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淄博哪里看早泄比较好Not content with a 6.4 per cent tumble last Friday to cap off the worst week since the financial crisis, the Shanghai Composite chose to push the envelope today, chalking up a 7.4 per cent fall to 4,192.88.上周五,上综指收跌6.4%,为金融危机以来表现最糟糕的一周画上了句号。今日,该指数选择挑战一下极限,以7.4%这一更大的跌幅收盘,最终收至4192.88点。At an intra-day low of 4,139.53, the index was down as much as 8.57 per cent.该指数今日盘中一度跌至4139.53点,跌幅高达8.57%。The 7.4 per cent fall now ranks as the second-biggest fall this year for Shanghai stocks, behind a 7.7 per cent plunge on January 19. It also makes the cut as the fifth-biggest daily fall since 2000 (see table). The index is now down 18.8 per cent since a multi-year closing high of 5,166.35.上综指今日的下跌创下今年以来上海股市第二大单日跌幅(1月19日下跌7.7%),也是2000年以来的第五大单日跌幅(见图表)。上综指现在已较5166.35点的多年收盘价高点下跌了18.8%。That leaves the index very close to entering bear market territory, defined as a decline of 20 per cent from a peak.该指数非常接近于进入熊市,熊市的定义是自峰值水平下跌20%。On an intra-day basis, the Shanghai Composite did enter a bear market, with a fall of 20.06 per cent from an intra-day high of 5,178.191 on June 12 to today#39;s intra-day low. On a closing basis, the level for a bear market is 4,133.08.按盘中价格计算,上综指其实已步入熊市,从6月12日5178.19点的盘中高点到今日的盘中低点,跌幅已达20.06%。按收盘价计算,要达到熊市标准,收盘点位需要达到4133.08点。The Shenzhen Composite is aly growling, down 20.3 per cent from its June 12 record close of 3,140.663. The tech-heavy index closed 7.87 per cent lower at 2,502.96 for its biggest one-day drop since June 10, 2008, and its third-biggest one-day fall since 2000 (see table).深综指已从6月12日3140.66点的创纪录收盘点位下跌20.3%。成份股中科技股众多的该指数今日收跌7.87%,至2502.96点,为自2008年6月10日以来最大单日跌幅,也是自2000年以来第三大单日跌幅。For the week, the Shanghai Composite was down 6.37 per cent and the Shenzhen Composite was down 8.72 per cent, for the first back-to-back weekly declines since early February.本周,上综指累计下跌6.37%,深综指累计下跌8.72%,这是自2月初以来首次出现连续两周下跌。On a back-of-the-envelope calculation (relax, I#39;m using a spsheet), today#39;s fall wiped a combined 7bn in market capitalisation from the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges.粗略算来,今天的下跌导致沪深两市市值蒸发了7670亿美元。During China#39;s bull market of 2006-07, the Shanghai Composite suffered six corrections greater than 10 per cent (see squiggle chart). That includes a decline from mid-October to the end of November 2007 that wiped off 21.15 per cent. Although the index managed to recover some poise after that, the bear market had begun, and the index then sank for the next 12 months as the financial crisis took hold.2006-07年的中国牛市期间,上综指曾经历6次跌幅超过10%的调整(见图表),其中包括从2007年10月中旬到11月底的一轮下跌行情,那次的跌幅达21.15%。尽管该指数在那之后有所企稳,但沪市却开始步入熊市,随着金融危机站稳脚跟,该指数在接下来的12个月里一路下跌。In other words, during that previous bull market, there was no sustainable recovery from a correction as deep as the one Chinese investors are experiencing now. It remains to be seen whether that pattern will play out this time around.换句话说,在那次牛市中,中国投资者在遭遇和这次同等幅度的调整后,并没有迎来可持续的反弹。这一次,这一幕是否会重演,还有待观察。 /201506/383360淄博哪里治疗尖锐湿疣比较好 淄博非营利性男科医院

