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经典句型:Can I buy you a drink? 我请你喝杯酒好吗?Can I buy you a drink?我请你喝杯酒好吗?No,thanks.Mine is enough.不,谢谢。我不能再喝了。Do you mind me sitting here?介意我坐在这里吗?Oh,no problem.哦,没问题。经典句型:The live performances here are excellent. 这儿的现场表演太棒了。The live performances here are excellent.这儿的现场表演太棒了。I like the guitarist very much.我非常喜欢那个吉他手。And the singer is excellent.歌手也很出色。句型讲解:在酒吧和陌生的朋友交谈,可以说Do you mind me sitting here?我坐在这里你介意吗?临别的时候可以说Wish meeting you next time.希望下次还能见到你。 /201501/353753讲解文本:scary 可怕的,恐怖的,吓人的Grandpa told me a scary ghost story.爷爷给我讲了一个可怕的鬼故事。I dont like this movie, its too scary.我不喜这部电影,太吓人了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201702/4906809. I am told to get the information from every caller.我奉命询问每位访客的来意。还能这样说:I am ordered to inquire your intention.An order that I should ask is the purpose from every visitor.谚语:Every dog is a lion at home.夜郎自大。10. Would you mind waiting?您愿意等一会儿吗?还能这样说:Would you please have a seat for a while?Would you like to wait for a moment?应用:body and mind 肉体和精神11. We have a small but highly respectable company.我们公司规模虽小,商誉极佳。还能这样说:Our company is small-sized but has a good reputation.Though small in size, our company has a good fame.应用:be famed for 以……出名;come to fame 成名12. I greet you on behalf of our manager.我代表我们经理前来迎接您。还能这样说:I greet you in the name of our manager.I, as a representative of our manager, greet you.应用:on behalf of 代表,为了;on sb.s behalf 以某人的名义,为了某人,代表某人 /201503/363643

Alex: Hey Katia. What about you? Tell me about your weekends. What do you usually do on the weekends?亚历克斯:嘿,卡蒂亚,你呢?跟我说说你怎么过周末吧。你通常周末都做什么?Katia: Well, every weekend I think its different but usually in the mornings I wake up and Im actually very relaxed because I know I dont have a schedule so usually I have coffee, breakfast and then I plan my weekend. So sometimes I do things only by myself but sometimes I go with friends. I like going to restaurants, I like being in nature, I like biking, so there are many things but I think every weekend is different. It depends on how Im feeling that day.卡蒂亚:嗯,每个周末都不一样,通常我早上醒来以后会感觉非常放松,因为我知道当天没什么安排,所以我会喝杯咖啡,吃早餐,然后开始计划周末的活动。有时我会一个人外出,有时我和朋友们一起玩,我喜欢去餐厅,我喜欢大自然,喜欢骑自行车,有很多事情可以做,所以每个周末的安排都不一样。这要看我当时的感觉。Alex: Nice. You were saying you plan your weekends, like you can plan them in advance or something that just as it goes, kind of like do things. How does it work?亚历克斯:真好。你刚才说你会计划周末的活动,你是会提前安排,还是想做什么就去做。你是怎样安排的?Katia: Well usually in the mornings I check what I feel like doing and then thats what I plan. So for example, if I wake up and I feel like going, its a nice day, I like to go to a park and then to the beach, then thats my plan so thats how I plan it. Its right on the moment. So its somewhat of a plan.卡蒂亚:通常早上我会想想我想做什么,然后开始计划。比如,如果我起床以后我发现那天是个好天,我会想去公园和海滩,那这就是我的计划。通常都是当时决定的。可以说算是计划吧。Alex: You look like you enjoy going shopping a lot. Do you go shopping sometimes on the weekends?亚历克斯:你看起来很喜欢购物。