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A furious father destroyed his daughter car after catching her in it with a boy.在追到自己的女儿和一个男孩儿驾驶的汽车后,一名暴怒的父亲竟然砸毁了该汽车Mike Card used a large digger to wreck the Audi A after his daughter was spotted in the car with someone who was ;not supposed to be there;.麦克·卡尔德发现自己的女儿与一名;不该出现的;男子在车里偷偷约会后,用一辆大型挖掘机怒砸女儿的奥迪A汽车Using the powerful piece of construction machinery, Card can be seen flipping the car onto its side and then back bee tearing it apart.通过使用重型施工机械,卡尔德将该车在地上翻滚了几圈后令其彻底报废It was uploaded by Card son Kaylor along with the caption: ;Yep! When a dad has to prove a point! #DADDYNOTHAPPY;.卡尔德的儿子凯勒将视频上传到了网络上,并配上文字:;爸爸一出手,就知有没有!#愤怒的老爸;Andrea Gibson wrote: ;Must have done something real bad daddy to destroy his own car and loose money.;一名名叫安德里亚·吉尔森的用户写道:;这位爸爸做了一件非常糟糕的事情,毁掉自己的车,损失一笔钱;Lisa Michael West added: ;I think I could have come up with punishment that wasnt quite so costly. This is nuts.;另一名名叫丽莎·迈克尔·韦斯特的用户补充道:;我想我可能不会想出这样昂贵的惩罚来,这太疯狂了;Others praised Card his handling of the situation, writing: ;Sure was a pretty car but much respect toward Mike! Hilarious.;对于卡尔德处理此事的方式,其他一些人则表示称赞,他们写道:;这当然是一辆很好的车,但是更多的是对麦克的尊重太搞笑了;Another comment suggests Card may have a notoriously short temper. Jordan Tyler Hicks said: ;Ole Mike shortened out. Ive seen that temper a few times back in the good ole days.;还有一条表示卡尔德可能是出了名的急性子名叫约旦·泰勒·希克斯的用户说道:;老麦克爆发了在过去的美好时光中,我见过几次他发脾气;The family are from Hiawassee in Georgia and the now ruined red Audi initially belonged to Kaylor bee being handed down to his younger sister Ashlyn.据悉,这一家人住在佐治亚州海亚瓦夕,而这辆报废的红色奥迪车本属于凯勒,之后给了他的艾希琳 6You would be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldnt agree that photographer Kirsty Mitchellis dedicated to her craft. Her project Wonderland, which sees fantastic, opulent costumes in beautiful natural settings, took her six years to complete.英国摄影师科斯蒂·米切尔耗时6年时间完成了自己的摄影巨作《仙境照片中的人物身着梦幻、华丽的装,和周围的自然景物融为一体,四季轮换之美得以完美呈现,治愈系的风格让人震撼又感动Although the project stemmed from sadness and grief, it helped Mitchell heal. She aware that there an air of sadness in some of the photos, and she allowed it to remain.尽管米切尔最早创作《仙境画风阴沉,透露着悲伤,但是作品帮助她身心痊愈,她自己也感知一些照片中充满了悲伤的色,但是她愿意保留这些色Mitchell worked slowly and carefully, sometimes waiting up to a year the right weather and plant growth to roll around. The various seasons show the passage of time.米切尔一点一点认真而细致的进行拍摄,有时为了适合的天气或者需要的植物可能会等上一年这些作品与大自然的四季融为一体,她借此来表现时光的流逝 133Inspection of packaging 检验包装A:What procedures do you have in package inspection.对包装的检验都包括哪些程序?B:The inspection of package is the process in which comparison and assessment are made between the package features and the standardized requirements. It includes the inspection, measurement and computation of the feature of the package.包装检验就是将包装特性与规定的要求进行比较和评价的过程A:Can you explain it? It sounds a little bit complicated. How exactly should packaging be inspected? 您能不能给我解释一下,听起来有点复杂究竟包装是怎么检验的?B:Yes, sure. Among the features of packaging, security is of essential importance. dangerous and poisnous goods, the nature and the generally adopted symbol should be marked conspicuously on each package. 当然没问题了在包装的特性当中,安全问题是及其重要的对于危险品和有毒的货物,在每件包装上应有醒目的标记及性质说明A:I get it.我明白了B:Sanitation is another standard to meet in the inspection of packaging. That is to say, packaging must be done according to the sanitation law and meet the sanitation standard.卫生问题是检验包装中另外一条标准那也就是说,包装必须根据卫生法规来执行,同时还要达到卫生标准A:I guess this is a very important standard to meet with as to packaging.我想这也是检验包装中一个非常重要的标准吧B:Exactly. Besides, packaging has to be convenient and safe in delivery, that is the principle of circulation.完全正确除此之外,包装还必须满足运输时的方便、安全原则这就是流通原则A:What does that mean exactly? 具体是什么意思呢?B:It means that you had better choose some light material rather than the heavy material as your packaging material so that it is easier to deliver; but at the same time safety must be taken into , too. That means that you have to choose some strong material and take some measure like putting foam at the bottom of the container to protect the stuff from being damaged.意思就是说比起厚重的材料来,你最好选用轻薄的材料来包装商品,这样一来的话运输就会比较方便快捷但是同时安全性也必须选用结实的材料并且要采取一些措施来保物品不被损坏A:Amazing. I have never heard of these bee. 真是不可思议,我以前从来没有听说过这些东西B:And there is the last standard in the inspection of packaging, the principle of economy. That means you have to use less expensive material rather than more expensive material in packaging if possible.最后检验包装还有一条标准,那就是经济原则经济原则的意思是说尽可能地用一些成本低的材料来包装 7

