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A: There’s a question I’m not sure whether it is suitable to ask.有个问题,我不知道能不能问。B: You know that I have no secrets toward you.你知道我对你可没什么保密的。A: When you go dinner with John, who feets the bill?你和约翰出去吃饭时,是谁付账的?B: Why asking that? It’s often the sort of Dutch treat.问着干什么?一般都是各付各的。 /201508/390458。

Against that, the black-money crackdown will probably dent (or worse) aly-fragile property prices, especially in big cities—and so the value of the collateral the banks lend against.相反地,对黑钱的取缔将可能会降低岌岌可危的房价,特别是在大城市,以及削弱借贷抵押品的价值。Most economists expect the dislocation to dampen growth in the short-term.大多数经济学家预计这种混乱会在短期内抑制经济增长。Households will probably put off big-ticket purchases such as motorbikes or white goods.家家户户将可能会推迟购买高价品,例如托车或者大型家用电器。Jewellers, doctors and others in professions where cash still rules will also be hard hit.对于珠宝商、医生以及其他与现金息息相关行业的影响也许会尤为严重。Political parties hoarding cash for election-time handouts to voters will have to tidy up their finances.为了在竞选时期吸引投票者而囤积现金的政党将不得不理清他们的财政。Even e-commerce sites like Amazon will be affected: over two-thirds of their sales are settled by the buyers in cash on delivery.即使是像亚马逊的电商网站也将会受到影响:他们超过三分之二的商品销售都是买家用货到付款。A new, shady line of work is aly emerging: opportunists are said to be snapping up 1,000-rupee notes at a deep discount from those with too much stashed cash to declare.一种全新的、名声不好的行业已经浮出水面:据说机会主义者从那些藏匿巨额现金待出手的人手中用巨大的折扣抢购1000卢比。They will profit handsomely if they can find smaller savers willing to swap the old notes for new ones on their behalf, for a fee.如果人们能够找到为了自己利益愿意用旧纸币交换新纸币的较小型储户,他们将获取丰厚的奖金。The government has indicated it is gunning for those with suitcases full of rupees rather than merely a few stapled or elastic-banded wads.政府已经表示他们针对的是那些拥有成箱卢比的人,而不是仅仅只有几捆用松紧带绑起来的钞票。Some aspects of the plan are difficult to fathom.这个计划的一些方面是难以揣测的。Prominent economists, such as Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard University, are keen to scrap big-denomination notes altogether.一些著名经济学家,如哈佛大学的Kenneth Rogoff,都倾向于去完全废除大额钞票。But India will merely replace them.但是,印度将仅仅只是去进行更替。Worse, it will add a 2,000-rupee series—introducing a note that will have few conceivable uses other than mattress-stuffing, smuggling or gambling (getting change for even a 500-rupee note is aly close to impossible) .更糟糕的是,他们将增加面额2000卢比的钞票,除了塞在床垫下面,进行走私和使用之外,很难想象这些钞票会用在什么地方(因为即使是将500卢比的钞票兑换零钱已经几乎不可能)The timing is also odd.这个时机也是很奇怪的。India has recently introduced a system that makes it easy for anybody to make or receive payments from their mobile phone, whether they be businesses or individuals.印度最近已经推行了一种能够让人们通过自己手机进行付款和收款更为便捷的系统,可以用于商业用途或者是个人目的。But the Unified Payments Interface, as it is known, is still in the early stages of implementation, so cannot really help overcome the current cash-crunch.但是,众所周知的统一付界面(UPI)仍然在推行的初期阶段,所以不可能真的帮助克目前的现金危机。Mr Modi also took the cash out of circulation just as polls opened in America, eventually roiling markets.同时莫迪先生让现金退出流通,恰逢在美国开展的民意调查,最终席卷了市场。Cancelling banknotes is usually the work of desperate or misguided regimes. This looks different.废除纸钞一般是穷途末路或者错误领导政权的产物,这次看上去略显不同。Indeed, the assault on black money is justified and overdue.的确,这次对黑钱的打击是合情合理却稍稍显得有些晚了。But governments change the rules on the world’s simplest financial instrument—the humble banknote—at their peril.但是,政府却冒着风险而改变了世界最简单金融工具的规则,即普通的纸钞。Gold is aly favoured by those who want to keep their savings beyond the reach of government and taxman.那些想要让他们的积蓄摆脱政府和收税员控制的人大力推崇黄金。Gold bugs may feel vindicated; others will have taken note.黄金投资者可能会认为自己是正确的,而其他人会赶紧兑换完钞票。 /201612/483890。

