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Now it is official. Men really are more narcissistic than women, according to a massive American study which analysed three decades of data from more than 475,000 people.男性比女性更自恋,这一说法现在有官方持了。美国一项研究通过分析三十年来超过47.5万人的数据得出此结论。Researchers concluded that men had a greater senses of entitlement, making them more likely to exploit others.研究人员得出的结论是,男性强烈的特权意识使他们趋向利用他人,为己谋利。The findings were consistent across multiple age groups and generations, said the study#39;s authors at the University at Buffalo School of Management.来自布法罗大学管理学院的研究人员表示,该项研究在各年龄群以及不同年代人群中的结果都是一致的。However, men can take comfort in one conclusion from the study - narcissism may also have some positive effects.然而,该项研究中的一个结论可让男性有所释然——自恋可能也会产生积极的影响。;Narcissism is associated with various interpersonal dysfunctions, including an inability to maintain healthy long-term relationships, unethical behaviour and aggression,; said Emily Grijalva, assistant professor of organisation and human resources, and the paper#39;s lead author.该项研究论文的主要作者、组织与人力资源助理教授艾米丽#8226;格里哈尔瓦表示:“自恋与各种人际关系失调有关,包括无法维持良性发展的长期关系,行为不检点和强势好斗。”;At the same time, narcissism is shown to boost self-esteem, emotional stability and the tendency to emerge as a leader.;“同时,自恋促进自尊自信,情绪稳定和领袖潜能。”They sifted through more than 355 journal articles, dissertations, manuscripts and technical manuals, and studied gender differences in what they described as the three aspects of narcissism: leadership/authority, grandiosity/exhibitionism and entitlement.研究员对超过355份期刊文章、专题论文、文章手稿和技术手册进行筛选整理,并从领导力/权威性、好大喜功/爱出风头,以及自我权益意识等表现自恋的三个方面着手研究性别差异。It meant examining reactions to statements such as, ;If I ruled the world, it would be a much better place,; and ;I know that I am good because everyone keeps telling me so.;这项研究测试人们听到以下言论时的反应,如“世界若由我统治,将会更加美好。”和“我知道我很优秀,因为每个人都这么对我说。”They found the widest gap in entitlement, suggesting that men were more likely than women to exploit others and feel entitled to certain privileges.研究任员发现男女在优越感方面差距最大,这表明男性比女性更有可能利用他人,而且觉得自己理应享受某些特权。The difference narrowed when it came to vanity, which may explain why some women feel the need to clog Twitter and Facebook with countless pouting selfies.在虚荣这方面,性别差异在缩小。这就不难理解有些女性喜欢在Facebook和Twitter上发布那些噘嘴卖萌的自拍照。The results will be published in the forthcoming Psychological Bulletin journal.这些研究成果将会在下一期《心理学公报》杂志上发表。 /201503/365007固原隆德县男科医院在那儿A Chinese documentary critical of the country#39;s dense smog has made waves online, but could augur positive economic benefits.批评中国浓重雾霾的纪录片《穹顶之下》在网络上引发了多轮讨论热潮。不过,该片还可能预示着积极的经济影响。The absence of negative ramifications for Under the Dome#39;s producer, Chai Jing, has been widely interpreted as a sign of greater official tolerance for discussion of China#39;s devastating pollution problems. Government censors have permitted the 104-minute film to stream on major internet portals while Chen Jining, environmental protection minister, said on Sunday he had texted Ms Chai to thank her for a film ;worthy of admiration;. Indeed, it is being compared to Rachel Carson#39;s seminal work #39;Silent Spring,#39; widely regarded as educating a generation of Americans in the 1960s about the importance of protecting the natural environment.《穹顶之下》制作者柴静并未因此受到处理,这一现象已被广泛解读为中国官方对污染问题相关讨论将持更宽容态度。目前,中国政府的审查机关允许这部时长104分钟的影片在主要互联网门户网站上在线播放。此外,中国环保部长陈吉宁周日曾表示,他已给柴静发过短信,感谢她制作了一部“值得敬佩”的影片。事实上,这部纪录片正在被与雷切尔#8226;卡森(Rachel Carson)的开创性著作《寂静的春天》(Silent Spring)相提并论。后者曾被广泛视为在1960年代教育了一代美国人,让他们认识到了保护自然环境的重要性。