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然而瓶子上没有“毒药”字样,所以爱丽丝冒险地尝了尝,感到非常好吃,它混合着樱桃馅饼、奶油蛋糕、菠萝、烤火鸡、牛奶糖、热奶油面包的味道。爱丽丝一口气就把一瓶喝光了。 However, this bottle was NOT marked `poison,' so Alice ventured to taste it, and finding it very nice, (it had, in fact, a sort of mixed flavour of cherry-tart, custard, pine-apple, roast turkey, toffee, and hot buttered toast,) she very soon finished it off. `What a curious feeling!' said Alice; `I must be shutting up like a telescope.' And so it was indeed: she was now only ten inches high, and her face brightened up at the thought that she was now the right size for going through the little door into that lovely garden. First, however, she waited for a few minutes to see if she was going to shrink any further: she felt a little nervous about this; `for it might end, you know,' said Alice to herself, `in my going out altogether, like a candle. I wonder what I should be like then?' And she tried to fancy what the flame of a candle is like after the candle is blown out, for she could not remember ever having seen such a thing. Article/201011/118100爱丽丝惊奇地注意到,那些小卵石掉到地板上部变成了小点心,她脑子里立即闪过了一个聪明的念头:“如果我吃上一块,也许会使我变小,现在我已经不可能更大了,那么,它一定会把我变小的。” `So you did, old fellow!' said the others. `We must burn the house down!' said the Rabbit's voice; and Alice called out as loud as she could, `If you do. I'll set Dinah at you!' There was a dead silence instantly, and Alice thought to herself, `I wonder what they WILL do next! If they had any sense, they'd take the roof off.' After a minute or two, they began moving about again, and Alice heard the Rabbit say, `A barrowful will do, to begin with.' `A barrowful of WHAT?' thought Alice; but she had not long to doubt, for the next moment a shower of little pebbles came rattling in at the window, and some of them hit her in the face. `I'll put a stop to this,' she said to herself, and shouted out, `You'd better not do that again!' which produced another dead silence. Alice noticed with some surprise that the pebbles were all turning into little cakes as they lay on the floor, and a bright idea came into her head. `If I eat one of these cakes,' she thought, `it's sure to make SOME change in my size; and as it can't possibly make me larger, it must make me smaller, I suppose.' Article/201012/121324She asked. ;Call you Cordelia? Is that your name?;“叫你科黛拉?那是你的名字吗?”#39;Well, no, it isn#39;t, but it#39;s a very beautiful name, isn#39;t it? I like to imagine my name is Cordelia,“不,不是的,但那名字很好听,不是吗?我喜欢幻想着我的名字叫科黛拉,because my real name is Anne Shirley—and that#39;s not a very interesting name, is it?;因为我的真名叫安妮·雪利——那名字没什么意趣,不是吗?”Marilla shook her head.;The child has too much imagina-tion,;she thought.玛丽拉摇摇头,“这孩子太爱幻想了,”她心里暗想。Later, when Anne was in bed, Marilla said to her brother,;She must go back to the children#39;s home tomorrow.;稍晚些,等安妮睡着以后,玛丽拉对哥哥说:“明天这孩子必须回孤儿院去。”#39;Marilla, don#39;t you think…#39;began Matthew.;she#39;s a nice little thing, you know.;“玛丽拉,你不认为……”马修说道。“这小家伙挺可爱的。”#39;Matthew Cuthbert, are you telling me that you want to keep her?;asked Marilla crossly.“马修·卡斯伯特,你难道是想让她留下?”玛丽拉生气地说。Matthew looked uncomfortable.;Well, she#39;s clever, and interesting, and—#39;马修一副不知所措的样子。“可是,这小姑娘聪明、有趣,而且……”#39;But we don#39;t need a girl!;“但我们不需要女孩!”