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Director Zhao Baogang has a lot to say about youth – his ;youth; trilogy about the lives of the post-1980 generation testifies to the fact.关于;青春;, 导演赵宝刚有很多话要讲——他的讲述80后生活的;青春三部曲;便是最好的明In the TV series Struggle , the main characters fight to balance their successful careers with a romantic relationship. In My Youthfulness in , a group of young people declare themselves their own masters and design their future.在年播出的电视剧《奋斗中,主人公们努力在事业与爱情上寻求平衡,而在年热播的电视剧《我的青春谁做主中,则是一群年轻人宣告自己做主,规划未来The final installment, Beijing Youth, which just finished recently, is about revisiting youth and young dreams once again.;青春三部曲;终极篇《北京青年近日落下大幕,剧中讲述了主人公们重走青春、重拾梦想的故事Explored from different angles, the mental and emotional pain of growing up is the main theme throughout the three drama series.;青春三部曲;从不同角度出发,揭示出人们在成长过程中遭遇的精神和情感上的双重痛苦这一主题In Beijing Youth, four cousins embark on a journey to rediscover their youth. They quit their jobs, leave their parents and Beijing, wander from place to place, earn a living from their passions, find love and realize their dreams.在《北京青年中,堂兄弟四人组踏上了重走青春的旅程他们辞掉工作,离开父母和北京,游走于各地,凭着一腔热情自食其力,寻找爱情,实现梦想Zhao uses four characters to cover the entire post-1980 generation: He Dong, a civil servant on a stable salary; He Xi, a doctor, representing the growing bourgeois group; He Nan, an overseas returnee; and He Bei, who fools around without a job, but also wants to find his feet instead of depending on his rich dad.赵宝刚以四个角色概述了整个80后:何东是位收入稳定的公务员;何西则是名医生,代表着逐渐壮大的中产阶层;何南是位海归;何北虽然整日游手好闲,却也想自力更生,而不是靠着有钱的老爸过日子In Beijing Youth, the stories of these characters are collected along their traveling routes, told through their experiences in different cities, including Yantai, Shenzhen and Lijiang.在《北京青年中,四兄弟的故事都发生在旅途中剧中讲述了他们在烟台、深圳和丽江等不同城市的经历During this drifting phase, they go through everything together. While their love stories are touching, what is more important is how they prove that their youth is exclusive and cannot be copied.在这段漂泊的日子里,他们共同面对所有事情除了感人的爱情故事,最重要的是他们如何明自己的青春是独一无二、不可复制的As always in Zhao work, the cast of Beijing Youth is filled with gorgeous young actors and there are many amusing and memorable lines.正如赵宝刚以往的作品那样,《北京青年的演员阵容自然少不了俊男美女,同时还有很多令人难忘的搞笑台词Their road of rediscovery becomes a symphony of emotional collisions and conflicts. It where the fun and entertaining part of the series really shines through.他们重走青春的过程成了一部充满感情纠葛和冲突的交响乐这也正是该剧从头到尾兼具搞笑和的所在;Youth is a very transient dream. When we wake up, it gone, along with all the memories of it,; Zhao said about the TV series in a press conference. ;But throughout our lives, we always reflect on what youth has given us and what it has taught us.;;青春是一场仓促的梦当我们醒来,它已经离开,所有的回忆也随之逝去;赵宝刚在该剧的一场新闻发布会上表示;但是我们这一生中,却总是在回忆青春给了我们什么,教会了我们什么;;Everyone deserves a chance to regain their youth, especially young people. Because when you are young, you have nothing to lose.;;每个人值得重走青春,特别是年轻人因为年轻没有失败; 198876Within the past few years, a number of US actors and actresses have migrated their talents from the big screen onto television sets, with the result being shows that frequently deliver a higher caliber of entertainment. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson shine in True Detective, Kevin Spacey channels Sun Tzu in House of Cards, and Glenn Close redefined the meaning of “shrewd” in Damages. Terrence Howard (Hustle amp; Flow, Iron Man, Crash) is the latest star to pursue success on the small screen, and with Empire, he accomplishes this transition with ease.过去数年间,美国有一大批演员将表演阵地从大银幕转到了电视荧幕上,凭借自己的表演天赋,不断拉高电视剧的水准其中,既有在美剧《真探中大放光的马修#86;麦康纳与伍迪#86;哈里森,也有在《纸牌屋中玩转“孙子兵法”的凯文#86;史派西,还有在《以法之名里重新定义了“八面玲珑”的格伦#86;克洛斯最近,曾出演《川流熙攘、《钢铁侠、《撞车等影片的泰伦斯#86;霍华德也加入了电视剧的表演行列,在美剧《嘻哈帝国中担纲主演;不过,这种“转型”对他简直是轻而易举Howard plays Lucious Lyon, the ailing head of a wildly successful record label whose criminal past haunts his present. With death looming heavy over his head, Lucious must decide which of his three princeling sons will assume his place on the throne. But the decision becomes more complicated once Lucious’ scheming ex-wife and business partner (Taraji P. Henson) is released from prison.