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Shinzo Abe has a reputation for being a nationalist and a hawk. Yet in striking a deal with South Korea over wartime “comfort women the Japanese prime minister has made the most significant atonement for his country’s past conduct since 1995, when Tomiichi Murayama the dovish Social Democrat who then held that office apologised for Japan’s aggression during the second world war.安倍晋Shinzo Abe)以民族主义和鹰派立场著称。然而,通过与韩国就战时“慰安妇”问题达成协议,这位日本首相却完成了995年以来为日本过去行为所做的最重要赎罪995年时,当时的日本首相、鸽派的社会党人村山富市(Tomiichi Murayama)为日本在二战期间的侵略行为进行了道歉。As part of this week’s agreement, Tokyo apologised for forcing Korean women to serve as sex slaves for imperial troops. It pledged .3m for surviving victims; as many in South Korea had demanded, the funds will come from official rather than private sources. Both sides called the agreement “final and irrevocable raising hopes that two of Asia’s most important economies can finally overcome a longstanding impediment to constructive relations between them.作为本周达成的协议的一部分,东京方面为强迫韩国妇女充当日本帝国军队性奴进行了道歉。日本政府承诺出30万美元援助依然健在的受害者;正如很多韩国人曾经要求的那样,这笔资金将来自官方、而非民间渠道。日韩双方均称这份协议是“最终和不可撤销的”,这让人们不禁期待,亚洲两个最重要经济体终于能够克长期以来阻止双方建立建设性关系的一道障碍。Both South Korea and Japan have showed courage, pragmatism and the willingness to risk a domestic backlash. The benefits of this rapprochement should not be underestimated, at a moment when east Asia confronts both opportunity and peril.韩国和日本均表现出了勇气、务实作风以及冒国内反对的风险达成协议的意愿。在东亚既面临机遇又面临危险之际,人们不应低估日韩修好带来的好处。One of the more astonishing features of the deal is that it comes on Mr Abe’s watch. Here is a leader who has outraged neighbours with plans to revise Japan’s pacifist constitution. In his rightwing screed, Towards a Beautiful Country, he has brazenly displayed his nationalist stripes. He has also flirted with historical revisionism. In 2007, during a previous stint as prime minister, he went so far as to say that there was no evidence that the “comfort womenhad in fact been forced into prostitution.更令人惊讶的一点是,该协议是在安倍掌权期间达成的。这是一位因企图修订日本和平宪法而激怒邻国的领导人。在其冗长的右翼作品《致美丽的国家Towards a Beautiful Country)中,安倍公然向人们展示了他的民族主义色。他还与历史修正主义有着暧昧关系007年,在上次担任日本首相期间,他甚至表示没有据表明“慰安妇”事实上是被强迫卖淫的。Yet it is because of his hawkish credentials that Mr Abe has been able to begin the crucial work of pulling Seoul closer to Tokyo. Rightwingers make up an important chunk of his Liberal Democratic party’s support base. Perhaps, alone among Japanese politicians, the prime minister has the street credibility to quell their anger and persuade them that, in the end, he has their interests at heart.不过,正是因为拥有身为鹰派的种种“凭”,安倍才能够启动拉拢韩国的关键工作。右翼是他领导的自民LDP)的持阵营的重要组成部分。这位日本首相拥有的街头号召力,可以平息右翼的怒火并让他们相信他内心深处记得他们的利益,他的这种号召力在日本政界或许是绝无仅有的。Mr Abe has been able to press the same advantage in other areas, too. He has achieved the remarkable feat of bringing Japan into the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a major trade pact involving 12 Pacific Rim nations, taming his own camp’s vested interests along the way. The deal is good for Japan’s economic prospects, but potentially painful for the coddled farming sector, a pillar of LDP support. Using a combination of clout and sweeteners, Mr Abe has hacked through resistance to change in a way that the Democratic party which was last in power between and 2012 has never managed.安倍还能将这种优势运用在其他领域。他实现了令人瞩目的成就,让日本加入了涉2个环太平洋国家的重要贸易协定《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement,简称TPP),并在这个过程中驯了他所在阵营内的既得利益。该协定有利于日本的经济前景,但可能会不利于受到呵护的农业部门,后者是自民党的重要拥趸。通过恩威并施,安倍突破了阻力,实现了变革,而这是民主党(上一次执政是009年至2012年)一直未能做到的。