#39;But perhaps she needs us,;Matthew replied, surprisingly quickly for him.;She#39;s had a very unhappy life up to now, Marilla.“但也许她需要我们,”马修的回答来得出奇的快。“玛丽拉,这孩子到现在为止生活一直很不幸。She can help you in the house. I can get a boy from the village to help me on the farm. What do you think?;她可以帮助你干些家务活。我可以从镇上找一个男孩子帮我干农活。你觉得怎么样?”Marilla thought for a long time.;All right,;she said in the end,;I agree. The poor child can stay. I#39;ll look after her.;玛丽拉想了很久。“好吧,”她终于说,“我同意。这可怜的孩子可以留下。我会照顾她的。”Matthew smiled happily.;Be as good and kind to her as you can, Marilla. I think she needs a lot of love.;马修高兴地笑了。“尽可能对她好些,玛丽拉。我想这孩子太需要人疼爱了。” /201205/181474

9 The house on the lake9.湖面上的房子When the lights came on, Raoul ran.当灯亮起的时候,拉乌尔跑了。He ran down stairs and along passages,through the Opera House to the back of the stage.他跑下楼梯,沿着走廊,穿过歌剧院来到舞台的背后。In the passage outside Christine#39;s dressing room,a hand took his arm.在克丽斯廷的化妆室的门外的走廊上,一只手抓住了他的手臂。#39;What#39;s the matter,my young friend?Where are you run ning to,so quickly?#39;“怎么了,我的年轻的朋友?你跑得这么快要去哪儿?”Raoul turned and saw the long face of the Persian under his black hat.拉乌尔转过身来看到了那张黑色帽子下的波斯人的长脸。#39;Christine!#39;Raoul said quickly.#39;Erik#39;s got her.Where is she?“克丽斯廷!”拉乌尔急急地说,“埃里克把她掳走了。她在哪里?Help me! How do I get to his house on the lake?#39;帮帮我!我怎么去他湖上的房子?”#39;Come with me,#39;said the Persian.They went quickly into Christine#39;s dressing-room.T“跟我来。”波斯人说。他们飞快地进了克丽斯廷的化妆室。he Persian closed the door and went to the big mirror on one wall.波斯人把门关上,朝墙上的那面大镜子走去。#39;There#39;s only one door into this room,#39;Raoul began.“进这个房间只有一扇门啊。”拉乌尔忍不住说。#39;Wait,#39;the Persian said.He put his hands on the big mirror, first here, then there.“等一会儿,”波斯人说。他把手放在大镜子上,先从这儿,再从那儿。For a minute nothing happened.Then the mirror began to move and turn,and a big dark hole opened in it.Raoul stared.过了一会儿并没有什么动静。接着镜子开始转动起来,里面出现了一个大的黑洞。拉乌尔目瞪口呆。#39;Quick!Come with me,but be careful,#39;the Persian said.#39;I know Erik.I understand his secrets.“快!跟我来,不过小心点,”波斯人说,“我了解埃里克。我知道他的秘密。Put your right hand up near your head,like this,and keep it there all the time.#39; #39;But why?#39;Raoul asked.把你的右手举起来靠近你的头,像这样,并且要一直保持那样。”“这是为什么?”拉乌尔问。#39;Remember Joseph Buquet,and the rope around his neck?Erik is a clever man with ropes in the dark.#39;“还记得约瑟夫·比凯和绕在他脖子上的绳子吗?埃里克是个聪明人,善于在黑暗中使用绳子。”They went down, down, down,under the Opera House.他们往歌剧院的底下走,往下,一直往下。They went through secret doors in the floors, then along pas sages and down dark stairs.他们通过一层层密门,接着沿着走廊走下黑暗的楼梯。The Persian listened carefully all the time for strange noises.波斯人一直仔细倾听着有无异样的声音。#39;When do we get to the lake?#39; Raoul whispered.“我们什么时候才能到湖边?”拉乌尔轻声问。#39;We#39;re not going by the lake.Erik watches it all the time.“我们不从湖上走。埃里克一直在那儿看守着。No,we go round the lake and get into Erik#39;s house from the back.I know some secret doors.#39;不,我们绕过那湖从背后进入埃里克的房子。我知道一些秘密的门。”Soon they were there.In the dark,the Persian felt the wall carefully with his hands.不久他们到了那里。黑暗中,波斯人用手仔细地在墙上摸索。#39;Ah,here it is,#39;he whispered.“啊,在这里。”他低声道。The wall moved under his hands and a small door opened.墙在他手下动起来并且出现了一道小门。Very qui etly,they went through,and then the door closed behind them.他们脚步很轻地走进去,然后门在他们的身后关上了。They could not get out.他们不能出去了。Inside the room it was very dark.They waited and listened.房间里很黑。他们等待着、倾听着。The Persian put his hands on the wall.波斯人把手放到墙上。#39;Oh no!