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He might like you to believe he#39;s as hard as nails, but don’t be fooled by your man’s tough exterior.男性往往希望别人相信自己是像钢铁一般坚强的,但是你要当心,别被他们强悍的外表所蒙蔽了。Enlightening new research has found that men are in fact more emotional than women.一则令人震惊的新研究成果表明,男性其实比女性更感情丰富。The experiment found that when men and women watched the same heart-warming s, it was the men who experienced stronger physiological reactions.这项实验结果实,当男性和女性同时观赏一部感动人心的视频时,男性会体验到更为强烈的心理反应。But true to type, when asked about their emotions, the women admitted feeling more emotional than the men did.但是,如人们惯常所知的是,当被问及他们的感受时,女性更愿意表示自己受到了情感上的触动。In the experiment, a group of 30 participants (15 fathers and 15 mothers) were presented with a series of images and s, while their physiological responses were measured via skin conductance electrodes attached to their fingers.这项实验中共有30名参与者(15位父亲和15位母亲),他们一同观看了一系列的图片和视频,研究者们通过连接在参与者手指上的皮肤电导电极,可以观测他们的心理反应。The content they were presented with was categorised into four topics: blissful, funny, exciting and heart-warming.他们所观赏的图片和视频可以分为四个主题:祥和类的,幽默类的,刺激类的和感人类的。Men demonstrated a marginally higher emotional reaction to the blissful, funny and exciting content, compared to the women.与女性相比,男性对祥和类的,幽默类的,刺激类这三类材料表现出略高的情感反应。However, the experiment found that men responded twice as strongly as women with higher levels of physiological emotion when presented with heart-warming content.但同时,研究发现,当参与者观看感人类的研究材料时,男性的心理反应程度是女性的两倍之多。The men’s emotional reactions significantly spiked when they watched a of a solider coming home from war and reuniting with his daughter.尤其在观看一部表现士兵在战后回到家里,与女儿重聚的视频时,男性的情感反应程度表现出激增的趋势。As part of the experiment, participants also had to rate the content on a questionnaire to say how it made them feel.作为该实验的一部分,参与者们还必须填写一张调查问卷,为自己观看了研究材料之后感受到的心理反应程度评出几个等级。As expected, women said they felt more emotional in response to the content compared to the men.如研究者意料到的一样,和男性相比,女性更愿意坦诚的承认,她们观看了研究材料后体验到强烈的情感反应。However, even though men reported feeling less emotion than women, their physiological changes showed that in fact they felt emotion more strongly.然而,虽然男性表示自己并没有像女性那样产生强烈的情绪反应,事实上,他们的心理活动变化已经反应了这一事实,即他们比女性体验到的感情更加强烈。 /201407/310206。

9 Awesome Spring Date Ideas春光无限:9大情侣约会好去处All seasons are wonderful in a way, but spring is a fabulous season for all lovers. The adventurous and lovely weather is full of advantages and there are plenty of interesting things you can do with your significant other. We are tired of indoor activities and we thirst for new unforgettable feelings, memories and adventures. Check out the list of 9 awesome spring date ideas to try this season.一年四季,各有各的精之处,但春天对所有的情侣们更是与众不同地美好。虽然天气偶有变化,总体来说还是风和日丽,这是出游最好有利的条件。并且有很多有趣的事可以和你心爱的人一起去做。我们都厌倦了宅在房里,渴望新鲜的、难忘的感受,回忆和冒险。看看这9个绝妙的约会建议都是什么,这个春天就行动起来吧。 /201406/304270。

