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Bello贝洛The gods that failed失败的上帝A writers recantation highlights the intellectual failures of the Latin American left作家的改口显示拉美左派的理论失败。LEAVE aside Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and no writer has done more to shape the mental image that both locals and outsiders have of Latin America than Eduardo Galeano. In 1971 the then journalist published “Open Veins of Latin America”, a scorching tirade against foreign exploitation. Now in its 84th impression in Spanish, it remains a fixture on the exiguous shelves devoted to Latin America in bookshops in Europe and the ed States. In all, it has sold over a million copies. Hugo Chavez gave it to Barack Obama when they met in .除了马尔克斯,没人能在塑造拉美精神意象上做得比爱德华多·加莱亚诺更多。1971年,当时的记者出版了《拉丁美洲被切开的血管》一书,在书中作者用长篇大论激烈地反对了外国的剥削。到现在它已再版了84次,但仍是美国和欧洲书店中关于拉美的畅销书籍,其销量已逾百万册。年,查韦斯与奥巴马会面时曾将此书赠与后者。“Open Veins” is written in powerful prose, with intoxicating passion. But it is also a work of crude propaganda, a mix of selective truths, exaggeration and falsehood, caricature and conspiracy theory. It is the bible of “dependency theory”, the notion dear to the left that “underdevelopment in Latin America is a consequence of development elsewhere, that we Latin Americans are poor because the ground we t is rich in resources.”该书以散文写就,饱含令人沉醉的力量。但它是天然的宣传,是选择性真理的集合,是夸张是虚假也是讽刺画和阴谋论。它是“依赖理论”的圣经,有着“拉美的欠发达是因为其他地方的发达,拉美的贫穷是源于我们土地的富有。(引自原文)”的珍贵见解。The message is one of anti-capitalism as well as anti-imperialism. Mr Galeano brackets as “mechanisms of plunder” both “the caravelled conquistadors and the jet-propelled technocrats; Hernan Cortés and the [US] Marines; the agents of the Spanish Crown and the International Monetary Fund missions; the dividends from the slave trade and the profits from General Motors.” He dismisses all possibility of reform; Cuban communism offers the only route to salvation.该书反对资本主义也反对帝国主义。加莱亚诺用“掠夺机制”和“卡拉维尔征者、喷气推进式科技主义者;荷南·科尔蒂斯、美国海军;西班牙王室和货币基金组织的代理人;奴隶贸易的分红和通用汽车的利润”加以注解。他将所有改革的可能从考虑中剔除,古巴的共产主义是唯一的拯救途径So when Mr Galeano let slip, in remarks at a recent book fair in Brasilia, that today he would find “Open Veins” unable, it was almost as if Jesuss disciples had admitted that the New Testament was a big misunderstanding. He added that when he wrote the book he lacked “sufficient knowledge of economics and politics” and that it belongs to “a past era”.所以当加莱亚诺在最近巴西利亚的书展上无意中表示《切开的血管》已不具备可读性时,就像耶稣的门徒承认新约是一个巨大的误读一样。他补充道他在写作本书时缺乏必要的经济政治知识,而该书属于过去。Indeed so. Asias economic development and Latin Americas commodity-fuelled economic boom of this century expose dependency theory as simplistic nonsense (although it still has adherents in Latin American Studies departments). Social democracy, as practised in Brazil, Chile and Mr Galeanos own Uruguay, has offered more to the Latin American masses than the Castros bankrupt police state.确实如此。本世纪亚洲经济增长和拉美商品经济繁荣显示出依赖理论纯粹是胡说八道。(虽然在拉美的研究机构该理论仍不乏追随者。)巴西、智利和加莱亚诺的乌拉圭仍在摸索着社会民主,而这给拉美带来的麻烦远远多于卡斯特罗破产的集权国家。