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渭南专治早泄的公立医院韩城市中医院不孕不育多少钱A British chef who ate the world#39;s hottest noodles - 4,000 times stronger than Tabasco sauce - went deaf for two minutes.一个英国厨师吃了世界上最辣的面条——比塔巴斯科辣沙司还要辣4000倍——出现了两分钟的失聪。Ben Sumadiwiria, 22, from London, found the dish at a tiny back street restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia.The ‘death noodles’ have 100 bird’s eye chilies crushed together giving it a Scoville rating of 20 million - compared with hot Tabasco which is just 5,000 on the scale.来自伦敦22岁的Ben Sumadiwiria在印尼雅加达的一个小街上发现了这种食物。这种“死亡面条”将整整100个鸟眼辣椒捣碎在一起,相比于热塔巴斯科只有5000的量相比“死亡面条”的史高维尔指数高达20000。After Ben scoffed the noodles he started sweating, became dizzy, had to soak his head in water and even went deaf for two minutes.本来对这个面条嗤之以鼻的Ben刚吃几口就开始出汗并且头晕,不得不将头浸在水里,甚至在长达两分钟时间里听不到任何声音。The chef said: “This was definitely the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten. And some locals can even finish a whole plate, which is just crazy.这个厨师说“这绝对是至今为止吃过的最辣的东西”,一些当地人甚至可以吃下一整盘,这简直太不可思议了。“I’m not really partial to spicy food but when somebody throws down a challenge I just can’t say no”.“我并不喜欢是特别喜欢吃辣的食物,但是有人向我发出挑战,我不能拒绝。”;I went temporarily deaf and my mouth was burning for hours afterwards.”“我出现了短暂的失聪,我的嘴唇在随后的几个小时里都感觉在燃烧。”Ben, a full-time chef who has Indonesian parents and was visiting family in the area, paid 34 Indonesian Rupees (2p) for the plate of noodles and a fried egg.Ben是一名全职厨师,他的父母是印尼人,这次他是来探亲的。他花34卢比买了这盘面条和一个煎蛋。Ben became so hot after eating the noodles he had to take off his shirt and hold his head under water to cool off.吃过面条后Ben感到非常热,他不得不脱掉衬衫并且把头放在水下冷却。The 22-year-old downed half-a-dozen glasses of water, milkshake and ate a cold banana but was still dizzy from the intense heat in his mouth.这个22岁的年轻人喝了6杯水,吃了奶昔和冰香蕉,但是仍然感觉嘴中强烈的辣味。 /201609/464184商洛男科专家 According to conventional wisdom the line between genius and madness is a very thin one. Now a study suggests the line may be even more blurred than previously thought. 传统观点认为天才和疯子只有一线之隔。如今有研究显示他们之间的界限比以前更模糊了。The study, conducted by psychologists at De La Salle University in Manila, found creative people are indeed flawed. 由马尼拉德拉萨大学的心理学家们开展的研究表明,创造型天才其实是有缺陷的。According to the research led by Adrianne John Galang they are more likely to display antisocial traits such as dishonesty and risk taking. 根据阿德里安娜#8226;约翰#8226;加朗带头开展的调查,他们更容易展现出像欺诈和冒险这样的反社会特性。Huffington Post reported that 503 participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire which could pick up individuals with psychopathic and narcissistic tendencies. A second study looked for indications of disinhibition, boldness and meanness among 250 college students. 《赫芬顿邮报》报道称,有503位参与者填写了一份能找出精神病和自恋者的问卷。第二次研究则是在250位大学生中寻找抑制解除,冒失和吝啬的适应症。The third study, involving 93 participants, tracked levels of excitement during gambling exercises from the amount of electricity conducted by their skin. 第三次研究,则是在游戏中,通过对93名参与者的皮肤进行电流测试,来追踪他们的兴奋程度。According to the results, which were published in Personality and Individual Differences journal, psycopathic boldness is integral to some creative personalities. 发表在《个性与个体差异》杂志上的结果显示,精神病者冒失的特性是创造性人格产生的必要条件。