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HBO has once again stepped up the TV game with their latest hit, ;Westworld,; which follows the creators, AI hosts and guests of a futuristic Western theme park.HBO电视台的新剧《西部世界讲述了创造者、人工智能接待员和游客们在未来西部主题的公园里的故事But, although weve aly seen some serious twists and turns, things are about to get very ;dark and sinister,; according to star Evan Rachel Wood.虽然我们已经看到了一波三折的剧情,但是据女主角埃文·蕾切尔·伍德表示,后续情节将会变得非常;黑暗和阴森;The actress, who plays robot Dolores Abernathy on the series, sat down with The Huffington Post during a recent Build Series interview and revealed that the end of Season 1 will shock fans.在剧中扮演机器人德洛丽丝·艾伯纳西的女演员埃文·蕾切尔·伍德最近做客《赫芬顿邮报;打造剧集;采访节目,她表示《西部世界第一季季终将会让粉丝非常震惊;Weve set everything up really beautifully and the payoffs are going to start hitting you one by one,; Wood teased.;我们已经把一切都完美地准备好了,剧情的高潮会一个一个地让你们震惊;伍德开玩笑地说On the show, Dolores is currently off her programming, doing things she normally wouldnt be able to do, like firing weapons and leaving her town of Sweetwater.在剧中,德洛丽丝偏离了她本来的程序,做了她平时不能做的事情,比如开和离开家乡甜水镇She on a bounty hunt with human guest William (Jimmi Simpson), who discovering she not like others of her kind.她和人类游客威廉(吉米·辛普森饰)一同踏上了赏金狩猎之旅,而威廉发现她和其他的机器人不一样Being the oldest AI in the park, the dream update d (Anthony Hopkins) initiated is truly messing with Dolores mind and making her question everything.德洛丽丝是公园里最老的人工智能接待员,但是福特士(安东尼·霍普金斯饰)最近升级的;冥思;程序却扰乱了她的心智,让她质疑一切事情;Weve established that the farther out you go, the more intense the game gets, and man, were they not kidding because when we started getting the scripts after episodes it was like, Whoa! OK!; Wood said.;我们的设定是,你走得越远,游戏和人就变得越复杂--他们可没有开玩笑,因为我们拿到后面几集的剧本之后,就觉得哇!好吧!;伍德说;It will only continue to get more and more intense and more relentless.;;剧情只会变得越来越复杂,越来越冷酷无情;Wood totally understands why the show has gained such an immediate following on message boards and Reddit, considering there are too many theories to count that could actually turn out to be correct.伍德完全理解为什么这部剧会在这么短的时间内在社交网站Message Boards和Reddit上引起关注,因为那上面有好多关于剧的走向和讨论最后会是正确的Still, according to the actress, she had 0 theories ;and only three were right.;但是她也表示,她看了0个理论,;只有三个是正确的;;The anticipation is killing me. I thought when the show aired, it would relieve some of that, but now the anticipation of wanting everyone to know the secrets so I can stop having to bear them by myself is what Im also looking ward to,; Wood said, admitting that, of course, she cant spoil anything.;预测太折磨人了我本来以为这部剧上映之后,这种折磨会缓解一些,但是现在每个人都急着想要知道后面的秘密,所以我不用一个人承担这种折磨了,这也是我很期待的;伍德虽然这么说,但也承认她不会剧透;I can tell you that the surprises will floor you. Certainly prepare Episodes 9 and to have your heart broken and your mind blown. And that really all I can say. Im just over the moon about it.;;我只能说后面的惊喜会让你大呼过瘾当然请准备好为第九集和第十集心碎流泪并大吃一惊吧我只能说这些了我为之欣喜若狂; 9为了让福岛的土地上早日重现绿色,一名日本设计师正在致力于将奇思妙想变为现实他研发了一种高跟鞋,可让穿着者边走路边自动播种A Japanese shoe designer is developing high heels that automatically deposit seeds in the ground as the wearer walks in them, Discovery News reported.