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It rained for thousands of years.接着就下了好几千年的暴雨As the first rivers formed,第一片河流形成后they began to fill up the lower lying areas on our young planet,开始注满我们年轻地球上比较低的区域possibly creating the first oceans.仓创造出第一片海洋But its reckoned that even this relentless downpour但是据分析即使是这次无穷无尽的倾盆大雨only delivered around half the water that makes up our oceans today.也只不过造成了我们今天海洋的一半水The rest came from outer space.其它的水都是从外太空来的This is a comet filmed in 2005.这是2005年拍摄的一颗彗星Its about four miles across and, like all comets,直径大概有6公里和其它彗星一样its made of rock and water in the form of ice.它是由岩石和以冰的形式存在的水组成的To discover just how much water comets contain,为了了解彗星包含了多少水scientists deliberately crashed a space probe straight into it.科学家们故意指挥一个卫星与之相撞After it ploughed into the surface,它撞进彗星表面的时候more than 250,000 tons of water burst into space.超过2亿5千万升水 冲进了太空201511/408806。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201603/433098。

We are pioneers.We explore,discover,Question.我们是开拓者 我们探索 发现 质疑Now mankind unlocks the mysteries of the natural world.如今人类解开 自然世界之谜New powers unleashed...Were going down!transforming all we are.新能量的释放...船要沉了! 改变了我们的一切Amidst the chaos of an unforgiving planet,most species will fail.这颗星球残酷无情 在无数混乱中 大多数物种将在劫难逃But for one, all the pieces will fall into place,但有一个物种 却有条不紊地进化着and a set of keys will unlock a path for mankind to triumph.一串钥匙即将开启人类通往胜利的道路This is our story. The story of all of us.这就是我们的故事 我们所有人的故事The planet is a battleground.地球如同战场Ancient people and beliefs crash head-on into a new age of science and commerce.古人类和他们的信仰 在新时代科学和商业面前不堪一击In North America,what will become a land of cities and highways在北美 土地变成城市和高速路之前lies under a blanket of forest.是一片广袤的森林Now pioneers push into the unknown.New England, 1676.如今开拓者已进入这片未知之地 新英格兰 1676年Two generations after the mayflower,自;五月花;号抵陆后已历经两代人150,000 settlers cling to the edge of a vast wilderness.十五万移居者固守在大片荒野的边缘之地Among them, the Lewis family.Puritans from England.他们之中 有来自英格兰的清教徒 刘易斯一家Theyve been here 30 years.他们在此已生活了三十年The Wabanaki have been here 12,000.而瓦班纳基族人已在此一万两千年之久201603/430107。

The main goal during pregnancy is期的主要目标是to eat a variety of foods especially fruits,饮食多样化,特别是多吃各种水果vegetables, and meats.蔬菜以及肉类Different foods contain different amounts of nutrients不同的食物含有不同量的营养such as proteins, carbohydrates,例如蛋白质,糖类vitamins, and minerals.维生素以及矿物质The website www.mypyramid.gov provides在www.mypyramid.gov上much information on specific foods有很多信息是关于食用哪些食物for healthy pregnancy.以保期健康的This website provides links这个网站提供了连接to create individualized plans that are based on age,教大家如何创建一个个人计划height, and weight to track and record food intake.基于年龄,身高和体重来跟踪记录食物摄取Because of the special needs during pregnancy,由于怀期间需求很特殊using a website such as mypyramid.gov用一个mypyramid.gov类的网站can be beneficial to ensure healthy eating.可以保饮食健康So how much is 340 calories?比如340卡路里相当于多少食物呢?Examples of 340 calories would include340卡路里热量相当于an eight ounce low-fat plain yogurt8盎司低脂肪的酸奶mixed with half cup raspberries酸奶中还混有半杯覆盆子and one tablespoon honey plus one hard-boiled egg再加一大匙蜂蜜和一个水煮蛋with a slice of whole grain toast.