霍华德在剧中饰演的卢修斯#86;里昂是一家唱片巨头的大老板,但他身患重病、饱受过去罪行的困扰当死亡离他越来越近,卢修斯不得不在他三个年幼的儿子中选出一个人,继承他的“帝位”卢修斯诡计多端的前妻也是他曾经的合伙人(塔拉吉#86;P#86;汉森 饰)却在此时刑满出狱,使情况变得更加错综复杂……Empire’s aly potent dose of melodrama is strengthened by stellar permances from both Howard and Henson. Cookie, Henson’s character, steals each and every scene that she’s in, and Howard gives a strong permance as a cutthroat, calculating and intensely homophobic record executive. Henson and Howard’s characters play off of each other fluidly, with each bringing out both the best and the worst in each other.霍华德与汉森一流的演技更是让《嘻哈帝国这部实力派音乐剧锦上添花汉森饰演的琦琦在每一幕中可谓抢足镜头,而霍华德则将这个残酷、工于心计、严重恐同的CEO演绎得淋漓尽致两人角色间的你来我往更是酣畅淋漓,将各自的光明与阴暗面一一呈现出来In addition to holding its own as a drama, Empire’s musical elements also manage to impress. Two of Lucious’ sons are gifted with creative talent, one as a singer and the other as a hip hop artist. Whoever writes the lyrics the two’s permances deserves tremendous credit. Choosing to include musical permances in a show is a risky move, as there’s always the danger that the songwriting will come across as cheesy. With Empire, the songs are convincing, so much so that they sound much like anything that might be played on the average US radio station.除了剧情,《嘻哈帝国的音乐元素也令人印象深刻剧中,卢修斯有两个儿子极具创作天赋,一个做了歌手,一个是嘻哈艺人而不论是谁为这二人填词,都值得大获赞赏其实,在剧中加入音乐表演并非保险之举,因为专门为剧写歌可能会显得不自然但是《嘻哈帝国中的歌曲却极具说力,每首歌听上去都像是可以在美国电台播放的Created by six-time Oscar nominated producer, director and actor Lee Daniels (Precious, Monster’s Ball), it’s no wonder Empire is so entertaining. The show blends drama and music together to create a genuinely original and compelling tale of familial conflict.《嘻哈帝国由六获奥斯卡提名的制作人、导演兼演员李#86;丹尼斯亲自操刀编剧(《珍爱《死囚之舞也是他的作品),其性自是不言而喻该剧将剧情与音乐完美结合,打造出一个新颖独特、扣人心弦的豪门争斗故事 3688

The bird was a Spix macaw named Presley, and he was around 0 years old when he died Wednesday. He was thought to be the second-to-last of the remaining wild-born parrots.这是一只斯皮克斯金刚鹦鹉,名叫普雷斯利周三那天它离世了,约四十岁,被认为是世上最后倒数第二只野生斯皮克斯金刚鹦鹉Presley death is a blow to conservation efts in both a symbolic and literal sense. Critically endangered, these native Brazilian birds (Cyanopsitta spixii) are believed to be extinct in the wild. Decades of deestation and rampant wildlife trafficking have besieged the medium-size macaws, who also ended up having to compete nest space with introduced Africanized honeybees.无论是象征意义上或是实际上,普雷斯利的死都是对保育界的努力的一大打击这些本土的巴西雀(斯皮克斯金刚鹦鹉)属于濒危物种,估计已经在野外灭绝多年来的森林砍伐和猖獗的野生动物走私已经逼使这种中型金刚鹦鹉走投无路,更要与新引进的非洲化蜜蜂(杀人蜂)争夺筑巢之所Now, the fewer than 0 remaining Spix macaws are cloistered in captive breeding programs and refuges throughout the world—and the small population is vulnerable to genetic defects caused by inbreeding. Presley offered the opporty to inject some much-needed genetic diversity into the population.目前,只有少于0只斯皮克斯金刚鹦鹉存活,它们被隔离在养殖计划里接受监控,在全球各国之间寻求避难所其中,有少数的鹦鹉更因为近亲繁殖而容易产生基因缺陷普雷斯利是这群斯皮克斯金刚鹦鹉的希望,可以给予它们很迫切需要的不同基因But he left no offspring.但他并没有留下任何后代There are reports that Presley himself influenced the movie Rio, an animated film that tells the tale of a lone male Spix macaw. Found living in the ed States, the bird, named Blu, is initially unable to fly. But he returns to Brazil and finds the only other known surviving member of his species, a female named Jewel. Together, the two movie macaws battle wildlife traffickers and eventually start a small family.有报告指出,普雷斯利影响了年的动画影片《里约大冒险那是有关一只雄性的斯皮克斯金刚鹦鹉的故事布鲁生活在美国,本来不会飞但它回到了巴西后找到了唯一一只已知存活的雌性同类——珠儿这两隻鹦鹉携手协力,与野生动物贩卖者抗争,最后组建了自己的小家庭Director Carlos Saldanha has said he hoped the movie would raise awareness of the challenges facing endangered birds in Brazil. ;I wanted [to feature] the rarest bird,; he told the website Bird Channel in . ;The Spix macaw truly is the rarest.;卡洛斯·沙尔丹哈导演说希望这部电影可以提高大众对巴西濒危鸟类的关注,了解它们所面对的挑战年时他告诉网站鸟类频道(Bird Channel),“我想拍摄有关最稀有的鸟类的故事,斯皮克斯金刚鹦鹉的确就是最稀有的”Released this year, an optimistic sequel, Rio , follows Blu and Jewel as they encounter a hidden population of Spix macaws in the Brazilian Amazon.续集《里约大冒险 将于今年上映,故事讲述布鲁和珠儿在巴西亚马逊,遇上一群此前未知存在的斯皮克斯金刚鹦鹉的故事 396

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