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贵州省贵阳中山医院孕前检查多少钱贵阳友好妇科医院四维彩超网上预约“偷鸡腿”妈妈催人泪下,全国民众爱心捐款 -- ::31 来源: 本周三是六一儿童节,南京一位可怜妈妈和她孩子的遭遇却揪紧了宝宝们的心这位妈妈为了给孩子送上一份儿童节礼物而到超市偷了一个鸡腿民众非常感动,纷纷踊跃捐款,助其度过难关 A poor mother who stole a chicken’s leg her sick daughter as a Children’s Day present in Nanjing, East China’s Jiangsu Province, recently garnered nationwide sympathy. The mother has also received donations from the public the treatment of her daughter.六一儿童节那天,南京一位可怜的妈妈为自己病重的女儿偷了一个鸡腿作为儿童节礼物,此事引起了全国民众的同情随后,这位妈妈收到了公众的捐款,从而得以付女儿的医疗费Liu Jinxia, a mother of 7-year-old twin daughters both with kidney problems, was caught stealing a chicken leg and two children’s books in a supermarket on Tuesday in Xuanwu district, Nanjing, which she said she was going to use as Children’s Day gifts her daughter Dashuang in hospital, the Beijing Youth Daily reported Thursday.据《北京青年报在周四的报道,这位母亲叫刘金霞(音),有一对7岁大的双胞胎女儿,两个女儿都患有肾脏疾病在南京玄武区的一家超市里,刘金霞被抓到偷窃了一个鸡腿和两本儿童读物她说她偷东西并不是为了自己,而是想把它们作为儿童节的礼物送给自己正在住院的女儿大双(音)Liu told the police that Dashuang wished to eat a chicken leg on Children’s Day, but she only had 5 yuan (南方暴雨肆虐,国家气象台发布高温黄色预警 --6 ::9 来源: 连日来,中国南方地区遭遇了强降雨灾害,多地受洪涝灾害影响严重于此同时,国家气象台还发布了高温黄色预警,长江以南和北方中部大部分地区将迎来39摄氏度的高温 Intense downpours and hailstorms have caused havoc across several Chinese provinces, resulting in casualties, disrupted traffic and inundation.全国数个省份已经经受了暴雨和冰雹的肆虐,造成人员伤亡、交通中断、洪水淹没In addition to a fatal tornado and hail storm, which claimed 98 lives in east China’s Jiangsu Province on Thursday, many urban areas in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality are reporting flooding.除了本周四江苏发生的致命龙卷风冰雹灾害外(已经造成98人死亡),重庆许多市区也报告被洪水淹没A section of a rail track linking Chongqing with Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, was also flooded. Railway authorities have diverted trains as repair work is underway.成渝铁路的一部分也被淹没目前排险修复工作正在进行,铁路部门已经将趟火车改道In the rural district of Yongchuan, downpours damaged 6 houses, resulting in one death and another missing. Rain on Thursday night flooded a section of the outer wall of Yuxi Prison cing the relocation of 1,00 inmates over night. The prison authority has reinced security and ensured provisions.在永川农村地区,暴雨摧毁了6间房屋,造成一人死亡,一人失踪周四晚上的暴雨淹没了玉溪监狱的一段外墙,迫使00名囚犯连夜转移监狱当局加强了安全保障规定Zhutuo Hydro Station on the Yangtze, which runs through Chongqing, warned that the water level had risen by 1.91 meters in one day.长江朱沱水电站报告说,水位在一天之内上升了1.91米In east China’s Jiangxi, workers on Friday morning repaired a 6-meter breach in a dike in Poyang County.江西省,工人们在周五早上修复了鄱阳湖排水沟上一段6米长的堤坝Aided with some 0 pieces of heavy machinery, more than ,000 workers have worked around-the-clock, 6 hours, to mend the breach.在0多件重型机器的辅助下,00多名工人争分夺秒地抢险,历时6个小时,终于修复了这截堤坝In the county, two reservoirs sustained damage, 189 river bank breaches were found, and 6,000 houses were either inundated or damaged.在该县,两个水库仍然受损未被修复,在河堤上发现了189处破损的地方,6000间房屋被洪水淹没或损坏China’s national observatory on Saturday morning renewed its yellow alert a heat wave in some southern and northern areas, where temperatures of between 35 and 39 degrees Celsius are predicted the daytime.本周六早晨,国家天文台对南北方部分地区再次发布了高温黄色预警,这些地区白天的气温预计将达到35至39摄氏度China has a four-tier warning system severe weather, with red being the most serious, followed by orange, yellow and blue.