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Kansas Town Hosting 21st Annual Overbrook Gourmet Dog Meat Festival堪萨斯镇举办第21届欧弗布鲁克肉美食节The Fine Citizens Of Overbrook, KS Enjoying A Stroll At This Year#39;s Gourmet Dog Meat Festival.堪萨斯民众在今年举办的肉美食节上漫步并尽情享受美食。(Overbrook, KS)-- For three generations the modest hamlet of Overbrook, KS has been cooking up a dish that by most American#39;s standards is shockingly taboo. Canines have been on the community#39;s since the early 1970s when refugees from the Vietnam war were relocated to the quiet, close-knit township. Grateful for their new-found liberty, the Vietnamese were eager to share many of their ancient customs with their Kansasian neighbors. As 1985 rolled around the Vietnam-born immigrants had gradually moved away, leaving Overbrook once more a predominantly white community. However, the tradition learned from their foreign friends is one that holds strong to this day.(欧弗布鲁克 堪萨斯)——对于世世代代居住在欧弗布鲁克恬静的村庄上的人们来说,堪萨斯正在烹煮一道,对于大多数美国人来说都是禁忌的菜肴。自从1970年代,越南战争的难民被重新安置在这个安静及闭塞的小镇以来,肉一直活跃在这个地方的菜谱上。为了表达对重获新生的感激之情,这些越南人热情的与他们的堪萨斯邻居们分享他们的传统风俗。随着1985年,这些生于越南的移民们从这里搬走,这个小镇的居民重新以白种人为主。然而,居民们从外国朋友那里学来的传统,蓬勃发展,保留至今。Overbrook, KS held their first official dog meat festival in the fall of 1992, a low key event where villagers brought in their own doggone dishes to be sampled by family and neighbors. Every year attendance has steadily grown and now the event is host to hundreds of hungry townsfolk each clamoring for a taste of all the tail-wagging wares. 2013 finds the town embracing their unique culinary custom and proudly exclaiming to the rest of the country ,;we eat dog and that’s okay!; I took a trip to this charming borough to speak with some of the locals and see what they had to say about their new-found reputation as the dog meat capital of ed States.堪萨斯的欧弗布鲁克在1992年举办了他们的第一届肉美食节,第一届肉美食节相当的低调,村民们带着自家的碗,以区别于邻里亲友的。参加肉美食节的人逐年增长,现在,在这一节日上,要为数以百计的饥饿的要求享用美食的镇民们,快速提供菜肴。2013年,该镇带着他们独特的饮食习惯,向其他地方骄傲的宣布“我们吃,没关系!”我来到这个迷人的小镇上,与当地的居民进行交谈,想了解他们他们对于最近小镇成为美国肉中心的名头,有什么想说的。Sandra Mossley, 41, has lived in Overbrook, KS all her life. She tells National Report about the first time she tasted cooked dog at the tender age of 7.;My parents would always put a dog on the roast when it was a special occasion. I can remember being 6, 7 years old, it was New Years Eve and my folks had been cooking an amazing roast for the better part of a day. It filled our house with a savory sent. It was so sweet and tender. The meat was mouth-watering. Falling off the bone. I was hooked. When I asked what it was my parents just smiled and said they would tell me once I was a little older. I was 13 by the time I knew what we had been eating. I was aly hooked…;Sandra Mossley,41岁,从出生到现在一直居住在堪萨斯的欧弗布鲁克。她告诉国家新闻,她在自己7岁的那年,第一次吃了肉。“当有特别的节日的时候,我父母总会在烤架上放条。我记得大约6、7岁的时候,那天是新年夜,我爸妈利用一天大部分的时间,烹制了一道美味的烤肉。它让我家香气四溢。它尝起来让人觉得温柔而甜蜜,这道菜让人垂涎欲滴,我完全被它迷住了。当我问我父母,这是什么肉时,我爸妈只是微笑着对我说,等你再大一点,我们就告诉你。等我13岁的时候,我知道了我们吃的什么肉,但我已经完全爱上它了。”Lenard Wilkins, an elder member of the city council was also in attendance. I asked him if the city has caught any flack from neighboring towns because of their taboo tastes.Lenard Wilkins,参与肉美食节的一位市议会的前辈级人物。我问他,是否因为这一其他地区的禁忌菜肴,而导致欧弗布鲁克招致邻里地区的强力批评。