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云南省第三人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱禄劝彝族县寻甸回族县飘红美瞳线半永久美睫线价格楚雄州人民医院激光除皱多少钱 This little big shot doesn#39;t do anything. Nothing.Nada.此次登上舞台的小达人什么都没做,什么都没做。All he does, he just stares at you.除了他的眼神。But he does it just about as good as anybody.他的眼神和其他人一样完美。From Omaha, Nebraska, here#39;s 10-year-old Sammy.欢迎来自内布拉斯加州奥马哈市的10岁男孩萨米。Sammy, how you doing man? Good. Good.萨米,最近好吗?我很好。很好。Just staring. Mm-hmm.就是盯着你。是的。So, what happened was there was this . In the where were you?其实都来源于视频中的故事。你在视频中出现了吗,在哪里?It was the College World Series.其实它是一个大学生棒球系列赛的视频。Oh, the College World Series. I watch that on ESPN sometimes.哦,大学生棒球系列赛。我有时会在ESPN上看。And somebody captures you staring?然后有人看见了你的眼神?It was actually a robo-camera, and I didn#39;t even know it was recording, so...它其实是一个电子摄像头,我甚至不知道它在录像。And so, it was just going, and it caught you, and you just stared at it? Yep.摄像头在录像,捕捉到了你的眼神,是吗?是的。All right, let#39;s take a look. Look right here.来让我们重温一下,看这边。Overnight, 50 million views.一夜之间,5000万点击量。50 million views of just staring. Yeah.5000万点击量,就为了你的眼神。是的。When your mom showed you the cellphone, what was she showing you?你妈妈当时让你看了眼手机,手机上有什么?Everybody was texting her that we were on TV.所有人给她发短信说,我们上电视了。When you go back to school, man, and you on this show, too. Whoo-wee!当你再回到学校,你成为了“小小达人秀”的嘉宾。欧耶!You about to be the big dog on the block.你将成为所有人的王。Okay, Sammy, so, this is the idea I got.萨米,听我说。Since you#39;re the world#39;s greatest starer, you and I are going to have a stare off. Let#39;s do it!你是世界上最酷的“眼神王”,我们要来一场比赛。开始吧!Welcome to the biggest sporting clash since the Rumble in the Jungle, the Thrilla in Manilla, and The War to Settle the Score.自“森林之战”“马尼拉之战”以及最伟大的摔跤比赛之后,我们又迎来了一场规模宏大的比赛。It#39;s the Little Big Shots Stare Off.那就是“小小达人秀眼神之战”。Our first contender is 10 years of age with piercing blue eyes. From Nebraska, it#39;s the Omaha eyeballer, Sammy.我们的第一位参赛选手是拥有锋利之光,年仅10岁的内布拉斯加州奥马哈市男孩,萨米。And our second contender with two brown eyes and one mighty mustache, it#39;s the Ohio Ogler, Mr. Steve Harvey.第二位选手拥有一双棕色眼睛,浓密胡子的俄亥俄迷眼,史蒂夫·哈维先生。The rules are very complicated. The first to blink, loses.规则很复杂。首先眨眼的即输掉比赛。Gentlemen, 3...2...1...stare!各位,3...2...1...开始。You won, man.你赢了。Ladies and gentlemen, let#39;s hear it for Sammy!女士们先生们,为萨米鼓掌! Article/201707/515691It was around 4.30 in the afternoon.到了下午四点半左右The door was open, frightened people who#39;d come for the service gathered round the body.大门敞开着 前来做礼拜的人们都吓坏了 他们聚集在尸体旁It was by no means a flock who thought Becket a saint.当时绝不会有人把贝克特看作圣徒;He wanted to be a king.; said one. ;Now let him be one.;But then it all changed.有人还说 ;他想当国王 现在他如愿了; 但后来情况都变了Becket#39;s chamberlain reattached the bleeding scalp to his head with a strip of material torn from his own shirt贝克特的内侍从自己衣上扯下一块布条 把仍在流血的头皮重新连回贝克特的头上and the monks began to prepare Becket#39;s body for burial.修道士们开始准备贝克特的葬礼Then they discovered what no one, till that moment, had known the hair shirt, with lice crawling busily in it.后来他们有了一项前所未有的发现 那就是贝克特爬满虱子的刚毛衬衣Thomas the Immovable had been Thomas the Self-Mortifier,Thomas the Humble.不可动摇的托马斯原来一直自我节制 是谦逊的托马斯They let him lie, washed in his own blood,and over the clotting body laid the archiepiscopal garments.他们把他放平 让他躺在血泊里 用大主教的华盖住他凝固的身体By chance there was a marble sarcophagus y for someone else#39;s burial here in the crypt,and a space to lower it into.教堂地下室正好有一口 为别人葬礼准备的大理石棺 和一个放置石棺的墓穴Down went Becket, arrayed in the full rig,the dalmatic, the pallium, the cope,the chasuble, the orb and the ring.他们将贝克特穿戴整齐后安葬 法衣 大披肩祭和斗篷式长袍 十字褡 法珠和法戒He#39;d always thought kit mattered, had Thomas Becket.托马斯·贝克特总是注重穿戴 /201609/467846昆明市昆华医院菜花耳杯状耳隐耳小耳价格