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:虚度Dont dream away your time。 不要虚度光阴。人的一生说长不长,说短也不短,但是如果你整天无所事事,虚度光阴的话,等到某天你发现时间很可贵的时候,可能你会后悔,抓好每一分钟,好好利用好每一分钟。Dream away(在遐想中或醉生梦死地)虚度(光阴),梦幻般地(或迷迷糊糊地)度过,(因空想而)虚度(时间等)。【更多例句】Shes dreaming away her days.或者 Shes dreaming her days away. 她闲混日子。to dream away ones life虚度一生Dont dream away your life!不要在想入非非中虚度你的人生。Life is short. Dont dream away your life!生命短暂,切勿虚度人生啊!Dont dream away your time, You can get what you want.不要虚度光阴,你就可以得到你所想要。Its easy to dream away the best years of your life.人生的美好年华很容易虚度。[本节目属] /201304/233391。

snuff out 扑灭,消除Governments vowed to snuff out crime on campus. 政府部门誓要消除校园犯罪行为A mayor has taken actions to snuff out illegal gun dealing一个州长已采取行动,试图消除非法交易。Snuffing out crime is our best hope for safe streets and schools. 消除犯罪行为,拥有一个安全的街道和校园环境,是我们最大的期望。 play down 降低,缩小,轻描淡写Although our economy keeps growing at a decent rate ,we cannot play down the difficulties our country is facing.尽管我国经济以一个不错的速度持续增长,我们仍不能小看我们目前所面临的困难。Everybody is crazy for his heroic behavior but he just plays it down.人人都为他的英勇行为而疯狂,他却总是轻描淡写,一笔带过背景音乐:spicy girls 唱的viva forever 谢谢halls 真的很好听~~ /201006/106019。

特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话精选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为可可原创。迷你对话:A: Kids are always difficult to control.孩子真难管。B: True. When I tell my kids to behaves themselves, they will make a face and slip away.是呀。当我告诉我的孩子要表现得体些,他们总是做鬼脸,然后就溜掉了。A: Kids are kids.孩子终归是孩子呀。地道表达:make a face解词释义:make a face的字面意思就是“做脸”,指做出各种各样的表情,尤其是指可笑的表情,意即:做鬼脸。变异短语:make facespull faces持范例:The schoolboy made a face at his teachers back. 那个男生对着教师的背后做个鬼脸。He quirked up his nose to make a face. 他鼻子一扬作了个鬼脸。Mr. Clark winked at the rude child making grimaces. Clark先生假装没有看见那个野孩子做鬼脸。For answer Norah made a face at him. Norah 做鬼脸作为回答他的问题。 词海拾贝:1. slip away:溜掉,溜走,逃走Eg. She contrived to slip away unobserved in the dusk of the afternoon. 她计划乘黄昏时候人不知鬼不觉地溜走。 Eg. If you want to slip away, nows a good time. 如果你想溜走的话,现在正是好时机。 Eg. I saw the boy slip away through the door. 我看见那个男孩溜出门去。Eg. Dont let those precious minutes slip away. 不要让那些珍贵的每分每秒从你的身边溜走。 2. behave oneself:举止文雅,表现出色Eg. If parents dont teach their child how to behave himself, he will do anything at will. 假如父母亲对孩子的举止教导无方,孩子则会肆意行事。 Eg. He behave himself so as not to give offence to others.他举止小心以便不冒犯其它人。 Eg. The mother bade the child behave himself. 妈妈叮咛孩子要守规矩。 Eg. He seems to have a wife with him, so I imagine he has to behave himself. 他现在似乎有老婆随行,所以我想他得收歛他的行为了。 /201212/213866。