中国对极端天气有四级预警系统,其中红色最严重,其次是橙色、黄色和蓝色During the daytime on Saturday, high temperatures of above 35 degrees Celsius are expected to scorch a vast region south of the Yangtze River and central parts of north China, the National Meteorological Center said.据国家气象中心报告,周六日间,35摄氏度以上的高温在长江以南和北方中部大部分地区肆虐Some parts of Guangdong, Jiangxi and Fujian provinces will see up to 39 degrees Celsius of high temperatures.广东、江西和福建部分地区的最高气温将会达到39摄氏度The center cautioned that local people should take precautions against high temperature.国家气象中心警告说,当地人民群众应该采取高温预防措施The center also warned parts of Anhui, Zhejiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Hainan and Guizhou should brace heavy rain from Saturday morning to Sunday morning.国家气象中心还预警说,从周六早上到周日早上,安徽、浙江、西藏、青海、海南和贵州部分地区应当准备好应对暴雨的袭击.76) with her, so she resorted to stealing.刘金霞告诉警方说,大双想在儿童节那天吃一个鸡腿,但是她身上只有5块钱(约0.76美元),所以她被逼无奈只好去偷Liu brought Dashuang, the elder one of the twins, to see a doctor in Nanjing on May 5, which cost all her savings, local newspaper Modern Express reported Thursday. Liu’s husband left home because he could not stand the difficulty of having two sick children.据当地媒体《现代快报在周四的报道,刘金霞在5月5日的时候带着双胞胎中的大双到南京看病,而这花光了她所有的积蓄由于忍受不了两个病重孩子的负担,刘金霞的丈夫很久以前就离家出走了"She is the most touching thief I have ever caught in my career," Pan Shunqin, the police officer who caught Liu, said in his WeChat post.抓住刘金霞的警察潘顺庆(音)在微信中说道:“这是我当警察以来,抓住的最感人的小偷”The manager of the supermarket did not call to , so Liu was released by the police after being educated.这家超市的经理决定不追究,刘金霞在接受批评教育后便被释放了The story soon gained attention among Chinese netizens on social media, and the hashtag "the saddest Children’s Day present" received million views on Sina Weibo.这起事件很快在社交媒体上引起了网民们的注意,以“最心酸的儿童节礼物”为标签的帖子在新浪微上达到了10万的点击率Sina’s official in Jiangsu on Wednesday started a donation Liu and her children, which has collected more than 800,000 yuan in two days. The donation will be used the treatment of Dashuang.本周三,新浪在江苏的官方账户为刘金霞和她的孩子举办了一场捐款活动,在两天的时间里共筹集了80多万元这批捐款将用于大双的治疗费用安 顺 市 人 民 医 院 做 孕 检 多 少 钱 年将成史上最热年份 -- :1: 来源: Are you still wearing shorts and T-shirts? If you say yes, there's a good reason.你现在还穿着T恤和短裤吗?如果是,倒也不奇怪Planet Earth has definitely experienced its hottest summer since detailed records have been kept, and according to scientists, it might have been the hottest in more than ,000 years.今年夏天无疑是自人类详细记录地球气温以来最热的一个夏天,科学家称,这可能是000多年来最热的夏天The meteorological summer of June-July-August in the Northern Hemisphere saw its highest globally averaged temperature since records began in 1880, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported.美国国家海洋和大气(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,NOAA)报告称,今年六、七、八月——北半球气象学意义上的夏天——全球平均气温创下自1880年有气温记录以来的新高Seven out of the nine months this year have made their way to the record books. Now that it's fall, September saw its highest temperature on record, land and ocean surfaces.今年过去的九个月中,七个月份的气温都创造了历史记录现在正是北半球的秋天,九月份的陆地和海洋表面温度都创造了高温新纪录What do scientists point to this phenomenon?科学家对这种现象作何解释?"The unprecedented heat continues to be driven by the strong El Ni?o in the Pacific," said CNN senior meteorologist Dave Hennen. "We're now five months in a row of record highs, and that will likely continue with El Ni?o ecast to last well into the spring."CNN高级气象学家戴夫·亨嫩(Dave Hennen)说,“太平洋的强厄尔尼诺(El Ni?o)现象致使这种史无前例的高温持续,连续五个月的气温都创历史新高,而这很可能继续下去,根据预测,厄尔尼诺现象将持续到下个春天”Climate research suggests these are the hottest temperatures the Earth has seen since the Bronze Age.