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昆明韩城整形美容医院激光除皱多少钱云南省中医医院疤痕多少钱昭通市第一人民医院激光去胎记多少钱 Home to southern China dai tribe, Xishuangbanna lush tropical ests, palm-lined streets and clean air have long made it the exotic domestic sanctuary from frigid northern winters.作为中国南方的傣族自治州,西双版纳的繁茂热带雨林、两旁种着棕榈树的街道和清新的空气,使之长期以来一直是希望逃离北方严冬、在国内欣赏异域风情的人们的避难所In the last year, a new army has stampeded its way toward this prefecture of less than 1 million people, on China southern border with Myanmar and Laos.去年,大批买房者蜂拥来到这个人口不足0万、位于中国南部边界、与缅甸和老挝接壤的自治州They are property buyers -- households with elderly or young family members -- desperate to find a refuge from the toxic smog that smothers northern China every winter.这些购房者--家中有老人或小孩--希望能找到一个帮他们逃离中国北方每年冬季令人窒息的雾霾的避难所Xishuangbanna property is booming, with 7,578 home s sold in the second half of , a surge of 5 per cent compared with the first six months.西双版纳房地产市场一派繁荣仅去年下半年就卖出7578套房屋,成交量比上半年增加5%Average prices remained little changed during the period at ,9 yuan per square metre due to an increase in new s, according to Jinghong Property Info.据景洪房产信息网表示,由于新房的增加,所以在此期间房屋均价几乎没变,为每平米9元Compared with average property price of 5,000 yuan per sq m in the Chinese capital, that cheap enough to attract many Beijing visitors.与中国首都北京每平米5.万的房价相比,这个价格足够吸引许多北京人前来购置房产Yu Hong, a Beijing mother of a two-year old toddler, is one such customer. After buying a home in Xishuangbanna her parents, she found it the ideal sanctuary from Beijing choking smog.来自北京、有一个岁孩子的于红就是此类客户中的一员在西双版纳为父母买了一套房子后,她发现此地是逃避北京雾霾的理想居所Yu Hong said she looking to buy a second home in Xishuangbanna.;Ive been thinking about the purpose of life,; she said. ;What the point of earning money if we dont possess health?;于红表示,她想在西双版纳再买一套房她说道:“我一直在思考生活的意义,如果没有健康,挣钱的目的何在?” 99China e-tourism giant Ctrip has rewarded well-behaved tourists in an eft to improve the country image overseas - especially when it comes to tourism.中国旅游电子商务巨头携程于日前奖励了个表现良好的游客,以努力提高国家的海外形象--尤其是涉及到旅游业时Launched in October by Ctrip, the ;Excellent Chinese Tourists Fund; aims to reward tourists who serve as role models others, and promote the idea of civilized tourism among Chinese travelers.携程旅行社于月份推出;中国好游客奖励基金;,旨在奖励那些为他人树立榜样的游客,并在中国游客中推广文明旅游的理念The prize recipients were chosen by Internet users, and the top winner will receive ,000 RMB.获奖者是从互联网用户中选择的,最高奖的获得者将得到000元人民币的奖励Sun Min won the top prize after rescuing tourists in a car accident. Sun and his family were in a severe traffic accident during a trip in August.孙敏因在一场车祸中勇救游客而获得最高奖项孙敏和他的家人在8月的旅行期间发生了严重的交通事故Despite his own injuries, Sun selflessly rescued eight tourists trapped in a tour bus. His own mother passed away due to injuries from the accident.尽管自己也受了伤,孙敏依然无私地救出了八名被困在旅游大巴上的游客他自己的母亲却因在车祸中受伤而去世Other tourists have also been rewarded their good deeds while abroad, including a traveler who waited hours to return a passport to its owner in Japan, and a parent who carries a bottle everywhere to clean a toddler urine without contaminating the environment.其他游客也因在国外的良好行为而获得奖励,包括在日本等待几个小时将护照物归原主的游客,以及为了解决带孩子如厕问题而随身携带脉动瓶的游客As China economy continues to grow, more and more Chinese tourists are traveling overseas.随着中国经济的持续增长,越来越多的中国游客到海外旅游Over billion trips are made by Chinese citizens in domestic tours annually, while over 0 million trips are made abroad.每年我国国内游超过0亿人次、出境游则超过了1亿人次Some egregious and rude behaviors on the part of Chinese travelers have severely damaged the country image abroad, while the behavior of most civilized Chinese tourists goes unnoticed.中国游客的一些恶劣和粗鲁的行为严重损害了国家的海外形象,而大多数中国游客的文明行为却被忽视According to Ctrip, the company will keep rewarding ;model tourists; in the future, while badly behaved tourists may be listed as unwelcome visitors.根据携程介绍,公司将继续奖励;模范游客;,而表现不佳的游客则有可能被列为不受欢迎的游客 9801昆明哪家医院治疗黑痣

