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Any gambler who has spent time in the casinos of Macau knows more or less exactly what is going on with the wild volatility in the Chinese stock markets, which has wiped out millions of dollars worth of shares in a few weeks.任何一名在玩过的赌客,或多或少都了解中国股市的大涨大跌到底是怎么回事。几周之内,中国股市就蒸发掉了数万亿美元的市值。The sudden panic reminded me of the way a table of baccarat players at the city’s Lisboa casino will — with irrational violence of mood — suddenly abandon a table and rush towards another, where the i ching or “winds of fortune” have mysteriously alighted according to supernatural laws that no one understands or wants to understand.这波突如其来的恐慌让我想起了,场(Lisboa Casino)里的一桌(baccarat)玩家是怎样带着强烈的非理性情绪,突然离开一桌、奔向另一桌——因为“运气”已依据某些无人明白、也无人想明白的超自然法则神秘地降临在另一桌上。I know that feeling well. In darker days, I used to hole up at the old Lisboa (Macau’s most venerable old-style casino, owned by Stanley Ho, the redoubtable property developer and champion ballroom dancer) and while away my nights descending through the vertically stacked casinos, one by one, with ever-diminishing handfuls of chips. When I embarked on these self-defeating ventures (as any casino executive will tell you, the punter always loses to the house), I had no idea how the Chinese approached matters of luck, fortune and sudden wealth gained not by hard work or cunning but by the act of throwing yourself into the flow of the i ching. For the favourite Chinese game at the tables is baccarat punto blanco, virtually the only card game played in commercial casinos that involves no skill or intelligence whatsoever.我非常了解那种感觉。在比较阴郁的日子里,我曾躲进老场(最令人仰慕的老式,所有者是令人敬畏的地产开发商兼交谊舞高手何鸿燊(Stanley Ho)),在那里消磨夜间时光,逛完这一层的再逛下一层,手里的筹码不断减少。当我展开这些自我挫败性质的冒险时(任何一位高管都会告诉你,赌客总是会输给),我真不知道中国人是如何对待运气、机会的,也不知道他们如何对待不是通过勤奋或动脑子、而是通过听任运气摆布而获得的意外之财。赌桌上最受中国人欢迎的游戏是北美(Punto Banco),它几乎是商业里唯一一种不需丝毫技巧或智慧的纸牌游戏。To play this form of baccarat requires nothing but passivity and resignation. The punter — less a player than a participant in forces outside his or her control — is handed a trio of cards and turns them willy-nilly. There is a strange pleasure in accepting this way of relating to money. Win or lose, it is not your fault but the fault of cosmic “winds.”玩这种游戏,玩家只需要做到被动和顺从。赌客——与其说是玩家,不如说是参与了自身无法控制的力量的人——会收到三张牌,然后不管愿意不愿意都要把这三张牌翻开。接受这种与钱建立联系的方式,让人有一种奇怪的喜悦感。不管输赢,都不是你个人的责任,而是宇宙之“势”的责任。This superstition is cemented into the casino’s physical structure — both in the gigantic jade statues of the goddess of luck and in the vertical boards of numbers by each baccarat table, which show every player the direction in which each “wind” is blowing at that moment. Winning or losing trends for that table are tabulated as lines of numbers thought to show where the momentum lies.这种迷信被牢牢嵌入了的物理结构中,比如巨大的玉质幸运女神雕像,以及每张赌桌旁边的数字立板。立板向每名玩家展示,此时此刻每种“气”正吹向哪个方向。赌桌的输赢趋势被标记为成行的数字,这些数字据信展示了运势所在。Around the tables there is a mood of collective hysteria and suspension of disbelief. The gamblers seem at times to go into trances, mesmerised by what they think is the movement of luck swinging in their direction (or indeed away from it). When a table’s numbers shift, the players hare off to a more propitious one. Yet they have no control whatsoever over their outcomes at any table. It is mystifying but, when you are a participant, exhilarating precisely because you have surrendered control.赌桌周围,赌客们全都陷入了歇斯底里,弥漫着怀疑情绪。他们似乎时不时地进入恍惚状态,痴迷地关注着那些他们认为代表运气正朝自己摆过来(或摆离自己)的变化。