But Zhiwei Zhang, chief China economist at Deutsche Bank, argues that the could also have macro implications, both in terms of environmental regulation and protection as well as the media sector: “It was reported by Xinhua that the Minister of Environment Protection personally texted Chai Jing to thank her for the effort. This suggests to us that the government will likely take environmental protection more seriously, rebalancing the economy from merely concentrating on an investment-intensive model.德意志(Deutsche Bank)首席中国问题经济学家张智威称,该视频还可能在宏观层面产生影响,这种影响不仅涉及环境监管和保护方面,还包括媒体部门。他说:“据新华社报道,环保部长曾以个人名义给柴静发短信,赞扬她的努力。这一点暗示我们,中国政府可能会更严肃地对待环保问题,令经济摆脱投资密集型增长模式。“Another important implication is the potential benefits of reforms in China. The media sector has been heavily regulated with little space for independent producers like Chai Jing. The popularity of her shows that there is significant room for productivity growth if the government allows more private investment to enter sectors currently monopolized by the SOEs. As monopolized sectors are typically service oriented, such reform would channel more investment into environmental-friendly business, and help to contain pollution.“另一个重要影响是,它可能为中国改革带来潜在好处。在中国,媒体部门始终受到严格监管,柴静这样的独立制作人没有什么发挥的空间。她的视频的热播,表明政府只要允许更多私人投资进入目前被国企垄断的部门,就能为提高生产率创造巨大空间。由于垄断部门通常是务业的,这种改革将把更多投资导向对环境有益的企业,从而有助于遏制污染。”Before getting ahead of ourselves, the steps - particular in the latter scenario - are likely to be small. Ms Jing financed the film herself and it aly seems like the authorities are clamping down discussion of the film. As the FT reported earlier, the official Xinhua News Agency has deleted at least two original articles on the documentary from its website, including one about the environment minister#39;s praise for the film.不过,对此也不要高兴得太早了,上述影响的显现可能会十分缓慢——尤其是在后一个方面。事实上,柴静这部影片是她自筹资金制作的。此外,似乎当局正在打压对该片的讨论。正如英国《金融时报》此前报道的,中国官方的新华社(Xinhua)已从其网站上删除了至少两篇有关该纪录片的原创报道,其中一篇还曾提到环保部长对该片的赞扬。Whatever is going on behind the scenes, however, nobody can deny the severity of the pollution issue in China - not least the officials in Beijing this week for the NPC meeting.不过,不论幕后发生了什么,没人能够否认中国污染问题的严重性——本周参加人大会议的北京官员也同样不能否认这一点。 /201503/362667原州区治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好There are many ways yoga makes you a better person. Moreover, it makes you more beautiful. Believe it or not, but it’s really true. Yoga is a wonderful beauty practice anyone can take part in. It’s a great exercise that helps reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, and can make you look and feel younger and happier. Here are a few amazing ways yoga makes you a better person.瑜伽有很多方法使你一个更好的人。此外,它会让你更美丽。不管你相不相信,但这是真的。瑜伽是一个美妙的美丽练习,任何人都可以参加。这是一个很好的运动可以帮助减少压力、降低血压、缓解焦虑和抑郁的症状,可以让你看起来和感觉更年轻和更快乐。这里有一些令人惊异的方式瑜伽会让你变成一个更优秀的人。1. It makes you strong1、它会使你强大Yoga makes us strong, and, as you know, a strong woman is always beautiful. Yoga tones your whole body, especially your core, arms, butt and thighs. If your self-esteem needs a boost, yoga can really help. Numerous studies have shown that yoga helps understand yourself internally so you become aware of all those potential which lies within you. You may not notice it at first, but in time, you will understand that you know yourself better and you are much stronger than you seem.瑜伽让我们强大,如你所知,一个强大的女人总是美丽的。瑜伽调理你的全身,特别是你的核心,手臂、臀部和大腿。如果你的自尊需要提振,瑜伽就能真正帮助你。众多研究表明,瑜伽有助于了解自己内部所以你开始意识到所有这些你身上潜在的东西。你可能不会一开始就注意到它,但随着时间的推移,你会明白到你知道自己更多,你比你看起来更强大。2. It makes you calm and collected2、它让你平静和镇定When a woman is stressed, she doesn’t look confident and beautiful. Yoga is one of the best ways to keep stress away. Doing yoga daily will make you calm and collected, and will help you stay positive and handle problems better. When you are calm and collected, you are much prettier than when you are stressed, remember it.当一个女人感觉到有压力,她看起来不自信和美丽。瑜伽是消除压力的最好方法之一。每天做瑜伽会让你平静和镇定,并将帮助你保持乐观和更好地处理问题。当你平静和镇定,记住,你比有压力的时候更漂亮。