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5_02 How do you do? My name is Pat. 我的名字是派特. It’s nice to meet you. 我高兴认识你. How do you do? 你好. I’m from Taiwan. 我是台湾人. I’m a student. 我是个学生. How about you? 你呢? Where are you from? 你是哪里人? What do you do? 你从事什么行业? How long have you been here?你来这里多久了? /200706/14160美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson13-18暂无文本 /200606/780315 Further Education进 修Part One: Expressions1. I’m calling about your continuing education program.我打电话来询问你们的继续教育课程有关情况。2. I want to become certified in secondary education.我想获得中等教育的合格书。3. Do you offer any night courses?你们开设夜课吗?4. How do I sign up?我怎么报名?5. Tell me about it.跟我说说。6. I’m learning how to speak Russian.我在学说俄语。7. The job market is so competitive nowadays.现在人才市场竞争激烈。8. I want to develop some useful skills.我想拓展一些有用的技巧。9. I really admire you.我真的很羡慕你。10. I got laid off.我下岗了。Part Two: Dialogues1.Continuing education program 继续教育课程A: Hello, this is the admissions office. Can I help you? B: Hi. I’m calling about your continuing education program. A: What would you like to know? B: I want to become certified in computer programming. Do you offer any part-time courses for adult further education? A: Yes, we offer both night and weekend courses in a number of different subjects. B: How do I sign up? A: If you give me your address, I can mail you an information packet and the application forms. B: Great!A: 你好,这里是招生办公室,有什么可以为你效劳?B: 你好,我打电话来询问你们学校继续教育课程的有关情况。A: 你想了解什么情况呢?B: 我想获得电脑编程方面的书。你们有开设成年继续教育的业余课程吗?A: 有,我们开设夜课和周末课程,分很多不同的科目。B: 如何报名呢?A: 把你的地址给我,我会把相关信息和申请表邮寄给你。B: 太好了。2. Night class上夜课A: Where are you going? B: It’s Tuesday today. I always go to my class on Tuesday night. A: I didn’t know you were taking any kind of class. Tell me about it. B: Well, I’m learning how to use math in the business environment. A: What for? B: The job market is so competitive nowadays. I want to develop some useful skills. A: I really admire you for that. How is it going? B: It’s going all right. I’m learning some things for the first time, but I’m also brushing up on some things that I aly know.A:你去哪里?B: 今天是星期二。我星期二晚上通常要去上课。A: 我可没听说你要上什么课。跟我说说。B: 哦,我在学习如何在商务中应用到数学。A: 学这个有什么用呢?B: 现在人才市场竞争激烈。我想拓展一些有用的技能。A: 真是佩你。(课)进展如何?B: 一切顺利。我在学习一些新东西。同时也在温习一些已经学过的知识技能。3. Laid off 下岗A: What’s wrong? B: I got laid off today. A: Oh no! That’s terrible! B: Yeah. A: What happened? B: My boss said I didn’t have enough skills to do the job well. A: What are you going to do? B: I’m going to start taking classes at the local community college to try to improve my skills. Then I’ll start looking for a new position.A: 出什么事了?B: 我今天下岗了。A: 哦,天。真是糟糕。B: 是呀。A: 怎么会这样?B: 我的老板说我不具备足够的技能做好我的工作。A: 那你打算怎么办?B: 我打算在本地的社区大学学习,以此来提高自己的技能。然后我会开始找一份新的工作。 Part Three: Substitutions Drills1. A: Can I help you? B: Yes, I’m calling about the (continuing skills/ adult education/ summer school) program.能为您效劳吗?是的,我打电话来询问关于(继续技能课程/成人教育/暑期学校课程)的情况2. A: Why do you want to take these courses? B: I want to become certified in (computer programming/ first aid/ child education).你为何想报读这些课程?我想获得(电脑编程/急救/儿童教育)方面的合格书。3. A: Do you offer any (night/ part-time/ weekend) courses? B: Yes, we do.你们开设(夜课/非全日制课程/周末课程)吗?是的。4. A: Tell me about (it/ your courses/ your plans). B: Where should I start?跟我说说(这事/你的课程/你的计划)。我应该从哪儿开始呢?5. A: What are you learning? B: I’m learning how to (use computer/ speak Russian/ type more quickly).