她们买了什么样的衣,怎么去穿和搭配。And then you have to go to the evening events.还要去参加一些晚宴。You cant report to the public unless youve seen it all.如果你自己都不完全了解这些,你就不能向大众去传播。People just go off and say what they think.Well, it isnt really what I think.人们总是在说他们是怎么想的。但这些不是我个人的想法。Its what I see.这全是我亲眼所见的。It doesnt happen like in a day or an hour.I go out and thats it.这些都不是一蹴而就的。我出去拍照,亲眼看到的这些。I run around and photograph all people with holes in their sneakers.我四处奔波,去拍各种各样的人和不同的细节。Its not that at all.但不仅仅是这样。Suddenly I see something, then I see it again, and I think, ;Ah, theres an idea,; and other times Ill see it and Ill think, ;Wow, thats an idea,; and then Ill look for it.如果我忽然想到什么有趣的电子,我会再去想一遍,或许我会觉得 ;嘿,这是个好点子;当我再反复去看和想它的时候如果我还觉得;这是个好主意!;我去会去找类似的衣拍照。But Ill be doing ten other ideas all at once, you see.不过一般情况下,我会带着很多个点子去拍不同的照片。They make the best sandwich.这儿的三明治简直是最好吃的。And coffee...three dollars. The cheaper the better, you know?还有这儿的咖啡…就三美元有时候便宜也有好货呀。The coffee at the Times, I...I...Its so...ugh.《纽约时报》的咖啡…可真是…难喝。My cord kept coming out of the camera last night. -Oh, yeah?我的胶卷昨晚总跑出相机。-哦,是么?So Ive been worried sick.弄的我很是担心。But I got something, any rate, on that roll.不过什么事都有个几率吧。Well see about the others.我们来看看其他几卷照片。Do you know anything about his personal life?Nothing. -Nothing.你对他的个人生活有什么了解么?不知道。-一点都不知道么?201608/459347They said I was too pretty to fight.他们说我长这么美不可能打拳击的;Aw she cant fight.; ;Youre going to mess up that beautiful face.;“哦她没办法打拳的”、“你会毁了你美丽的小脸蛋”They said that I was too fat. Only skinny girls can dress well.他们说我太胖,只有苗条的女孩才能穿得美美的They look at me head to toe. How can she be a lawyer?他们从头到脚地打量我:“她怎么可能是律师?”They said I didnt dress for my age.他们说我的打扮与年纪违和They said my nose was too prominent.他们说我的鼻子太突出了They said that I was too masculine.他们说我太有男子气概了They thought the cat calling was a compliment.他们觉得在街头被吹口哨是种恭维He said ;you can fix those teeth quite easily.;他说你为什么不去矫正牙齿Boyish and ugly. When they were talking about female, they werent talking about me.“太像男人、很丑”。他们认为我跟女性搭不上边This was not pretty. They would holler from across the street.“这样不美”。他们会隔着街叫喊Look sophisticated. Embarrassing nose. Too chubby. Just too skinny.“太老练了啦”、“鼻子简直丢人现眼”、“太肥了”、“太瘦了”Manly. Crazy hair. Never look good.“男人婆”、“钢丝头”、“看起来一直很丑”Too wild. Too cute. Too beautiful. Too fat.“太野了”、“太可爱了”、“太漂亮了”、“太胖了”He Said. They Said. She said. I said: ;No way!;他说、他们说、她说...我说:“想都别想!”You arent me. Im me. Im not going to be defined by anyones expectations.你不是我,我才是我。我不用被他人的预期限制住自己I dont dress my age. I dress myself the way I am.我不因应年纪来打扮,我要打扮成“我自己”的样子Cause my face has nothing to do with my boxing.我的长相跟我能否打拳击是两码子事Im ranked No.1 in the country and No.2 in the world.我在全国排名第一、世界排名第二As a fashion blogger, my style is 100% unapologetic.身为时尚主,我对我的造型感到自豪I dont wanna change my teeth.我不想要改变我的牙齿My looks have nothing to do with my capabilities.我的外表与能力完全无关This is me, this is my hair.这就是我,这是我的头发My beauty. My beauty. My beauty. My say.我的美丽。我的美丽。我的美丽。我说了算。201703/500464

The highly controversial dog meat festival in Yulin, China, is, in fact, happening.事实上,在中国备受争议的肉节仍在上演。Rumors started circulating in May that selling dog meat would be banned for the duration of the festival. But recent photos and show dogs were y for purchase even before the event began.5月有传言称节日期间将禁止售卖肉。但最近的照片和视频显示,在活动开始前正准备出售。The officially named Lychee and Dog Meat Festival happens every year to mark the summer solstice in China. In peak years, an estimated 10,000 dogs were killed for the celebration.正式命名为荔枝肉节,中国每年以此庆祝夏至。在高峰年,估计有10,000只为庆祝被宰杀。Activists have tried to get it shut down for years, claiming the dogs are treated and killed inhumanely. Theyve also claimed pet dogs are stolen and sold for consumption, but vendors and participants dispute that.多年来活动家试图让它关闭,称杀害不人道。他们还称,宠物被盗卖来消费,但摊贩和参与者对此有争议。Yulins government cant shut down the festival because its not a state-sponsored event. Plus, eating dog meat isnt illegal in China.activists estimate more than 10 million dogs are killed every year for food.玉林政府不能关闭该节日,因为它不是一个国家主办的活动。另外,在中国吃肉并不违法,活动分子称每年有一千万只被杀害食用。Still, for years animal rights activists in China and internationally have called for an end to the annual event.然而多年来,中国和国际动物权利活动家一直呼吁结束每年的肉节。译文属。201706/515088

Archbishop of Canterbury Simon Sudbury was captured while at his prayers in the Chapel of St John.坎特伯雷大主教西蒙·萨德伯里被捕于 施洗约翰礼拜堂众祷告者面前The rampaging rebels hacked his head off,stuck it on a spike and paraded it triumphantly through the streets.愤怒的叛军砍下了他的头颅 钉在钉子上 耀武扬威的游街示众On the evening of Thursday 13th June,the teenage king climbed one of the turrets in the tower,6月13日这一周四的晚上 年少的国王登上了伦敦塔的一座炮塔and what he saw ought to have broken him in terror.所见之景 触目惊心the sky red with flames,London crumbling into smoking ruins.天际血红似火 伦敦一片硝烟狼藉But hostage to a nightmare,Richard doesnt seem to have panicked.尽管事态严重 理查并未表现惊慌When counsellors asked him to negotiate with the rebels,he evidently showed no hesitation.当顾问官建议与叛军进行谈判时 他未显犹豫之态It was the boy who was the man of the hour.这个少年可是十分非凡It was a brave front. For Richard must have thought there was a chance he might not survive.这是富有勇气的一步 理查肯定想过 他很有可能无法活着回来Before the meeting with the rebels,he prayed at the shrine of Edward the Confessor,与叛军会晤前 他祈祷于金雀花王朝历任国王的守护圣人the patron saint of all the Plantagenet kings.忏悔者爱德华的圣坛前Then he rode through the jostling crowds to meet Wat Tyler and the rest of the leaders at Smithfield.然后骑马穿过熙攘的人流 在史密斯菲尔德接见了瓦特·泰勒 和其它领导人 /201611/480492

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