Visual harassment describes a situation that men are embarrassed to be around with women who are wearing over-revealing clothes in summer. They don’t know where to look at, especially in a crowded place, and they might be considered as a pervert when they do look at those women.视觉骚扰(visual harassment)指一些男士认为女性夏天穿着过于暴露会让周围的男士非常尴尬,身处拥挤环境时更加不知道眼睛该往哪儿看,稍有不慎就有可能背上“色狼”的骂名。Nowadays, girls are more open with outfit choices. Midriff-baring tops, backless dresses and miniskirts are necessities in many girls’ wardrobes. But wearing revealing outfits in public areas or workplace is considered a form of sexual harassment by many people where men are the victims. Some even believes that over-revealing outfits may make a woman look cheap and less popular.现如今,女孩子穿衣不再那么保守。露脐装、露背装还有超短裙都已经成她们衣柜里的必备品了。不过,有不少人都认为在办公室和公共场所衣着暴露其实算是一种性骚扰,而受害者恰恰就是周围的那些男同胞。有些人甚至认为,衣着过于暴露会让女性形象大打折扣,反而不招人喜欢。A study from the University of Leeds calculated the exact proportion of flesh a woman should expose to attract male admirers. The study found that women who reveal 40 percent of their body were approached twice as many times as women who showed less flesh. Those who revealed more than 40 percent were also less popular. Revealing one arm counted as 10 percent exposure, one leg counted as 15 percent, and the upper body counted as 50 percent. Researchers believe that exposing too much skin can scare men away, because they fear such women could be unfaithful.英国利兹大学曾经进行过一项研究,计算女性到底露多少才能吸引最多的追求者。该研究发现,女性露出身体的40%时吸引到的追求者是暴露较少时的两倍。而身体暴露部分超过40%的女性也不是那么受欢迎。在该研究中,露胳膊算10%,露一条腿算15%,上半身算50%。研究人员认为,暴露过多会把男人吓跑,因为他们会担心这样的女人不可靠。 /201408/321578。

Peruse the produce aisle at your local grocery store and you’ll likely find a massive selection of juices featuring blueberries, carrots, strawberries and other familiar fruits and veggies.But the juicing craze — a growing, multibillion-dollar business — has up until now left one popular fruit behind: the watermelon. Now one Illinois farmer is hoping there’s still some room for the large fruit to make a splash.The watermelon juice in question is called Tsamma [pronounced sah-mah], and it was conceptualized earlier this year by fresh produce grower Sarah Frey-Talley. After testing a variety of flavor bases at home for a few months, Frey-Talley, the chief executive of Frey Farms, is now bringing Tsamma to major retail shelves.Frey-Talley believes the watermelon is a perfect fit for the juice aisle, pointing out that the average American usually buys a whole watermelon just five times a year. It can take a lot of time to slice the fruit, remove seeds, and then it has to be consumed quickly—all factors that limit its growth potential.考察一下商店货架,你很可能会发现各式各样的果汁口味可供选择,包括蓝莓、胡萝卜、草莓以及其它各种我们所熟悉的水果和蔬菜。榨汁热潮一路发展到现在,这个价值数十亿美元的市场已引得各路果蔬竞折腰,但到目前为止,有一种很受欢迎的水果仍未得到充分的开发利用,那就是西瓜。现在,美国伊利诺伊州的一名农场主正在期盼,这种大个头的水果能在榨汁市场上引发轰动。弗雷-塔利认为,西瓜非常适合制成果汁进行销售,她指出,美国人平均一年通常只买五次一整只的西瓜。把西瓜切片和去籽非常费时,而且必须尽快吃掉——所有这些因素都限制了西瓜的发展潜力。“我们选择了美国人喜爱但食用不方便的水果,并且将它加工成瓶装产品。”