3. It makes you humble3、它让你谦卑Another way yoga makes you a better person is by giving you a great sense of humility. In one word, it makes you humble. When you fail at a pose, you don’t give up, right? You keep practicing until you succeed. This way, you learn how to admit your mistakes and forgive yourself, along with other people. Yoga makes you feel more comfortable with your imperfections.另一种方法瑜伽会让你变成一个更优秀的人是通过给你巨大的谦卑。总的来说,它会让你谦卑。当你失败在一个姿,你不要放弃,,对吗?你继续练习直到你成功。这种方式,您将学习如何承认自己的错误,,原谅自己还有别人。瑜伽让你感觉更容易接受自己的不完美。4. It makes you happier4、它让你更开心Even if you are not good at yoga, it can still make you happier. The thing is, yoga stimulates brain-calming GABA, lowers stress, and keeps you positive. Moreover, yoga stimulates serotonin production in your brain. When you feel sad or stressed, find a few minutes to practice yoga and you will see the result. You will be much happier and more positive, and a positive woman is usually a beautiful one, so make sure you always have time for yoga.即使你不擅长瑜伽,它还能让你更开心。事情是这样的,瑜伽刺激伽码氨基丁酸镇静大脑,降低压力,让你保持乐观。此外,瑜伽会刺激你的大脑5 -羟色胺产生。当你感到悲伤或有压力,找几分钟来练习瑜伽,你就会看到结果。你会变得更快乐和更积极的,乐观的女人通常是美丽的,所以确保你总是有时间做瑜伽。5. It gives you a healthy body5、它给你一个健康的身体While yoga can help you lose weight, it can also give you a healthy body. Yoga improves flexibility, prevents joint pain, and helps the body stay fit, of course, with a healthy eating plan. A worn out body is not beautiful, but a healthy body is. Doing yoga is one of the best ways to make yourself healthy and more beautiful. After all, if you don’t have a healthy body, how can you cope with all life situations and become a better person?瑜伽可以帮助你减肥也能给你一个健康的身体。瑜伽可以提高灵活性,防止关节疼痛,并帮助身体保持健康,当然,要有一个健康的饮食计划。疲惫不堪的身体并不是美丽的,但一个健康的身体就是美丽。做瑜伽是一个最好的让自己健康、更漂亮的方法。毕竟,如果你没有一个健康的身体,你怎么能应付生活中的一切况和成为一个更好的人呢?6. Good posture6、好的姿势It’s always lovely to see a lady with a great posture. Good posture makes every woman feel confident and gorgeous and she looks much more beautiful and healthier than a woman slumped over. If you want to improve your posture, yoga is a must. Try some easy yet effective poses such as warrior one, chair, plank, crow, and some others, you will have a better posture in just a few weeks.看到一个女士和好的姿势是令人愉快的。好的姿势让每个女人感到自信和美丽,她看起来比、衰落的女人更美丽和更健康。如果你想改善你的姿势,瑜伽是必须的。尝试一些简单但有效的姿势,如战士、椅子、板材、鸡鸣,等等,你会在短短几周有一个更好的姿势。7. Perfect skin tone7、完美的肤色Yoga improves blood circulation in each area of the body, including your face. This gives you a naturally perfect skin tone and a rosy glow. The movements create a great blood circulation that helps move stagnant lymph fluid along in the body. Try to do a couple of poses and your cheeks will look much rosier, I promise!瑜伽可以改善身体的每一个领域的血液循环,包括你的脸。这给你一个自然的完美的肤色,光照人。这个动作创建良好的血液循环,帮助体内淋巴流体沿着身体流动。尝试做几个姿势,你的脸颊看起来会更红润,我保!If you’ve never done yoga, you should definitely try it today. You will notice so many benefits in your life. You don’t have to do difficult poses, if you are new to yoga. Opt for simpler poses to achieve more beauty and flexibility from head to toe. I try to do yoga every day, even if it’s just for several minutes. Ladies, do you practice yoga? Do you agree that yoga can make any woman look more beautiful?如果你从来没有做瑜伽,你今天应该试一试。你会在你的生活中注意到很多好处。你不必做困难的姿势,如果你是瑜伽新手。从头到脚选择简单的姿势来实现美丽和灵活性。我尽量每天都做瑜伽,哪怕只是几分钟。女士们,你练习瑜伽吗?你同意瑜伽能让任何一个女人看起来更漂亮吗? /201412/350917MYITKYINA, Myanmar — At 16, the gem trader’s son set out for the jade mines to seek his fortune in the precious stone that China craves. But a month in, the teenager, Sang Aung Bau Hkum, was feeding his own addiction: heroin, the drug of choice among the men who work the bleak terrain of gouged earthen pits, shared needles and dwindling hope here in the jungles of northern Myanmar.缅甸密那——这个宝石商人的儿子16岁时来到矿,想从这种让中国发狂的宝石中寻找自己发财的机会。但一个月后,这位名叫桑昂巴乌(Sang Aung Bau Hkum)的少年需要满足自己的毒瘾:他用上了在这片挖出很多大土坑的荒凉地里工作的男人的首选毒品海洛因,和别人共用针头。