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TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。201506/382107Born in the heart of an exploding supernova star,产生于超新星爆炸Iron forms the earths molten core,铁构成了地球的熔融核心Larger than the moon, hot as the sun.比月亮大 炽热如太阳Without it, no atmosphere, no magnetic field,没有铁 就没有大气层 没有磁场No life.没有生命The fourth most common mineral in the earths crust.它是地壳中第四种最常见的矿物质After depending on bronze for so long,很长时间人类依赖青铜器iron was a far superior metal,铁器比青铜器更胜一筹but it took a much higher level of skill to work with it.但需要更高水准的技术来锻造To forge iron, a super-fuel:冶炼铁需要一种超级燃料Charcoal, wood burned in kilns,就是窑炉烧出来的木炭More carbon, more energy,碳元素越多 能量越大Burns hotter, longer.温度更高 燃烧更持久They needed to smelt it,为了熔炼出铁to get that ore into a position工人把铁矿石放在适当的地方where it would interact with charcoal,以便与木炭相互作用and great groaning bellows would push air into this fire.巨大的鼓风机往火炉里推送空气The heat would infuse the iron,高温熔化铁矿石and it would coagulate into these chunks.然后凝结成块状201509/397976Salman Khan给我们讲述开创Khan学院的过程及原因。Khan学院不仅有良好的数学视频教学体系,而且也包含有别的学科。他给我们展示了互动式的练习,并且呼吁老师们打破传统的教学模式,将视频教学融入其中,让学生在教室老师的指导下完成所谓的“家庭作业”。201507/385558

The north of England, 1768.Richard Arkwright.1768年 在英格兰北部 有一位名叫理查德·阿克莱特的人Self-taught, ambitious, a natural entrepreneur.他自学成才 雄心满满 是个天生的企业家The root of civilization is the driving of certain people at certain times to create something new. 文明的根源源于特定时间特定的人 想要创造新生事物的 那种驱动力Something drives certain people.Its not in most of us.有种力量推动着这些人 但大多数人并没有这种力量Arkwrights goal is to create a machine To stretch and spin cotton perfectly.阿克莱特的目标是要造出一种机器 能够完美准确地拉伸棉花 纺纱John Kay, clockmaker,Brings the skills of the precision engineer.约翰·凯是一位钟表匠 他带来了作为一名工程师的精密技术The two men work at night, and in secret.他们二人利用夜晚 暗中通力合作Neighbors suspect theyre practicing witchcraft.左邻右舍甚至怀疑他们在施巫术But the device theyre making will give birth To the age of industry and the consumer society.但他们正在制作的装置即将开启 工业时代 和消费社会的篇章Now you begin to get a whole group of people who can afford to get products如今 一大群人 可以买得起这些商品that once upon a time were really only available to the wealthy.而曾经 这些商品只有有钱人 才买得起We can now enjoy things that we could never have before.我们如今所享的是之前从不可能拥有的We can eat things, wear things, play with things.我们吃穿不愁 其乐无穷We can produce so much more stuff,and almost all of this stuff is what people actually want.我们生产出众多商品 几乎都是人们真正所需的201604/435382

1972 was the year a great love affair ended.一段美丽的爱情在1972年走到终点The human race fell out of love with the moon.人类对月亮的爱意荡然无存It was a classic case of familiarity breeds contempt.这是因了解而分开的典型范例Thered been six moon landings, and wed grown bored.六次登月任务后,我们开始心生厌烦To this day no-one has been back.此后再也没人去过月球The moon did turn out to be dull.月球的确很乏味Its, what do you see,各位也看到了a barren colourless landscape那是一片散布着with fragmentary rock all over the place.碎石的荒芜大地Our eyes wandered to other more intriguing worlds.我们不安于世的目光转向其他更引人入胜的世界Throughout the solar system scientists found many more moons科学家在太阳系中发现许多卫星that seemed far more exciting than our own dull pile of grey rock.而它们看来比咱们灰色无聊的月球刺激得多For 35 years our own moon has been abandoned.我们自己的月亮被打入冷宫35年But now all thats about to change.但这一切即将改变This is the story of our love affair with the moon.这是我们与月球间的爱情故事What inspired it, how it faded away,描述人类如何爱上月球,对它倦极生厌and how now were slowly but surely及现在又是如何falling in love all over again.重新爱上它Our love affair with the moon is an ancient one.我们对月亮的爱恋由来已久It is earths constant companion in the dark emptiness of space.在黑暗空虚的太空中,它忠实地陪伴地球The moon has looked down on the whole of human history.月亮默默地俯视着人类历史的上演And throughout history, we have looked up at it.而从古至今,我们也一直仰望着它It has inspired great myths and legends.月亮激发了伟大的神话与传说Weve feared it, and weve worshipped it.我们对月亮是又敬又怕Five thousand years ago,五千年前in a remote corner of the Outer Hebrides,一个新石器时代的聚落a Neolithic community made its home.在外赫布立群岛的偏远角落安顿下来We know very little about these people,我们对这群人所知不多but theyve left us an enduring symbol of their profound但他们与月亮刻骨铭心的关系relationship with the moon.却为后世留下了恒久的象征Islanders Margaret Curtis and her husband Ron住在岛上的玛格丽特寇提斯和她丈夫朗恩have devoted their lives to understanding that relationship.穷尽毕生精力研究这段关系I find a link with these people that our minds seem to be我觉得和这些人有志一同working along the same ideas.冥冥之中似乎有股默契This has been very much of a detective story sorting it all out.厘清这一切的头绪,有点像个推理故事They may not have had writing but theyve set the stones up他们也许没有文字,但是竖立了这些石头in such a way that we can fathom out what they were after.好让我们理解他们的意念No-one knows for certain what没人能够确定the Standing Stones of Callanish represent.卡拉尼什立石阵究竟代表了什么But their positioning suggests但其配置暗示that they are a complex tribute to the moon,立石阵是对月亮的复杂礼赞part sacred site and part ancient observatory.既是圣地也是古代的观测站These stones at Callanish are a sort of lun,卡拉尼什立石阵有点像lunar computer, a lunar calendar and its a computer一部月球电脑,或是一套阴历thats still working after 5,000 yrs,而这台电脑五千年后还能运作which is more than we can say for some of the computers光是这一点weve got round nowadays.就比现代电脑强了201504/370919

17 strikes against ISIL in Iraq and Syria联盟对伊拉克叙利亚的极端恐怖组织ISIL实施17次打击The ed States and its allies have conducted 17 air strikes on Christmas Day against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.圣诞节期间美国及其联盟对伊拉克和叙利亚的极端恐怖组织“ISIS”进行了17次空袭。 译文属201512/418751

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