“We took an inconvenient item that Americans like to eat anyway and we put it in a bottle.”Even though it has been on the market for just three months, Tsamma is aly on the shelves in more than 1,200 stores, including Whole Foods and The Fresh Market. Other national chains are expressing interest in the beverage, which squeezes one-and-a-half pounds of watermelon into each bottle.Tsamma’s quick acceptance from grocery-store chains can be attributed to Frey-Talley’s experience as both a farmer and a savvy saleswoman. When Frey-Talley was as young as eight, she accompanied her mother on a delivery route for the watermelons her family grew on a small, 80-acre farm in southern Illinois.By the time she was a teenager, Frey-Talley took over the route from her mother, at that point she also began to purchase watermelons and cantaloupes from small farms and distribute them to stores across several states.Since Frey-Talley took over the family business she has expanded what is now called Frey Farms across seven states, with several thousand acres of land, and distribution centers that package and ship the produce. In the beginning, Frey-Talley worked alone, but now she employees up to 600 workers during the peak-growing season.上市才短短三个月,Tsamma就已经出现在1,200多家商店的货架上,其中不乏全食超市(Whole Foods)和生鲜市场(The Fresh Market)这些知名的零售商。其它全国性的连锁店也纷纷表示出对这款每瓶用1.5磅西瓜榨成的西瓜汁的兴趣。Tsamma能够迅速获得食品杂货连锁店的认可,农场主弗雷-塔利功不可没,她在农场的经营上经验丰富,同时又深谙销售之道。当她还只有8岁时,就跟着母亲,将自家在伊利诺伊州南部一座面积为80英亩的小型农场里种出的西瓜送往经销商处。到了十几岁的时候,弗雷-塔利接手了母亲的送货工作。当时她也开始从其他的小型农场里购买西瓜和甜瓜,然后分销到美国数州的大小商店中。接管家族生意后,弗雷-塔利开始拓展业务。如今的弗雷农场已经在7个州拥有数千英亩的土地,还有负责农产品包装和运输的分销中心。农场规模也从最初的弗雷-塔利一人,拓展到现在农忙季节时多达600人的雇佣工。Tsamma (named after a melon grown in Africa that is thought to be the parent of all melons we know today) is angling for a slice of the bottled super-premium fruit and veggie juices segment, which reported sales of .25 billion last year, according to a Barron’s report that cited Beverage Marketing data. Sales for that segment are up 58% since 2004, the research and consulting firm has reported.Consumers are gravitating toward bottled juices, and even buying more mixers to make juices at home, as they aim to drink more all-natural beverages. That shift has resulted in greater sales of juices, smoothies and flavored waters, but fewer sales of high-sugar beverages like soda.Sherry Frey (no relation to Frey-Talley), vice president of Nielsen Perishables Group, said the popularity of juices has ebbed and flowed the past few decades, but this time around it is notable that juices aren’t just popular with health-conscious consumers. Juice sales today have across-the-board appeal, Frey said, noting that millennials are looking for something healthy on the go, parents like to serve juices to their kids, and boomers are looking at the benefits of juicing as they look to extend their lives.Frey-Talley has a fairly aggressive growth plan for Tsamma, hoping annual sales will hit 0 million within five years.“Some might think that our plan of growth is aggressive, and we definitely have a lot of consumer education to do to get people to understand the benefits,” Frey-Talley said. She believes watermelon juice sales could one day rival the sale of coconut water — another beverage that has become wildly popular in recent years.