你在学什么?我在学习(如何操作电脑/说俄语/快速打字)。6. A: I’m brushing up on (my skills/ that subject/ my Russian). B: That’s nice.我在温习(我的一些技能/那一科/我的俄语)。 太好了7. A: I want to develop some (practical/ useful/ advanced) skills. B: That’s great .it will help you in your career.我想拓展一些(实用/有用/高级)技能。太好了。这对你的事业会有帮助的。8. A: I really admire you for your (hard work/ knowledge/ dedication). B: Oh, it’s nothing.我真的很佩你的(努力工作/你的知识/奉献精神)。哦,这没什么。9. A: I got laid off. B: That’s (terrible/ disappointing/ a real shame).我下岗了。这真(糟糕/是让人失望/丢人)。10. A: I don’t have enough (skills/ experience/ qualifications).B: You should consider some kind of further education for improvement.我的(技能/经验/资历)不够。你应该考虑读一些继续教育课程来提高自己。 /200703/11739【中文这样说】作为香港公民,我们有必要帮助警察打击犯罪.【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style As the citizens of Hong Kong, we are necessary to help the police in their fight against crime.American Style As the citizens of Hong Kong, it is necessary for us to help the police in their fight against crime.it is necessary for sb to do sth 为固定用法 /200604/6466

VOA流行美语 128: from scratch/all set李华正在为朋友的生日party做准备,她生平第一次烤了一个蛋糕。今天李华会学到两个常用语:from scratch和all set.LH: Larry, 这是我烤的蛋糕,你尝尝。这可是我生平第一次烤蛋糕,不一定会好吃!LL: Mmmm! This is delicious! Did you make this from scratch or did you use a cake mix?LH: 你觉得好吃呀?太好了!哎,你刚才问我是不是make it from scratch? 那是什么意思啊?我是照因特网上的一个食谱做的。LL: Then you did make it from scratch. To make something from scratch is to make it yourself using all of the basic ingredients.LH: 原来to make something from scratch就是自己用基本材料,从头做起。是呀,我用鸡蛋、面粉、牛奶和黄油做的。还有别的做蛋糕的方法?LL: A lot of people nowadays use a pre-packaged cake mix with all the ingredients in it aly, so it's easier to make.LH: 用事先调好的蛋糕粉那当然简单多了。那多没意思啊!自己把所有的材料准备好,从头开始做,其实很好玩呢!LL: Well, you should be proud of yourself. This cake is great!LH: 谢谢,你说好吃我就放心了!对了,Larry,你有没有自己烤过蛋糕?LL: No, but I tried making chocolate chip cookies from scratch once.LH: 自己做巧克力饼干啊?好吃吗?LL: They were awful because I forgot to put oil in them. After that, I decided that it was best if I didn't try to make things from scratch anymore.LH: 忘了放油!那饼干肯定会太硬。你一次没做成功就决定下回不做了!你知道,做这种东西是试验好多次才行。LL: I know, but I'm not that patient.LH: 嗨,要做好就得要有耐心嘛!******LL: All right, Li Hua. The cake is y, the drinks are prepared, and the decorations look great. I think we are all set.LH: We are all set? 这是什么意思?蛋糕、饮料都准备好了,一切都布置好了。你的意思是一切准备就绪了,是吗?LL: That's right. To be "all set" is to be y for whatever it is you're going to do. In this case, we are all set to have a party.LH: 对,要举行party的个方面似乎都准备好了。那我是不是可以说we're all set to have fun at the party?LL: If you're y to have fun, then of course you can say that. Hey, what about the music - is that all set?LH: 音乐啊?没问题!我把激光唱机和几片激光盘全放桌上了。So it's all set.LL: Great! Now, I'm all set to eat more of that cake you made. It's really deliciousLH: 不行,你现在还不能吃这蛋糕,要等做生日的人吹完蜡烛后才能吃的!LL: I know. I was just kidding. Hey, do you have a place for people to put presents?LH: 放礼物的地方啊?早准备好了!我在进门的地方有张桌子。大家可以把礼物和生日卡放在那儿。.LL: Okay, since everything is all set, we can relax until the guests start arriving.LH: 我早就准备好在客人来以前先休息一下。筹办一个生日party 可真是够累人的!LL: Preparing a party isn't that bad; it's cleaning up afterwards that's a lot of work.LH: Party结束后,我想你一定会帮我收拾的。对不对?LL:Of course!李华学到两个常用语。第一个是from scratch, 意思就是从头做起。第二个常用语是all set, 就是一切就绪,准备好了的意思。 /200602/3348