But the contention of “Open Veins” that Latin Americans are poor because someone—multinationals, local capitalists or the ed States—is stealing their wealth retains a profound resonance in the region. It lives on in the rhetoric and actions of governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina. The political recipe has modulated, however. In place of Cubas armed revolution, the formula now is one of “radical democracy”—or “populism”, as its detractors often call it.《切开的血管》中提到拉美的贫穷是因为一些跨国公司、当地资本家或美国正在窃取他们的财富,而这引起了广泛的共鸣。这样的论断是基于委内瑞拉、玻利维亚。厄瓜多尔和阿根廷政府的说辞和行为。那些政治做法已被调整,但是取代古巴武装革命的方式却是“激进民主”或者说是批判者口中的“平民主义”。This has involved charismatic leaders winning power through elections by claiming to champion “the people” against their oppressors. They then hold on to power by ruthlessly seizing control of all state institutions in the name of the majority and by rewarding their followers with jobs and benefits via an expanded public sector.这涉及到那些魅力非凡的领导人通过声称冠军属于人民来打压对手从而赢得选举获得权力。之后他们借着“多数人”的名义无情地控制所有国家机构并且通过扩展公共部门给其追随者安排工作和其他利益,从而牢牢掌控权力。The theoretical champion of radical populism, its mobilisation of plebeian masses and its confrontation with the established order was Ernesto Laclau, an Argentine political philosopher who lived in Cricklewood, a placid north London suburb. He argued that populism was an antidote to the capitalist domination of liberal democracy and to the hegemony of technocratic “administration” over the realm of “the political”. Laclau died, aged 78, in April. He remains influential. Ricardo Forster, a friend and sympathiser, was this month named by Argentinas president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, to the new and Orwellian post of “strategic co-ordinator for national thought”.激进平民主义的理论胜利动员了广大民众并且与拉克劳提出的规律相悖。(拉克劳住在平静的伦敦北郊是一位阿根廷政治哲学家)他认为平民主义是针对自由民主的资本主义统治和政治领域中技术统治霸权的矫正措施。4月,拉克劳逝世,享年78,但其理论仍有一定的影响力。本月阿根廷总统费尔南德斯任命其好友也是持者的福斯特为新一任的“民族思想战略协调人”。Yet Laclaus radical populism contains the seeds of its own downfall, both because it relies on individual leaders (Chavezs successor, Nicolas Maduro, lacks his mentors charisma) and, above all, because it offers no economic answers. Chavista Venezuela, sitting on vast oil reserves, has proved incapable of organising a reliable supply of toilet paper, a product that even theoreticians need. Having run short of hard-currency reserves, Ms Fernandezs Argentina has begun to cut subsidies and make its peace with its foreign creditors, prompting Mr Forster and his friends to warn against a “conservative restoration”.然而拉克劳的激进平民主义从一开始就埋下了失败的种子。不仅是因为该主义的成功依靠领导人的个人因素(查韦斯的继承者尼古拉斯·马杜罗缺乏其前任的魅力)也是因为这一主义难以交出满意的经济答卷。查韦斯手中的委内瑞拉拥有大量的石油储备但却难以稳定地组织供应那些连老学究都需要的厕纸。由于缺乏硬通货储备,费尔南德斯执掌的阿根廷开始削减补贴并与外国债权人和平相处,而这促使福斯特和他的朋友们开始提防“保守恢复”Mr Galeanos recantation and the mounting difficulties of radical populism are reminders that capitalism is the only route to development in Latin America. The task for its proponents is to show that it can be a tool not just to create wealth but also to overcome extreme inequality.加莱亚诺的改口,激进平民主义困难的增加暗示着资本主义是拉美发展的唯一途径。其持者的任务就是展示资本主义不仅是创造财富的工具也能解决极端不平等的现状。