“I’m hoping anyway,” she said. “Otherwise I’ll have to sell a farm.” Tsamma(得名于非洲的一种瓜,这种瓜被认为是当今所有瓜的亲本)的意图,是在高级瓶装果蔬汁饮料市场中赢得一席之地。根据《巴伦周刊》(Barron)引用的研究咨询公司Beverage Marketing的报告数据,去年美国果蔬饮料市场的销售额高达22.5亿美元。这家公司称,自2004年以来,果蔬饮料市场的销售已增长了58%。瓶装果汁对消费者很有吸引力,甚至有越来越多的消费者开始购买果汁机,在家自制果汁,因为他们希望喝到更加纯天然的饮料。这种消费趋势的转变,推动了果汁、冰沙和果味饮料的销量上升,汽水等高糖饮料的销量则随之下降。尼尔森食品集团(Nielsen Perishables Group)的副总裁谢里o弗雷(与弗雷-塔利没有亲戚关系)表示,果汁的流行在过去几十年里起起落落,但如今的发展尤为值得关注,因为它不仅受到了关心健康的消费者的喜爱,更具有全方位的吸引力。弗雷分析,千禧一代十分热衷于寻找健康的饮食,父母们希望让孩子多喝果汁,而婴儿潮一代则希望果汁能延长寿命。弗雷-塔利为Tsamma制定了雄心勃勃的扩张计划,希望年销售额能在5年内冲到1.5亿美元。“也许有人认为我们的发展计划过于激进。而我们确实还有大量的消费者教育工作要做,好让大家了解我们的产品优势,”弗雷-塔利表示。她相信,西瓜汁的销售有一天必能与椰子汁比肩——这也是近年来十分流行的一款饮品。“当然,这只是我的希望,”她承认,“如果最终达不到预期,我就只好卖掉一座农场了。” /201410/338844。

As the Beijing auto show winds up, car buffs and auto writers can reflect on the bounty provided by world#39;s auto makers as they seek eyeballs and sales in the world#39;s biggest car market. Carlos Tejada/The Wall Street Journal随着北京汽车展落下帷幕,汽车爱好者和汽车业记者开始回味全球汽车制造企业为吸引眼球以及在中国这个世界最大汽车市场推销产品而使出的浑身解数。But before China Real Time hangs up its auto-show lanyard, it wants to take time to acknowledge the plain unusual. 中国实时报(China Real Time)栏目在完成汽车展盘点之前,想花上一点时间介绍一些独特的汽车。Like, for example, the Gen. Patton. 比如,乔治巴顿(Gen. Patton)这款车。 Nestled between the Ferrari and McLaren booths like a rhino among gazelles, the Gen. Patton stood out both for its sheer bulk, its military bearing and its rah-rah American name. Big tires and sharp right angles suggest a Humvee reimagined for a smooth ride during an urban apocalypse. One model boasts more than four tons of weight and a 6.8-liter V-10 engine -- specs that the Chinese government probably didn#39;t have in mind when it arrived at its latest pollution targets. 相关阅读专题:北京车展乔治巴顿处在法拉利(Ferrari)和麦克拉伦(McLaren)的展台中间,其风格鲜明,与众不同,它具有军车的外观,也起了一个美国硬汉的名字。大轮胎和尖锐线条显示出,这是一款能够平稳行驶在城市道路上的越野车。其中一款车重量超过四吨,配备6.8升V10发动机——在中国政府推出最新治理污染的目标之际,这些规格可能不在考虑之列。The Gen. Patton name and concept come from Tang Qingjie, a Liaoning native who once worked as an automotive engineer in Detroit. Today his business, U.S. Specialty Vehicles of Chino, Calif., makes the Gen. Patton and other modified vehicles. The Gen. Patton, he says, is built on the chassis of a Ford 350 or Ford 450 truck with brawn in mind. 乔治巴顿的名字和概念源自唐庆杰,他祖籍辽宁,曾在底特律担任汽车工程师。如今他的企业美国超级礼宾车公司(U.S. Specialty Vehicles of Chino)生产乔治巴顿和其他改装车。他说,乔治巴顿是基于福特(Ford) 350或福特450皮卡车改装而成。#39;I hear customers say, #39;This is a man#39;s car. You want to be a man? Get this car,#39;#39; said Mr. Tang, who also goes by Tim Tang. 唐庆杰的英文名字是Tim Tang,他表示,他听客户在说,想成为男人吗?买这辆车吧。While impractically big rides seem like mostly an American idea, Mr. Tang says the Gen. Patton has Chinese appeal. Since he put the car on display at last year#39;s auto show in Chengdu, he said he has sold 18 to Chinese buyers. Eventually, he hopes to sell 20 per month. The vehicles can sell for around 3.6 million yuan, or 5,800. 虽然这款大块头越野车似乎最符合美国人的口味,不过唐庆杰称,乔治巴顿对中国人具有吸引力。他表示,自从他在去年的成都车展上展出这款车之后,他已经向中国买家卖出了18辆。