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南湖区鼻部修复多少钱嘉兴去体毛旅游骗局警惕 --9 :: 来源: 旅游骗局警惕中国式一个礼仪友好之邦,但是你旅行时你依然需要警惕一些旅游骗局喜爱旅游的你,有没有亲身体验过类似的经验呢?欢迎和我们分享!China is a very eigner-friendly country when it comes to traveling but you still need to be alert potential travel scams and traps. What was the worst travel scam you've ever fallen ? You're welcome to share your story with us.futsanglung (UK)The two s as used in Mount Wutai.You order off a with low prices but when you question the cost at the end of the meal they produce a with inflated prices. To avoid this make them write the price on the order m and leave a copy on the table.This trick is carried out on both Chinese and eigners.vf8tcat (US)I am an American. Several years ago I was returning from a work trip in Thailand and decided to stop in Beijing a few days bee going on to Washington. I had never seen the Great Wall and wanted to have that experience.The tour was great. But afterwards the tour guide insisted on taking me to a small pottery plant. There a lady took me on another tour showing how craftsmen made hand-painted copper pottery. She then took me to the show room to see which item I wanted to buy. I hadn’t planned to buy anything. She applied some gentle but distinct pressure to buy “something”. Wanting to look like a respectful American I said what the heck and selected a small copper vase. It turned out to be about 5,00 yuan (0). I later discovered this to be a massive rip-off that was basically designed Westerners. They would never attempt to charge Chinese or other Asian countries this much.Dragons8 (Singapore)In Sanya, most traps belong to those with northern accents running restaurants, even the local also get cheated by them, using threats and strong arm tactics to harass customers to order their foods.When you ask the cost of a live fish in the tank, they just e a cut throat price and straight away kill the fish by throwing onto the floor. How can you bargain when the fish is aly dead?Mutuxingzhe (China)It's a horrified travel trap I've ever fallen . So please do not believe in those cheaper "beijing one day tour" that costs you less than 0 yuan. The guild is equal to a robber,a gangster. The post said the tour includes "badaling great wall", but they lead you to "jiayuguan", including"ming dynasty cemetery", but only let you see a glimpse through the bus window and always push you to buy, buy, buy and at the end of the trip, all passengers are pushed to a basement jam shopping center, and through a series of elaborate hoaxes, a so-called overseas eigner appeared, just said lots of bullshits to cheat you to buy jams when we bought something and go back to the bus,the guide disappeared,and slowly, we realized this is a hoax, but the bus driver just rudely said "I have no idea".Ratfink (Australia)I've had taxi drivers try to scam me in Africa, Italy, Hungary, Romania as well as China, Indonesia and the Philippines.The best thing to do is to find out what the average fare is and know the approximate route to be taken to get to major locations in a city. Have addresses written down in the local language and do your research online.I've never had problems with travel agents as I have used the same travel agent the past 35 years and she is ultra reliable and very much on the lookout scams from hotels and agencies.Cq (US)Last week, I was stopped by two women who asked me if I was American and if they could practice English with me. This took place in the shopping mall next to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. I had heard of this scam bee, but they seemed sincere. They asked if we could have coffee so they could "practice English." I was suckered because I'm an ESL instructor!! Also, I was alone. I agreed, but instead of a coffee house, they headed down a sidestreet near the mall to a Chinese tea house.They ordered tea and wine the 3 of us. We chatted, but they were more interested in discussing me than