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He paid a matter of 1000 yuan.  (误译)他付了1000元的货物账。(正译)他大约付了1000元。a matter of 大约;;;的问题It is a matter of compromise and balance. 这是一个妥协与平衡的问题。This is actually a matter of indifference. 这其实是一件无关紧要的事。Cancer therapy is too often a matter of chance. 癌症治疗是否成功,经常得靠运气。Its not a matter of circumstance but of choice. 这不是环境的问题,而是我们的选择问题。1. approximately adv. 大约,近似地;近于I kept out till approximately nine oclock, and then I came back. 我在大约九点钟以前,一直留在外面,后来我才回来。Malaria, as we all know, kills approximately one million people a year. 虐疾,如我们所知,每年夺走大约一百万条人命。Experts predict by the 2015, approximately 35 percent of the Germany population will be over 60. Part of the reason is high unemployment which discourages couples from having families. 专家预测,到2015年,德国人口将近35%都是60岁以上。原因之一就是高失业率,阻碍了夫妇的结婚生育。2. about prep. 关于;大约adj. 在附近的;四处走动的;在起作用的adv. 大约;周围;到处n. 大致;粗枝大叶;不拘小节的人Well, I; about three months or. 我;;,大概三个月左右或者。For comparison, search engines account for about 7% of site visits. 与此相比,搜索引擎占了站点访问量的7%左右。 /201203/173479。

NO-BOOK英语口语提高版 Lesson27文本:Lesson 27 Want1.You're wanted on the phone.2.You want to bet?3.What do you want with your two bikes?4.You want to be more careful.5.The teacher wants you.6.I have nothing to want.7.I want out of the student union.8.We all want in. /201001/94947。

好多朋友每天上线都使用道具雷鸣之声,让大家来串个门,去自己的空间里踩踩。 今天我顺便就做了一下功课,了解“串门”在英语里的一些表达方法,与朋友们共享.1.drop in 顺便走访;串门相信朋友们上学的时候学的都是这样的表达,考级书、辞典里也有这种解释.Drop in sometime tomorrow. 明天什么时候请顺便来一下.Drop in on me at any time. 什么时候都可以来我这里.2.stop by 顺便拜访,串门这也是比较常见的用法,通常计算机来翻译也用这个结果呢.Do you mind if I stop by later today?你介意今天晚些时候我去拜访你吗?。

A2: But madam, this is for your own safety—optimal tire pressure is key.Elain: Me leaving this place is key! A2: Not until I clean your windows!Elain: Hey, hey, why are you polishing my hubcaps? A2: Lady, your entire car needs my special touch.Elain: You're a moron. Oh, no! Darn! I left my purse at home.A2: Well, well, well. Come back with the money later, and you can get your car back, madam. I do love poetic justice! /201109/153612。

Mary: Who got ripped off?Joe: Big time! A hacker broke into the company's files and got all her personal information. You really think it's completely safe?Mary: Well, maybe not 100 percent. I did hear about some tricks people use.Joe: Now we're getting to the truth.Mary: There are shills. A shill is someone who bids up the price of their own sale.Joe: See? And I bet that's easy to do online. Everybody's anonymous.。

在这次节目里,我们要给大家介绍两个跟金子和银子有关的习惯用语。我们先来讲一个跟金子这个字有关的习惯用语。Gold mine. Gold就是金子,mine就是矿,gold mine就是金矿。Gold这个字是英文里最古老的字之一,有几十个常用语都使用gold这个字。Gold mine在美国历史上也占有特殊的意义。一百多年前,成千上万个美国人奔往美国大陆的西部,因为大家听说那里有许多金矿。这就是美国历史上所谓的gold rush。大家都知道一个真正的金矿是什么,但是,作为习惯用语,a gold mine就是指使人能够获得很多利润的事情。下面这个例句就是一个很好的实例。这是一个人在讲前苏联领导人戈尔巴乔夫访问美国时的情况。例句1: If you are famous enough, giving public lectures in America can be a real gold mine. Why, when Mister Gorbachev visited Virginia, he made 5,000 in speaking fees in four days.这人说:要是你很有名的话,在美国发表讲演真是能得到好多钱。你看,当戈尔巴乔夫先生访问维吉尼亚州的时候,他在四天里做了几次讲演,他的收入达到十二万五千美元。******我们再来举一个例子。许多美国人都买股票。当然每个人的目的不同,有的人想很快发财,有的人作为长期投资,为孩子上大学,或为自己退休做准备。但是,玩股票也是很危险的,弄不好非但赚不到钱,而且还会连本钱都全部损失。下面是一个股票经纪商在对一个朋友说话。例句2: I've been in this stock business all my life. To some, it seems to be a gold mine, but I know how dangerous it can be. If you know nothing about stocks or you don't have a good stock broker, you could easily lose your money.这个人说:我一辈子做股票生意。在某些人眼里,玩股票似乎可以赚很多钱。但是我知道这可能是非常危险的事。要是你对股票一无所知,或者你没有一个很好的股票经纪商,你很容易就把钱给丢了。******下面我们给大家介绍一个跟银子有关的习惯用语。银子在英文里就是:Silver. 欧洲的有钱人以前有一种习惯的作法。那就是当家长为一个新生婴儿取名字的时候,他们要举行一个宗教仪式。在举行仪式的时候,他们给这个孩子一个银子做的勺。这个风俗就产生了下面这个习惯用语:Born with a silver spoon in his mouth. 从字面上来解释,它的意思就是:生来他嘴巴里就有一只银勺。这当然是不可能的。这个说法只不过是个比喻而已。Born with a silver spoon in his mouth作为习惯用语,它的意思就是某个人生在一个很富有的家庭,根本就不用到外面去找工作来谋生。当然出生富有的人并不见人人都满足于靠家庭财富来生活。下面就是一个例子。这是一个人在讲他们公司的总裁。例句3: I'll tell you the good thing about our boss. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and doesn't have to work at all. But he really works harder than anybody in the office.这人说:我来告诉你我们老板的优点。他出生在一个非常有钱的家庭;他根本不需要工作。但是,他工作非常努力,真是比办公室里任何人都更加努力。******下面这个例句里说的人就完全不同了。这是一个人在说他的表哥。例句4: My cousin Thomas was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He's now forty years old and has never worked a single day in his life. Sometimes I envy him very much. But in fact if I didn't work I would be very miserable.这个人说:我表哥汤姆斯的家很有钱。他现在已经四十岁,但是一辈子一天也没有工作过。有的时候,我很羡慕他。但是,事实上要是我不工作的话,我会非常痛苦的。 /03/64363。