Mr Abe is no closet liberal. Left to his own devices, he might very well be tempted to careen into the rigid nationalism where his instincts lie. Yet instead he has surrounded himself with clear-sighted realists, notably chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga, whose official role as government spokesman belies his outsize influence. And Mr Abe himself should be given much credit for the positive economic and diplomatic steps Japan has taken. Faced with the choice between the romantic nationalism close to his heart, and the recognition that only bold economic and diplomatic measures can restore his country to prosperity, Mr Abe appears to have listened to his head and chosen the latter.安倍并不是一个秘密的自由派。如果他由着自己的心意,他很可能会忍不住倒向顽固的民族主义,因为那才是他内心深处所推崇的。尽管如此,他却挑选了一些精明的现实主义者作为自己的副手,特别是内阁官房长官菅义Yoshihide Suga)——虽然他的官方身份只是政府发言人,但他的影响力其实要大得多。就日本已经采取的积极的经济和外交举措而言,很大一部分功劳应记在安倍本人头上。他内心推崇的是浪漫的民族主义,但他同时也认识到只有大胆的经济和外交举措才能使日本恢复繁荣。在要在这二者当中作选择时,安倍似乎理智地选择了后者。Next he should turn his attention to Beijing, and see whether a similar approach can generate a virtuous circle of trust and co-operation to replace the acrimony of the past seven decades.接下来他应把注意力转向北京方面,看看类似的做法是否可以在日中两国间建立起信任与合作的良性循环,来取代过0年两国间的恶语相向。There have been hopeful moments before. In 1972, Kakuei Tanaka, the Japanese premier, and Zhou Enlai, his Chinese counterpart, enjoyed a meeting of minds and especially of personalities, which led to the normalisation of diplomatic ties between the two Asian giants. Watching the grainy footage of their handshake, one senses something more at stake than the realpolitik of Asian rivalry. These are two old codgers moved by friendship and mutual achievement. They are beyond faking it.以前曾有过充满希望的时刻972年,当时的日本首相田中角Kakuei Tanaka)和中国总理周恩来愉快地举行了一次会晤,展现出了双方的思想,尤其是人格魅力。这促成了两个亚洲巨人之间外交关系的正常化。观看田中与周恩来握手的模糊影像画面,人们可以感受到某种比亚洲竞争的现实政治更重要的东西。这是两位被友谊和相互成全打动的老人。他们的姿态不是装出来的。There was a glimmer of that in the handshake in Seoul between South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye and Japanese foreign minister Fumio Kishida to mark this week’s agreement. I have watched it over and over; it does not look choreographed, but entirely sincere.在首尔,当韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)与日本外相岸田文Fumio Kishida)为庆祝本周达成的协议而握手时,人们也能隐约感受到类似的东西。我看了一遍又一遍;这一幕看起来不像是精心设计的,而是完全发自内心。Here are two politicians, coming from vastly different historical perspectives, who are genuinely pleased at the prospect of a new beginning. They want something to happen.历史观截然不同的两位政治人士,为一个新开端的前景而由衷地高兴。他们希望能够促成某种东西。Yet there is a touch of shrewdness, too, in this week’s deal. It comes just as Japan goes into a mode of collective hibernation known as the shogatsu, or new year, holidays. Even the most hardened nationalist may be too busy drinking sake and munching on rice cakes to make much of a fuss about Japan extending a historic hand of friendship to Korea.不过,在本周的协议中也能体会到一丝精心的设计。协议达成时,正值日本人进入“集体冬眠”模式,即新年假期。即便是最强硬的民族主义者或许也在忙着喝清酒、吃年糕,没时间就日本向韩国伸出历史性的友谊之手大做文章。来 /201601/419998The four remaining Republicans in the presidential race hold a debate Thursday in Michigan with frontrunner Donald Trump carrying momentum from another batch of state wins but facing new efforts to halt his campaign.星期四,美国共和党剩下的4位总统参选人在密西根州举行一场辩论会。居于领先地位的川普刚赢得了一批州的初选,势头强劲,但也面临新的阻力。A group of 60 Republican foreign policy veterans signed a joint letter released late Wednesday opposing Trump, saying he would ;act in ways that make America less safe, and which would diminish our standing in the world.; It lists a number of objections, including anti-Muslim rhetoric, a support for the use of torture, advocating trade wars and insisting Mexico will build a border wall.60名共和党外交政策资深人士星期三晚间发表了一封反对川普竞选的联署公开信,表示川普的行为方式将“使美国变得更不安全,而且将削弱美国在世界上的地位”。信中列举了一系列反对川普竞选的理由,包括川普发表反穆斯林言论、持使用酷刑、主张进行贸易战以及认为墨西哥应在美墨边界修筑一道高墙。The list of signatories includes former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, former World Bank President and Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick and former top Pentagon official Dov Zakheim.信件的签署者包括前美国国土安全部部长切尔托夫、曾担任美国国务院副国务卿的前世界总裁佐利克以及前五角大楼高层官员扎克海姆。Meanwhile, three outside are planning to spend millions of dollars in new ads attacking Trump.与此同时个美国民间组织也计划花费巨额资金,制作抨击川普的广告。来 /201603/429968