Unbelievable.She,I mean,it was such a honor,难以置信 对我来说 是个荣幸She meant the world to me,shes the one that inspired me.对我来说 她就是整个世界 她一直激励着我I mean,she just had the soul,that just spoke to your core,她拥有灵魂 能够直达人心深处Just her raw emotion,she was my favorite singer about all the time,用她最原始的感情 她一直是我最喜爱的歌手So it was quite an honor to be asked by her close friends and family to be there.我感到非常荣幸 被她最亲密的伙伴和家人邀请出席And she had been as well received,because they were nothing but so welcoming and,她也同样被很好的招待 因为他们太热情了Were you nervous? I would think that would be an intense moment,to sing at her funeral.OMG.你紧张吗 那是很严肃的时刻 在葬礼献歌 天呐Shes that important to you.Are you kidding,Shaking,of course.她对你来说如此重要 别说笑了 当然紧张 我全身都在抖Yeah,you just wanna do it justice,you know,because its her classic song At Last.你只想尽最大的努力 “At last”是她的名曲No one sings it like Miss Etta James,and nobody ever will,没人能取代Etta James 没人能比她演绎的更好And you know,I just wanna to get up there,and give justice you know sending her off.我只想站在那里 尽自己最大的努力 来送别她The best way I could.You did,you did.You did it.这是最好的方式 你做到了 你成功了We have to take a break,We come back,Im gonna talk about the clearing house of X-Factor,休息一下 广告之后 我们来聊下X-Factor清理门户事件which a lot of people gonna not coming back,and your opinions on that,很多人不再参与该档节目 你们对此的看法X-Factor,whats X-Factor.Thats a show,and,and also I want to get you a reaction,X-Factor 什么是X-Factor 是一个选秀节目 我想听下你的回应To something Randy Jackson said about your show,and I give you,关于Randy Jackson对你们节目的言论 我给你I know you have an opinion about it,So well talk about that when we come back.我知道你对此很有意见 所以广告之后 我们聊一聊这件事 /201703/500114。

五一劳动节各种说法:  资本主义国家不庆祝;五一劳动节;的,因此 要么说 五.一:;May day; 。 如果你一定要说,就说;国际工人节; international workerrsquo;s day 不然老外不懂。如果用;labor day;就不恰当了,在美国labor day是九月份,如果你对美国人说labor day,他们会搞错的。 我们还是来看一个跟;劳动者;有关的话题:劳动者劳动的目的除了为社会做贡献,实现自身的价值(这纯粹是好听话)之外,最最要的是获得劳动报酬和相关福(这虽然市侩但是实际)。下面,我们一起来看一些与工作福利待遇相关的英文表达法。eight-hour shift 八小时工作制shift 轮班day shift 日班work overtime 加班graveyard shift (自午夜或凌晨2时的开始工作)夜班punch the clock 打卡attendance book 签到本holiday rotation 节假日轮流值班severance pay 解雇费salary deduction 罚薪,casual leave 事假sick leave/days 病假paid vacation 带薪休假,如事假、病假、休假等health insurance 健康保险,公司帮助员工及家人的保险金workers compensation 工伤赔偿金retirement pension 退休养老金那么,您知道这;五险一金;用英文怎么说的吗?下面,我们一起来看看endowment insurance 养老保险medical insurance 医疗保险 unemployment insurance 失业保险employment injury insurance 工伤保险 maternity insurance 生育保险 housing fund 住房公积金 /201204/180190。

Subject : What about this avvy?第一,迷你对话A: Could you go along with me to get my clothes back.跟我一起去洗衣店取一下衣怎么样?B: What about this avvy?今天下午怎么样?第二,地道表达avvy1.解词释义Avvy在口语中是“下午”的意思,相当于afternoon.2.拓展例句e.g. What are you up to this avvy?今天下午您再忙什么? /201504/368324。

关键词:fight the clock争分夺秒,与时间赛跑短语释义:今天的图片里中央位置a man is fighting有一个人在战斗。他在和时间战斗。Fight: 打架;对抗,战斗,奋斗。Fight the clock字面意思为“与钟表斗争”,实际上就是指“争分夺秒”或“抢时间”“与时间赛跑”。来造个句子-高三学生争分夺秒准备高考。先说一下核心词:高三学生可以说成senior three students。高考,即大学入学考试college entrance exams。现在我们来造句:Senior three students are fighting the clock preparing for the college entrance exams. 高三学生争分夺秒准备高考。Fight the clock等同于work against the clock。情景领悟:1. We are working against the clock to finish the report by Friday.我们正在抢时间要在星期五之前完成这一报告。2. If you don’t fight the clock to enrich yourself, you will surely be lagged behind soon.如果你不抓紧时间充实自己的话,你会很快被甩在后面的。Rich表示“富有的”, enrich 动词表示“使充实;使富足”。被甩在后面: be lagged behind.本节目属 /201304/236460。