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2018年03月25日 05:29:57 | 作者:飞度健康管家 | 来源:新华社
Two Israelis and an American with ties to Russia have been charged in connection with an alleged hacking scheme against 10 financial institutions, news organisations and others including JPMorgan Chase, Fidelity Investments and the Wall Street Journal.两名以色列人和一名与俄罗斯有关联的美国人被指控涉嫌参与进行黑客攻击,攻击对象包括根大通(JPMorgan Chase)、富达投资(Fidelity Investments)和《华尔街日报》(WSJ)在内的10家金融、新闻及其他机构。The men are believed to have stolen personal information for more than 100m people, including data in last year’s hack of JPMorgan, the biggest hack of a US financial institution. The indictments from the US attorney’s office in Manhattan come amid a marked increase in corporate breaches .据信这些人窃取了逾1亿人的个人信息,包括美国金融机构黑客攻击案中最大的一起——去年的根大通遭黑客攻击案中被窃取的数据。曼哈顿检察官办公室的起诉,适值企业攻击行为出现显著上升之际。Gery Shalon and Ziv Orenstein of Israel were arrested there in July and prosecutors are seeking their extradition. US citizen Joshua Samuel Aaron, who has lived in Moscow and Tel Aviv, is still at large.格里餠虬(Gery Shalon)和齐夫攠伦斯坦(Ziv Orenstein)7月在以色列被捕,检察官正在寻求引渡这两人。涉案的美国人乔舒亚帠缪尔阿龙(Joshua Samuel Aaron)曾在莫斯科和特拉维夫居住,目前仍然在逃。Mr Shalon is alleged to be the leader of a “sprawling cybercriminal enterprise” that employed hundreds of people and operated in more than a dozen countries. None of the three could be reached for comment.据称,沙隆是一个“庞大的网络犯罪集团”的领袖,该集团雇佣了数百人,在十多个国家活动。记者未能联系到三人中的任何一人予以置评。Mr Orenstein was Mr Shalon’s deputy, while Mr Aaron is accused of hacking and manipulating the market. The hacks, which took place from 2012 to mid-2015, were aimed at aiding stock manipulation schemes that generated tens of millions of dollars, prosecutors said.奥伦斯坦是沙隆的副手,而阿龙则被控进行黑客攻击及操纵市场。检查官们表示,这些黑客攻击发生在2012年到2015年年中,旨在协助股市操纵行为,这些操纵获利数千万美元。As part of that effort, the suspects sought to market the stocks they were allegedly manipulating to customers of the companies they had hacked. They also launched cyber attacks to help them process payments for illegal drug suppliers, counterfeit software, malicious malware distributors, illegal online casinos and an illegal bitcoin exchange known as Coin.mx.据称,犯罪嫌疑人的部分做法是向他们入侵的企业的客户兜售他们操纵的股票。他们还为了处理付款流程而发起网络攻击,付款对象包括非法药品供应商、盗版软件、恶意流氓软件分销商、非法在线和非法比特币交易所Coin.mx。Mr Shalon told an unnamed co-conspirator that his manipulative trading in the US was “a small step towards a larger empire” and said getting clients of hacked companies to buy stock was “like drinking freaking vodka in Russia”, according to the indictment.根据起诉书,沙隆告诉一位未披露姓名的同谋者,他在美国的操纵交易是“朝着更大帝国的一小步”,他还说,让被入侵公司的客户购买股票“就像在俄罗斯喝该死的伏特加”。 /201511/409347Growth in smartphone shipments is expected to slow substantially this year, as shipments to China, the world’s largest market for the devices, increase by just 1 per cent from last year.由于发往中国的智能手机数量比去年只增长了1%,今年全球智能手机出货量增速预计会大幅放缓。目前,中国是智能手机的全球最大市场。Worldwide, smartphone shipments are forecast to grow 10.4 per cent in 2015 to 1.44bn units, according to the International Data Corporation, falling from 27.5 per cent growth in 2014. IDC announced a cut in its forecast, which was previously for a 11.3 per cent rise across the globe.根据国际数据公司(IDC)的数据,在全球范围内,预计2015年智能手机出货量将增长10.4%,达到14.4亿部。这一增长幅度低于2014年的27.5%。而IDC曾宣布下调这一预计数字,此前该机构曾预测全球增长幅度为11.3%。