淄博治疗睾丸炎最好的医院是哪家One of the biggest stunts online and in social media right now had very low-key beginnings on the professional golf circuit.目前在网络和社交媒体上最风靡的行为其实是在专业高尔夫球场上低调开始的。The so-called ice-bucket challenge—dump ice water on yourself, post and tag yourself on social media and challenge others to do the same—got its start among golfers as a way to support pet charities. In just a few weeks, it has become a major fundraising coup for patients and organizations with ALS, a neurodegenerative disorder. It is commonly called Lou Gehrig#39;s disease, after the baseball player who had it.这个叫做“冰桶挑战”的活动要求参与人将一桶冰水浇在自己身上,然后将整个过程发布在社交网站上,并提名其他人来接受挑战,这个活动最初是高尔夫球员为持宠物慈善发起的。在短短几周内,冰桶挑战成为为肌萎缩性脊髓侧索硬化症(ASL)患者和相关公益组织筹集善款的重要活动。肌萎缩性脊髓侧索硬化症通常被称为葛雷克氏症,是以曾经患有此症的一位棒球运动员的名字命名的。One common stipulation gives 24 hours to complete the dare from the time they are nominated; otherwise, the participant has to donate at least 0 to the ASL Association.被提名者要在被提名后的24小时内完成挑战,否则就要向ASL协会捐出至少100美元。The campaign has caught people ranging from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and performer Justin Timberlake.到目前为止,参与冰桶挑战的人包括美国新泽西州州长克里斯#8226;克里斯蒂、Facebook首席执行官马克#8226;扎克伯格以及艺人贾斯汀#8226;汀布莱克。As of Thursday, the ALS Association had raised .6 million in donations in two weeks. That compares with .4 million raised during the same two-week period last year. The donations came from existing donors and 145,918 new donors, said a spokeswoman for the group.截止上周四,ALS协会已在两周内筹集到760万美元的捐款。去年同期两周内的捐款总额为140万美元。该组织发言人表示,这些捐款来自已有捐赠人和145918位新增捐款人。 /201408/322038 Keep the seatbelts on.请系好安全带。Stock markets around the world tumbled again on Tuesday, dashing hopes that financial markets would calm down after two weeks of turbulence.本周二,全球股市再次大跌,击破了金融市场将在两周的震荡后走稳的希望。Investors appear to be growing more nervous about the strength of the global economy. China released a weak report on manufacturing on Tuesday, and an influential international policy maker sounded a downbeat note on the outlook for Asian economies.投资者似乎越来越担心全球经济后继乏力。中国本周二公布的数据显示其制造业走势疲软,而一位举足轻重的国际政策制定者对亚洲经济的前景表示了悲观。After steep declines in the stock markets of Asia and Europe, stocks in the ed States also plummeted. The Standard amp; Poor’s 500-stock index slid 58.33 points, or 2.96 percent. The benchmark is now 10.2 percent below its nominal high, putting it back in a correction — the Wall Street term for a decline of more than 10 percent from a peak level. The S.amp;P. 500 index is still 2.48 percent above the low it closed at last week.继亚洲和欧洲股市大跌之后,美国股市也跳水。标准普尔500指数跌58.33点,跌幅2.96%。现在该指数比其名义高位低10.2%,回到调整区间——这是华尔街术语,指比峰值水平低逾10%。但标准普尔500指数仍站在比上周收盘时高出2.48%的位置。But the underlying ugliness of the action — only three stocks in the S.amp;P. 500 rose on Tuesday — suggested that the market could have further to drop.但下跌的惨状——标准普尔500种股票中仅有3只个股上涨——表明股市可能有进一步下挫。And some analysts said it might be a while before the market recovers.一些分析人士说,股市一时半会可能不会回涨。“You rarely get a V-shaped bottom,” said John De Clue, an investment officer for U.S. Bank. “You usually bounce around for a while.”“V形底很罕见,”美国(U.S. Bank)投资主管约翰·德克鲁(John De Clue)说。“反弹通常需要一段时间。”The Dow Jones industrial average, a popular market barometer, lost 469.68 points, or 2.84 percent, on Tuesday, to close at 16,058.35. The index is more than 12 percent below its nominal high, reached in May. The technology-heavy Nasdaq composite index dropped 2.94 percent on the day, and is down 11 percent from its recent high.本周二收盘时,常用指标道琼斯工业平均指数报收16058.35点,跌469.68点,跌幅2.84%。