We’re y for the nation to know what we#39;re about and why it#39;s okay. Get with the times, people. Realize that it#39;s perfectly natural to eat man#39;s best friend. It takes an evolved, open-minded person to break out of these imposed ideas of what is and isn#39;t okay to eat.“我们已经准备好让这个国家了解我们以及这一切为什么都没关系。人要与时俱进。认识到,吃人类的最好的动物朋友,是一件自然不过的事情。只有进化了的、思想开明的人才能摆脱那些强加在我们身上的有关什么能吃,什么不能吃的思想。”He went onto say ;We#39;re proud of our heritage. This isn#39;t animal cruelty. Isn#39;t it more humane to eat the animals instead of locking them up in cages in shelters for the rest of their miserable lives? That sounds terrible. We love our own pets but there#39;s a definite separation between pet and food.他接着说“我们为我们的传统感到自豪,这不是虐待动物。难道吃动物比起让这些动物被锁在笼子里面渡过它们的余生不更加人道么?那听起来很糟糕。我们爱我们的宠物,但宠物跟食物有明显的不同。”PETA has stated plans to picket next years dog meat event. They released the following statement via twitter. ;This is ghastly… Dogs are our friends not our food!;善待动物组织计划在下一年的肉节上派出督察员。他们通过推特发出如下声明:“这是惨无人道的……是我们的朋友,不是我们的食物!”One thing is for certain, these folks definitely know their way around a BBQ pit. I was overwhelmed by their generosity and candid nature. Here I was an outsider yet they treated me as one of their very own.有一件事是肯定的,这些家伙一定有BBQ的独门秘笈。我被他们的慷慨和坦诚所征。在这儿我就是一个外地佬,他们却拿我当自己人。In closing I wish the people of Overbrook the best of luck in all their future endeavors and look forward to attending the event again next year!最后,我希望欧弗布鲁克的人们在未来好运连连,希望来年再来参加这一美食活动! /201407/310477。

A weird and scary were wolf like creture was caught on camera in the town of S?o Gon?alo de Campos, in the state of Bahia. The grainy 44-second clip emerged on YouTube after a spate of sightings of the terrifying cryptid in the town of S?o Gon?alo de Campos, near Feira de Santana, in the state of Bahia.巴西巴伊亚州一座小镇的监控摄像头近日拍到了狼人的影像。为了保护居民安全,该小镇不得不从晚上9点就实施宵禁。The mysterious lupine was first spotted by a local man known only as Pingo. Pingo claims the creature ran at him but that he managed to escape by the narrowest of margins. He described the creature as a five foot tall black monster.拍到的这个神秘怪物最先是一名叫平戈的当地人发现的。平戈说这个怪物高5英尺(约1.5米),全身黝黑。它向平戈发起攻击,但平戈逃脱了。人们起初嘲笑平戈,直到越来越多的人也目击了这个怪物,才相信狼人真的出现了。现在,监控摄像头更是直接拍到了狼人的影像。这段44秒的雪花屏录像已经被上传到了视频网站YouTube上。At first people made fun of him but others have since had similar encounters with the beast, which they are calling a werewolf. In the wake of these sightings, government officials have put in place a 9pm curfew.考虑到居民的安全,当地政府不得不从晚上9点就开始实施宵禁。 /201402/277398。

Like intimate and loyal friends, sweaters accompany us through the whole winter, protecting us from the cold and keeping us warm. But this indispensable wardrobe item is about much more than function —it’s about fashion, too. The following is an introduction to a few eye-catching styles of sweaters this season.毛衣如同“死党”一般,陪伴我们度过整个冬季,帮助我们御寒保暖。但作为衣橱必备单品,毛衣更是兼顾实用性以及时尚感。文中,我们为你推荐了几款本季最亮眼的毛衣。Mohair sweaters马海毛毛衣Mohair refers to a silk-like fabric or yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat. It’s one of the most trendy materials for women’s sweaters this season. For example, UK designer Stella McCartney revealed a line of stylish mohair sweaters with fur trim diamonds. Soft, fluffy and shiny mohair sweaters are very comfortable, so they can be worn directly on the skin. Mohair is also better at keeping you warm than other fabrics.马海毛指的是用安哥拉山羊毛织成的仿丝织物或纱线,是本季最热门的女士毛衣面料之一。例如,英国设计师品牌Stella McCartney就发布了一系列饰有皮草菱形块的充满时尚感的马海毛毛衣。