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The budget预算 The real fight begins真正的战斗打响了As a government shutdown looms, an attempt to grapple with America’s long-term deficit problems is at last under way政府关门之危迫在眉睫,最终总算有人挺身而出解决美国长期的赤字问题了CONGRESS may not be very good at passing budgets, but that is not for lack of discussion of them. This week it was by three overlapping budgetary debates: about a “continuing resolution” to keep the government up and running for the rest of this fiscal year, about next year’s budget and about whether to raise the legal limit on the federal government’s debt. Lawmakers have just under six months to sort out next year’s budget, and under six weeks before America’s debt reaches the current ceiling. But without a new resolution, the government’s authority to spend will expire at midnight on April 8th, forcing much of it to shut up shop. As The Economist went to press, the Republicans who run the House of Representatives, the Democrats who run the Senate and Barack Obama himself were holding last-ditch talks, but also warning their staffs to prepare for a shutdown.国会可能并不是很擅长通过预算,但这并不是因为议员之间缺乏讨论沟通。本周国会将同时忙于三场关于预算的辩论:有关“延续性决议”的辩论,以维持政府运转直至本财政年度结束;有关下一年度预算的辩论;有关是否应提升联邦政府债务法定上限的辩论。立法人员仅有不到六个月的时间整理下一年度的预算,更是仅有不到六周的时间美国的债务就到达当前的上限了。但在没有新决议的情况下,政府开之权将在4月8日午夜12点废止,政府大部分部门将被迫关门。截至本期《经济学人》付梓之时,共和党控制的众议院、民主党控制的参议院及贝拉克·奥巴马总统本人在举行最后的会谈,同时也警告各自职员为政府关门做好准备。This cliffhanger is the culmination of months of fiscal bickering, punctuated by stopgap continuing resolutions. Since February the Republicans have been holding out for billion in cuts to this year’s budget, including assaults on favoured Democratic causes such as public broadcasting (see article). The Democrats argue that their proposal is too extreme, too political, and too narrowly focused. The previous two continuing resolutions, which had lifespans of two and three weeks respectively, were intended to allow the two sides enough time to hammer out a compromise for the rest of the year.这一悬念标志着数月以来关于财政的争吵,在“延续性决议”这一权宜之计的推波助澜下达到顶峰。自二月份以来,共和党人一直坚持削减本年度财政预算610亿美元,包括攻击民主党倡导的、备受民众欢迎的众多事业,例如公共广播项目(见文章)。民主党则认为共和党人的建议苛刻、政见强烈、目光狭隘。前两个延续性决议分别为期2周和3周,目的是为双方提供足够的时间达成妥协,度过本财政年度剩余的几个月。201104/132375。

  • 谷歌从周一起开始对中国大陆用户提供未经审查的搜索结果,《华尔街日报》的Loretta Chao和道琼斯通讯社的Aaron Back讨论了谷歌的这一举动意味着什么以及中国政府对此将作何反应。201003/99593。
  • Top US Military Officer Arrives in Moscow for Talks导弹防御系统将是美俄会谈主题The top U.S. military officer is in Moscow for talks on missile defense, arms control and other issues in advance of U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to the Russian capital in 10 days.美国军方高级官员正在莫斯科举行关于导弹防御、军备控制等问题的会谈,这是为十天后美国总统奥巴马访问俄罗斯作准备。The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, said the U.S. desire to put a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, which Russia strongly opposes, will be a key topic of his talks in Moscow.美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦上将说,美国在波兰和捷克共和国部署导弹防御系统的愿望遭到俄罗斯的激烈反对,这个问题将是这次莫斯科会谈的主要话题。"Clearly the issue of missile defense is something that's been a significant topic and issue for Russia and the ed States and that will, I'm sure, be something that we talk about," he said.马伦说:“显然,导弹防御系统问题是俄罗斯和美国的重大讨论议题,我确信,那个问题也将是我们讨论的内容。”The admiral said he will be seeking a better understanding of the Russian military's view of the missile defense plan, which top Russian political leaders have sharply criticized. 马伦上将说,他将努力深入理解俄罗斯军方对这个导弹防御计划的看法。俄罗斯政界领导人曾尖锐批评有关计划。Mullen's talks come just days after Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said there will be no progress on broader arms control talks unless the ed States abandons the European missile defense plan. The renewal and expansion of a strategic arms reduction treaty that expires in December will be the primary topic for the Obama-Medvedev summit. 