及一片全麦吐司面包And example of 452 calories is a two ounce452卡路里热量相当于2盎司turkey burger with one fourth cup chopped avocado,火鸡汉堡,四分之一杯鳄梨碎one fourth cup grilled onions四分之一杯烤洋葱on a slice of whole grain b及一片全麦吐司面包plus one half whole grain English muffin再加半片全麦的英式松饼which is toasted and has two tablespoons pizza sauce松饼是烤过的,加了两大匙披萨酱and two ounces low-fat mozzarella cheese.和两盎司低脂马苏里拉奶酪So these two snacks added to a healthy diet这两种小吃加到饮食中would be sufficient to meet the extra calorie needs便足矣满足中期和晚期妊娠阶段during the second and third trimester.额外的热量需求了This slide lists the dietary guidelines这页列出了膳食指南for non-pregnant individuals.主要是为没有怀的人设计的These recommendations are the same这儿列出的建议for pregnant individuals with the exception of与对怀妇女的建议是一样的the small increase in calories除了要在中期和晚期妊娠阶段for the second and third trimesters.稍微多摄入些热量外During pregnancy, there will also be an increase在怀期间,应当增加in certain nutrients necessary for growth一些必要营养素的摄入and development of the baby以促进胎儿的生长which will be discussed later.这点之后会详细讲述These guidelines were published in 2005膳食指南在2005年已被美国农业部出版by the U.S.D.A., but the updated version但是新版的指南will be released later this year.会在今年出版The recommendations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.这些建议都基于2000卡路里热量的饮食For fruits,对水果而言two cups or four servings of fruits a day are required.每天应当喝2杯果汁或吃4份水果Five servings or 2.5 cups of vegetables are required5份蔬菜或者2.5杯蔬菜汁也是必需的while six ounces of grains are needed.还需要6盎司谷类食物For meat and beans, 5.5 ounces are required肉类和豆类的话,应摄入5.5盎司and three cups of milk.再喝三杯牛奶The dietary guidelines for oil states that与食用油相关的建议是24 grams or roughly six teaspoons are required.必须食用24克或者大概6茶匙油Fats and sweets should be limited in the diet.脂肪和甜食应当加以控制Some general recommendations for healthy diet这儿有一些笼统的建议,是关于期during pregnancy include trying whole grain健康饮食的,包括多食用全麦食物instead of items made from white flour;而不是白面粉做的食物these include bs, cereals, pasta, and brown rice.这些食物包括面包,杂粮食物,意大利面和糙米Whole fruits are advised but frozen or canned建议吃完整的水果,但是冷冻或者罐装的can just be as nutritious.也一样有营养If you opt for canned fruits,如果选择吃罐装水果avoid those canned in heavy syrup不要买那些浓缩的罐装果汁because they contain extra sugar.因为它们含糖量更高Fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, nectarines,例如苹果,梨,桃子,油桃and melons are excellent choices.和西瓜等水果都是不错的选择Because acid can cause heart burn, you may want to因为酸可以引发胃灼热,所以应当注意be cautious with the amount of acidic fruits you eat,少吃些酸水果like oranges, pineapples, lemons and limes.如桔子,菠萝,柠檬和酸橙等However, if these do not affect you,然而,如果这些水果对你没什么影响there is no reason to avoid them in the diet.就不用在饮食中避免它们了Consume vegetables such as leafy greens,多吃些蔬菜,例如绿叶菜bell peppers, eggplants, squash, and mushrooms.灯笼椒,茄子,南瓜类,还有蘑菇Lean protein from both plant-based来源于植物and animal-based sources is recommended.和动物的精蛋白质也要食用201503/363455。