柔软、蓬松且亮丽的马海毛毛衣穿着十分舒适,所以它们可以贴身穿着。同时,与其他面料相比,马海毛的保暖性更佳。There is one drawback to mohair sweaters —they lose hairs. Folding your mohair sweater, placing it in a sealed plastic bag and putting it in the freezer for a few hours should solve this problem.但马海毛毛衣也有一个美中不足的缺点——掉毛。将你的马海毛毛衣叠好,放入密封塑料袋中,然后放进冰箱几小时后便可以解决掉毛的问题了。How to wear them如何穿着?Loose mohair sweaters go well with leggings, giving women a slender and leisurely look. It’s also popular to wear them with pencil skirts or capri pants.宽松的马海毛毛衣与打底裤是绝配,为女士们打造出纤细苗条的休闲范儿。马海毛毛衣配铅笔裙或卡普里裤也是一种热门穿法。Trim sweaters有皮草装饰的毛衣Another hot trend this season is sweaters and cardigans with fur trims, which can be seen in the collections of brands like Philip Lim, Alexander Wang and Chloe. Most designers use pieces of fur located on the front of the sweater, but leather and suede trims are equally important. Italian luxury fashion house Iceberg has been successful in this aspect by mixing soft mohair with leather, which creates a nice contrast.本季的另一件热门时尚单品便是有毛皮镶边的毛衣或开衫,在Philip Lim、 Alexander Wang以及Chloe等大牌时装中,你都可以找到它们的身影。大部分设计师在毛衣胸前添加皮草元素,而皮革与绒面革的镶边也是同样不可或缺。在这方面,意大利奢侈品牌Iceberg可谓是个中翘楚,该品牌将皮草元素添加到柔软的马海毛中,使得两者完美混搭。How to wear them如何穿着?Add them to some skinny jeans and ankle boots to give you a fashionable and attractive look.搭配紧身牛仔裤以及短靴,将会打造出充满时尚感的魅力造型。Print sweaters印花毛衣Sweaters with printed images or patterns, especially stripes and animal prints, are popular this year thanks to the trend of mixing casual and dress pieces. They have gradually become a must for women, with more updated designs such as animals, quirky patterns, es and other statement-making designs. For example, leopard print sweaters have been in style for years and they will keep going for some time. But it’s not just any kind of leopard print —this season is all about unconventional prints, like brightly-colored ones for example.由于休闲混搭风走红,图案印花毛衣,尤其是条纹毛衣和动物花纹毛衣,纷纷成为今年的流行时尚。它们已经逐渐成为女士们的必备单品,并与时俱进地加入动物花纹、奇特的图案、标语等个性设计元素。例如,豹纹毛衣是近年来的流行饰,其热度还会持续一段时间。然而并非所有的豹纹都会这么“好命”——本季是非常规印花的天下,例如一些亮色的图案。How to wear them如何穿着?It’s best to wear sweaters with larger prints, such as oversized leopard spots, which creates a casual, comfortable and chic style. Also, remember to look for oversized sweaters that you can wear with skinny jeans, flat buckled boots, and a floppy felt hat.最好选择那些较大印花图案的毛衣,例如超大豹纹;穿上它,便可塑造出休闲、舒适的时尚风格。同时,记得去淘些大码宽松版的毛衣,用它们搭配紧身牛仔裤、搭扣平底靴以及松软的小毡帽,简直是绝配! /201312/267162。

TORRANCE, Calif. (AP) — A pet parrot that spoke with a British accent when itdisappeared from its home four years ago has been reunited with its owner — andthe bird now speaks Spanish.加利福尼亚,托伦斯(美联社)——四年前,一只从家中走失的带有英语口音的鹦鹉已经和主人团聚了——但现在,这只鹦鹉口中竟冒出了西班牙语。The reunion was brought about by a Southern California veterinarian who mistook Nigel, anAfrican gray parrot, for her own missing bird, the Daily Breeze reported Sunday(http://bit.ly/1qU5dU3).据《每日微风报》(http://bit.ly/1qU5dU3)周日报道,事件的起因是,居住在南加州的一名兽医误将这只名叫Nigel的非洲灰鹦鹉认作自家丢失的鹦鹉。Teresa Micco tracked Nigel#39;s microchip toDarren Chick, a Brit who lives in Torrance.兽医Teresa Micco通过追踪Nigel身上的微芯片找到了家住托伦斯的英国人Darren Chick。;I introduced myself and said, #39;Haveyou lost a bird?#39;; Micco told the newspaper. ;He initially said,#39;No.#39; But he thought I meant recently.;Micco 对报社说,“我先作了自我介绍,然后问道,‘你是不是丢了一只鹦鹉?#39;起初,他回答说没有,不过那是因为他以为我是问他最近有没有丢过”。