据探索频道新闻网报道,一名日本的鞋子设计师正在研发一种高跟鞋,可让穿着者边走路边自动播种The shoes are part of a project to help rebuild Fukushima.该鞋是协助福岛重建项目的一部分The shoes designed by Masaya Kushino are planting rapeseeds whose plants can remove the radionucleotides caesium-7 and strontium-90 from the soil.鞋子由串野真也设计,用来播种油菜籽,因为油菜可以移除土壤中的放射性核素铯-7、锶-90The mechanical heels sink back when the wearer walks. Pressure from the movement causes a tube within the heel to emerge. The compartment containing rapeseeds turns and a single seed emerges from the end of the tube. Lifting the foot starts the process again.当穿着者走路时,这种机械鞋跟向后倾运动产生的压力使得一根导管从高跟中伸出装有油菜籽的小室转动,一粒籽便从管端落出抬起脚此过程便重新开始 7181

3.Seeing and Feeling Too Long3.残像Youve probably seen any number of internet illusions where you stare at a black image then stare at a white wall to find the image still exists in your vision. That called an after-image and it really your brain seeing something a short time after its gone. A magician can use this when switching an item from hand to hand, to your brain a coin may appear to be in one hand slightly longer than it was due to an after image, which gives the magician a fraction of a second longer to make the switch. A magician might even use an after image to remove your watch. Squeezing your wrist can leave an ‘after image feeling, leading your brain to believe your watch is still there even after it has been expertly removed.你肯定在网络上接触了不少这种把戏,盯住一个黑点不放,然后再看着白墙,你就会在白墙上看见刚才出现的黑点,这些白墙上的黑点叫做“残像”,魔术师将一枚硬币从一只手换到另一只手中,然而我们的大脑被残像影响,会认为硬币似乎一直在一只手里,魔术师便抓住这点缝隙将硬币换到另一只手里魔术师还可以利用残像摘掉你手腕上的表魔术师抓着你的手腕,这会给大脑造成一种残余感觉,会让你觉得手表还在手腕上,但其实表早就已经被魔术师摘掉了.Your Brain Loves New Things.大脑喜欢新鲜事物Simply speaking, when your brain sees something new, fast and exciting it is helpless not to take notice. Due to ‘exogenous attentional capture your brain will always be drawn to something new that it has trouble predicting. A dove erratically flying from a hat will have the attention of you almost immediately as your brain takes at least a few seconds to process the event and asses its importance. Even a fast, curving hand movement will draw more attention than a slow straight one, magicians know this and will use exciting actions that your brain cant help but look at.简单说来,我们的大脑会不再有自主地关注那些新鲜的,高速运转的,令人兴奋的事物,根据“外源性捕捉”思维,我们的大脑通常会关注那些觉得会给我们制造麻烦的事物我们一看到一只鸽子从帽子里扑腾着飞出来,就会运用几秒钟时间迅速处理这一信息,即便是一只快速伸向你的手都会比慢速伸向你的手吸引你的注意力,魔术师们深谙此道,便会以这种形式刺激大家1.Your Brain Falls Charm1.大脑也会被魅力折Many magicians use humor in their acts in an attempt to charm their audience into submission. But this charm and charisma is actually having a chemical affect on your brain. It possible that the simple act of laughing with (or at) the magician terrible puns releases Oxytocin, the bonding hormone. Which makes acts of cooperation and social interaction feel good. Oxytocin release means you are less likely to be critical of the tricks youre watching and even more likely to miss sleights of hand as youre attention will be drawn to the magicians face. So everything, even the terrible puns are part of the trick.