Creative people were found to show more psychopathic traits, such as boldness, the researchers concluded. 研究者总结道:创造型的人会表现出更多的像冒失这样的精神病者的特性。“Generally then, a creative field might not just shape a person into a more arrogant or dishonest personality, it might be actively selecting them, not for the sake of having disagreeable traits, but because such traits meaningfully co-vary with creativity itself.” “总体来说,创造性不会只把人塑造成自大或虚伪的人格,它会活跃的进行选择,不是为了有一个不讨喜的性格,而是因为这样的性格会随着创造力一起变化。” /201605/444148Those who zombie-walk into Starbucks for a caffeine fix are accustomed to a standard look for the baristas: simple black-and-white clothes under a green apron.星巴克务员向来是一身简单的黑白配再加上一条绿围裙。那些迈着僵尸步上门来找一剂咖啡因解脱的客人,对他们这身标准打扮也习以为常了。But a new dress code unveiled by the coffee chain on Monday encourages a new sense of individualism, inviting workers to wear fedoras and beanies, to dye their hair and to incorporate accent ties and socks. The range of acceptable colors for shirts expanded to include gray, navy, dark denim and brown.不过这家连锁咖啡店在周一公布的新装规范,鼓励员工展现个人风格,欢迎他们在上班时戴软呢帽或无边软帽、染头发、搭配抢眼的领带和袜子。公司能接受的衬衫颜色也扩大到灰色、海军蓝、深色牛仔布蓝与棕色。“We’re inviting you to bring your personal taste and handcrafted style to work,” Starbucks told workers in its new policy. “As ambassadors of the Starbucks brand, you should feel proud of your own look as you tie on the green apron.”“我们欢迎你在工作时展现个人品味与手作风格,”星巴克在新的指导方针里告诉员工。“身为星巴克的品牌大使,你在系上绿围裙的时候,也该为自己的外表感到自豪。”Don’t pin it all on millennials — but, yeah, millennials do prefer more relaxed dress codes, and experts say companies in all industries are increasingly loosening their sartorial standards in hopes of keeping workers happy.别把这事都归结为千禧世代的作风──虽然千禧世代确实偏好更宽松的着装规定。专家也表示,各行各业的公司都在放宽装标准,希望员工能保持心情愉快。Younger employees would prefer to go to work with the same set of clothes they wear to hang out with friends, instead of having to buy a potentially expensive wardrobe just for business hours, said Daryl Pigat, a division director at OfficeTeam, a staffing service.人力务公司“办公间团队”(OfficeTeam)的部门总监达利尔#8231;皮加特(Daryl Pigat)说,年轻员工想穿着与朋友出去玩时的衣去上班,而不是被迫去采购可能很昂贵、又只能在办公时间派上用场的装。Also, consider the business role models for millennials. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, often wears a hoodie, not a pinstripe suit.此外,别忘了千禧世代的职场模范人物都是谁。譬如说马克#8231;扎克柏格(Mark Zuckerberg),他就常穿连帽休闲,而不是细条纹西套装。In an OfficeTeam survey of 300 senior managers at American companies with more than 20 employees — it was released in June — half of the managers said employees dressed less formally than they did five years ago. Among workers, 18 percent said they would prefer a formal dress code, 31 said they would prefer business casual, 27 percent said they would like a casual dress code or no dress code, and 23 percent said it didn’t matter.办公间团队对有20名以上员工的美国公司的300位高层管理者做了调查(结果于6月发布),其中有一半的受访者表示,他们员工的穿着和五年前相比已经没那么正式了。员工中则有18%的人表示希望有正式的着装规范,31%喜欢商务休闲装,27%喜欢穿便或希望不要有什么装规定,另外23%的人觉得无所谓。Job seekers aren’t using dress codes as their driving force for picking an employer, but they are considering it while debating how they would fit in, Mr. Pigat said.皮加特说,装规定不是求职者拿来选择雇主的决定性驱力,不过当他们思考自己与公司文化是否契合时,就会把这件事考虑进去。