保山激光全身脱毛价格云南祛疤多少钱 【视频讲解】Some politicians want to deter locals from visiting casinos by imposing an entry tax.一些政治家们想通过征收入场税来阻止当地居民进入。Pachinko#39;s seedy reputation is one reason.其中之一就是因为柏青哥是出了名的乌烟瘴气。Seedy1. 肮脏的; 声名狼藉的Frank ran errands for a seedy local villain.弗兰克为当地一个声名狼藉的恶棍跑腿。2. 破旧的:褴褛的和破旧的;不整洁的:“He was soiled and seedy and fragrant with gin”(Mark Twain)“他满身污渍、衣衫褴褛浑身散发出杜松子酒的气味”(马克#8226;吐温)Though the industry has shrunk by about 40% from its peak 20 years ago, there are still about 11,000 pachinko parlours—and thousands of addicts.尽管柏青哥的发展和20年前的顶峰时期相比,下降了40%,但现在依然有一万多片柏青哥游戏厅以及数以千计的上瘾者。Shrink1. 缩水 缩小People were short in those days – or else those military uniforms all shrank in the wash! 那个年代人们很矮–要么就是那些军装在洗涤时全都缩水了!2. 避开One child shrinks away from me when I try to talk to him.我试着和这个孩子说话时,他避开了我。3. 精神病医生Parlour parlor 大厅But will the parlor game be as fun to watch if prices begin falling?Public hostility recently forced the mayor of Yokohama, one of three proposed sites for the resorts, to begin back-pedalling on her support.横滨是三个计划将建设区的城市之一,但是由于公众的强烈抵制,市长为了自己的持率不得不做出让步。Hostility 反对 (our hostility to something you do not approve of is your opposition to it)There is hostility among traditionalists to this method of teaching history.传统主义者中有人反对这种教授历史的方法。back-pedal1. 改变立场Allen back-pedalled, saying that he had had no intention of offending them. 爱伦改变了立场,表示他没有冒犯他们的意思。2. 背弃The cabinet may backpedal on these commitments. 内阁可能会背弃这些承诺。Investors fear outbreaks of nimbyism elsewhere, too. In a recent survey 75% of Japanese said they would not like a casino to be built near their homes.投资方也害怕各地兴起邻避主义。最近的一项调查显示75%的受访者不愿意政府在自己家附近建。Nimbyism邻避主义:the practice of objecting to something that will affect one or take place in one‘s localityOutbreak突然爆发:“an outbreak of strikes, violent agitation, and arrests”(Samuel Chew)“罢工、骚乱和逮捕行动的突然爆发”(塞缪尔#8226;楚)Officials in Osaka have come up with a way around this problem: they want to build a resort on an artificial island in Osaka Bay.大阪官员们就这个问题想到了一个方法,就是在大阪湾附近的人工岛上建区。come up with 提出Several of the members have come up with suggestions of their own.有几位成员提出了自己的建议。Come up1. 将发生We do have elections coming up.我们的确有选举即将举行。2. 被提及; 被讨论The subject came up at work.这一话题在工作时被提及。Well-heeled tourists, mainly from China, are expected to be the main punters, says Susumu Hamamura, a Komeito politician.日本公明党政治家千叶进步表示,大部分来自中国的富豪游客将成为区的顾客。Well-heeled穿着考究的gt;gt;富有的a well-heeled businessman有钱的生意人Punter赌客The average gambling budget was 0 (down sharply from 2005, when the average punter bet 0).的平均预算为500美金(从2005年开始急剧下降,平均600美金)About 20m people visited Japan last year. The government wants to double this by 2020, along with the roughly ¥3.5trn that tourists spend annually.去年,来日本游玩的游客数量约有两千万。政府希望到2020年,这个数字能够翻一番,同时游客在日本的开销能够达到每年3.5万亿日元。along with连同…一起;与…一道;随同…一起 ~~ andAlong with her good career sense, Dowd started off with a healthy sense of adventure.Even if the casinos get off the ground, Japan faces stiff regional competition from Macau, Malaysia and Singapore. What will give the country an edge, predicts Mr.Yonekawa, is Japanese culture.就算日本的业能够发展起来,也要同、马来西亚、新加坡等地进行激烈的竞争。千叶进步表示,能够让日本业胜出一筹的将是日本的文化。get off the ground(使)取得进展Putnam#39;s surprising answer is that we cannot coherently think that we are brains in vats, and so skepticism ofthat kind can never really get off ground.普特南给出的惊人的是,我们不可能前后一致地认为自己是“缸中之脑”,因而对此的怀疑永远不能取得进展。Stiff1. 绘较硬的不容易弯曲或变形“stiff in opinions” (John Dryden).