IDC forecasts a big drop in growth in China, which received almost a third of all new smartphone shipments in 2014, with an increase of only 1.2 per cent year-on-year in 2015, down from 19.7 per cent in 2014.IDC预计,中国市场的增长幅度将大幅下滑,2015年同比增长幅度将只有1.2%,大大低于2014年的19.7%。2014年,全球新出货的智能手机曾有将近三分之一发往中国。The widely followed forecasts were published a day after Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, insisted the iPhone maker was experiencing “strong growth” in China throughout July and August.就在这一广受关注的预期数字发布前一天,苹果(Apple)首席执行官蒂姆錠克(Tim Cook)曾坚称,在整个七月和八月,这家iPhone制造商曾在中国经历“强劲增长”。(《库克一封邮件为苹果挽回780亿美元市值》,FT中文网发表于2015年8月25日)IDC does not break out an estimate for iPhone growth in China.IDC并未公布对iPhone在华增长幅度的估计。Ryan Reith, programme director at IDC, said domestic growth overall in smartphones in China was slowing “significantly”. China would remain the largest market for smartphone volumes for some time but its market share was expected to fall to 23.1 per cent in 2019, according to IDC.IDC项目主任瑞安里思(Ryan Reith)表示,智能手机在中国国内的总体增长速度正在“显著”放缓。根据IDC的说法,中国在一段时间内还将是智能手机销量的第一大市场,不过它的市场份额预计会在2019年滑落至23.1%。“India has captured a lot of the attention that China previously received and it’s now the market with the most potential upside,” he said. “The interesting thing to watch will be the possibility of manufacturing moving from China and Vietnam over to India.”他说:“印度已将中国此前曾收到的许多注意力吸引过去。目前,印度是最具增长潜力的市场。而其中最值得关注的事情,将是制造业从中国和越南转移至印度的可能性。”IDC forecast Android would maintain more than 80 per cent of the global market as far out as 2019, as the markets with the biggest growth opportunity remain “extremely price sensitive”.IDC预计,远至2019年,Android仍将占据全球市场逾80%的份额,因为拥有最大增长机遇的市场仍“对价格极端敏感”。“This isn’t to suggest that Apple’s success with the iPhone won’t continue, and IDC believes its efforts to maintain significantly higher margins compared to its competitors are much more valuable than chasing share,” the IDC report said.IDC的报告表示:“这并不是说苹果在iPhone上取得的成功无法持续。而且,IDC相信,比起追求市场份额,苹果维持相对其对手高得多的利润率要更有价值。”Larger smartphones — often dubbed “phablets” because they appear to be a cross between a phone and a tablet — are forecast to grow 84 per cent in 2015, compared with last year, after Apple delivered the larger iPhone 6+. These devices, with display screens from 5.5 to 6 inches, are forecast to make up more than 70 per cent of smartphone shipments by 2019.在苹果发布屏幕更大的iPhone 6 Plus之后,2015年大屏手机预计会比去年增长84%。由于这种大屏手机似乎是介于手机和平板电脑之间的产品,它们往往被称为“平板手机”(phablet)。这类手机的显示屏在5.5英寸到6英寸之间,预计到2019年以前,它们会占智能手机出货量的超过70%。 /201508/395584Ford has quietly scrapped a project to develop driving seats that can detect heart attacks, blaming cheaper and more accurate wearable technology on a move that underlines the rapid pace of innovation carmakers need to maintain in the era of the connected car.福特(Ford)悄悄地取消了一项能探测到心脏病的驾驶座椅开发项目,将其归因于更便宜、更精准的可穿戴设备。此举凸显出汽车厂商在汽车互联时代需要维持的快速创新步伐。The US carmaker and its rivals are jostling to be seen as leaders in new car technologies. Ford, which opened an expanded research office in Silicon Valley this year, recently launched a people carrier that can speed limit signs and adjust the throttle accordingly.这家美国汽车公司及其对手正争相成为人们眼中的汽车新技术领导者。今年,福特在硅谷设立了一个庞大的研究办公室。不久前,福特推出了一款能察觉超速迹象并相应调节油门的小客车。The wider motor industry is fighting to keep up with demands from consumers for greater connectivity inside the vehicle while heading off the threat posed by new entrants such as Tesla, Google and, potentially, Apple .整个汽车行业正在努力跟上消费者对于提高车内互联程度的需求,同时抵挡来自特斯拉(Tesla)、谷歌(Google)——可能还有苹果(Apple)——等新进入者造成的威胁。