他希望最终这款车每月的销量达到20辆。这些车售价约人民币360万元,合575,800美元。Mr. Tang said he first noticed a Chinese appetite for big, militaristic vehicles when his company began selling customized stretch limousines to the Chinese market. One vehicle -- a stretch sport-utility vehicle -- sold well, he said. 唐庆杰说,他首次注意到中国人对于军车风格大型车的兴趣是在他的公司开始向中国市场销售定制加长豪华车的时候。他表示,一款加长运动型多用途车的销售情况很好。The Gen. Patton is built like an armored vehicle but doesn#39;t actually have armor, he said. The appeal comes from a projection of power, he said. #39;Men like speed, power, luxury -- all of these things,#39; he said. #39;Sports cars focus on speed but not power or strength. Armored vehicles show power and strength. But there#39;s not anything in the middle.#39; 他说,乔治巴顿看起来像是装甲车,但实际上并没有装甲。他表示,其魅力源自力量的投射。他称,男人喜爱速度、力量和奢华,所有这一切。他说,跑车注重速度而非动力或力量,装甲车则显示出动力和力量,但是两者中间是空白。As for the very American name, Mr. Tang says it resonates with Chinese of a certain generation. The 1970 film #39; Patton,#39; starring George C. Scott, was one of the first Western movies shown on local screens when China began opening up, he said. 对于这个美国人名字,唐庆杰说,它能够在某一代人中产生共鸣。他表示,1970年由斯科特(George C. Scott)主演的电影《巴顿》(Patton)是中国改革开放以来首部在国内上映的西方电影。The name, he said, came as a suggestion from his brother, who also works in the U.S. #39;It#39;s a name every Chinese loves,#39; he said. #39;An American hero.#39; 他说,取名建议来自同样在美国工作的兄弟。他表示,这是每个中国人都喜爱的名字,是一位美国英雄。 /201404/292955。

Last week, The Los Angeles Times broke the news of the century. Or so it would seem by the shockwaves it sent through the Internet.上星期,《洛杉矶时报》(The Los Angeles)发布了这条世纪新闻。至少从互联网上激起的冲击波来看,堪称世纪新闻。From TMZ to The Wall Street Journal, media outlets of all kinds picked up the story, celebrities tweeted their disbelief, children’s reactions to the news went viral.从TMZ网站到《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal),各种媒体竞相报道这件事,名人们纷纷发表推特表示难以置信,孩子们对这个消息的各种反应更是疯狂转发。The ubiquitous, blank-faced and, as the world assumed, feline cartoon character Hello Kitty is not in fact a cat, announced The Los Angeles Times. It’s a little girl named Kitty White.凯蒂猫(Hello Kitty)茫然的脸蛋无所不在,全世界都以为它是一只猫,但《洛杉矶时报》却宣布她不是猫,而是一个名叫凯蒂·怀特(Kitty White)的小女孩。Kitty, also shockingly, has an entire backstory: She is British, lives in London with her parents, has a twin, and is a perpetual third-grader.同样惊人的是,凯蒂还有一整套的身世:她是英国人,和爸爸妈妈住在伦敦,有双胞胎姊,永远都在上三年级。The Times es Christine R. Yano, an anthropologist from the University of Hawaii, who was preparing the written text for a retrospective of Hello Kitty art at the Japanese American National Museum. When fact-checking with Sanrio, the character’s mother company, she was “very firmly” corrected about Kitty’s identity.夏威夷大学人类学家克里斯汀·R·矢野(Christine R. Yano)正在为全美日裔国立物馆的凯蒂猫艺术回顾展撰写文字说明,《洛杉矶时报》引述了她的考。经过与凯蒂猫的母公司三丽鸥公司做事实核查,她“非常确定”地纠正了凯蒂猫的身份。“That’s one correction Sanrio made for my script for the show. Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat. She’s never depicted on all fours,” Ms. Yano tells The Times. “She walks and sits like a two-legged creature. She does have a pet cat of her own, however, and it’s called Charmmy Kitty.”