当桌旁的数字发生变化时,玩家们就朝着一个更幸运的赌桌飞奔过去。但他们其实控制不了自己在任何一桌的结局。这令人困惑不解,但当你参与其中时,反而恰恰会因为交出了控制权而兴奋不已。Investing on the Shanghai stock exchange, though, is surely different. There, one would think, skill, shrewdness and prudence would pay better dividends than trusting to the impersonal forces of luck. Yet the Chinese refer to playing the stock markets as chao gupiao — “stir frying” stocks. They do not see it as long-term investing but as a kind of gambling in order to grow rich as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Like a fling at the baccarat table, a stir fry is fast and tasty; it needs little thought. The “player” is entering a collective state of hope and superstition.不过,在上海交所投资股票肯定是不同的。人们会认为,在那里,相对于听凭客观运势摆布,技巧、机智和审慎能给你带来更大的红利。然而,中国人却把投资股市叫作“炒股”。他们不把这当作长期投资,而是当作一种,目标是尽可能快、尽可能不费力地致富。正如在赌桌上恣意行乐一样,“炒”又快又好玩,基本不需要思考。“玩家”正在进入一种集体的希冀和迷信状态。Most Chinese investors are private citizens of relatively modest means, many of whom have borrowed to make their purchases. They have not necessarily devoted painstaking analysis to their trades, and when the market tumbles they stampede. The stock market problem is mainly one of confidence.大多数中国投资者是财富相对不多的散户,其中许多人借钱买股票。他们未必潜心分析了他们的交易,当股市大跌时,他们会竞相出逃。股市的问题主要是信心问题。But confidence is what a casino runs on, and what a gambler in that casino also runs on. An American executive who runs a big Macau casino once told me that, although the house could finely calculate the mathematical odds for or against the player at any given game, it could never calculate how the Chinese would react to good or bad luck. “That,” he said wearily, “is pure psychology.”但信心是运行的基础,也是中赌客下注的基础。一名在经营一家大型的美国高管曾告诉我,尽管能精确计算出某一给定游戏中玩家输赢的数学概率,但说到中国人对好运气或坏运气会作何反应,却永远也算不出来。“那个,”他疲倦地说,“纯粹是个心理问题。” /201507/387358

A notorious dog meat festival in southwest China has sparked an outcry among the nation’s growing ranks of pet lovers, who say the event has spurred an illicit trade in stolen pets.在中国南方声名狼藉的肉节,引发了正不断增多的宠物爱好者的公开抗议。这些宠物爱好者表示,肉节活动刺激了被窃宠物的非法贸易。Dog meat is a popular winter food in parts of China and Korea, where the rich meat is believed to help keep people warm. But the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which will be held this weekend in Guangxi near the border with Vietnam, has caused domestic and international outrage, with opponents saying many of the animals are cruelly treated and illegally obtained.在中国和韩国部分地区,肉是一种很受欢迎的冬季食品,其丰富的肉质被视有助于保暖。然而,将于本周末举办的玉林肉节(Yulin Dog Meat Festival),已经引起了中国国内甚至国际上的愤慨。该活动将在毗邻越南的中国广西自治区举办。反对者表示,在该活动中许多动物遭到了残酷对待,它们的获取途径也是非法的。The festival has for several years been galvanising China’s animal rights movement, which has arisen as the number of prosperous middle-class pet owners has grown. Many activists plan to travel to Yulin to protest against the festival, where an estimated 2,000 dogs a day are slaughtered.在中国拥有宠物的中产阶级人数不断壮大之际,中国的动物保护组织也随之崛起。多年来玉林肉节的举办,令这些组织深感震惊。许多动保人士计划赶赴广西玉林,抗议这一肉节活动,预计肉节的日屠数量达2000条。Originally a summer solstice celebration, the local government began promoting the event as a dog meat festival in 2009. The Yulin government began to distance itself last year amid an outpouring of online criticism.玉林肉节最初只是夏至的庆祝活动。2009年,当地政府开始以肉节的品牌宣传这一活动。去年,由于网上出现的大量批评声,玉林政府开始放弃自己原本的宣传定位。“Average people are not aware of the cruelty that dogs experience in the process of dog meat production. If they knew, they wouldn’t be saying this is simply a question of whether you love dogs or not,” said Zhang Yuanyuan, a volunteer who plans to travel to Yulin from Shenzhen in an attempt to persuade often-hostile locals to ditch the practice.