#39;he whispered.#39;It was the wrong door!“哦,不对!”他低声道,“我们走错了一道门!This is Erik#39;s torture room-the room of mirrors!这是埃里克的拷问室——那个都是镜子的房间!We are dead men,Vicomte de Chagny,dead men!#39;我们成了死人了,沙尼家族的子爵,死人!”At first Raoul did not understand.But he soon learnt.一开始拉乌尔还没有明白是怎么回事,但是不久他就意识到了。The lights came on, and they heard a man#39;s laugh.灯亮了,而且他们听到一个男人的笑声。Erik knew they were there.埃里克知道他们在那里。The room was all mirrors-walls,floor,ceiling.这个房间里全是镜子——墙,地板,天花板。There were pictures in the mirrors of trees and flowers and rivers.镜子里有树、鲜花、河流的图画。The pic tures moved and danced in front of their eyes. And the room was hot.这些图画在他们的眼前跳动着。而且房间里热烘烘的。It got hotter and hotter and hotter.Raoul was thirsty,hot and thirsty,and the rivers in the pictures danced and laughed at him.它变得越来越热。拉乌尔觉得渴,又热又渴,而图画上的河流跳动着仿佛在嘲笑他。He closed his eyes,but the rivers still danced.Water,he needed water,but the mirrors laughed at him.他闭上眼睛,但是河流依旧在晃动着。水,他需要水,但是镜子在嘲笑他。Soon he could not move or speak, or open his eyes.He was not thirsty now,just tired,so tired.不久他就不能动不能说话,也不能睁眼了。他现在不觉得渴了,只觉得累,累极了。#39;Oh Christine, I#39;m sorry,#39;he thought.#39;I wanted to help you,and now I#39;m dying…#39;“哦!克丽斯廷,对不起,”他想,“我想帮助你,而现在我快要死了……”Through a mirror in the wall Christine watched her lover in the torture room.透过墙里的镜子克丽斯廷看着在拷问室里的她的情人。Behind her Erik stood,with his hands on her arms.她的身后站着埃里克,他的双手放在她的手臂上。#39;He#39;s dying,Christine,dying.Watch him carefully.“他快要死了,克丽斯廷,快要死了。仔细地看着他。No,don#39;t close your eyes.Watch him!#39;不,不许闭上眼睛,看着他!”Christine could not speak.She wanted to scream,but no words came.克丽斯廷说不出话来。她想尖叫,但发不出声音。Then she found her voice again.接着她发现自己又能说话了。How can you do this,Erik! Why don#39;t you kill me?#39;“你怎么能这样做,埃里克!你为什么不杀了我?”#39;Because I love you,Christine.Marry me,be my wife,and love me.“因为我爱你,克丽斯廷。和我结婚吧,做我的妻子,并且爱我。Then Raoul and the Persian can live.#39;这样拉乌尔和波斯人就能活下来。”Slowly,Christine turned.She looked into Erok#39;s terrible,ug ly face,and spoke again,very quietly.慢慢地,克丽斯廷转过身来。她看着埃里克那可怕、丑陋的脸,又一次开口说话了,非常温和地说。#39;Yes,Erik.From this minute I am your wife.#39;She put her arms around Erik#39;s neck,and kissed him-kissed him slowly and lovingly on his ugly mouth.“好的,埃里克。从这一刻起我就是你的妻子了。”她张开双臂搂住埃里克的脖子,并且吻了他——缓慢地充满爱意地吻了他那丑陋的嘴。Then she took her arms away and said slowly,#39;Poor,unhappy Erik.#39;随后她放下手臂缓缓地说:“可怜的不幸的埃里克。”Erik stared at her.You kissed me! he whispered.埃里克凝视着她。“你吻了我!”他轻声道,#39; I didn#39;t ask you,but you kissed me-freely!Oh Christine,my angel!“我没有要求你,但是你吻了我——自愿地!哦!克丽斯廷,我的天使!That was my first kiss from a woman.Even my mother never kissed mee!这是我从女人那儿得到的第一个吻。即便我的母亲也从来没有吻过我!She gave me my first mask when I was two years old.当我2岁的时候,她给了我第一个面罩。She turned her face away from me every time I came near her.#39;每次我走近她,她都把脸从我那儿转开去。”Erik put his ugly face in his hands and cried.埃里克把他那丑陋的脸埋进双手哭了起来。Then he went down on the floor at Christine#39;s feet.随后他伏到克丽斯廷的脚下。#39;You are free,Christine,free!Go away and marry your Raoul,and be happy.“你自由了,克丽斯廷,自由了!去和你的拉乌尔结婚吧,祝你们快乐。But re member Erik,sometimes.Go now,quickly!Take Raoul and the Persian,and go!#39;不过有的时候不要忘记埃里克。现在就走吧,快!带上拉乌尔和波斯人,走吧!” Article/201204/177919