Ford said in October that it was working on a seat that could monitor a driver’s cardiovascular system for irregularities. Using a camera and sensors on the steering wheel, the technology could potentially spot a heart attack and engage steering and braking systems to bring the car safely to a halt.福特去年10月表示,该公司正在研制一款能够监测驾驶员心血管系统是否异常的座椅。通过方向盘上的一个摄像头和多个传感器,该技术可能发觉心脏病症状,并接管驾驶和刹车系统,让汽车安全地停下来。But the company told the Financial Times it was “transitioning away” from the research project, saying advancements in wearable technology meant it was “looking at different avenues for health and wellness monitoring”.但福特对英国《金融时报》表示,其正从该研究项目“转移”。福特表示,可穿戴技术的进步使其正在“考虑健康和安全状况监测的不同途径”。It declined to say how much it had spent on the project — out of a total research and development budget of .5bn in 2014.福特拒绝透露已在该项目上投资的金额。2014年,福特的总研发预算金额为55亿美元。“New sensor technology and wearables will provide more precise measurements that will improve the experience we can offer,” the company said. “We need to be smart and move at the pace of technology#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;to stay ahead of consumer trends.”“新的传感器和可穿戴技术将提供更精准的测量手段,将改进我们所能提供的体验,”福特表示,“我们必须敏锐,跟上技术发展的速度……以走在消费者趋势的前面。”Carmakers fear that the future value of the car will be in the electronic technology and software “brains” linking the functions, rather than the steel they have been engineering for decades.汽车制造商担心,未来汽车的价值将体现在联接不同功能的电子技术和软件“大脑”上,而不是他们设计制造了几十年的钢铁制成品。“What the tech sector sees is a legacy industry that is slow to move,” said one senior industry insider.“技术行业看到的是一个移动缓慢的老迈行业,”一位汽车业内资深人士表示。Thilo Koslowski, automotive practice leader at consultancy Gartner, said: “Automotive companies are clearly still figuring out their role in a consumer electronics-dominated world.”咨询公司高德纳(Gartner)的汽车业主管蒂洛#8226;科斯洛夫斯基(Thilo Koslowski)表示:“很明显,汽车公司仍在思考自己在以消费电子为主导的世界里能扮演何种角色。”He said some investments would prove fruitless but added: “That’s a small price to pay when compared to the other option of being reduced to a simple device maker and being at the mercy of other industry leaders.”他表示,有些投资将是毫无成果的,但补充道:“与降格为简单的设备制造商、自身命运被其他行业的领导者所掌握的另一个结局相比,这是个很小的代价。” /201505/372982It was once used by nearly 1bn people, making it one of the world’s best-known technology brands. But even Microsoft, its maker, has been forced to admit that it is deeply unloved.它一度有近10亿名用户,使得它成为全世界最知名的科技品牌之一。但现在就连它的开发者微软(Microsoft)也被迫承认,它非常不受喜爱。Internet Explorer — the software that launched the browser wars of the 1990s and became a symbol of the Seattle company’s former stranglehold on the tech world — is about to be ushered into retirement.Internet Explorer(简称IE)即将被退休。这款软件曾引发上世纪90年代的浏览器大战,成为总部位于西雅图的微软曾经把持科技世界的标志。The group said this week it would not use the IE name for the new browser it plans to deliver with the next version of its Windows operating system, due this year. The revised software, codenamed Project Spartan, is intended to catapult Microsoft beyond the Web 1.0 world for which IE was designed.微软本周表示,定于今年推出的下一版Windows操作系统自带的新浏览器将不再使用IE这个名字。新的浏览器代号Project Spartan,微软意图凭借这款新浏览器跳出IE面向的Web 1.0世界。With Spartan, Microsoft hopes to vault past IE’s weaknesses to produce a browser that is more suited to a digital life lived on multiple devices — part of the strategy of new chief executive Satya Nadella to break the company’s reliance on its old personal-computer monopoly.