  Four attacks that killed 10 Germans and injured dozens in the space of a week demonstrate that Germany is no safer than other European countries from the scourges of political terror and random outbursts of extreme violence. Given that two of the attacks involved recent migrants who appear to have been inspired by Isis, the militant Islamist group, the demand for a firm reaction from the German authorities is understandable. Yet Germany has a special responsibility to strike a prudent balance between the imperatives of law and order, civil liberties and international legal obligations to refugees in a manner that will set an example for Europe as a whole.德国在一周之内发生了4次袭击事件,导致10名德国人死亡,数十人受伤。这表明面对政治恐怖主义灾难以及极端暴力事件的意外发生,德国并不比其他欧洲国家更安全。鉴于其中两次袭击牵扯似乎受到伊斯兰武装组织“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)鼓动的新移民,要求德国政府作出坚决回应是可以理解的。然而,德国肩负着特别的责任,要在法律和秩序、公民自由、对难民的国际法律义务等重要事项之间找到谨慎的平衡,为整个欧洲树立榜样。Germany opened its doors last year to more than 1m refugees, largely from conflict-ravaged Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. The German government’s generous initiative drew criticism from some European allies, and the latest attacks will make it no easier to forge a common European response to the refugee crisis. But the “welcome policyalso aroused increasing concern in sections of German society, stoked tensions in the centre-right political bloc led by Chancellor Angela Merkel and contributed to rising support for Alternative for Germany, a rightwing populist party defined by its strident anti-Islamic, anti-immigrant attitudes.去年,德国向超过100万名难民敞开了大门,多数来自冲突不断的阿富汗、伊拉克和叙利亚。德国政府的慷慨举措招致一些欧洲盟友的批评,最新的袭击事件不会让欧洲就难民危机达成统一回应变得更容易。但“欢迎政策”也引起了德国社会部分群体日益严重的担忧,引发了由德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)领导的中右翼政治联盟内部的紧张,并导致德国新选择Alternative für Deutschland)的持率上升,该党是一个右翼民粹主义政党,持强硬的反伊斯兰和反移民立场。The task that faces Ms Merkel and her coalition government is to allay the anxieties of many citizens that the welcome extended to the refugees risks becoming a colossal blunder that will destabilise German society. The sexual assaults and robberies in Cologne and other cities on New Year’s Eve were early signs that this task will not be simple. Moreover, German security officials are alert to the danger that Isis might have smuggled operatives into the country under cover of the refugees, and that jihadi networks are identifying migrant youths for recruitment.默克尔及其领导的联合政府面临的任务是缓解很多公民的如下担忧:针对难民的欢迎政策可能会铸成破坏德国社会稳定的大错。科隆以及其他城市在新年前夜发生的性侵和抢劫活动是最初的迹象,表明这项任务并不简单。另外,德国安全官员正警惕一种危险,即ISIS可能以难民为掩护让自己的成员偷偷溜进了德国,同时“圣战”网络正把年轻移民作为招募目标。Horrific though the latest violence in Germany has been, it is on a smaller scale than the attacks in France and Belgium of the past 18 months, not to mention Spain and the UK in 2004 and 2005. The most murderous incident, in which an 18-year-old Iranian-German born and raised in Germany shot dead nine people in Munich before killing himself, appears to have no connection with recent migrants or Islamist terrorism. There is evidence for such a connection in the attack which saw a Syrian refugee blow himself up in the Bavarian town of Ansbach, injuring 15 others, but this man also had a history of suicide attempts and mental illness.尽管德国最新的暴力袭击事件令人恐惧,但它比过去18个月法国和比利时发生的袭击规模要小,更别004年和2005年西班牙和英国的袭击活动了。死亡人数最多的事件——一8岁、在德国出生并长大的伊朗裔德国人在慕尼黑杀9人,随后自杀——也似乎与最近的移民或伊斯兰恐怖主义没有关联。有据表明存在此类关联的袭击活动是一名叙利亚难民在巴伐利亚州安斯巴赫市自爆,造成15人受伤,但这人也有自杀和精神疾病史。The German government deserves credit for the proportionate nature of its response so far. The interior ministry has stepped up the police presence at airports and train stations and ordered more stop-and-search operations close to Germany’s frontiers. To the extent that this might inhibit the flow of weapons across Europe’s border-free Schengen zone, it is a sensible move.德国政府迄今的回应是恰当的,这值得赞扬。德国内政部在机场和火车站增派警力,并下令在靠近德国边境地区加大盘查。从可能阻止武器在欧洲自由通行的申根区流通这个意义上来说,这是明智的举措。