你周末会去购物吗?Katia: Not at all. I dont like shopping at all. I wish I would enjoy it but I just, all the time its the same. You see the same things, the same people, so its the same all the time so its not so exciting for me. I really dont enjoy it. Only I go if I have to.卡蒂亚:不会。我一点儿也不喜欢购物。我也希望我能享受购物,不过我觉得什么都是一样的。你看到的东西是一样的,人也是一样的,什么都是一样的,所以不太能让我提起兴趣。我真的不喜欢购物。只有在必要的时候才去购物。Alex: Do you have your friends over or do you usually go visit friends or family during the weekends?亚历克斯:那周末你会请朋友来家里玩或去拜访朋友和家人吗?Katia: Sometimes I have my friends over. Usually have a small dinner, nice conversations and yeah just a quiet evening with my friends. And yes, and Sundays are family days so I reserve Sundays for my family.卡蒂亚:有时我会请朋友来家里玩。通常我们会简单吃个晚饭,好好聊聊天,和朋友度过一个轻松的夜晚。周日是家庭日,我会把周日空出来,和家人一起度过。Alex: Do you travel or do you go places around your city?亚历克斯:那你会去旅游吗,在你所在的城市四处转转?Katia: If I have the opportunity definitely. I think its always nice to go out from your everyday routine. So if I can, of course I love to travel.卡蒂亚:如果我有机会,一定会去。我认为摆脱每天的例行工作非常好。如果可以的话,我会的,而且我喜欢旅游。Alex: Thats interesting.亚历克斯:很有趣。 译文属 /201610/470663

01. Being a 3S lady is like drowning, a really delightful sensation after you cease to struggle.当一个剩女,好比溺水而亡。到了停止挣扎之后,就会有那真正快乐的感觉了。02. I hope I meet somebody I want to marry soon, otherwise Ill end up an old maid.我希望能快点遇到一个合适的结婚对象,不然我就会孤老终生了03. My requirement is very simple: to find a man who really loves me.我的要求非常简单:找一个真正爱我的男人。04. I am so frustrated to fail the date again.这次约会又失败了,真让我沮丧。05. Since women no longer rely on men, they can live well by them selves.如今,女人们已经不再依靠男人养活,她们自己也可以生活得很好。06. I believe in pure love.我只相信真爱。07. Maid that laughs is half taken.少女露笑脸,婚事半成全。08. It is better to remain single than settle for someone incompatible.宁可单身也不愿意随随便便就嫁人(宁缺毋滥)。09. Sometimes we can tell whether we have chemistry within just a few minutes.有时候我们只需要几分钟的时间就能判断两个人是否情投意合。10. Since you are footloose and fancy-free, you can do whatever you like.你是自由身,没有爱情的羁绊,想做什么就做什么。11. I like Tom but he didnt ask to see me again, so I guess hes not interested. I suppose Ill just stay a singleton all my life.我其实很喜欢汤姆,但是他没有约我再见面。我猜他一定是对我没兴趣吧。我可能要一辈子单身了。12. Being a singleton is solitary, but splendid.单身虽然孤单,但同样精。13. Singles are happy to be single, believing they are more open to new expenences.单身有单身的好处,他们相信单身的人更愿意接触新鲜事物。14. 78 percent of singles believe they are as fit as, or even more fit than their ;coupled; peers physically.78%的单身者认为他们的身体健康程度比起那些已婚的同龄人毫不逊色,甚至强过他们。15. The majority of singletons feel more financially secure than the couples they knew.大部分单身者感觉比起已婚的人,他们在财务方面更有安全感。16. Many 3S ladies turn to the Internet for easy access to seek their Mr Rights.很多;剩女;转而投向网络这个便捷的平台来寻找爱人。17. She is such a warm-hearted woman that she is very keen on matchmaking.她是个非常热心的人,常常帮别人做媒。18. I will walk you down the aisle someday.总有一天我会把你嫁出去的。19. How many people did you invite to your wedding shower?你邀请了多少人去你的告别单身女子派对呀?20. I am married and have a wonderful family. But before I met my husband, I was a singleton for a few years.我结婚了,有一个美满的家庭。但在遇到我丈夫之前,我也单身了几年。 /201507/38667615. Requesting More Supplies for the Minibar 15.为小酒吧请求更多的物资A: I need someone to come up and restock the minibar in my room.A:我需要有人上来补足我房间的小酒吧。