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The Rent Check租金票Jeff saw the mailman. The mailman was walking toward Jeff building. The mailman came to Jeff’s building every day. He came every day at about 3 o’clock. Jeff was holding an envelope. The envelope was his landlord. The envelope contained a check. The check was his rent. The mailman came to Jeff’s building. He put the mail in the mailboxes. Jeff said hello to the mailman. The mailman said hello to Jeff. Jeff gave the envelope to the mailman. The mailman walked away. He walked toward the next building. Jeff watched the mailman walk away. Jeff saw something fall to the sidewalk. It was white. It was a white envelope. Jeff picked it up. It was his envelope! Jeff called out to the mailman. The mailman didn’t hear Jeff. Jeff changed his mind. He didn’t call out again. He took his envelope to the post office.杰夫看见一名邮递员邮递员向杰夫的公寓走来邮递员每天都会来杰夫的公寓每天大约3点钟来杰夫手里拿着一个信封信件要邮寄给房东信里有一张票租金票邮递员来到了杰夫的公寓他将信放进了邮箱杰夫向邮递员打招呼邮递员也向杰夫打招呼杰夫将信交给邮递员邮递员走了他走向了另一栋公寓杰夫看着邮递员离开杰夫看见人行道掉了东西白色的白色信封杰夫将它捡起是他的信封!杰夫大声叫喊邮递员邮递员没有听见杰夫改变了注意他不再叫喊他将信封送到了邮局译文属原创,,不得转载 055。

Working out at work CNN's Judy tin has advice busy workers who don't have time the gym.精听建议:先完整地把一条新闻听一到三遍,争取掌握大意然后,一句一句精听,力争每句话都听明白遇到实在不懂的地方,再听写下面的文本材料中空缺部分里面要填的词都很简单,不过是一些值得注意的连读或者典型的美式发音哦,有些语速比较快试试看,你能不能全部写对?Clint Padgett works up to 80 hours a week, he doesn’t take many breaks and he has limited time to exercise. So he’s hired personal trainer Robert Dothard to give him a ___(1)___ in his office. “Hey, Robert.” The routine starts with squats, using the chair at Clint’s desk. “Come down, barely tap, we are protecting your knees.” “How long can I rest in the chair?” “No, ___()___ just a nanosecond.” That same chair gives Clint support while he does ___(3)___leg extensions. “Keep that knee right there, watch your pacing, nice and slow.” Clint’s desk doubles as a prop push-ups, “Let's do four more”, and tricep curls. “Breathing deep, getting a full range of motion.” And finally, karate kicks. Dothard ends the session with exercises that help tone arm muscles. “Hey, man, I will take that.” “Thank you.” “Yeah, you got it.” The workout takes ___()___an hour. Not only has Clint saved time in traveling to a gym, but he's helped reduce his stress levels. “After the workout, I am a lot more relaxed, a lot more calm, and I am able to be ___(5)___what's coming up next.” More work, today’s Health Minute, I’m Judy tin. 填空 :1. workout. no longer than3. a series of . less than5. focused on6。

Famous Songs-“If I Had a Hammer”; How to Become a Social Worker; to dismantle versus to disassemble; guilt versus blame; to cross the great divideWords:folk songtunelabor rightsreasonablecivil rights movementto hammer outjusticehospicemental illnessbehavioral problempsychologicalpracticumsupervised experienceto dismantleto disassembleguiltblameto cross the great divide。