希望在缅甸北部的丛林中渐渐消失。Three years later he finally found what he had come for — a jade rock “as green as a summer leaf.” He spent some of the ,000 that a Chinese trader paid him on a motorcycle, a cellphone and gambling.三年后,他终于找到了自己为之而来的东西:一块“和夏天的树叶一样绿的”。他把一个中国商人付给他的6000美元(约合3.4万元人民币)的一部分花在了买一辆托车和一部手机上,还在上花了点钱。“The rest disappeared into my veins,” he said, tapping the crook in his left arm as dozens of other gaunt miners in varying states of withdrawal passed the time at a rudimentary rehabilitation clinic here. “The Chinese bosses know we’re addicted to heroin, but they don’t care. Their minds are filled with jade.”“剩下的钱都消失在我的静脉里,”他用手指轻敲着自己左胳膊的肘弯说,他身边是在这里的一家非常原始的戒毒所里消磨时光的面容憔悴的矿工,他们有不同程度的脱瘾症状。“中国老板知道我们上了海洛因的瘾,但他们不管我们。他们满脑子都是。”Mr. Sang Aung Bau Hkum, now 24, is just one face of a trade — like blood diamonds in Africa — that is turning good fortune into misery.桑昂巴乌现在24岁了,他只是涉足那些把好运变成痛苦的买卖——类似的还有非洲的血钻——的一员。Driven by an insatiable demand from the growing Chinese middle class, Myanmar’s jade industry is booming and should be showering the nation, one of the world’s poorest, with unprecedented prosperity. Instead, much of the wealth it generates remains in control of elite members of the military, the rebel leaders fighting them for greater autonomy and the Chinese financiers with whom both sides collude to smuggle billions of dollars’ worth of the gem into China, according to jade miners, mining companies and international human rights groups.在日益增长的中国中产阶层无法满足的需求驱动下,缅甸的产业正在蓬勃发展,这本该让这个属于世界最贫穷行列的国家得到前所未有的繁荣。然而并非如此,绝大部分所产生的财富被少数人控制着,包括军方精英成员、为了更大的自主权而与军方作战的叛乱头目,以及双方都与之勾结的中国投资者,据矿工、矿产公司以及国际人权组织说,这些人沆瀣一气把价值数十亿美元的宝石走私到中国。Such rampant corruption has not only robbed the government of billions in tax revenue for rebuilding after decades of military rule, it has also helped finance a bloody ethnic conflict and unleashed an epidemic of heroin use and H.I.V. infection among the Kachin minority who work the mines.这种猖獗的腐败,不仅偷走了政府在数十年的军事统治后进行重建所需的数十亿美元的税收收入,而且为血腥的种族冲突提供了资金,并在从事玉石开采的克钦少数民族中造成了海洛因滥用及艾滋病毒感染的流行。The drug and jade trades have become a toxic mix, with heroin — made from opium poppies that long ago turned Myanmar into a top producer of illicit drugs — keeping a pliant work force toiling in harsh conditions as the Burmese authorities and Chinese business people turn a blind eye.毒品交易和交易已成为一种有毒的组合,从罂粟提取的海洛因在很早以前就让缅甸成为非法毒品的主要生产地,现在海洛因让恶劣条件下劳作的矿工听从摆布,而缅甸当局和中国商人对这些视而不见。At a time when Myanmar is experimenting with democratic governance after nearly 50 years of military dictatorship, its handling of the jade industry has become a test of the new civilian leaders and their commitment to supporting human rights and rooting out corruption, as well as an early check on whether they will reject the former junta’s kleptocratic dealings with China.在经过近50年的军事独裁统治后,缅甸目前正在尝试民主治理,缅甸对业的处理已成为对新的文职领导人以及他们持人权、根除腐败承诺的一种考验,也是对他们是否将拒绝像前军政府那样与中国进行暗中交易的早期检查。So far, experts say, they have failed.专家说,到目前为止,缅甸政府的表现不及格。Washington is worried enough about the link between jade and violence — and the effect on democratic change — that it kept in place a ban on the gem from Myanmar, also known as Burma, even after it suspended almost every other sanction against the country since the civilian government came to power in 2011. But critics say the sanctions are useless because China attaches no such conditions.华盛顿方面对和暴力之间的联系、及其对民主变革的影响有足够的担心,虽然美国在缅甸文官政府自2011年上台以来,暂停了几乎所有对该国的制裁,但仍继续保持着从那里进口这种宝石的禁令。但批评人士说,这些禁令没用,因为中国没有类似的限制。“The multibillion-dollar jade business should be driving peaceful development in Kachin and Myanmar as a whole,” said Mike Davis from Global Witness, an anticorruption organization. “Instead it is empowering the same elite that brought the country to its knees and poses the biggest threat to peace and democratic reform.”