微软希望凭借Spartan一举超越IE的弱点,开发出一款更适合多设备数字生活的浏览器,这是新任首席执行官萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella)战略的一部分,目的是打破微软对自己过去垄断个人计算机(PC)的依赖。Tom Bedecarre, chairman of Akqa, a digital advertising agency owned by WPP, said the 20-year-old brand was long past its sell-by date. “In the war of the future, which is mobile, they’re losing. Nobody’s going to download Internet Explorer as their mobile browser.”WPP旗下的数字广告公司Akqa的董事长汤姆#8226;贝德卡雷(Tom Bedecarré)表示,IE这个已经20岁的品牌早已过了保质期。“在面向未来的这场移动战争中,它们不断失去地盘。没人会下载IE作为自己移动设备上的浏览器。”Microsoft has admitted that it failed to make IE a more loved part of daily life over the years. It even resorted to self-mockery in some of its advertising, referring to it as “The Browser You Loved To Hate”. Nearly a decade ago, Dean Hachamovitch, then head of the IE business, confessed: “We messed up.”微软承认这些年来它未能使IE成为人们日常生活中一个更受喜爱的部分。它在一些广告中甚至自嘲IE,称其是“那款你喜欢痛恨的浏览器”。近10年前,当时的IE业务负责人迪安#8226;哈查莫维奇(Dean Hachamovitch)就承认:“我们搞砸了。”“It’s been a product problem for a long time,” said Dan Brewster, a senior interactive designer with Wolff Olins, the marketing agency. People used it, he added, only because it was pre-installed on their computers or because they were required to by their employers.市场营销公司沃尔夫#8226;奥林斯(Wolff Olins)的高级交互设计师丹#8226;布鲁斯特(Dan Brewster)说:“这款产品早就有问题了。”他补充说,人们以往之所以使用它,只不过是因为他们的电脑上预装了它,或他们的雇主要求使用它。Designed to counter the rise of browser pioneer Netscape at the dawn of the internet, IE was delivered free with the pervasive Windows operating system, a tactic that made Microsoft the target of an antitrust investigation.IE是在互联网诞生初期,为对抗早年大受欢迎的浏览器网景(Netscape)而设计的,微软将它预装在普及率极高的Windows操作系统上,这种做法曾让微软成为反垄断调查的对象。It overtook Netscape within three years and went on to account for an estimated 95 per cent of browser usage soon after the turn of the millennium. But first the open-source Firefox browser and then Google’s Chrome ate into IE’s market share. It has fallen to about 20 per cent, similar to Firefox, while Chrome has risen to nearly 50 per cent.IE在不到3年的时间里就超过了网景浏览器,到千禧之交后不久,IE据估计已占到浏览器市场的95%。但开源浏览器火狐(Firefox)和谷歌(Google)的Chrome,先后开始蚕食IE的市场份额。IE的市场占有率已降至约20%,跟火狐差不多,Chrome的市场占有率则升至近50%。 /201503/364993

One problem facing the companies that make virtual-reality technology, such as Facebook-owned Oculus VR, is a lack of true “presence.” When you strap on VR goggles and drop into a digital environment, you can’t see or interact with your real-life hands.以Facebook旗下Oculus VR公司为代表的虚拟现实技术公司面临的一大问题是,这种技术难以带来真正的“现场感”。当你戴上虚拟现实头盔,并不知不觉地沉浸到数字世界之中,你是无法真正看到其中的事物,或者用双手与之互动的。At this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony Computer Entertainment, the tech giant’s game division, showed off its solution. The latest version of its Morpheus VR headset works in coordination with PlayStation Move controllers to allow the wearer to use his or her hands.在今年的旧金山“游戏开发者大会”上,索尼电脑公司展示了自己的解决方案。该公司的最新款“梦神”(Morpheus)虚拟现实头盔可与PlayStation Move体感控制器协同工作,允许穿戴者使用自己的双手。Sony has been experimenting with virtual reality technology for years, long before Oculus founder Palmer Luckey put together his first Rift prototype. Sony used its PlayStation Eye and PlayStation 3 console to test head-tracking technology in the mid-2000s and later built prototype head-mounted displays, known as HMDs. One of the reasons why Sony has been able to commit to an early 2016 release date for its consumer VR product is because of its extensive research and development in the field.