The government, however, is not yet emulating France and Belgium in deploying thousands of soldiers on the streets of big cities. There are strict constitutional restrictions on the use of the armed forces at home. In the absence of a more pronounced national emergency, Ms Merkel’s government is correct to hold back. The former West German state fought a long battle, primarily in the 1970s, against far-left terrorism in the form of the Red Army Faction. At times the authorities were heavy-handed, curtailing civil liberties more than necessary. Modern Germany is a mature democracy whose determination to protect its citizens, their rights and the vast majority of refugees who have arrived there in peace merits the support of all Europe.然而,德国政府仍未像法国和比利时那样,在大城市的街道上部署数千名士兵。德国宪法严格限制在国内动用军队。在国家没有陷入更严重的紧急状态的情况下,默克尔政府保持克制是正确的。前西德政府针对极左翼恐怖主义组织“红军旅Red Army Faction)打了一场旷日持久的战争(主要是在上世纪70年代)。有时当局手段强硬,不必要地限制了公民自由。现代德国是一个成熟的民主国家,它保护公民、公民权利以及绝大多数和平抵达德国的难民的决心值得全欧洲持。来 /201607/456950



  North Korea has fired a ballistic missile into the sea, South Korean and US officials say. They say the missile, launched off the east coast, flew about 800km (500 miles) and fell into the water. North Korea has not commented on the report.近日,据韩国和美国官员表示,朝鲜已经向海上发射了一枚弹道导弹。他们表示,该导弹自东海岸发射,飞行了大00公里之后落入水里。朝鲜方面对该报道没有给予。US President Barack Obama earlier imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang, after its recent ;illicit; nuclear test and satellite launch. His executive order freezes North Korean government property in America.在平壤方面开展了“非法”的核试验和发射卫星之后,美国总统奥巴马在日前对其给予了新的制裁,他的行政命令冻结了朝鲜政府的资产。It bans US exports to - or investment in - North Korea and also greatly expands powers to blacklist anyone, including non-Americans, dealing with North Korea.这项命令禁止美国向朝鲜出口或在朝鲜投资,并把所有与朝鲜有交易的人,包括非美籍人拉入了黑名单。White House spokesman Josh Earnest said: ;The US and the global community will not tolerate North Koreas illicit nuclear and ballistic missile activities, and we will continue to impose costs on North Korea until it comes into compliance with its international obligations.;白宫发言人乔帷恩斯特表示:“美国和国际社会不会容忍朝鲜的非法核及弹道导弹活动,我们将继续让朝鲜付出代价,直到其遵守国际义务。”Mr Obama said the sanctions ;did not target the people of North Korea; but suggested that the countrys leadership only had itself to blame.奥巴马总统表示,这项制裁不是针对朝鲜人民,但该国的领导层则是咎由自取。Amid the heightened tensions, the North sentenced a US student to 15 years hard labour on Wednesday for ;severe crimes; against the state. The US demanded North Korea immediately release Otto Warmbier, 21, who was arrested for trying to steal a propaganda sign from a hotel while on a visit in January.在这种紧张局势下,朝鲜在本周三对美国一名学生施5年监禁,称其犯了阴谋颠覆国家的“严重罪行”。美国要求朝鲜立即释放奥托·瓦姆比尔,这名21岁的学生游客月份因试图偷取酒店的宣传示意牌而被逮捕。来 /201603/432952Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is demanding that an independent special prosecutor immediately investigate Hillary and Bill Clintons Clinton Foundation, saying the FBI cannot be trusted to do the job.共和党总统候选人川普要求立即由一名独立的特别检察官对希拉里和比尔·克林顿的基金会进行调查。他说,联邦调查局从事这项工作不可信。Trump spent much of a Monday campaign speech in Akron, Ohio on what he describes as the ;vast scope; of Hillary Clintons ;criminality,; saying he is shocked by it.星期一,川普在俄亥俄州阿克伦的竞选演讲主要集中在他所说的希拉釷克林顿的“犯罪行为”上。他说,他对其犯罪“范围之广”感到震惊。Clintons Republican opponents allege that big donors to the charitable foundation used it to get special access to Clinton or her top aides when she was secretary of state.克林顿的共和党对手指称,巨额捐款人曾利用该基金会与时任国务卿克林顿或她的高层助理进行特别接触。Clinton has always denied the charge. Newly released e-mails show that while some Clinton aides were asked for favors, there is no evidence that they were granted or that Clinton herself was involved.克林顿对于这个指控一直予以否认。一批新披露的电邮显示,虽然她的一些助理被请求提供帮助,但没有据表明他们这么做了或克林顿本人参与其中。Bill Clinton announced last week the foundation will change the way it does business if his wife is elected. It will stop accepting foreign and corporate donations and Bill Clinton himself will resign from its board, he said.比尔·克林顿上星期宣布,如果他的妻子当选为美国总统,该基金会将改变其运作方式。它将停止接受外国和企业捐款,比尔·克林顿本人也将从董事会辞职。None of this has satisfied Trump. He demanded Monday that the foundation be shut down, calling it the most corrupt enterprise in political history,; and accusing the Clintons themselves of caring more about donors and their own bank accounts than the American people.但是这些都不能令川普满意。星期一,他要求关闭该基金会,并称“它是美国政治历史上最腐败的机构”。川普指责克林顿夫妇关心更多的是捐赠人以及他们自己的账户,而不是美国人民。来 /201608/462421