B: Does everything need to be restocked?B:一切都需要再储存吗?A: The good stuff needs to be restocked.A:好东西需要再储存。B: Tell me whats good to you, sir.B:您需要什么,先生。A: The three mini bottles of Grey Goose were great.A:三小瓶灰雁是很棒的。B: Do you need the mixers to be restocked, too?B:你需要也补充搅拌机吗?A: I just need more cranberry juice to go with the vodka.A:我只是需要更多的酸果蔓汁来搭配伏特加。B: Do any of the snacks need to be restocked?B:有任何的零食需要再储存吗?A: Bring a can of the honey roasted nuts.A:拿一罐蜂蜜烤坚果。B: You like nuts, sir?B:先生,你喜欢坚果吗?A: Im nuts about nuts.A:我很喜欢坚果。B: Okay, just give me your room number and someone will restock those items. B:好的,给我你的房间号,有人会为你们送去这些物品译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/433765Todd: So, Rebecca, now you were saying that were a chef, or you worked in a kitchen in your previous job. Can you talk about that? Like where did you work and what was it like?托德:丽贝卡,你说过你做过厨师,之前在厨房工作过。你能谈谈这个经历吗?你之前在哪里工作,那份工作怎么样?Rebecca: OK, I worked in a few different restaurants over several years, sometimes full-time, sometimes part-time. Sometimes I worked in busy city restaurants, and other times just small cafes doing breakfast, that kind of thing.丽贝卡:好,过去几年我在不同的餐厅工作过,有时是全职,有时是兼职。我在繁忙都市的餐厅工作过,也在小咖啡厅负责过早餐。Todd: OK, so, you must have had a very busy routine. Can you describe whats the typical workday when you are a chef?托德:好,你之前的工作肯定很忙。你能描述一下你当厨师时每天都做些什么吗?Rebecca: Well, usually you start preparing in the afternoon and thats the quiet part of the day. You dont have any customers. You just come in and you chop up all the vegetables and the things you need to do like that. You cook any food that can be cooked before and organize all the ingredients for the dishes. Then service starts at about six oclock and thats when it gets really crazy. Its really busy from then on and you have to be very organized and cook everything as fast as possible.丽贝卡:我通常在下午开始做准备工作,那是一天中最安静的时候。因为没有客人。我会走进厨房,把蔬菜切碎,一般都要这么做。在烹饪之前要把每道菜的配料先准备好。餐厅在下午6点开始迎来就餐高峰,那个时候真的非常紧张。从那时起会非常忙碌,要尽快准备然后烹调食物。Todd: OK, sounds like a pretty busy schedule. When youre working, what do you enjoy about the job? What makes the job fun and interesting?托德:听起来真的很忙。你当厨师时喜欢这个工作哪一点?这份工作有意思的地方在哪里?Rebecca: Actually, I like the pressure of cooking. Its stressful but its also exciting. Its like a game. You have to organize everything, and you have to think of sixty things at once. Its a really good atmosphere. Everybodys excited. Everyone has to work together. Its a team job, so you can make really close friends in the kitchen. Its fun to work with them.丽贝卡:实际上我喜欢烹饪的那种压力感。这是份有压力的工作,不过同样令人很兴奋。就像游戏一样。你要做好一切准备,要同时想60件事。工作氛围非常好,所有人都很兴奋。大家要在一起合作。这个工作需要团队合作,所以可以在厨房交到亲密的朋友。和他们一起工作很有意思。Todd: Is there anything you didnt like? Like maybe the smell of the food or getting dirty or things like that?托德:那你不喜欢这份工作的哪点?比如说食物的味道,还是会弄脏或是其他的?Rebecca: No, that didnt bother me, but I used to travel home after work on the bus sometimes and interestingly even when it was full I would have a seat to myself because the smell of the food gets into your clothes, your hair, your skin, everything. You smell like fifty different kinds of food. Thats not a good thing.