马伦开始会谈的几天前,俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫说,除非美国放弃在欧洲的导弹防御系统部署计划,否则涉及面更广泛的军备控制问题会谈将不会取得进展。削减战略武器条约的重续和扩大将是奥巴马和梅德韦杰夫峰会的主要话题。U.S. officials say the missile defense system does not threaten Russia or its defenses, but rather is designed to counter the growing missile threat from Iran. 美国官员说,导弹防御系统并不危及俄罗斯及其防务,设计该计划是为了应对日益增长的伊朗导弹威胁。But Admiral Mullen says while missile defense and arms control will be on his agenda when he meets senior Russian military officers and defense ministry officials during the next two days, he believes there are also many other topics to discuss.但是马伦上将说,当他在今后两天会见俄罗斯军方和国防部高级官员时,虽然导弹防御系统和军备控制将在他的议事日程上,但是他相信,另外还有许多要探讨的问题。"We have areas of common interests, whether it's security interests in Afghanistan, the area of piracy, the area of terrorism," he said. "Those are the kinds of things that I'm sure we'll have robust discussions on. And there will I'm sure be discussions on the areas we differ on. And I think it's important to continue those discussions as well to understand each other's positions."马伦说:“我们有许多利益与共的领域,不论在阿富汗的安全利益,还是涉及海盗的问题或者恐怖主义问题,都是我们有共同利益的领域。我确信我们将就那些事情展开积极的讨论。我也相信我们将讨论存在分歧的问题。我认为继续那些讨论并且相互理解对方的立场是很重要的。”This is Admiral Mullen's first visit to Moscow as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. But because of the importance of security issues for the upcoming U.S.-Russia summit, a spokesman says President Obama has taken the unusual step of asking Admiral Mullen to return to Moscow in early July to join him at those meetings.这是马伦上将作为参谋长联席会议主席第一次访问莫斯科。但是一名发言人说,由于即将举行的美俄峰会要讨论的安全问题十分重要, 奥巴马总统不同寻常地要求马伦上将七月初重返莫斯科与他一起参加峰会。06/75703。
  • Hunger in North Korea朝鲜的饥荒Let them eat maize husks让他们吃玉米皮The politics of hunger in a brutal place野蛮之地的饥荒政治May 12th 2011 | SEOUL | from the print editionIT IS the time of year when the previous harvest has been nearly eaten and the next one has just been planted. Time, in other words, to worry about North Korea’s perennially hungry masses.现在是那种青黄不接的时候。换句话说,是为朝鲜长期存在的吃不上饭的平民感到焦虑的时候了。North Korea had long grown dependent on food handouts from its estranged brother, South Korea, and from the ed States. But the South’s current president, Lee Myung-bak, has taken a tougher line, tying assistance to less provocative behaviour by Kim Jong Il’s nuclear-tipped regime. So Mr Kim’s envoys have travelled further afield of late, reportedly doing the rounds of Europe.长期以来,朝鲜依赖失和的兄弟——韩国——和美国的救济。但是,韩国现任总统李明采取了强硬路线,要想得到救助,金正日亲核政权就必须变得更加温和。所以,最近金正日的特使不远万里,据报道现在欧洲进行活动。The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) is now preparing to distribute emergency aid to 3.5m North Koreans suffering from “severe malnutrition”. Programme officials are concerned about the possibility of a famine on the scale of the one in the mid-1990s, in which over 1m died. They blame a series of shocks, including the coldest winter in years, widesp flooding and an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease among livestock. Some 297,000 tonnes of cereal and 137,000 tonnes of fortified blended food must reach the most vulnerable. 联合国世界粮食计划署正准备对350万经受“严重营养不良”的朝鲜人发放紧急救援。计划署官员们担心上世纪90年代中期导致100多万人死亡的饥荒可能再次发生。他们认为一系列的冲击——包括数年严冬、肆虐的洪水、牲畜的口蹄疫爆发是导致饥荒的主要原因。约297000吨谷物以及137000吨加强的混合食品必须送达那些最脆弱的人们。 201105/137233。
  • South Korea has issued security warnings after the disruption of major Internet sites by an apparent cyber attack. Several U.S. Web sites have also been affected. Reports are emerging in South Korean media that intelligence officials suspect North Korea may have had a hand in the disruption. 07/77084。
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