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Drama, comedy, documentary, and baking: presenting our highly subjective list of the best that British TV has to offer.电视剧,喜剧,纪录片和美食节目……为你呈现我们眼中英国电视节目的史上最佳。(ITV, 2010-2015)(英国独立电视台,2010年-2015年)Sentimental. Nonsensical. Soapy. Julian Fellowes’s upstairs-downstairs country-house juggernaut is all of these things and more, but it is also astoundingly successful and ITV’s biggest dramatic hit for many years. 120m viewers worldwide mourned the death of Matthew Crawley, while three Golden Globes and 11 Emmys are testament to America#39;s enduring fascination with the British class system.在英国金牌编剧朱利安费罗斯笔下的乡间豪宅里,楼上楼下每个角落都在上演着缠绵而无聊的剧情,但是,这部剧依旧大火,它是英国独立电视台这么多年来最受欢迎的电视作品。全世界1.2亿名观众为男主角马修克劳利的离世黯然神伤;与此同时,这部剧将3座金球奖杯和11个艾美奖收入麾下,有力地明了这部反映英国阶级制度的史诗大剧深受美国观众喜爱。Possibly the most unlikely TV phenomenon of the last decade. Who could have predicted the people of Britain would take a low-budget baking competition so firmly to its heart. A perfectly conceived recipe, much lot of the show’s success is down to the bogglingly complex baking challenges, and plucky contestants’ creativity and ambition. But judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood brought a nail-biting level of professional rigour to the proceedings, complemented perfectly by Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc’s madcap presentation style.这档真人秀的走红或许是过去十年英国电视行业最不同寻常的现象。谁能想到英国人民会如此倾心于一个低成本的烘焙大赛?除了构思巧妙的食谱,这档节目的成功更多地要归因于高难度的烘焙挑战、大胆参赛选手的创造力和必胜心。评委玛丽贝里和保罗荷里活的专业和严苛为比赛增添了一丝紧张的气息,与苏帕金斯和梅尔吉尔德罗伊搞笑的主持风格相辅相成。Such a well-observed creation is David Brent - “I’m a friend first and a boss second, probably an entertainer third” - that his name has entered the lexicon as shorthand for a bad boss. So innovative and downright hilarious was Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s mockumentary-style sitcom set at a Slough paper merchants that it moved the goalposts for 21st century comedy. It was the first ever British sitcom to win a Golden Globe and has been exported worldwide.“第一,我是一个朋友。第二,我是老板。最后,我可能还是一个演员。”这是剧中主人公大卫布伦特的深刻写照,他的名字俨然已经成为坏老板的代名词。剧情内容聚焦英国斯劳一个纸业公司的办公室。导演瑞奇热维斯的创造力和直截了当的幽默感和斯蒂芬莫昌特的伪纪录片式情景喜剧风格为21世纪喜剧片注入了新鲜的血液。该剧获得了英国情景喜剧史上第一个金球奖,并走出国门在世界各地播出。A strange bloke in a blue box, travelling through time and space, making friends and fighting alien threats. Across more than half a century and 12 incarnations, the basic pitch for the much-loved sci-fi stalwart has remained the same. There’s a galaxy for Whovians to explore here, from early gems when William Hartnell first encountered the Daleks and Cybermen, through to the current adventures starring Peter Capaldi. Pass the sonic screwdriver.一个奇怪的男人,一个蓝盒子,一场时空之旅,在时空交错中缔结友谊,与外星人作斗争。半个多世纪以来,“士”历经十二次重生,但剧迷们对这部广受喜爱的科幻片依然不改初心。打开电视,跟着神秘士粉逡巡在浩瀚星河里,从最初威廉哈特内尔遇见戴立克斯和赛人的精片段,到如今彼得卡帕尔蒂的冒险之旅。把超声波螺丝刀递一下。Some of David Attenborough’s most memorable natural history documentaries - including Frozen Planet, Blue Planet and latest landmark series The Hunt - can be savoured via B Store but we’ve gone for his ground-breaking portrait of Earth’s sights and sounds. It was the most expensive nature series ever commissioned by the B and the first to be filmed in HD. Three years in the making, this epic achievement was watched by 11 million awestruck viewers at its peak.大卫爱登堡打造的自然史力作《冰冻星球》、《蓝色星球》和最新年度大戏《狩猎》等均可通过B商店获取资源,不过,我们这里选取的是他描述地球声像的开篇之作。该纪录片是英国广播公司成本最高的自然系列纪录片,也是首部以高清模式放映的作品。该片制作时间长达三年,收视最高峰时,这部史诗巨作吸引了1100万名观众。The game is on. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss#39; ingenious contemporary reimagining of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic sleuth made a megastar out of Benedict Cumberbatch and became Britain’s most watched drama in more than a decade. Full of dazzling deduction, breakneck-paced plots and spiky camaraderie, the scripts are also crammed with knowing references to the original adventures - as well as so many twists, it’ll leave you dizzy with admiration and reaching for the rewind button.好戏开场了。