“这是三丽鸥为我给展览写的草稿做的纠正。凯蒂猫不是猫。她是个卡通形象,是个小女孩,是个好朋友,但她不是猫。她从来没被画成用四条腿走路,”矢野在接受《洛杉矶时报》采访时说。“她走路和坐着的时候都是一个两条腿的生物。不过她有自己的宠物猫,名叫‘俏咪’(Charmmy Kitty)。”Carolina A. Miranda, who wrote the Times story, added: “I grew up with Hello Kitty everything and all I have to say is, MIND BLOWN.”《洛杉矶时报》该报道的作者卡洛琳娜·A·米兰达(Carolina A. Miranda)补充:“我和凯蒂猫的各种产品一起长大,我得说,这太震惊了。”The world shared her shock.整个世界和她一样震惊。“Cat-astrophic revelation purr-turbs Hello Kitty fans,” s a CNN headline.CNN报道题为“凯蒂猫粉丝罹遭猫界末日天启”。“The revelation blew up my Twitter and Facebook feeds, which had about 10 times more posts about Kittygate than about the fact that, at that very moment, Russia was invading the Ukraine,” writes Euny Hong at Quartz.“我的Twitter和Facebook被这个消息刷屏了,同一时刻俄罗斯入侵乌克兰,关于凯蒂猫的帖子是关于入侵事件的十倍还多,” 洪又妮在Quartz网站上写道。Dude. Hello Kitty is not a cat, nor has she ever been a cat. Help. Nothing makes sense anymore. — Gabe Bondoc (@gabebondoc) August 29, 2014伙计们。凯蒂猫不是猫,她根本就不是猫。救命啊。人生失去意义了。——盖比·邦多克(Gabe Bondoc, @gabebondoc),2014年8月29日I just found out Hello Kitty isn’t a cat. She does appear to have whiskers. I’m not judging. I’m just piecing this all together for myself. — Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) August 29, 2014我刚发现凯蒂猫不是猫。可她确实有胡子。我不想评判什么。我只是为了自己而指出这些事实。——艾伦·德杰尼勒斯(Ellen DeGeneres, @TheEllenShow),2014年8月29日The singer Katy Perry rushed to reassure her fans of the feline identity of her cat and/or her mascot, Kitty Purry.歌手凯蒂·佩里(Katy Perry)紧急向粉丝确认,她的宠物猫兼吉祥物“凯蒂·噗里”(Kitty Purry)确实是猫。IT’S OKAY HELLO KITTY FANS, KITTY PURRY IS A CAT. — KATY PERRY (@katyperry) August 28, 2014好啦凯蒂猫的粉丝们,凯蒂·噗里是猫。——凯蒂·佩里(@katyperry),2014年8月28日。Because nothing seemed to be real anymore, people started questioning the species of other cartoon characters. What about the doglike character Goofy and his pet dog Pluto? Sponge Bob?现在好像没什么可信的事了。人们纷纷开始怀疑其他卡通形象属于什么物种。古菲和它的宠物普鲁托是吗?海绵宝宝是海绵吗?If Hello Kitty isn’t a cat then is Mickey Mouse not a mouse如果凯蒂猫都不是猫,那米老鼠还能是老鼠吗?——acee(@sica_forehead),2014年8月28日Colin Stokes at The New Yorker jokingly suggested that Mickey Mouse, Scooby-Doo and the entire Winnie-the-Pooh crew were, in fact, human. Winnie, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger are just part of a “role play” created for Christopher Robin’s sake.《纽约客》(The New Yorker)的科林·斯托克斯(Colin Stokes)开玩笑称,米老鼠、大丹史酷比(Scooby-Doo)以及整个维尼熊(Winnie-the-Pooh)家族都是人。维尼熊、屹耳(Eeyore)、小猪皮杰(Piglet)和跳跳虎(Tigger)都是为了克里斯托弗·罗宾(Christopher Robin)而做的角色扮演。“Why exactly these four men choose to wear these costumes for Christopher is unclear, but it has been speculated that they may owe him money from gambling debts,” Mr. Stokes writes.“这四个人为什么要为了克里斯托弗穿上戏,目前尚不明确,但有人猜测他们可能是在中欠了他的钱,”斯托克斯写道。Alas, the information about Hello Kitty’s identity proved to be not entirely precise. Brian Ashcraft of gaming blog Kotaku contacted Sanrio to clarify. A representative told him: “Hello Kitty was done in the motif of a cat. It’s going too far to say that Hello Kitty is not a cat. Hello Kitty is a personification of a cat.” The representative used the Japanese word “gijinka,” which means “anthropomorphization” or “personification.”