themselves. Finally, it was time to pay. They produced a that listed each pot of tea at 750RMB! They passed the bill to me. The total bill was 3000RMB, or 0!It was obvious that they and the tea house were working together. They kept saying, just use your credit card. I realized by then it was a scam to bilk me on my credit card. Scared to death, I threw 300 RMB on the table and ran.Seneca (US)In China the discount is advertised in loud and shrill announcements, written and said out aloud on megaphones.In Yangshuo's West Street you can find beautifully-crafted chopsticks in a dedicated chopstick shop. There is no pricer rebate advertised but Chinese customers enquiring about them will be offered a percent reduction while laowai visitors are brushed off rudely with the claim there is no discount available. In isolated cases a 5 percent discount was grudgingly granted.NTM3 (UK)When I go to Beijing I never join any tours.It might get quite a bit more expensive, it is true, however, I have much more fun and enjoyment going by myself or with my family.Tour guides will take you to see the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, etc., let you see some hutongs and take you to some stores where they probably might have a commission depending on how much everyone buys. And you will finish your tour by eating the Quanjude duck. Everyone is happy and returns home.Beijing is much more than that. There are wonderful places where you can enjoy the typical food of Beijing, shows, shopping centers, etc. that unless you go by yourself you will never taste or see because the tour guides will never take you there.Bee joining a tour think twice.In , I took one taxi from Nanjing Road to Shanghai South Railway Station. The fare meter was moving faster than its normal pace. On the way I did not ask him about the pace of the fare meter. After reaching the station he asked me to pay RMB378 which was much more than the normal charge. When I disagree with his fare he even wanted to punch me. Then I called one police officer and explained him the case with my broken Chinese. After half an hour of high voltage drama police caught the Taxi driver. The police officer told me that the fare meter was fake one and the taxi driver did not have the license to drive a taxi in shanghai. Thanks to the Police officer. I was treated nicely. 旅游骗局警惕嘉兴市新塍人民医院激光去斑多少钱 盘点《模仿游戏 中经典英文台词 -- ::5 来源: 影片改编自安德鲁·霍奇斯编著的传记《艾伦·图灵传,讲述了计算机科学之父艾伦·图灵的传奇人生,故事主要聚焦于图灵协助盟军破译德国密码系统“英格玛”,从而扭转二战战局的经历在破译过程中,图灵则变成了负责人,招收了新的成员琼,由于她的帮助,所有组员空前的团结,并于两年后成功破解德军的密码图灵一度与琼订婚,但实际上他隐瞒了一个秘密——他实际上是同性恋,而他也遭受了非人的待遇……  精词句学起来:  1. I will not repeat myself.  我不会再说第二遍  . So unless one of you have an apron in your car, I suggest you file your reports and leave mealone.  所以,你们俩谁的车里有条围裙,否则,我建议你们还是带上你们的报告,赶紧走人吧!  3. Best of luck with your cyanide.  当心你的氰化物哦!  . Well, if you didn't want a pair of bobbies digging around in your personal affairs, that'dhave been a stellar way to make sure they don't.  如果你不想让两个警察挖掘你的私事,这真实让对方罢手的好办法  5. She tell you to help yourself to tea while you were here? She obviously didn't tell you what ajoke was, then, either, I gather.  她没有告诉你等着的时候自己喝茶么?我想,她显然也没告诉你什么是开玩笑  6. I've barely made par.  我还远远不能匹及  7. All right, Mr. Turing, I'll bite. Why do you wish to work His Majesty's government?  好吧,图灵先生,我想知道,你为什么想为政府工作  8. Mother says I can be off-putting sometimes on of being one of the bestmathematicians in the world.  我妈常说,作为全世界最棒的数学家之一,有时候是会任性一下的  9. But you also haven't got anywhere with it.  但是你们还没有任何头绪  . Exactly. That's the spirit.  没错,就是这个道理  . Oh, even a broken clock is right twice a day. That's not progress; that's just blind luck.  哦,就是破表一天还能对两次呢这不叫进展,这叫运气  . Pardon me, I'd like to see some documents, if I may.  打扰了,我来查点文件,如果可以的话  . If you don't respond to the complaint, I shall have to take it up with the Home Office.  如果你不对投诉信作出解释,我就要将它提交到内政部了  . You're not at university any longer. You are a very small cog in a very large system.  