很多魔术师会做一些很诙谐的动作,令观众为之折,其实在这一过程中,我们的大脑也发生了化学变化,当我们为魔术师几句话或几个动作开怀而笑时,大脑里就会产生一种荷尔蒙,让我们在和别人互动时感到十分愉快,我们就会对魔术师那些不经意的纰漏更加宽容,把更多的注意力放在魔术师的脸上所以,即使是一些很拙劣的动作,也都算作是表演的一部分译:赵一力 前十网 3873Scarlet Banksia, Australia, 1999"A scarlet banksia blooms like fireworks in Australia's southwest. Not all biodiversity hot spots are tropical. This region's poor soils support ,830 endemic plants—species that grow nowhere else on Earth." —From "The Variety of Life," February 1999, National Geographic magazine在澳大利亚西南部,一朵鲜红的邦克西木花像焰火一样怒放并不是所有生物多样性丰富的地区都处于热带这个地区贫瘠的土壤生长着30种当地特产的植物——不在地球上其他任何地方生长的物种 ——摘自1999年《国家地理杂志月号《生物的多样性 887

“Eating too much will cause hemorrhoids, don’t you know? Name one person with hemorrhoids who doesn’t eat.”“饭吃多了会生痔疮的,你不知道吗?哪一个生痔疮的人不吃饭啊”As their popularity snowballed from the early days of television broadcast, the iconic Hui Brothers team left behind a trail of vernacular comedy movies that struck a resounding chord with working class audiences. Easily one of the best from writer-director Michael, The Private Eyes immediately impresses with its wordless opening credit sequence showing only the characters’ feet – in which a private detective tails his subject in a pair of miserably broken shoes, only to have one of his soles accidentally ripped off bee stepping on a beggar’s bowl and a cigarette stub with his exposed foot. A cheeky, stingy boss who’s all too y to exploit his employees, Michael’s small-time private eye is nonetheless faithfully aided by an honest, kung fu-fighting apprentice (Sam) and a stupid, stammering assistant (Ricky) who will literally test a bomb him. Together with the funky soundtrack by Sam and his band, The Lotus, the movie also tapped into our collective consciousness with a range of riotousgags, from aerobics chicken to a Sammo Hung-choreographed, Bruce Lee-inspired fight scene with flour and sausages.在广播电视发展初期,许氏兄弟的名气迅速攀升,他们留下了许多令打工阶层深感共鸣的喜剧港片《半斤八两堪称编剧兼导演许冠文的最佳作品之一,这部电影的开场让人印象深刻片头在播放演职人员字幕的同时,没有对白,只有不同人物的脚走来走去一名穿着一双破破烂烂的鞋子跟踪目标对象,没想到一只鞋底掉了下来,这时他的光脚正好踩到一个乞丐的碗,然后又踩到一个烟头上许冠文饰演一个爱从员工身上揩油的厚颜无耻的吝啬老板兼三流侦探,他有两个忠心耿耿的帮手,一个是会拳脚功夫的老实学徒(许冠杰饰),另一个是口吃的蠢蛋助理(许冠英饰),助理负责帮老板测试炸弹伴随着许冠杰和他的莲花乐队创作的放克爵士乐,电影用一连串喧闹的插科打诨唤起了人们的集体意识,从小鸡健美操到面粉和香肠乱飞的打斗场面(洪金宝设计、灵感源自李小龙)“I’m not showing them I’m the best. I just want to tell them I can take back what I’ve lost.”“我并不是表现给他们看我是最牛的我只是想让他们知道,我能拿回我失去的东西”To understand how this particular John Woo-Chow Yun-fat collaboration – instead of their more stylistically accomplished The Killer or Hard Boiled – captured the imaginations of a generation is perhaps to chart the history of cinephilia in Hong Kong. With a Chinese title that translates as ‘the true nature of heroes’, Wu’s seminal heroic bloodshed movie has indeed combined the best of several (movie) worlds: as a relatively faithful remake of Patrick Lung Kong’s The Story of a Discharged Prisoner (1967), it is further spiced up by the principle of brotherhood and the honorable code of yi stemming from martial arts epics of yesteryears – especially those by his mentor Chang Cheh, whom Woo had previously served as assistant director. While deliciously pitting Ti Lung and Leslie Cheung’s brother characters against each other as mortal enemies on opposite sides of the law, the action classic is also exponentially enhanced by Chow’s charismatic portrayal of Mark, who could get the sight ofhim lighting a cigarette with a burning banknote? His cockiness is exceeded only by his loyalty and heroism; in our approving minds, Mark is us.