史蒂文莫法特和马克加蒂斯对亚瑟柯南道尔经典侦探角色的巧妙再造让本尼迪克特康伯巴奇光芒璀璨。《神探夏洛克》跃身成为英国十几年来收视率最高的电视剧集。除了巧妙的推理、紧凑的剧情和人物角色间变幻无常的友谊,剧本还原了原著《福尔斯探案集》中的许多已知线索,剧情跌宕起伏,充满转折,看完后,你会被剧情绕得晕头转向,但是同时心里充满了崇拜之情,忍不住想要回放重看。When scriptwriter Tony Warren pitched his kitchen-sink drama to Granada, who’d have thought it would still be going strong 55 years later – the world’s longest-running soap and central to ITV’s success Half the nation watched Corrie at its peak and the cobbled streets around the Rovers Return are part of British culture.当编剧托尼沃伦向英国格拉纳达电视台推介自己的这部肥皂剧时,谁能想到它在55年后依然劲头不减,成为全世界播出时间最长的肥皂剧,为英国独立电视台的成功写就了浓墨重的一笔?收视最高峰时,全国有一半的人在看这部剧,剧中场景Rovers Return酒吧附近的石子路现已成为英国文化的一部分。Before he became a Timelord, Peter Capaldi was splenetic spin doctor Malcolm Tucker: the government#39;s Director of Communications and a not terribly “civil” civil servant. Armando Iannucci’s fearsome fly-on-the-wall political satire is about the advisers and incompetents who prowl the corridors of Westminster power, waiting for the next ministerial “omnishambles”. This 21st century update of Yes Minister is sweary, savage and prescient, frequently predicting real-life events. Tucker’s resemblance to Alastair Campbell is, of course, purely coincidental.在出演《神秘士》中的“时间领主”之前,彼得卡帕尔蒂是《幕后危机》中脾气暴戾的公关顾问马尔科姆塔克:政府的新闻协调官和一个不那么“文明”的政府公务员。阿尔曼多伊安努奇这部令人触目惊心的纪实政治讽剧反映了一群无能的政府顾问在岗位上尸位素餐,等着“一团糟”的局面出现。这部剧被视为《是,大臣》的21世纪翻版,全剧脏话连篇,以极尽辛辣讽刺的笔调预示现实中的政治事件。当然,塔克的人物设定与英国前首相布莱尔前任公共主管阿拉斯泰尔坎贝尔形象相符完完全全只是一个巧合。 /201706/513159Becoming A British Citizen如何成为英国公民What is 'indefinite leave to remain'?何为“永久居留权”?Indefinite leave to remain is when there is no restriction upon the length of your stay in the ed Kingdom. The only restriction that applies is that you can not spend more than two years continuously away from the ed Kingdom. If you do, then you would lose your 'indefinite leave to remain' status.What is the diffrence between indefinite leave to remain and permanent residency?“永久居留权”与“永久居民”的区别There is no difference between indefinite leave to remain and permanent residency. They both mean the same thing.Who is eligible to apply for permanent residency?谁有资格申请永久居民Anyone is eligible to apply for permanent residency in the ed Kingdom after they completed a preparation period, as either two years as a spouse of a British citizen, or five years as the work permit holder.Are there any restrictions on permanent residency?永久居民的限制No, there are no restrictions on a person who is granted permanent residency, with the exception that they may not remain continuously out of the ed Kingdom for more than two years. If they do remain out of the ed Kingdom for more than 2 years, then they will lose their permanent residency status. For example, it could be that you marry a British citizen and then the British citizen gets posted abroad for 3 years with his job, or with her job, and then obviously you would have to make an application to come back to the ed Kingdom again, later.Am I allowed to apply for benefits once I am a permanent residence?成为永久居民后可以申请救济吗?Yes, you can claim benefits in the ed Kingdom once you have indefinite leave to remain on permanent residency. Your situation with regards to benefits would be exactly the same as a British citizen.What is 'naturalisation'?何为“归化入籍”?Naturalization is a process that a foreign national would have to go through to become a British citizen. Normally, a person is required to live here for a five year period to become a British citizen and to be free from immigration conditions for at least one year. There is, however, an exception to this where someone is married to a British citizen. In this situation, they would have to demonstrate that they've lived in this country for a three year period and that they hold indefinite leave to remain at the time of application. For example, if you're married to a British citizen, you don't need to have indefinite leave to remain for a twelve month period. You just need to have indefinite leave to remain. So, you could have lived here for three years, got indefinite leave to remain yesterday and yesterday you could also apply to become a British citizen. It's easier if you're married to a British citizen.Who is eligible to apply for British citizenship?