译者:严晓晴 译文属译生译世 /201601/420797Sazerac recipe1/4 oz. absinthe2 oz rye whiskey1/4 oz. simple syrup3 dashes Peychauds bitterslemon peel garnishRinse a chilled old-fashioned glass with the absinthe. In a mixing cup, add ice, rye whiskey, simple syrup, and bitters. Stir the ingredients until well chilled. Strain the drink into the glass. Add the Lemon peel for garnish.Invented in the 1830s in New Orleans. Up until the 1870s, it was made with cognac and a few craft cocktail bars offer that alternative, but today its made with rye whiskey.For our Michigan Sazerac, Tammy Coxen with Tammys Tastings chose Journeyman Distillerys Last Feather Rye whiskey. The rye has Chicago origins, but is now produced in Three Oaks, Michigan. According to Journeymans website, ;The 90-proof whiskey is made from a blend of Midwestern rye and wheat with just a touch of barley added to round out the flavor.;The Sazerac is a simple cocktail. ;Its all about technique,; Coxen explains. You want to make sure youve got a glass thats chilled in advance before you rinse it with absinthe. Coxen actually uses a spray atomizer to coat the inside of the glass.Some recipes call for muddling a sugar cube soaked in bitters and a splash of water to sweeten the drink. Simple syrup does the same thing and the drink will taste no different.Dont shake a Sazerac. Stir it.Finally, dont forget the lemon peel garnish. Its very important. Theres something magical about the mingling of the licorice aroma of the absinthe and the scent of the lemon peel and its expressed oils. Some bartenders throw away the peel after expressing the oils into the drink. Leave it in. Its pretty and it smells good.201604/439296I mean if theres anyone knows,when you are banged watching something,我的意思是 正常思维下 当你们两个想看什么的时候you do it together.You dont You wait for your partner to get home.You dont你们会一起看 你不会(一个人看) 你会等你爱人回家一起看 你不会(自己一个人看)Do you know when it comes back on?Next week, right?你知道什么时候它会回归吗 下个星期 对吗It comes back next week.And it comes back Thursday January 29.它下周会回归 它会在下周四也就是1月29日回归Say it together, everybody.January 29.One more time.Thursday January 29.大家一起说 1月29日 再来一遍 星期四 1月29日Now just the fellas.Now it is committed.All right.现场小伙子们再来一次 现在记下来了 好了Well it was a big weekend at the movies.这将会是一个看电影的周末Our neighbor,Clint Eastwoods movie,American Sniper opened.我们的邻居 克林特·伊斯特伍德的电影 美国狙击手上映了It was his biggest movie opening ever.Congratulations.Good for him.这是他有史以来上映的最大的电影 祝贺 对他是个好消息As you know,I like Clint very much wherever hes around.如你们所知 无论他在哪 我都很喜欢克林特Hes a wonderful man And I could tell,he was happy today.他是个很棒的人 而且我可以说 他今天很开心I saw him this morning,and the right corner of his mouth was turned up just a little bit.早上碰到他 看他右边唇角一直微微上扬着So congratulations, Clint.And Clint if you thinking of celebrating with one of those恭喜他 克林特 克林特 如果你想找些什么东西庆祝一下You know, those champagne poppers that you can Be careful,But you dont want to do with this woman did.例如 香槟炮竹 那小心点 我猜你不想跟这个子一样 /201511/410871

Spain and the Catalans西班牙和加泰罗尼亚Scandal in Catalonia加泰罗尼亚的绯闻Jordi Pujols confession undermines Catalans hopes of independenceJordi Pujol的忏悔摧毁了加泰罗尼亚人独立的希望IT IS not the narrative that Catalan separatists hoped for as they face a stand-off with the Madrid government over a planned independence vote in November. Instead of a debate about evil Castilian conquistadors, their cause has been overshadowed by a scandal over a fallen hero, Jordi Pujol, who served for six terms as leader of Catalonia.加泰罗尼亚的分裂主义者希望能够通过11月计划的独立投票脱离马德里政府,这并非是道听途说。但是,人们并未声讨邪恶的卡斯提尔征者,他们的注意力全被坠落的英雄人物—Jordi Pujol的丑闻吸引了。