气候研究认为,这是自青铜时代(Bronze Age)以来地球上出现的最高气温The report also said record heat was reported across northeastern Africa stretching into the Middle East, part of southeastern Asia, most of the northern half of South America, and parts of central and eastern North America.报告还显示,从非洲东北部、中东、亚洲东南部分地区到南美洲北部大部分地区、北美洲东部和中部的部分地区都出现了创纪录的高温However, not all regions experienced above-normal temperatures. Southern South America, far western Canada, Alaska and a swath across central Asia were cooler or much cooler than average.然而,并非所有地区的气温都高于正常值南美洲南部、加拿大最西部、阿拉斯加和中亚的一片地区的气温低于或远低于平均气温"With a 98% chance that the strong El Ni?o conditions will last, it is virtually certain that this year will end up globally being the warmest on record," according to Hennen.亨嫩说:“这种强厄尔尼诺现象有98%的可能持续下去,今年势必将是全球气温再创新高的一年”The last strong El Ni?o was back in 1997. That year it wreaked weather-related havoc across the globe, from mudslides in Calinia to fires in Australia.上一次强厄尔尼诺现象出现在1997年那一年,厄尔尼诺现象在全球引发了不少与气候相关的灾害,包括加州的泥石流和澳大利亚的火灾According to NOAA, the average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces September was at 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the th century average.NOAA称,今年九月全球陆地和海洋表面平均气温高于世纪平均值1.6华氏度Experts predict El Ni?o will peak in late fallearly winter, and ecasts now suggest it will remain constant through winter and gradually weaken as spring settles in.专家预计厄尔尼诺现象将会在秋末或者初冬达到顶峰,目前的气象预报也表明,厄尔尼诺现象将会贯穿整个冬天,在下个春天来临时逐渐减弱Vocabularymeteorological:气象学的swath:长而宽的一条(或地带)全国十佳创业城市(双语) --30 18:7: 来源:sohu 近期,“标准排名(中国)研究院 (Biaozhunpaiming)腾讯研究院(Tencent Research Institute )和优客工场(URWork)共同发布了全国十佳最佳创业城市名单 A list of 'Best cities start-up businesses in Chinese mainland ' was jointly released recently by Biaozhunpaiming, Tencent Research Institute and UR Work. 该名单基于创业的三个标准——大众性、政策环境和智力持北京以96.8分位居榜首,比第二名上海多了近36分 The list was made based on three criteria start-up businesses - popularity, policy environment and intelligent support. Beijing tops the list with the highest score 96.8, almost 36 points higher than the second runner-up Shanghai. 以下是获得前十名的城市 Here's the top cities on the list. 成都 Chengdu Score: .9 9 南京 Nanjing Score: 35.595 8 苏州 Suzhou Score: 35.987 7 武汉 Wuhan Score: 36.196 6 天津 Tianjin Score: 38.889 5 广州 Guangzhou Score: 1.38 杭州 Hangzhou Score: .93 3 Shenzhen Score: 51.196 上海 Shanghai Score: 59.638 1 北京 Beijing Score: 96.8贵 州 省 医 院 体 检 多 少 钱

六盘水市第二人民医院电话预约挂号肯德基推出能舔的炸鸡味指甲油 -- :7: 来源:chinadaily If you can't seem to kick that awful nail-biting habit, you might as well get some flavor out of it with KFC's new chicken-flavored edible nail polish. It comes in two different flavors – "Original" (beige), and "Hot #38; Spicy" (red), and is quite literally "Finger Lickin' Good"!如果你改不了啃指甲的坏习惯,也会从中尝到一些美味肯德基新推出了炸鸡味可食用指甲油,有两种口味——“原味”(浅褐色)和“香辣味”(红色),这可真的是“吮指”原味鸡了!The product was developed by marketing firm Ogilvy #38; Mather KFC Hong Kong, in collaboration with the company that provides KFC's blend of herbs and spices. "Yes, it's actually a real thing," confirmed Ogilvy #38; Mather employee Anna Mugglestone. "It takes like chicken. It's crazy."