“价值数十亿美元的生意本该促进克钦邦、乃至缅甸全国的和平发展,”反腐败组织“全球见”(Global Witness)的迈克·戴维斯(Mike Davis)说。“然而并非如此,业仍在让同样的精英们受益,他们曾把国家搞瘫痪,现在他们成为对和平与民主改革的最大威胁。”Poverty Amid Riches财富中滋长着贫穷The fountainhead of Myanmar’s jade wealth is here in the mountains of Kachin State, which is rich in natural resources and poor in just about everything else. The country’s northernmost territory, Kachin shares a long border with China and is home to the Kachin ethnic group, a largely Christian minority with ambitions to gain more autonomy.缅甸财富的源泉在克钦邦这里的山区,这里有丰富的天然资源,但几乎没有其他任何东西。克钦邦位于缅甸的最北部,与中国有漫长的边界线,是克钦族人的家园,克钦族是主要信封基督教的少数民族,他们追求的目标是更多的自主权。Myitkyina, the down-and-out state capital, is the gateway to the most active mining region, containing what experts say is the world’s biggest and most valuable trove of jade. With its broken sidewalks, stray dogs and cemeteries littered with syringes, Myitkyina is a potent symbol of the region’s ills. The city’s tea shops have a thriving illegal side business in selling heroin, one of the few trades that have grown alongside the jade industry.密那是克钦邦穷困潦倒的首府,是通往最活跃的矿区的必经之路,矿区有专家称之为世界上最大、最值钱的宝藏。密那破烂的人行道、满街的流浪,以及散落着注射器的墓地,是该地区糟糕状态的有力象征。城市的茶叶店经营着出售海洛因的繁荣非法副业,那是为数不多的与行业同时增长的贸易。“In every house, there is an addict,” said Gareng Bang Aung, a local heroin user.“每家都有吸毒者,”当地的海洛因使用者格亮兴昂(Gareng Bang Aung)说。The city is the closest Westerners can get to the mining area, Hpakant. The government says it keeps the area closed because of sporadic fighting with the Kachin rebel army, but activists see a darker purpose: to hide the illegal jade and drug trades flourishing there. The only foreigners allowed past the military checkpoints, they say, are the Chinese who run the mines or go there to buy gems.密那是西方人能到的、距矿区帕敢最近的地方。政府说,禁止外人进入矿区是因为那里仍有与克钦族叛军进行的零星战斗,但活动人士看到了其中的黑暗目的:隐藏那里蓬勃发展的非法和毒品交易。他们说,唯一能通过军方检查站的外国人,是经营矿产、或去那里购买宝石的中国人。The lack of access adds to the mysteries of the jade industry, whose inner workings are deliberately obscured. Even the simplest information is not publicly available — including which companies operate the mines and how many are Chinese-run or financed despite laws banning foreign ownership. But interviews with jade miners and executives in Myitkyina, and with gem traders, diplomats and nongovernmental organizations elsewhere, reveal a dizzyingly corrupt and brutal industry funded almost completely by Chinese trade.不能进入该地区增加了行业的神秘感,其内部运作情况被有意掩盖起来。就连最简单的信息也不公开,比如哪些公司经营矿山,有多少由中国人拥有或出资,虽然缅甸法律禁止外资拥有企业。但是,对密那的矿工和管理人员、以及其他地方的宝石商人、外交官和非政府组织的采访,暴露出一个令人眼花缭乱、几乎完全靠中国贸易资助的腐败和残酷的行业。Their descriptions of the harsh conditions at the mines were corroborated by rare footage filmed there by a local journalist hired by The New York Times.这些人对矿场恶劣条件的描述,得到《纽约时报》聘请的一名当地记者拍摄的罕见录像的佐。The from inside the checkpoints shows lush rolling hills scarred by craters that descend for hundreds of feet into pits. There, hundreds of men worked in the searing heat, picking through rocks with rudimentary shovels, or their hands, in search of the gem.这段在检查站那边拍到的录像显示,连绵起伏的葱郁丘陵布满了环形山口的伤痕,环形山口通往上百米深的坑底。在那里,数百名男子用最基本的工具、或徒手在灼热环境中寻找宝石。In some cases, the miners shoot water from high-powered hoses to break up the rock walls, a dangerous practice that sometimes triggers landslides.在有些情况下,矿工们用高压管把水喷射到石壁上将其击碎,这种做法很危险,有时会引发山体滑坡。Also visible in the footage: an open-air heroin shooting gallery, hard up against a mine.镜头中还可以看到的,是紧靠着一个矿场的一个打海洛因的露天输液所。