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淮南/看男科哪些家医院最好淮南/切包皮手术哪里比较好TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201604/433586淮南/哪里能治好生殖器感染 我们如何从其他星系寻找行星-甚至是适宜居住的行星?通过观测行星经过恒星形成的阴影, 露西安#65381;沃可薇与开普勒任务新发现了大约1,200个可能的行星系。利用新的技术,他们或许会发现一个拥有适合生命条件的行星。201502/359646栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201503/363323淮南/市中医院男科专家挂号

淮南/第三矿工医院包皮手术怎么样I admit this sounds strange,我承认这听上去有些奇怪but to cosmologists its like winning the lottery.但对宇宙学家来说,这就像是中了头Because to work out where the universe came from,因为要想探索宇宙的起源all we need to do is to stop time and make it run in reverse.我们只需让时间停止,并使时光倒流Rewind far enough回到远久之前and everything gets closer together.回到万物皆为一体的时候A lot closer together.紧密一体的时候All the galaxies,所有的星系in fact, every single thing实际上,每一个物体converges to a single point.都汇聚于某个点The start of everything, 13.7 billion years ago.137亿年前,一切起源的瞬间So its quite simple really.事情就是这么简单Follow the clues and we can deduce根据线索,我们可以推断出that a very long time ago,在很久很久之前the universe simply burst into existence.宇宙初现雏形的场景An event called the Big Bang.这就是,宇宙大爆炸But Im afraid we have to stop a moment不过在我们痴迷于爆炸和噪音之前before we get carried away by fire and noise.我要先在这里停一下At the very beginning,在一切开始之际the Big Bang actually happened in total darkness,宇宙大爆炸实际发生于完全黑暗之中because light didnt exist yet.因为那时,光并不存在To see it,要想看到它we would have needed some kind of cosmic night vision.我们就需要有某种宇宙夜视能力But even this,但即使这样a view from the outside is impossible.想要从外部来观看也是不可能的Again, it sounds strange,这听起来还是有些奇怪but space didnt exist then either.但在那时,空间也同样不存在So there was no outside.所以根本就不存在外部The only place there was was inside.宇宙只有内部This early universe was a very strange thing indeed.早期的宇宙的确是不同寻常There is still much I dearly love to know about it,对于它,我还抱有强烈的好奇心but standard concepts of time or space dont really apply.但时间或空间的标准概念在这里并不适用It was just a very tiny ultra hot fog of energy.它只是一团微小的极端高温能量雾Then it expanded然后,它开始膨胀with a tremendous flash of radiation,释放出巨量的辐射光from smaller than an atom to about the size of an orange从不到原子那么小,膨胀到橘子那么大in less than a trillionth of a second.只用了不到万亿分之一秒Almost no time at all.其过程极其短暂The universe simply inflated into existence.宇宙就在膨胀中产生了Unfolding, unfurling,不断延伸,不断展开getting bigger and cooler with every passing moment.随着时间的流逝,不断膨胀,逐渐冷却201508/394316淮南/博大医院看支原体多少钱' CPI continues to grow, up 1.6% in July2015年7月份居民消费价格(CPI指数)同比上涨1.6%Chinas consumer price has continued to grow, while the producer price index dropped further.我国居民消费价格持续增长,而物价指数则进一步下跌。According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the Consumer Price Index, or CPI, a main gauge of inflation, was up 1.6 percent from a year ago in July.国家统计局数据显示居民消费价格指数CPI在7月份较去年同期上涨1.6%。That is the highest growing rate this year.这创下今年增长率新高。And the pork price is one major contributor to the increase, which grew by 16.7 percent.而增长16.7%的猪肉价格也是CPI上涨的其中一个主要因素。Meanwhile, the producer price index, or PPI, which measures wholesale inflation, slid 5.4 percent year on year in July.而与此同时,衡量通货膨胀指数的PPI7月份同比下降5.4%。 译文属201508/391455淮南/治疗软下疳专业医院