申请英国公民的资格British citizenship can be applied for by anyone who has completed a five-year period of residency in the ed Kingdom and held indefinitely to remain for at least twelve months. It is also for somebody to apply for British citizenship via naturalization if they are married to a British citizen and have lived here for three years. British citizenship is also possible to apply for, obviously if somebody is born in the ed Kingdom and their parents are free from immigration control.What is a 'Life in the UK' test?何为“英国生活考试”?The 'Life in the UK' test has recently been introduced by the immigration service to encourage people to learn English. It's an assessment of a person's ability in the English language, and their knowledge of life in the ed Kingdom. It's become obligatory for those people applying to naturalize, or for registered British citizens who are under the age of 65.What will they ask in a Life in the UK test?“英国生活考试”的考试内容The Life in the UK test is about culture, society in the ed Kingdom, and our way of life. I would highly recommend that the person s a 'Life in the UK' book, which is very informative and prepares you for the test, and provides you with all the background information as to the questions that you're likely to be asked.What happens if I fail the Life in the UK test?未能通过“英国生活考试”怎么办?If you fail the Life in the UK Test you may retake it. You would not obviously be able to apply to naturalize until you pass that test.Does everyone applying for a passport have to take a Life in the UK test?申请护照需要参加“英国生活考试”吗?No, not everyone. It's only for people who are naturalizing or registering as British citizens. If you were born in the ed Kingdom to parents who are settled here, then you would not need to sit for the Life in the UK test. It's only for individuals naturalizing or registering as British citizens.Does everyone applying for naturalisation have to take a Life in the UK test?申请“归化入籍”者需要参加“英国生活考试”吗?It's not necessary to take the Life in the UK test to become naturalized. If, for example, you're over the age of 65, you don't have to take the test. Also, you don't have to take the test if your ability in the English language is not sufficient for you to through the book and answer the questions. The Immigration and Naturalization Directorate organize courses to prepare people to develop their levels of English and to pass the test.What is 'right of abode'?何为“居住权”?"Right of abode" is an endorsement issued to individuals who have the right to live in the ed Kingdom. There is a distinction between Indefinite Leave to Remain and the "right of abode". "Right of abode" normally means that a person has some access to become a British citizen. They may aly be a British citizen and retain another nationality, and for travel purposes wish to have a right of abode placed in their passport.I was born in the UK but have lived in another country all my life, am I a British citizen?我生在英国,但生活在别国,那我算英国公民吗?Whether you're a British citizen would depend upon the immigration status of your parents at the time you were born. For example, if your mother or your father had indefinite leave to remain in the ed Kingdom or were British citizens themselves, then you would be British yourself too. If you were born in the ed Kingdom you could, for example, your mother and father could come to London on a visit and all of the sudden eight months into her pregnancy your mother gives birth to you, you would not be a British citizen because your mother and your father would just be here as visitors. But if your mother or your father were here on a permanent basis, if they had indefinite leave to remain, then you would be a British citizen by birth.One of my parents is British, can I apply for citizenship?