The artist had very cleverly suggested people and clothes and wagons and all sorts of things,艺术家很聪明地暗示了人物和装,以及车马还有其他事物,and my brain had taken the suggestion.而我的大脑接受了这样的暗示。Youre familiar with a more recent technology, which is -- There,你们很熟悉一个更新的技术,就在--这个。you can get a better view of the blobs.你们可以更好地看到颗粒。See, when you get close theyre really just blobs of paint.看,当你移近时,他们就真的只是颜料粒。You will have seen something like this -- this is the reverse effect.你应该看过像这样的东西——相反的效果。Ill just give that to you one more time.我再来演示一次。Now, what does your brain do when it takes the suggestion?好,那么当你的大脑接受暗示时他做了什么呢?When an artful blob of paint or two, by an artist, suggests a person当艺术家的一两滴颜料粒暗示了一个人say, one of Marvin Minskys little society of mind比如,一个Marvin Minsky的小社会心态do they send little painters out to fill in all the details in your brain somewhere?难道他们把小画家送到你的脑子里来填充所有细节?I dont think so. Not a chance. But then, how on Earth is it done?我觉得不是。没有任何可能,不过那样的话,那这些又到底是怎么回事?Well, remember the philosophers explanation of the lady?还记得哲学家怎么解释那个被锯成两半的女士吗?Its the same thing.这是同一件事情。The brain just makes you think that its got the detail there.大脑只是让你确信它得到了那处细节。You think the details there, but it isnt there.你想着细节在那里,但是他不在。The brain isnt actually putting the detail in your head at all.大脑并没有把细节放入脑海中。Its just making you expect the detail.它只是让你期待细节。Lets just do this experiment very quickly.让我们快速地过下这个试验。Is the shape on the left the same as the shape on the right, rotated? Yes.左边的形状旋转后是不是与右边的完全相同?是的。How many of you did it by rotating the one on the left in your minds eye,多少人把左边的形状旋转了,在想象中,to see if it matched up with the one on the right?来看它是否与右边那个一致?How many of you rotated the one on the right? OK.有多少人旋转的是右边那个?好的。How do you know thats what you did?你怎么知道那就是你所作的?Theres in fact been a very interesting debate raging for over 20 years in cognitive science实际上这有个非常有趣的争论,在认知科学领域持续了20年various experiments started by Roger Shepherd,由Roger Shepherd开始的各种试验,who measured the angular velocity of rotation of mental images.他测量了人的意识中图像的旋转角速度。Yes, its possible to do that.是的,这是做得到的。But the details of the process are still in significant controversy.但是过程的细节还有着明显的争议。And if you that literature, one of the things that you really have to come to terms with is如果你阅读相关的文献,有件事情你一定要妥协的是even when youre the subject in the experiment, you dont know.即使你是实验对象,你也无从知道。You dont know how you do it.你不知道你是怎么做到的。You just know that you have certain beliefs.你只是知道你有特定的信念And they come in a certain order, at a certain time.他们在特定的时间以特定的顺序出现。And what explains the fact that thats what you think?那么,如何解释“那就是你所想的”这个事实呢?Well, thats where you have to go backstage and ask the magician.那,你就要到后台去问魔术师了。This is a figure that I love: Bradley, Petrie, and Dumais.这是我喜欢的图示:Bradley, Petrie,以及 Dumais。You may think that Ive cheated, that Ive put a little whiter-than-white boundary there.你可能觉得我在骗你,通过放置一些不显眼的边界。How many of you see that sort of boundary, with the Necker cube floating in front of the circles?多少人看到了那种边界,通过把内克尔方块放在圆圈的前面?Can you see it?你可以看到吗?Well, you know, in effect, the boundarys really there, in a certain sense.看起来,在特定情境下,是有边界的。Your brain is actually computing that boundary, the boundary that goes right there.你的大脑计算出了那种边界,让边界出现在那里。201607/455752