云南省妇幼保健院方脸瘦脸针嘴巴瘦肩要多少费用昆明医学整形医院 Viruses challenge our definition of life. Neither dead nor alive, they are simply functional or not. Viruses do not possess the machinery to replicate themselves. Yet you can even argue that they are more evolved than us. With each discovery about viruses, we realize there is so much more to learn.病毒挑战了我们对生命的定义它们没有活着和死了的区别,只有是否还具有功能病毒没有自我复制的机制不过你也可以说,这意味着它们在进化上比我们更先进每个关于病毒的发现,都让我们意识到自己知识的有限.Black Widow Virus.黑寡妇病毒Scientists have recently discovered a virus containing the gene black widow poison.科学家新近发现了一种带有黑寡妇毒蛛毒素的病毒The WO virus specifically targets Wolbachia bacteria in arthropods. Latrotoxin kills by poking holes in cell membranes. It is believed that the venom genes allow the WO virus to break through cells and evade the host’s immune system. This is the first time animal genes have been seen in bacteriophages—bacteria-targeting viruses.WO病毒的宿主是感染节肢动物的沃尔巴克氏菌黑寡妇毒蛛毒素致命的原理是戳破细胞膜据称,这种毒素的基因使WO病毒侵入细胞,并攻陷宿主的免疫系统这是微生物界发现的第一种动物基因——攻击细菌的病毒Experts hypothesize that the virus picked up the genetic material after breaking out of a Wolbachia bacterium into a black widow cell. However, it is possible the spider stole the gene from the WO virus.专家推断,WO病毒在裂解一个沃尔巴克氏菌后,将遗传物质带入了黑寡妇的细胞不过,也可能是这种蜘蛛偷了WO病毒的基因9.Infertility Virus9.不病毒A mysterious viral infection may be the cause of half of unexplained cases of infertility. In one-quarter of infertility cases—roughly one in 70 women under the age of —doctors cannot find a cause. An Italian research team discovered that a virus in the herpes family is to blame. It causes immune reactions that make the womb inhospitable an embryo. Customized anti-viral treatment could offer help.一种神秘的病毒感染,可能是半数不明原因不的原因在四分之一的病例中,也就是70名岁以下妇女中的一人,医生找不到病因一个意大利研究团队发现,罪魁祸首是一种疱疹病毒它会导致免疫反应,使子宫不适合胚胎存活The team studied 30 mothers and 30 women with unexplained infertility. of the infertile women were infected with HHV-6A. None of the mothers had it. This herpes variety was discovered over 30 years ago but remains a mystery. HHV-6A infection releases estradiol hormone, which triggers ovulation and prepares a womb fertilization.该团队研究了30名妈妈和30名不明原因不的妇女 名不妇女都感染了HHV-6A,但没有妈妈感染这种疱疹病毒变体30多年前就被发现,但一直是个迷HHV-6A感染导致雌二醇释放,刺激排卵并使子宫增厚8.Survivor Virus8.幸存者病毒Scientists have recently unlocked the secrets to a virus that can survive boiling acid.科学家近期破解了抗沸酸病毒的秘密The SIRV virus infects a microbe called Sulfolobus islandicus, which lives in acidic hot springs where temperatures top 80 degrees Celsius (5 °F). Using a Titan Krios electron microscope to examine the specimens in previously unimaginable detail, scientists have unlocked the basic mechanism of resistance to heat, desiccation, and ultra-violet radiation.SIRV感染一种叫冰岛硫化叶菌的微生物这种微生物生活在温度可达80摄氏度的酸性热泉中通过Titan Krios电子显微镜,科学家观察到了过去无法想像的病毒细节,解密了它耐热、耐旱、还抗紫外线辐射的机制SIRV ces genetic material into a protective structural state called A-mation to survive extreme conditions. The mechanism is remarkably similar to the spores bacteria m to survive such environments. These spores are known to cause hard to combat diseases like anthrax. Scientists plan on using these survival mechanisms to design a DNA package gene therapy.SIRV将遗传物质转化成一种叫A字阵式的保护性结构,从而在极端条件下存活这种机制与细菌面对极端环境时产生的孢子非常像炭疽热之类的疾病难以治愈,就是因为孢子科学家准备通过这种生存机制,设计一种基因治疗用的DNA包7.Multicomponent Virus7.