你不是在大学教书了,你只是国家这个大机构里的一个小锯齿  . Mother says I'm just an odd duck.  我妈说我就是一个怪咖  . All my friends, they're all making a difference, while we just while away our days producingnothing.  我所有的朋友他们都有所贡献,而我们只是虚度光阴,一事无成  . The German Army has fanned out across Europe.  德军已经横扫欧洲了  18. I will not give up my parents.  我不会违逆父母的  19. Well, who is this man? So I can kick his arse.  好吧,告诉我他是谁,我好打他一顿  . I suspect that Cilly must be the name of his amore.  我想Cilly肯定是他喜欢的女孩子  1. Sounds right up my alley.  正合我意  . Could you give Alan and me a moment, please?  你能让我和艾伦单独呆一会儿吗?  3. He's really not the brightest bulb. Which is why I need your help.  他不是最聪明的人,所以我才需要你的帮助  . He's been sick a long time. He knew this was coming soon. But he had a stiff upper lipabout it.  他病了很久了,他知道死亡是迟早的事情,但他还是坚持认真学习  精对白欣赏:  1. You think that because you are sitting where you are and I am sitting where I am, that you arein control of what is about to happen. You're mistaken. I am in control. Because I know things thatyou do not know.  . What I will need from you now is a commitment. You will listen closely, and you will not judgeme until I am finished. If you cannot commit to this, then please leave the room. But if you chooseto stay, remember you chose to be here. What happens from this moment wards is not myresponsibility. It's yours. Pay attention.  3. The details of every surprise attack, every secret convoy and every U-boat in the bloodyAtlantic go into that thing. And out comes gibberish. It's beautiful. It's the crooked hand of deathitself.  . Do you know why people like violence? It is because it feels good. Humans find violence deeplysatisfying. But remove the-the satisfaction, and the act becomes hollow.  5. Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one canimagine.  6. Not secret. That's the brilliant part. Messages that anyone can see, but no one knows what theymean unless you have the key.  7. When people talk to each other, they never say what they mean. They say something else, andyou're expected to just know what they mean.  8. Because I'm a woman in a man's job, and I don't have the luxury of being an ass. Alan...itdoesn't matter how smart you are, Enigma is always smarter. If you really want to solve yourpuzzle, then you're going to need all the help you can get, and they are not going o help you ifthey do not like you.  9. Of course machines can't think as people do. A machine is different from a person. Hence, theythink differently. The interesting question is, just because something thinks differently from you,does that mean it's not thinking? Well, we allow humans to have such divergences from oneanother.  . Because there's nothing like a friend's engagement to make a woman want to do somethingshe'll later regret with the fiance's better looking chum.  . Love will make a man do strange things, I suppose. in this case, love just lost Germany thewhole bloody war.  . Sometimes we can't do what feels good. We have to do what is logical.  . We love each other in our own way, and we can have the life together that we want. Youwon't be the perfect husband. Well, I can promise you, I have no intention of being the perfectwife. I'll not be fixing your lamb all day while you come home from the office. I'll work. You'll work.And we'll have each other's company. We'll have each other's minds. That sounds like a bettermarriage than most, because I care you, and you care me. And we understand oneanother more than anyone else ever has.  . I'm not going anywhere. I've spent entirely too much of my life worried about what you thinkof me, or what my parents think of me, or the boys in Hut 8 or the girls in Hut 3. And do youknow what? I'm done. This is the most important work I will ever do, and no one is going to stopme. Least of all, you.  . No one normal could have done that. Do you know, this morning I was on a train that wentthrough a city that wouldn't exist if it wasn't you. I bought a ticket from a man who would likelybe dead if it wasn't you. I up on my work a whole field of scientific inquiry that only existsbecause of you. Now, if you wish you could have been normal. I can promise you I do not. Theworld is an infinitely better place precisely because you weren't. 英文 台词 经典Two Friends 两个 朋友 --6 :00: 来源: Two Friends 两个 朋友  Two friends were walking in the est. One is tall, and the other is short. The tall man said to the other, "We are good friends. If any beast comes, I'll help you." The short man answered,"Of course, we are good friends."  At this time a bear came to them. The tall man quickly climbed up a tree, but the short one couldn't. He said,"Help me, I can't climb up." But the tall man said, "No, the tree is not strong."  The short man had to throw himself to the ground and held his breath. The bear smelt him and went away. The tall man came down and asked,"What did the bear say to you?"  "He runs awayfrom you when you are in great need. He is not your friend," he answered.  Remember: A friend in need is a friend indeed.两个朋友正在森林中行走两人一个是高个子,一个是矮个子高个子对矮个子说:“我们是朋友如果来了野兽,我会帮你的”矮个子说,“当然了,我们是朋友嘛!”正在这时,一只熊朝他们走来高个子一下子跳上了树,而矮个子上不去他说:“帮帮我,我爬不上去”可是高个子却说,“不行,这棵树不太结实”矮个子只能扑到地上,屏住呼吸熊闻了闻,走开了高个子下来问,“熊对你说什么啦?”“在你最需要帮助时他离开了你,他不是你的朋友,”矮个子说记住:患难的朋友才是真正的朋友嘉兴鼻翼缩小多少钱

浙江新安国际医院割双眼皮手术多少钱河伯娶妻话剧剧本(双语) -- :6: 来源: Scene I第一幕Place:in the palace地点:王宫Character: King of Wei State, Ximen Bao, imperial bodyguards人物:魏王、西门豹、侍卫Ximen Bao: Stand at attention, ward march, One two one, one two one, one two one,one two one, one two one,halt! Turn right, Why don’t say hello to everyone?西门豹:立正,齐步走!一二一,一二一,一二一,一二一,一二一!立定,向右转!还不向大家问好!Bodyguard 1: Hello ,everyone!侍卫1:大家好!Ximen Bao :No, it’s not enough loud, do it again!西门豹:no~,声音不够洪亮,再来一次!Bodyguard 1: Hi,everyone!侍卫1:大家好!Ximen Bao: Not good,do it again!西门豹;不行,再来一次!Bodyguard 1: Hi,everyone!侍卫1:大家好!Ximen Bao: Do it again!西门豹:再来一次!Bodyguard 1: Monsignor Xi, spare me,I’ve shouted three times!侍卫1:西大人,饶了我吧!我都喊了三遍了!Ximen Bao: Shit, I compound surname Ximen,call me Monsignor Ximen!西门豹:混蛋,我复姓西门,叫我西门大人!Bodyguard 1: Yes, Monsignor Ximen!侍卫1:是,西门大人!Bodyguard : Go to court!侍卫:上朝!Ximen Bao: Quickly, stay in your right place!西门豹:快快快!各就各位!Ximen Bao, bodyguard 1: We greet to the emperor!西门豹,侍卫1:臣等恭迎圣驾!King of Wei State: Hahaha,stand up every courtier. I’ve made a new suit of clothes,look,how do you think about it? Is it beautiful?魏王:哈哈哈哈,各位臣子,免礼平身!本王新做了一套衣,大家看看,怎么样,好不好看啊?Ximen bao, bodyguard 1: Beautiful!西门豹侍卫1:好看!King of Wei State: Hahaha, my dear ministers, what important affairs you want to present?魏王:哈哈哈哈,各位爱卿,今天有什么要事要奏啊?Ximen Bao: Part of civilians from the Yecheng City complained that Yecheng City surfer from drought these successive years.And the local officials plunder money and cruelly injure and even kill good women in the name of getting bride the Uncle River. Many civilians firmly believe it,and lay their hope on Uncle River. Now in Yecheng City fields are deserted, civilians are destitute and homeless. I sincerely ask the king to take care of the people!西门豹:邺城部分百姓投诉,近年来邺城连年旱灾,地方官绅,以“为河伯娶媳妇”的名义,搜刮钱财,残害良家妇女许多百姓也深信此事,把希望寄托在河伯的保佑上现在邺城田地荒芜,百姓流离失所恳请大王为民做主!King of Wei State: Shit! I ask you! Monsignor Xi…..魏王:混账!这还了得?西大人啊……Ximen Bao : My dear king, I compound surname Ximen,not Monsignor Xi!西门豹:回大王!微臣复姓西门!不是西大人!King of Wei State: Ok, Monsignor Xi, Monsignor Ximen, they are both the same. How do you think about it?魏王:好吧!西大人,西门大人!反正都一样!那你看这件事该怎么办啊?Ximen Bao: In my opinion , the key point to govern Yecheng City is to get rid of superstition, and establish the conception of scientific development!西门豹:依臣之见,治理邺城,关键在于破除迷信,树立科学发展观!King of Wei State: It sounds reasonable!魏王:说得有理!Ximen Bao: First of all, we should sent a person to Yecheng City to do three things: First, punish the malfeasant led by chief executive to stabilize people’s emotion; Secondly, get rid of people’s superstition and guide them to put attention on the development of production; Thirdly, develop local economy and increase people’s living standard.