When she verified Chick#39;s name and said shehad his African grey parrot, ;He looked at me like I was crazy.;当她核对了Chick的名字后,她告诉Chick她带着他的非洲灰鹦鹉,“他用一种以为我疯了的眼光看着我”。He said his bird went missing four yearsearlier.他说他的鹦鹉是在四年前丢失的。Little is known about Nigel#39;s whereaboutsthe past four years, but Chick says the bird#39;s British accent is gone, and itnow chatters in Spanish.在过去四年来,他并不知晓Nigel的行踪,但Chick说鹦鹉的英语口音已经没有了,它现在跌跌不休地说着西班牙语。Chick says last week#39;s reunion brought tears of joy to his eyes — despitethe fact that Nigel bit him when he first tried to pick him up.Chick说,上周的团聚让他喜极而泣——尽管他起初接过Nigel的时候还被他咬了。Micco said the behavior was not unusual andthat Nigel would settle back in soon enough.Micco说,Nigel的举动并不反常,它很快就会安定下来的。;He#39;s doing perfect,; Chick told the newspaper by the week#39;s end. ;It#39;sreally weird. I knew it was him from the minute I saw him.;Chick在当周周末对报社说,“它的情况不错。奇怪的是,我一看到它就认出它就是当年丢失的那只鹦鹉了”。It#39;s the fifth parrot reunion facilitatedby Micco, who has been running ads for her own missing bird for nine months.这是Micco帮助别人找回的第五只鹦鹉了,Micco为找回自家丢失的鹦鹉已经刊出广告9个月了。Julissa Sperling found Nigel outside herhome and brought him to Micco after seeing one of her ads.Julissa Sperling在她家门外发现了Nigel,在看到Micco刊出的广告后就把它带给了Micco。;He was the happiest bird. He wassinging and talking without control,; Sperling said. ;He was barkinglike the dogs. ;Sperling说,“他是最快乐的鹦鹉。他肆意地唱着歌说着话,犹如吠犬。” /201410/336197。

Edward Snowden, the famed NSA whistle-blower, aly has been cast as the hero in a gamethat has him collecting sensitive information while avoiding government capture. Now, he can be the hero of more tactile game play with his arrival in the form of an action figure from thatsmyface.com.The action figure goes for and comes with a 12-inch articulated body (movable joints) in your choice of clothes. Options include a brown military outfit, a casual set with jeans and a t-shirt, a business suit, or an Indiana Jones get-up complete with a whip and messenger bag. For obvious reasons, you should order the Indiana Jones version if you#39;re going to buy this thing.据美国CNET网站报道,爱德华斯诺登是远负盛名的美国安全局告密者,目前在一个视频游戏中他被制作成一位收集敏感信息并且逃避政府抓捕的英雄。现在,随着thatsmyface.com网站以他为原型制作玩偶,他成了一个可以触摸到的英雄。这种人物玩偶售价为99美元,身体有12英寸高,可以按个人喜好搭配各种衣。其中有棕色的军事装备,牛仔裤和T恤随便搭配的便装,带有皮鞭和邮差包的印第安纳?琼斯圣战士全套装扮。显而易见的,如果你想买这个人物玩偶,你可以把印第安纳?琼斯全套装扮一起买上。If you have a 12-inch, headless action figure laying around, then you can order just the interchangeable head for . The made-to-order head is crafted from resin.Thatsmyface.com says it will donate all proceeds from the action figure#39;s sale to the Freedom of the Press Foundation. A disclaimer notes that neither the foundation nor Edward Snowden is involved with or endorsing the action figure.如果你有12英寸高无头的躯干模型,你可以仅仅花60美元购得头。这种特制的头是用树脂做的。The Edward Snowden action figure joins a list of unlikely toy heroes, including Mark Zuckerbergand Steve Jobs. The best part probably comes when you start to mix your Snowden figure in with your ;Star Wars; toys. Snowden could then be involved with exposing Darth Vader#39;s top-secret spying efforts on board the Death Star, which would be totally amazing.Thatsmyface.com网站称其会将所有该人物玩偶的收益用于新闻自由基金(Freedom of the Press Foundation)。有免责声明称,该基金和斯诺登本人都没有授权该人物玩偶。爱德华?斯诺登人物玩偶加入了一系列其他的玩具英雄,包括马克?扎克伯格和史蒂夫?乔布斯。如果你把斯诺登人物玩偶和星球大战的玩偶结合起来最好不过了。斯诺登会卷入星球大战中,并且在死亡之星上从事暴露达斯?维德的最高秘密的间谍工作,那将会棒极了。 /201402/277522。