复合病毒Normal viruses have all their genes in one viral p. This viral ball attaches to a cell, opens, and injects its genetic material inside. The host cell begins replicating the virus. Once enough copies are made, they kill the cell, break free, and infect more.通常,病毒的全部基因都储存在一个病毒颗粒中这个颗粒附在细胞上并打开它,把自己的遗传物质注入其中然后宿主细胞就开始复制病毒了复制体足够多后就裂解并离开宿主,感染更多细胞The Guaico Culex virus is different. To become infected, a cell needs to be exposed to four varieties of packages. A fifth appears optional.Guaico Culex病毒则与此不同种变体一起,才能感染细胞当然也可以再加上一种Named after the region in Trinidad it originated, Guaico Culex was discovered during a comprehensive study by the US Army Medical Team to isolate mosquito-borne viruses around the globe. While researchers do not believe Guaico Culex virus can infect mammals, they recently discovered a closely related variety in Uganda red colobus monkeys.美军医疗队在一个分离全球蚊媒病毒的综合性研究中,发现了这种病毒它的名字就来源于特立尼达拉岛的发源地虽然研究人员不认为Guaico Culex可以感染哺乳动物,他们最近还是在乌干达的红疣猴身上,发现了该病毒的近亲6.Human Endogenous Retrovirus6.人内源性逆转录病毒HERVRoughly 8 percent of the human genome comes from ancient viruses. Retroviruses reproduce by inserting their genetic material into a host and hijacking its replication machinery. Occasionally, these viruses infect sperm and egg cells. If these cells survive, they go on to create an organism containing the virus DNA in every cell. These are referred to as endogenous retroviruses—in humans, HERVs. The vast majority are considered non-functional ;fossils.; However, a small portion are still intact and can make infectious ps.人类基因组中,大约8%来自远古病毒逆转录病毒将自身遗传物质注入宿主,从而劫持其复制系统,达到复制自身的目的这些病毒偶尔会入侵精子和卵细胞如果这些细胞存活了下来,就会产生每个细胞都含有这种病毒DNA的新个体它们被称作内源性逆转录病毒,在人体中就是HERV它们中大部分似乎是没有功能的“基因遗迹”不过也有一小部分保持着活性,能制造传染性微粒Despite being millions of years old, the HERV-K group of viruses appears capable of replicating. Researchers recently discovered a variant that contains no mutations that would downgrade its function. It is believed that this HERV-K remained ;alive; within humans until recently. Scientists are unsure whether the dormant virus could reemerge. There is speculation that HERV-K might have been selected a survival advantage it offered.HERV-K病毒家族虽然有几百万年历史了,却似乎仍有复制能力研究人员近期发现了一种变体,不包含能降低其功能的变异似乎直到最近,它都在人体内保持着活性科学家不确定这种休眠的病毒是否会重出江湖有人猜测,HERV-K能留下来,可能是因为它带来了进化优势 5785昆明市省中医院激光祛痘手术多少钱

怒江楚雄迪庆丰额头多少钱导购口语:Most biscuits are vacuum-packed to keep them fresh.大部分的饼干式真空包装的,以保持新鲜The feature of our pastry is that it contains no grease and tastes good.本店糕点特色:不含油脂,口味棒Chocolate-covered wheat toasts are healthy and nutritious.涂有巧克力的烤全麦面包片既有利于健康又有营养 语句:Keep fresh保持新鲜;contain no grease不含脂肪,grease意为“油脂”;chocolate-covered wheat toasts涂有巧克力的烤全麦面包片,toast意为“土司,烤面包片” 情景再现:It too dear. Can you take off a little?太贵了,可以便宜点儿吗?If I buy two of these, can I avail of special discount?如果我买两盒,可以享受特价优惠吗?Could you give me some advice in buying Chinese pastry here?能给我点建议买什么中式点心好吗?I want a Big Mac, a small order of French fries and medium coke.我要一个巨无霸,一份炸薯条,一个中杯可乐 :迎接客人 690昆明去疤哪家医院好昆明市五华区人民医院打美白针多少钱



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