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Today in History: Tuesday, December 25, 2012历史上的今天:2012年12月25日,星期二On Dec. 25, 1990, the World Wide Web was born as computer scientists Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau created the first hyperlinked Web page.1990年12月25日,计算机科学家蒂姆·伯纳斯-李和罗伯特·卡里奥发明了首个超链接网页,万维网从此诞生。336 The first recorded celebration of Christmas on Dec. 25 took place in Rome.336年,12月25日在罗马庆祝有记录以来的首个圣诞节。1066 William the Conqueror was crowned king of England.1066年,征者威廉被加冕英格兰国王。1776 Gen. George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River for a surprise attack against Hessian forces at Trenton, N.J.1776年,乔治·华盛顿将军和他的军队穿过特拉华河,突袭新泽西州特伦顿黑森部队。1818 ;Silent Night; was performed for the first time, at the Church of St. Nikolaus in Oberndorff, Austria.1818年,奥地利Oberndorff 尼古拉斯教堂举行了首个“平安夜”活动。1821 Clara Barton, the founder of the American Red Cross, was born in Oxford, Mass.1821年,美国红十字会创始人克拉拉·巴顿在Mass牛津出生。1868 President Andrew Johnson granted an unconditional pardon to everyone involved in the Southern rebellion that resulted in the Civil War.1868年,安德鲁·约翰逊总统批准对内战期间卷入南方叛乱者实施无条件大赦。1926 Hirohito became emperor of Japan, succeeding his father, Emperor Yoshihito.1926年,Hirohito接任他的父亲Yoshihito成为日本天皇。1977 Comedian Charlie Chaplin died at age 88.1977年,喜剧演员查理·卓别林去世,享年88岁。1989 Ousted Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, were executed.1989年,被罢黜的罗马尼亚总统尼古拉·齐奥塞斯库和他的妻子艾琳娜被处决。1989 Former New York Yankees player and manager Billy Martin, 61, died when the pickup truck he was riding in crashed.1989年,61岁的前纽约洋基球员及教练比利·马丁乘坐的卡车发生车祸死亡。1991 Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev went on TV to announce his resignation as the eighth and final leader of a Communist superpower that had aly gone out of existence.1991年,苏联总统戈尔巴乔夫在电视上宣布他辞去第八任,也是作为共产主义超级大国的最后一任领袖。1995 Singer Dean Martin died at age 78.1995年,歌手迪恩马丁去世,享年78岁。2006 Soul singer James Brown died at age 73.2006年,灵魂歌手詹姆斯布朗去世,享年73岁。 /201212/216728How to Treat a Cat Bite on HowcastYou Will need:Soap Warm water Antiseptic Antibiotic ointment Gauze Doctor (optional) 你需要:肥皂温水消毒液抗生素软膏沙布医生(不是必须的)Step 1: Wash the woundWash the wound immediately with soap and warm water. Scrub the area for several minutes to remove saliva and bacteria from the cat bite.第一步:清洗伤口马上用肥皂和温水清洗伤口。将伤口区域用力擦洗几分钟,以便洗去猫咬带来的唾液和细菌。Tip:Don’t scrub too hard, but be thorough. While it may be painful, an infection is even worse.小贴士:清洗时不要太用力,但要彻底。这样做可能会感到疼痛,但要是感染了会更痛。Step 2: Follow with an antisepticRinse all the soap from the wound and then follow with a good antiseptic such as iodine or hydrogen peroxide.第二步:用消毒液擦拭将伤口上的肥皂冲洗掉,用好的消毒液比如碘酒或过氧化氢这类的消毒液。Step 3: Apply pressureApply firm pressure to the puncture marks from the cat’s teeth to stop any bleeding. Keep the wound elevated to prevent the wound from swelling.第三步:用力按用力按被猫牙刺穿的地方来止血。要将伤口抬起以防伤口膨胀。Step 4: Cover with gauzeCover the bite with an antibiotic ointment and then wrap it in clean gauze once the bleeding has stopped. Apply clean bandages at least twice a day until healing starts.第四步:用纱布包扎伤口将伤口处涂上抗生素软膏,等止血后用干净的纱布包上。每天至少换2次纱布直到伤口开始愈合。Tip:A tetanus booster or rabies vaccine may be needed if the animal is a stray. Animal bites in humans can be deadly.小贴士:如果咬你的动物是在野外生活的,可能得需要防止破伤风的药物或打狂犬疫苗。动物咬的伤口可能致命。Step 5: See a doctorSee a doctor if things get worse. Have a baby or small child checked out, even if the bite is minor. Swift action will make any pet bite less traumatic and painful.第五步:去看医生如果情况恶化就要去看医生。如果婴儿或小孩被咬了,即使伤口很小,也要去看医生。被宠物咬后立刻行动能减少创伤和疼痛。201011/118499

