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China's first spacewalk China's sends its first astronaut on a spacewalk. CNN's Kyung Lah reports. China's first astronaut to walk in space, wave to its countrymen and then utter these words: Greetings to all the people in China and the world. Back on earth, they responded with pride. “I love China.” “I'm proud to be Chinese,” says this man and many in the crowd....as they watched Chai Zhi Gang wave the flag in man’s final frontier. It was just a month ago that crowds had gathered around this big street to cheer on another major international event--the Olympics. This coming so close on the heels of that event, China's government hopes to send this message that its rising power is not just on earth, but also in space. A successful space walk is a major step ward China's plans to build a space station by . In the words of China's Men Space Programme ? "This is a breakthrough!"The ultimate purpose exploring space is to pursue peace. China should definitely mark its footprint on this part of history. But with details of its space programme still cloaked in secrecy and under the control of China's military. Concerns linger that this will only expedite a space race. Though analysts who tracked China’s military and technology, called the race small of a crawl and one that may spur more space exploration from the U.S..I think that the U.S. generally responds , better when (there) is competition and when there isn't .So, in so far as a China's mission is to spur, reminding American decision-makers that there are other countries out there, that are intent upon a main presence, long-term presence. Yes, I think that's probably a good thing. At the big screen, only big dreams being met in this moment--the days of the milk scandals and the earthquake gotten momentarily. This historic moment seems a natural step to visitors. Like U.S. , like Russia, they had to do it. To prove that they are big nations.A big and growing nation, continuing to stretch the boundaries of its power. 187

[00:.]Books overdue 逾期不还的书[00:1.79]英文原文[00:5.]While working in the library at a university,[00:.]I was often shocked by the excuses students[00:31.0]would use to get out of paying their fees overdue books.[00:35.5]One evening an older student returned two books[00:38.37]that were way overdue and threw a fit[00:1.]over the "outrageous" $ fee that I asked her to pay.[00:5.61]I tried to explain how much she owed each day,[00:9.1]but she insisted she should be exempt.[00:5.00]"You don't understand," she blurted out.[00:5.95]"I didn't even them!" [01:00.5]中文大意[01:39.66]逐句对照[01:3.]While working in the library at a university,[01:6.86]I was often shocked by the excuses students[01:50.9]would use to get out of paying their fees overdue books.[:.8]One evening an older student returned two books[:.61]that were way overdue and threw a fit[:.]over the "outrageous" $ fee that I asked her to pay.[:.95]I tried to explain how much she owed each day,[:.5]but she insisted she should be exempt.[:37.3]"You don't understand," she blurted out.[:0.39]"I didn't even them!" [:51.57]语言点[:5.31]overdue 过期的, 到期未付的[:57.69]an overdue bill 过期的帐单[:00.63]an overdue train 晚点的火车[:.61]overdue over + due[:.59]over 额外的,超过的[:.9]overeat 吃多[:.]overtalk 讲话太多[:.39]due 预期的,应到的[:19.75]Their plane is due in minutes.[:9.83]throw a fit 大发脾气[:35.85]outrageous 蛮横的, 残暴的[:39.]outrageous 过分的、不合乎任何情理的[:.66]He spends an outrageous amount on entertainment.[:51.73]outrageous[:.]exempt 豁免、免除[:.51]exempt from[:.9]He is exempt from military service, because of his bad sight.[:.1]blurt out[:6.56]Peter blurted out the news bee he considered the consequence.[:38.]重新听一次故事原文[:0.83]While working in the library at a university,[:.00]I was often shocked by the excuses students[:7.19]would use to get out of paying their fees overdue books.[:51.3]One evening an older student returned two books[:5.33]that were way overdue and threw a fit[:56.98]over the "outrageous" $ fee that I asked her to pay.[:01.75]I tried to explain how much she owed each day,[:.]but she insisted she should be exempt.[:.89]"You don't understand," she blurted out.[:.90]"I didn't even them!" 17

Sitting down with their drinksJames: My latte looks like that shoe polish we did an ad last month.Jess: And this espresso looks like...oil!James:[Taking a sip] It still tastes fine, though.Jess: These days, I cant think of anything but motor oil. Even coffee makes me think of it.James: Wait a second! There the idea this case! “Your motor oil should be as choice and fresh as your morning coffee.”参考译文:三人拿着咖啡坐下詹姆士:我的那堤看起来像上个月我们做广告的那种鞋油洁 丝:而这杯浓缩咖啡看起来像是……石油!詹姆士:(啜饮一口)不过尝起来还不错洁 丝:我这阵子脑袋里只有机油就连咖啡也会让我联想到它詹姆士:等等!有一个跟这案子有关的点子了!「你的机油应该跟早上喝的咖啡般,精选又新鲜」重点词汇:sip (n.)啜饮一口Take a sip of my great coffee.啜饮一口我超赞的咖啡吧shoe polish鞋油Shoe polish is used to make shoes shiny and new looking.鞋油是用来让鞋子光亮如新choice (a.)上等的,精选的A: What do you think of this hotel?你对这间饭店有何看法?B: It choice! I love it.真高级!我真爱它 6997

Part . Language study and language appreciation.Listen to the following statements you have learned in the previous and present s.Pay special attention to the parts in bold type. Learn to appreciate and use the language.1. to make commitments to do sth. to reverse the sp of...With the final declaration on its role in the 1st century, the summit statement is expected to call on UN members to make commitments to eradicate poverty, promote democracy and education, and reverse the sp of AIDS.. to join ranks to shrug off.The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has decided to invite Burma to join its ranks, shrugging off western denunciations of the military regime in Rangoon.3. on the first round of balloting.Columbia, Ireland and Singapore won the required two thirds majority on the first round of balloting.Ireland easily captured one of the two seats allotted to the western industrialized group of nations on the first ballot..to press the case .King Harald of Norway came to New York last week to press the case his nation representation on the Security Council the first time since 198.5. to cast the dissenting vote.The ed States cast the sole dissenting vote and Canada abstained.6. to swelter with to be transmed into an oasis of.I have a dream that one day, even the State of Mississippi, an state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, be transmed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream.7. to meet the challenge head-on.One area that met the recycling challenge head-on is the southeast city of Charlotte, North Carolina. 9

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