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I own a coffee shop in Southern Indiana. I have a room in the back where I spend most of the week. I had just bought this place and after a few weeks I realized how strange it really was.   The first time that I noticed some strange happenings was about a week after I had opened the shop. It was getting late and I was closing the shop for the night. I heard something back in my room. I thought maybe it was just my cat playing with one of my feather pens until I heard a pop, like the sound a champagne bottle makes when the cork pops out. I inched my way toward the door and heard it again. I picked up a metal ruler on the counter and swung open the door. My cat flew between my feet and nearly scared me into a heart attack.   I stepped into the bedroom and looked around, but there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary. I went around the corner into the bathroom and saw that my medicine cabinet was open. There was spilled peroxide all over the floor and aspirin sp all around in the sink. The shampoo bottle head had been unscrewed completely and spilled on the floor, seeping into the mat. I shut the door and searched the rest of the place, which seemed normal enough.   我在南印第安纳州开了间咖啡屋,咖啡屋后面还有间屋子,我就在那度过一周的大部分时间。我才刚刚买下这个地方,但是仅仅几周过后我就意识到了这里是多么的不寻常。  我第一次感到有些异样是在咖啡屋开业的一个星期以后。那天的晚些时候,我关了店门,这时听到后面的屋子传来一阵声音。开始我以为是猫咪在玩鹅毛笔,但是随后我听见砰的一声,就好像我们开香槟拔出瓶塞时发出的声音一样。我蹑手蹑脚的朝屋门走过去,这个声音又发出了一次。于是我从柜台拿起一把铁尺,举在手里,推开了门。猫咪嗖的一下从我两腿之间窜过去,吓得我差点犯了心脏病。  我走进卧室,朝四下里张望,没看见有什么异常。转个弯进了卫生间,才发现医药箱被打开了,过氧化氢撒了一地,阿司匹林给倒进了水池里。洗发水的瓶盖拧开了,都流到了地上,渗进地毯里。我关上门,又检查了其他地方,看上去一切都正常。 Article/200809/47825。

  • 有声名著之傲慢与偏见 Chapter4 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄 Article/200809/47806。
  • One of my friends always seems to have personal problems. Sometimes it's a relationship, sometimes it's family, and sometimes it's her. I'm not sure why she has so many personal problems and I think many of her problems aren't really problems at all. She's a bit of an attention seeker. I think she invents problems just so she can talk to people. She likes people to feel sorry for her. I think it's amazing how many people talk about their personal problems on TV or on the radio. Who cares? There are much more important things happening in the world today than someone breaking up with their friend. If you think about all the terrible things happening in the world, our personal problems really aren't problems at all. Article/201106/142385。
  • The blue bike was sitting in Owen’s living room. It had no kickstand, so he had wedged the front tire in between two bookshelves so that the bike would stand upright. Both tires were flat. Dust covered the bike. However, no household spiders had set up a web site. When was the last time I rode this thing, he wondered as he looked at it.It was Sunday. Sunset was still almost two hours away. The temperature had been 86 at noon, but had dropped to about 76. Owen had spent Saturday and most of Sunday cleaning up his apartment. The termite inspector was coming on Monday. Owen wanted the inspector to be able to “inspect” without tripping over boxes, books, fishing rods, and golf clubs.Owen was going to reward himself with a late afternoon bicycle ride. He enjoyed riding or walking through his neighborhood with its many beautiful houses, yards, and trees. But first, he had to inflate both bike tires. He got out a hand air pump he had bought at a thrift shop for only . The pump nozzle adapter didn’t fit onto the bike’s valve stem. Nothing is ever simple, he thought.He looked for his new pump, the one that had cost . It had all the bells and whistles: high volume air flow on both up and down strokes, quick lock valve adapter and four nozzle adapters, air gauge, and footplate for easy pumping. It was a beauty. Of course, Owen couldn’t find it. I’ve got everything, but I can’t find anything, Owen muttered.As usual, Owen