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unit 394异地写信(1)dialogue 英语情景对话A:I hear you are moving to Dalian.A:我听说你搬到大连去了。B:Yes. I found a very good job down here.B:对。我在那儿找到了一份很好的工作。A:Well, well certainly miss you here.A:嗯,我们一定会想念你的。B:I am going to miss you, too.B:我也会想念你们的。A:Lets keep in touch.A:那咱们保持联系啊。B:OK. I will write to you as soon as I get there.B:好的。我一到那里就给你们写信。 /201604/438784unit 352 赔偿事宜dialogue 英语情景对话A:What about our claim?A:我们的赔偿怎么样啦?B:Our shipping manager is looking into it.B:找们的货运经理正在调查这件事。A:When will we hear something from him?A:什么时候会有消患呢?B:Oh, in just a day or two, I think.B:哦,我想就这一两天吧。C:Here is the final settlement for your claim.C:你的赔偿问题终于解决了。A:Thanks, we appreciate the fast work.A:谢谢你们这么快就办好了。C:We only hope we wont have this kind of problem again.C:我们只希望不会再有这样的事情发生。A:That goes for us too.A:我们也是这么希望。 /201603/429748

A: Hey, what happened? You looked so blue.A: 嗨,出什么事了?脸色怎么这么难看啊!B: I think the god is unfair.B: 我觉得老天特别不公平。A: Why? Are you frustrated by something unpleasant?A: 为什么?有什么事情让你受挫折了吗?B: You are right. My favorite singer was eliminated in the semi-final last night.B: 说的没错。我最喜欢的歌手在昨晚的半决赛中被淘汰出局了。A: Do you mean the popular singing show?A: 你指的是现在很流行的歌唱选秀节目吗?B: Yes. It hurt me a lot when the result was announced by the host. I think the boy ranked top one in the semi-final is the worst according to their singing skills.B: 是啊。主持人公布最终结果后,我都难过死了。我觉得获得半决赛第一名的那个男孩在他们几个人中间是唱功最差的。A: Youd better not pay too much attention on such kind of competition. Its just a commercial activity.A: 你最好别太在意这种比赛。它只不过是一种商业活动而已。B: Maybe you are right. But I really feel sorry about my idol. He is so cool with the most beautiful voice.B: 或许你说的没错。不过我真为我的偶像感到遗憾。他人长得帅,而且声音也好听。A: It seems that you have fallen in love with him, ha-ha.A: 貌似你爱上他了,哈哈。B: Haha...B: 哈哈…... /201505/374229

01. I have ordered a book online.我在网上订购了一本书。02. You can cancel the online order.你可以取消网上订单。03. The product you have ordered is out of stock now.您订购的产品现在缺货。04. Can I return the product if Im not satisfied?如果我不满意,可以退货吗?05. You can find a lot of items on the Internet.你能在网上找到各种各样的商品。06. Online shopping is becoming a fashion.网购正成为一种时尚。07. How much is the handling fee?手续费是多少?08. The coat you have ordered will be delivered in 3 days.你订购的外套将在三天内发送。09. You can apply for a refund online.你可以在网上申请退款。10. Do you have the Alipay?你有付宝吗?11. I have registered an E-store on the Internet.我在互联网上注册了一个网店。12. There are a number of online store options.网上有很多店铺供你选择。13. Is it safe to pay online?网上付款安全吗?14. I like shopping in Taobao.com.我喜欢在淘宝网购物。15. Have you ever bought something from an online shop?你曾经在网上商铺里买过东西吗?16. This seller has a good credit record.这个卖家的信用记录很好。17. It is very convenient to buy fashion books from Dangdang.com.从当当网购书非常方便。18. There are a variety of products you can choose and compare on the Internet.在网上有各种不同的产品任你选择对比。19. Internet has opened a new era of business.互联网开启了商业的新纪元。20. Just click your mouse to choose the articles you like.你只需点击鼠标来选择你喜欢的商品。 /201508/391188

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