我的父母之一是英国人,我可以申请公民资格吗?Yes, if one of your parents is a British citizen, they may pass their citizenship to you, even if you were born outside the ed Kingdom.I have British heritage, can I apply for citizenship?我有来自英国的遗产,那我可以申请公民资格吗?You wouldn't be able to apply for citizenship if one of your grandparents was a British citizen, but what you would be able to apply for would be UK Ancestry status, which would allow you to come to the ed Kingdom if you were a Commonwealth national to live and work in the ed Kingdom. After five years of that status, you could apply for permanent residency, and then naturalize as a British citizen in your own right.Do I automatically get citizenship, if a member of my family is granted citizenship?如果我家的成员之一是经许可的英国公民,我会自动得到公民权吗?That will very much depend upon what relation you are to the other member of your family. Obviously in most cases you'd have to apply yourself to register or naturalize as a British citizen.If my husband is granted British citizenship, will I automatically become a British citizen?如果我的丈夫是经许可的英国公民,我会自动成为英国公民吗?If you are married and you are both foreign nationals, and you both come to live in the ed Kingdom, you would also have to apply to naturalize in your own right. Even if your husband was granted British citizenship, you would not automatically be granted citizenship yourself unless you applied for it.If my father is granted British citizenship, will I automatically become a British citizen?如果我的父亲是经许可的英国公民,我会自动成为英国公民吗?If your father applies for British citizenship and you are a child, you would also, as the child, have to apply to register as a British citizen. You would not automatically be granted British citizenship because your father or your mother had been given British citizenship by naturalization.If I become a British citizen, will I lose my current citizenship?如果我成为英国公民,那我会失去我现在的公民资格吗?As far as the UK government is concerned, you would not lose your own nationality if you decided to naturalize as a British citizen. There are, however, some countries in the world which do not allow dual nationality, and you would be best to check with the embassy or consulate of your own country to see whether, by becoming a British citizen, it would jeopardize your own nationality.What is dual nationality?何为双重国籍? Dual nationality is where an individual holds more than one nationality. Normally, they will have a nationality from the country of their birth, and then later will have moved to live in another country; and by virtue of their residency there, the period of which they've lived there, would have qualified to become a national of the other country. Article/201107/145943UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? Saudi Arabia is the world#39;s largest producer of oil.这合理吗?沙特阿拉伯是世界上最大的产油国。It#39;s true. The Middle Eastern nation is home to around one fifth of the entire world#39;s existing reserves of oil.这是真的。中东国家在全世界现存的石油储量中占了接近五分之一。AZUZ: But Saudi Arabia might lose that number one ranking by the end of this decade.但是沙特阿拉伯或许在十年后不会再是全球第一。A new report says the U.S. will be the world#39;s top producer of oil by the year 2020.新的报告说,在2020年之前,美国将会成为世界最大的石油产出国。The U.S. is going through a sort of oil boom right now, and part of that is thanks to new technology.美国现在正在经历某种意义上的石油增长,其中部分原因要归功于新技术。For example, hydraulic fracturing, which is sometimes called fracking.举个例子,水力压裂,有时会被称为液压破裂法。It#39;s a process that involves pumping water and chemicals into the ground to cause rock formations to fracture and release oil and natural gas.这是一个包含着输送水和化学物质到地里来压碎石头的形状并释放油和天然气的过程。It#39;s controversial, though.尽管这存在着争议。Some researchers are worried that the process could hurt the environment.一些研究担心这个过程会伤害环境。That same concern, producing oil versus protecting the environment is happening up in the Arctic, where some companies are planning to drill.相同的担心,即产油和环境保护的对立正在北极发生,一些公司计划在那里钻孔。 /201211/209887

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