“Everything is becoming a little less formal and a little more personal,” he said. “Everyone has their own stamp on things, and they’re representing their own personal brand now in more ways than one — in social media and, certainly, in the way they present themselves with what they put on in the morning.”“一切都在变得比较不那么中规中矩、比较个性化一些,”皮加特说。“大家会在各种事物上面打上个人印记,用许多方法来呈现个人品牌,比如透过社交媒体。每天一早穿上什么样的衣,当然也是用来表现自我的方式。”For employers, letting employees dress down at least some of the time has become an increasingly standard benefit. In a January survey of 3,490 human resources professionals by the Society for Human Resource Management, 59 percent said their companies allowed casual dress at least once a week, up from 55 percent in 2012. Forty percent of the companies allowed casual dress every day, up from 36 in 2012.对雇主来说,让员工至少能偶尔穿得随兴点,已逐渐成为标准福利了。人力资源管理协会(Society for Human Resource Management)在今年1月对3490名人力资源管理从业者进行调查,受访者中有59%表示,他们的公司每周至少会让员工穿一天便,这个比例在2012年只有55%。40%的公司允许员工每天穿便上班,而在2012年只有36%的公司这么做。In recruiting, companies may have to dress down to keep up, especially for a company like Starbucks that often hires younger employees.在招聘中,公司可能得放宽穿着规定,才能跟得上需要,特别是像星巴克这类经常雇用年轻人的公司。“That’s going to increase your ability to hire faster, and possibly retain employees,” said Edward Yost, an employee benefits expert at the Society for Human Resource Management. “Then you’re likely to see more consistent performance out of each one of those locations.”“这么做会让你更快请到人,也可能更容易留住员工,”人力资源管理协会的员工福利专家爱德华#8231;尤斯特(Edward Yost)说。“这样,各处的员工表现都可能会更稳定。”In 2014, Starbucks relaxed its conservative dress code to include untucked shirts, nose studs, shorts and skirts. The further loosening announced Monday had been tried at some locations, including one in Midtown Manhattan.星巴克在2014年放宽了保守的着装规范,衬衫可以不必掖进裤腰,鼻钉、短裤、裙子也都被允许。周一宣布的更为宽松的规定已经在某些营业点试行过了,其中包括位于曼哈顿中城的一间分店。“This new dress code is what partners have in their closets,” Mario Leon, the manager of the Manhattan location, said in a statement. “It just makes it so much easier. It just makes so much sense.”“新装规定让员工穿他们本来就有的衣,”曼哈顿那间分店的经理马力欧#8231;莱昂(Mario Leon)在一份声明中表示。“让工作着装变得容易多了,也合理多了。”The announcement was met with approval from some current and past baristas on Twitter.星巴克这项新公告也在Twitter上获得了许多现任与前任员工的称许。WHAT IT MEANS新标准意味着什么Starbucks’ new dress code encourages employees to incorporate their personal taste. But some things are off the table.星巴克的新着装标准鼓励员工在工作饰中结合自己的个人品味。但是,有些东西是绝对不行的。Are Tattoos O.K.? Yes. Visible tattoos on the face and neck aren’t allowed, but others are fine as long as they don’t contain “obscene, profane, racist, sexual or objectionable words or imagery.;能不能有纹身?可以。面部和颈部的可见纹身是不允许的,其他地方的没关系,只要它们不含有“淫秽、亵渎、种族主义、有关性的或令人反感的文字和图样”。What About Tongue Studs? No. A small nose stud is O.K. Keep earrings small or moderately sized. Necklaces must be “simple in design” and worn under clothing. Forget the diamond ring. For food-safety reasons, one ring, a plain band, is allowed. Oh, and no watches.那舌钉呢?不行。小的鼻钉是允许的。耳坠应当尽量小一点,以适度为准。项链必须“设计简单”并且佩戴于衣里面。钻戒就别想了。出于食品安全原因,员工只能佩戴一枚没有装饰的戒指。对了,禁止带手表。Can They #39;Pin It#39; for a Cause? Again, no. Baristas are not permitted to wear pins for political, religious or personal causes.他们能因为某种原因佩戴徽章吗?也是不能的。咖啡师不允许因为政治、宗教或个人原因佩戴徽章。What About Hygiene? The company asks employees to make sure fingernails are clean and of moderate length, and to bathe and use deodorant, of course.卫生要求呢?公司要求员工保指甲干净、长度适中,当然,还必须定期洗澡和使用除味剂。 /201608/458759渭南性病男科医院