早在Oculus公司创始人帕尔默o拉基组装自己的首台Rift原型机很久以前,索尼公司就开始探索虚拟现实技术了。2000年年中,索尼用自己的PlayStation Eye和PlayStation 3测试了头部位置追踪技术,随后就推出了头盔式显示器原型机,即大家熟知的HMD。索尼敢于承诺到2016年初就推出消费级虚拟现实产品,凭借的正是该公司在这一领域深耕多年的底气。But key to the company’s VR bid is achieving adoption among its existing customers—those that own PlayStation gaming consoles. Instead of competing with that revenue stream, Sony would rather bring virtual reality technology to customers by creating an experience that marries the two.不过,这一计划的关键在于,索尼能否促使自己的现有用户,也就是那些已拥有PlayStation游戏机的玩家,尝试虚拟现实技术。索尼并不打算让这种设备与游戏机争抢收入,而是希望通过两者结合所创造的体验,将虚拟现实技术带给用户。“We don’t believe that VR is necessarily going to replace the conventional games that people have been playing and developers have been making for over 25 years,” says Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. “VR will give developers another way to entertain people. You’ll see even more variety of gaming experience by having the VR option.”索尼电脑公司全球工作室总裁吉田修平称:“我们并不认为,虚拟现实技术一定会取代过去25年来玩家一直玩、开发商一直制作的传统游戏。虚拟现实技术只不过是开发商取悦玩家的另一种方式。有了虚拟现实技术,大家就会看到更多不同的游戏体验。”Its demonstrations at GDC were a preview of that strategy. Two games—London Heist, about a diamond robbery gone bad, and The Deep, which pits you mano-a-mano against a shark with only a cage for protection—showed off experiences that prompted the VR wearer to stand up, sit down, and lean. Sony says it has worked with partners as diverse as NASA and automakers to explore different virtual-reality gameplay experiences.索尼在游戏开发者大会上所展示的两款游戏,只是这一战略的预演。其中一款名为《伦敦抢劫》,讲的是一个钻石大盗末路狂奔的故事,另一款名为《深海》,让仅有一个铁笼护体的玩家与鲨鱼贴身肉搏。它们会让玩家时站时坐,有时还要侧身躲避。索尼称,该公司已和美国宇航局及汽车厂商等机构建立了合作伙伴关系,共同探索各种虚拟现实游戏体验。Sony is also betting that a plug-and-play approach will help spur adoption of its VR bundle among console owners. “When you buy a Morpheus kit and connect it to your PS4, it just works without needing to set up any drivers or download anything,” says Richard Marks, senior director of research and development at Sony Computer Entertainment. “We want people to have a very easy gameplay experience. Since everybody’s PS4 is exactly the same, it’s easier for developers to make sure that the games and experiences they create are great for all consumers.”索尼还大胆预计,即插即用的方法会促使其游戏机用户购入虚拟现实产品包。索尼电脑公司高级研发总监理查德o马克斯声称:“如果买一台‘梦神’套装,把它联上PS4游戏机,无需设置任何驱动或下载任何东西就能用。我们希望玩家能很轻松地获得这种游戏体验。鉴于所有人的PS4都一模一样,开发者就更容易打造让所有消费者都满意的游戏和体验。”There is still much work to be done as Sony heads toward a global consumer launch for Morpheus. The company continues to refine its VR headset—the latest version carries a 5.7-inch OLED display—and it is collaborating with game developers to invent new experiences with the technology. “VR is such a new medium that developers have to learn how to design around the new paradigm to create great experiences,” Yoshida says. “That requires a lot of learning and communication with developers.”要向全球玩家推出“梦神”,索尼还有大量工作要做。该公司正在继续完善其头戴式设备——最新款搭载了一块5.7英寸的OLED屏,并正与游戏开发商合作,希望利用这项技术创造全新体验。吉田称:“虚拟现实技术是一种全新的媒介,开发者必须学会如何围绕这种新范式来打造绝佳的体验。这需要开发者大量学习,深入沟通。”And consumers. A key factor in selling virtual reality? Unless you physically try it, it’s a technology that’s hard to wrap your head around.消费者是虚拟现实技术能否大卖的重要因素。你很难将这种技术设备套在消费者的头上,除非他们愿意亲身尝试。“Getting millions of people to understand how amazing VR experiences are is a big challenge,” Yoshida says. “We start with events like GDC where we let people try it, get excited about it, and tell their friends.”吉田表示:“要让成千上万玩家都明白虚拟现实体验是何等迷人是一大挑战。所以我们要从游戏开发者大会这样的活动入手,让玩家体验它,明白它多么激动人心,再口口相传告诉朋友们。” /201504/369355