等一下,关于凯蒂猫身份的信息并不完全准确。游戏客Kotaku的作者布莱恩·阿什克拉夫特(Brian Ashcraft)联系三丽鸥核实信息。一位代表告诉他:“凯蒂猫是以猫为主题而创作的,如果说凯蒂猫不是猫就太过分了。凯蒂猫是一只猫的人格化。”这位代表使用了日语“gijinka”,就是“拟人化”或“人格化”的意思。In the end, Sanrio says that Kitty is a character, so doesn’t fall in the categories we would use for, say, live human beings. But why is her identity so important — even if mockingly important — to so many people who have long abandoned their Hello Kitty backpacks and pencil cases?最后,三丽鸥声称,凯蒂猫是一个卡通角色,所以不能用我们在生活中给人分类的方法去分类。但是她的身份为什么这样重要呢——开玩笑的重要也是重要——很多人明明早就不用凯蒂猫的背包和铅笔盒了。“I’m glad Sanrio is showing us that we can indeed see cartoon characters however we want, and that we don’t need to put human or non-human labels on them,” Kitty Tan, a 36-year-old marketing manager, tells the Straits Times of Singapore. She said the clarification made more sense, because as a human Kitty made no logical sense. “These characters are meant to make us happy; they should not confuse us.”“我很高兴三丽鸥告诉我们,我们可以按照自己希望的方式去看待卡通形象,而不必给它们贴上‘人类’或‘非人类’的标签,”36岁的市场经理凯蒂·谭(Kitty Tan)对新加坡的《海峡时报》(Straits Times)说。她说,三丽鸥后来的澄清更有意义,因为人类凯蒂猫根本不合逻辑。“这些卡通形象是用来让我们开心的,而不是让我们感到困惑。”Hello Kitty used to be two things — a blank, expressionless canvass for the viewer’s imagination, and a bit of an enigma. She is simple, she is alien, she is “delightfully inexplicable,” the comic author Scott McCloud tells Think Progress.凯蒂猫曾经意味着两件事——一张茫然的、没有表情的面孔,可以让观者尽情想象,此外还有种神秘色。她很简单,她很陌生,她有种“令人愉悦的说不清道不明”,漫画创作者斯科特·麦克克劳德(Scott McCloud)对Think Progress网站如此说道。“In contrast to expressive American characters such as Mickey Mouse and Garfield, Hello Kitty doesn’t show emotions, and the simplicity has attracted fans from children to street fashion devotees,” writes Mari Yamaguchi for The Associated Press.“和米老鼠以及加菲猫这些表情丰富的美国卡通形象相比,凯蒂猫没什么表情,这种简单能吸引从孩子到街头时尚爱好者在内的大量粉丝,”山口真理为美联社撰文写道。Asked about the clarification from Sanrio, Ms. Yano, the anthropologist who dropped the bombshell in the first place, said the character’s identity should be irrelevant: “Is she a cat, is she a girl, in Japanese terms, I really feel, it doesn’t matter. What I think is that Hello Kitty becomes a prompt for the imagination.”被问及三丽鸥的澄清时,最早引发了这场大爆炸的人类学家矢野说,这个形象的身份其实无关紧要:“她是猫也好,是小女孩也好,我觉得从日语的角度而言真的并不重要。我觉得凯蒂猫是令人天马行空的激励物。”Mr. McCloud says that there is more to bringing a character to life than just executing the actual drawing. “It’s a collaborative process of conjuring.” He suggests that there is something valuable about questioning our classifications and asking whether she is a cat. “Is she anything, other than this weird, astral projection of our idea of other consciousness?”麦克克劳德说,为卡通形象赋予生命不只是把这个形象画出来这么简单。“这是一种魔术般的综合过程。”他说,质疑我们对卡通形象的分类,去思考她究竟是不是一只猫,这其实是有价值的。“除了我们的下意识所创造出的奇异的灵体投射,她是否还有更多涵义呢?”This veil of mystery has been lifted, the character has been defined. And it sent the world reeling.神秘的帷幕已被掀起,角色已被定义。整个世界都为之摇晃。 /201409/328399。