“立场坚定” (约翰#8226;德赖登)。2,极度的Even if he bores you stiff, it is good manners not to let him know it. 即使他把你烦透了,出于礼貌你也不能让他看出来。The proposed sites for another mooted resort, in Hokkaido, Japan#39;s northernmost island, are onsen (hot spring) retreats, he points out. “Japanese cuisine and hospitality will win many customers.”他指出,还有一个悬而未决的待开发地区是日本最北部的岛屿--北海道的温泉聚集区,日本的美食和务将会吸引不少顾客。Moot1. 有争议的; 悬而未决的How long he#39;ll be able to do so is a moot point. 他还能这样做多久是一个未知数。2. 无实际意义的For Layton, the question was moot right now. 对莱顿而言,这个问题目前是没有实际意义的。Hospitality殷勤好客Every visitor to Georgia is overwhelmed by the kindness, charm, and hospitality of the people. 来到佐治亚州的每一个人都为当地人的善良、魅力和好客感动不已。onsen日式温泉Cuisine烹调风格Mr.Hamamura agrees. He voted for the casino bill despite opposition from his own party boss because he believes it will be good for Japan.千叶进步是同意建设的。尽管与自己所在政党的意见相左,他还是持自己认为有益日本发展的产业。Bill1. 议案 (a bill is a formal statement of a proposed new law that is discussed and then voted on)This is the toughest crime bill that Congress has passed in a decade.这是十年来国会通过的最强硬的有关犯罪的议案。2. 把…宣传为They bill it as California#39;s most exciting museum.他们把这宣传为加利福尼亚最令人激动的物馆。 “Over 140 countries have legal casinos; why should we be left out?” he asks.他问道:“世界上有超过140个国家有,为什么我们不能有?”Even he accepts, however, that most Japanese are “emotionally” against casinos and will need to be convinced.即便是他本人也承认,大部分日本人还是从情感上抵触。Leave out 忽视;不考虑You#39;ve made a mistake--you#39;ve left out the letter e.你出了一个错,忽略了字母e。leave alone 不打扰;不干涉;不管;不理So, in this article I am going to concentrate on the business-level, technology-agnostic analysis classes, and leave alone almost all technology issues until we discuss design.因此,在这一步,我将会侧重于业务方面的,与技术无关的分析类。 在讨论设计的时候再讨论涉及技术的部分。He plans to win them over, he says, by explaining one of the overlooked benefits of the resorts: they will give foreigners something to do at night.千叶进步打算说这些民众,他本人表示,我要告诉他们区存在被忽略的好处之一就是能够让外国人在晚上有事可做。Win over 赢得…的持; 使…与自己的观点一致He has won over a significant number of the left-wing deputies.他已赢得相当一部分左翼代表的持。Win out 胜出Still, caution with a largely unproven commodity will win out over recklessness almost every time.依然,每次对于未检验的商品小心总好过于粗心大意Win through 成功地渡过或克(困难、难关等);摆脱困难to win through all the difficulties 战胜重重困难 Article/201706/512627昆明哪家医院做祛斑好

玉溪市中医医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201608/460628 ALAM was successful in blackmailing other automobile companies saying, ;you have to be licensed by us or we will sue you. And we own this patent.;ALAM成功地勒索了其他汽车公司 说 你必须得到我们的授权 否则我们会告你 专利为我们所持有After months of deliberation the ALAM board reaches its decision.经过几个月的酝酿ALAM董事会作出了决定Henry Ford#39;s application is rejected.拒绝亨利·福特的申请It#39;s a crushing blow.这是一个毁灭性的打击The auto cartel has stopped him in his tracks.汽车卡特尔中途阻止了他But Henry Ford is determined to show the world that to succeed in America all you need is integrity and ingenuity.但是 亨利·福特铁了心要告诉世界 在美国取得成功你只要有诚信以及才智就行了The next generation of businessmen is on the rise.新一代的商人正在崛起Henry Ford is battling a powerful cartel for the right to make a car he believes in.亨利·福特在与一个强大的卡特尔做斗争 争取他所看好的一种汽车的生产权The Association of Licensed Automobiles manufacturers owns the patent on the automobile and budding car makers like Henry Ford need its permission to sell cars.授权汽车制造商协会拥有汽车专利 新进的汽车制造商比如亨利·福特需要获得它的允许才能出售汽车After being rejected by ALAM, Ford is left with few options but he isn#39;t about to give up on his dreams.被ALAM拒绝后 福特没有多少退路 但他并不打算放弃梦想 Article/201607/454433云南省建工医院打玻尿酸多少钱昆明市五华区人民医院丰胸多少钱




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