Corruption Fuels Conflict腐败使冲突加剧Myanmar’s jade industry took off in the 1980s after the introduction of market reforms in China. For the first time since Mao Zedong began banning private enterprise in 1949, entrepreneurs betting that the gemstone would become big business in China started jumping into the trade. Their financing helped build an industry that churns out the Buddha figurines and thick bracelets that have become status symbols for China’s middle class. The burgeoning market transformed the Kachin insurgency, which had started in 1961 as a fight mostly about political independence, into a raging battle that extends to natural resources. A 1994 cease-fire stopped the violence, but gave the Burmese junta and its Chinese backers control over the best tracts in Hpakant.缅甸的行业在20世纪80年代中国市场改革之后开始腾飞。自从毛泽东1949年以后禁止民营企业以来,这种宝石在中国能卖大钱的创业者能首次开始参与这个交易。他们的资金帮助建立了一个行业,为中国中产阶级大量生产象征地位的玉佛像和粗粗的玉手镯。这个新兴市场把始于1961年的克钦叛乱,从一个主要是有关政治的独立斗争,转变为一场延伸到自然资源的熊熊战火。虽然1994年的停火带来了暴力的终止,但把帕敢最好矿区的控制权交给了缅甸军政府及其中国持者。The cease-fire fell apart in 2011, with jade fueling the conflict by funneling money to both sides. Local news media say about 120,000 people have been displaced by the fighting that included military airstrikes in Kachin; the death toll remains in dispute.交易带来的钱给冲突的双方火上加油,导致停火协议在2011年瓦解。当地新闻媒体说,战火导致约12万人流离失所,政府武装还对克钦军队进行过空袭;死亡人数仍有争议。In an interview, Dau Hka, a senior official with the political wing of the rebel Kachin Independence Army, described a sophisticated revenue collection system in which mining companies that want to operate in areas under the rebels’ control “donate” money to them, providing half their operating budget.反对派克钦独立军(Kachin Independence Army)的政治组织高级官员杜卡(Dau Hka)在接受采访时描述了一个复杂的收费制度,根据这个制度,想要在反对派控制的地区运作的采矿公司会向他们“捐款”,为其提供了一半的运营预算。“The donations aren’t exactly legal,” he acknowledged.“这种捐款严格来说并不合法,”他承认道。The K.I.A. also makes money by working with Chinese companies to smuggle jade through the jungle into China, according to activists and a Chinese jade importer. “They’ll call us beforehand, and we’ll come in a convoy to pick up the goods,” said the trader, who would give only his surname, Chun. The rebels, he added, demand cash on delivery.活动人士和一名中国玉石进口商说,克钦独立军还会与中国企业合作,把玉石通过丛林走私到中国,并从中牟利。“他们会提前给我们打电话,我们随后会派车队去取货,”这名交易商只透露自己姓宗。他接着说,这些叛乱分子一般要求货到付款。Yet the fighters’ spoils pale in comparison to those enjoyed by the powerful Burmese military elite, whose companies receive the choicest tracts of mining land from the government, according to miners and international rights groups. Like the K.I.A., some military officers are also involved in smuggling, extracting bribes to allow the illicit practice, activists say.然而,这些武装分子的战利品与强大的缅甸军方权贵享受到的好处相比只是小巫见大巫。据一些矿工和国际权力组织说,缅甸军方权贵的企业会从政府获得最优质的矿区。活动人士说,就像克钦独立军一样,一些军方官员也参与走私,为不法操作提供便利,从而索取贿赂。“The top dogs are the Burmese military,” said Mr. Davis of Global Witness, which has investigated the Burmese jade trade.“最大的赢家是缅甸军方,”全球见组织的戴维斯说。他曾经调查过缅甸的玉石贸易。Perhaps half or more of the jade that is mined, those who study the industry say, vanishes into the black market. The Ministry of Mines, in an email response to detailed questions, denied that smuggling is a major problem. Although official jade sales generate significant tax revenue, David Dapice of Harvard University’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, which did an extensive study of the jade trade, estimated that the government is losing billions a year to illegal trading. Possibly the greater tragedy, however, is the heroin epidemic ravaging a new generation of Kachin.研究该行业的人说,在从矿山开采出的玉石中,可能有一半或者更多流入了黑市。缅甸矿业部在回复一些详细问题的邮件中否认了走私问题的严重性。哈佛大学艾什民主治理与创新中心(Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation)的戴维·达皮斯(David Dapice)做过玉石贸易的一项大范围研究,他估计,尽管合法的销售带来了大量税收,政府每年因为非法贸易损失数十亿美元。然而,更大的悲剧可能是毁灭了年轻克钦人的海洛因的泛滥。Heroin’s High Toll海洛因泛滥的高昂代价For decades, heroin was rare in Kachin State. The surge in the jade trade changed all that, creating a market for drugs among the thousands of Kachin laborers who flocked to the mines seeking an escape from poverty.