  Has Donald Trump finally gone too far? So many people have asserted this so often in the past, with so little ensuing decline in his popularity, that the claim would seem to lack any hope of plausibility.唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)是不是终于做得太过火了?过去那么多人经常主张这一点,却几乎不会导致他的人气出现些许下滑,以至于这种主张似乎没有希望取信于人。Yet there is reason to believe that Mr Trump really has gone too far and that this time even he realises it.不过,现在有理由相信特朗普确实太出格了,并且这一次他也认识到了。Future historians may trace his demise to the 12-minute tirade he delivered at a campaign rally in San Diego. That happens to be where a class-action lawsuit by unhappy graduates of the now-defunct Trump University is being heard. Mr Trump accused Gonzalo Curiel, the judge presiding over the litigation, of being “a hater of Donald Trump noting that the judge “happens to be, we believe, Mexican Mr Trump went on to describe the case as a “scam the federal court as a “rigged system and Judge Curiel as “totally biasedand a “total disgrace Challenged to explain himself later, Mr Trump responded, “I’m building a wall. It’s an inherent conflict of interest.”未来的历史学家在研究特朗普的失败时或许会追溯到他在圣地亚哥竞选集会上发表的为2分钟的长篇大论。现已关张的特朗普大Trump University)不满的毕业生发起的集体诉讼恰好在该地审理。特朗普指责审理此案的法官贡萨洛#8226;库列Gonzalo Curiel)是“唐纳德#8226;特朗普的仇恨者”,并指出这名法官“恰好是墨西哥裔”。特朗普进一步形容该案是一场“骗局”,联邦法庭是“人为操纵的系统”,库列尔法官“充满偏见”、完全是“耻辱”。后来特朗普被要求进行解释,他回应称,“我想要建造一面墙。这是固有的利益冲突。”The response inside the Republican party has resembled what happens when you turn the lights on in a kitchen infested with cockroaches. Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House of Representatives, who finally endorsed Mr Trump just after his San Diego diatribe, called the remarks “the textbook definition of a racist comment Mark Kirk, the Republican senator from Illinois, withdrew his previous endorsement. Even Newt Gingrich, one of Mr Trump’s most enthusiastic sycophants, called the remarks “inexcusable共和党内部的回应就像是,当你打开厨房灯时发现到处都是。就在特朗普在圣地亚哥出言不逊后终于持他的众议院议长保#8226;瑞安(Paul Ryan)称,这些就是“教科书中定义的种族主义言论”。伊利诺伊州共和党参议员马克#8226;柯克(Mark Kirk)收回了此前对特朗普的持。甚至作为特朗普最热情的奉承者之一的纽#8226;金里Newt Gingrich)也称该言论“不可原谅”。All of which raises the question: why are they finally noticing his blatant prejudice now? Mr Trump has made more obviously racist comments about Mexicans, describing them as rapists and drug dealers. He has mocked the disabled and called his female critics dogs and fat pigs. He has claimed that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and faked his birth certificate. Far from being his worst, his comments about Judge Curiel were merely typical.这一切引发了一个问题:他们为何现在才注意到特朗普“公然的偏见”?特朗普针对墨西哥裔发表过很多明显具有种族主义色的,形容他们是强奸犯和毒贩。他嘲讽过残疾人,把批评他的女性称为和肥猪。他声称,巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)在肯尼亚出生并伪造了自己的出生明。他对库列尔法官的仅仅是典型而已,远未达到登峰造极的水平。But in another way Mr Trump did break new ground in challenging core American values and showing contempt for his fervent supporters. The most important ideal Mr Trump traduced in his diatribe was assimilation. Anger about illegal immigration is one thing. Denying that people born and raised in the US are fully fledged Americans is something else entirely. Mr Curiel’s father worked in the steel mills of northern Indiana to put two sons through law school. A third son went to Vietnam, where Mr Trump avoided service. As a federal prosecutor, Mr Curiel had to live under armed protection, after he was threatened with assassination by a Tijuana drug cartel. His is the kind of story of patriotism and struggle with which Americans of every ethnicity identify.