Taught me that Paul had made the moral choice to do the deep connection to do that hard work to understanding that love is part of healing All those little small acts that Paul did and his staff 保罗做的是一种道德选择 希望建立更深的人际联系更努力去理解 爱其实也是治疗的一部分保罗及其团队所做的一切看似微小Those are born out of a big idea and that is the dignity of all people Of course, not everybody here is going to be Paul Farmer 却育出一个伟大理念也就是 所有人都是有尊严的当然 这里并非所有人都会成为保罗.法默Not all of you are going to dedicate your whole life to eradicating poverty but just because you dont qualify for sainthood doesnt mean you cant form deep human connections 并非所有人都会一生致力于消除贫穷但是即便你当不了圣人也并不意味着 你不能建立深厚的人际联系Or that your connections cant make a difference in the world And to me, thats where technology comes in If you make the moral choice to connect deeply with others 并不意味着 你的这种联系不会对世界造成改变在我看来 这就是科技出场的时候了如果你在道德上作出选择 愿意同他人建立深厚联系Then your computer, your phone, the internet it makes it so much easier to do today In Africa 那么电脑 手机 互联网就能让你的行动变得更加容易在非洲There are 700 million cellphone subscribers When I go to Kenya, I was in Nairobi I was in a large slum there, Kibera 有7亿手机用户记得有一次我去肯尼亚内罗毕到了当地的一个大贫民窟 基贝拉Some people consider it the largest slum in Africa I was there last year you know what I saw unbelievable ingenuity I saw a kiosk that had hundreds of phones 有人认为这是非洲最大的贫民窟我是去年去的 所见情景非常难以置信一个小摊上摆有数以百计的手机Where young entrepreneur served the business of recharging people cell phones When they got their cell phones back you know what they were doing? 年轻的摊贩提供手机充电务 并以此盈利手机冲完电后你猜人们拿它做什么Texting Evidently their favorite way of communicating is your favorite way of communicating too 发短信他们最喜欢的通讯方式也正是你们最喜欢的通讯方式201608/457721

And no matter how great and compelling they are as you look into the distance. 不管目标多么伟大 多么吸引人在你眺望远方时Dont forget about what is right in front of you today because no matter how great your dreams. 不要忘记今天在你眼前的东西因为不管你的梦想有多伟大No matter how great your destiny, never forget that the biggest thing you can do in any day. 不管你的命运有多伟大 永远不要忘记你每天能做的最伟大之事莫过于Is a small act of kindness ive learned now that. 小小的善举我现在认识到Love is not a destination. 爱不是一个目的Its a way of being Excellence is not something you seek afar. 而是一种存在方式卓越不是你在遥远之处所追逐的Its something you manifest every single day and that the greatest people. 而是你在每一天所表现所出来的而且最伟大的人Are not people who preach a good sermon not people who give a good speech. 不是讲道讲得最好的人不是演讲讲得最好的人Its the people that embody their spirit and their essence in everything they do They know that the change that they need to make. 而是将精神和精髓体现在一切行动中的人他们知道自己所要做的Is going to be small acts of kindness, decency, and love Its like the story of Gandhi. 不过是一些充满正义和爱的小小善举比如甘地的故事This great man who did the big thing took on the British empire but yet as he ran for a train and jumped up upon it. 这位伟人如此伟大 带领印度脱离英国殖民统治但有一次他赶火车 跳到火车上And people pulled him in one of his sandals fell off the train tracks. 人们把他拉上来结果他有一只草鞋掉到了铁轨上Everybody around just felt a sense of sorrow oh, its a shame Mahatma Gandhis scandal fell off. 周围所有人都感到很惋惜哦 太遗憾了 圣雄甘地的草鞋掉了But Mahatma Gandhi didnt miss a beat He reached out and pulled off his other shoe. 但圣雄甘地没有一点惋惜他脱掉脚上的另外一只鞋And threw it out on the tracks The man who pulled him up said. 并扔到铁轨上把他拉上车的人说Gandhi why did you do that? And the great Mahatma said, why?. 甘地 您为什么要这样做圣雄说 为什么He looked puzzled. He goes because whoever found that one sandal. 他一脸疑惑 他说因为找到那只草鞋的人Wouldnt it be great if they found another one to go along with it? This. 如果能找到另一只岂不更好这This is how were called to live We all will be charging forth from this day to do important things. 这就是我们应有生活方式今天过后 我们都会全速前进去做重要的事201611/476811

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