渭南性功能障碍咨询4 Health Mistakes to Avoid Making When Traveling旅行时应避免犯下的四大健康错误Everyone is talking about amazing travel experiences. However, there is always the other side of the coin. With a host of good experiences, there are even more bad ones, such as disease, robbery or mysterious bug bites, you name it. If you want to add more wonderful travel experiences to your life, make sure you avoid these health mistakes during your next trip.人人都在谈论绝妙的旅行经历。然而,事情总有另一面。旅行有很多美好的经历,但是糟糕的经历甚至更多,比如:疾病、抢劫或被神秘的蚊虫叮咬,应有尽有。如果想要让你的生活多一些精的旅行经历,一定要确保在下一次旅行期间避免以下的健康错误。Refusing injection拒绝打针If you are asked to have an injection in order to avoid a certain disease before traveling to your destination, make sure you get it. In many cases, mosquito bites lead to malaria and there are many other health risks that you may face during your trip. Refusing injections is the worst thing you can do to your health. However, consult your doctor before having any type of injection.在去旅游目的地之前,如果有人让你打一针以避免某种疾病,一定要确保你打了。很多情况下,蚊子叮咬会导致疟疾,而且在旅途中,你还可能遇到很多其它的健康风险。拒绝打针是你对身体所能做的最糟糕的事情。但是,在打任何针之前,请先咨询一下医生。Eating out in the street吃街头小吃Budget travelers are all guilty of eating street food. Yes, it is cheaper and tastier than restaurant meals. However, when visiting a country where clean food and dishes are not priority, your stomach may not survive this experiment. Just because locals eat street food and feel and look healthy, does not mean you will feel and look the same. Do a better research to find the place where you can eat clean and healthy food for cheap.穷游族都为吃街头小吃而感到愧疚。是的,这些小吃比餐馆里的饭菜更便宜、也更美味。但当你旅游的这个国家不是十分重视干净的食物和餐盘时,你的肚子在这场实验(旅行)中是不能幸免于难的。地方风味街头小吃看起来健康,但这并不意味着吃到肚子里的感受是一样的。攻略做好点,找个可以吃到既便宜又干净健康食物的地方。Drinking tap water饮用自来水Staying hydrated is essential, so is the water choice. Even if locals tell you that their tap water is safe to drink, it is best to opt for bottled water. While it is not the healthiest option, it is at least clean. It is always better to be safe than sorry.保持水分十分重要,选择喝什么水也一样重要。即使当地人告诉你可以放心饮用他们那边的自来水,但最好还是选择瓶装水。虽然这并不是最为健康的选择,但至少是干净的。事前小心总好过事后后悔。Skipping health insurance details跳过健康保险细节Most tourists get health insurance, but they fail to find out all the details of it. Then, in case of accident, a serious injury or disease, it turns out that their health insurance does not cover the expenses that have nothing to do with the insurance company. Know the details before purchasing your insurance.多数游客都有健康保险,但他们弄不清所有的细节。那样,在发生意外事故、受伤严重或感染疾病的情况下,事实会表明他们的健康保险并不涵盖那些与保险公司无关的费用。所以在购买保险前,要了解各种细节。译文属 /201607/452856渭南治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好 渭南医院割包皮多少钱

渭南治疗阳痿大概多少钱“Achmed,” I said, “I can’t pay that much for a robe I’m only going to wear once.”“艾哈迈德,”我说,“我不能为一件只穿一次的长袍而付这么多钱。”“No, no, this is a fine robe, you have excellent taste. It will be very comfortable. And useful. You can wear it around your house, in your garden, anywhere. Cool in summer, warm in winter. How much can you pay?”“不,不,这是一件很好的长袍,你的品味很不错。它穿着也很舒。还很有用。你可以在房子周围穿,在花园穿,任何地方都可以。冬暖夏凉。你能付多少呢?”“I only have about 350 dirham to spare.”“我只能付大约350迪拉姆。”