与在今年5月达成的名义高位相比,该指数的跌幅超过了12%。以科技股为主的纳斯达克综合指数当天下挫2.94%,从近期高位下跌了11%。Investors are now scouring the horizon for events that drive the markets up or down.投资者目前正在密切关注股市的利好或利空消息。Looming at the end of this week is the release of the ed States jobs numbers. If the government figures on Friday show that employment growth has remained strong, investors may be encouraged that developments overseas will not do too much harm to the American economy. On the other hand, a robust jobs number may also lead investors to conclude that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this month, rather than wait longer.美国就业数据将于周末发布。如果政府本周五的数据显示就业增长依然强劲,投资者可能会受到鼓励,认为海外发生的事情不会对美国经济造成太大损害。另一方面,稳健的就业人数也可能会让投资者觉得,美联储将在本月加息,而不是等待更长的时间。“The jobs numbers on Friday will be really important,” said Edward J. Perkin, chief equity investment officer at Eaton Vance Management. “It will determine Fed policy one way or another.” If the Fed decides to raise rates this month, it will most likely announce the move after monetary policy meetings scheduled for Sept. 16 and 17.“周五公布的就业数据真的非常重要,”伊顿万斯管理公司(Eaton Vance Management)首席股本投资官爱德华·J·佩尔金(Edward J. Perkin)说。“这会以某种方式决定美联储的政策。”如果美联储决定本月提高利率,他们可能会在9月16号、17号举行完货币政策会议之后宣布消息。The prospect of a September rise in interest rates has worried many economists and investors. In particular, they assert that the low level of inflation in the ed States is a sign that the economy is still quite vulnerable to a slowdown.9月利率可能会升高,这让很多经济学家及投资者感到担忧。特别是因为,他们断定美国的低通胀说明经济仍旧相当容易出现减速。In a speech in New York on Tuesday, Eric S. Rosengren, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, highlighted that inflation numbers were well below the Fed’s target of 2 percent. Mr. Rosengren, who is an alternate member of the Fed’s committee on interest rates, also suggested that a weaker global economy and turmoil in the markets might make reaching that level harder.波士顿联邦储备(Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)行长埃里克·S·罗森格伦(Eric S. Rosengren)周二在纽约讲话时强调,通胀数据远低于美联储2%的目标。罗森格伦是美联储利率委员会的候补委员,他还表示,全球经济的疲软和市场的动荡可能使得这个目标更难以完成。“Given the low wage and price inflation data seen to date, and increased uncertainty about global growth, it will be particularly important for monetary-policy makers to closely monitor and depend on incoming data,” he said.他说,“鉴于到目前为止看到的低工资、物价膨胀数据,以及对全球增长的不确定性的增加,对货币政策制定者来说,尤其重要的是密切关注和依赖接下来得到的数据。”Even if the Fed decides not to increase rates this month, further problems in China and elsewhere could make investors reluctant to jump back into the stock market.即便美联储决定不在本月提高利率,中国及其他地方出现的更多问题可能会致使投资者不愿回归股市。On Tuesday, a report from Beijing showed that Chinese manufacturing activity had slipped in August to a three-year low, with both current production and new orders falling. That added to fears that the world’s second-largest economy, after that of the ed States, may be slowing more than analysts had believed.周二,北京发布的一份报告显示,中国8月份的制造业活动跌至三年来最低水平,当前生产和新订单都不断减少。这加剧了相关担忧,即仅次于美国的世界第二大经济体经济发展放缓的程度,高于分析人士的预测。Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, warned on Tuesday that the world economy would most likely expand at only a moderate pace and would probably be weaker than the I.M.F. forecast two months ago.国际货币基金组织(International Monetary Fund)总裁克里斯蒂娜·拉加德(Christine Lagarde)周二警告称,世界经济可能只会以适度的速度扩张,发展形势可能不及该组织两个月前做出的预测。