Jordi Pujol曾是加泰罗尼亚连续六届的领导人。Four weeks ago Mr Pujol admitted that his family had hidden money in Switzerland for the past 35 years. “We never found the right moment to declare it,” he said breezily. The confession comes at an awkward time. Mr Pujols hand-picked successor as head of his Convergence and Union (CiU) group, and Catalonias current leader, Artur Mas, has promised a referendum on November 9th. Spains prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, will ban it. Separatists hoped this would swell their ranks. But now all the talk is of the 84-year-old Mr Pujol, a political giant in his region.4周前,Pujol承认其家族在过去的35年内一直在往瑞士的里藏钱。他轻声说:“我们一直找不到适当的时机宣布这一事情”。他在一个尴尬的时刻发表了这个声明。Pujol精挑细选的继任者,汇合党的主席和加泰罗尼亚目前的领导人Artur Mas之前承诺将于11月9日发起公民投票。西班牙总理Mariano Rajoy马里亚诺·拉霍伊·布雷将禁止这一活动。分裂主义者希望这能够提高他们的排名。但是现在所有的话题都集中在该阵营的政治巨擘,84岁的Pujol身上。The man who set Catalonia on a path from no self-government to an annual budget of 25.5 billion (.9 billion, about half of Irelands) liked to be called “president” or “the most honourable”. A foundation bearing his name specialises in ethics. In 23 years as president until 2003, he became a master at persuading Catalans that they were victims of Madrid. The battle cry of the independence campaign is that the rest of Spain steals Catalan taxes and wastes them on lazy southerners. Now Mr Pujol himself has been found hiding his own stash of cash.这个创立了加泰罗尼亚的人见了加泰罗尼亚从无政府一直到年均255亿欧元预算案(339亿美元,约有爱尔兰一半的产值)更多地被称为“总统”或“最尊贵的人”。一个专门研究伦理道德的基金会以他的名字命名。截止2003年为止长达23年总统任期使他非常擅长说加泰罗尼亚人让他们相信自己是马德里政府的受害者。独立运动的呼声主要是西班牙的其他地区偷了加泰罗尼亚的税收并浪费在了懒惰的南方人身上。而今却发现Pujol自己偷偷地藏钱。Other family members are under investigation. A son, also called Jordi, goes before a judge in mid-September to answer questions about tax fraud and money-laundering after a girlfriend accused him of carrying bags of 500 notes to Andorra. Another son, Oriol, has quit as secretary-general of the senior partner in the CiU group, Catalan Democratic Convergence: an investigating judge suspects him of taking bribes. A legion of longtime Pujol-haters in Spain are dancing on the dynastys political grave and hoping that this may kill the referendum.Pujol其他的家人正在接受调查。儿子Jordi在女友控诉他将价值500欧的包包票据送往安道尔市后,将于九月中旬前在法庭上对税收贪污和洗钱的罪行进行辩解。另一个儿子Oriol辞了加泰罗尼亚民主党派,汇合党高级领导人秘书的职位:调查的法官怀疑他受贿。众多长期反对Pujol的西班牙人在Pujol王朝的政治坟墓上跳舞,希望这能扼杀加泰罗尼亚的公民投票。The scandal will hurt Mr Mas, but it does not sink separatism. He is being tugged in opposite directions by his referendum pledge. His more moderate coalition partner, Democratic Catalan Union (UDC), has threatened to quit. The ardently separatist Catalan Republican Left (ERC), which props up his minority government, wants him to defy Madrid by calling an illegal referendum if need be. It also demands an inquiry if Mr Pujol does not appear before the Catalan parliament.这一绯闻确实会影响Mas,但却不会扼杀独立主义。他在公投的请求下已经转到了对立面。其较为温和的政党联盟,加泰罗尼亚民主联盟(UDC)威胁弃权。持其少数政党的激进的分裂主义政党——加泰罗尼亚民主共和党(ERC)希望能够通过非法的公投公然反抗西班牙政府。它也要求如果Pujol未出现在加泰罗尼亚的议会上的话,就进行调查。Mr Mas may hold an early election that serves as a proxy for a vote on independence. Carme Forcadell, leader of a Catalan pressure group that has driven the separatist surge, insists on this if Mr Rajoy blocks the referendum. But opinion polls show CiU trailing ERC. The Pujol affair will damage it further. If the UDC walks out, Mr Mass party may be hammered.Mas可能会举行一个前期选举以选出独立的代言人。