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遵义汇川九龙医院没有坑人不遵义九龙医院治疗前列腺炎没黑麽(一):Have you got on well with her?你和她相处得还好吧?Have you got on well with her?你和她相处得还好吧?Not bad.还不错吧。How are you fitting in with your new colleagues?你和同事们相处得还好吗?Is your new assistant working out OK?你的助手和你合得来吗?(二):Ive got a lot of dope from the secretary.我从秘书那里获得许多内部消息。You little bird.你可真是消息灵通啊。Ive got a lot of dope from the secretary.我从秘书那里获得许多内部消息。Can you give us any insider information?可以给我们来点内部消息吗?She said she would give me the live dope.她说她可以向我提供最新的内部消息。You always have ways to get tips.你总有办法并到内部消息。 /201412/350492遵义九龙医院不存在的黑心骗子坑人扒 James Comey, the ousted FBI chief, accused the White House of telling lies about him and the agency in gripping testimony to Congress that is likely to undermine President Donald Trump and fuel the investigation into alleged collusion between his team and Russia.被免职的联邦调查局(FBI)局长詹姆斯?科米(James Comey)在国会作时指控白宫说了关于他和FBI的谎言,这可能会削弱唐纳德?特朗Donald Trump)总统的权威,并助燃针对他的团队“通俄”的调查。Mr Comey’s allegation came at a high-stakes Senate intelligence committee hearing where he repeatedly characterised Mr Trump as untrustworthy, at one point asserting “Lordy, I hope there are tapesof his conversations with the president to demonstrate the veracity of his testimony.科米在参议院情报委员会一场事关重大的听会上发出上述指控,他多次强调特朗普不可信赖,一度断言“天哪,我希望有磁带”录下他与总统的谈话,以明他的词的真实性。His testimony could prove pivotal to the multiple inquiries into whether members of Mr Trump’s inner circle had improper contacts with Russia during last year’s presidential campaign.他的词可能被明对多起调查起到关键作用,这些调查的焦点是特朗普小圈子的成员在去年总统竞选期间是否与俄罗斯有不恰当接触。For the first time, Mr Comey confirmed that Michael Flynn, a former campaign aide who became Mr Trump’s first national security adviser, was under criminal investigation when the president privately suggested to him that the FBI drop its case against the retired general.科米首次实,当总统私下建议他让FBI放弃对曾担任竞选助理,后成为特朗普首位国家安全顾问的迈克尔?弗林(Michael Flynn)的案子时,这位退役将军正受到刑事调查。Mr Comey said he was “stunnedwhen Mr Trump made the request during a private Oval Office meeting. “I took it as a direction that this is what he wants me to do,Mr Comey said.科米表示,当特朗普在椭圆形办公室私下会面期间提出这一要求时,他感到“震惊”。科米说:“我认为这是他想让我照办的一个指示。”Mr Comey’s understanding of the conversation could prove critical to the Justice Department’s investigation into the Russia case, which is now being headed by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.科米对这番交谈的理解可能对美国司法部对俄罗斯案的调查至关重要,该调查现由特别检察官罗伯米勒(Robert Mueller)领导。Mr Comey said that at the time of the meeting, Mr Flynn was “in legal jeopardy He also suggested that Mr Mueller was likely ?to examine whether Mr Trump’s remarks were an attempt to obstruct justice.科米表示,在上述私下会面时,弗林“处于法律上的危险处境”。他还提出,米勒很可能会调查特朗普的言论是否构成企图妨碍司法。“I don’t think it’s for me to say whether the conversation I had with the president was an effort to obstruct,he said. “I took it as a very disturbing thing?.?.?.?but that’s a conclusion I’m sure the special counsel will work towards, to try and understand what the intention was?.?.?.?and whether that’s an offence.”他说:“关于我与总统的那番谈话是否构成妨碍,我不认为我有资格下结论。我觉得这是一件非常令人不安的事情……但我相信特别检察官会研究这个结论,以试图了解意图是什么……以及这是否构成犯罪。”Although Mr Comey had detailed the contents of the meetings and phone calls he had with Mr Trump in testimony published Wednesday, he used his opening statement to vent anger at the White House, saying he had become “increasingly concernedwith the changing explanations the Trump administration gave to justify his firing last month.虽然科米先前已在周三发表的词中详述了他与特朗普的会面及电话交谈内容,但他仍利用开场白对白宫发泄愤怒,称他“越来越担忧”特朗普政府为明上月有理由炒掉他而不断改口的解释。While his account of the private meetings was detailed and dispassionate, he showed unexpected emotion when he addressed Mr Trump’s claim, made after his sacking, that he had mismanaged the FBI and was unpopular within its ranks.虽然他对私下会面的回忆详细而不带情绪,但当他说到特朗普在炒掉他之后宣称他对FBI管理不善,而且不受该局工作人员拥护时,他意外动情。“The administration then chose to defame me and, more importantly, the FBI by saying that the organisation was in disarray?.?.?.?that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader,Mr Comey said. “Those were lies, plain and simple.”“行政当局后来选择诋毁我、更重要的是诋毁FBI,称该局处于混乱状态……工作人员对局领导失去信心,”科米说,“这些都是彻头彻尾的谎言。”Mr Comey confirmed he had told Mr Trump on several occasions that the president was not a target of the FBI investigation. In addition, Mr Comey said he had intentionally leaked his post-meeting notes of his conversations with Mr Trump to a friend with instructions to share them with US media outlets.科米实,他曾多次告诉特朗普,总统本人并非FBI的调查对象。此外,科米表示,他有意将自己与特朗普交谈后所作的笔记泄露给一位朋友,指示后者将这些信息分享给美国媒体。Mr Comey said he documented his private conversations with Mr Trump which he had not done with predecessors Barack Obama or George W Bush because he was concerned the president might mischaracterise their content. “I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting,he said.科米表示,他对自己与特朗普的私人谈话作了笔记——他从未对特朗普的前任巴拉克?奥巴Barack Obama)或乔治·W·布什(George W Bush)这样做——因为他担心特朗普可能对他们的谈话内容进行错误陈述。他说:“我真的很担心他可能在交谈的性质上撒谎。”来 /201706/513156遵义前列腺炎会自愈吗