但是,在另一方面,特朗普在挑战美国核心价值观和蔑视其狂热持者方面确实开辟了新天地。在特朗普的谩骂中,他中伤的最重要的理想是同化。对非法移民的愤怒是一回事。否认在美国出生和长大的人是十足的美国人,完全是另外一回事。库列尔法官的父亲过去在印第安纳州北部的炼钢厂工作,把两个儿子送入了法学院。他第三个儿子去了越南,正是特朗普逃避兵役的地方。作为一名联邦检察官,在遭到提华Tijuana)一个贩毒集团的暗杀威胁后,库列尔不得不生活在武装保护之下。他的经历可以谱写一则美国所有族裔都认同的关于爱国与奋斗的故事。A second national premise Mr Trump violated is respect for the rule of law. Politicians stray into treacherous territory when they insult the courts. To attribute legal outcomes one dislikes to political bias or, as Mr Trump asserted, personal animus and corruption corrodes trust in the judicial system. For him to make this kind of charge in a case that threatens him financially demonstrates the way in which he thinks American justice is for sale.特朗普违背的第二个国家原则是尊重法治。当政客侮辱法庭,他们便陷入了危险的境地。把个人不喜欢的法律结果归因于政治偏见——或者,如特朗普所坚称的,个人恩怨和腐败问题——侵蚀了公众对司法体系的信任。特朗普在这样一起从经济上对他构成威胁的案件中作出此类指控,表明他认为美国司法是可以买卖的。Of course, this assumption reflects Mr Trump’s past success intimidating his enemies with lawsuits and using his wealth to cultivate friends in high places. Florida’s attorney-general considered joining a separate, multi-state fraud suit against Trump University in 2013. She reportedly decided not to do so shortly after he sent a ,000 contribution to her re-election campaign.当然,这种假设反映出特朗普过去成功地以诉讼威胁对手、利用财富结交身居高位的朋友的行为013年,佛罗里达州总检察长曾考虑介入一起针对特朗普大学的独立、跨州的欺诈诉讼。据报道,在特朗普向她的连任竞选捐.5万美元后不久,她便改变了主意。The third and final line Mr Trump has crossed is around financial predation. He has cast himself as a tribune for the economically vulnerable. But Trump University was a flimflam designed to separate the credulous from their borrowed cash. The gullible enrollees were in the mould of Mr Trump’s supporters: displaced, desperate for assistance and too trusting of a flamboyant huckster they had seen on television. For prices as high as ,000 for the “Gold Eliteprogramme, aspirants were told they could become wealthy real estate investors like Mr Trump. A businessman who launches a venture of this type clearly does not hold his customers in high regard.特朗普越过的第三条、也是最后一条红线是围绕金融掠夺的。他把自己描述为经济状况欠佳者的保护者。但是特朗普大学就是一个旨在让那些轻信者失去借来的钱的骗局。那些易受骗的入学者与特朗普的持者极其相似:无家可归、迫切渴望帮助、太信任他们在电视里看到的那些花言巧语的宣传者。对于“黄金精英Gold Elite)项目高达3.5万美元的价格来说,这些有抱负的人被告知他们可以成为像特朗普一样富有的房地产投资者。创立此类项目的商人对其客户明显没那么重视。This week Mr Trump issued a rambling statement claiming that his comments had been “misconstruedand an unusually subdued speech from a teleprompter after the primaries in New Jersey and California. But the suspicion grows that he is doing something other than running to win. Mr Trump’s campaign operation remains an understaffed, underfunded, feuding mess. By appearing in San Diego, he was wasting time in a state where Latinos outnumber whites, and which he cannot possibly win. In the same spirit of futility, he has laid the groundwork to contest New York, which has not gone to a Republican since Ronald Reagan.日前,特朗普发表了一则漫无边际的声明称他的言论被“误解”了,并在新泽西和加州党内初选后看着提词器念了一篇异常温和的演讲稿。但是,人们愈发猜测,他不会胜选。特朗普的竞选运作仍然人手不足、资金不足、争执不休、一片混乱。现身圣地亚哥的他,是在这个拉丁裔人口超过白人的州(也是他不可能拿下的州)浪费时间。同样徒劳无功的是,他还为竞逐纽约州做了准备工作。自从罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)以后,共和党从未拿下过纽约州。Nothing he is doing makes any sense for his party. The buyer’s remorse that afflicts enrollees in Trump University is now infecting his more prominent Republican apologists. They know they were gulled and want their money back.他的所作所为对共和党来说没有任何意义。折磨那些特朗普大学入学者的“买家懊悔buyer’s remorse),如今正在那些为特朗普辩护、更加显赫的共和党人中间蔓延。他们知道自己受骗了,想把钱要回来。来 /201606/449039