Achmed returned to say he was able to purchase the robe for 340 dirham, with 10 left over for a rope belt. “And to get that price, I tell you it was like pulling teeth.” He made vigorous yanking motions with his hand. 艾哈迈德返回去说他可以用340迪拉姆买下这件长袍,剩下的10块可以买一条腰带。“要砍到那个价格,我告诉你就像是拔牙一样。”他用手做了一个猛拉的动作。After leading me back to my hotel, Achmed promised to return in an hour to drive me to the wedding. I figured now that they had collected their commissions, it would be the last I’d see of the so-called brothers.在带我返回酒店之后,艾哈迈德承诺一个小时之后回来带我去参加婚礼。我想现在他们已经拿到了佣金,我应该不会再见到这对所谓的兄弟了。Robe in a plastic bag at my side, I sat outside at a nearby cafe. The smell of grilled lamb wafted through the air, the smoke rising to meet the call to prayer from the tower of a nearby mosque. Well-dressed Moroccan men, alone or in pairs, filled the cafe tables, sipping tea and sodas, smoking cigarettes. Not one of them was wearing a robe. 我坐在附近的一家咖啡馆里,塑料袋里的长袍放在身旁。烤羊肉的味道在空气中弥漫,升腾而起的烟雾与来自附近一家清真寺塔楼的祷告声交相辉映。衣着得体的洛哥男子,或独身或成双,坐满了咖啡馆,轻啜茶水和苏打,吸着香烟。没有人穿着长袍。The man sitting at the table next to mine leaned over to say, “A thousand welcomes to Morocco,” with his hand over his heart. 坐在我旁边桌的男子斜身过来说:“非常欢迎来到洛哥,”他的手放在心口。“A thousand thank yous,” I answered, not knowing the proper response.“非常感谢,”我答道,不知道如何回答为好。“So did you meet some men on the train?”“你在火车上认识了一些人?”“What? How did you know that?”“什么?你怎么知道?”“I saw you with them at the train station. Did they bring you to a hotel? Ask you to buy things?”“我在火车站看到你和他们在一起。他们带你到了一家酒店?让你去买东西?”“Um, yes.”“嗯,是的。”“Be very careful,” he said, then stood and walked away, inclining his head and tapping his heart again as a farewell.“一定要小心,”他说,然后就站起来离开了,低下头再一次拍着他的心口以作道别。My worry increased. I knew little about my current location and two men had promised to drive me somewhere completely unknown. And a stranger had just warned me about them.我的担心加重了。我对自己当前的位置几乎一无所知,而那两个人承诺要带我去一个完全未知的地方。而一位陌生人刚刚警告我要小心他们。As I picked over a pastry and sipped a cup of mint tea, a beat-up Honda pulled to the curb. Mustafa smiled and nodded from the driver’s seat. Achmed jumped out of the passenger side and opened the back door. “Hurry, it is time to go!”就在我拿起一块点心并喝着薄荷茶的时候,一辆老旧的本田车停在了路边。穆斯塔法坐在司机的位置,微笑着朝我点头。艾哈迈德从副驾驶位置下车并打开了后排车门。“快点,我们要出发了!”“So soon? But where are your robes?” “这么快?但是你们的长袍呢?”Achmed laughed, “Oh, we have them in the trunk. We change at the wedding. Get in, we go now.” A car honked behind them.艾哈迈德笑着说:“哦,我们的长袍在行李箱里面。我们在婚礼的时候会换上。上车,我们现在出发。”后面的车在鸣笛催促。I wondered what I should do. This could very well be a kidnapping, a robbery or worse. In my moment of internal debate, the deciding factor was my robe. The purchase of traditional formalwear seemed like a totally unnecessary step in an abduction. So I grabbed what had now become my Moroccan security blanket and hopped into the car.我不知道该怎么办。这很有可能是一场绑架、抢劫甚至更加严重。在我内心挣扎的时候,我的长袍成了决定因素。购买一件传统的礼看上去是绑架案件中完全不必要的步骤。因此我抓起现已成为我的洛哥安全毛毯然后跳上车。Instead of a short ride to a hotel or convention hall for the wedding, we drove out of town and into the darkness of the desert.我们并没有短途驾驶到举行婚礼的酒店或宴会厅,而是开出了城镇进入到荒漠的黑暗中。“So where, exactly, are we going?” I asked.“那么我们到底要去哪里?”我问道。“To the wedding, of course,” was all Achmed would say.“当然是去婚礼现场,”艾哈迈德只说了这么一句。 /201606/450659 渭南男科有医保吗渭南市一医院割包皮



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