淮南/淋病治疗的医院The full moon triggers a frenzy of activity.满月会引发一连串狂乱的事件It is the time of the highest tides.海水在此时达到满潮And in the oceans the full moons bright light在海中,满月明亮的胧光is a mating call for sea creatures all over the world.是世界各地海洋生物的求偶讯号The full moon governs the very reproduction of these species.满月掌控了这些物种的繁衍And now scientists have discovered it may be现在科学家发现doing the same for us humans.满月对人类似乎也有相同的影响Research suggests that the full moon may研究结果显示play a significant role in our own cycles of fertility.满月似乎在人类的生殖周期中扮演了重要角色In the late 1970s scientists studying1970年代末期,研究女性生殖能力的科学家female fertility noticed a baffling coincidence.发现了一个令人困惑的巧合We knew that the moon cycled every 29.5 days我们知道月亮的周期是29.5天and we knew a 29.5 day cycle was我们也知道生理周期为29.5天的妇女the most fertile womens cycle length,生育力最好that a women who had a 26 day cycle or a 40 day cycle若生理周期为26天、40天or a 60 day cycle was much less likely to be fertile in that cycle.或60天的妇女,则比较不容易在生理周期期间受At the time it was unclear whether this当时人们不知道这是机缘巧合was a chance phenomenon or whether the two were related.还是两者之间确实相关But further research on women with twenty nine但在进一步研究and a half day menstrual cycles threw up生理周期为29.5天的妇女之后even more links with the patterns of the lunar cycle.科学家发现更多和月亮周期间的关联In that group of women who cycle as frequently as the moon,在生理周期和月亮周期相符的妇女中they tended to be menstruating starting有很多人their periods in the full moon,at the day of the full moon,会在满月的那一天来潮and as you move away from the full moon toward the new moon,随着月亮由望转朔a smaller and smaller and smaller proportion来潮妇女的数目of the group is starting their menstrual period.会越来越少That was a very exciting,这个自然生理现象让我们十分兴奋natural biologic phenomenon that said theres something因为这表示自然界中in nature about the moon that coincides月亮的变化with women getting their period at the full moon.和妇女在满月时来潮有关The fertility cycles of women are related妇女的生育周期和月亮周期有关系to the moons cycle and I dont think我认为不是妇女的生育周期影响了月亮womens fertility drives the moon, I think its the other way around.而是恰恰相反No one knows for sure why this phenomenon exists,没有人知道这个现象存在的原因or how it works.或原理It is one of the moons many mysteries.这是月亮的诸多谜团之一Until very recently, the moon remained an enigma.人们一直到最近才揭开了月亮的神秘面纱And it was this mysterious quality月亮神秘的特质which fuelled our fascination.挑动了人们的想像力Where did it come from?它来自何处?What was it made of?成分为何?And the biggest question of all: Was it a world like ours人们最想知道的是它是否跟地球一样?did it harbour life?有没有生物?For millennia, it was impossible to know.数千年来,这些都是不解之谜No-one even knew what the surface of the moon looked like.我们连月亮的表面是什么样子都不知道All that changed in 1608 when an Italian astronomer但这一切在1608年改变了,一名意大利天文学家made a primitive telescope.制作了一具原始望远镜For the first time he was able to get a close up look at the moon.他终于可以近距离观察月亮His name was Galileo Galilei,这位天文学家叫做伽利略and what he saw shattered conventional wisdom.他见到的情景,颠覆了当时的传统观点201504/371505 Government Debt and You美国国债你我他Meet Uncle Sam. He has a lot of bills to pay, almost four trillion dollars worth every year. Uncle Sams income is a little over two trillion dollars per year. To make up the difference, the deficit, he does what most Americans do: he borrows money.