西门豹:当务之急,应速派人去邺城,办三件事:一是惩治以行政长官为首的贪官污吏,稳定百姓情绪;二是破除老百姓的迷信思想,引导百姓把注意力放在发展生产上;三是发展地方经济,提高百姓的生活水平!King of Wei State: What you said are all reasonable, and who do you think is appropriate to be send there?魏王:西门大人句句有理,那你看派谁去合适呢?Ximen Bao: I’m not much capable, but I’d like to bear it.西门豹:臣不才,愿当此重任!King of Wei State: Great! I grant you a bodyguard,and go to Yecheng City to attend this matter as soon as possible.魏王:好!本王赐你侍卫一名,速去邺城办理此事!Ximen Bao : Yes,sir. Fall in, stand at attention! Turn right, double time march! One two one …..西门豹:yes, sir!集合,立正!向右转!跑步走!一二一…… 河伯娶妻话剧剧本(双语)嘉兴曙光中西医整形美容医院假体丰胸怎么样 归元寺英文导游词 湖北归元寺景点英文介绍 -- :59:36 来源: 归元寺英文导游词 湖北归元寺景点英文介绍 中国佛寺从来都不是单一的建筑,它们总是由主寺和一系列的其他建筑组成,湖北归元寺就是这样的一个寺庙归元寺位于湖北武汉,占地.67公顷,以建筑完美、雕塑绝妙、珍藏丰富而声震佛门Chinese Buddhist temples are never single buildings. They always consist of a group buildings following a fundamental patter, which can, however, be modified. The main buildings and their symmetrically corresponding secondary buildings m individual groups and courtyards. The entire temple complex is spacious. The building inside the complex are usually single-storied and the main halls are sometimes decorated with a double roof. The towers, pavilions and halls can be multi-storied structures. The Chinese temple complex has been subject to great structural changes throughout the centuries. But temple architects follow the basic principles of secular structures from the Tang Dynasty onwards. The complexes stand on a central axis, usually a north-south axis: east-west only as an exception. (Guiyuan Temple is just the very exception.) The main buildings are strung along this central axis, their broadest sides facing south or east. The most important and most frequently presented building inside a Buddhist temple complex are the main entrance gate, the bell and drum towers, the Hall of the Heavenly Kings, the Hall of the Buddha and a pagoda. Buddhism is said to be founded in India in the 6th century by Siddatha Gautama (565 –86), the son of a nobleman and member of the Kshatriya caste near the present borders of India and Nepal. Buddhism advocates that all the people are created equal and turns against the caste system of Brahmanism, so it was popular with the common people. It was said that Buddhism was sp to China in . At the beginning, it was only regarded as a kind of witch. About 0 AD, Chinese version of Buddhist s criptures began to appear, and thus, Buddhist doctrines began to emerge with traditional Chinese religious thought. From nd century to late 6th century, translation and research of Buddhist sects with Chinese characteristics were becoming more and more popular and many temples were built, which reached its peak in Sui Dynasty (581AD-6AD) and Tang Dynasty (618-9). Some Buddhist sects with Chinese characteristics came into being. Buddhism exerts a great influence on Chinese philosophy, literature, art and folk customs. What is presented bee our eyes is a copper statue of a famous bodhisattva in Hynayana Buddhism. Bodhisattva is a tittle which is only next to Buddha. This statue is the image of Avalokitesvara, which has been popular with Chinese people or more than 1,000 years. She is called the Goddess of Mercy cordially by Chinese and is regarded as the symbol of kindness, mercy and benevolence. When we visit the Avalokitesvara Pavilion after a while, I will give a detailed introduction about her. This copper statue was sent to Guiyuan Temple by Taiwan Buddhists in September 1990. It shows that all Chinese, whether in the mainland or in Taiwan, are eager the reunion of the country, even including religion believers. The building we see now is the Buddha Hall where one certain Buddha and his two assistant bodhisattvases are worshiped. This Buddha is Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha means incomparable brightness. According to Buddhism, time and space is limitless and thus there are many many Buddhas in different spaces and times. But in a certain space or