did find one thing while he was looking for another thing. He found another used pump that he had been looking for a month ago. It was a big, heavy, steel pump that had an air gauge and a small leak somewhere. Owen connected the pump to the rear tire. He started pumping. The “small” leak seemed to have gotten bigger. Owen stopped counting after the first 80 pumps; finally the dial hit 65 psi. He was huffing and puffing. He went to the refrigerator and got a diet soda. After finishing it, he pumped up the front tire. Sweat dripped from his forehead. That was a good workout, he thought as he finished off a second soda. He screwed the valve stem caps back on. He stood back and admired his “new” tires proudly.The bike was now y to ride. Owen, however, felt a little tired. Plus, he was hungry. In fact, it looked like it was getting too dark for a long ride. There’s always tomorrow, he thought as he opened the refrigerator door. The chilled air felt good. Article/201107/145411。
  • Jennifer was about to give birth to her first child and had decided to turn her home office into a nursery. A self- employed Web designer, she was delighted about the baby but afraid of being isolated and losing the self-esteem that came with having built her own business. "I know I should be happy, and I am -- but I'm not," she confided. "I'm excited about starting a family, but I want my life too, and I want the community that has come with working." What do I want? It's a simple question, yet many of us aren't sure. But -- surprise! -- it doesn't have to be all that difficult to answer. It's a matter of focus. Have you ever looked through a telescope at something? You find a reference point to home in on, then fiddle with the settings. At first, it's too close, then it's too far away, finally it's just right. The point is, it takes many adjustments to bring the subject into focus. If you want to look at something else, the process starts again. Goal-setting is the same way. Don't worry if at first you don't know exactly what you want to do. Just don't make the mistake of never committing to anything. Sometimes the answer is very simple: Just pick something! Dr. Mark Goulston, author of Get Out of Your Own Way at Work, suggests you "look back in order to look forward." Examine your calendar at day's end during a typical week and grade each appointment or listing on a scale of -3 to +3, where -3 means "If I never do this again, it will be too soon" and +3 means "I could do this all day long, and I can't wait to do it again." Once you identify the recurring themes, you'll be able to better focus your dreams. If you're still stumped, ask yourself two questions: What would I truly regret if I did not achieve it? What would I do if I knew I could not fail? Don't be afraid to dream big -- or small. And don't let others define your success. Remember Jennifer? She worked through her conflicting emotions about having a baby and decided that this was actually an opportunity to help other pregnant women. She started a website that has grown into a vibrant interactive online community.So, don't ever look back and wonder "what if". You've got a dream, right? And now you've got the plan, so what are you waiting for? Article/200909/83785。
  • 6 The Queen#39;s game of croquet第6章 王后的槌球游戏Near the door there was a rose-tree and three gardeners,who were looking at the roses in a very worried way.在门附近,有棵玫瑰树。旁边站了三个园丁,正焦虑地看着玫瑰花。;What#39;s the matter?;Alice said to them.;怎么啦?;爱丽丝问他们。;You see,Miss,;said the first gardener,;these roses are white,but the Queen only likes red roses,and she;;;你看,,;第一个园丁说,;这些玫瑰是白的,可王后只喜欢红玫瑰,而且她;;;;The Queen!;said the second gardener suddenly,and at once,the three gardeners lay down flat on their faces.Alice turned round and saw a great crowd of people.;王后!;第二个园丁突然说。三个园丁马上趴下,脸贴在地面上。爱丽丝转过身,看见一大群人。