要想明白吴宇森和周润发合作的这部影片为何能够超越两人合作的另外两部在风格上更有成就的影片《喋血双雄和《辣手神探而成功获得一代人的关注,可能就相当于追溯香港的影迷历史吴宇森这部影响深远的喋血英雄片《英雄本色的确融合了电影领域的多个最佳卖点:该片是对1967年龙刚导演作品《英雄本色的忠实改编,同时又添加了兄弟情以及过去武侠片中推崇的义吴宇森受影响最多的是他的师父张彻导演的那些武侠片,他曾给张彻做过副导演一边是狄龙和张国荣扮演的兄弟俩站在法律的两边上演精对立戏码,另一边,周润发扮演的Mark魅力十足,也为这部经典动作影片增色不少:谁能忘掉他用点着的钞票点烟的那个画面呢?他的高傲自大只会被他自己的忠诚和英雄主义超越,在我们的心中,Mark就是我们每个人“Sometimes, humans are more frightening than ghosts.”“有时候,人比鬼更可怕”“Dawn, please don’t come…” As Sally Yeh pleads soulfully to James Wong’s iconic tune on the soundtrack, the bidden love between Cheung’s scholarly tax collector and Wang’s glamorous ghost meets its heartbreaking demise. Based on a Pu Songling short story that has also been adapted into Li Han-hsiang’s The Enchanting Shadow (1960) and Wilson Yip’s eponymous film, this Tsui Hark-produced supernatural action fantasy spawned two hit sequels and remains a vital showcase of our cinema’s madcap inventiveness. It’s like a sensual Evil Dead romance!“黎明,不要来……”伴随着叶倩文深情的恳求,以及黄毅瑜标志性的旋律,张国荣饰演的宁采臣和王祖贤饰演的聂小倩之间的禁忌之恋走向了终点,令人心碎这部由徐克导演的超自然动作电影改编自蒲松龄的短篇小说,还衍生出了两部热门续集,是电影大胆创新的重要之作该片有点像是1981年美国影片《鬼玩人式的爱情故事!1960年李翰祥版本和年叶伟信版本的《倩女幽魂也是根据蒲松龄小说改编“When you can’t have someone, the only thing you can do is not to get.”“当你不能再拥有的时候,唯一可以做的,就是令自己不要忘记”A Jin Yong adaptation, Wong Kar-wai-style. Structured with the concept of cyclical repetition from the Chinese almanac, the auteur’s impressionistic riff on the classic wuxia novel The Eagle-Shooting Hero is a desert-bound swordplay drama whose only concern seems to be its characters’ sentimental longings.这是一部根据金庸小说改编、带有浓厚王家卫风格的电影影片以中国黄历中循环的时间概念为构架,导演对经典武侠小说《射雕英雄传的即兴重复颇具印象派风格,集中表现了沙漠中侠客们的情感与渴望“If I had to set an expiry date to my love, let it be ,000 years.”“如果要在这份爱前面加一个期限,我希望是:一万年”From the genius casting of the irreverent Chow as the Monkey King to the masterstroke of letting Buddhist monk Tang Xuanzang burst into The Platters Only You, Lau wildly imaginative Journey to the West adaptation is deservedly recognized its sublime wackiness. Yet beneath all the time-travelling and supernatural slapstick of this postmodern two-parter is a traditional love story so cheesy it actually romantic. Also featuring the now-customary Wong Kar-wai spoofs.玩世不恭的周星驰就是孙悟空的最佳人选,而唐玄奘突然唱起五黑宝合唱团的《Only You简直是神来之笔这部后现代主义风格电影分为上下两集刘镇伟对《西游记的改编天马行空,荒诞至极但片中包裹在时空穿梭以及超现实的搞笑情节之下的,是一段潇洒、唯美的传统爱情故事影片中也有现在为人们熟悉的王家卫式的嘲讽“My aunt said, people will think you’re a Mainlander if they know you’re a fan of Teresa Teng.”“姑妈说,给人家知道你喜欢听邓丽君,全世界都知道你是大陆人”Destiny is calling Lai’s new immigrant from northern China, who ms a ‘friendship’ – with benefits – with Cheung’s Guangzhou comrade out of loneliness and a shared passion the Mandarin pop legend Teresa Teng. The catch? He has a fiancée back home and she has her materialistic ambitions to fulfil. Definitely a love story and certainly one of our cinema’s very best, Chan’s nine-times Hong Kong Film Awards winner charts the decade-spanning near-romance with acute cultural awareness and a sublime touch of emotional delicacy.