丽贝卡:都不是,这些都没有让我感到困扰,不过,以前我下班后坐公交回家的时候,即使在公交车非常挤的时候我还是自己坐在座位上,因为食物的味道会沾在衣、头发和皮肤上。你身上会散发出50种食物的味道。这可不是一件好事。Todd: Wow. So did you have dogs or anything when you got home that they would be like craving for you to walk through the door?托德:哇。你有养吗,它会期待你走进家门吗?Rebecca: No, I didnt have dogs because I was scared they might eat me you know. They might think I was a piece of steak or something.丽贝卡:没有,我没有养,因为我害怕它们会吃了我。它们也许认为我是牛排之类的食物。Todd: Alright thanks, Rebecca.托德:好,谢谢你,丽贝卡。 译文属 /201509/399889

经典句型:The Australians are very warm-hearted. 澳大利亚人很热情。A:Do you like the Australians?甲:你喜欢澳大利亚人吗?B:Yes. The Australians are very warm-hearted. 乙:是的。澳大利亚人很热情。A:And they are also easy-going.甲:他们也很随和。B:Oh, its true. I want to have a visit there again. 乙:哦,的确如此。我想再去一次。A:Me too.甲:我也是。经典句型:I enjoy the life in Australia very much. 我很享受澳大利亚的生活。A:I have been here for two months.甲:我已经在这里两个月了。B:Have you got used to the life in Australia?乙:你习惯澳大利亚的生活了吗?A:I enjoy the life in Australia very much.甲:我很享受澳大利亚的生活。B:Youre right, the environment here is very good.乙:是的,这里的环境很好。句型讲解:get used to表示习惯于。后面跟名词或动名词。如:Have you got used to the cold weather here?你习惯这里的寒冷天气了吗? /201505/374546本期内容:You have to do the hard things. The things that no one else is doing. The things that scare you. The things that make you wonder how much longer you can hold on.你必须做困难的事情。没人做的事情。你害怕的事情。让你知道自己能坚持多久的事情。Those are the things that define you. Those are the things that make the difference between living a life of mediocrity or outrageous success.这些事能塑造你。它们能让生活有平庸和成功的天壤之别。单词及实用短语:1. scare 英 [ske#601;(r)] 美 [sker] v.受惊吓;恐吓2. mediocrity 英 [ #716;mi:di#712;#594;kr#601;ti ] 美 [ #716;mi:di#712;ɑ:kr#601;ti] 平庸,平凡; 庸人3. outrageous 英 [ a#650;t#712;re#618;d#658;#601;s ] 美 [ a#650;t#712;red#658;#601;s ] 粗暴的; 无法容忍的; 反常的; 令人惊讶的关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖! /201610/468071I have to take off some weight. 我得减肥了。A:Hi,Anne,whats up?嗨,安妮,你怎么了 ?B:I look awful in a swimsuit.I am too fat.我穿泳衣看起来好糟糕。我太胖了。A:Well,youre a little plump,but you arent fat.哎呀,你只是有点丰满,但你并不胖。B:Its very nice of you to say that,but I know Ive gained much weight.Look at you!You are much more skinny than you were.你这么说真是太好了。不过我知道我胖了。看你,你比以前瘦多了。A:To be honest,I do have lost about five kilos.老实说,我确实瘦了五斤。B:Wow!How do you manage to become so slim?Whats the secret?哇!你是怎么瘦的?有什么秘诀吗?A:I go on a diet and have a constancy of exercise.我只节食和持续的运动。B:Is that all?Well,I have to take off some weight,too.就这些吗?我也要减肥了。A:How do you plan to put it into practice?你要怎么付诸行动?B:Im going to have only juice for each meal from now on.我打算从现在开始每餐只喝果汁。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201706/513174

make fun of 戏弄,嘲笑Dont make fun of the poor boy.不要取笑那个可怜的孩子。Dont make fun of me.别嘲笑我。A:Why do you wear that ridiculous costume? That makes you look like a clown.你为什么穿那件可笑的戏?那使你看上去像个小丑。B:Did you just make fun of me?你在开我玩笑嘛?背景音乐:Ina —— I wanted you更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号SmethilyFM(注意:“S”和“FM”均为大写) /201606/446470

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