  The U.S. and India have signed a key logistics agreement that will enable U.S. and Indian forces to use each others bases for repair and replenishment of supplies.美国和印度签署重要后勤补给协议,使双方军队可以使用对方基地进行维修和补充给养。U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter told reporters Monday at the Pentagon that he and Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar formally signed the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) earlier in the day. The two defense leaders had agreed on the memorandum “in principlewhen they last met in India in April.美国国防部长卡特星期一在五角大楼对记者说,他和印度国防部长马诺哈·帕里卡稍早正式签署了《后勤交换协议备忘录》。两位领导人4月份在印度会晤时就“原则上”同意签署这份备忘录。Carter said the agreement is “fully mutualand makes joint operations easier and more efficient. Both defense leaders stressed the agreement did not allow each nation to set up bases on the other, but to use bases and equipment only for “operating together when we choose to.”卡特说,该协议“完全互惠”,使联合行动更方便更高效。两位国防部长强调,协议没有授权在彼此境内建立基地,而是仅在“我们选择一起行动时”使用对方的基地和设备。“It doesn’t have anything to do with the setting up of bases,Parrikar added. “It’s basically logistics support.”帕里卡说:“这与建立基地没有任何关系。”“它就是后勤援。”During Parrikars visit to the Pentagon, the two defense leaders discussed India’s recent designation as a major U.S. defense partner. 帕里卡到访五角大楼期间,两位国防领导人还讨论了印度最近被确定为美国一个主要国防合作伙伴的问题。The designation recently was announced during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modis June visit to Washington, and Carter said it allows the ed States military to cooperate with India’s military “in a way that we do only with our closest and most long-standing allies.”这个定位是在印度总理莫迪六月访问华盛顿时宣布的。卡特说,它使美国军方能够“以只有对待我们最亲密和最持久的盟友的方式”同印度军方进行合作。Monday’s talks at the Pentagon, the sixth meeting between the two defense chiefs, comes ahead of key annual exercises in India between U.S. and Indian forces.周一在五角大楼的会谈是两位国防部领导人第六次会晤。美印两国不久将在印度举行重要的年度联合演习。来 /201609/464166


  Israeli police bulldozers plan to start knocking down dozens of homes Thursday after evicting about 50 Jewish families from an illegal settlement in the West Bank.以色列警方计划星期四用推土机拆除约旦河西岸的一个非法犹太人定居点,之前驱逐了那里0个犹太家庭。Several hundred protesters set up barricades and threw stones at police who came to carry out the court-ordered evacuation of Amona, a Jewish settlement northeast of Ramallah, the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority.几百名抗议者设立了路障,并向执行法院命令清除阿马纳定居点的警察投掷石块。阿马纳是巴勒斯坦权力机构总部拉马拉东北部的一个犹太定居点。Angry protesters and settlers yelled at the police that ;Jews dont expel Jews.; About 20 officers were hurt.愤怒的抗议者和定居者向警察喊道:“犹太人不要驱逐犹太人。”有大约20名警察受伤。Most of the settlers left quietly, carrying their belongings, holding children by the hand. Some vowed to return.大多数定居者带着他们的物品,拉着孩子安静离开。有些人发誓要回来。One day earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved 3,000 new homes for the evacuated settlers and others elsewhere in the West Bank.以色列总理内塔尼亚胡一天前批准了建000个新住所,提供给撤出的定居者和西岸其他地方的人。Amona is the largest of around 100 unauthorized outposts erected in the West Bank without permission but - until now - generally tolerated by the Israeli government.阿马纳是未经批准在西岸建立的大约100个定居点中最大的一个,之前以色列政府对之抱以容忍态度。Palestinians say Jewish settlements on land they want as part of a future state are a major impediment to peace. Israel says the Palestinians refusal to recognize the Jewish state is blocking Mideast peace.巴勒斯坦人认为,在他们希望是未来国土的部分地区兴建的犹太定居点是以巴和平的主要障碍。以色列则说,巴勒斯坦人拒绝承认犹太国家是中东和平的阻碍。Israel was furious when the ed States, under former President Barack Obama, abstained instead of vetoing a U.N. Security Council resolution in December calling the settlements illegal and demanding Israel stop building them. The new Trump White House has so far been silent on Israeli settlement construction, but Jewish settlers told reporters Wednesday they expect the new U.S. administration will not stand in the way of a new wave of settlements in the West Bank.令以色列极为不满的是,美国前总统奥巴马的政府就联合国安全理事2月通过的一项称这些定居点为非法,并要求以色列停止建设的决议投下了弃权票,而不是否决票。新上任的川普政府至今一直对以色列的定居点建设保持沉默,但犹太定居者们星期三对记者表示,他们期望新的美国政府不会阻挠在西岸建立新一轮定居点。来 /201702/490285