命运让从中国大陆到香港打拼的李翘(张曼玉饰)遇到了同样从大陆来到香港讨生活的黎小军(黎明饰)由于孤独寂寞,加之两人都很喜欢邓丽君,他们渐生情愫然而,黎小军在家乡有个未婚妻,李翘则想追求更加优越的物质生活这不仅是一部绝佳的爱情故事,更是一部最佳上座影片本片获得第届香港电影金像奖九项大奖,描绘了跨越近年的爱情故事,具有浓厚的文化意识和超群的细腻感受“He remembers those vanished years. As though looking through a dusty window pane, the past is something he could see, but not touch. And everything he sees is blurred and indistinct.”“他记得那些逝去的年华就好像透过一扇蒙了尘的窗户看出去,他能看到过去,却无法触及他看到的一切都模糊不清”The ation from writer Liu Yi-Chang’s stream-of-consciousness novella, Intersection, loosely inspired Wong Kar-wai into capturing the tentative affair between two would-be lovers who cross paths briefly bee parting ever.刘以鬯的意识流小说《对倒中的这段话给王家卫带来一点灵感,让他得以捕捉到生活有短暂交集、最终又各奔东西的两个人之间可能产生的那一点情愫The year is 196, and as next-door neighbors living in a crowded apartment complex, Mr Chow (Tony Leung) and Mrs Chan (Maggie Cheung in a cheongsam showcase) gradually discover their spouses are having a clandestine affair. Alternately finding solace by spending time with each other, and masochistically toying with the other’s emotions by rehearsing imaginary breakups, the two soon consummate their mutual longing by role-playing as their cheating partners.故事发生在196年,周先生(梁朝伟饰)和陈太太(张曼玉饰,整片上演旗袍秀)两家是某栋拥挤公寓楼里的邻居两人都发现自己的另一半在外面有私情于是,两人经常在一起互相安慰,还上演假装分手的虐心桥段后来,两人通过扮演各自出轨的伴侣满足了对彼此的渴望“The jianghu underworld is filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons, but so are human feelings.”“江湖黑道里卧虎藏龙,人心又何尝不是”After spinning our heads decades with its delirious showdowns and romanized notion of chivalry, the wuxia genre finally conquered the world with – of all stories – a poignant romance about two pairs of would-be lovers perpetually repressing their feelings. Looking to his sword and settle down with his longtime muse (Michelle Yeoh), a mighty swordsman (Chow Yun-fat) is sucked into another one-last-job scenario as an aristocrat daughter (Zhang Ziyi) recklessly juggles the thrills of the martial arts world, her secret affection a bandit (Chang Chen), and the wish of her family to set her up an arranged marriage. Described pertinently by Ang Lee as ense and Sensibility with martial arts, this visually stunning, gravity-defying masterpiece won four Oscars (including best eign language film) and ushered in a new era of traditional Chinese movies made with a global audience in mind.多年来一直靠紧张激烈的对决以及古罗马式的骑士精神刺激观众神经的武侠电影,终于有一部用一段凄美的爱情故事征了全世界片中,两对心生爱慕的男女始终压抑着自己的情感一位剑术高明的剑客(周润发)希望能收起宝剑,与爱慕已久的女神(杨紫琼饰)隐退江湖,但他在退隐前的最后一票中却卷入了另一场漩涡一个贵族人家的(章子怡饰)在冒失闯荡惊险的江湖时,偷偷爱上了一个土匪(张震饰),但她的家族希望包办她的婚姻李安将《卧虎藏龙称为一部“《理智与情感式的武侠片”,影片视觉效果震撼,是一部具有创意的杰作这部电影收获了座奥斯卡奖(包括最佳外语片奖),开启了带着全球视野拍摄传统中国电影的新时代“It three years after three years, three years after three years. It been almost years, boss.”