It was a pack of cards,walking through the garden.There were clubs(they were soldiers),and diamonds,and ten little children(they were hearts).Next came some Kings and Queens.Then Alice saw the White Rabbit,and behind him, the Knave of Hearts.And last of all,came THE KING AND QUEEN OF HEARTS.这是一副牌,正在穿过花园。有方块(他们是士兵),梅花和十个小孩(他们是红桃)。随后是国王和王后们。这时,爱丽丝看见了白兔,他后面是红桃杰克,最后是红桃国王和王后。When the crowd came near to Alice,they all stopped and looked at her,and the Queen said,;Who are you?;这队伍来到爱丽丝跟前,大家都停下来打量她,王后说,;你是谁?;;My name is Alice,Your Majesty,;said Alice very politely.But she thought to herself,;They#39;re only a pack of cards.I don#39;t need to be afraid of them!;;我叫爱丽丝,陛下,;爱丽丝很有礼貌地说。她想,;他们不过是一副纸牌,我不怕他们!;;And who are these?;said the Queen,looking at the three gardeners.Then she saw the white roses,and her face turned red and angry.;Off with their heads!;she shouted,and soldiers hurried up to take the gardeners away.The Queen turned to Alice.;Can you play croquet?;she shouted.;这些人都是谁?;王后看着三个园丁问道。正在这时,她看见了白玫瑰,脸一下子气得通红。;砍掉他们的头!;她喊道,士兵们赶快把园丁们拉走。王后转向爱丽丝:;你会打槌球吗?;她喊着。;Yes!;shouted Alice.;会!;爱丽丝也喊着。;Come on,then!;shouted the Queen.The crowd began to move on,and Alice went with them.;那么来吧!;王后吆喝一声。大队人马接着走,爱丽丝跟着他们。;It#39;s;it#39;s a very fine day,;said a worried voice in her ear.Alice saw that the White Rabbit was by her side.;这;;这是个好天气,;她听见一个发愁的说话声。白兔就在她身边。;Very fine,;said Alice.;Where#39;s the Duchess?;;很好,;爱丽丝说。;公爵夫人在哪儿?;;Shhh!;said the Rabbit in a hurried voice.;She#39;s in prison,waiting for execution.;;嘘!;白兔很快说。;她在监狱里,等着受刑。;;What for?;said Alice.;为什么?;爱丽丝问。But just then the Queen shouted,;Get to your places!;, and the game began.正在这时,王后喊:;各就各位!;比赛开始了。It was the strangest game of croquet in Alice#39;s life!The balls were hedgehogs,and the mallets were flamingoes.And the hoops were made by soldiers,who turned over and stood on their hands and feet.Alice held her flamingo#39;s body under her arm,but the flamingo turned its long neck first this way and then that way.At last,Alice was y to hit the ball with the flamingo#39;s head.But by then,the hedgehog was tired of waiting and was walking away across the croquet-ground And when both the flamingo and the hedgehog were y,there was no hoop!The soldiers too were always getting up and walking away.It really was a very difficult game,Alice thought.这是爱丽丝见过的最奇怪的槌球游戏!球是刺猬,木槌是红鹤。弓形小球门由士兵组成,他们转过身去,红鹤腿着地站着。爱丽丝用胳膊抱着红鹤的身体,但红鹤把脖子一会儿转到这边,一会儿转到那边。最后,爱丽丝准备好用红鹤的头去击球。可正在这时,刺猬等烦了,穿过槌球场走开了。当红鹤和刺猬都准备好时,却没有球门!士兵们也总是站起来走开。这场球可是太难打了,爱丽丝想。The players all played at the same time,and they were al- ways arguing and fighting for hedgehogs. Nobody could agree about anything.Very soon,the Queen was wildly angry,and went around shouting;Off with his head!;or;Off with her head!;about once a minute.打球的人总是同时打,老是争吵,争刺猬。在任何一件事上大家意见都不一致。很快王后气坏了,她走来走去,大约隔一分钟就大喊;砍掉他的脑袋;或者;砍掉她的脑袋;。Alice began to feel worried.;The Queen is sure to argue with me soon,;she thought.;And what will happen to me then?They#39;re cutting people#39;s heads off all the time here.I#39;m surprised there is anyone left alive!;爱丽丝开始有点担心了。她想:;王后也会很快和我吵起来的,那可怎么办?在这儿他们一直在砍头。可奇怪的是居然还有人活着!;Just then she saw something very strange.She watched carefully,and after a minute or two she saw that the thing was a grin.;It#39;s the Cheshire Cat,;she said to herself.;Now I#39;ll have somebody to talk to.;这时她看到一个很奇怪的东西。她仔细看,过了一会儿她看出来了,是一张咧着笑的嘴。;是切舍猫,;她心里想。;现在我可有人说话了。;;How are you getting on?;said the Cat,when its mouth appeared.;你怎么样?;猫问,嘴完全显露出来了。Alice waited.;I can#39;t talk to something without ears,;she thought.Slowly the Cat#39;s eyes,then its ears,and then the rest of its head appeared.But it stopped at the neck,and its body did not appear.爱丽丝等了等。她想,;我没法跟一个没耳朵的东西说话。;慢慢地猫的眼睛,然后是耳朵,然后是头都出来了。但到颈部就停下来了,身子没出来。Alice began to tell the Cat all about the game.;It#39;s very difficult to play,;she said.;Everybody argues all the time, and the hoops and the hedgehogs walk away.;爱丽丝就给猫讲球赛的情况。;这球赛太难打了,;她说。;每个人都在吵个不停,球门和刺猬还总是走开。; Article/201203/175142。
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