BEIJING — More than 9,000 Chinese villagers are leaving their homes to make way for aliens.北京——逾9000名中国村民离开家乡,为外星人让路。It is not a colonization plan from outer space. The Chinese government is relocating thousands of villagers to complete construction by September of the world’s biggest radio telescope, whose intended purpose is to detect signs of extraterrestrial life.这不是外太空的殖民计划。中国政府计划在9月前重新安置数千名村民,以建成世界最大的射电望远镜,探测地外生命的迹象。The telescope would be 500 meters, or 1,640 feet, in diameter, by far the largest of its kind in the world. It is called FAST, for Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, and costs an estimated 1.2 billion renminbi, or 4 million.该望远镜口径将达到500米,是全世界此类望远镜中最大的。它被称为五百米口径球面射电望远镜(FAST),造价约为12亿元人民币。The mass relocation was announced on Tuesday in a report by Xinhua, the state news agency. The report said officials were relocating 2,029 families, a total of 9,110 people, living within a three-mile radius of the telescope in the area of Pingtang and Luodian Counties in the southwestern province of Guizhou.官方媒体新华社于周二公布了这个大规模搬迁计划。报道称,官员们将重新安置项目周边5公里内核心区——中国西南部贵州省平塘县和罗甸县——共2029户、9110人。Officials plan to give each person the equivalent of ,800 for housing compensation, the report said. Guizhou is one of China’s poorest provinces.报道称,官员们计划按照每人1.2万元标准进行补助。贵州是中国最贫穷的省份之一。Forced relocations for infrastructure projects are common across China, and the people being moved by officials often complain both of the eviction from their homes and inadequate compensation. The Three Gorges Dam displaced more than one million people along the Yangtze River, and the middle route of the gargantuan South-North Water Diversion Project has resulted in the relocation of 350,000 people to make way for a series of canals.为基础设施项目而强迫迁移的做法在中国各地很普遍,被迫搬迁的人经常抱怨称自己被赶出家园,同时没有获得足够多的补助。三峡大坝项目致使长江沿岸100多万人迁移,庞大的南水北调中线工程导致35万人搬迁,为一系列水道让路。The Chinese government has announced ambitious plans for its space program, at a time when the American one is in retreat. China aims to put an astronaut on the moon and a space station in orbit. The FAST project is another important element in the larger plan.中国政府宣布了庞大的太空计划,而此时美国的太空计划正在收缩。中国计划将宇航员送上月球,并打造在轨运行的空间站。FAST项目是这个大规模计划的重要组成部分。The telescope is being built in a wide depression among karst hills. The depression is far from cities and ideal for picking up radio transmissions, the Xinhua report said. Scientists began looking for a site in 1994 and finally settled on the Dawodang depression.该望远镜选址于岩溶山区的一片宽阔的洼地。新华社报道称,这片洼地远离城市,有利于无线电信号的接收。科学家从1994年开始选址,最终选定大窝凼洼地。If the truth is out there, then some Chinese scientists are confident that the giant telescope will find it. The current largest operational radio telescope is the 300-meter-diameter Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, but FAST in Guizhou will far surpass that.如果真的存在地外生命,一些中国科学家相信这座大型望远镜将会找到它。目前运行的最大射电望远镜在波多黎各阿雷西天文台(Arecibo Observatory),直径为300米,贵州的FAST将远远超过它。Li Di, a chief scientist with the National Astronomical Observatories under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told China Daily last year that “with a larger signal receiving area and more flexibility, FAST will be able to scan two times more sky area than Arecibo, with three to five times higher sensitivity.”