曾经在数十年时间里,海洛因在克钦邦都非常罕见。玉石贸易的增长改变了这种状况,为了逃离贫困而涌入矿山的大量克钦劳工中诞生了一个毒品市场。But Ze Hkaung Lazum, 27, said the mines proved to be a trap. Heroin, he said, is sold in bamboo huts “like vegetables in a market” for between and a hit. Miners squat in the open, next to piles of used needles, with syringes hanging from their arms. If the drug fails to take the workers’ meager earnings, the prostitutes waiting nearby are happy to oblige for per 20-minute session. Within months, Mr. Ze Hkaung Lazum was a frequent customer of both.不过,27岁的泽康拉尊(Ze Hkaung Lazum)说,矿山是一个陷阱。他说,一些小竹屋专门出售海洛因,就像“市场里的蔬菜”一样常见,一剂海洛因的价格在4美元到8美元。矿工们蹲坐在露天,身旁是堆积如山的旧针头,胳膊上挂着注射器。如果毒品还不足以花光工人微薄的收入,等在附近的很愿意以20分钟6美元的价格提供务。几个月后,泽康拉尊就成了这两种务的常客。Some miners, like Bum Hkrang, a 24-year-old recovering addict, say they need the drug to steel themselves for the backbreaking and dangerous work their Burmese and Chinese bosses demand; others say they simply fell into addiction because the drug was so available, with some heroin dealers accepting jade as payment.有些矿工说,自己需要毒品的持才能完成缅甸和中国老板要求的繁重而危险的工作,这其中包括正在戒毒的24岁的本康(Bum Hkrang);还有一些人说,他们染上毒瘾只是因为毒品太容易得到了,有些海洛因的经销商接受用玉石来付款。“Try digging all day with an iron rod and see how you feel,” he said, adding that he had abandoned his university studies for the promise of fast riches. Heroin, he discovered, gave him enough energy to work 24 hours straight.本康说,“你试试整天用铁棍挖矿,看看是什么感觉。”他接着说,就是因为有人向他保干这行能快速致富,他放弃了大学学业。他发现,海洛因让他有了一天工作24小时的精力。Miners say at least four out of five workers are habitual drug users. Users who overdose are buried near the mines, amid groves of bamboo.矿工们说,至少五分之四的工人习惯性吸毒。因吸毒过量而死的人被埋在矿山附近,四周是茂密的竹林。Over time, heroin abuse spilled into the broader population.渐渐地,海洛因的滥用扩大到了更广泛的人群。Like many locals, Tang Goon, who works on an antidrug project, believes the government is distributing heroin to weaken the ethnic insurgency, with the military allowing pushers past their checkpoints. “Heroin is their weapon,” he said.就像许多当地人一样,在禁毒项目工作的当古(Tang Goon)认为,为了遏制民族骚乱,政府正在从事销售海洛因的勾当,军方允许非法毒品销售者通过检查站。“海洛因是他们的武器,”他说。But whether the trade is driven by politics or simple greed, the toll has been devastating.然而,无论这种贸易是受到了政治因素的驱动,还是只是因为贪婪,它引发的代价都令人难以承受。Kachin activists estimate that a sizable majority of Kachin youths are addicts; the World Health Organization has said about 30 percent of injecting drug users in Myitkyina have contracted H.I.V.克钦的活动人士估计,绝大多数的克钦年轻人吸毒成瘾;世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)称,在密那,约30%的注射吸毒者感染了艾滋病毒。With virtually no funding from a central government focused on other priorities, the Kachin rely on church rehabilitation centers that preach a spiritual, if controversial, solution to addiction.由于基本上无法从中央政府获得资金,克钦邦依靠教堂康复中心,通过布道,为吸毒成瘾提供一种具有宗教意义但却可能引发争议的解决方案。At one, the Change in Christ center outside Myitkyina, the founder, Thang Raw, runs a treatment program based on rapturous hymnal sessions and baptismal-like dunks in a concrete water tank that are meant to soothe the agony of withdrawal.在其中的一家教堂康复中心,密那外的基督改变中心(Change in Christ Center),创始人当罗(Thang Raw)负责一个治疗项目,它依靠的是令人着迷的赞美诗阅读会,以及在水泥修筑的水槽里浸礼似的仪式,从而缓解戒毒带来的痛苦。The treatment did little to help Mung Hkwang, 21, who despite the sweltering heat lay shivering recently inside the center’s thatch-roofed dormitory. His ankle, tattooed with a marijuana leaf, was shackled to his bed to keep him from running away to feed his habit.这种治疗没有为21岁的孟宽(Mung Hkwang)带来多少帮助,不久前的一天,在闷热的天气里,他躺在茅草屋顶的中心宿舍里,浑身发抖。他那纹了大麻叶纹身的脚踝被拷在了床上,这是为了防止他跑出去吸毒。“It ruined my life and destroyed my education,” he said.“它毁了我的人生,毁了我的学业,”他说。Just weeks later, Mr. Mung Hkwang ran away and died from a heroin overdose.几周之后,孟宽跑了,后来死于海洛因过量。