Im in the Mexican gallery in front of what looks like a giant stone horseshoe-its about 20 inches (50 cm) long and about 4 inches (10 cm) thick and is made of a very beautiful grey-green speckled stone. When it first came to the British Museum in the 1860s they thought that it was a yoke for something like a carthorse-but there were two immediate problems with this theory: first the object is very heavy, its about five or six stone (35 kg)-too heavy even for a horses neck-and secondly, there were no carthorses or draught animals in Central America until the Spaniards brought them from Europe in the sixteenth century.在大英物馆的墨西哥厅,有一件形似大型石制马蹄铁的物品,长约四十厘米,厚十二厘米,由美丽的灰绿色斑点石制成。1860年它刚到大英物馆时,人们以为它是马匹之类的拉车的轭。但很快疑问便出现了:首先,这件东西重约四十千克,背起来过于沉重;其次,在16世纪西班牙人进入美洲之前,美洲其实没有任何用于负重拉拽的动物。It was only just over 50 years ago that it was generally understood that these stone carvings had nothing to do with animals; they were meant to be worn by men. They represent the padded belts made of cloth or basketwork worn to protect the hips during ancient Central American ball games. Indeed some of these stone belts may have been moulds used to shape lighter cloth or leather padding, but the one we have in the British Museum is made of solid stone, so heavy that if it was worn it can only have been very briefly. Nowadays it would perhaps be for a quick photo call, but we dont actually know exactly when or how it might originally have been worn.直到五十多年前,人们制品与动物无关,而是给人类穿戴的。它类似用布的软垫,戴在腰间,在古代中美洲的球类运动中用于保护臀部。有些石头腰带可能只是模具,成品则由较轻的布料或皮革制成。而大英物馆所藏的这一件也太过沉重,即使戴不了太长时间。我们无法准确了解古人佩戴它的原因何在,也不了解他们在什么情况下会佩戴它,又是如何佩戴的。We asked the leading expert on these games, Michael Whittington, what he thought these stone belts were for:中美洲球类运动专家迈克尔惠廷顿认为,这些腰带主要是在仪式使用的:;I believe these were ceremonial objects.Wearing an object thats 75-100 lbs around your waist during an athletic competition will slow you down considerably, so they probably were worn as part of the ritual ceremonies at the beginning of the game. 我认为这些是仪式用具。在运动比赛中戴着三四十公斤重的东西会让人动作变慢。因此应该是在比赛前的宗教仪式中使用的。它们象征着比赛中人们真正会使用的腰带。201501/354548。

Three Mormon missionaries from the U.S. are among the injured after terror attacks in Brussels on Tuesday, according to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.据耶稣基督后期圣徒教会,三名来自美国的门教传教士在周二布鲁塞尔恐怖袭击中受伤。Richard Norby, Joseph Empey and Mason Wells were reportedly escorting another missionary to the airport when the attack took place. All three men are from Utah and are currently hospitalized. 据报道袭击发生时,理查德、约瑟夫和梅森正护送另一名传教士到机场。三名男子都来自犹他州,目前正在住院治疗。At least 34 people are dead and 198 were wounded in the attacks. Officials say two explosions occurred at Brussels international airport Tuesday morning, which were followed by a single explosion at Maalbeek metro station. 袭击至少造成34人死亡,198人受伤。官员表示,周二早上两起爆炸发生在布鲁塞尔国际机场,紧跟着Maalbeek地铁站的单一爆炸。Officials say at least one of the explosions was caused by a suicide bomber. 官员表示,至少有一起爆炸是由自杀式炸弹造成的。A media agency ran by ISIS reportedly said the terrorist group was behind the attacks. Government officials have yet to comment on the claim. 一家由ISIS运营的媒体机构表示,其恐怖集团是幕后黑手。政府官员尚未对该说法作出。This also comes less than a week after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, the sole surviving suspect of the Paris attacks in November. He was arrested in Brussels. 这也是萨拉赫被捕不到一周后,作为十一月巴黎袭击案的唯一幸存嫌疑人,在布鲁塞尔被捕。译文属。201603/433021。