这款指甲油是奥美广告公司联合肯德基酱汁调料供应商为香港肯德基推出的新产品奥美广告公司员工安娜bull;马格尔斯通实了这一消息,“是的,真的有这种指甲油味道和鸡肉很像挺疯狂的主意”Each "flavor" of nail polish comes packaged in a "designer bottle and box" (no bucket, sadly). Customers can paint their nails with the product and proceed to lick their fingertips "again and again and again," to enjoy the flavors of KFC anytime, anywhere. And if you're worried about safety, the chain claims that the product is "sourced from natural ingredients".每种“味道”的指甲油都包装在“设计师设计的瓶子和盒子”(可惜没有桶)里,消费者们用这款产品涂了指甲之后,就可以“一遍一遍又一遍”地舔手指,任何时候、任何地点都能享受到肯德基的美味并且,如果你担心安全问题,肯德基已经说了,这款产品“由天然原料制成”"The recipe our edible nail polish is unique and was specifically designed to hold the flavor, but to also dry with a glossy coat similar to normal nail polish," said Ogilvy #38; Mather creative director John Koay. "This campaign is designed to be intriguing and fun to increase excitement around the KFC brand in Hong Kong."奥美创意总监约翰bull;郭说:“我们的可食用指甲油配方独特,是专门为保留鸡肉味道设计的,但干了之后也会像普通指甲油一样形成一层光滑的膜我们旨在策划一场新奇有趣的推广活动,增加香港肯德基品牌带给人的兴奋体验”Not everyone is impressed with the idea, though, going by the comments on social media following the product announcement. "Just when you thought KFC couldn't possibly come up with something more disgusting than the Double Down Dog," a Twitter user wrote.然而,社交媒体上指甲油广告下方的表明,并不是每个人都佩这个想法一位推特用户写道:“就在你还以为肯德基不可能再推出比双降热(见下图)还恶心的产品的时候,它又出了个能舔的指甲油”"That is so disgusting," wrote another, in response to the company's promotional music on YouTube. "Bet it will lead to an outbreak of something. There is so much nastiness on people's hands, esp the nails! People do not wash their hands as often as they should."看了肯德基在YouTube的音乐广告视频后,另一位推特用户写道,“真是太恶心了我打赌它一定会导致某种疫情爆发人们手上的脏东西太多了,特别是指甲!人们本该经常洗手,但没人会洗得那么勤”Vocabularybeige: 浅褐色,米黄色glossy: 光亮的,光滑的intriguing: 有趣的;迷人的肯德基麦当劳还推出过哪些奇葩产品?一起来看看:肯德基粉墨汉堡:近看恶心得一塌糊涂,哪里还会有食欲被戏称为“粉刺堡和黑头堡”麦当劳也推出了同样的一款黑暗料理,包装盒上是可爱的史努比,然而打开包装后,吃客的内心是崩溃的……据说这个汉堡吃起来就像加了洗洁精的干柴肯德基石榴派:血淋淋有木有肯德基方便面汉堡:光看名字就醉了麦当劳“麻麻黑”甜筒冰淇淋:混凝土水泥般的色泽,冷冻汤圆馅一样的味道英文来源:odditycentral译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮昭通市中医医院能取环多少钱 英国脱欧公投结果落定:英国将脱离欧盟 -- ::57 来源: 日,根据公投计票结果表示,英国最终以5%对8%的投票结果宣布脱离欧盟 The UK has voted by 5% to 8% to leave the European Union after 3 years in an historic referendum.在加入欧盟3年之后,英国最终以5%对8%的投票结果宣布脱离欧盟London and Scotland voted strongly to stay in the EU but the remain vote has been undermined by poor results in the north of England.伦敦和苏格兰的大部分民众强烈持“留欧”,但是英格兰北部的“脱欧”票数过高,将“留欧”的总比例拉低UKIP leader Nigel Farage hailed the result as the UK’s "independence day".英国独立党领袖奈杰尔·法拉奇对投票结果表示祝贺,称6月3日将成为英国的“独立日”The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985 as the markets reacted to the results.受公投结果影响,英镑跌至1985年以来最低水平The referendum turnout was 71.8% - with more than 30 million people voting - the highest turnout at a UK election since 199.此次共有3000多万人参与“英国脱欧”的公投,高达71.8%的投票率为199年英国大选以来最高Wales and the majority of England outside London voted in large numbers Brexit.Labour’s Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the Bank of England may have to intervene to shore up the pound, which lost 3% within moments of the first result showing a strong result Leave in Sunderland and fell as much as 6.5% against the euro.在威尔士和伦敦除外的大部分英格兰地区,人们大多持“脱欧”英国工党影子财政大臣麦克唐奈表示,英格兰央行必须出手干预英镑汇率市场在初期点票结果表明桑德兰大部分民众选择离开欧盟之后,英镑汇率随即下跌3%,英镑兑欧元汇率也下跌6.5%UKIP leader Nigel Farage - who has campaigned the past years Britain to leave the EU - told supporters "this will be a victory ordinary people, decent people".