195.A:I want to change some money,where is the bank?我想兑换一些钱,请问在哪?B:Go upstairs from here and then turn left. It’s next to the post office.请从这里上楼然后左拐,就在邮局旁196.You can get your money changed at the cashier’s office.您可以在收银处兑换外币197.There is a shop on the ground floor. It sells both Chinese and eign cigarettes. 商店在一楼,有中、外香烟出售198.There is a coffee shop on the second floor and snacks are served there all day.咖啡厅在二楼,全天供应快餐199.We have a Chinese restaurant and a western-style restaurant. Which one do you prefer?我们有中餐厅和西餐厅,您更喜欢哪一种?0.There is a recreation centre on the ground floor. You can play billiards、table tennis、bridge and go bowling. 一楼有康乐中心,在那里可以打台球、乒乓球、桥牌和保龄球1.Breakfast is served in your room from 7am till am. If you wish to have breakfast in your room,ask Room Service on the phone. 早餐送餐务是从早上7点至上午点如果您想在房间用早餐,请打电话要送餐务. all enquiries just lift your telephone receiver and ask Reception. 您如果需要问询什么事,可以打电话给前厅接待.Apart from the recreation centre,we also have a health club on the second floor. 除了中心以外,我们在二楼还有一个健身俱乐部.You can buy some stamps and postcards in the post office.您可以在邮局买邮票和明信片.A: Could you direct us to the restaurant?请问去餐厅怎么走?B:Yes,I’ll show you the way myself. 我亲自领你们去.A: where’s the coffee shop,please? 请问咖啡厅在哪?B: Go straight through the cafeteria and restaurant and you’ll find it just in front of you. 径直走,穿过自助餐厅和餐馆您会看到它正在您面前.A: I wonder if you could tell me where the health club is?您 是否能告诉我健身房在哪?B: It’s round here to the left. Follow the sign marked sauna and it’s just next door to that. 从这向左拐顺着蒸汽浴的标志走,健身房就在蒸汽浴旁边.A: Where is the phone booth,please?请问电话亭在哪?B: Along there to your left,madam. It’s just past the Business Centre opposite the elevator. 向左走,走过商务中心,就在电梯对面.A: Is this the right way the souvenir shop?到礼品商店,从这走,对吗?B: Yes,it is. Along the corridor,past the newsstand and the library. 使得,顺着楼梯走下去,走过报刊亭和图书馆就是商店.A: Is the lobby bar somewhere hereabouts?大堂吧就在附近吗?B: It’s right behind you,sir. But I’m afraid they’re not open till :00 o’clock. 酒吧就在您身后,先生但是恐怕点以后才开始营业.A: Am I going the right way the tennis courts?去网球场是这条路吗?B: Along the corridor to your right,turn left,go down the stairs,along a bit further and out into the yard. 顺着您右手那个楼梯走,然后左拐,下楼再往前走一点,出门进了院子就是网球场.A: I’m looking the conference room No.我要找号会议室B: They are all facing the open lounge. Along to your right,past the elevators and up the stairs. 会议室都在休息厅对面,顺着右边走,走过电梯,上楼就是.A: Can I get a copy of the New York Times here?我能在这买到纽约时报吗?B: The newsstand has a wide selection of eign newspapers and magazines.我们报刊亭有各种外国报纸和杂志供您选择.A: What is the basic rate taxis here?这里出租车的基价是多少?B: It’s about ¥1. each kilometer,but the rate double when exceeding kilometers,and there is night rate after o’clock at night. 大约1公里1.元,但是超过公里以后加倍收费,并且晚上点以后实行夜间收费价格.A: Can I get something hot at this hour of night. 在晚上这个时间,我是否还能吃上点热的东西?B: Yes,over there in the coffee shop,it’s closes midnight.可以,那边的咖啡厅半夜才关门.A: I’d like to book two flight tickets Shanghai the th. 我要订两张日去上海的机票B: The travel agency in the hotel takes all kinds of booking. 饭店旅行社代办各种预定票18.A: When do the shops close around here?这附近的商店一般几点钟关门?B: Around 8 o’clock in the evening. 晚上8点左右19.There is a free supply of soft drinks in the coffee shop at this hour. 咖啡厅现在免费供饮软饮料.You can use the sports equipment free of charge in the health club. 您可以免费使用健身房的运动器械1.Sports equipment is available at a small charge of Yuan per hour. 使用运动器械每小时收费元.Sports equipment is available free of charge. 运动器械是免费提供的3.We do not charge admission to the health club. 进健身房不收费.Our charge sports equipment is four dollars per hour. 我们运动器械以一小时美元的标准收费5.Can you suggest someplace where I can have fun?你能告诉我哪里可以吗?6.There is a billiard room on the first floor. 一楼有一个台球室7.Sometimes permances are given in the hotel. 饭店里有时有文艺演出.Do you have a swimming pool here?这里有游泳池吗?9.Is there a dance hall here?这里有舞厅吗?30.What kind of permances are there?都有些什么文艺演出?31.Oh,there are acrobatics or permances given by song and dance ensembles. 有时有杂技、音乐会、歌舞等3.Could you help me get a taxi?您替我要辆出租车好吗?33.Where do you want to go?您想去哪里?.Do you want to make a single trip or a round trip?您是要单程,还是要往返? 195