今年的展会高清技术成为了人们关注的焦点,其中包括3 D摄像机。One of the main attractions at this years festival is the ;Filming Equipment Exhibition.; High Definition technology is in the spotlight, and that includes 3D cameras.Sony released this 3D television device in April. It has two separate high definition screens—one for each eye—making it possible to watch 3D movies or TV programs at home. Although the device costs more than 6,000 yuan, visitors were lining up to take a look.;It can create a more real visual effect due to the two separate screens. And the stereo headphones also gives people very good audio effect.;Meng Jianjun, an exhibitor says, ;The Chinese mainland has launched 3D channels this year. Thats why we want to bring more high-end audio-visual systems so that people can have a good experience when watching 3D TV.;And this exhibitor is creating software to improve picture quality, for people who say they get dizzy or feel sick watching 3D shows and movies.Jin Rishan, an exhibitor says, ;Its not only about showing off those nice devices, but also about how to make people feel comfortable and safe.;Meanwhile, this exhibitor was talking up the next big breakthrough in 3D television.Zhang Chuang, an exhibitor says, ;Naked-eye 3D is a trend. To achieve that, you have to start with the filming part, and then the screen part. Once we can develop this technology, that would make the naked-eye 3D a reality to provide a better visual effect.;The show has attracted about 100 exhibtors and will run through this Thursday.201206/187062

C*e#O@[XAe5EIgKF-B|TG_YP897~A6-Blfz(^Today in History: Tuesday, August 28, 2012_-_JmH|GMKaAO~]历史上的今天 2012年8月28日 星期二9VxwMVEQKuE+Nv[cOn Aug. 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., delivered his ;I Have a Dream; speech during a civil rights rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.1963年8月28日,马丁·路德金在华盛顿特区林肯纪念碑民权集会上发表“我有一个梦想”的演讲gsVL~GC3l*T@kbe~)L。8Xl|YK@(aohIFPl4I0W+9mYArbF1609 English sea explorer Henry Hudson reached present-day Delaware Bay.1609年,英国海上探险家亨利哈德逊抵达如今的特拉华湾hJ3K9o6_Q_P^;BJ.Vg7f。u+%2W,[qifz2K,o_9@wzXkefu_r1828 Novelist Leo Tolstoy was born near Tula, Russia.1828年,小说家列夫·托尔斯泰在出俄罗斯图拉出生rRC+W_t5j9-Ide。ZeKkKg5bT5cbbnR]_aBM)J,T+*OO6M1922 The first radio commercial aired, on WEAF in New York City.1922年,第一个商业电台在纽约WEAF播出mA%Gn@.JK_v]KG。WIyTKpsFpiS]GyL~#L]vIju2uHL]1968 Police and anti-war demonstrators clashed in the streets of Chicago as the Democratic National Convention nominated Hubert H. Humphrey for president.1968年,因民主党全国代表大会提名休伯特·汉弗莱为总统,警察和反战示威者在芝加哥发生冲突LRUs3U;[#ZpjFA5OsJ。S_M8|VYsf~2-Pt#!+*(E7!qAo.3nFbh)kG%uSxq1981 John W. Hinckley Jr. pleaded innocent to charges of attempting to kill President Ronald Reagan.1981年,针对企图刺杀总统罗纳德·里根的控告约翰·欣克利申诉无罪NjOa(NXB7|;R^。RhMvq]QTgYlqKe5TpKZxc7y,0-fJZ!1996 Democrats nominated President Bill Clinton for a second term at their national convention in Chicago.1996年,芝加哥全国代表大会民主党提名比尔·克林顿总统连任.s80|k(dw;#。@rIgpi*jUWuM9%.-]zY8!kA]kgCGQoe1996 Britains Prince Charles and Princess Diana were divorced after 15 years of marriage.1996年,英国查尔斯王子和戴安娜王妃结婚15年后离婚xxqdGO.YG%T。t2O2;aUkf#dSnUsc*RDaE18](QBQEh7B%H_2005 New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin ordered everyone in the city to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Katrina.2005年,新奥尔良市长雷·纳金命令在卡特里娜飓风来临之前全体民众一致撤离3Foc~kS1k6o。g40Y7E68^M!u~N[KI6-iK3|3HLgokU)h!8o3)2008 Barack Obama accepted the Democratic presidential nomination with a speech at Invesco Field in Denver.2008年,奥巴马在丹佛Invesco Field发表演讲,接受民主党总统提名eKq^4bw;Sq。tDY)bEWhE5GaGXyt2o3R5p-23b3ksF Pop star Michael Jacksons death was a homicide caused primarily by the powerful anesthetic propofol and another sedative, the Los Angeles County coroners office announced.年,洛杉矶尸检办公室宣布流行音乐巨星迈克尔·杰克逊的死因主要是由强效麻醉剂异丙酚和另一种镇静剂引起的w_vS%MO-YSRA3f.u。o_CH]Aq5xl+c!K%^kt4Vxjum+@EW|dbLkOUXdOjg|+x1+58c6Ru]O8Mg, /201208/196991

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