in a certain period of time, there is only one certain Buddha who is in charge of instructing all living creatures. Amitabha Buddha is the Buddha who presides over the Land of Ultimate Bliss in the west, which will come in the future. Buddhist s criptures describe the Land of Ultimate Bliss as a wonderland, in which no pain exists and the people enjoy their lives. In one word, it’s very attractive. Some people will think it must be very difficult to enter such a world. How can I go to such a paradise? Maybe I have to work hard and bear a lot of sufferings. In fact, it’s very easy to enter the world. He only need often murmur ‘May Buddha preserve us’ sincerely. It’s enough. You see, the statue in the middle is the very Buddha. On his left is the Goddess of Mercy. On his right is the other bodhisattva who follows the Buddha. It is said that he can save all the living creatures from three kinds of terrible disasters. Now, let’s step into the Buddhist s criptures Pavilion where the s criptures of Buddhism are kept. But I ‘m afraid what attracts our attention at the first sight must be this snow-white statue. It is a statue of Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism. This statue was carved out of a big piece of jade which is -meter-tall and weighs 3 tons. It was carved by Myanmar handicraftsmen and donated to the temple by the Rangoon Buddhists in 1935. If we watch the statue, we may sense that the peaceful expression on the Buddha’s face has brought us to a quiet and harmonious state. The last building we will visit is the Avalokitesvara Pavilion in the north yard. When we entered the yard just now we saw a statue of her. Now I’d like to introduce her carefully. As a goddess, she swore that she would not become a Buddha until all the living creatures suffering from pains were saved. So she became a bodhisattva who is most popular among the people and attracts the most believers of all the gods and goddesses in Buddhism. It was said that one would be saved from trouble and disaster as long as he (she) chanted her name and if it was heard by her. Thus she is called Guanshiyin, which means ‘hearing or looking on the voices of the suffering’. Because of her kind heart and benevolence she got another title ‘the Goddess of Mercy’. According to Buddhism, bodhisattvases have no distinction of sex, that is, they are neither male nor female, because they are immortals. But it’s very strange and interesting that most of bodhisattvases were engraved or carved in the images of various kinds of men in human society. Changes didn’t take place until an emperor’s mother thought it was inconvenient to worship a male bodhisattva in her bedroom. From then on, Guanshiyin, the bodhisattvas began to appear bee her believers in the image of a beautiful and elegant lady. We’ll pay a visit to a very serious, sacred place. Generally, the place is regarded as the most holy by Buddhists. It is the Grand Hall, where the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni is worshiped. It is always the center of a Buddhist temple in construction and in Buddhists’ mind. The statue in the middle is Sakyamuni. According to Buddhism his mother gave birth to him in a garden. He belonged to Kshatreya Caste. He married his cousin when he was or years old. At the age of 9, he was confronted with the sights of an old man, a sick man, a corpse, and a wandering ascetic. With eyes opened to aspects of life newly revealed to him, he broke from the material world and became an ascetic. Six years later, he gave up mystic concentration that at last brought him enlightenment under a bo tree. He then founded an order of mendicants and spent his next 5 years preaching his ideas until his death. These two statue beside the Buddha are his two disciples. The one on the right was said to be Sakyamuni’s cousin and he had good memory so that he could remember all the Buddha told his disciples. The one on the left was said to be the