.Old Staff are More Popular.老员工更受欢迎Older staff are more productive than their younger colleagues, say researchers. More mature members of staff may be weaker and less agile than their junior counterparts, but they more than compensate with their greater experience, ability to work in teams, and success at coping when things go wrong. The researchers say: While older workers make more errors, perhaps due to declining physical attributes, they hardly make any severe errors, perhaps due to more experience. It is experience that prevents severe errors.有 专家经过研究发现:公司的老员工比年轻一辈,特别是新一代的大学生更有竞争力虽然他们相对年轻的同业者来说,可能身体不够强健,思维不够敏捷,但是他们 经验更丰富,团队合作能力更强,处理危机的能力也更强专家总结:因为年龄的原因,年纪越大,生理功能下降,老员工有可能会犯很多小错误;但是另一方面,由于老员工拥有更多的经验,他们不会犯许多大的、严重的错误The scientists who studied production lines at a Mercedes-Benz truck factory in southern Germany also found that younger, more highly educated workers were less productive than those who had fewer qualifications — perhaps because the educated workers got bored more easily. The researchers, from the University of Mannheim, said their findings debunked the idea that older workers should be made redundant to boost productivity.在德国 南部梅赛德斯·奔驰工厂生产线的科学家发现,年轻、教育水平更高的工作比那些书拿得少的员工(老员工)生产效率要低很多科学家分析,教育程度高的年轻人在工作中容易感觉无聊,不懂得沉下心去研究工作来自Mannheim大学的研究员称,这项研究彻底颠覆了——老员工才对工作产生懈怠感觉的理论 38939。

I always connected more with New Moon. I really understood where he's coming from, and I want to get more the character which it shows in New Moon and Twilight. But it was difficult to make , you know, Everyone was worried about me, looked too depressing all, I'd be too depressing all time so. Yes, I ended up being kind of odd in Twilight. But in this one I really understood it well.I think that the reason Twilight felt sort of kinetic liked a very, like the energy was like sort of hard to grasp was because the whole story was about not being able to grasp that energy. But going after with full ce and not carrying what the consequense is and that sort of infiltrates New Moon because she's been told that she was absolutely wrong. And so now it's more considerate mature approach to the same ideas. But I think maybe tonally in New Moon is different in that, it also becomes more dangerous, it becomes more real.I like to think of it as it takes everything Robert and Kristen, or Bella and Edward created in Twilight and destroys it at the begining when he leaves. And then it has to rebuild it or Jacob you know has to rebuild Bella and then that's kind of destoryed at the end again. It's just… It's an emotional rollercoaster. It's all over the place. You will experience so many different feelings watching this film.It definely flirted.I mean I remember ing the first page and last page, when I first got it, and I was just like God, I mean, you know the last line is kind of out of contact, seems incredibly cheesy, and I was just, when I it I said "oh" I actually really liked it and I put myself...I put me off ing it about a month afterwards. And when I it, when I finally it, I said "oh, that works."And I said, that was kind of really "looking ward to doing it". 01938。

最近的一项调查表明,60%的中国大学生感到孤单,80%的人认为自己是社会不公平制度的受害者A recent survey indicates that 60 percent of college students in China feel isolated, and 80 percent feel like they are victims of social injustice. Is the mental health of China's young people really on the wane? If so, how can this be rectified? Let's follow our reporter Du Lijun to find out. Shi Guannan, a student of the Shanghai-based East China University of Political Sciences and Law, the high instances of isolation, autism and other psychological disorders among college students is not a surprise. "Every year, our university has someone who takes their own life. The reasons the suicides often sound ridiculous. I mean do you believe that someone would kill themselves just losing two Yuan or after failing a test? But that's what happens. Young people today deal with more pressure than ever bee. The tough competition jobs, the soaring house prices, I believe our psychological conditions will only get worse in the future. "Shi Guannan's feeling is backed by a recent survey by the China Population Communication Center. The survey, which polled 3 students in Beijing through face-to-face interviews last year, showed that nearly half of the interviewees said that they lacked a sense of security in social interactions, half were not content with their lives, two out of felt trapped in a state of emptiness and 60 percent felt lonely. If not discovered and attended to properly, those psychological disorders may lead to serious consequences. Pan Quanhui, a 3-year-old student at the University of Hong Kong, committed suicide earlier this month because he could not get rid of the pimple on his face. Pei Meng, a 19-year-old student in Nanyang Normal University of Sichuan Province, jumped to her death from a building on January this year due poor permance in her final exam. And the list goes on. According to research by the China Youth and Children Research Association, 30 million youngsters below the age of are suffering mental problems. It also indicated that anxiety disorders and depression among college students have been on the rise in recent years. Why are today's young in China suffering such psychological disorders? Tong Xiaojun is an associate professor of the social work school of Beijing-based China Youth University Political Sciences. She shares her observation on campus. "My students usually come to me and say that they don't know how to communicate with people. These students usually have low self-esteem, they feel isolated and excluded." 19。