Will you join us for lunch? 你来和我们一起吃午饭吗? /201103/126904。

H: Monica, I heard you're trying to buy a new house, is that true?M: yes, but seeing the ever-rising prices, I'm afraid I'll never be able to afford one.H: oh, that's definitely a problem for most of us wage-earners.M: houses are ridiculously expensive these days.H: what about second-hand houses?M: I've been looking but they're not much cheaper and I don't think it's worth all the problems of an older house.H: do you think the government will take some steps to cool down the overheated real estate market?M: maybe. But I don't think it will make any difference. The demand is too high.H: so what's your budget like?M: I'm thinking between 3,000 yuan and 7,000 yuan per square meter.H: oh, I see. In that case, you need to wait a while.M: but I'm afraid it will go from bad to worse. I can't help being worried.H: take it easy. I heard there may be a "bubble" in the real estate market.M: you mean it will burst sooner or later.H: yes, the house prices have aly gone down in Shenzhen and Shanghai.M: that's true. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed. /201004/101150。

据中国新闻网周五报道,北京将研究制定重点路段或区域交通拥堵收费方案,并鼓励居民选择公交出行,力争至2015年中心城公共交通出行比例达50%。请看相关报道:Beijing to push sedan toll at traffic hotspots -- Sedan drivers in Beijing may be forced to pay a toll for driving on the heavy-traffic roads as the capital vows to make public transport 50 percent of the total traffic by 2015, chinanews.com reported on Friday.北京将在重点路段对私家车收费——据中国新闻网周五报道,北京宣称将在2015年前实现公共交通占总车流量的50%,为此北京将可能在交通拥堵路段对私家车征收费用。标题中的traffic hotspots就是交通特别繁忙的“重点路段”,也就是heavy-traffic roads(交通拥堵路段)。北京将可能征收的这项费用也就是之前有人提出过的congestion fee(交通拥堵费)。必要时北京还有可能实行odd-and-even license plate rule(单双号限行)措施。征收拥堵费是为了实现“十二五”时期的"Green Beijing" Development Guidelines(“绿色北京”发展规划)。规划中提出,北京将鼓励市民使用zero-emission transportations(零排放交通工具),如自行车等,并完善重点区域的bike paths(自行车道)建设。 /201109/152454。

1. The homework is due two weeks from Monday. 这个作业在二个星期后的星期一交.在英文中要提到下星期一可以用 next Monday, 下下星期一偷懒的话可以说 next next Moday. 但是有时候这种说法并不是很明确. 例如今天是星期日, 那 next Monday 倒底是指明天的那个星期一呢? 还是指一星期后的那个星期一呢? 所以为了要区别二者间的不同, 明天的那个星期一可以说 coming Monday,而一个星期后的星期一则是 one week from Monday. 这样子就很明确, 而且也比较灵活. 像三个星期后的星期一你总不能说 next next next Moday 吧? 这时用 three weeks from Monday 就没错了.因为 next 的意思容易使人混淆, 所以使用时要特别小心. 记得寒假期间, 我问一个老美下学期修什么课我就用 next semester 这个字. 但他显然很困惑不知道我是指 spring semester 还是指 fall semester, 像这种情形我建议各位还是用 this coming semester 或是直接讲 spring semester 会比较好一些. /10/87918。