“三年之后又三年,三年之后又三年,都快十年了,老大!”If you really think about it, they should have put a spoiler warning on the promo posters of this exemplary undercover cop thriller: after all, what the point of a suspense noir when even your elderly neighbor – and her maid – knew that Tony Leung is going to put a gun to Andy Lau head at the movie climax?仔细想想,经典卧底警匪片《无间道的宣传海报上应该加一句剧透警告:毕竟,当你隔壁的老人和他家保姆都知道梁朝伟将要在电影高潮掏出指着刘德华的头时,又有什么黑色悬疑可谈呢“We don’t need to do everything in one night.”“有些事情不用一个晚上都做完”From the hazy ambiance of its KTV lounge parties to its uncannily realistic portrayal of Cantonese banter’s amusing ways, Pang’s bittersweet romcom about two chain-smoking would-be lovers looks reality square in the eye: while urban romances may be capricious, our city’s indoor smoking ban is permanent.从KTV包房派对中的朦胧氛围,到对广式玩笑幽默的诡异写实刻画,彭浩翔的这部悲喜交加的浪漫爱情喜剧讲述了两位相互爱慕的烟民之间的故事他们两人都看得很明白:都市爱情可能充满变数,但这个城市的室内禁烟令可是长期不变的 5ASABA, Nigeria — Sitting on a blue plastic stool in the sweltering heat, Ugezu J. Ugezu, one of Nigeria’s top filmmakers, was furiously rewriting his script as the cameras prepared to roll. “Cut!” he shouted after wrapping up a key scene, a confrontation between the two leading characters. Then, under his breath, he added, “Good as it gets.”尼日利亚阿萨巴——酷热之下,尼日利亚顶尖的电影人尤格祖·J·尤格祖(Ugezu J. Ugezu)正坐在一张蓝色的塑料凳子上奋笔疾书,修改剧本摄像机做好了开动的准备“停!”他在一场关键的戏结束后喊道那是两位主演的一场对手戏之后,他又低声说,“还算不错”This was the seventh — and last — day of shooting in a village near here “Beyond the Dance,” Mr. Ugezu’s story of an African prince’s choice of a bride, and the production had been conducted at a breakneck pace.这是尤格祖执导的影片《舞蹈之外(Beyond the Dance)在这附近的一个村庄取景拍摄的第七天,也是最后一天,这部电影的制作速度非常快影片讲述的是一个非洲王子选择新娘的故事“In Nollywood, you don’t waste time,” he said. “It’s not the technical depth that has made our films so popular. It’s because of the story. We tell African stories.”“在瑙莱坞,不能浪费时间,”他说“让我们的电影大受欢迎的不是高深的技术,而是故事我们讲的是非洲故事”The stories told by Nigeria’s booming film industry, known as Nollywood, have emerged as a cultural phenomenon across Africa, the vanguard of the country’s growing influence across the continent in music, comedy, fashion and even religion.“瑙莱坞”(Nollywood)是尼日利亚蓬勃发展的电影工业的代称这里讲述的故事,已经成了整个非洲的一种文化现象尼日利亚在非洲大陆的音乐、喜剧、时尚乃至宗教领域的影响力日渐增强,而瑙莱坞电影则充当了先锋Nollywood generates about ,500 movies a year, making it the second-biggest producer after Bollywood in India, and its films have displaced American, Indian and Chinese ones on the televisions that are ubiquitous in bars, hair salons, airport lounges and homes across Africa.瑙莱坞一年的电影产量约为500部,是仅次于印度宝莱坞(Bollywood)的第二大电影产地在非洲各地的酒吧、发廊、机场候机厅和居民家中随处可见的电视上,瑙莱坞电影已经取代了美国、印度和中国的电影The industry employs a million people — second only to farming — in Nigeria, pumping 0 million annually into the national economy, according to a report by the ed States International Trade Commission. In , it made 00 movies and million.美国国际贸易委员会(ed States International Trade Commission)在年发布的一份报告显示,尼日利亚电影业有0万从业人员——仅次于农业——每年会为国民经济贡献6亿美元而年时,尼日利亚电影业的产量只有00部,收入也仅有500万美元Nollywood resonates across Africa with its stories of a precolonial past and of a present caught between village life and urban modernity. The movies explore the tensions between the individual and extended families, between the draw of urban life and the pull of the village, between Christianity and traditional beliefs. countless people, in a place long shaped by outsiders, Nollywood is redefining the African experience.