这是山姆大叔。他有很多帐单要付,每年将近四兆美金。山姆大叔每年的收入比两兆美金多一些。要弥补那差距,也就是赤字,他做了大部分美国人做的事:他借钱。When Uncle Sam takes out a loan, he calls it a bond. Bonds can be held by banks, investors or even foreign governments. Uncle Sam has to promise to pay interests on these bonds, just as you do on any loan you take out.当山姆大叔去贷款,他称之为公债。公债可以为、投资人或甚至外国政府所持有。山姆大叔必须保付这些公债的利息,就像是你对任何的贷款一样。Ever think about paying your mortgage with your credit card? Thats exactly what Uncle Sam does! He takes out new loans, new bonds, so that he can make payments on the old ones. All those loans, and especially all that interest adds up.你可曾想过用信用卡付房贷?那正是山姆大叔所做的事情!他借新的贷款、发行新的公债,因此他可以付旧的款项。所有那些贷款,特别是那利息堆叠起来。Right now, Uncle Sam owes about fourteen trillion dollars. To put that in perspective, fourteen trillion is about the same as National GDP: the total value of all the goods and services produced by American economy in an entire year. Its such a huge amount of money that Uncle Sam is starting to run out of people to borrow from. And he is having trouble just paying the interest on his loans.现在,山姆大叔积欠了大约十四兆美金。正确说来,十四兆美金大约就跟美国国内生产毛额一样:也就是所有美国经济体一整年所生产的货物和务总值。这是笔大数目,因此山姆大叔开始没人可以借贷。而他就连付贷款利息都有问题了。The obvious solution would be to either cut spending or increase taxes. But if he cuts spending, the people that hes spending money on, would complain that they dont have money to spend, and that he was hurting the economy. If he tried to raise taxes, enough to close this gap, not only would people definitely have less money to spend, hed probably have riots on his hands.显而易见的解决方案要不就是减少出,要不就是增加税赋。但如果减少出,他花钱照顾的人民,会抱怨没钱可以花,而且那样他是在伤害经济。若是他试着提高税赋,高到足够消弭这差距,不但人民绝对会缺钱可用,他可能还会给自己招来暴动。So, Uncle Sam chooses the easy way to make money: just make it. He calls up the Federal Reserve, which is our Central Bank, and like magic, Dollars are created and deposited into banks all around America. The problem is that the more of something there is, the less its worth. Same goes for the US Dollar. The more Dollars there are, the less each one will buy. Thats why commodities like gasoline, food and gold become more expensive when Uncle Sam does his money-making magic. The commodities arent really worth more. Your money is just worth less. Thats called Inflation.所以,山姆大叔选择了比较简单的方式来生钱:就是印钞票。他通知美国联准会,也就是我们的中央,然后就像是魔术一般,美金被生产出来存到全美国的。问题是有越多的某种东西,它的价值就越低。对美金来说也是。有越多的美金,它能买到的东西就越少。那就是为何当山姆大叔玩弄他的印钞票魔术时,像是汽油、食物和黄金等商品就变得更贵。这些商品没有真的变得更有价值。只是你手中的钱价值降低了。那叫做通货膨胀。Remember the foreign governments that lent money to Uncle Sam? When they lent money to the American government, something interesting happened. It made the US look richer, and their countries look poorer. When a country looks poorer compared to America, one dollar of our money buys a lot of their money. So they can pay their workers only a few pennies a day. With such low labor costs, they can sell their products to America for lower prices than any American manufacturer can. The easiest way for American companies to compete, is to move their factories overseas, and pay their workers a few pennies a day too. This contributes to a recession.