The Hand of China中国之手There are plenty of culprits in Myanmar’s illicit jade and drug trades. But many human rights activists reserve their harshest criticism for China, which they say is content to profit from the mounting chaos that has engulfed Myanmar’s jade industry.缅甸的非法玉石和毒品贸易中,有很多罪魁祸首。但许多人权活动人士都把最严厉的批评都给了中国。他们说,中国心安理得地从缅甸玉石行业的日益严重的混乱中受益。“China prioritizes naked greed over any concern for the local population or how the jade is extracted,” said David Mathieson, a senior researcher on Myanmar for Human Rights Watch.“中国把裸的贪欲置于当地民众或者玉石开采方式等问题之上,”人权观察组织缅甸问题高级研究员戴维·马西森(David Mathieson)说。Jade has fired the Chinese imagination for thousands of years. According to legend, the birth of Confucius was prophesied by a unicorn who gave his mother a jade tablet heralding his destiny. To this day, many Chinese believe the stone wards off misfortune and heals the body.几千年来,玉石一直激发着中国人的想象。传说中,孔子的出生之前,有麒麟献玉书,上面预言了孔子的命运。直到今天,许多中国人还相信这种石头能够辟邪祛病。“Jade, from ancient to modern times, is a symbol of grace to Chinese people,” said Zhi Feina, 34, a civil servant and repeat customer at the Beijing Colorful Yunnan Company, an opulent three-story jade emporium in Beijing where she was trying on bracelets.“从古至今,玉对中国人来说都一种优雅的象征,”34岁的公务员菲娜说。她是北京七云南商贸有限公司的常客,这是一家气派的玉石商城,共有三层。此刻她正在商城内试戴手镯。The state-affiliated Gems amp; Jewelry Trade Association of China estimates that annual sales of jade are as high as billion, more than half of which comes from Burmese jade.政府旗下的中国珠宝玉石首饰行业协会估计,玉石的年销售额高达50亿美元,其中超过一半来自缅甸。In a rare admission, China’s ambassador to Myanmar, Yang Houlan, confirmed that some Chinese are breaking Burmese laws, but he said Beijing was trying to clamp down.中国驻缅甸大使杨厚兰也罕见地实,有些中国人违反了缅甸法律,但北京正在努力予以打压。“There are some businessmen engaged in illegal activities who, attracted by outsize profits, cross the border to mine or smuggle jade,” he said in an email, adding that the two nations have stepped up cooperation on border controls and money-laundering investigations. “But there are some parts of this illicit trade that, like drugs, can’t be stamped out.”“一些商人受到巨大利益的诱惑从事了不法活动,穿越边境去挖矿或走私,”他在邮件中说。两国已经加强了边境管控和洗钱调查方面的合作,他接着说,“但有些非法贸易,就像毒品一样,是无法彻底根除的。”Activists dispute the notion that the governments are serious about cracking down. Without a stronger push for reform from China, they say, they have little hope that conditions will improve.活动人士不认为两国政府真的想要打压这些活动。他们说,如果中国不大力推动改革,他们不相信情况会出现改善。So far, there does not appear to be an appetite for major change. During an interview, Shi Hongyue, vice secretary general of the Gems amp; Jewelry Trade Association of China, refused to even discuss the ills plaguing the Burmese jade trade.迄今为止,政府似乎没有做出重大改变的意愿。在采访中,中国珠宝玉石首饰行业协会副秘书长史洪岳甚至拒绝谈论缅甸玉石贸易的弊端。When pressed about heroin at the mines, Mr. Shi was dismissive. “Honestly,” he said, “the amount of drugs they’re using isn’t really that much.”在被问道矿工使用海洛因的问题时,史洪岳似乎有些不屑。“老实说,”他说,“他们使用的毒品其实没那么多。” /201412/346765固原男科医院在那儿

固原妇保医院割包皮多少钱宁夏固原治疗男性不育哪家医院最好平凉市妇幼保健院看男科怎么样Queen Victoria#39;s book维多利亚女王著书出版A fairy book ;The Adventures of Alice Laselles; penned by Britain#39;s Queen Victoria when she was just 10 years old has finally been published.英国维多利亚女王10岁时写作的童话书《爱丽丝·拉舍莱斯历险记》日前正式出版发行。The book tells the story of a 12-year-old girl sent away to boarding school.该书讲述了一位12岁小女孩被送到寄宿学校后的经历。It is believed that this fairy tale was written around 1829 or 1830 when she was still a young princess.据悉,该本童话书是还处于小公主阶段的维多利亚女王在1829年或1830年写成的。The story was written in a notebook and kept at Windsor Castle, near London.这本书是写在笔记本上的,保存在伦敦附近的温莎城堡里。;It reflects a lot of Victoria#39;s feelings as a little girl,; said children#39;s author Jacqueline Wilson.儿童文学作家杰奎琳·威尔逊表示,该书反映了维多利亚女王孩童阶段的不少想法与感受。Victoria#39;s reign lasted 63 years and seven months.维多利亚女王在位时间长达63年零7个月。 /201506/380214固原市人民医院男科挂号

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