中国科学院国家天文台首席科学家李菂去年接受《中国日报》采访时表示,“FAST拥有较大的信号接收区,更具灵活性,探查的天空面积是阿雷西的两倍多,精确度是它的三到五倍”。Last November, scientists successfully tested the telescope’s “retina,” which weighs 33 tons and is suspended 460 to 525 feet above the reflector dish, which was half-finished at the time, China Daily reported.《中国日报》报道称,去年11月,科学家们成功测试了该望远镜的“视网膜”,这一部分重达33吨,悬浮在反射器上方140米至160米处,当时还是半成品。The telescope has 4,500 panels that are mostly triangular and whose sides measure 36 feet, the report said. Those create a parabolic shape. The panels move and, by doing so, alter the shape of the antenna, which is supposed to pick up radio signals from distant corners of the universe. Those signals would then be reflected to a focal point.报道称该望远镜共有4500块面板,其中大部分是三角形,其边长约为11米。它们会形成一个抛物面。这些面板通过移动改变天线的形状,天线会接受来自宇宙偏远角落的无线电信号。然后信号会反射到一个焦点。Mr. Li told China Daily that engineers were aiming to install all the panels by this June and complete debugging by September.李菂告诉《中国日报》,工程师计划在今年6月前装完所有反射面板,9月底前完成所有调试工作。“Ultimately, exploring the unknown is the nature of mankind,” he said, adding that it was “as visceral as feeding and clothing ourselves.”“归根结底,探索未知是人类的本性,”他说,“就像吃饭穿衣一样自然”。“It drives us to a greater future,” he said.他说,“它将带领我们进入更广阔的未来。” /201602/427240

Nobody likes being monitored. But even if you suspected your company is following your activities on the iPhone, would you know where to check?没有人喜欢被监控。但即使你怀疑你的公司正在监控你在iPhone上的操作,你知道该去哪里检查吗?In the next iteration of its smartphone operating system, iOS 9.3, Apple is looking to make this an easier task. According to Reddit user MaGNeTiX, the latest beta of iOS 9.3 has a message telling users their iPhone is being supervised. The message is as prominent as can be, both on the device#39;s lock screen and in the About section.苹果iPhone的下一代操作系统iOS 9.3将会让这件事变得简单。根据Reddit网站上的MaGNeTiX透露,最新的iOS 9.3测试版能够推送消息,告知用户他们的iPhone正被监控中。该消息提示会尽可能的醒目,在设备的锁屏界面和行程上都能显示。;This iPhone is managed by your organisation,; the message on the lock screen says. And in the About screen, you get a little more detail, with a message saying your iPhone#39;s supervisor can monitor your Internet traffic and locate your device.锁屏上的消息是这样显示的:;这台iPhone由您的公司管理。;而在行程界面上,你会看到更多的细节。消息会这样显示:监控你手机的人能够监控你的网络流量、定位你的设备。To be clear: It doesn#39;t look like this feature will let you turn off company supervision or increase your privacy in any way. It#39;s merely there as a warning, providing more transparency to users, some of which might not even be aware their employer is monitoring their iPhone.需要明确的是,这个消息推送功能并不能让你关闭公司的监控或者加强隐私保护。这仅仅是一种警告,向用户透露更多信息。毕竟一些人也许根本没有意识到雇主正在监控他们的iPhone。The news comes amidst a legal battle between Apple and the FBI, which seeks Apple#39;s help in decrypting the iPhone of one of the terrorists responsible for last year#39;s attack in San Bernardino, Calif. More precisely, the FBI wants Apple to create a new version of iOS that would be used specifically on the shooter#39;s iPhone, disabling some of its security features. So far, Apple stood firm in its decision not to yield to the government#39;s demands, claiming it would affect ;everyone who owns an iPhone.;在这些新消息释出之际,苹果公司和FBI正有法律上的纠纷。FBI希望苹果能够帮助破解参与去年圣贝纳迪诺袭击案的恐怖分子的iPhone。更准确地说,FBI希望苹果能够为该射击者的手机特地开发一个新的iOS版本,从而使其中的一些安全功能失效。截止目前为止,苹果坚持不从政府的要求,他们表示如果这么做,会给;每一位拥有iPhone的人;带来负面影响。 /201603/430321

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