瑙莱坞凭借其讲述的故事在整个非洲引起了共鸣,如这片大陆在沦为殖民地之前的历史,以及当下夹在农村生活和城市现代化之间的体验影片探究了个人与大家庭之间、城市生活的吸引力与农村生活的牵绊之间、基督教和传统信仰之间的冲突这里长久以来一直被外来者左右,对于这里的许多人来说,瑙莱坞正在重新定义非洲的体验“I doubt that a white person, a European or American, can appreciate Nollywood movies the way an African can,” said Katsuva Ngoloma, a linguist at the University of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo who has written about Nollywood’s significance. “But Africans — the rich, the poor, everyone — will see themselves in those movies in one way or another.”“我怀疑白人,不管是欧洲人还是美国人,无法像非洲人那样欣赏瑙莱坞的电影,”刚果民主共和国卢本巴希大学(University of Lubumbashi)语言学专家卡楚瓦·恩戈洛马(Katsuva Ngoloma)说“但是非洲人,无论贫富贵贱,都会从这些电影里以某种方式看到自己的影子”恩戈洛马曾撰文论述瑙莱坞的重要意义In Yeoville, a neighborhood in Johannesburg that is a melting pot migrants, a seamstress from Ghana took orders one recent morning the latest fashions seen in Nollywood movies. Hairstylists from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, working in salons or on the street, offered hair weaves following the styles favored by Nollywood actresses.约翰内斯堡的约维尔(Yeoville)地区是移民的大熔炉不久前的一天上午,一名来自加纳的女裁缝接到订单,要缝制瑙莱坞电影里出现的最新饰来自民主刚果、莫桑比克和津巴布韦的发型师,不管是在店里还是在街头工作的,都会照瑙莱坞女演员喜欢的发型给顾客做头发“Nigerian movies express how we live as Africans, what we experience in our everyday lives, things like witchcraft, things like fighting between mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws,” said Patience Moyo, , a Zimbabwean hair-braider. “When you watch the movies, you feel it is really happening. One way or another, it will touch your life somewhere.”“尼日利亚的电影表现的是我们非洲人的生活方式,我们在日常生活中的经历,比如巫术和婆媳大战等,”岁的津巴布韦籍辫发师佩兴丝·莫约(Patience Moyo)说“看电影的时候,你会觉得电影里发生的是真事不管怎样,总会触及你生活的某个地方”Back in , the movies were simply known as Nigeria’s home s. They were popularized at first through cassettes traded across Africa, but now Nollywood is available on satellite and cable television channels, as well as on streaming services like iRokoTV. In , in response to swelling popularity in Francophone Africa, a satellite channel called Nollywood TV began offering round-the-clock movies dubbed into French. Most Nollywood movies are in English, though some are in one of Nigeria’s main ethnic languages.在年,瑙莱坞的电影还只能叫做尼日利亚家庭录像它们最初是通过在非洲各地都能买到的录像带流行起来的但现在,在卫星和有线电视频道,以及iRokoTV等流媒体务平台上,均能看到瑙莱坞的影片年,为回应瑙莱坞电影在非洲法语地区大受欢迎的局面,一个名叫瑙莱坞电视(Nollywood TV)的卫星频道,开始全天播放法语配音的电影瑙莱坞电影大多使用英语,不过也有一些影片用尼日利亚主要的民族语言Until Nollywood’s ascendance, movies made in Francophone Africa — with grants from the French government — dominated filmmaking on the continent. But these movies catered to the sensibilities of Western critics and viewers, and won few fans in Africa, leaving no cultural footprint.在瑙莱坞崛起之前,非洲法语国家摄制的电影,把持着这片大陆上的电影业但这些靠法国政府的经费拍摄的影片,迎合的是西方影评人和观众的感情,在非洲几乎没有影迷,也没有留下文化印记In Nollywood, though, movies are still financed by private investors expecting a profit.