“Asia as a region is still expected to lead global growth,” she said in a speech in Jakarta, Indonesia. “But even here, the pace is turning out slower than expected — with the risk that it may slow even further given the recent spike in global risk aversion and financial market volatility.”“亚洲作为一个区域,仍将引领全球经济增长,”她在印度尼西亚雅加达发表讲话时说。“但即便在亚洲,增长速度也变得不及预期,鉴于最近全球风险规避的剧增,以及金融市场的波动,经济增长可能会进一步放缓。”The sell-offs in global markets started soon after China unexpectedly devalued its currency, the renminbi, on Aug. 11. Analysts at the time said the move could bolster Chinese exports by making them cheaper in other currencies. It was also expected to reduce Chinese imports, since foreign goods and services would cost more in renminbi.在中国于8月11日出人意料地降低人民币价值不久后,全球股市开始大跌。分析人士当时表示,此举会促使以其他货币定价的中国商品的价格下滑,促进中国的出口产业。这也会减少中国的进口量,因为外国商品和务会花费更多人民币。Both outcomes, however, could affect countries with economies that rely heavily on exports. As result, such countries may decide to further devalue their currencies to regain competitiveness with China. The high stakes of such rivalries were made clear on Tuesday when South Korea reported export figures for August that were well below expectations.然而,这两种后果可能会影响那些严重依赖出口的国家。因此,此类国家可能决定进一步促使货币贬值,以恢复竞争力,与中国展开竞争。韩国在周二报告称8月份的出口数据远低于预期,说明了此类竞争的高风险性。In China, the Shanghai composite index fell 1.23 percent on Tuesday, leaving it almost 40 percent below its recent high.在中国,上综合指数本周二跌1.23%,与近期高点相比,跌幅近40%。In contrast with past periods of turbulence, this one has not so far spurred a fierce rally in the 10-year Treasury note, a safe-haven investment. Its yield fell slightly to 2.16 percent on Tuesday from 2.21 percent on Monday. Its price went up 16/32, to 98 19/32.与之前的震荡行情相反,本次震荡尚未导致避险投资10年期国债的激烈反弹。它的收益率从本周一的2.21%小幅下滑至本周二的2.16%。其价格涨16/32,至98 19/32。Adding to the nervousness on Tuesday, the price of oil fell after a strong rally in recent days. The benchmark crude contract in New York declined .79, or 7.7 percent, to .41. Over time, a lower price might signal less demand for oil as economies slow.石油价格在近日的一波强劲反弹之后,也在周二出现下跌,加剧了当日的市场紧张情绪。纽约基准原油期货价格下跌3.79美元,至45.41美元,跌幅7.7%。从较长的期间来看,石油价格下滑可能意味着经济体的需求减缓。The Vix index, a measure of volatility in the S.amp;P. 500 that is often called Wall Street’s fear gauge, jumped 10 percent, but it is still well below last week’s high.VIX指数衡量的是标准普尔500指数的波动性,通常被称为华尔街的恐惧指标,周二该指数跃升10%,但仍远低于上周的高点。In another sign that investors remain pessimistic, European shares declined despite an official report on Tuesday showing that the jobless rate in the eurozone had slipped by 0.2 of a percentage point in July, to 10.9 percent — the first time it had sunk below 11 percent since early 2012. While that still leaves about 17.5 million people classified as unemployed, it suggests a modest economic recovery in the bloc.另一个表明投资者依然悲观的迹象是,尽管周二的数据显示,欧元区7月份的失业率下降0.2个百分点,至10.9%——这是自2012年初以来,它第一次降到11%以下——但欧股仍然出现下跌。虽然欧洲仍有约1750万人被归为失业者,但该指标表示经济出现了小幅复苏。The major European indexes all closed the day 2 to 3 percent lower. In London, the FTSE 100 fell 3 percent, while the CAC 40 in Paris ended down 2.4 percent.欧洲主要股指当天全线下跌2-3%。伦敦的FTSE 100指数收跌3%,而巴黎CAC 40指数下跌了2.4%。 /201509/397245淄博哪个医院治生殖感染好辛店中心医院治疗生殖感染价格



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