(Tennis ball sounds)Y: Hi 大家好我是杨晨P: 我是Patrick.P: Today, Yang Chen and I are playing a game of tennis.Y: Patrick It your serve!P: OK, just a minute. To serve S-E-R-V-E is to put the tennis ball in play by throwing it up into the air and hitting it with a racquet.Y: 别罗嗦,赶快发球罢Just serve.P: OK. (thwok, thwok) Good return, Yang Chen!Y: Patrick, 你的球出界了(Thwok - funny sound)Y: So it is my point.P: Well, that means the score is ;Love Fifteen;. Love me and fifteen you.Y: Love? L-O-V-E? 爱?这和爱有什么关系?(Music - Tina Turner)P: Love in tennis scoring means ;Zero.;Y: 好浪漫哪用love来代表零分, zero points, 可是我怎么会有分呢?P: Yes, tennis scoring is very complicated, isnt it? To win a game a player must win four points and two more points than his opponent.Y: OK, OK.P: So the first point is called ;fifteen;.Y: 那这么说the second point is called ;thirty;?P: That right. The second point is called ;thirty,; and the third point is called ...Y: ty-five?P: No, it is called ;ty.;Y: Why not ty-five?P: It just the tradition now, Yang Chen. The French started it.Y: 那他们的数学一定不好Y: Okay, serve again, Patrick! (Thwok, Thwok).P: Oh no, I missed the ball!Y: ;Love thirty;!P: Well, I guess I am losing.Y: But at least you still have love! 3818

A: Good morning, may I speak with Professor Clark, please?B: You are speaking with Professor Clark.A: Professor, I am Kalia from your morning literature class.B: Yes, how can I help you?A: I ran my car into a tree yesterday and need to miss a few days of school.B: Oh, my God! I hope you are all right.A: I have a concussion, but I will be OK.B: How much school will you miss?A: I only need to take this week off.B: I appreciate you calling and telling me that you won’t be in class. See you next week! 18

(After Trying on the Sweater)A: What do you think?衣看起来怎么样?B: It looks great.很漂亮A: I would like to purchase it.我想买这件B: Will this be cash or charge?用现金付还是用票?A: Here, take my credit card.给,用我的信用卡B: Just sign here, please.请在这儿签名A: Sure. Here you go.好的,给您B: Here your receipt. Have a nice day.这是您的收据祝你过得越快 95

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