计划赶赴玉林的志愿者张媛媛(Zhang Yuanyuan,音译)表示:“普通人不知道肉生产过程中,所经历的残酷对待。如果他们知道,他们不会说这只是你爱不爱的问题。”张媛媛计划从深圳赶赴玉林,试图劝说当地人放弃这一行为。不过,当地人对他们往往充满敌意。A four-year study by Hong Kong-based group Animals Asia documented networks of dog traders that bring strays or stolen pets to northeast, central and southern China, especially during the winter months when dog meat is popular. The investigation found that stolen or stray dogs were so cheap that breeding dogs for meat was unprofitable.总部驻香港的亚洲动物基金(Animals Asia)开展了一项为期四年的研究,对肉交易商组成的网络做了记载。这些肉交易商将走失或失窃的宠物运往中国的东北、华中和华南——特别是在肉受欢迎的冬季。该调查发现,被窃或走失的太过廉价,致使饲养肉变得无利可图。A survey conducted by Animals Asia in rural areas found that 70 per cent of Chinese villagers had lost at least one dog to thieves.该组织在中国农村地区开展的调查发现,70%的村民丢失过至少一条。“A lot of the animals that we see in these trucks are in such horrendous condition that by the time they get to the ultimate trade markets a lot of them have died,” said Mary Peng, whose veterinary business in Beijing has treated dogs rescued from trucks bound for slaughterhouses.Mary Peng在北京拥有多家兽医店,曾治疗过从前往屠宰场的卡车中救出的小。她说:“我们在这些卡车上看到的许多动物,都处于极其可怕的生存状态,导致它们中的许多在抵达最终交易市场时已经死去。”Some of the activists travelling to Yulin may unwittingly be encouraging the trade in dogs by paying to rescue them from dog dealers. Last year saw ugly scenes of dealers in Yulin mistreating dogs in front of crowds of tourists and activists to spur them into buying the injured animals.部分前往玉林的动保人士,可能会由于掏钱从贩手中救下小,无意中鼓励了贩活动。去年,玉林曾出现过贩在游客和动保人士面前虐,以刺激他们买下受伤小的丑陋场景。The practice of buying the dogs has split the Chinese animal rights community, with many believing it is counter-productive. “I am completely opposed to this,” said Ms Zhang, arguing that it simply adds to the market for dogs. “You can’t just look at how many dogs are being eaten but also the violent capture and transport of these dogs.”买下小的行为也在中国的动物保护界产生了分歧,许多人认为这么做会产生反作用。张媛媛声称,这么做只会扩大贩市场的规模。她说:“我完全反对这么做。你不能只关注人们吃了多少,还要关注对这些的暴力捕获和运输过程。” /201506/382343

It takes some variety of wilful ignorance to dismiss the need for action to avert the threat of climate change.只有某些故意愚昧的人,才会认为针对气候变化威胁采取行动是没有必要的。From imaginings of vast conspiracies to complacency that global warming can only be benign, the arguments against taking the danger seriously are rooted in a refusal to face reality. The climate is a complex system, of course, and forecasting it fraught with uncertainty. But the evidence is strong enough to make it clear that the risk of catastrophe cannot be dismissed.反对严肃应对气候变化威胁的观点各式各样,从各种大阴谋论,到满不在乎地认为全球变暖可能没什么大不了的,其根源是不愿面对现实。当然,气候是个复杂的系统,对气候进行预测也充满了不确定性。但已有足够充分的据表明,发生气候灾难的风险不容忽视。Yet advocates of action on climate change often display their own varieties of irrationality. The campaign for universities, charities, local governments and others to sell their holdings in fossil fuel companies, which has been gathering momentum in recent years, is a case in point.然而,主张就气候变化采取行动的人往往也表现出他们自身的种种不理性。一个例子是撤资运动(divestment campaign),这场运动呼吁大学、慈善机构、地方政府、其他组织和个人出售所持化石燃料企业股份,其声势近年来不断增强。The campaigners’ zeal is understandable. The potential consequences of unrestrained fossil fuel development are alarming, and if you are looking for someone to blame, the oil, gas and coal industries are an obvious target.撤资运动人士的热忱可以理解。不受限制的化石燃料开发可能导致的后果令人担心,如果你试图就此责备谁,那么石油、天然气和煤炭行业是明摆着的靶子。