但在瑙莱坞,电影制作的资金依然来自希望赚到钱的私人投资者“You want to do a movie? You have the script? You look immediately the money and you shoot,” said Mahmood Ali-Balogun, a leading Nigerian filmmaker. “When you get a grant from France or the E.U., they can dictate to you where to put your camera, the fine-tuning of your script. It’s not a good model us in Africa.”“想拍电影?剧本有了?马上就能筹集资金开拍,”尼日利亚知名电影人马哈茂德·阿里-巴洛贡(Mahmood Ali-Balogun)说“要是用法国和欧盟的拨款,它们会规定摄像机的位置,还会改剧本对我们这些在非洲的人来说,这种模式不好”Mr. Ali-Balogun was speaking from his office in Surulere, Lagos, the birthplace of Nollywood. Film production has since moved to other cities, especially Asaba, an otherwise sleepy state capital in southeastern Nigeria. On any given day, a dozen crews can be found here — “epic” films with ancient story lines like “Beyond the Dance” are in the works in nearby villages, while “glamour” movies about modern life make the city itself their sets.阿里-巴洛贡是在他位于拉各斯苏鲁里尔(Surulere)的办公室接受采访的这里是瑙莱坞的诞生地如今,电影制作已转移至其他城市,特别是阿萨巴如果没有电影业,位于尼日利亚东南部的阿萨巴就只是一个宁静的州首府任何一天,都能在这里看到几十个剧组像《舞蹈之外这种有古代故事情节的“史诗”片,要在附近村子里的制片厂摄制,而讲述现代生活的“时髦”片则把城市本身当作布景One recent entry in the glamour category was “Okada 50,” the story of a woman and son who, after leaving their village, open a coffin business in the city and terrorize their neighbors.最近有一部时髦片叫《奥卡达50(Okada 50),讲的是一对母子离开他们生活的村子,在城里开了一家棺材店,并吓着了周围邻居的故事Most films have budgets of about ,000 and are shot in a week.大部分电影的预算都在.5万美元左右,在一周之内完成拍摄Once completed in Asaba, the movies find their way to every corner of Africa, released in the original English, dubbed into French or African languages, and sometimes apted, repackaged and often pirated local audiences. Many movies are also propelled by a symbiotic relationship with Nigeria’s Pentecostal Christianity, which pastors have exported throughout Africa.在阿萨巴一完成制作,电影便会进入非洲的各个角落英语原声的电影会被配音成法语或非洲语言有时候,影片还会针对当地观众进行重新改编和重新包装,这些通常都是盗版由于牧师们已经将尼日利亚的基督教五旬节派(Pentecostal Christianity)传播到了整个非洲,许多电影也因为与该教派相辅相成的关系,而得到了推动In the Democratic Republic of Congo, pastors who visited Nigeria years ago returned with cassettes and showed the films in church to teach Christian lessons and attract new members, said Katrien Pype, a Belgian anthropologist at the University of Leuven who has written about the phenomenon.鲁汶大学(University of Leuven)的比利时人类学家卡特林·派珀(Katrien Pype)称,在民主刚果,多年前来到尼日利亚的牧师,回国时带了很多录像带,为了教授基督教课程和吸引新信徒,而在教堂里放映电影派珀曾撰文介绍过这一现象Today in Kinshasa, the Congolese capital, Nollywood permeates mainstream culture. Local women copy the fashion, makeup and hairstyles of the actresses; local musicians grumble at the popularity of Nigerian imports, like Don Jazzy and the P-Square twins.如今在民主刚果的首都金沙萨,瑙莱坞全面影响着主流文化当地的女性会效仿女演员的饰、妆容和发型当地的音乐人会抱怨从尼日利亚输入的音乐人太受欢迎,如唐·杰西(Don Jazzy)和双胞胎组合P-SquareTrésor Baka, a Congolese dubber who translates Nollywood movies into the local language, Lingala, said the films are popular because “Nigeria has succeeded in reconciling modernity and their ancient ways, their culture and traditions.”把瑙莱坞电影翻译成民主刚果当地语言林加拉语的配音演员特勒索·巴卡(Trésor Baka)表示,瑙莱坞电影受欢迎是因为,“尼日利亚成功地把现代化和他们的古老历史、文化和传统融为了一体” 75

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