记得借钱给山姆大叔的外国政府吗?当他们借钱给美国政府时,有趣的事情发生了。它使美国看起来更有钱,而他们自己的国家看起来更穷了。当一个国家看起来比美国穷时,我们的一块美金可以买很多他们的钱。所以他们能够一天只付给工人几分钱。用这么低的劳工成本,他们能够以比任何美国制造商还要低的价钱将产品卖到美国。美国公司要竞争最简单的方法,是把他们的工厂迁到海外,一天也付给他们的员工几分钱。这造成经济哀退。Americans lose their jobs, stop paying taxes and start collecting government benefits, like Medicaid, under unemployment. This means that Uncle Sam has even less income and even more expenses. At the same time, the people who still have jobs are desperate to keep them. So they tend to do more work but not to get paid any more. When your dollars are worth less, and youre not earning more of them, thats called Stagflation. And this is why Uncle Sam is in Catch-22.美国人失去工作,停止缴税并开始领政府福利,像是医疗补助,在失业的情况下。这意味着山姆大叔有更少的收入和更多的开销。同时,那些还有工作的人拼着老命也要保住饭碗。所以他们趋向于做得更多而没领到更多。当你的美金贬值,而你没赚更多,那叫做“停滞性通膨”。而这就是为何山姆大叔处于左右为难的局面。He cant raise taxes or cut spending without making the recession worse. And he cant have the Federal Reserve create more money without making inflation worse. For now, he can keep on borrowing money, but since he cant even pay the interest on the loans he aly has, it just makes his inevitable bankruptcy even worse.他无法提高税赋或减少出而不加重经济哀退。还有他不能让联准会印更多钞票而不加重通膨。现在,他能够继续借钱,但既然他连已有的贷款利息都付不出来,那只是让他无可避免的破产情况更加恶化。Whether its in two months or two years, the day will come when Uncle Sam can no longer pay his bills. When that happens, the banks, investors and foreign governments who are counting on that money, wont be able to pay their bills.不管两个月或是两年之内,总有一天山姆大叔再也无法付他的利息。当那发生时,依靠那笔钱的、投资人和外国政府,将没办法付他们自己的帐单。You see, just like Uncle Sam, governments, banks and corporations dont actually have much money. Mostly, all they have is debt to each other. If one link in the debt chain stops paying, defaults, the whole thing falls apart. If investors cant pay their bills, corporations wont be able to pay their employees. If banks cant pay their bills, you wont be able to take out a loan, use a credit card, or even withdraw your savings. If foreign governments cant pay their bills, their own banks and corporations will have the same problems. Thats called a Global Economic Collapse.你看,就像是山姆大叔一样,政府、和企业其实不是真的很有钱。大多时候,他们拥有的只是彼此间的债务。如果这债务链中有一环停止付款,违约,全面崩溃。如果投资人不能买单,企业便无法薪。如果不能买单,你将无法贷款、使用信用卡或甚至提领存款。如果外国政府不能买单,他们自己的和企业也将会有相同的问题。那叫做“全球经济崩溃”。Its never happened before. So nobody really knows how bad it will be; how long it will last; or even how well eventually get out of it. The house of cards has aly been built. Theres no painless way to dismantle it now. All we can do is to educate each other about whats actually going on, and to prepare for what may be very extraordinary circumstances.这从来没发生过。所以没人真的知道它会有多严重;它会持续多久;或甚至我们最后要如何脱困。这纸板糊的房子已建造了。现在没有无痛的方式可以拆除它。所有我们能做的只是互相教育了解真正在发生的事情,并准备面对可能会非常令人惊奇的情势。注解:Catch-22这个term原本用在美国空军。在二次大战时,轰炸机飞行员出任务九死一生,军法规定出50趟任务便可以退役返乡。但军方一再借故延长飞行员的飞行次数,于是造成大家不满。许多飞行员开始借故装病或是假装发疯,规避出任务。于是,军方定下这条条例叫做“Catch 22”,也就是第22条条款,说明如果精神上有不适任者,只要“亲自提出申请”,便可由军医评鉴退伍。但这条款中却有一条诡计...军医对于那些自行提出申请的飞行员,既然能够提出申请,都评定为有行为能力,没有人可以通过鉴定。于是日后大家便引用“Catch-22”为左右两难、进退维谷的局面。201505/374475淮南/职工大学附属医院包皮手术多少钱淮南/哪家医院看早泄好



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