By focusing on divestment, however, the campaigners are channelling their efforts into an issue that is largely irrelevant to the ultimate objective of minimising the threat of climate change.然而,我们最终的目标是要最大程度降低气候变化威胁,撤资运动人士一门心思呼吁人们出售上述企业的股票,是把力气使到了一个基本无关这个最终目标的问题上。The financial impact of divestment is likely to be negligible. If charities sell their holdings in fossil fuel companies, other investors will buy them. If enough funds sell, the shares may fall, raising the companies’ cost of capital, but evidence from the divestment campaign over South Africa suggests the effect is unlikely to be large.撤资的经济影响很可能微乎其微。如果慈善机构出售所持化石燃料企业股份,那么其他投资者会接盘。如果卖盘足够多,股价可能会下降,从而提高这些企业的资金成本,但南非撤资运动的经验明,这种做法不太可能取得很大效果。Divestment campaigners often say their objective is not so much financial as symbolic: they want to send a signal that fossil fuels are morally unacceptable. It is hard to see, however, how the world can be persuaded to shun voluntarily the source of more than 80 per cent of its energy. Fossil fuels offer enormous benefits as well as great risks, and their role in sustaining standards of living worldwide is for the time being irreplaceable.撤资运动人士往往说,他们的目标更多是象征性的、而非经济上的:他们希望传递一个讯号,即化石燃料在道德上是不可接受的。然而,化石燃料占世界能源使用量的80%以上,很难想象他们如何能说全世界主动弃用化石燃料。化石燃料带来了巨大的益处,也造成了巨大的风险,就目前而言,化石燃料在维持全世界民众生活水准方面发挥的作用仍是不可替代的。Nor is it reasonable to expect fossil fuel companies to be the pioneers of the transition to other sources of energy; they have tried that many times in the past, always with disappointing results. The real advances recently in low-carbon energy, such as the plunging cost of solar power systems and progress in battery technology, have all come from outside the fossil fuel industries.期待化石燃料企业充当向新能源转型的先锋也是不理智的。这些企业过去已尝试过那么多次,每次的结果都令人失望。低碳能源领域最近取得的实质性进步,比如太阳能发电系统成本的大幅下降以及电池技术取得的进展,都来自化石燃料行业以外。It is true that as the world shifts away from high-carbon energy, the oil, gas and coal companies will become less attractive investments, but shareholders can take their own views about the timing and consequences of that transition. Divestment should be seen as an outcome, not an instrument.没错,世界在逐步改用高碳能源以外的能源,这会使得石油、天然气和煤炭企业的投资吸引力下降,但持股人对这种转变的时机和后果可以拥有自己的看法。撤资应该被视为一种结果,而非一种手段。If global greenhouse gas emissions are to be brought under control, governments will have to play a central role. That does not mean the state takeover of the economy sometimes imagined by climate sceptics, but there will have to be a framework, including taxes and other incentives, that changes the behaviour of both businesses and consumers.如果想控制住全球温室气体排放,各国政府就必须发挥核心作用。这并不意味着如气候变化怀疑论者有时想象的那样,由国家来接管经济,而是意味着要建立一个包含税收激励和其他激励的框架,以改变企业和消费者的行为。A genuine solution to the threat of climate change will require a price on greenhouse gas emissions, greater investment in energy innovation, switching from coal to gas to power generation, cost-effective means of storing carbon dioxide, and a global framework that encourages all the countries of the world to participate. Divestment helps with none of those.要真正化解气候变化威胁,就必须对温室气体排放定价,加大能源创新投资,从使用煤炭发电改为使用天然气发电,找到划算的二氧化碳储存办法,建立一个全球性框架、以鼓励世界各国参与。撤资对这些都没有帮助。At best, the divestment campaign will encourage a wider debate about those practical measures that are needed. At worst it will fool people, including the campaigners themselves, into believing that something significant is being achieved.在最好的情况下,撤资运动会鼓励人们对有必要采取的那些切实措施展开更广泛的辩论。在最差的情况下,撤资运动会让民众(包括撤资运动人士自己)产生一种错觉,以为抗击气候变化之战正在取得什么重大的成果。 /201504/367491

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