lord of Brahmnism and he once was Sakyamuni’s tutor. But afterwards he was convinced by Buddhism after long-term debate between Buddhism and other religions and he accepted Sakyamuni as his tutor. Thus he became the eldest one of all Sakyamuni’s disciples. Next, we’ll pay a visit to the Ahrat Hall in the south court. The Ahrat Hall is an important structure in a Buddhist temple. But not all temples have an Ahrat Hall, especially, well-kept Ahrat Halls are very rare in China. This one is among them, and what’s more, it has its own unique characteristics. Generally, an Ahrat Hall is a square building. The building is subdivided into four small square courts so that the hall can get enough sunlight. This kind of structure show some lucky implies in Chinese Buddhist culture. Another characteristic about the hall lies in these sculptures themselves. They were neither made up of wood, nor stone, nor clay. A special way was taken in making them, which could prevents them from being burned, being soaked or being eaten by insects. All the sculptures were floating in water while Wuhan was flooded in 195, but, surprisingly, they were sound and safe after the flood had receded. It was really a wonder. Ahrats are the immortals in Buddhism. But when you have a look around the sculptures, you may find from the expressions on their faces that they are so familiar to you. That’s only because they were molded on the basis of the people in the reality, so they are human beings in our daily life rather than immortals. Ahrats are the symbols of harmony, happiness, and good luck, so the Wuhan natives have got used to counting ahrats since ancient time to pray peace. There are a few ways of counting ahrats. We can count from the first ahrat from left to right or from right to left, when we just enter the hall. We can also choose any ahrat as our starting point, and count in the same way, left to right or right to left. We should base counting on our own ages whatever we take. example, I’m 5, so I should stop in front of the 5th ahrat from the starting ahrat. The sculpture in front of which I stop is my lucky ahrat. My lucky ahrat will accompany me to spend a peaceful and lucky year. Wouldn’t you like to have a try now? If you need, I can explain connotation of some ahrats. That’s all the explanation to Guiyuan Temple. Thank you your cooperation and understanding. You will have another 30 minutes to have a look around the temple. If you have any problems, do let me know. I would like to repeat our bus number, A3. Please don’t get. See you later. 归元 英文 导游词嘉兴曙光中西医整形美容医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱

嘉兴光子嫩肤祛黑斑哪家医院好我喜爱的老师 My Favourite Teacher --19 :19:9 来源: My Favourite TeacherHello,my name is Steven. I have many good teachers, but my favourite teacher is Miss Li. SWhe is a very good teacher.She is very young, but her English is very good. She teaches usEnglish every day. Her class has so muchfun.She sings songs with us, plays games with us. We are so happy . And we learn Englishwell. Our English are very very good.So I like her very much.She likes ing booksand playing sports. After class, Miss Lioften playssports with us. We are very happy. We alllove her very much.This is my favourite teacher.She is a good teacher .I like my English teacher very much. What about you?Do you have a good teacher, too? 关于家规family rules -- ::9 来源: As the saying goes,”as a country has its state laws, a family also needs family rules.” Every family has its rules. My family rule is no matter where you go, you have to come back bee ten o’clock at night. My family always obeys this rule. I know that my parents make this rule is our safty. I remember that one day my elder sister break this rule, and then she was criticized a long time.俗话说,“国有国法家有家规“每个家庭都有它的规定我家的规定就是不管去哪里,晚上十点之前必须回到家我家里总是遵守这个规定我知道我们的父母制定那样的规定都是为了我们的健康着想我记得有一次我违背了那个规定,她被批评了好长一段时间嘉兴怎样去纹身平湖市红十字会医院做祛疤手术多少钱



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