What’s that smell, Nadine wondered. She had bought a big piece of pork from the market four hours ago. As always, she smelled the pork after the butcher handed it to her. It had smelled fine. But now, it didn't. She cut into the other side of the pork and took another sniff. Annoyed, she wrapped up the pork, grabbed her receipt, and drove back to the market.She went up to the same butcher who had handed her the pork that morning. She asked him to smell the pork. He said that it smelled okay and gave it back to her. She told him to call the manager of the meat department. The manager came out a minute later. Nadine told him about the pork. She also told him that he needed to hire butchers who had better noses. He smelled the pork. “Phew,” he said. He apologized to Nadine.Then he spoke to the butcher, who said he couldn’t smell anything because he had a cold. “You have a cold and you’re handling meat and fish? Go home!” The manager turned back to Nadine, apologized again, and told her she could have a full refund. She gave him the pork and thanked him. She inspected a couple of fresh trout and had them wrapped up. She went to the cashier at the front of the market, got her refund for the pork, paid for the fish, and walked out. While she was getting into her car, the manager told another butcher to grind up the pork with a little lime juice and sell it at a 20-percent discount. Article/201108/148088

Gay Youth: The Straight Facts 少年"同志":成长荆棘路For most people, adolescence is a difficult time of life filled with pressure from peers, parents, and school. For gay, lesbian, and bisexual teens, however, the stress of this period multiplies, especially for those living in societies which refuse to accept them.Statistics on gay youth illustrate some of the pain and isolation they face. Because many are rejected or disowned1 by their families, gay and lesbian teens make up 42 percent of the homeless youth in America. They also attempt suicide at a rate two to three times higher than that of their heterosexual counterparts, and are at greater risk for drug and alcohol abuse.Beyond an often hostile home environment, gay youth also lack allies2 and avenues for support at school. One study indicates that 97 percent of non-heterosexual youth reported hearing homophobic3 taunts at school, while roughly 22 percent said they have been threatened with physical violence because of their sexual orientation.Attitudes may change, however, as schools are beginning to recognize such prejudice as a health and safety issue. Schools are searching for ways to ameliorate4 the situation, including setting up gay-straight alliance clubs and cracking down on harassment. At the same time, many nonprofit groups are reaching out to provide services to gay and lesbian teens. The support that such youth need the most, however, is that of their families and friends.1. disown v. 不承认与自己有关系2. ally n. 同盟者,持者3. homophobic a. 厌恶同性恋的4. ameliorate v. 改善对大多数人来说,青春期是人生一段难熬的时期,充满来自同辈、父母和学校的压力。然而,对于同性恋和双性恋的青少年来说,这个阶段的压力更是倍增,尤其是那些身处不肯接纳他们的社会中的青少年。统计数据表明了年轻同性恋者所面临的痛苦和孤独。由于许多同性恋者遭到家人的鄙弃甚至断绝关系,美国无家可归的年轻人中,男/女同性恋青少年就占了百分之四十二。他们企图自杀的比率也比同龄的异性恋者高出二至三倍,吸毒和酗酒的危险性也比较大。除了有敌意的家庭环境外,年轻同性恋者在学校也缺乏伙伴,也找不到寻求持的途径。一项研究指出,百分之九十七非异性恋的年轻人曾在学校听到有关厌恶同性恋的辱骂,同时,约有百分之二十二的人表示曾因为他们的性取向而受到暴力威胁。不过,以上那些对待同性恋青少年的态度是有可能改变的,因为一些学校已经开始认识到这样的偏见是关系到健康和安全的问题。学校正在寻找改善这种状况的途径,包括成立同性恋—异性恋联合社团,并对骚扰采取严厉措施。同时,许多公益团体出面为男/女同性恋青少年提供务。然而,同性恋青年最需要的是来自家庭和朋友的持。 Article/200803/30114

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