在过去的年里,英国独立党领袖奈杰尔·法拉奇一直致力于英国脱离欧盟的活动他对持者说:“英国脱欧将是普通人的胜利,是正派人的胜利”Mr Farage - who predicted a Remain win at the start of the night after polls suggested that would happen - said Thursday 3 June would "go down in history as our independence day".法拉奇先生曾根据民意调查结果预测“留欧”阵营将会取得胜利周四,他说:“6月3日将作为我们的独立日载入史册”He called on Prime Minister David Cameron, who called the referendum but campaigned passionately a Remain vote, to quit "immediately".英国首相戴维·卡梅伦强烈呼吁英国留在欧盟法拉奇则要求,如果英国脱欧成功,卡梅伦应该立刻辞职A Labour source said: "If we vote to leave, Cameron should seriously consider his position."一名工党人士表示:“如果英国最终脱离欧盟,卡梅伦应该认真考虑一下他所处的位置”But pro-Leave Conservatives including Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have signed a letter to Mr Cameron urging him to stay on whatever the result.但是,鲍里斯·约翰逊和迈克尔·戈夫等赞成“脱欧”的保守派写给卡梅伦一封署名信,力劝他无论公投结果如何,都继续担任首相职位Labour mer Europe Minister Keith Vaz told the B the British people had voted with their "emotions" and rejected the advice of experts who had warned about the economic impact of leaving the EU.工党议员、前欧洲部长凯斯·瓦兹告诉B,专家警告英国脱离欧盟将带来严重的经济影响,但人们都根据自己的“情感”来投票,而拒绝听从专家的意见He said the EU should call an emergency summit to deal with the aftermath of the vote, which he described as "catastrophic our country, the rest of Europe and the rest of the world".凯斯·瓦兹说,欧盟应该召开紧急峰会来处理公投所带来的后果他认为,公投对“英国、欧洲其他地区以及全世界都是一场灾难”Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that the EU vote "makes clear that the people of Scotland see their future as part of the European Union" after all 3 local authority areas returned majorities Remain.苏格兰首席大臣尼古拉·斯特金表示,苏格兰的3个选区都持留在欧盟,这表明苏格兰人民将自己的未来视为欧盟未来的一部分贵阳妇保医院能不能做无痛人流

安 顺 市 人 民 医 院 生 孩 子 好 吗中国学生的财务管理新坐标 -- ::30 来源: 北师大成立财经素养教育研究中心,提高中国学生的财务技能Dozens of government officials and members of academic from different Chinese cities recently gathered at Beijing Normal University to discuss ways to improve the youthrsquo;s financial literacy through education.几十位来自中国各个城市的政府官员和学者最近聚集在北京师范大学参加中国青少年财经素养教育研讨会,讨论如何通过教育提高青少年的财经素养Several attendees at the um talked about pilot projects in primary and middle schools in some cities, where the students are being taught money management.在研讨会上,几位与会者谈到,在一些城市的中小学校试点项目教导学生如何进行资金管理The universityrsquo;s China Education Innovation Institute and Shanghai Be Better Philanthropy Group, an education consultant company, launched the Research Centre of Financial Literacy Education Youth during the um.北师大的中国教育创新研究院联合一家教育顾问公司上海百特教育咨询中心,在研讨会上宣布了财经素养教育研究中心的成立Some experts also told the um that China should follow in the footsteps of developed countries, attaching more importance to financial literacy and making it a part of the education system.一些专家也在论坛上表示,中国应该追随发达国家的脚步,把金融知识作为教育系统的一部分BNU vice -president Chen Li said that education rem in the country encourages students to develop wide-ranging interests and explore personal traits. To foster young peoplersquo;s financial literacy would mean making them more competitive the future, he said.北师大副校长陈力表示,国家的教育改革正在鼓励学生发展广泛的兴趣和探索个人特质他说,培养年轻人的金融知识意味着让他们在未来更有竞争力Wang Sheng, director of the new research centre, said that the body will offer academic support and organize educational events to improve financial skills of Chinese students.新研究中心主任王胜表示,该机构将提供学术持,举办教育活动,以提高中国学生的财务技能 <牛人_句子>观 山 湖 区 妇 科 整 形 哪 家 医 院 最 好 的贵阳市第二人民医院网上看结果

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