  Lawmakers have filed 462 motions to the secretariat of the fourth session of the 12th National Peoples Congress (NPC), an official said Sunday.一名官员上周日表示,在十二届全国人大四次会议期间,代表共向大会秘书处提交了462件议案According to Kong Ping, an official with the secretariat, 442 concerned legislation for issues such as the market economy, cultural reform, anti-corruption, environment and law enforcement. The remaining motions were about the NPC supervision and other resolutions.会议秘书处官员孔平表示,其中442件议案涉及市场经济、文化改革、反腐、环境以及法律实施等方面的立法问题。其余议案主要围绕人大监督及其他议题。Last year, 522 motions were filed. Since NPC deputies were first tasked with raising motions at the annual session in 1983, the number increased sharply from 61 in that year to a peak of 1,374 in 2004. It has remained around 500 since 2005.去年,秘书处共收到议22件。自从全国人大代表在1983年的年度会议上首次负责筹集议案开始,这一数字迅速增长,从当年的61件案例迅速上升到2004年的1374件,这一数字也是历史最高。自2005年以来,这一数字维持00件左右;The quality of motions this year is fairly good. About 68 percent of them have been informed by surveys, inspections or interviews,; Kong said.孔平称:;本届大会代表提出的议案总体质量较高,约68%的议案是通过调研、视察或走访的方式形成的;Motions from NPC deputies can be legally binding if they are adopted. The secretariat also received around 8,600 proposals from NPC deputies, which are less formal and will not be legally binding.如果这些人大代表提出的议案被采纳,那么它们都将会具有法律约束力。大会秘书处还收到了来自人大代表600多条代表建议。这些建议相对来说就不那么正式且不具有法律约束力。The deadline for submitting motions and suggestions was midnight Friday.代表提交议案和建议的截止日期是周五凌点。来 /201603/431684

  In South Korea, the business of war is booming.在韩国,战争生意正在蓬勃发展。Military exports have soared nearly 1,100 per cent since as the nation’s arms manufacturers thrive off growing global instability, competitive pricing and the re-emergence of demand for conventional weapons of warfare the country’s speciality.009年以来,韩国的军火出口猛增了100%。日益加剧的全球动荡、有竞争力的定价以及传统战争武器(韩国的强项)需求重现,推动韩国军火制造商茁壮成长。Now, analysts believe the country is on track to overtake China as the region’s leading arms exporter by the end of the decade. 分析师现在认为,010年代末,韩国有望超过中国成为该地区的头号军火出口囀?“Globally, South Korea is in a good spot,said Paul Choi, head of research at CLSA Securities Korea. “[Its] structural growth in defence equipment is aly ahead of its own target. By 2020, it will pass China to become Asia’s arms powerhouse.”里昂CLSA)韩国研究部门主管Paul Choi表示:“从全球来看,韩国的情况不错。其国防装备的结构性增长已超越了自身的目标。到2020年,它将超过中国成为亚洲的军售龙头老大。”The boom is being fuelled by rising geopolitical tensions in Asia and eastern Europe.亚洲和东欧不断升级的地缘政治紧张局势正在助长这股发展势头。China’s increasing assertiveness in the South China Sea has prompted the region’s emerging markets, such as Indonesia and the Philippines, to devote more to defence, but with a keen eye on price.中国在南中国海日益强硬的态度促使该地区的新兴市场国家——如印度尼西亚、菲律宾——加大了国防投入,但它们对价格较为敏感。Here, South Korea’s arms exporters, including Korea Aerospace Industries and Hanwha Techwin, have proven extremely competitive, often sweetening deals with the transfer of technology.韩国航空宇宙产业株式会社(Korea Aerospace Industries)和韩Hanwha)旗下的Techwin等韩国军火出口商已明自身极具竞争力,它们常常以技术转让为条件来增加交易的吸引力。The nation also carries little geopolitical or historical baggage and can cater to the rising demand for weaponry in the Middle East, Indian subcontinent or Southeast Asia with less sensitivity than some of its nearest neighbours.此外,韩国背负的地缘政治和历史包袱很少,与它的几个邻国相比,它可以满足中东、印度次大陆和东南亚不断增长的军火需求而不致引起那么大的关切。“Trucks and submarines to Indonesia, comms equipment to Iraq, ships to the UK#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;South Korea has a diverse industry and is selling to a wide range of users,said Ben Moores, a senior defence analyst at IHS Markit. “China, meanwhile, is dependent on Pakistan and Sri Lanka.”IHS Markit高级防务分析师本.穆尔Ben Moores)表示:“向印尼卖卡车和潜艇,向伊拉克卖通讯设备,向英国卖舰只……韩国拥有多元化的国防产业,客户范围广泛。中国则依靠巴基斯坦和斯里兰卡。”Last year, South Korea exported 1m of equipment up from m in . For 2016, Mr Moores expects the total to surpass .2bn. 去年,韩国军火出口额.71亿美元,009年为7300万美元。穆尔斯预计016年韩国军火出口总额会超2亿美元。China’s arms exports, in comparison, declined from .9bn in 2013 to .6bn last year. IHS Markit predicts Beijing will drop out of the world’s top 10 ranking next year.相比之下,中国军火出口额013年的19亿美元降至去年的16亿美元。IHS Markit预计,明年中国将在全球排行榜上跌出前十名。来 /201612/481905

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