遵义包皮过长手术哪里好The company is looking for ways to reduce transportation costs. 公司正在寻求降低运输成本的方法。The company is looking for ways to reduce transportation costs.公司正在寻求降低运输成本的方法。Its never too late to mend.亡羊补牢,为时未晚。 A business model like this could massively reduce transaction costs.这种商业模式会极大地降低交易成本。The competition forces us to keep costs down and methods up to date.竞争迫使我们不得不它们降低成本并且采用最新的方法。We have to cut the ordinary expenses down to the lowest level.我们不得不把曰常开削减到最低水平。We have to cut the ordinary expenses down to the lowest level.我们不得不把日常开削减到最低水平。Its at the lowest level.现在已经是最低水平了。We need to cut costs somewhere in this office.我们办公室必须削减开了。We have been forced to cut comers on stationary expenses during these severe times.在经济困难时期,我们被迫削减办公用品的开。 /201509/397170遵义哪里看不育不孕好 遵义九龙医院治疗前列腺炎没有的啊骗子啰

遵义九龙医院在线咨询 Making a sales appointmentA: Good morning, Mr. Emory. I was hoping to set up an appointment with you for sometime this week.B: Hmm. I’m pretty booked up this week. Let’s move it up to next week.A: Fine, Mr. Emory. Would next Monday at 4:00 o’clock be all right for you?B: Let me take a look. All right, that’s no problem. See you then.与推销商会面A:早上好,埃莫里先生。我希望和您定一下这星期什么时间见面。B:嗯,这星期我的安排很满了。挪到下星期吧。A:好,埃莫里先生。您看下星期一4:00怎么样?B:我看看。行,没问题。到时候见。 /200704/12401遵义市汇川区九龙医院好不好没有的啊坑人啦遵义市汇川区九龙医院割包皮不存在的黑人唻



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