推进分离主义的加泰罗尼亚压力集团的首领Carme Forcadell 坚信这一点(如果Rajoy阻碍公投的话)。但民意调查显示汇合党远远落后于加泰罗尼亚民主共和党。Pujol事件对其伤害更深。如果UDC退席,Mas政党的发展将遇到巨大阻碍。A test of separatist feeling will come on September 11th, Catalonias national day. In previous years Ms Forcadells group has called out millions to demand an independence vote. This years protest may be less impressive. Those who want a new deal with Spain but dislike full independence may stay away. Anger about the economy, a source of many gripes, is dimming, but the Pujol scandal will sp disillusion. The man who built up Catalan national pride is now undermining it.9月11日,加泰罗尼亚的国庆日将测试分裂主义者对此事的态度。前些年Forcadell的政党可以召集起几百万的人要求独立公投。今年的抗议力度可能会减弱。那些希望能与西班牙有一个新的解决方案,但不希望完全独立。导致许多牢骚的对经济的愤怒已经开始减弱,但Pujol事件可能会让人们更加失望。曾经造就加泰罗尼亚辉煌的人现在在毁灭它。翻译:毛慧 校对:曾擎禹 译文属译生译世 /201507/388860

they have choice.because they are hungry.they are the most spoild cats.they are.I love them so much.它们有选择 因为它们很饿 它们是被宠坏的猫咪 是 我又很爱它们what else,anything else?thats all.Thats all.move on.whats next?really?还有什么 有其他的吗? 就这些了 就这些了 继续 接下来是什么? 真的?well,actually,while we are here.Oh,no well,its, its no surprise that we move a lot.no.其实 既然说到这个了 是这样的 我们经常搬家这件事一点都不让人惊讶 不And that was a little tricky to get used to.yeah.I mean the first four years.这有点难适应 是 前四年I thought like we have nine houses in eight and a half years.Did you know that?no.I count it.我想我们八年半都有九栋房子了 你知道吗?不 我数过But the first four years I thought ok,like when we move again.但前四年 当我们又搬家的时候 我想 好吧this will be it,right? This will be our home. And we will live there.应该就是它了 这就是我们的家了 我们将住在这里And now I realize its just we will live there for six months.现在我才知道 其实我们就是在那里住六个月而已So now like when I put things away. I always think about所以现在我把东西搬出来的时候总是考虑how easy its gonna be to like collect it all back up together again in the box.这些再装回盒子会不会很容易yeah, but you like it. You admit it, you love moving now,too.是 可你也喜欢 你必须承认 你现在也喜欢搬家了because you did that to me.it is fine, it is fine.it is fine.I love real estate.那是因为你 没关系 没关系 没关系 我喜欢房地产I like whole, I like architecture and design and I love doing it.我喜欢建筑和设计 我喜欢这么做it is weird. It is surprised that I like it as much.Its hard for me too.很奇怪的是 很惊讶我也和她一样喜欢 这对我也很难Because I get attached to the home you are in and then you leave it.因为挺喜欢那栋房子的 结果你们却搬走了yeah you do.so I feel like Im affected too.yeah you do.you konw.really?是 我觉得我也受到了影响 是 你知道吗 真的?you konw how heart broken I was when you sold that beautiful house to Ryan Seacrest?你知道我有多伤心吗? 当你把那漂亮的房子卖给Ryan Seacrest的时候yeah, you but, we told you about that house.You shouldve bought that house.是 但是我们和你说了这个房子 你应该买下来I,I,I...I couldnt affort that house.yes, you couldve.here we go with this again.我 我 我 我买不起 你怎么会买不起 我们又这样了yes, you could. Anyway.we are ont gonna talk about this on television.是 你买的起 总之 我们不要在电视上谈这个ok,we are running out of time anyway.we are?but anyway, so ah, lets take a break.ok.好吧 我们时间快不够了 是吗? 但总之 让我们休息一下 好and then we will talk about ;Arrested Development; and other things.sure.all right, we will be back.然后我们谈论一下 发展受阻 和一些其他事情 好 好 我们马上回来 /201604/438335

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